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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 11  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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but strikes at a town in southern it lip and 2 camps for displaced people in the east there are also reports of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces. iraq's president has told political and business leaders gathered in switzerland that foreign interference in his country must stand bottom sallies call came after growing protests against u.s. troops in iraq and missile attacks from iran he's been speaking at the world economic forum in davos and tributes are being paid in australia to the crew of an aircraft that crashed while fighting bushfires the aircraft had been contracted by from an american company those are the headlines star will be here the news hour at 25 minutes south of the stream thanks to. talk to al-jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they are the endemic corruption and we listen so if you replace china's enemy with and that's really that we meet with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter is their own.
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power while the leaders bring peace to libya ok and on today's program we discuss 3 stories the fallout of the berlin summit a new political party in thailand that's pressuring the south and the most of projects that's opening up at the sundance film festival this weekend as always we want to hear from you can join us and i try to get your comments into the show but 1st we start in libya. i think the government directly the government of russia the european union and the united states come to realisation that they stand by us and they stand against this military dictator who wants to control libya. production islam from $1300000.00 barrels a day to less than $70000.00 and it's cost the $77000000.00
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a day in lost revenue and the country has been forced to declare force majeure and avoid a legal obligation to comply with international conference some sources believe that khalifa haftar may have agreed at a burning conference to measures aimed at ending the oil blockade no details will be given nor a timeframe nor what he may want in return and every day without a resolution pushes libya closer toward economic crisis world leaders in berlin agreed on a joint course of action to deescalate the ongoing conflict in libya pledging to end foreign interference and to back a truce the summit was attended by turkey russia the united arab emirates and egypt and also included representatives from several of the countries and the united nations or past he signed a communique in which they also pledged to respect an arms embargo that will put forward as an it un resolution so what does this actually mean to help break down
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the story joining us now from istanbul turkey abdul qadeer asaad is a senior writer at the libya for and in london and. founder and general director at the sat institute gentlemen it's good to have you here so i am just thinking of the other what does this actually mean so we've got this communique there's so many different countries all involved in this discussion. results what are the results. actually there is not on the ground you know the very name bush came just after dark and russia you know. as an outsider in moscow to try to reach the fire and of course the better lane was it was not perfect or solution on the ground it was ok on the paper but on the ground we have a life in berlin we have you know let's say a dozen violations on the ground today just today how the course to you know.
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firing grad rockets on on the only civilian operational airport and maybe again tripoli so i think what the burden conference is that it tries to satisfy the backer supporters. on the one side and try to. collate the tension with the g. and a to work so that that's the whole point and what made berlin for this very is what has occurred. here really you know locked down the oil production just an order to go through and then. we don't he doesn't you 100 percent please i'm going to try and fix that i want to show this if i'm not honest. because i was talking about i don't know how. i was a home page dedicated to have on out who they were dot com explain who he is to
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somebody is not keeping up to date with exactly what's happening in libya and why he's such a key passon and what's happening to libya right now. it is backstory especially he's been around for over half a century and sounds like you've been around for the last couple of years but his political career spans but 51 years so he was a rare and when 960 norman kind of gadhafi overthrew the king of libya king agrees and so he went to work with one of the defense in the military regime and then soon to live with it with gadhafi and defected to the chaldean leader had said every day we rebelled with against against the gadhafi and whatever a couple of years and truly failed and then was moved on to langley virginia where many reports credible journalists a report that he was working with the sunni for about 20 years was tasked with little training libya's opposition the national front opposition with them for
