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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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even when there are no contracts had. al-jazeera really invested that's a privilege as a journalist. who knew. going to experts demand an investigation into evidence in saudi arabia hacked into the phone of the washington post and amazon or jeff bezos. i'm richelle carey this is out there life and also coming up. he personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent it's a democratic prosecutor and president trump's impeachment trial makes the case for removing him from office. honestly we have all the material they don't have the material and all of us the president as defiant and brags about withholding
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evidence. china holds flights and trains out of the city at the center of a virus outbreak that killed 17 people and infected more than 570 others. rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations that saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon boss jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh soured after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi course he was a regular contributor to the washington post which is also own by jeff bezos nicola gage reports. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul the fallout continues jeff bezos the boss of the world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post the newspaper
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khashoggi wrote for he's now at the center of a hacking probe un human rights experts including agnes kalmadi who investigated murder say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to dart of being stolen from basal says phone in 20 i 18 that happened after bay's also received whatsapp messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on possibly the experts say to try and influence articles in the washington post the guinea shola expert who conducted a forensic investigation concluded reason medium or high certainty that the show also of the hacking was a videophile send to me stone. and account by the crown prince on the sidelines of the world economic forum the saudi energy
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minister responded to the allegation is it. was a democracy people are concerned. on stupid you know that at the same time the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of a plan to hack baze also as foreign as part of a broader intimidation campaign against how shoji but not aware of any attempt to blackmail him well i think is exactly the right way the idea that the conference would jeff bezos is photos absolutely silly. as baze also supported g.'s fiance following his murder in 2018 relations with been some man soweth. bays also security team alleged last march that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former t.v. news presenter this latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the 1st time i
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think that it's hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the world that they would stop there the saudis have been accused of other hacking attacks but baze also is by far the most high profile person involved and these latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the world's richest men and the kingdom a strategic ally of the us nicola gage al jazeera well you heard there from the un special operator agnes colum our when she spoke to al-jazeera and here is more of that interview. any shoulder expo to conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium to or high certainty that or so also the hacking was a videophile send to me stove top web site. and account and
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by the crown prince we subsequently david kay and i asked independent expert to review the findings of the initial team of experts and they too i've reached a similar level conclusion as the initial forensic study i wouldn't want to point out i decided that he saw a d.c. court for forensic expert weighs an incredible means and disposal to reach 100 per cent. so teach you a certainty order so also the action that should be a week according to all of us that 20 are confronting a technology and and a need a street that is extremely difficult to trace even reserve best and highest resources at our disposal those allegations place.
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the crime prend and the center of a campaign on the hacking surveillance and intimidation that's a fair saying in my view based on mine were created to the killing of democrats show game those allegations today reinforce the call and i have made for some independent investigation into the mastermind behind the killing of castro gate and particularly an investigation into the nature and extent of the responsibilities at the highest level of the state including by mohammed bin salman . earlier jeff bezos tweeted a photo of himself with fiance and mailing a plaque last october marking the one year anniversary of his murder at the hash tag jamal house democrats are trying to convince the senate to
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remove president onil trump from office they open there are argument in the impeachment trial on wednesday with 2 warnings and at the upper chambers republican majority history is watching and so are the american people heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c. please be seated this was the 1st of 3 days the impeachment managers have to present their case that president trump tried to pressure ukraine to get dirt on joe biden and withheld u.s. security aid as leverage nevertheless the documents and testimony that we were able to collect paints an overwhelming and damning picture of the president's efforts to use the powers of his office to corruptly solicit foreign help in his reelection campaign if this conduct is not impeachable. then nothingness i would rather go the long way from switzerland president trump again called his impeachment a partisan witch hunt he said he could live with having new witnesses testify in
