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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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he from public scrutiny. is the only indigenous group still called leader who's in the tradition russia sees this muslim minority as a sort. of . a 2nd city in china announces the shutdown of all public transport because of the outbreak of a deadly virus. hello i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from also coming up the international court of justice in the hague about to rule on whether emergency measures are needed to protect me in mars wrecking the muslims u.n. experts call for an investigation into evidence saudi arabia hacked the phone of washington post posner jeff bezos plus. he personally asked the foreign government
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to investigate his opponent. bill a democratic prosecutor makes the case for a moving president trump from office this trial. a 2nd city in china has just announced its public transport is to be shut down to try to stop the spread of a deadly new virus hong kong is the near the city of han where the outbreak of the corona virus was 1st reported late last month a complete shutdown of public transport is now in place there affecting 11000000 people people have been told not to leave they have been advised against gathering in public to 17 have been have died since the outbreak began there are now confirmed cases in hong kong japan taiwan south korea and the u.s.
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world health organization is to begin meeting to decide whether to declare an international public health emergency. adrian brown is at hong kong airport where the last flight out of one hand arrived about 2 hours ago as what these people have left behind those who arrive from is a city that's now in effective lock down it is in quarantine and who has a city of 11000000 people it is a key transport hub but we understand from reports coming from home today that things like disinfectant is running low facemasks are being rationed and of course people are worried about the food they feel in many ways cut off from the outside world well we've also been hearing from the world health organization on thursday and they've offered a measured response to that decision to quarantine the city of. trying to
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contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it will honor to a month worth while china of course is a prominent member of the world health organization and it is participating in that meeting that's now stretching into a 2nd day and we will know of course later on thursday whether the world health organization is going to make that decision to declare this virus a global health emergency china of course will be hoping that that is not the case because if that were to happen it would amount to you know damage to china's international reputation it wants to show that it is capable of containing this forest and by shutting down the city of it hopes to do that it's also possible of course the china might well shut down other infected parts of the country but i
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think it wants to avoid at all costs being somehow laid to blame for this fire. judges at the international court of justice have begun their ruling on a request for emergency measures aimed at preventing further acts of violence against running of muslims in the in march the government has been accused of carrying out a genocide against the minority in 2017 and the barca joins us now live from the hague understand the hearings began how's it shaping up knee or so we were expecting this hearing to be quite short and quite to the point the i.c.j. the un highest court has been asked by the gambia to introduce something called provisional measures which is essentially an emergency injunction to end all forms of violence immediately there are certain criteria certain things that me on my wall have to do but it's under no obligation legally to do any of that because the
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court itself cannot enforce this ruling but given that this course is the most senior globally the weight of public and international opinion will fall heavily on myanmar and its leadership it is the world's highest court formed in the aftermath of the 2nd world war to end state abuses of power myanmar stands accused of perhaps the greatest to peace the genocide of its own people last month its civilian leader aung san suu kyi once a human rights icon arrived at the international court of justice to contest the claims the case against her government was brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries in that. mused that more people have been killed more woman i've been a movie and my children have been burnt alive. the court heard allegations of atrocity after atrocity. military is accused of mass murder rape and the
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destruction of rango muslim communities the nobel peace prize laureate watched on a woman detained for years by myanmar's military now defending them she doesn't have control over the army but see cheese personally accused of failing to hold it to account she calls for the case to be dropped. or press a call to remove the case from its the case. says the raids a ring of villages in iraq and state in 2017 were legitimate counterterrorism operations a response to attacks by. government security posts 3 years on a more than 700000 refugees languishing camps across the border in bangladesh the gambia trying to wipe out an entire group the call could take many years to reach a final ruling on genocide. the type of evidence that is needed to prove side is
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quite burdensome states like gambia but it's also because the test that's needed by the applicants it is often quite high so the applicant. that there was specific intent to commit suicide on thursday the i.c.j. will say whether or not it is granted an emergency ruling known as provisional measures to prevent further acts of serious violence including murder rape the burning down of villages the prevention of access to medicine one thing the court cannot do though is enforce its rulings in the past some countries have simply ignored them this is not a criminal case charges won't be brought against individuals that may come later at a different court nevertheless suchi finds herself together with me our minds military the focus of serious allegations accused of complicity in some of the world's worst crimes.