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years to set up this thing called the libyan national army which gets a reboot almost 10 years later he moves in 2004 moves to cairo right and tries to get the give mr gadhafi goes doesn't levin joins the revolution in lebanon pulls that with revolutionaries and launches to coups it doesn't seem which sparked the 2nd civil war the un passed with reconciling the 2nd civil war so what they do is they bring together a unity government which is the government there led by face or that was not supposed to be the problem that was supposed to be the arms to libya's last civil war so i suspect that again i don't want to have the whole segment of this i don't know he's explaining he's obviously a survivor. said thank you for the one i want on general tell me for have after what is really important i know this this is something that you 5 very close to what is happening down on the ground what is happening to the libyan people who are on the top level the only as high level talks happening about libya's future and
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perhaps peace and have a cease fire etc but i want to see the real people the people who us and living for this what's happening to that are. we shouldn't forget that the context of this is doesn't 11 right libya 77717 revolution rather we spoke so much a decade ago so people coming to the streets demanding a new future and to oratory and rule in a civilian government that's currently what they have been tripoli but it's very weak against the big danger has been to the last my months of the civil war you have at least a quarter of a 1000000 people that have been displaced in tripoli not including a 100000 that may have been displaced from benghazi in the last conflict doesn't 7 seem in addition to a quarter of another population that were displaced according to telling journalists a visit. in doesn't make sense so that's a massive number of people that you know lost their lives lost their lives or in jail right now and that was not always the kind of picture that you get when you look at the 2 leaders these rival factions of people on the ground of course of the
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cause of go ahead and actually i'm actually i just want to point out that had the people are you know the situation has been worsened by the fire the gesture and the proposal because they will talk about ok now we have a fire on the january phone and so we can go back to our house but the fact actually that they couldn't and they weren't allowed by sniper because we have like an escort and people try to go back to their houses and their area and other tripoli and they got shot like we have bodies on the ground from family and we have a good man woman and she got shot because she wanted to go back to her have he came back ok the moscow dream and the berlin again man brought fire and you know i grew between the 2 bodies but they could they couldn't we have people living in coal we have been a living in the open actually we have like a project construction project and to be able are trying to find whatever they can you know like under construction. and we live in the open like these are families
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who got this place now got who are now home. elliptic of going to war and 2 parties are trying to prolong i mean and i fear that very many countries have a kind of like another go it prolonged asian of that kind of fire because there's nothing going on on the ground to cut the number one set that you set that says there's a comment on our opinion page on the middle east page on the ad is a red dot com it seems quite cynical why peace initiatives in libya off failing in a sentence if i can offer and ask for what he end of the segment would you agree with that of a failing. but absolutely offering and that's because of the way that means the wars of the state and there are 2 ways of the state in a war to its diplomatic or military so if you keep clearly what wins and bullets into a conflict and don't sanction people and force an arms embargo against the countries that are out there doing that then there's no way you can stop them that's the
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going to the 2nd one so the that means are sanctions condemnations arms embargoes you know accept freezes those things that stop someone from really kind of seeing wars of the course of action and begin to see peace as the only option forward and that's the main reason it's going to national communities obligation and back to try to stop this and the libyans can install what's going to be spun literally and to cover this is really a very brief response because i'm wrapping up have i'm really curious is it we are close to peace now after the bombing conference on not. it is a very old chance for b. to actually vote we need to just understand the nature of the conflict it is not really quite a but political conflict everywhere i go we have a military on place put political and somebody one who will get on a tree by fire and the others are trying to move a club their way through the. hate that's why we have who different mentality than on their mentality the military mentality change or. we can have no get back their
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men or no good men wouldn't bother to should change so that's one thank you very much for having to leave it we appreciate you joining us today. from libya we move to thailand where the future of one political party scythe and now but there is growing political discontent the reasons for joining the run just exacerbated shalit they want to return to democracy and they don't want to leave me to immediately see the intro all season for itself to be easy because cynical curriculum in the sassiest body cool made it in 2014 and this is a very mean reason they weren't sure who they wanted to why sitting mom dad democracy is simple to put an end to this is not being seduced by the scope and.
