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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the. rockets hit the u.s. embassy in baghdad the 1st direct strike after months of close calls. fortunate is there a lie from headquarters and. also a heads donald trump lashes out at a former advisor john bolton who's apparently undermined his main defense of the senate impeachment trial. china's prime minister visits the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak that snow killed at least 81 people. on basketball fans gathered to
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pay their respects to kobe bryant after his daughter and 7 others died in a helicopter crash. hello the u.s. embassy in baghdad has been struck by rockets the 1st direct hit after months of near misses 3 rockets landed inside the compound in the heavily fortified green zone one struck a dining area during meal time 3 people were hurts and only hours earlier iraqi security forces used live ammunition and tear gas to clear anti-government protesters from their camp in the capital killing one person the crackdown began after the influential shock of a father who support for the demonstrators let's talk about the developments out of iraq and bring in imran khan he's joining us from baghdad what more iraqi authorities saying about theater. on the u.s.
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embassy and any claim of responsibility among. well there's no claims or responsibility. of said they will investigate the you know the attack took place inside the u.s. called to see the u.s. embassy compound sorry let me give you some of the job if you look through the perimeter it's actually quite far inside. compound itself when you get to the dining areas near the residential areas so the fact that they were able to hit so far inside is going to be alone for the u.s. authorities now both the u.s. and the united nations have issued statements saying they want the iraq is to make sure. the. compounds secure now this is the 3rd attack on the u.s. embassy since january the last 1 was january 13th that we're hearing it took place around 8 pm on sunday evening about 5 rockets were fired into the green zone where the embassy is. in previous attacks what we've seen
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is retaliatory strikes from the u.s. against. the shia militias that have been blamed for this particular attack by the u.s. the u.s. has also said it blames iran and other means for this as well and nationwide protests continue this is happening at the u.s. embassy so what are we expecting to happen with the protest movement in the next couple of hours. well here in baghdad i'm going to move out the way of the camera just to give you a better look this is tough. this is the focal point for the demonstrators. and beyond the steel square which is just over there. there are currently taking place between police and protesters the protesters are trying to move the perimeter of the. city and close. the i did now
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is that what the iraqi authorities are trying to do is all of the protesters here. in the last hour we've seen several kind as those of take. life as well the protesters are adamant that they will continue to mount their protests that they will continue to try and push further into baghdad however the iraqi authorities all opening roads bridges this protest movement has now been going on since all talk about they're trying to get everybody here but every almost every day they're all faced russia is taking place thank you for that update from baghdad . donald trump has criticized his former national security adviser who appears to be undercutting the u.s. president's impeachment defense he reportedly wrote that trump told him to tie ukrainian military aid to an investigation into
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a political rival priyanka gupta reports this allegation is at the center of efforts off removing trump from office. is highly respected by everybody in this room and john i want to thank you very much as john bolton wants donald trump's national security adviser now a potential witness who could expose the u.s. president a new york times to pour details excerpts from a draft of bolton's upcoming book the report says the book reveals how trump wanted to hold back nearly $400000000.00 in military assistance to ukraine until its officials aided investigations into his democratic rival former vice president joe biden his son and other democrats for the democrats these revelations from a former white house insider seem to directly contradict trump's defense in the senate impeachment trial and have both stood they demands to call bolton as
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a witness in the house speaker nancy pelosi saying excluding him is now indefensible and calling it a choice between the constitution or a cover up until now the democrats have been struggling against a republican majority senate to seek testimonies if they were really interested in the american people knowing all the facts they wouldn't be fighting to make sure that this is the 1st trial in history without witnesses. i can promise you this mick mulvaney knows a lot more about this than any whistleblower and john bolton knows more about this than the whistleblower trump has denied bolton's claim saying he never told him that the aid to ukraine was tight investigations into democrats including the biden's and that if bolton said this it was only to sell a book trump has issued a blanket order barring his aides to cooperate in the investigation particularly bolton i would rather interview bolton. i would rather interview
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a lot of people the problem with john is that it's a national security problem but analysts believe that's just an excuse so many presidents have used the national security column to actually hide the truth which was not a national security issue in this case on the usenet is not a national security issue if it's what bolton saying is true and needs to be exposed so we can actually clean up our democracy and abide by the rule of law that will not be easy democrats need at least 4 republicans to vote with them to have witnesses included in the trial and in a deeply divided washington it's unclear if republicans will twice about partisan interests and be swayed by these new revelations. china's prime minister a leaky chang has met medical staff and residents in the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak is now on his way to beijing to meet the head of the world health organization the number of people killed by the virus rises to $181.00 more than
