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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the economy is actually what's the trouble right now and in-depth analysis of the day's headlines because this movement is only getting stronger the more people killed the resilient the resistant it will become the inside story on al-jazeera. the world health organization so short of declaring the coronavirus a global emergency but concerns ogling as it spreads from china. i'm committed al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. president donald trump says his long awaited middle east peace plan will be revealed in the coming days. this president must be removed from office. especially if we continue to see every corrupt our next door. democrats lay out
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evidence that trump flagrantly abused his power as they make a case for his impeachment in the senate. the world's top court orders me and not to take urgent steps to protect what he did was. health authorities around the world are scrambling to contain an al break of coronavirus chinese government says 18 people have died since the virus 1st hand or than $600.00 people now confirmed to have the disease the world health organization acknowledged that the respiratory illness is an emergency in china but said it's too early to declare it a global concern chinese officials are working to contain its for it and one honda city of 11000000 transport has been shut down for other major cities are under lockdown. health officials are worried transmission rates could increase as
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millions travel to celebrate the lunar new year with start saturday on a moment we'll go to china and see how people of color think the 1st has more on the international response. but few maci know where ported road they're taking no chances for good reason the people being monitored with heat scanners have just flown in from will hand the center of the outbreak. they left before the chinese city was put in lockdown but scenes like this have played out around the world at sydney airport serving australia's largest city many of those flying in from hand on thursday will face masks they knew they'd be screened but there were no reports of illness and they weren't overly worried before we got off the plane and. a few. 'd people come to graze to be everywhere and when we get out and. a sun some people. tested a fever and asked some questions about your health in the u.s.
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one person is known to have contracted the virus health officials in the state of washington where the man lives so he's well and should be allowed home soon as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts local health departments started reaching out to them yesterday and continue to do so today and the list of countries with confirmed cases of the virus is getting larger boasted eastern asia but some further afield the data that we've gathered has suggested you know that this could be a very dangerous virus but potential for global spread in and even i don't think it's going to extreme to say even potential you know for a global epidemic. but i don't think that inevitable at this point in. the next couple of weeks will be really important to making an assessment of what the real risk is still the mere possibility checks are. like this at major airports until medical experts know a lot more there's
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a whole series of questions we have to ask we don't have all of those answers yet we have some of them we know how to diagnose it we increasingly know how to treat people when they get it what we don't yet know is when somebody is infectious and who they pass it on somebody else the next few weeks could tell us exactly how much of a threat this corona virus poses worldwide. al jazeera more now on what china is doing to keep the virus from spreading and brown reports from hong kong. but 1st china's government warned people against traveling to high on the epicenter of the virus now a day later it's gone a step further and banned all travel to and from the city 11000000 people are effectively living in quarantine many people fled to han before the ban took effect unverified pictures posted on social media shows signs of panic among those who stayed behind a hospital in the city where face masks are now reportedly being rationed. now the
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ban on public transport has been extended to other cities in central china. the miracle that is. 6 arriving in hong kong passengers from one of the last flights out of. silent by choice the incubation period for the virus loss up to 10 days doctors say it's therefore possible that some of them could be carrying a silent killer after returning to hong kong if you have a fever or other symptoms where a surgical mask as this disease spreads and hong kong's medical authorities are raising awareness with cheery public service announcements. like other parts of china hong kong is becoming a city without a face the official advice is to wear surgical masks in crowded areas including on public transport yet some experts doubt they'll be effective. from manila to tokyo
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airports across asia are screening all passengers for signs of infection and medical experts still don't know if this is a highly. contagious disease there is little hope the experts still don't know about this disease they're still trying to find its source and they're still not sure how easily it can spread from person to person adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. u.s. president donald trump says he will release his long awaited peace plan for israel and palestine by tuesday ahead of a visit by israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his political rival benny gantz would you to meet trump in washington d.c. next week trump says it's a great deal that will benefit the palestinians but already rejected the initiative after a series of pro israel moves by the trump administration kristen salumi is in washington d.c. she says the final details of the plan have not yet been revealed we know very little at this time the president did tell reporters aboard air force one just