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the opposition future forward party and its leader have been acquitted of conspiring to overthrow thailand's morning but the party and its leader also face more charges and the threat of being dissolved has to break down some of the recent events in thailand trying to not act it is a thai journalist based in bangkok thank you so much for joining us it is me you must be so busy nowadays just trying to explain what the next step is for thailand if you were talking to someone who was fascinated by your political situation in thailand but not today what would you tell them what would you tell us about what is happening how do you describe it. i guess because the current government. from the coup may go from 2014 a lot of people are not that happy with the current prime minister. so that's why and because of political gatherings in public and not allowed out so you would
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see non political or political gatherings in bangkok or entirely. in the future. predicting. or leading from the rug from 2 sundays ago because political gatherings are not allowed us why do you have to put to. you mind if i take a step back here because if there are protests happening or trying to happen in thailand there's also the some issue there with the political elite do you want to just explain that just very briefly so we understand why people are finding very creative ways to go out and protest what is the issue in thailand with the current political elite. well if you go on. if you go to up on the problem protests or not protests there would be that the loudest voice would be saying that they want the privacy of your general. and so
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yeah. that would be what the people want right now ok so we have to see 2 forward party and the expectations from the court was what because it was quite a surprise outcome sorry sad again it was quite a surprise outcome for many people who were protecting the future for a party what would be the best future explain. well right now david dodge a bullet yesterday when they had the court verdict against the. conspiracy to always thought a monarchy the court said that there was enough evidence but that is to have one more thing up. so i'm not sure when the court verdict of that be it will be something about the law and that the. room one he gave the law into his own party and so yeah and apparently does breaking the law so that
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will be a court verdict i've seen pictures here is the media conference that happened after the court announced what was going to happen to the future for what party you were there you were in the room and change some pictures right now explain what was happening what was the mood. room was once beautiful with office and the room was packed with journalists and a bunch of supporters and surprisingly i was actually quite impressed and surprised by the turnout that supporters of how they were mostly senior people my future for was actually best known for being a new type a young voters favorite and then when i show up that day yesterday it was all of the senior support and a lot of journalists and yes people were very you know i was at the beginning and when the court said not you the room just start hearing and say and then you know long leave the moccasin but you to step down at all and yet it's hearing for the
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future for are you able to report on this story as something doesn't have a positional do you make your position very clear as you have reported this story. i mean i can report on the story just just make sure i'm not on anyone's eyes. as a journalist i'm not so. yeah as i was just curious about that then one more thing because i know people out on the streets are not protesting but they're discussing their protests in very creative ways can you explain some of the way she's seen that the way people are saying i'm not happy with the politics as it is right now this is how we're showing our one happiness because they can't just go out on the street and say that yeah so you know with the romney thing i thought it was quite creative so banking is always fun. when every week. you go to for example that pajamas runway you wear pajamas and do
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a fun run or does this tropical run where you get to eat late mango at the finish line or something of this sort of running event well so trying to 8 yeah that is a nonpolitical political gathering thought that not textiles protesting. fascinating it's a run event but the name is called running against the ship so obviously something hidden behind. tend to not done tonight thank you so much we will leave it there we'll be keeping an eye on this story time on the stream today thank you from thailand we move now to an immersive multimedia experience focused on women in prison and the impact of gentrification on new york's harlem neighborhood the put it is code still here have a look. what you went through. i will never know what you went through with. this. you are.