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the trial so it's not up to the president whether they said it and it's troll wants to listen to a particular witness we have that constitutional responsibility of the courts have yielded to us in order to carry out their responsibilities republican senators has stuck by trump they include some of his fiercest offenders there on a crusade to destroy this man and they don't care what they destroy in the process of trying to this story donald trump i do care so to my democratic colleagues you can say what you want about me but i am covering up nothing i'm exposing. your hatred of this president to the point that you would destroy the institution it would take 20 republican senators to cross the aisle to vote to convict and remove president trump from office the possibility is remote the much likelier
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scenario is an acquittal with the american voter serving us trumps final jurors in november at the polls show castro al-jazeera washington. president trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in davos in switzerland where he lashed out against pietschmann proceedings he also boasted about withholding evidence from the democrats white house correspondent kimberly halkett as more. u.s. president donald trump returned home to washington ignoring reporters' questions about the ongoing senate impeachment trial against him but before leaving davos switzerland trump in his 1st press conference the start of the trial lashed out at his democratic adversaries calling them major sleaze bags that his mind set focused on his defense trumped told reporters he wanted to let members of his administration testify like former national security adviser john bolton secretary of state mike pump aoe and other top officials he even floated the possibility of
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showing up himself i'd love to go with the white you know i don't know i sort of love sit right there front row and stare their corrupt faces i'd love to do it i don't know don't don't keep talking because i know you may convince me to do it trump seemed fixated on the trial back home even as the white house hoped trump would use the world economic forum to highlight accomplishments on trade he appeared confident now democrats are accusing him of openly admitting he's withholding documents one of the main allegations against the jet but honestly we have all the material they don't have the material. tropp did discuss other topics including a future trade deal with the european union and confirmed he's expanding his controversial travel ban barring citizens of certain countries from entering the u.s. we're adding a couple of countries to it we have to be safe our country has to be safe trumps
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ban sparked protests in the u.s. when he introduced it less than a week after taking office. here. many called it a muslim ban for targeting muslim majority countries like iran and somalia and fought it in court 2018 the supreme court upheld the policy the white house promised this countries can be removed from the travel ban list if they step up security but those headlines from trump's impromptu press conference were once again overshadowed at the impeachment trial on capitol hill mr justice one trunk believes could shape his legacy when i finish i think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest things i've done for our country. despite allegations to the contrary trump insists he's committed no wrongdoing and efforts to remove him from office are an attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election and influence the
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next one can really help washington. michael isikoff as chief exec investigative that is correspondent at yahoo news he says democrats are hoping repetition or help their message sink in. what the democrats are doing is basically taking the testimony that was compiled during those weeks of hearings back in november and replaying it frankly over and over again i guess the theory is that no matter how much attention this got back in the fall it didn't get enough and that's the democrats' explanation for why it didn't movement needle in front of in terms of public support for impeachment you know that said it remains a strong case there is damning evidence there and the republicans are in a bit of a bind on this issue of witnesses and so i think at this point although it
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would be interesting to see how the president's lawyers. do if they have anything to add to their rebuttal that already took place in the previews yesterday but you know at this point i think most people could say we could skip everything for the next week and go straight to that crucial vote next week on witnesses still had on al jazeera a threat from libyan war lawyer cliff our closest tripoli's main airports. on high alert several people running main missing in spain after days of flooding and snowstorms. hello there plenty of weather through northern sections of the middle east and by
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that i mean rain but also some snow also showing up on the satellite. and as we go through the next 2 days is going to be a case of this further to the east away from all that cloud we've got high pressure in control and that means some very trapped cold air this is called look at it it is cold it is foggy that is how the mornings all stall saying now as we go through thursday 14 degrees in kabul by day so not particularly cold and then look at this rain this is what i'm talking about some very heavy amounts of rain pushing through most southern areas of iran coming on some very saturated ground we could again have some flooding but in actual fact we'll see if you shine spreading west south through through the gulf so it does mean bahrain across into cats all we could see a few showers 20 celsius in doha and the shadows continuing their way south was as we head through friday so that means you can see one or 2 into dubai and possibly into muscat all the probably staying really to the north of there 25 degrees is the high temperature meanwhile there is more rain and some snow developing through central and northern areas of iraq plenty of rain still to come certainly for
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another day into central and northern atlantic aska this it'll system has been sitting there for days but by friday it actually finally pushes away taking the worst of the rain showers with it as a dry sunny day with 28. you out on the attack where the wrong line you feel the weight of the system you walk through each and every layer for the further into the gym or if you join us on say we actually has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're on course for this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for the earth is 36 o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq. moos.
