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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. for a witness documentary on al-jazeera. trying to scotland takes control of the response of the coronavirus as work began on a 1000 bed hospital for victims and europe reports its 1st cases of the sickness. or shock carry this is out there a life of doha also coming out. search and rescue efforts are underway in eastern turkey after a powerful earthquake that killed at least 19 people. i am truly proud to stand with. president becomes the 1st u.s.
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president to attend the annual anti-abortion march in washington d.c. . and a threat to food security east africa's dealing with one of its worst locust invasions which is being blamed on extreme weather conditions. the doctor working at a hospital in china has become the latest victim of an outbreak of corona virus that brings the total number of those killed to 42 with close to 1300 other people in fact it cases of the illness have now been confirmed in malaysia nepal australia and france or aboard mainly house on the measures beijing is taking to try to contain this outbreak. it's an ambitious time scale workers have just days to flatten this land and construct a $1000.00 bed health center on this 25000 square meter site in $100.00 city
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is part of china's urgent battle to control the spread of the crooner virus. videos such as this one have gone viral on social media an unidentified female voice says 3 bodies covered with blankets have been lying in the parked car doors of a hospital in ruhani. as more cases are reported around the world it's still not clear how many people could be infected at the beginning of any other break you would focus more on a severe cases and you have more of those and then maybe we are missing some mild cases because people will just be a little bit sick and will not be ever tested and they will recover many streets and markets are empty in one hand where the 1st outbreak emerged and all public transport has been shut down cases the corona virus and now confirmed in nearly every province of china. health officials in france have reported cases of the
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virus it makes them the 1st confirmed in europe this is i wanted to communicate about the fact that the patient who was hospitalized in bordeaux and talked about on social networks is indeed a confirmed case of the corona virus it could only wish for travelers coming back from china it's important to check oneself and come the 1st responder symptom or fever you should go to the emergency room or call a doctor live here new year's celebrations are being canceled in cities across china including the capital beijing shanghai disneyland parts of china's great wall will be closed but millions of people have been traveling both in china and brought ahead of the new year's celebrations increasing the risk that the virus may spread further. i don't think this virus has been properly controlled i just came back to china i read a lot of news i'm to lead i'm not very satisfied with how the government prevented
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him control the disease i'm very afraid of getting infected now it's on china and health experts around the globe to track and hoped the fast spreading infection. manly al-jazeera. al-jazeera scott high learned that one of the events in beijing next then canceled because of the virus. and there were a detail in part this is right in central beijing now this would be normally the 1st day of lunar new year this would normally be very crowded behind me actually there was a fair lunar new year's fair that was planned here and obviously that has been canceled now this is something we're seeing right across china movie theaters shot disinfecting of subway trains on an hourly basis here in the capital beijing we know in shanghai they've closed the movie theaters and festivities that would normally really be crowded this time of year this is a big big celebration here in china those have all been shut down obviously worried about some people that might be infected by this corona virus but have yet to show
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any symptoms also what we're hearing and will have on this is the epicenter the city the epicenter where these 1st cases were discovered 450 military medical personnel have been sent down there to help deal with this crisis now something that was interesting just yesterday the government here has put the observation and the organization for this coronavirus epidemic into the cabin its hand the cabin of the government here that's something that kind of escalated the situation we also know that a special team has been created that's going to be led by a scientist who who tempi in the sars epidemic back in 2003 so obviously very seriously being taken here in china but right now as you can see would normally be a very crowded park here in central beijing shut down. a powerful earthquake has struck eastern turkey killing at least 19 people buildings collapse or the at the center of the magnitude 6.8 quake in alice a province emergency crews are searching for dozens of people thought to be trapped
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in the rubble more than 500 people are reported injured and the epicenter was near a town of about 4000 people that province is in a sparsely populated area about 700 kilometers east of the capital ankara. this is the movement at the moment rather of the earthquake struck you can see it interrupted a live broadcast many people ran outdoors for safety those with damaged homes are still afraid to return after a series of aftershocks in the region algiers and costello is monitoring developments from istanbul. following the earthquake there were also 6 e aftershocks which were a ball 4.0 a current day according to the office shows and disaster management agency search and rescue workers are on the way we know that we know that there are lots of buildings that were damaged and some of them already collapsed and they are still trying to figure out which buildings are damaged but of course we have to see the
