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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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in australia to give up its addiction to call it promises to go carbon neutral by the year 2050 plus we're looking at 11 and how long before it turns to be counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news our live up in the next 60 minutes the chinese government steps up if it's to can tell you the coronavirus but the death toll and in fiction rights are still rising. soldiers are deployed it began to be as capital to disperse protesters demanding the president's resignation. hello i'm maryam namazie and london with the top stories
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from here at including voting is underway in italian local elections which could help send the fog why back to national our. iraqi security forces fired tear gas bullets at hundreds of protesters in central baghdad. and in sport he has stayed on course to win her home grand slam for the 1st time the world number one b.c. alison risk to move into the strain open call so far. ahead of china's national health commission says he believes the corona virus outbreak is now spreading more quickly with already still aren't sure where the new virus but it has been linked to receive food and animal bogard in china has now banned the commercial trade in wildlife. yes based on the knowledge we now have this is an emerging and new disease in the knowledge we have is quite
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limited we're not very clear about the source of the disease and infections are not under our control so based on the changes and the evolving nature of the in fictions we would continue to improve images and implement tell policy so that we would be fully prepared and that we can enhance our preparedness to respond to the possible changes of the infections so as to meet our goal of containing the disease or the number of people who've died from the virus is reason to 56 nearly 2000 people are infected in china with 300 in a critical condition the government has brought in drastic travel restrictions effectively putting a number of cities into by province under quarantine close to 60000000 people around the locked out and cases have now been reported in the live in other states these include the u.s. france australia and several asian countries ivory coast now says monitoring a suspected case of a student who's just returned from china. well the chinese government says public safety is its top priority has more from beijing. yet more
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measures to curb the spread of the corona virus outbreak everyone entering the beijing subway system is checked for symptoms and subway cars are disinfected every hour still concerned about infection some had out anyway they try i'm really afraid that the virus might infect me or my family members i'm supposed to go back to work in a few days and my son will go back to school soon whether from or maybe i need to go to work or i have no other choice if i didn't need to work i will definitely stay at home keep wearing the mosque and keep washing their hands this is one of several long distance bus stations here in the capital beijing there are close now that's because the government is concerned because the bus system is less regulated than high speed rail and the airlines so they're concerned that they can't track people or where they traveled from but it's not just in the cat. other cities have begun to restrict long distance transportation problems will suspend all inner city and
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into prevent show buses some neighborhoods on the outskirts of beijing are sealed off because of suspected corona virus infection all wildlife trade is now banned across china the krona virus was traced to a seafood market in will son that was illegally selling wildlife younger farmers we have taken preventive control measures in ruhani as our top priority and we have set up a frontline working group to guide the local authorities and relevant efforts we have closed relevant markets in speedy manners to tighten control of illegal breeding transportation trading and consumption of wildlife or wild animals while the central government has elevated the control over the virus to the highest level there's a growing call for the local government in will hunt to be replaced because of the way it handled the outbreak and overcrowding hospitals there continue to plea for more supplies and staff. al-jazeera beijing hong kong says it will deny entry to people from the province hardest hit by the outbreak including those who
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visited in the past 14 days. on hong kong and as an updated tally of cases. the number of suspected cases has now gone up by 77 taking it to more than 380 suspected cases and the number of confirmed cases have risen from 5 to 6 also another confirmed case in macau taking the total there to 3 the hospitals already also say they are readying another quarantine center turning a former holiday camp into a quarantine center and we've also heard from a microbiologist who was talking yesterday he says that he believes there are number of undetected cases in hong kong now some experts are now warning of the incubation period for this virus could be up to 14 days so it's possible that somebody who was in 2 weeks ago is now in hong kong and could have the virus now in response to the spreading virus the hong kong authorities have announced that
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a number of big tourist attractions in hong kong are going to close for the forseeable future that includes the ocean park theme park and also the big disney theme park that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year just a few days of course disney announced that they will be shutting their theme park in shanghai also for the forseeable future it all has echoes of course of the sars epidemic from 20022003 in which 800 people died so 17 years on what lessons have been learned. well protesters angry over the hong kong government's handling of the outbreak have set fire to a housing complex that was going to be used as a place to quarantine people 6 cases have been confirmed in hong kong and 107 patients are in isolation. where the new form of corona virus is believed to have
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originated as the busiest international airport in central china on thursday airlines began cancelling flights to and from the city but before the shutdown flights from were going to 30 distillations outside mainland china that's including 21 cities in the pacific 5 in year one in the middle east and 2 in the united states the number of domestic destinations is also significant flights from normally go to 77 destinations across by in line china the transport lockdown remains in place on saturday alone 231 flights were grounded. tara q. sara vich is the spokesman for the world health organization he says there are multiple measures people can take to protect themselves so to general overall 'd to those issues that this is already an emergency china and there is a high risk of spread to other countries now we can reconvene arts it could be a very short notice and we are obviously considering the. situation but that what