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and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now. un human rights experts are calling for the investigation into new allegations that the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon and washington post owner jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh soured after the murder of journalist model shows by saudi agents in 2018. congressional democrats in the u.s. have called on republican senators to join them in voting to remove donald trump among the. begun opening arguments in the impeachment trial of the us president is accused of abuse of power and obstructing congress. trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in switzerland used his press conference
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in davos to criticize the impeachment proceedings and he also boasted about withholding evidence from the democrats. a ban on all public transport to contain the spread of a deadly virus in the chinese city of who has taken affect all planes trains buses and ferries in and out of the city have been shut down a number of confirmed cases across china has passed 577000 people have died since the virus emerged last month and cases of also been detected in several countries in asia and the u.s. the world health organization will decide whether to declare the outbreak a global health emergency later on thursday adrian brown is at a hong kong airport where the transport shutdown a mohan has already had an impact. normally you have several flights a day from here to hand and of course those flights have now being canceled and is you know a city of about 11000000 people it's
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a major transport hub in central china but it's now a city that sin effective quarantine that the lockdown as you say began several minutes ago this is a lockdown that's being inforced by the police and it's one of the draconian measures that president xi jinping has felt necessary to take the idea the hope is they can somehow stop this virus from spreading still further but it's possible that this may be simply too little too late because the virus has now spread to 2 thirds of china's provinces that's $25.00 problem says in total that includes taiwan we've had another suspected case in macau this morning and of course now 2 suspected cases in hong kong and you know the world health organization has deferred making a final decision on whether to declare a global health emergency in part i think because it wants to hear more from china about why it perhaps feels that it is comfort enough of being able to contain this
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fire is and to prevent it spreading because you know if the w.h.o. does declare a global public health emergency but that's going to harm china's international reputation that's going to mean a big loss of face for china it's going to mean that this you know global emergency is down to a virus outbreak in china so i think china at this w.h.o. meeting is doing all that it can to convince members that it does have this thing under control. scenes of chaos anger and fighting have erupted in lebanon barely a day after a new government formed the cabinet met for the 1st time on wednesday promising to end months of political and economic crisis but the protesters are part of the same political elite they blame for widespread corruption and i heard a report from beirut. the people versus the state lebanon is in turmoil antiestablishment protesters briefly broke through security barriers outside parliament square there is anger over
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a new government that is slow but. it is so nicely made the authorities are all liars corrupt we don't trust them they can't deceive us they can't form a government the way they want they will not stay in power we will not leave the streets we are hungry and dead and we have nothing left to lose. for hours riot police tried to quell the unrest using teargas and water cannons but the few 100 young men were defiant challenging security forces for hours using rocks stones and firecrackers central beirut has been a battleground in the past week but in the past few hours the confrontations have to match those that are violent. the most violent and aggressive since the protest movement against the political class began in october anger is escalating among the lebanese who are demanding a new leadership they believe the new cabinet reflects the previous one protesters
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are not convinced politicians will carry out the needed reforms because that would mean losing access to the state's resources for personal gain they also question whether the ministers appointed by politicians are able to hold corrupt officials accountable. to discover the room of. this government doesn't represent the lebanese the politicians brought their thinking we wouldn't look nice but they are both looking a little known. engineering professor and one time minister as lebanon's new prime minister has was the choice of the country's ruling alliance his cabinet lineup has been criticised for lacking change and being one sided it convened for its 1st session on wednesday and it now needs to work on an economic and financial programme to reassure the lebanese about their future but president michel aoun also told the government they need to regain the confidence of the international community foreign support is needed to unlock billions of dollars in aid the
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international community cares about one thing today is the ability of the government to deliver on the form will this team prove to be really independent. when they prove they can they are not but is in the office system. in place. and. opponents of the political class are divided over the way forward some believe the movement should remain peaceful while others support a violent campaign. for a 2nd consecutive night try to convince the security forces to join their ranks and to stop protecting the elite who he said are responsible for all their pain. orders were carried out and the unrest was eventually contained scenes like these are becoming more frequent it's causing concern about the future of
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a country deeply divided with those who are defending the status quo and those demanding a new lebanon center for their beirut. forces loyal to libyan war lord tar say they will enforce a no fly zone over the main airport in the capital tripoli flights it only just resumed it meant to take airport after being suspended following a rocket attack on wednesday in recognized governments have says half our forces don't have the capacity to enforce a no fly zone however flights in and out of me take a had been suspended following a warlord's statement and then when the month. a year we we announce the activation of a no fly zone that we previously described as you can see on this map the no fly zone includes material airport the areas are now forbidding for civilian or military aviation any civilian or military aircraft whoever it belongs to will be in breach of the cease fire and therefore will be directly destroyed the situation in libya has been raised at the world economic forum in davos where turkey's
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foreign minister blamed hoft are for standing in the way of peace and american order to space has more in what he said a meeting of world leaders last weekend in berlin was supposed to bring libya closer to peace and cement a cease fire in the country and yet there are reports of fresh air attacks or music a port in tripoli carried out by the forces of general holy for half the turkish foreign minister has told delegates here in davos that one man stands in the way of peace. after didn't make any announcement as he didn't sign the joint statement for ceasefire in moscow this is only the problem everybody committed not this and any additional military force there by the way our personnel is there for training and also education and nothing else like a very limited number of we don't have any strong military presence in the lack of