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where you are looking at live pictures from inside the i.c.j. where this senior judge judge yousef is now delivering his verdict on whether or not to grant provisional measures that all important emergency injunction to put the brakes on any forms of further violence it will compel me on martyr and the burning of villages murder rape to events to stop to stop the prevention of access to medicine and also crucially to allow investigators potentially in the future access to sites within the country and also compel me to preserve any useful evidence in the on going genocide case but as i said in my report proving genocide will be a very challenging thing to do the burden of proof will be now on the gambia. to ensure that they can prove without doubt that there was absolute intent by the
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mammal leadership to eradicate an entire group of people wrecking muslim minority a need for as we wait for this court to issue its finding as he said it should come in a rather short fashion just remind us if it isn't legally binding if the finding the court reaches is not legally binding how will it be implemented. well when it comes to this initial ruling this ruling a provisional measures it isn't enforceable but it is a clear indication of what international opinion is really saying when it comes to what my arm are should do. in the past some countries have simply ignored what the i.c.j. has tried to enforce but given the fact that sensi she came here in person in december
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does show a degree of respect for the all 30 of the i.c.j. she isn't here this time for this final ruling but it does show a degree of willingness to work with the international community to come to some sort of conclusion when it comes to moving on from this dispute as to whether or not genocide did or did not take place but saying that it really is now the onus the onus is very much roy on the leadership in myanmar to decide whether or not they can or are willing to create a situation whereby the remainder are able to return whereby inspectors are allowed to go into the into the country to establish for themselves whether or not serious crimes have been committed it really is to be seen whether or not the likes of uncensored sheehan senior figures in the military will respond in a positive fashion all right nice bark of an no doubt will come back to later once they announce that ruling. u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations saudi
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arabia's crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of washington post boss jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh soured after the murder of jamal khashoggi saudi journalist was a regular contributor to the washington post which is owned by bezos tickler gage reports. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul the fallout continues jeff bezos the boss of the world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post the newspaper khashoggi wrote for he's now at the center of a hacking probe un human rights experts including agnes kalmadi who investigated murder say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to dart of being stolen from basal says foreign in 20 i 18 that happened after bass also received whatsapp
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messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on possibly the experts say to try and influence articles in the washington post the guinea shola expert conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium to or high certainty that the show also of the hacking was a videophile send to me stories. and account or by the crown prince on the sidelines of the world economic forum the saudi energy minister responded to the allegation is it. was a democracy people are concerned. i'm stupid you know that at the same time the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of a plan to hack base also as foreign as part of a broader intimidation campaign against ji but not aware of any attempt to
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blackmail him well i think is exactly the right way the idea that the conference would have jeff bezos of photos absolutely silly. as baze also supported g.'s fiance following his murder in 2018 relations with been some man soured bays also a security team alleged last march that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former t.v. news presenter his latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the 1st time i think that it's hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the world that they would stop there the saudis have been accused of other hacking attacks but baze also is by far the most high profile person involved and these
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latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the world's richest men and the kingdom a strategic ally of the us weekly gauge al-jazeera. all still ahead on al-jazeera another tragedy in the battle against the strain is bushfires plus. here those are voices haven't heard that's why this was corrupted by those who want to come out. and street battles in beirut says lebanon's new government periods many. of. the weather is lousy fine and dry across the good parts of indochina into thailand but because some cloud of rain pushing across into the philippines over
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the next few days the wet weather was a little further south the rainy season of course across much of malaysia suborning i say some of them areas of sumatra in particular and pushing down across a good part of indonesia more of the same as we go on through sas desperate by sas day and west the weather really peping up across cycles that eastern side of the philippines pushing into well lose on made while we got some rather wet weather continue cost more than parts of australia will see some useful right into the southeast these weather systems will continue to drive their way through sydney had its hottest day 40 as temperatures reaching the 40 degree mark as we went through a wet and stay as we go on through the next couple days temperatures well down as those weather systems push very high for some useful rain coming in 28 celsius there for sydney similar temperature as we go on through saturday can see the showers there push up towards the sunshine coast the gulf coast pushing through brisbane good parts of queensland will see some welcome break for further south it's turning dr 5 inches victoria looking good for the tennis melbourne the top
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temporal sas day of 25 degrees. a healthy environment depends on a healthy insect population but across the world. numbers are dwindling. countless creatures are declining as a result of human activity. people in power investigates the extent of the crisis and asks what can be done to abate it. insect to get in on al-jazeera. to.
