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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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these pressures were turning on pluto fresh in the family it makes me sick this letter home and found. out. china's president warns this country is facing a grave situation as more people die of the new coronavirus. i'm richelle carey this is all just her life and doha also coming up. trumps approval rating at its highest since becoming president as this defense team argues his case at his impeachment trial. the evidence jackson overwhelming. that the president did nothing wrong. refusing to back down defiant protesters in
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lebanon gather outside favorites central government building to denounce the new cabinet. so ration for saddam a source of shame for others the national day that surviving australian society. with the death toll from the corona virus outbreak in china has risen to 56 with almost 2000 and factions china's president xi jinping said on saturday that the country was facing a grave situation as cases of the virus accelerated its problem to travel restrictions in the closure of major landmarks across china in an effort to contain the spread is the virus have now been reported in canada australia france and the united states as well as several asian countries is going to scott heiler who is in beijing so scott tell us more about the. expanding of travel restrictions.
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yes we're at a long distance one of the long distance bus stations here in the capital beijing now midnight early this morning all service long distance bus service was shut down the main reason they're concerned about that is that the it's less regulated than say the high speed rail as well as the airplanes so they want to be able to track people because the high speed rail and boarding aircraft airlines they have to show people have to show i.d.'s so with the bus service it's less regulated so you don't really have to show your id all the time so the concern about that is people couldn't be tracked if they needed to be that's why this is one of several bus stations long distance bus stations here in beijing that's why this one was shut down let's go back to xi jinping and his concern grave concern as he said with the coronavirus know what's very interesting a move a rare meeting for the pullup or a standing committee happened on the 1st day of lunar new year that is very rare the 7 most powerful people in the government here in china met and what they
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decided is that they're going to form a special group led by one of those 7 people to oversee the current virus action if you will we know that they're going to have a special group that's going to go down to wall han the epicenter of this so it's really elevated to the very highest levels of the government here overseeing this coronavirus situation. so the u.s. and france are now among countries that are trying to get their citizens out of. tell us about these efforts. and we know that the american government has said they're going to charter a plane today boeing $757.00 that will leave from move on and that they say is going to be diplomats american diplomats american citizens and if there's any extra room and anyone else wants to leave they can pay and they can also leave as well although we know that the french government is going to charter buses from honda take them out of the center part of where this coronavirus epicenter is and then fly them for their own so yes at least the americans and the french are making
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provisions now for citizens in rouhani who want to get out all right scott hadley with the latest from beijing scott thank you hong kong has raised its threat level in an effort to contain the outbreak at least 5 cases have been confirmed on the territory one of its major attractions disneyland has been closed. and yet the. response has breached imagine sea level i will personally have into department 2 meetings and we have a command center so we can get the views from the experts and come up with strategies and initiatives when we deal with this public health event i think you'll understand that we need to be quick in making decisions when we can make decisions for the society of hong kong the corona virus outbreak is not the 1st respiratory illness to emerge from china sars originated there 17 years ago it killed more than $800.00 people globally at the time officials were criticized for not acting fast enough and failing to be honest about the scale of the crisis but
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as adrian brown reports the approach to dealing with this crisis is different. china's leaders appear to have learned an important lesson from sod's don't try to cover it up so this time honesty has been the strategy that's what president xi jinping has been demanding from his officials especially in the city who hand with a virus 1st emerged in late november and this time china does appear better prepared across the border in hong kong with 300 people died during the sars outbreak important lessons also appear to have been learned all arriving in poor passengers have the temperatures checked suspected virus sufferers are immediately quarantined those who refuse face jail and there's better protection for medical workers age of whom would killed by sounds beyond those 17 years ago when you are working in those normal medical was surgical was no one red mosque today wearing a face mask is standard procedure but some things haven't changed the market