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is really important to say is that the clearing lot of works or not does not mean that there are no activities being done for the day one a ritual is in contact daily ringback contact with chinese authorities trying to understand this situation try to understand the virus together with the chinese culture officials also the appropriate measures can be recommended we need to understand really disability for the time being the same symptoms are after the floor like a respiratory illness like and also we have noticed that a lot of people who fall severely sick are older people underlying health conditions so we have to understand all of these things that we have to try to understand what is the source of this virus at the same data we really want that people get the right message would have done things we recommend everyone to follow
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precautionary measures that holy commanded for respiratory illnesses such as hand hygiene such as covering mild translate using such as avoiding contact with people who may have a food like symptoms and especially people who are having seabird who are coffee and who are having problems with breathing should immediately look for medical care for dr patrick tang is the division chief of pathology sciences at sidra medicine in cata explains how the outbreak compares to that of the sars outbreak 17 years ago. we know so far about this novel coronavirus in china it's it's probably less lethal than sars so of the people that get infected with this virus 3 percent of them die whereas from saw it during sars about 10 percent of the people that got infected died from the infection in terms of infective nys the the new virus is as infectious as sars if not more infectious and sars at
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least based on what we know right now so after sars scientists went out to find out what was the source of sars and from all the studies done in china they've they found that these coronaviruses live in bats so they're pretty hundreds if not more different variants of sars viruses coronaviruses that live in bats and in any number of them might have mutations that allow them to cause infections in people everywhere want around the world both in china as well as the rest of the world we're trying to contain this virus so it doesn't have a chance to spread between human to human because every chance it spreads from one person to the next is a chance for the virus to further adapt and for the new to become a virus that that because it's a human virus for the regular person that's not in china right now that we have to use common sense measures so things like you know washing your hands is probably the most important thing that we can do to prevent infection from this novel
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coronavirus or other respect to infections in and paying attention to how what we do with her hands with a retoucher eyes or a rubber nose or where put her fingers in her mouth so all of these things are things that can carry different pathogens into our body. was pretty boy hit all the news including the worst violation of libya's true so far will go to law and to misrata with more details. ahead amid a wave of political turmoil peruvians go to the polls to really need them to see congress in school the whole. is maintaining the grip on the english if i tell you that's. running battles abroad get out for a 2nd consecutive day in iraq as security forces fired tear gas and bullets to clear antigovernment protests as the crackdown began on saturday shortly after
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influential shia cleric. withdrew his support for the demonstrations has been in central baghdad and has this update on the protests and the security forces response. this is colonial square in central baghdad just over there you can save a tear gas being fired by anti-riot police into the crowd there are hundreds of people here well they're doing is they coming in from tucker is square just behind me and they are moving towards where they gathering in their hundreds to make that point now will the iraqi security forces are trying to. clear everybody chromed base area and push them to the top career square where they're trying to contain them while they try to do is open up all of the roads and the bridges leading in to try and i allow traffic back in to central baghdad but these protesters are absolutely determined to make their point they say it's been months these protests
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began in october they did still haven't been heard there is no prime minister there is a new prime minister and there's no new elections and they determined however as you can see to take us is very thick and heavy in the air now how long this will go on for is unknown there's a bit of a kind of cats and mouse game going on the protesters run and they throw rocks they throw molotov and then they're beaten back by the iraqi security forces at least 5 rockets have been fired near the u.s. embassy in iraq's green zone in the capital baghdad security sources sorry there are no reports of casualties on friday hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the capital calling for u.s. troops to leave iraq but one person has been killed in a car bomb in northern syria the truck exploded in the city of us does in lippo province injuring several of those no one has claimed responsibility. israelis can now visit saudi arabia for religious or business trips under
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a new directive from the government does not have diplomatic relations with israel and doesn't allow israeli passport holders to visit saudi arabia unless on a muslim pilgrimage the announcement comes as u.s. president donald trump is expected to release his much touted middle east peace plan our correspondent in west jerusalem harry force and says this is another indication of the warming of relations between the 2 countries. what it does is that it allows anyone with an invitation from a saudi arabian official and a visa to exit israel to go to saudi arabia to pursue business interests seek investment opportunities for a period of up to 90 days now this is a very major change in the public relationship between these 2 countries and it comes at a very interesting time just ahead of the expected unveiling of the trump plan in washington d.c.