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come back you're watching our let's remind you of our top stories this hour a 2nd city in china has just announced its public transport is to be shut down to try and stop the spread of a deadly virus point going is near where the corona virus outbreak was 1st reported last month. the international court of justice in the hague is ruling on a request for emergency measures to prevent further violence against rohingya muslims being maher is accused of carrying out acts of genocide against them in 2017 un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of washington post owner jeff bezos say it was carried out to influence reporting on saudi arabia. a water bomber aircraft there's crashed while fighting bushfires in australia
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killing its 3 crew contact was lost near the capital canberra initial reports say it was a large fireball impact c 130 hercules belong to an aerial firefighting company in the us today is a reminder of how every single person huey's defending life and property is at risk because of the dangerous circumstances in the firefighting community around new south wales a stone the world is very tight needed and i many people have been impacted by the tragic news this afternoon and we our thoughts are not just for the families and friends and laugh lines but also for anybody who feels impacted by what's unfolded this afternoon and we can't thank enough people who continue not withstanding these conditions to put their own safety at the school to protect the loss of property and others andrew thomas says in sydney he says this shows the situation is still extremely dangerous. this plane that was chartered by the australian rural fire
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service had been flying in the recent weeks particular reason precedented 5 now took off from sydney it was heading south of the capital camber into a forest there that in hotter windy a weather on 1st day fires had rigged knighted once again and they lost contact with it and a couple of hours ago now a helicopter searching for what they imagined by then was a crushed plane found the wreckage and it was a big fireball apparently where this big plane came down now it's a c $130.00 hercules plane it's the biggest plane of the rural fire service he uses to tackle these fires this plane is normally used by military to transport troops but they've been converted into a plane they can carry on the 15000 liters of water or far a top that was on route to dump some of that when it crashed as you mentioned the plane was contracted from a company in the united states and the 3 crew members on board were american residents now this plane we filmed ourselves a couple of weeks ago fighting the fire as it's been on active service throughout
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a big tragedy here no one killed directly as a result of the fires with 3 crew members killed fighting those fires just a sign of how desperate the situation here still is and how easily the fires reignite and how quickly a tragedy can strike. house democrats have begun trying to convince the senate to remove president donald trump from office they opened their arguments in his impeachment trial on wednesday with 2 warnings aimed at the office chambers republican majority history who's watching very sad and so are the american people are you jocasta reports now from washington d.c. please be seated this was the 1st of 3 days the impeachment managers have to present their case that president trump tried to pressure ukraine to get dirt on joe biden and withheld the u.s. security aide as leverage nevertheless the documents and testimony that we were able to collect. paints an overwhelming and damning picture of the president's
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efforts to use the powers of his office to corruptly solicit foreign help in his reelection campaign if this conduct is not impeachable. then nothingness i would rather go the long way from switzerland president trump again called his impeachment a partisan witch hunt he said he could live with having new witnesses testify in the trial so it's not up to the president whether that he said it in its trawl wants to listen to a particular witness we have that constitutional responsibility of the courts have yielded to us in order to carry out their responsibility republican senators has stuck by trump they include some of his fiercest offenders there on a crusade to destroy this man and they don't care what they destroy in the process of trying to this story donald trump i do care so to my democratic colleagues you can say what you want about me but i am covering up nothing makes photos.
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your hatred of this president to the point that you would destroy the institution it would take 20 republican senators to cross the aisle to vote to convict and remove president trump from office the possibility is remote the much likelier scenario is an acquittal with the american voter serving us trumps final jurors in november at the polls show castro al-jazeera washington. president trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in davos in switzerland where he criticized the impeachment proceedings he also boasted about withholding some evidence from the democrats a white house correspondent kimberly health has more. u.s. president donald trump returned home to washington ignoring reporters' questions about the ongoing senate impeachment trial against him but before leaving davos
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switzerland trump in his 1st press conference the start of the trial lashed out at his democratic adversaries calling them major sleazebags that his mind set focused on his defense trying told reporters he wanted to let members of his administration testify like former national security advisor john bolton secretary of state mike pump a o. and other top officials he even floated the possibility of showing up himself i'd love to go to the white you know i don't know i sort of love to write the front row and stare at their corrupt faces i'd love to do it i don't know dr king talking because i know you may convince me to do it trump seemed fixated on the trial back home even as the white house hoped trump would use the world economic forum to highlight accomplishments on trade he appeared confident now democrats are accusing him of openly admitting he's withholding documents one of the main allegations
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against the jet but honestly we have all the. they don't have the material trump did discuss other topics including a future trade deal with the european union and confirmed he's expanding his controversial travel ban barring citizens of certain countries from entering the u.s. we're adding a couple of countries to it we have to be safe our country has to be safe. tom's ban sparked protests in the u.s. when he introduced it less than a week after taking office. here. many called it a muslim ban for targeting muslim majority countries like iran and somalia and fought it in court 2018 the supreme court upheld the policy the white house promised this countries can be removed from the travel ban list if they step up security but those headlines from trump's impromptu press conference were once again overshadowed at the impeachment trial on capitol hill mr justice one trunk
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believes could shape his legacy when i finish i think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest things i've done for our country. despite allegations to the contrary trump insists he's committed no wrongdoing and efforts to remove him from office are an attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election and influence the next one can really help him al-jazeera washington gotham alos new government says it will keep to a so-called safe 3rd country agreement for asylum seekers sent from the united states the u.s. has deported around 230 central american asylum seekers to work in mahler in the past 2 months migrants rights groups condemned the u.s. policy saying guatemala is unsafe because of widespread crime and drug trafficking . but as well as opposition leader is calling on the european union to broaden sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro on why you know is on a tour of europe in defiance of a travel ban e.u.