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light to have proper idea i'm told by the disaster management agency but the airport in is operating there is no cut for the electricity or natural gas but i have to say that this is winter the weather conditions are bad and people are not able to get inside their homes their buildings they have to stay outside that's why the n.g.o.s turkish red crescent and disaster management agency have dispatched 490 search and rescue personnel and some 10 cent. blanc and blankets to the area i have to also say that the immediate cities around. have also felt the earthquake and there are there are damages in cities like mata for instance especially in patrol get the strict there are dozens of buildings that are damaged but we have to see the morning for the details but i have to also underline that turkey is a moment the most suspect leap active countries in the world there are several
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fault lines. crossing bypassing of the country and as the city where the where the earthquake happen is all is it's also on the eastern anatolian fault line which is the 2nd major fault line for turkey and turkey has suffered a lot from the earthquakes. estimate wraps have wrapped up their 3rd and final day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president onil trump they accuse him of being the ringleader in efforts to push a crane to investigate political rival joe biden next it'll be the turn of white house lawyers to make their case beginning on saturday. reports from washington so ordered senators adjourned on friday democratic party house managers concluded their opening arguments against donald trump over 3 sessions they meticulously presented their case the trump abuse the office of the president in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage against his democratic rival joe biden by attempting to blackmail
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the ukrainian president president tried to cheat he got caught and then he worked hard to cover it up only his will goes he is a dictator this must not stand and that is why another reason he must be removed from office and that the president obstructed congress as it proved his alleged wrongdoing by withholding evidence and intimidating potential witnesses it's simple the president abuse the powers entrusted. by the american people in a skiing to suppress evidence escape accountability and orchestrate a massive cover up and he did so in plain sight. and his obstruction remains ongoing now it's up to the president's lawyers to make
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their case we're going to rebut and refute and we're going to put on an affirmative case tomorrow unlike the democrats the white house lawyers are not expected to use all of their time they will be assured morning session on saturday but their arguments are expected to start in earnest on monday donald trump has made it clear that he wants his case made in weekday t.v. primetime and not during the weekend the white house will argue that it was in the national interest to ask the ukrainian president for an investigation into biden and his son and potential conflicts of interest why did hunter biden hold a lucrative position at an allegedly corrupt ukrainian energy company despite having no expertise in the area while his father was vice president why they opened up the door as wide as a double door on the. job. i guess they figured that was their way of getting ahead of it we will address it in addition they will argue that it is the democrats who are abusing their power as they seek to overturn the results of the 2016 election and influence the next and violate the
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constitutionally mandated separation of powers between congress and the president the sense here is that it's still very unlikely that any witnesses will be cool so the white house is still on track for an acquittal of the president before the state of the union address on february 4th. 0 washington. audio recording from 2018 is a merc from which donald trump appears to demand the removal of washington's then ambassador to ukraine where you gonna be a choice for call last april that's almost a year after this recording was made in which a voice that does sound like trump says take her out if it's authentic it would support democrats' argument the trance associates try to because she was seen as an obstacle to investigating joe biden or now from she and how that audio could affect the trial. now we have this recording which is by left which is one of rudy giuliani the president's personal lawyer as associates and all that it's at a dinner party at the trump international hotel here in washington and you hear
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left parlous all voices on the tape saying to trump you've out of it she's standing in the way of things she's bad mouth in you and then you had donald trump say you know we got to get rid of her character for. there's a surprise that we know translates he's open about that and he says that he she was a very bad ambassador and of course the president allowed to get rid of ambassadors that they serve at the pleasure of the president it is interesting in a way though because you get more of that granular detail because you can hear how . and perhaps others in the giuliani circle are trying to manipulate the president say look this woman you got to get rid of her and then trump says ok let's just get rid of it so that's quite interesting. but. more of a case for the democrats to say look there's a lot of stuff out there which we should be subpoenaing please allow us to do that there's no evidence that that's going to happen it still looks like by the end of next week at the beginning of the following week will be acquitted. still ahead on al-jazeera one year on families of those killed in brazil's worst mining disaster