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we believe an event with benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister on tuesday before that on monday president trump will be speaking to both netanyahu and the israeli opposition leader benny gantz and this normalization of relations which this is an increment of between saudi and israel really put saudi arabia at least in tension with its own initiative the arab peace initiative of 2002 which says that normalization can only come about after the palestinian issue is settled including a withdrawal of israel from the occupied territories including palestinian sovereignty over east jerusalem and all the indications all of the leaks that we've seen so far of the trump plan suggest that it blows through all of those sorts of palestinian red lines about what they would require and expect from a future state so if this is an indication of the current state of the relationship between israel and saudi arabia it was very interesting at least to see how saudi
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reacts to that announcement and other arab neighbors of israel later this week we're getting livia's their columnist at our it's news paper and he joins us on skype from tel aviv gideon good of you to be with us how significant is this if we're talking about a further indication of normalizing relations what do you take away from an. i wouldn't underestimate it because it's the 1st time that those things are coming not under the surface but the above the surface for a long time it's very clear that there is some kind of unity or venture as the 3rd is there in saudi arabia namely these are v the big enemy in iraq and now it's the 1st time that those things are coming above the surface in which the leg any kind of confirmation from south they're ready and let's remember that it was the minister of interior of israel who announced this but we didn't get any confirmation from south of there are be
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a on the other hand we didn't get or so and he did nial but by the end of the day let's just not forget that there is no bypass to sort of the palestinian issue and the israelis looking for ways to bypass the palestinian issue and this would always fail and that then leads to this question and that is the question of timing given that benjamin netanyahu is about to sit down with donald trump for this much vaunted deal of the century that trump is talking about you know it goes hand to hand is the deed of the century which is mainly that the low mishmash ing the palestinians and then leaving them no room for any kind of hold and he goes to get their wisdom to leaders in washington on their own tribe in jerusalem benjamin netanyahu are both struggling. on their own fate on their own
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charges and who are bulls who's facing elections and it's old connected and the best think politics and foreign policy are connected here more than ever gideon levy thank you again for giving us your time thank you. in mali $22.00 soldiers have been killed and 6 wounded after an attack on their barracks it happened in the town of the border with mauritania the attackers burned down the army camp mali and other countries in the whole region have been struggling to deal with the rise in attacks by several groups 3 people have died during protests in the gambia according to a hospital the army is being deployed to hope police clear crowds there rallying in the capital banjul to demand the resignation of president adama barack people angry at his decision to complete his 5 year presidential term when he took office he had promised to stand down 3 years before more on this let's bring in nicholas hockey
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in dhaka in neighboring senegal nicholas we've discussed this a little bit earlier but this crackdown from the security services the involvement of the military is raising some concerns what more you hearing about that. well yes for you who have protested today seeing the famous military that they had protested against in 2017. back on the streets is seen as an act of provocation right now there is an emergency meeting being held at the police headquarters involving the military and the various security forces because you know the as you mentioned the death toll of at least 3 people have been killed scores have been injured we're hearing reports of people that have been suffer injuries from rubber bullets and tear gas this is really shocked not just the protesters but the gambia as a whole never have they seen such
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a protest since adam a barrow took power 3 years ago and many of those that protested today were those that supported adam and barrow in 2017 against germany who had ruled the country for 22 years his security forces the military responsible of inforce disappearance tortures and killing and while there is a truth and we conciliation commission taking place to tackle this issue and the grievances that have taken place under his rule a few people have been prosecuted in fact most of the people that have been responsible of those killings have been set free and this under adam a bear was watched so the protests that took to the streets today come from have various grievances some say that he's not respected the promise that he had made to leave power after 3 years and hold free and fair elections remember that when barrow took office many of the political leaders were in prison and so they weren't
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able to take place take part in the election and then there are others victims of his time who say that the justice is too slow to come and so right now there is an ear we call i'm settling in in the capital of banjul many people shocked over what they've seen today and wondering what is to come next some of the protesters that we speak to now say they're even more determined to take to the streets again following the climb down from the security forces stan back to his thank you. officials from libya's 2 rival governments fighting has broken out near the western city of misrata the u.n. backed government in tripoli says its soldiers of retaking the town of grain misrata is libya's 2nd largest city that is home to groups who oppose the war lords only for have to take control of the city is an important part of the government's defense of the capital to have launched his offensive in last year tony burke the
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is in misrata live for us with the latest on that fighting in the question here as opposed to any is why are we seeing this now given the cease fire. good question stan we don't know the cease fire has been holding pretty well for the best part of about 12 days now and suddenly today was the day when it sort of kicked off it was a surprise attack by forces against the position. they took it the d.n.a. fighters were forced into retreat they regrouped got rearmed resupplied and they went back and they talk back that position in the early afternoon and then carried on even further into have to our territory and holding as we understand it and their record which is being in their control about 20 kilometers in but having said that this is a big open expanse of land in territory and it does change hands quite regularly so there's no big strategic objective to this that we can see but sunday has been
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a day in libya where things have changed a little bit cease fire may have gone out the window a little bit because we've had reports also of artillery exchanges in the south of tripoli more rockets being fired at the airport and you remember it was close on 2 occasions because a rocket fire we don't know if this is a start of something bigger or this is just a one day wonder both sides flexing their muscle showing what the other has but at the moment the death the casualty toll for the government forces stands at 10 killed and about 28 wounded they did give a bloody nose to have to ask forces but we don't know if this is going to continue tomorrow and tony what's been critical throughout this conflict has been the involved but about side forces whether it's turkey supporting the government or the likes of saudi or russia supporting have to forces how heavily armed is half to what's his capacity to be able to carry out offenses like offensive like this.