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countries have recognized him as interim president and impose sanctions and somberness whalen's maduro's in a circle they've also been pushing for mediation which wedo says has failed. so it's not a problem of the right to the left in venezuela it is a problem of having a dictatorship and having citizens fighting for the democracy and for the dignity so the important thing in this case is not to see this as an eye logical bias but what we have is a very clear demand free elections. for our priorities not only to seek support but to make the crisis visible and seek support for the region as well as to increase pressure on the dictatorship we also seeking the mobilization part of unity within venezuela which is crucial in. chaos anger and fighting as erupted in lebanon barely a day after a new government was formed the cabinet met for the 1st time on wednesday promising
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to win months of political and economic crisis but protesters say they're part of the same political elite they blame for widespread corruption so in a hold of reports from beirut. the people versus the state lebanon is in turmoil antiestablishment protesters briefly broke through security barriers outside parliament square there is anger over a new government that is sold like a little because. the authorities are all liars corrupt we don't trust them they can't deceive us they can't form a government the way they want they will not stay in power we will not leave the streets we are hungry and dead and we have nothing left to lose. for hours out-i riot police try to quell the unrest using tear gas and water cannons but the few 100 young men were defying a challenging security forces for hours using rocks stones and firecrackers
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central beirut has been a battleground in the past week but in the past few hours the confrontations have to. be. the most violent and aggressive since the puts. this movement against the political class began in october anger is escalating among the lebanese who are demanding a new leadership they believe the new cabinet reflects the previous one protesters are not convinced politicians will carry out the needed reforms because that would mean losing access to the state's resources for personal gain they also question whether the ministers appointed by politicians are able to hold corrupt officials accountable. to schedule the remarks not to shop and of many of them this government doesn't represent the lebanese the politicians brought their sleeves to thinking we wouldn't look nice but they are both looking at a little known engineering professor and one time minister as lebanon's new prime
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minister has sandy was the choice of the country's ruling alliance his cabinet line up has been criticised for lacking change and being one sided it convened for its 1st session on wednesday and it now needs to work on an economic and financial programme to reassure the lebanese about their future but president michel aoun also told the government they need to regain the confidence of the international community foreign support is needed to unlock billions of dollars in aid the international community cares about one thing today is the ability of the government to deliver on the form will this team prove to be really independent. when they prove that they can they are not but isn't that off a system. in place. and. opponents of the political class are divided over the way forward some believe the movement should remain peaceful while others support
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a violent campaign. for a 2nd consecutive night yes he tried to convince the security forces to join their ranks and to stop protecting the elite who he said are responsible. for all their pain. orders were carried out and the old west was eventually contained scenes like these are becoming more frequent it's cause i'm concerned about the future of a country deeply divided with those who are defending the status quo and those demanding. jennifer. beirut. i'm sam he's a van with a look at the headlines here now just the other now a 2nd city in china has just announced its public transport is to be shut down to try and stop the spread of a deadly new virus or gang is near where the coroner virus outbreak was 1st
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reported last month or hand has already been under a lockdown for more than 7 hours but the world health organization says it's not clear whether this will work trying to contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it will or it will not work there is a national court of justice in the hague is ruling on a request for emergency measures aimed at preventing further violence against. aimed at preventing me and is accused of carrying out acts of genocide against them in 2017 un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations the saudi crown prince
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was involved in hacking the phone of washington post jeff bezos they say it was carried out to influence reporting on saudi arabia. a water bomber aircraft has crashed while fighting bushfires in australia killing 3 crew contact was lost near the capital cambra the c 130 hercules belong to an aerial firefighting company in the us congressional democrats in the us of call the republican senators to join them in voting to removed from office opening arguments began on wednesday what a mahler's new government says it'll keep to a so-called safe 3rd country agreement for asylum seekers sent from the united states. headlines the news continues. people in past stay with us. it's been dubbed the project of this injury. is the real cost china seems to
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project. one on one east investigates. on. humanity relies heavily on insects to pollinate crops that feed the world but have pesticides intensive farming and climate change rule to record damage on that crucial ecosystem some ecologists of all that at least 40 percent of insect species could be facing extinction with potentially catastrophic consequences for life on earth a journalist eric campbell has been to find out why.


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