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still wait for just a. dispute over drilling rights in eastern mediterranean is heating up we'll have the details. but. once again welcome to look at the international forecast for still some rather disturbed weather into the middle east but not too much to speak of it has a cool been some rain around jerusalem recently that's now pushing its way in sioux iraq nothing across into parts of kuwait and also i western side of iran to the south of that we're going to see winds picking up and that somebody to watch out for haven conn. get up to around $22.00 degrees is really as we go into sunday that wind really kicks in the windows freshen things up there will be some lifted dust and sad to watch out for temperatures no hotter than 18 celsius out on the strength
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of the wind it will feel a lot cooler than that surprised the self some of the chilly weather so meanwhile across the whole of africa pushing down across the ethiopian highlands plenty of showers still in place across much of a staffer to southern areas the tents near some of the wet weather there as well for a time in kenya and more of the same as we go on through sunday northern parts of missouri seeing some of that rather wet weather and recently of course we've been looking at some very heavy rain across northern areas of madagascar for the showers in the forecast as we go on through the next couple of days also got a few showers cosette eastern side of south africa making the way farther east. to al-jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they all the endemic. corruption and the current one we listen so if you reprint place china as an enemy of the world and that's really that years we meet with global news makers
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and talk about the stories that matter although just 0 we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you see when to the news and current affairs that matter to you. you're watching officer let's pick up the top stories this hour the death toll from an outbreak of crown a buyer a system to 42 china says the number of confirmed cases has also increased to almost 1300 the virus has now reached australia nepal france and malaysia. emergency crews in eastern turkey are searching for survivors of
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a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that killed at least 19 people and injured hundreds many more afraid to return to their homes following a series of aftershocks. u.s. democrats have wrapped up 3 days of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president onil trump accused him of being the ringleader in efforts to push a train into investigating his political rival joe biden. thousands of anti-abortion supporters have held a rally in washington d.c. for the 1st time since the annual event began almost 50 years ago the u.s. president has joined in a white house correspondent kelly holcomb reports. down to this breaking with tradition again to gather we boast protect cherish and defend the dignity of the sanctity of every human life donald trump descended of washington's national mall to personally address an anti-abortion rally making him the 1st sitting u.s. president to do so again affirming his support for their cause unborn children have
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never had a stronger defender in the white house doing more of. the march started in response to the landmark 973 supreme court ruling legalizing abortion a divisive issue in the united states troops 2016 promised to appoint supreme court judges who might overturn that ruling helped him win the white house with the help of these supporters for many the. issue is personal the unborn do not have a voice and we are their voices we are their voices their be killed by them again but the president also has many of these people who consider themselves even jellicoe voters to show up in this november's presidential election and they need him to i feel him for such as the us president kept his 26 team promise to evangelical voters naming conservative justices neil gorsuch and later brett
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kavanaugh to america's highest court altering its balance to make it out for conservative fans with democratic appointees justice ruth bader ginsburg's health in decline trumps anti-abortion supporters are eyeing a possible 3rd conservative court appointment trump wins reelection it's critical right the country if you really study it you study our constitution the founding of the country it was founded on judeo christian beliefs and we need to return to that we have so many judges and so many things are changing and we need to have that pro-life person placed in there so that we can continue what we're doing we come before you lord but trucks have to work to keep socially conservative voters on his side the organizers this rally earlier this month in miami to energize evangelicals after an article in a magazine christianity today published an editorial calling for his removal from office citing trump's grossly immoral character. is going into reelection
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in a weakened state right now and what he needs more than anything is his base and i think what we're seeing with this president is recognizing without them there he has no shot of actually getting reelected as the us election campaign gains momentum expect even more appeals by president trump to his religious base as he continues to make the case he is the only candidate who will defend their faith can really help get al jazeera the white house. protests have been hell and chalet marking 100 days since anti-government demonstrations began the rallies started in october over an increase in subway fares that because it transformed into widespread anger over the struggling economy and any quality at least $26.00 people have been killed in violence during those protests close to $100.00 migrants according pregnant women have been rescued off the coast of libya aid organization doctors without borders