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political progress means the humanitarian situation is bound to further deteriorate the un is particularly concerned about the thousands of migrants from elsewhere in africa trapped in the conflict zone we found solutions for if you want them extracting them evacuating them to other countries. we have managed to expand a little bit the space to work inside libya for those who can't get out but frankly if there is nor progress on the political front if military action is not halted that space will remain very narrow we continue to be leaked by that tragedy next door to the european border the next phase for diplomacy on libya is slated for next week in geneva when representatives of general haftar are supposed to meet a team representing 5 days are also raj the prime minister of the internationally
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recognized government. and as well as opposition leader is calling on the european union to broaden sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro is on a tour of europe in defiance of a travel ban countries recognize him as interim president and have imposed sanctions on something his wayland's in the circle there also been pushing for mediation which has failed. so it's not a problem of the right to the left in venezuela it is a problem of having a dictatorship and having citizens fighting for the democracy for dignity so the important thing in this case is not to see this as an eye logical bias but what we have is a very clear demand free elections. with our priorities not only to seek support but to make the crisis visible and seek support for the region as well as to increase pressure on the dictatorship seeking the mobilization part of unity
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within various we were which is crucial. several areas across spain are on high alert after storm gloria brought powerful waves snow and flooding at least 8 people have been killed and several are missing since the storm hit the region on sunday brian reports. the winter storm has lashed spain bringing white out snow conditions and wins of more than a 140 kilometers an hour gloria triggered where there were loads across the country with some saying it could beat the worst oceans storm here at the same cheree see waters being pouring into the delta one of spain's most important whittling ends flooding thousands of hectares of rice crops the local less aired he'd they ever seen anything like it locals and nervously is the only are river rose almost breaking its banks yeah well yesterday city officials told us that water could
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possibly end to our shop so we put those year to trouble vent water getting in because it would be a major disaster at one point 200000 people were without power and tens of thousands of students out of school as roads remained impassable in snow piles were brought in and drive as dug into the drifts to find their kos that we had to spend a couple of days he we was supposed to leave yesterday but with couldn't because everything was covered an even more snow then it is mouth some were forced to use more unconventional methods to forward your path the only thing i could think about was this pray from the kitchen because we all waited for shovels so we decide we better use what ever we had a to home adam proviso little bit on this isn't snow even though it looks like yes it's see farm flooding the streets of the small town of toss
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a dim our about 100 kilometers out the coast from barcelona the storms gale force winds smashed into several say front towns damaging shops and restaurants and some waves were record breaking 13.5 meters high as they slammed into the shore or barcelona's famous speeches didn't escape the storm but they still pulled the crowds and while several people fooled the way that was with documenting scientists expect scenes like this to become more common along this coast because of climate change and example on al-jazeera the u.k. is on course to leave the european union next week after the government's bracks a bill passed its final hurdle in parliament the upper house approve the legislation after several amendments were overturned they included one that would have allowed unaccompanied child refugees to join relatives in the u.k. the e.u. parliament also has to approve the divorce deal before britain leaves the block on
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january 31st. on the python star terry jones has died at the age of 77 comedians family says he passed away at his home in london after a long battle with the rare form of dementia terry jones began writing at performing in the 1960 s. before finding success with the comedy troupe aunty python's flying circus he also directed and starred in several films including life of brian. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon and washington post owner jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh soured after the murder of journalists by saudi agents in 2018 directional democrats in the u.s.
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have called on republican senators to join them in voting to remove donald trump from office and began opening arguments in the impeachment trial of the us president who is accused of abuse of power and obstructing justice the president was the key player in the scheme everyone was in the loop. he directed the actions of his team he personally asked the foreign government to investigate his opponent these facts are not in dispute ultimately the question for you is whether the president's undisputed actions require the removal of the 45th president of the united states from office. and while trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in switzerland is just press conference in davos to criticize the impeachment proceedings and he also boasted about withholding some evidence from democrats. the chinese city of hahn is on lockdown in an attempt to stop an outbreak of chronic virus from spreading flights and public transport
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services have been halted and people been told not to leave the city 17 people have died from the virus so far while more than $570.00 have fallen ill fighting has broken out between protesters and security forces in lebanon barely a day after a new government was formed a government that for the 1st time on wednesday promising 10 months of political and economic crisis but demonstrators say they're part of the same political elite they blame for widespread corruption the u.k. is on course to leave the european union next week after the government's bracks a bill passed its final hurdle in parliament the upper house approved the legislation after several amendments were overturned a year parliament also has to approve the force deal so the headlines keep it here on to 0 more news to come the strain said next. al-jazeera we were told that between russia has this been addressed by turkey
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we listen what is the proposal. for a couple on here we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. how well the leaders bring peace to libya ok i don't today's program we discuss 3 stories the fallout of the berlin summit a new political party in thailand that's pressuring them. and the most a project that's opening up at the sundance film festival this weekend as always we want to hear from you so you can join us and i each child at your comments into the show but 1st we start in libya. the government of turkey the government of russia the european union and the united states come to realization that they stand by.


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