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believed to be the source of the virus is now closed but the trade in wild animals goes on elsewhere in china at chinese new year 17 years ago when the sols epidemic was just starting to take its toll the mood was very subdued it is today and the question then as now is this how worried should i be china's fadia to be open about the songs outbreak damaged its international reputation which is why the leadership hopes to convince the international community that in some precedented containment measures are working but some hong kong medical experts remain skeptical i don't think they have much improvement in this aspect personally i think even it may even more window dressing that before baby because of the political climate in mainland china analysts say president xi jinping is confronting a huge challenge of what is already a testing time for his leadership so people realize also that siege and pain is the
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. concentrated and and he basically has to be responsible for all its chief mond's and setbacks experts say this new disease may be harder to control for one important reason 17 years ago few chinese travelled overseas today they fly to destinations around the world adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. but house lawyers defending donald trump at the senate impeachment trial say the u.s. president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine as the 1st time his label team has addressed the trial it will have 2 more days to argue trump's case trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress caster reports in washington d.c. the opening argument of president trump's attorney saturday focused on 2 main points that trump did nothing wrong when he asked ukraine to investigate former
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vice president joe biden a potential rival in the upcoming u.s. elections and that it's the democrats who wish to steal back the white house by hurting trump politically they're asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election that's occurring in approximately 9 months they're asking you to tear up all of the ballots across this country on your own initiative take that decision away from the american people. polling this week shows trump's approval rating is the highest it's been since he took office 44 percent of americans say he's doing a good job higher than when the ukraine allegations 1st surfaced and most instances when there had been political crises of course the president's popularity is a numbers go down in this case i think the president will actually be strengthened
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by this and specially after his acquittal acquittal is likely given most members of the senate jury are republicans and it takes a 2 thirds majority to convict yet potential new evidence against trump continues to emerge harness and indicted ukrainian american businessman says he shared this audio recording with investigators that are a little over a year after the all of them were. to go out ok that's the way it appears to be trump's voice ordering the firing of the u.s. ambassador to kiev democrats say corrupt ukrainian officials had wanted her gone those same officials then began smearing biden if you really want the truth you want witnesses you want documents we hope our republican colleagues will agree with that democrats hope to convince at least 4 republican senators to agree to open the trial to new witnesses including some of president trump's closest advisers who
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have not yet testified the senate is expected to vote on that question next week if their answer is no then president trump could be acquitted within days time castro al-jazeera washington. police in lebanon have fought with protesters who tried to storm the government headquarters in the capital security forces shoes tear gas and water cannon to push back the the demonstrators saturday marks 100 days since the protests began if it were to men demanding an end to the corruption and want the government to tackle the economic crisis a new cabinet was announced on tuesday but protesters have rejected it and hoto has more from outside the government headquarters she says protesters are determined to continue their fight. another night of unrest anti-establishment protesters at this time tried to storm a government. over recent days they tried to storm a parliament building they managed to briefly breach the security behind us they
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moved a metal fence and now as you can see security forces are trying to. secure it to reinforce security around government how those people are and a few 100 protesters were involved in the confrontation security forces that were very careful this time around they did not use rubber bullets they have been criticized by international rights groups for using excessive force for firing rubber bullets at close range but this time around. excessive amounts of tear gas water cannons so they managed to disperse protesters quite quickly in fact they deployed hundreds of anti-riot police and the lebanese army you can really see and feel the change in tactics as this new administration seems more militarized let me just show you what they've done around parliament square they have set up.