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says the humanitarian ship ocean viking picked up $92.00 migrants a 6 month old baby and several pregnant women are among those rescue. turkey and greece are bracing for a standoff in the eastern mediterranean over turkish plan to drill gas and separate waters comes as regional industry leaders from discussing energy plans at a conference and athens has more from the greek capital. more tension in the eastern mediterranean as cyprus accuses turkey of using stolen data to position a drilling ship similar to this one precisely on top of the potential gas field in its waters greece 2 is bracing for the potential appearance of turkish exploration vessels in waters east of crete and it's threatening to sink them yes. it could have joined egypt israel greece and cyprus in the east made gas for him to develop gas fields but has chosen instead to be a happy transgressor of international law as the east med gas foreign countries
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a planning to build a 2000 kilometer pipeline to sell gas to europe turkey has reacted by drilling in cypriot waters without cyprus permission and threatening to do the same in greek was his last year turkey and libya marked out a corridor or territorial waters claimed by greece raising tensions further can trigger sustain such an ambitious foreign policy that is at the same time adventurous has opportunistic. dangerous and not fully. in supported or not at all actually supported by most of the great powers i think that this will lot and very well that's my prediction for the future if you go by the book by then i think there is no off the book that pipeline passes the turkish money time zones and they could sit down and
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. we have a pool full of i don't know 200 miles or 100 miles across is this like turkey is already a major transit line wise off for many pipelines but also i major transit point for if it is built the pipeline will carry about 2 percent of the gas europe consumes and might manage 4 percent it isn't a game changer europe will still rely on russia for about 40 percent of its gas but it would be a political statement that europe wants pipelines built by europeans that cross european territory marking out territory though is the problem turkey has not signed the international law of the sea and claims areas of the mediterranean that greece and cyprus also claim under that law europe denounces the turkish viewed as illegal but that doesn't seem to be deterring turkey and tension is set to rise further jumpstart ople us al-jazeera athens. by the way to go until bracks at the
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presidents of the european council and commission have formally signed it withdraw all agreement charles michel and are slow dandelion at their signatures to the document and brussels it was later simon u.k. prime minister or stance and london there pam parliament's expected to vote to approve the agreement next week starting an 11 month transition period to discuss a trade deal. brigham muslims are welcoming unanimous ruling from the un's highest court it has ordered me and mark to take a merchant see measures to prevent acts of genocide against the muslim minority the development is encouraging for around 3 quarters of a 1000000 rohingya who fled to safety in bangladesh tomorrow chattery reports of cox is bizarre. the news from neverland is welcome in the world's largest refugee camp zafir ahmed and his friends gathered around community really hard and to stall to hear what is happening at the international court of justice. who would
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like to thank. the legal process of bangladesh for giving us shelter and now finally no verdict recognizes our suffering and they are trying we feel at peace you know. chicken farmer say she was pregnant during the me and my army clear out campaign in iraq and stayed and knows the pain of living with trauma and depression she runs a woman's advocacy group in the camp helping others to overcome their sorrows. at the bus we are very happy after so long finally we get some sort of justice for years they have sized our documents and denied a sound rights and citizenship all they have to do now is reinstate our citizenship and give us our identity and rights back we also want to know that will be safe bangladeshi government is hoping it gets more help to cope with caring for their languishing in bangladesh camps. and mothers. we hope this verdict should make good sense prevail in me and i'm now hopeful that mean my will take back the
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people which they have repeatedly showed us along with this they also promised that they will provide them with safety and security the verdict of the court also demands the same this verdict is a victory for their hanging. government leaders in myanmar have denied a genocide of campaigning against the unsubstantiated condemnation they say presents a distorted picture of the situation. but for one of the world's most persecuted people the ruling has given them a sense of hope for a better future the legal process may take years but for their owing a refugee is the ruling by the international court of justice is that list recognition for their suffering there regard the ruling as a moral as well as a psychological victory for their community and rape child very. bizarre in bangladesh. the un has called for international help as local swarm in the billions across kenya somalia and ethiopia kenya is facing its largest invasion and 7
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decades its insects have destroyed thousands of kilometers of crops and the u.n. is concerned that this will end pact and security in east africa it's linked to its link invasion unseasonal rains last month that caused the locust population to come down the cursor on as the director of the united nations food and agriculture organizations are merchants and resilience to fashion i spoke to us from the kenyan capital nairobi where he is responding to this locust situation i mean the locusts worms are spreading throughout all of africa as a matter of fact there is being. drawn by one that is brought very humid conditions in eastern africa creating very favorable conditions for the locust to europe so now we have seen the development of law because they already impact on some crops and especially on the rates on the bus tour that are so essential for