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well i think he has a great capacity because when he took over the remnants of the libyan national army he took with also a lot of hardware a lot of tanks armored vehicles he also took a big part of the libyan air force so he's got fighter jets he's got miraj jets so he has a big capability also the arms embargo which was in for several years ago has not really been observed too much so have been coming in fairly regularly and you know he controls 2 thirds of the country which is no mean feat in the gates of tripoli so he's pretty well and he's got about 25000 fighters and he means business but as i say this has been holding pretty well up until today they were violations but if this is a you know a precursor of what's to come we'll only have to wait and see and thank you tony but the live for us from misrata turkey's president has accused the international community of favoring the libyan people rich a type made the comments during
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a news conference analogy is where he is meeting president to boone now turkey is set to deploy more troops to support the un backed government in tripoli european and regional powers are trying to broker a cease fire. the developments unfolding in libya are having a direct impact on the jury as a neighboring country we have always had for size that we now reiterate that a military solution is not the right appropriate solution to the crisis in libya we are conducting intense communications with libya's neighbors together with other international players in order to put an end to the bloodbath and to maintain a permanent lasting cease fire to bring the warring parties to the negotiating table. or mahmud up there while head is in the libyan capital tripoli and says algeria is an important player for finding political solutions to the problems of its neighbor. as has been all the wars against the war and the worst of libya and
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civil journey in official stated before that they cannot allow the war to be switching on its borders as you know that a jury has a very long borders with libya and it has been all that was supporting the internationally recognized government of national accord now as the 2 president the 2 presidents mentioned that they are stressing on the believe in. recommendations that were came out from the middle income for once a week ago and prison seems to be very keen to have ulterior not only on the on his camp against the other camp including egypt israel and say plus and greece and when it comes to their investment in the mediterranean basin but also as a key leading get figure in all the key leading a player in the restoring peace in libya relatives of those murdered or missing in
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mexico are calling on the government to do more to stop the rise in violence a caravan for peace which left the city of quote a bar on thursday has now arrived in mexico city more than 35000 people were murdered last year more than 60000 to vanished since 2006 when the current war on drugs began john horman joins us now live from the bar to mexico city and still continuing their job. you know we're actually in mexico city's main plaza behind us you can maybe see the national palace and that's where the march is looking to get to they're looking to speak to members of mexico city's government actually wanted to speak to the president president under his mantle up is over thought but he said that he wasn't going to do that he said they didn't want to make a show and that's been quite controversial here because the protesters that we've been talking to said well our pain is not a show what we've been for is not a show we want to speak to this government to try and get some solutions there's
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about 35000 people being killed last year 2019 in mexico and that's actually the largest number since records are being kept and more than 60000 disappeared and behind those sort of food figures there's a lot of personal intimate and quite horrific stories we've been talking to some people on the march 1 lady told us that broke into a home knife her mom her dad and also heard the sable brother and now she's trying to look for justice speaking to another family the were 3 of their relatives working in a convenience store in november they just disappeared and they haven't been able to get any answers as to what happened to them so just so many stories so much pain going on in this march trying to get here where most much is only meant to carry city and not trying to search for some sort of solution on to more than a decade of this violence john you mentioned the president this is an issue i
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suppose that he could say he inherited but one of the ideas that they have for dealing with these any solutions any real responses other than just stopping and not listening to the protests. i think in times past he has been able to say well this is a problem that i inherited from the past 2 presidents but as you say he's now been in power for a little more than a year he's solution to this so far has been a nuisance of militarized force which is called the national guard so that hasn't had much of an impact. the critics of his have said that instead of that he should be reforming the police force he should be reforming the justice system the vast majority of crimes at the moment go without punishment in mexico so he's still sort of working his way towards a way to try and lower these record numbers to home a lot for us there from mexico city still ahead on al jazeera and the rush to get