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concrete slabs barbed wire closing really every road leading to parliament square in a really a message of defiance we are staying in power but this is angry and this is causing a lot of anger a lot of protesters say you cannot hide behind those walls we will continue our struggle. flooding and landslides in southeast brazil have killed at least 30 people 2 days of torrential rain and bella. state the capital of minas state has left 17 people missing and more than 2500 are now homeless and more rain is expected in the region as well as other parts of brazil and a memorial in hell to mark a year since missiles worst industrial disaster 2 in 70 people were killed when a dam collapse and then talks of waste and to the city no relatives attended ceremonies and released to commemorate those who died in iraq. where he says people are still very emotional. apart from the sadness in the morning from the residents
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of brazil there's also a lot of fear a lot of trepidation given the ongoing rains and the heavy flooding that's taking place in the state of minas is it as we unfortunately can confirm that at least 30 people have died within the context of these floods and you if you see behind me if you can see behind me this is the river that flows through downtown but you can see that it's already spilled it's spilled it's its banks here some houses are already flooded here and not only that there's there's a concern given that there are other dams this disaster that took place in 2019 reminds people that there are other dams that are categorized as at risk by the brazilian government so many people here fear that the question of of if there could be another disaster like the one that took place in 2019 many people here fear that it's only a matter of time before another disaster can take place and that's something that's very much on the minds of residents of burma doing something that people here in
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the state of maine as it is' and the people of brazil very much want to avoid. still ahead on al-jazeera. hope among the rubble turkish rescue teams find a reason to celebrate. and living below the poverty line in bangladesh will see people coping with rising costs and falling wages. and there's still plenty of winter weather across more northern sections of the united states the worst across the northeast is carrying sunday into monday plains implant showing a pair on the soft light meanwhile out tools the pacific northwest some very strong wind so strong that this plane was prevented from actually taking off on friday it was delays into saturday and then we will further into more central regions into missouri a huge amount of snow about 5 centimeters came down very quickly fortunately
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through sunday there's another storm system coming through and the pacific northwest will bear the brunt of this is a go sunday on into monday it will spread into snow through the northern rockies and right way down into the cascades as well that system on sunday work its way into the fall northeast we could of course have that gnostic mix of ice and snow in some areas also a fair amount of rain beginning to push again into most southern areas but it doesn't become particularly heavy most that really heavy rain it stays offshore so showers pushing into the southeast and a pretty good start to the work week for washington and also new york but no so again out tools the northwest 10 celsius in seattle some very heavy amounts of rain some very strong winds we could see some very high winds pushing these waves on shore we could us in the class fighting as a small snow in the forecast but not but in some francisco 15. counting the cost
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a nation representing point 3 percent of the world's population but 5 percent of carbon emissions in australia give up its addiction to call it promises to go carbon neutral by the year 2050 plus we're looking at 11 and how long before it turned to be a man counting the cost on al-jazeera. context these are the 3 story telling around the biggest issues we had to do you should do it again. or not you notice there are these are the top stories right now china's president xi jinping says the break of the chrono virus is becoming grave at least 56 people
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have been confirmed dead and hong kong has declared an emergency dozens of infections have been reported outside china. white house lawyers defending donald trump at senate impeachment trial said the us president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine his stomach rats and using the trial to interfere in this year's presidential election. flooding and landslides in southeast brazil have killed at least 30 people and more rain is expected and thousands have been left homeless. fighting has flared up again in libya despite a surge of diplomatic activity international conferences were held for a lead in algiers last week to end the conflict but rockets have now been fired in the capital internationally recognized government blames forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar our. head has more friendship only. one moroccan man was killed by a random rocket landed in the vicinity of m 80 get airport the only operation an airport in the libyan capital tripoli the only witness the government says that
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half the us forces landed the attack the tripoli based health ministry meanwhile says that civil other civilians were injured by random rockets that landed in densely populated areas and will launch it by after forces many of these rockets launched by have to the schools and landed in neighborhoods densely populated area in the city center other rockets landed in our other neighborhood near the city center now the tripoli based government is accusing have to those forces of committing war crimes by targeting these residential areas it also says that these attacks are violations of the truce or the peace talks and the cease fire accord that was proposed by both turkey and russia it also says that these violations by half their forces are dealing with the peace talks that are the youth to be held in february engineer now the latest report by the united nations secretary general