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the possibilities is that this you know are many in the region but not the problems that these locusts are getting much worse or that they are there actually. yes thanks for the rain takes that would be. very soon and that will lead to a new generation of flautist which this time will come at a time for the planting of the next year in the region that clip from around march if so it means that a certain time we run the risk of really being the crop at risk and therefore we have a situation where 11900000 people who were already susu really couldn't secure in. which he their security situation further the. i year after brazil's worst ever industrial disaster families of those killed are still waiting for justice 270 people died when a dam collapsed sending a tide of toxic waste
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a lot of the city from n.d.o. and traveled there and sent this report. a security camera captured what happened exactly one year ago the collapse of the dam unleashed a torrent of toxic mud and debris which killed $270.00 people and left entire community forever scarred. volunteer rescuers such as. searching for survivors was like being in a war zone at the reach of the corpse we found between 20 and 30 bodies in this area alone the helicopter was constantly going up and down taken body parts because there were only a few bodies found intact i fund only one body intact when we found the most was body parts and dead animals. for those who survived recalling the events of that day brings back traumatic memories. of the my you fit data used to work for the dams owner of brazilian mining company valley of the my sister and sister in law
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both died in the disaster. he places the blame entirely on the mining company that washed him into. the ditch that it does not even have a verdict of this type and it was sponsibility of this scale the glue and call it is because what happened here was premeditated i say this to you looking into our eyes or being at all. earlier this week prosecutors in minas gerais dies charged 16 individuals with murder including valleys chief executive 5 your shorts and. after. our investigation found that valley knew about structural inefficiencies within the dam is fall back as 2017 but did nothing to address the problems we hope the charges lead to prison time for those for sponsible. prosecutors say that not only did valley know that he catastrophic collapse was possible employees of another company to have sued of germany had
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previously inspected the dam saying it was stable and knowingly helped vialli hide the truth about the risks valley did not agree to al-jazeera as request for an interview but the company did provide a statement calling the legal charges quote premature adding that valley is committed to aiding authorities with the ongoing investigation. 11 bodies were never recovered in the city of broome of the new york continues to face other challenges such as an environmental disaster that hasn't fully finished playing out . muslims about the low and zita of the new because he'd. pick up the headlines right now on al jazeera the death toll from an outbreak of corona virus has jumped to 42 china says the number of confirmed cases has also increased to almost 1300 the virus has now reached australia nepal france and malaysia scott hi blair has more from beijing on the chinese government's response
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. the state of alert has been heightened you know one thing to to look at to just how seriously the government here is taking this the cabinet now is in control of the way that this nation deals with this coronavirus it was elevated to that level yesterday and one thing that they've also done is they've put someone who is an expert during the sars crisis here some 17 years ago he is leading the the teams that will operates across the country to deal with the corona virus a powerful earthquake has struck eastern turkey killing at least in 1000 people buildings collapsed in the epicenter of the magnitude 6.8 quake analysing province emergency crews are searching for dozens of people thought to be trapped in the rubble more than $500.00 people are reported injured. democrats primack rats have wrapped up 3 days of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president onil trump they accuse him of leading efforts to push ukraine into investigating his
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political rival joe biden protests have been held in chile marking $100.00 days since anti-government demonstrations began and rallies started in october over an increase and subway fares but quickly transformed into widespread anger over the struggling economy and inequality iraqi security forces have stormed the anti-government sit in and burned protestors tents as they try to disperse demonstrations in the southern city of basra straighter say they're frustrated over a lack of government reforms barely $500.00 have been killed since october and violence during rallies for jobs and in to corruption and the u.n. is calling for international help to deal with the for the record swarm of locusts in eastern africa kenya is facing its largest invasion in 7 decades somalia and ethiopia have also been affected keep it on now to syria talk to al-jazeera it's next. the right man to start their ambition is to deliberately try and make this country the greatest place.
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last followed a final run into the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . will. see. it was the 1st black republic in the 1900 century created by a revolution that overthrew slavery montagne by french. but independence came at a cost and haiti had to pay billions in compensation that left the country bankrupt since its creation high levels of inequality and poverty have persisted over the years and political attempts to fight it have not ended well. for him intervention led by france and the united states have always preserve the status cool and those who once tried to implement some type of change did not end well john victor and.


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