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out i've not been released from auschwitz every day i look at them 75 years after the nazi concentration camp was liberated girl here from the survivor. celebration some day of mourning for others the record from sydney on the occasion that's dividing all strife. in sport of frustration for you to malign they'd be with the italian league title. however there's a cold wind blowing out of iraq in the gulf which is fairly standard for this time of the year the result is it gets fairly cold at night and stays very cold through the day i know these things are relative but 19 will be hard to get to in doha
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riyadh 16 even the sunshine won't feel particularly warm i'm of course cooler still on the coast the mediterranean back in lebanon for example or syria where the tide is increasing but there's no real forecast or which is one to shatter possibility but not very likely that's happening in to the breeze is still blood was slightly lighter during tuesday the prophet not his of course a quiet peninsula the rain is taxed at the equator and in africa it stretches in life from angola through de our congo towards tanzania been some big showers around lake victoria recently there in the forecast as well south of that you from the rift valley done it more is dries out when you get to zimbabwe and although we have seen flooding recently in northern madagascar in the forecasts are just want to 2 showers in the north and in the capital nothing at all in south africa temps in johannesburg approaching the 30 degrees we'll go see a scattering a shower but to be honest for most places in south africa it's still
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a dry story. a journey of personal discovery. which is the kochi of a letter nazi germany addressed to my grandfather al-jazeera. traces of family links back to the regime of benito mussolini and on space is fascism returned to italian port freshers in the family it makes me sick this letter. i found. on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's work. day it was due date for. inspiring documentaries
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from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. oh. you're watching al-jazeera his reminder of our top stories this hour health authorities in china say they expect the number of people infected by the corona virus to rise hong kong has announced a ban on people from province where the outbreak originated entering the city will come into effect on monday. security forces have fired tear gas and blood bullets to try to clear the government protesters in the iraqi capital baghdad crackdown began on saturday after influential shia cleric. withdrew his support for the
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demonstrations. 3 people have died during protests in the gambier according to a hospital the army is being deployed to help police the crowds they rallied in the capital banjul to demand the resignation of president adama barrel. caribbeans are heading to the polls to elect new members of congress on sunday the vote comes amid a wave of political turmoil and 4 months after president martin this current dissolved religious leader body but as mariana sanchez reports from labor voter apathy is on the rise causing concern among some candidates. a life time sleeping streets as in bold in disarray got this to run for congress in sunday's elections the previous parliament was dissolved by president nothing to scatter in his anti-corruption fight this says it's time for a clean up but in setting the experience that i have is what i live through every
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day i understand the needs of workers how to make ends meet or what it feels like to be laid off i know. candidates are running including legislators of the up. in the last parliament which tried to control the judiciary and removed from office and that's what. i'm angry the idea to close congress was to prevent any of them from running again and that is not happening they run to make business take bribes steal and protect their allies are we voting for the same thing she says she'll only vote to avoid being fined voting is mandatory but many peruvians feel the same way a recent opinion poll says more than 43 percent of peruvians will spoil their ballot or leave it blank analysts say apathy is widespread. towards the politicians and a lack of ideas and leadership voters expect much more from legislators and what they are capable of delivering the leadership has failed. candidates of $21.00
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parties are running for $130.00 seats analysts say the new congress will be fragmented into small groups but unlike the last one that radically took precedence this no one is likely to support. political and judicial reforms. has been immersed in political turmoil for almost 3 years since the brazilian or the bridge bribing scandal broke leaving 4 former presidents involved one committed suicide dozens of politicians and businessmen are in jail the candidate who says the new political class must show they can be different. but people are tired of the same politicians instead of consolidating an image of the previous congress opposing reforms our challenge now is to comply with the people's demands for. proof demanding parliamentary immunity is lifted it off from protects legislators
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and their allies from criminal prosecution and they want better regulation of campaign funding in the hope someday selection will not bring more of the same. just. boeing has successfully completed the 1st test flight of the world's largest twin engine jet liner the triple 7 x. sees a larger version of the triple 7 mini jumbo with room for $406.00 passengers it will be boeing's 1st major aircraft to be certified since it grounded its 737 max freeze that decision after 2 fighter pressures within months and revealed a critical software flaw but we spoke to. an analyst and former if i represent a pilot he says the new aircraft might have the same problems as the 737 max. so it will not be an issue of the research if occasion process i think will be challenging as every the landscape perec rep recertification from the f.a.a.