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until you get turkish revealed that nearly $300.00 civilians were killed since the beginning of the military offensive long should by have to his forces to take control of the capital tripoli back in april and nearly 400 civilians were wounded now the same report also revealed that about 140000 people left their homes because of the fighting rescue charity ship has saved the 78 migrants in the mediterranean off the libyan coast earlier 59 others were rescued as they attempted this dangerous churning hundreds of people died in the mediterranean sea trying to reach europe. rescuers in southeast turkey are searching for survivors from friday's earthquake which killed $31.00 people and injured more than 1005 year old girl and her mother among the latest to be pulled alive from the rubble of those collapsed buildings but it's fear the number of dead will rise the 6.8 magnitude
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quake was centered near the town of save reach a city because it is in the nearby city of l. is a group which has this report. this man is happy and relieved as his relative is pulled out alive from the struggle she had been stuck under the rock and debra's of a collapsed building for nearly 20 hours after a magnitude $6.00 earthquake hit to ison province of. it is my mother the son rushes back through the rubble there are still 4 more people stuck down there. there have been more than 400 aftershocks in the region hundreds of emergency teams and security forces have been mobilized to provide aid and assistance. and the onlookers some of them are all macarius while others hope to hear from loved ones and. i think all buildings have to be replaced by new
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ones we need to tell each. risk areas have been working here looking for and survivors buildings that have collapsed like this one were either badly constructed or older that damaged would have probably a history of earthquakes menace say tricky news to do more now to ensure building safety turkey is among the world's most suspect reactive countries and sits on several active full vines dozens of minor earthquakes and aftershocks up here nearly every day that brings earth quakes themselves don't kill the geologists know when they're going to happen but it's the engineers and construct a duty to build compatible buildings for now on the 5 buildings have collapsed but there is no record of the damaged buildings in eleazer yet that's why many people are afraid to go inside their homes and given the freezing temperatures it will be difficult to seek shelter in sports stars or other large places because solo al-jazeera and turkey. protests are being held in australia calling for the
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national day to be changed or scrapped altogether. thank you. so called invasion day events are commemorating indigenous people who were killed in the conflict with white settlers as well as others who've recently died in police custody australia day officially marks the arrival of the 1st fleet of convicts ships from britain and $788.00 andrew thomas joins us now from sydney so what's happening there we are at or. will rachelle january the 26 cities australia day a day of stories government would like to try to use to celebrate the nation but increasingly it's become a day when australians come out to commemorate what happened back in 7988 i'm here in a park in sydney where there are probably 10000 people who joined the march on sunday from the city center pop this once a lot more in the suburbs but events like this to commemorate this day and celebrate aboriginal culture rather than white settlers just as they see australia
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they'd be tried will these events have happened now perhaps will 78910 years and they growing each year. so well is also fairly day going to change at some point. well stright is government richelle would have you think absolutely not they see these protest events happening each year and in a sense the government here is a right of center conservative government has almost begun to define itself as in opposition to the sorts of protests they're standing up they cite for the quiet australians who want no change and i think doing down australia as they see these kind of protests events will that is on patriotic and they're trying to fight that political opponents in support of changing the date on that something they think will alienate the voting population so in the eyes of australia's government no i don't think it's fair to say they want the us to govern the we've got them i mean there will be no date change but given time that may change these events all
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growing this is becoming something more more talked about in australia's national media was barely mentioned a decade ago now in the run up to gender the 26 every year you see more and more opinion pieces more and more out by more and more people saying why can't we change that if it is so insulting to a big section of the population to have it on general 26 why not change the lives today that all australians can celebrate so when i sure like the hood of change but in the longer it will happen ok and her thomas live in sydney andrew thank you 5 more protesters had been killed in iraq as security forces crackdown on anti-government demonstrations one person died in the capital and for an nasiriyah place in baghdad moved into the streets in neighboring tahrir square after a large group left camps in an area of the capital they have been occupying since october some of those leaving that area are supporters of populist cleric who withdrew his support for the protests some a bunch of aid has reaction from protesters to government's efforts to end their
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sit in. this is been the flashpoint of scores of saturday's protests where protesters have been trying to stop the government forces opening up the offer a bridge this is the bridge that leads to the square and we've been meeting people and talking to people who feel that they've been betrayed by the sudras who left. they are saying they're going to continue their protests there have been multiple reports of injuries and some are saying that people have been wounded by not just life fire but also by tear gas canisters that the government forces are aiming towards their head. we are protesting against that corrupt government the iranian government took speak they doesn't represent us we didn't vote for them the militias they are. they are iranian they are iranian backed militias we called on the united nations to intervene and help. them if you see they are assassinating