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you watch. and. imagine a world without without police brutality what you are pleading guilty to. bring it into space. imagine. welcome to harlem a place where ancestors dreamed to freedom and a rebirth was manifested through art song poetry in india. we were forced being and now are being forced out. and those sister in law a lot of the women his story is told in still hey how unsafe a cell showing a story with that well it's
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a good to see you know art of. watching what was it like sharing sally past the details about yourself for a media project where you know anyone around the world could be basically reading about you going through your experience at the same time why did you do it it was never right but also it was ready. it was a wonderful experience so be able to tell my story. or one. but schooling one with me and not be told or now still tight not not well that's so she'd it. was it was a wonderful experience you are going to show people some of the the the pictures and the beautiful photo exhibition that's part of still here and the photo exhibition is what your part of it takes the story is
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a 6 women 6 women experience the criminal justice system and i'm going to click on your story elaine as they as you just saw in your neighborhood and there's some very personal stories here i'm going to skip down here and find the picture of your daughter tell me about why you wanted this picture in particular in your exit because this pictures show basically my family i come from a big family but every decision i made a scene it's been around and trying to figure out how but life is going to look like afterwards i had to think about this child that is going to need someone so her care for her love her you know for the next 18 years until she's able works and on her own so i think that show that we just showed. our
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bond where that's my best friend. is amazing and you know that's my little 20 what did you tell her see this must be quite difficult what do you tell her about what happened to you or what will you tell her how would you frame your prison experience right now. she knows that there are some good you were there some back well and people 'd make mistakes and that's what we focus on. as far as letting her know all right why are my music and why is there so many asking questions and what to do and then also i let her know that sometimes this is that. gets it wrong so you know you should have trust in the system but if something doesn't go right or something doesn't look right. you don't have the of
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a morris that says the so this is so that's what i'm teaching her. i want to bring into this conversation a little video clip but it's from 2 women one of the women victoria was part of the project in terms of how do we get all stories on sue the various different platforms the other person diana is from the women present association and she explained why this project was important to tell the story of real women who were incarcerated in the u.s. let's have a listen let's have a look at the story and still i think character name just nice man who comes back home to harlem after 15 years in prison and finds her community her neighborhood and her home changed the prejudice is based on the real life experiences and was made in collaboration with formerly incarcerated women from women's prison and suspicion in new york we know that most women don't just wake up in the morning and decide to commit a crime every woman's story is nuanced and it's never linear which is why immersive
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technologies like virtual and augmented reality and able us to tell a story in a different way that enable us to give the viewer an experience that is almost as layered and almost as dynamic as a woman's life itself and therefore their experience of her story is that much more impactful because they can almost literally walk in her footsteps just feel that people have a lot of stereotypes can too. people who've been in prison all served time or got caught up in the criminal justice system i don't think they're going to be thinking it's somebody who's maybe been to university going to college has an a that is that is you how would you explain how that happened to you is because i think that's really important to know. right so it's 2014 my slamming has been was i don't party celebrating. it is rather is life or that passed away
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and i was at home because i was months pregnant i wasn't even at this party i was nowhere near the party and when the police came questioning about what happened on the her crime was committed in the basically in charge anyone hindering prosecution they said either testify and tell us oh about what happened or your involvement and what race you immunity or you're going to go to jail for a 10 year write and ask there are fighting for 4 years i only actually do what's best for me and my family and at that point i took a plea deal for 3 years or perhaps when you know i didn't have any information to testify to i was not party out of crazy what happened at a party so. that all this is in. my innocence but
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my my child needs the ability and i didn't have any. like i did have a job i mean how can a car and i didn't i blew through all my savings trying to. sustain. this and i we can we can read your story at still here don't i would say contrast dot com for slash elaine it's a remarkable story thank you for sharing part of it with us today on the streaming really appreciate you thank you sustain i think you know we are at the end of today is proud that my few have so is that you would like to see featured on the street and you can twitter us at 8 eyestrain until next time i see you on line as a watching.
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they join one of the world's most notorious on the groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and national help but it's. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women a door to is a. part of the radicalize nude scene and its final desire on. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america . but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent to a socialism once thrived to. a chilean politician goes on a journey to meet leading leftwing ficus to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. the latin america
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a giant in time oil on al-jazeera. this
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is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes china cancels new year's celebrations in beijing and 20000000 people are sealed off in 2 cities as it tries to stop the spread of the new virus. prevent a genocide protect the evidence the international court of justice orders me and to ensure the safety of. the impeachment trial of the u.s. president is set to resume we live in washington d.c. . and a late venezuelan police unit is accused of violence we hear from the victims in our special report. on in sport world number one rough.


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