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a short time ago that it is a great plan and that he's likely to release some of the details ahead of that meeting with netanyahu and dance but at this stage we know very little we know that the president has been working on this for more than 2 years with his son in law senior adviser jared questioner we know that there is an economic component to it as well as a political component jaron questioner back in july announced that $50000000000.00 would be contributed toward this peace plan towards helping the middle east but the political aspects of it have been kept very much under wraps the united states of course has during this time the trumpet ministry. has taken steps that have been favored very strongly and but have been sought very strongly by the israeli government recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel moving the us embassy to jerusalem just in november secretary of state mike pompei o announced that the united states would no longer consider israeli settlements in
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the west bank illegal both of these steps very contrary to tradition here in the united states and seen as against international law and international agreements and a step towards israel this of course has angered the palestinians who as you say are cautioning against crossing any further red lines one we know one thing that benjamin netanyahu has been advocating for is annex in parts of the west bank to israel so there's been some reported some rumors that that could be part of this political aspect of the deal coming up we have not heard that officially but that's the speculation at this stage. democrats in the u.s. a pressing on with the 2nd day of opening statements president donald trump's and pietschmann trial the focusing on what they call his dangerous abuse of power from
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washington. reports. with cameras banned from showing the full senate chamber a sketch artist captures the scene 100 senators without their phones barred from speaking and some even looking bored with the process the democrats lead impeachment manager opened the 2nd day of arguments in the case against president trump with a moment of where levity remarking on his audience's silence of course it doesn't hurt that the morning starts out every day with the sergeant at arms warning you that if you don't you will be in prison but then it was back to the arguments thursday focused on the allegation that trump abused his power when he asked ukraine for election interference to his own benefit the articles in the evidence conclusively establish the president trump is places own personal political interests 1st he has placed them above our national security above our free and fair elections and above our system of checks and balances this conduct is not
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america 1st it is donald trump 1st republicans have stuck by the president some calling the democrats arguments repetitive and unconvincing i want the american people to pick the next president not me the president's attorneys will present their case for acquittal in coming days arguing trump did nothing wrong and that the accusations against him are not impeachable offenses he still have to meet basic fundamental constitutional obligations and they have to expect to hear more arguments from both sides for the next few days than senators will have a chance to ask questions before democrats make their next big move they hope to open this trial to new witnesses only possible with some republican support the question is whether the democrats' arguments will be convincing enough to leave the senate wanting more heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington or shabba townsend
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joins us now live from washington to believe they've been some new developments. well i think it's more about the rumblings that are going on away from the from the actual senate chamber there's lots of discussion about what's going to happen on saturday when the trump white house lawyers begin their opening statement do they really want to start you know on saturday it's very clear the trump ministration is is is very well aware when the prime time ratings are and saturday primetime isn't what they want and saturday morning is normal sunday afternoon is what they want so there's a sense that maybe on saturday we'll have a very short session in the morning and then the full opening argument will happen actions in on monday so that's something that's going on i mean what we do know the white house frankly doesn't care that much about the senators they care about public opinion so what's the point of doing it on a saturday afternoon if your argument says one thing we have another we also have more understanding of the republicans case against against calling witnesses that they have to keep for republicans from joining the democrats and calling for
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witnesses one of the argument seems to be look if you can call witnesses don't trust will claim executive privilege this will go to the courts eventually the supreme court that will take months and what's the point when in the end even all thought long drawn out process they'll probably be an acquittal anyway you're going to get 2 thirds of the senate to to convict donald trump so that's one argument and the 2nd argument seems to be neutrally assured destruction ok so you get you got john bolton to testify but we will ask for joe biden or him to biting joe biden this would be a disaster for joe biden already on the campaign trail for the for the democratic nomination he's facing accusations of corruption from progressive democrats not republicans who say that throughout his career it's just been taking money in from begin to streets like the banking industry the fossil fuel industry the health care industry the health insurance industry and doing the bidding he denies that of course now if he's going to be in the impeachment trial off donald trump having to face cross-examination us to whether something weird was going on with his some
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taking a job at a allegedly corrupt ukrainian energy firm get a. loads of money and despite having no experience in that industry while his father was vice president let's look at it look very good for joe biden i think of something opposite the democrats want to avoid so basically the new developments are all about what's in the ether here what will happen on saturday i'm the sort of arguments that are going on behind closed doors perhaps of all of the republican caucus about why no one should defect to the democrats and why 4 people at least shouldn't defect to the democrats who are more witnesses think that very much across developments that she had. still ahead on al-jazeera libya's neighbors meet for an urgent conference to stop the fighting we'll have reaction from tripoli. hoping to halt so-called birth tourism the u.s. imposes new visa rules for pregnant women traveling to the country.