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now has changed in light of what we saw with the 737 max. f.a.a. sort of vacation issues but it will interest to be interesting to see how sort of patient does progress on the airplane but i would think that the timeline that boeing has i think it's already been delayed and it possibly there's a very good chance it will be delayed even further the caste system which was. the big problem issue on this i'm sorry 7 max 777 x. one not encounter any of the issues that we saw with a certain 3rd of americans but if these airlines are opting for airplanes such as the air bus. or a 321 you know or the or the long range boeing 737 series of airplanes why this is a military going to be a problem with the production issues now with the boeing 707 max well voting is underway in 2 italian regions which could have
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a big impact on national politics with more on that let's join. london useta. that's right stan these elections are important as a litmus test for the political direction of the country which is why the far right is hoping to make strong gains in 2 regions in particular this is really all about far right politician that he was kicked out of government last year and is hoping the elections will held a political comeback for him a win in the wealthy more than any other minute region is uncertain but could be politically significant meanwhile an underdeveloped calabria in the south of the country he is hoping to expand his foothold that a swing to the right could give the anti migrant posse the influence to possibly demand an early election bringing down just at the county's coalition government. so for more on this let's go to sana gago who is and been on you for as saying
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salvini is really counting on a political comeback possibly from these local elections sania what has his message been to the people. well it's interesting marian because while he has mentioned a lot of sloganeering in effect he hasn't really talked much about the local issues at hand but has really turned more into a national campaign in fact he has been much more in the forefront than the actual candidate for his party at the guns only in the meantime he still keeps repeating the same issues that he has always sought after you still don't want to tax again a national issue clamping down on what he says is planned to start in immigration and also you know raising sort of euro skeptic issues again into the fold so with all of this in mind he has been really sort of gaining in the polls and has been
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just the literally sort of almost neck and neck with the his opponent the leader of the democratic party hit and hits talk to us about those issues and he kept see he's professor of contemporary history at the university of well and you know he kept thank you for joining us now the early party gaining a victory here an immediate online necessarily leads to a general election. 1st of all league can win this election because even if. the right the belt off the so-called need only in the last the situation has changed in the last 2 elections the general elections of 2018 and the european elections of 2019 the center right arrived in the 1st 12 points and into 2nd 6 points on the center left so the situation is really
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how to have. and with that in mind. if there is. a wish governments reaction. i think that in the short. wall to be serious consequences in the national government the because due to party of this coalition the 2 main parties sort of 5 star movement and democratic party. weak condition so they would try to our right to the parliamentary term even because in 2022 there would be the president talk about. what it might be if there isn't a victory here in the us something has done pretty well hasn't he to make such an impact as you say the so-called right bell to me telling. the truth even because if. any in the league when we mean the media are lying it will
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be a personal victory of much else and we need that has been campaigning for 2 months here and the whole the shadow the candidate the better guns only so you have build on the we lean does election it will be thanks to league and thanks to my beanie wiley for stefano one of cheney when we mean it when we despite his party thank you very much and he kept out of its. university but anya in the meantime voting has doubled from the last regional elections here in 2014 obviously people for one side or the other feel compelled to vote in these elections maryam thank you very much for milan your son again to go with the all the latest on this regional elections there in italy and other stories we're following the dutch prime minister mark ritter has apologized for the wartime persecution of jews he made the comments during an address in memory of the victims of the holocaust and of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz nazi death camp it's an evidence 1st
9:44 pm
governmental apology for the role the authorities played in wartime persecution meanwhile germany's foreign minister has also warned that jews could leave the country on a massive scale if urgent action is not taken against the rise of anti-semitism. and pope francis is asking catholics never to allow an atrocity like the holocaust to happen again during presidents in peter's square the he invited people to join him to reflect on the tragedy saying indifference is not admissable and that the world has a duty to remember what happened to nazi camps at to nazi camps during world war 2 . nominee. tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the canal death symbol of the holocaust in the face of this immense tragedy this atrocity indifference is not at mrs hamley have
9:45 pm