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kidnapping and killing. of a lot of our activists political activists are disappearing every day we want the health of our of the world please help on the. wrong. word reaction. to the many. other places around the since friday night security forces have been opening up the roads and bridges this is one of the towns with allegedly burned by the security forces in the word star you square those are the allegations by the by the protesters here who say that they will continue their protests they're going to stay until their demands are met. yes or no plans to put. the white house to
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release a report about the murder of journalists at the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018 the national security office intelligence was due to release the report earlier this month but it missed the deadline senator ron wyden has warned that if the document is not produced by the end of president on trams and pietschmann trial it will trigger a process that would require its automatic release internet access has been partially restored in indian administered kashmir after it was blocked for almost 6 months users will be able to access only $300.00 approved websites and internet speeds will remain low but access to some social media apps is still banned the move comes just days after india's supreme court ordered the communications lockdown to be reversed. bangladesh's economy is growing but so too is inequality one in 5 people live below the poverty line and the average wage is less than $5.00 a day out there are reports from one of the poorest areas in the capital dhaka the
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c.l. people are surviving. hungry begum lives with her husband in a small one room shanty hut in dhaka slums their only child died recently she works in a bottling factory and struggles with her monthly expenses without her husband's income it would be hard for them to get by despite the hardship but managed to save the small amount of money each month. and it was there are many problems here in this we have to buy water rent the money to use the toilet even buy food for cooking it's hard it's not a team place to live you often get sick here and there's no help from the government i decided to follow longer a big them based on their daily needs and see how far i can go on $5.00 for the next 24 hours i brought basic food item that's needed to cook in a daily mail i brought some vegetable some onion potatoes green chili coriander
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cauliflower and couple of fish grocers cost me $4.12 i had a simple breakfast consisting of dry cake and milk tea at a local tea stall which cost me $0.35 and i still have to buy water for drinking and cooking and pay to use the toilet and bathing facilities for a day a daily maid in the slum which all together cost me around $0.40 at the end of the day i'm now left with barely $0.13 after meeting my basic daily needs in the slum ungar is daily chores don't end till late at night after she finishes work she has to clean and cook she can always afford a healthy meal some days it's just rice and lentils. and going to. most of. the slums i congested overpopulated with poor drainage and vast management kids and adults live in a very unhygenic conditions parents are unaware about the importance of healthy diets for the kids nor can they afford it. to bangladesh economy has been growing
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recently but with the prices rising for food and other essentials it's getting increasingly more difficult for wage earners like angry to survive on the minimum wage said by the government tendered chaudhry al-jazeera dhaka bangladesh. and we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera china's president xi jinping says the outbreak of the current virus is becoming grave the number of people killed as president to 56 with almost 2000 confirmed and factions got high there is in beijing with more on how the government is responding but it's very interesting a move rare meeting for the politburo standing committee happened on the 1st day of lunar new year that is very rare the 7 most powerful people in the government here in china met and what they decided is that they're going to form a special group led by one of those 7 people to oversee the corner virus action if
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you will and we know that they're going to have a special group that's going to go down to will haunt the epicenter of this so it's really elevated to the very highest levels of the government here overseeing this coronavirus situation white house lawyers have begun defending president donald trump at a senate impeachment trial they say he's done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine and that the charges are flip a clean motivated they're asking you thank you for your time not only to overturn the results of the last election but as i've said before they're asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election that's occurring in approximately 9 months they're asking you to tear up. all of the balance across this country on your own initiative take that decision away from the american people floods in southeastern brazil have
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killed at least 30 people 2 days of record rainfall fell and need us guys states more downpours are expected and thousands have been left homeless rescuers in southeast turkey are searching for survivors from friday's earthquake which killed 31 people and injured more than a 1000 but this 5 year old girl and her mother are among the latest to be pulled alive from the rubble of collapsed buildings protests are being held in australia calling for the national day to be changed or scrapped altogether so called invasion day events are commemorating indigenous people who were killed in the conflict at the white settlers as well as others who are very simply died in police custody. those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have another bulletin for you at the top of the hour in the meantime we're going to hand it over to counting the cost keep it or. the prime minister. mission is to. make this
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country the greatest place to. follow the final run into the departure for me he used. to maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week australia mining and climate change. this is called the fright. that was australia's prime minister 3 years ago and after 30 years of uninterrupted economic growth thanks to the extraction industry he would say that but now with the president bush fires is it time to rethink its dependence on coal. and the thing.


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