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head though they have had a fair amount of snow across into northern japan across into hawkeye to the last few days is likely to stay on the ground got some pretty cold air in place and some very active weather on the way not particularly to that but look at this the friday struggling to remain freezing in double figures in tokyo is a good a few showers working their way in from the west some snow to the mountain tops but look at this into central and southern china very heavy amounts of rain and in fact if anything even heavier as we head off into saturday we could be picking up about 135 millimeters of rain and we could also have some localized flooding 10 celsius in shanghai a wet couple of days ahead and then meanwhile in hong kong 22 degrees and you could have some showers at the same time and then into indonesia we've got some very heavy rain developing again into will central western areas of borneo out across into somalia and also the showers becoming a bit more prevalent to central and northern areas of the philippines as well again
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if i'm dr you days that is set to change as we go through friday and saturday and you can see what i mean by saturday there is really very heavy at times into central areas of borneo maybe as much as 160 millimeters of rain but that's across into india want to shout into sri lanka as a go through friday so in the story on saturday and still cool in the north just 18 in new delhi. when a french soldier was murdered in a so-called terrorist attack. his mother retaliated with a love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation gletty for a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization says it's too early to declare an art break of coronavirus a global emergency but has acknowledged there is one in china 18 people have died in china where the virus originated and more than 600 people are confirmed to have the disease. u.s. president donald trump says he will release is a long way to plan for israel and palestine ahead of a visit next week by israel's prime minister trump says it's a great deal that will benefit the palestinians above already rejected the initiative. democrats in the us are pressing on with
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a 2nd day of opening statements and president donald trump's impeachment trial focusing on what they call his dangerous abuse of power renewed calls for a new documents and witnesses to be presented to the senate. and the u.s. highest court has ordered me in ma to take measures to prevent the genocide of muslims the international court of justice rejected arguments made by me and. denying acts of genocide and also ruled that the government protects all evidence for potential trial be back reports from the hague. stands accused of one of the world's worst crimes the genocide of its own people the cases brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries they're trying. crimean. preschool genocide thursday the un's highest court a creech deal with the case it also unanimously agreed to impose emergency in order to prevent more violence the ruling composed forces to end all acts of genocidal
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violence including murder rape the burning of villages the prevention of access to medicine myanmar must also preserve all evidence ahead of a very complicated genocide trial. the judgments binding and cattle be appealed. prove it's following the order reporting back to the court in 4 months time and every 6 months after the court has ordered these periodic reports and that is definitely a way for to continue to get information on what's happening on the ground on another order that they that you shoot was to the preservation of evidence so that in the future if they were say individual prosecutions that could still happen but indeed they want to see every 6 months what is happening how are you compliance with this order so that they don't lose track of what's going on the decision comes despite a personal intervention from myanmar civilian leader aung san suu kyi the nobel peace prize laureate appeared at the court in person last month where she asked for
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the case to be dropped in my requests a call to remove the case from its newest she also denied genocide has been committed and accused refugees of exaggerating abuses. says the raids on the hang of ellipses in rock island state in 2017 were legitimate counterterrorism operations around 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the most a minority fled to neighboring bangladesh joining the military offensive against them 3 years ago the gambia i believe was and is trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group. from different parts of new orleans who are present in different cultures and values have all agreed. with the genocide. cannot be tolerated by anyone in the wall. a mere thought diction our top priority is just today that just stop this is
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a great day for us we will celebrate it took the i.c.j. more than a decade to reach a verdict of genocide following the balkan wars in the 1990 s. it's expected to be many years before myanmar faces a similar judgment. the hague. franca refugees in bangladesh have welcomed the court's ruling convent child trends in cox's bazaar where he's been with a group of people affected find the violence and the ruling by the international court of justice is very much welcome by the rowing director did come in it is here now we've been discussing with many of the people after the ruling sitting out in the stalls they've been waiting here for hours wanting to know what will be the outcome that's been listening to it than just a radio listening to various news and they're discussing among themselves i would talk to them see what their reaction is that said it is very welcoming they're very happy and anxious listen to some of their reactions and it simply should include