a duty to remember. tomorrow we are all invited to have a moment of prayer and recollection saying in our hearts never again never again. i say a bit later on in about 15 minutes time now to stan and out there and thank you just continuing that story during world war 2 more than a 1000000 people made the jews were murdered at the asp it's concentration camp in poland about $200.00 survivors from around the world will return to the former cab to take part in those commemorations on monday ahead of that many of them have them and spoke to our about the lasting horror he endured and still lives with today. they call them member my name is menachem harburn i was born in czechoslovakia in 1927 i come from a religious jewish home we lived in a city called cuts we don't warm home and we were happy we had a big family in march 944 the germans entered our part of the country and within
9:46 pm
a week the established to get to my c.n.n. cuts. shop in may 944 they took us to the railway station s.s. men came with their dogs they ordered us to leave the house we didn't know where we were being taken they told us they were transferring us to another place to work we arrived at auschwitz they ordered us to get off the train that they started the selection right left my sister and me on the right side my mother and siblings on the left side i didn't know where they went i found out the next day. that they asked us to roll up our sleeves there were 5 prisoners each with a needle they filled it with the boiling ink the injected us forcefully until the needle reached the nerve from that moment i stopped being me with my name and my family name i became a man with a number 10111. we received our numbers they took us to the baths they shaved our heads they stripped us they took us to purifying water with
9:47 pm
chlorine and other chemicals we left red like blood the 1st day of work was clearing out the ash from the crumb of tory m we were given a long hole when they brought lorries laden with us in the evening next to me there was an older person i asked him what was that work he said yes i see you you arrived yesterday with your family i said yes he said yesterday afternoon and your family your mother and the children that there are came here to the river and that whole cape we walked all day homeless naked in minus 22 degree weather they put 450 people. in one room lying on top of each other and the morning 30 to 40 you never walk up and the rush about i've not been released from auschwitz every day i look at them every day every night i am in auschwitz for me there is no liberation of auschwitz i think only when i die would i be released from auschwitz
9:48 pm
mobile internet access as being part of the restored in indian administered kashmir after it was blocked for nearly 6 months residents will be able to access on the $300.00 approved websites and internet speeds were night low but access to some social media apps is still bad internet access was restricted after india stripped the regions of autonomy last year rescue workers in southeast turkey are still fighting or still searching for survivors after friday's earthquake in which 36 people were killed and more than 1000 injured this 5 year old girl of her mother were pulled from under a collapsed building on saturday a magnitude 6 point i quite was centered near the town of sea of richard 5 people are still under the rubble. well india are celebrating the 71st anniversary of its founding as a republic. day here. brazilian president.
9:49 pm
sat alongside prime minister narendra modi is the guest of honor i've signed 15 deals to increase trade among the 2 g. 20 countries. of the day the constitution time into effect after india gained independence from british rule. protests are being held in australia calling for the national day to be changed or scrapped altogether it is cited the anniversary represents the start of. a strategy guide marks the arrival of the 1st fleet of the convict ships from britain in 1798. well calls for china have been growing louder of the pastika but as andrew thomas explains from sydney australia his government is a lock for to take action. a growing number of people here and many thousands of them to call them launched to the center of sydney earlier on sunday say january the 26th notice day to celebrate but as one to come emirates gender the 26788 was the
9:50 pm
day when british explorer asperse settled in sydney but many indigenous australians see that as the beginning of an invasion and increasingly it's not just indigenous australians who want the dates to change well the launches ended up here in a park in the central city and i spoke to some of them about why they've come out to protest. what happened was actually a big genocide in fact a. long time ago and. what we do he is way to taking risks for stranded on we can't stop every reconciliation with 1st nations people we have a date that celebrates on nation on the day that cause saw a much destruction and basically decimated their entire country that they see things done in parallel you could see that i'm in right right and right now it's oh yeah great weight messages in person there's nothing that comes the same so solidarity is that there are events like this one going on in cities runs across
9:51 pm
australia on sunday and i was attending them both but like most ready they did change to one when the australians can on the ambiguously celebrates australians brought to send a guy who doesn't see it that way they say no change is going to happen momentum does seem to be these people inside. will still ahead on al-jazeera in sport we'll hear from the teenager hitting the end of the line of the lifeless ground slapping. join africa's. largest trade and investment fit in one day i.e.t.f. gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and baez and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibit which will include a creative africa exchange by the african export import bank and the premium
9:52 pm
fatness i.e.t.f. 2020 transforming africa. or joining. discovery place which is the key of a letter to germany addressed to my ground. 0. traces of family links back to the regime of britney jo most of. which is fascism returned to italian poetry fresh in the family makes me sick this letter. i found. on al-jazeera. for. starters cordell his addy thank you so much dan more european champions liverpool