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thanks to our love for this verdict and gambia free negotiating the legal process also thanks to bangladesh for giving a shelter finally the verdict recognised our suffering in all the atrocities we went through the feel of peace in our heart out of me said i we've been suffering for the last 70 years and we're sticking it justice now we truly believe that the world has recognised the suffering now most of the people don't know the complex detail of legal matter what they know that the ruling was in favor of the running a refugee is and they're running a community in russia now they know all this is symbolic that may not something happen very quickly we don't know yet whether the myanmar will accept this verdict whether other countries will not put sanction and pressure on myanmar what their own ingots know that they had been recognised that crime has been committed they've been telling the whole was the last several years that atrocity have been committed against us now that's been recognised it's a very symbolic it's a moral and a psychological victory for them as to what there tony. hundreds of central
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americans across the border into mexico after almost a week long standoff with mexican security forces the country is under mounting pressure to stop people from reaching the u.s. border president donald trump has been fretting trade and other sanctions if it doesn't reduce the flow migrants. foreign ministers from nations bordering libya have been meeting in algeria to discuss ways of stopping the fighting there egypt sudan internews ia are among the countries that have been affected by the libyan conflict tony berkley has more from tripoli. at the meeting in the algerian capital libya's neighbors renewed their support for the enforcement of an arms embargo and called for an end to foreign involvement in the conflict a lot of the difficult. we agreed on many principles the only solution for the libyan crisis is a peaceful solution a political solution the solution must be a libyan solution with support from the international community. libya's
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internationally recognized government of political experts say that support is vital and the only way a lasting peace can be achieved but they're disappointed there has not been greater international pressure against the united arab emirates in particular which they say is supporting have to with arms and finance are surprising because internal security cannot sick with or committed. as we expect i don't know why i. guess why why because the money. maybe because the money warlord khalifa haftar ass forces control 2 thirds of the country for the last 9 months they pounded the suburbs of tripoli with rocket and shell fire trying to capture the capital there has been an uneasy ceasefire for the last 10 days but there has been violations in the south of tripoli the capital main airport was closed after the government said it was hit by 6 rockets and an unmanned drone was destroyed both sides claimed they
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had shot it down. have to us forces are blockading oil ports bringing libya's life blood industry to a virtual standstill as oil output plummets the cost to the economy saws at least $77000000.00 a day but the lost revenue will also hurt have to ask side already hurting because their guys were debris from benghazi electricity will go off and i don't think we will be able to afford to hold on for for a long time have to us forces continue to receive their salaries from the central banking tripoli one of the many ironies in this complicated conflict 1st the berlin conference and now the algerian conference then on the 27th of this month there's going to be another conference in geneva the libyan people have heard a lot of talk about ways to end this conflict but what they haven't heard are concrete measures about actually how to do so most libyans are concerned with security and day to day living including the price of food and medicine never supposed to rush to my door so i can feel it's the same old story in berlin or
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moscow they talk but in libya people are dying why is just wants to go back home he fled with his wife and 2 children when his home in south tripoli was destroyed by shelling home now is in a school. life is hard here we have very little and our home was destroyed it's not safe to go back we just want the water in. he is one of 146000 people who've been displaced in this conflict the hope is there won't be any more but in libya there are no guarantees tony berkely al-jazeera tripoli. earlier u.n. secretary general antonio protests told algis there and there's a danger that conflict will spill out to the rest of the region what has happened in libya is that libya became a playground of neighbors and actors and the libyan people deserve speace so it's very important and one of the things that was achieved in berlin was
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a commitment by all those states not to interfere anymore in the internal affairs of libya and not to interfere in the conflict we know that there is a long way to go to make sure that it's fully happens but i think there is an element of hope and the element of hope comes from. a serious situation became because it's no longer a question in which you have a fighting among libyans with some international support that it's your support again such as i mention that there is now risk of a regional conflicts and in my humble opinion it is there to risk that to a certain extent made the impossible and forced all those that are involved to understand that now it's becoming a dangerous game it's better to stop it to the benefit of the libyan people but also to the benefit of peace in the region libya has been a center. of arms export and also fighters export let's remember arms that went to syria from the beginning and that the most worrying
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impact is of course with the sale and with the lake charles because more and more these 2 seams are interlinked and what we are having in the sale of the lake chad is a war with terrorist organizations that we are not winning. u.n. expert has warned u.s. president donald trump's son in law that he should replace is followed in cases being hacked by the saudi government. says gerard krishna should contact cyber security experts after reports suggest he message to crown prince mohammed bin solomon on what's at the un as assessing evidence that amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos is phone was hacked after prince someone sent him a file on whatsapp saudi arabia denies that agents hacked his phone the u.s. government plans to limit visas for pregnant women she wants to stop a practice known as birth tourism it's where some foreign nationals enter the u.s. to have their children so they can become american citizens pregnant women applying for visas could be required to prove they have a specific reason for travel such as
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a medical emergency the most recent figures from 2017 show about 9300 children were born in the u.s. to mothers who lived overseas the state department said it was challenging to provide exact numbers but it said there were increasing reports of the practice from the u.s. foreign embassies and consulates well sarah paris is a policy analyst at the migration policy institute she explains why the new government regulations will be ineffective. people can apply for visas to come to the united states and those visas are granted for up to 10 years so a woman could could apply for a visa years before she has even thinking about having a child if they really wanted to go after this industry they would pour more resources into going in after the companies that have built up the birth tourism in this tree these companies coach foreign nationals on how to get through their visa interviews how is them when they're in the united states and hook them up with medical care to to assist with the birth so going after those companies would be
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a far more effective way to do this i think the administration has put out this regulation and kind of subject all for national women of childbearing years to extra interrogation as a way to really just signal and be symbolic that they are going after this issue it's under $10000.00 women a year are reporting that when they're giving birth in the united states that they reside abroad so these are really small numbers this is likely not a huge threat to u.s. safety and security but i like i said earlier politically this is a huge pet issue for the administration this is the same administration that tore babies from mother's arms at the southern border and now they have signaled that they're specifically going after women of childbearing years i think they just they just don't have the public trust of the political capital capital on immigration to pull off this regulation without significant backlash. the regulators say suzuki and fair have broken rules on
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a missions 2 models were found to him at higher levels of nitrogen oxide than allowed been ordered to fix the issue or face a ban on sales across europe regulations across the world have been testing diesel model since volkswagen admitted in 25th game that it used illegal software to cheat us emissions test stay with us headlines are next. results there and these are the top stories the world health organization says it's too early to declare an outbreak of corona virus a global emergency china's government says 25 people have been killed and more than 800 have been infected 5 cities are under lockdown cases have been detected across asia now is not the time it's a bit too early to consider that this event is a public health emergency of international concern as i told you years to did
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emergency committee members which i think for their work where very divided almost 5050 and they continue today to be in the same division with regard to the the advice concerning the declaration of the fake us president donald trump says he will release his long awaited peace plan for israel and palestine by tuesday that's ahead of a visit to washington d.c. by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his political rival and against palestinian leaders have repeatedly rejected the initiative after a series of pro israel moves by the trump administration. democrats in the us a pressing on with the 2nd day of opening statements in president donald trump's impeachment trial focusing on what they call his dangerous abuse of power and renewed calls for new documents and witnesses to be presented to the senate. the
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international court of justice has ordered me and miles government to take emergency measures to prevent soldiers from committing acts of genocide against a still living there around 3 courses of a 1000000 fed to neighboring bangladesh during the military offensive against them 3 years ago. denies genocide has been committed. geria has hosted a meeting of countries neighboring libya to discuss ways to support a shaky truce agreed earlier this month a derrius foreign minister reiterated the need to uphold the international arms a bug and said he doesn't support foreign troops intervening in libya the only operating airport in western libya has reopened after a series of rocket attacks on wednesday. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the inside story.
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me and more must prevent genocide against that or he'll go that's the order from the international court of justice if judges say rohingya muslims there are extremely vulnerable but will this ruling make a difference or is it just symbolic this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm homage i'm joined the international court of justice the world's highest court has ordered me and mars government to prevent its military from committing acts of genocide against the rohingya.


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