9:53 pm
having a bit of a problem in the 4th round of the english f.a. cup with full time approaching a drawing to 2 with shrewsbury town cup holders man city though they've already advanced pretty easy day out for them against 2nd tier fullam an artist silver putting city 2 out of that after 2 goals from brazilian strike and gabrielle has this followed in the 2nd half for nail the final score i manchester united also into the next round a comfortable win for them over 30 tranmere rovers offering some light relief during what's been a relatively poor season for them united's travelling supporters spending significant portions of the game chanting about their unhappiness with the club's american owners spawn finishing 6th guilty united the 1st time they've scored 6 since 2011 when alex ferguson was still in charge there. now in seville and of missed the chance to move within a points of its highly in league leaders events this inside
9:54 pm
a 11 draw at home but. make stay fit in says lazzara martinez he's called the opener there after calories equaliser he was sent off after a little disagreement with the referee in the final seconds of the game events as they play napoli a little lights are on. china's pulled out of hosting a women's football olympic qualifying tournament next month because of concerns about the corona virus outbreak the 14 event will instead be held in australia in the 1st week of february the virus could well have originated in the chinese city of woo han which was meant to be hosting all 5 games. now for the 2nd by. running home fans got their wish at the australian open 24 hours on from that curiosity's 5 set when actually barty has made it through to the quarter finals the world number one didn't lose the 2nd set in this fall from match against america's arse and risk . of the australian recovered her composure in the decider and she aims to become the 1st australian woman to win this title in more than 40 years i ask you when
9:55 pm
next by check 7th seed the truth could be so i love coach ability hope she doesn't break my heart on tuesday night i think all tuesday but yeah it's been you know an incredible year for me the last 12 months it's been amazing i'm just excited that i get another opportunity and you know quarterfinal grand slam you don't get those every week so i'm really excited 15 year old american coco goff just missed out on her 1st grand slam quarter final after beating defending champ in the army or soccer in her last match got warm the 1st set who are against compassionate sofia kenyan kenyan are heading back to win the next 2 sets for the loss of just 3 games well despite the loss cough will move into the world's top 50 for the 1st time next i was doing well right now at 15 and i still have so much i feel like i can get better on in even my parents my team they all believe i can can get better like this is it really i don't even think this is close to
9:56 pm
a peak criminy. and some history being made in melbourne to newsies on st paul has become the 1st arab woman to reach a grand slam quarter final hours after the straight sets victory of the one trial of china. i mean i'm a quarterfinals for the 1st time and trying to inspire many many young generation back home either in tunisia on or the arabic word or especially in africa which is amazing. and i mean it's not impossible i made it so and i'm like i said before. been practicing in tunisia from from the age of 3 to 16 or 17 in the men's draw 20 time grand slam winner roger federer is on course to his 7th title still in melbourne the swiss player through to the quarter finals got a bit of a shaky start to drop the opening sets in this 4th round match against hungary's massenet's the church about 38 year old for back to win in 4 sets. federer will
9:57 pm
face american and this summer and in the last. he was not going to be a baseball player that's for sure. with that name. it's unreal actually. now i'm looking forward to playing against him i've never played against tennis and. played a lot of tennis in my life and never against tennis so i'm looking. for the. defending champion of a joke which will see through the 7 song when it beats in argentina see a guy schwartzman in straight sets he will play and it's wrong to check in the forty's. and like to serve as one goals dubai desert classic becoming the 1st australian winner of the event symbols in 2 decades facing south africa's christian crusade going to the 2nd hole of a playoff team was the 24 year olds 1st and it's hard to win on the europeans. ok that was only supposed thank you for that and you that's it for me for this new
9:58 pm
sound marian the mozzie is here to mahmoud one. of the guys. one of the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again doing detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice recording artist they say it's a part of our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joy. in the global conversation on how to 0. new leaders please children
9:59 pm
in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds work as mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really personal protection not what happens to trust in a world driven by alfred as more want to stations are made for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust algorithms in
10:00 pm
the 1st of a 5 part series questions the neutrality of digital deductions trust me i'm an algorithm on a. china warns a deadly new virus is getting even more contagious as authorities around the world race to prevent a pandemic. hello i'm mary i'm in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming out back. in defiance in iraq hundreds of protesters flood the streets a security forces ramp up that crackdown violence breaks out in gambia where demonstrators accuse the president of betraying his.


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