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$2700.00 have been infected the chinese government is putting aside nearly $9000000000.00 to fight the outbreak and it's extended the lunar new year holiday until next sunday scott heiler has the latest on beijing's efforts to contain the outbreak. and the government here as we heard is has taken it to the top levels of government on how they're going to deal with the coronavirus situation actually the premier he's the 2nd most powerful government official here in the country premier league is in charge now of the government's efforts to control the coronaviruses situation now to give you an example of how these mechanisms go into place that try to prevent the further spread of it we're in front of a hospital here in central beijing there are 220 year olds inside 20 something year old inside a man and a woman they travelled from province about 4 or 5 days ago they've been in the hospital since that's because when they went to
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a hotel they took their temper. there was elevated so they've been put in here we spoke with the woman on the telephone and she said she's going to be in here for probably another 10 days so if that 14 day period sometimes can be asymptomatic that really has raised the concern about the spread of this virus so this gives you an idea of just how seriously and how conservatively the government is taking the situation here. and meanwhile leading veralyn just sent hong kong are warning the outbreak is far worse than what the chinese government has said let's bring in adrian brown joining us from hong kong so what are they basing that on and what's being done in hong kong adrian to contain the virus. well we've been hearing the softer noone from caprio long he's a leading it be davey all the just he is the head of he's the dean of hong kong university's medical medical faculty and he basically says based on commuter computer modeling that they've been using as other experts are around the world
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right now he estimates that in fact 44000 people have been infected by this virus into hand and he also says that the rate of infection will double every 6 to 7 days so again this is based on computer modeling it doesn't mean it's necessarily going to happen but he said it is their forecast that sort of worst case scenario you might say so these are alarming words coming from hong kong and they appear to in a sense contradict what the world health organization has been saying because the world health organization so far hasn't felt compelled to declare an international public health alert the experts in hong kong are saying that draconian measures will be needed not just by hong kong's government and china's government but by other governments around the world in the case of hong kong for instance you know one has think about things like food imports it everything it eats just about is
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imported much of it coming from the mainland so his message was you know unless there is good planning unless we heed the warnings then you know we could be facing a global pandemic epidemic in his words and what is hong kong doing in terms of planning how is it trying to contain the virus. well so far the chief executive carrie lamb has said she will not be closing even temporarily the front here between hong kong and china she said that simply wouldn't work it was impractical in her words so what is happening now is that anyone arriving in hong kong from her bay province is being turned around and sent back but of course it also requires honesty when visitors fill in their health declaration forms at the airports or other ports of entry to hong kong honesty really is going to be key here but people who arrive here from her bay are not
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being allowed into hong kong and in neighboring macau they've gone a step further there are currently about 1100 people from a province in macau they've been told to leave otherwise they will be placed in quarantine ok thank you for that update from hong kong. still ahead on al-jazeera. a scuffle a standoff as well in lebanon's capital that's where protesters are trying to blog politicians from attending a crucial budget debates. and never forget the pleas from the last survivors of a nazi concentration camp 75 years on.
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and the country of scottish as and those thunderstorms across much of indonesia that tentacles become a bit stronger in the afternoon hours you can see where we can see some heavy downpours to choose day through northern sections of borneo and still across these northern and western areas of sumatra but really becoming very widespread and also across into much of java for the next couple days of the morning hours not as heavy then as a say the 10 to actually intensify join the afternoon hours mostly dry across much of a vietnam across into town and maybe wanted to scattered showers more than a few scattered showers through northern sections of australia and these rains to the north there referred to by the bureau of meteorology as long soon rains and they're saying that come a bit early this year so it is typical but they're fairly intense and they're going to stay in the 4 cars for the next few days in fact even alice springs by thursday could be seeing some thunderstorms really throughout the end of the week but what we have got is the heat building across into the east we've got temperatures beginning to come back down to the average and as i say is shifting eastwards and
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this is what i mean look at these temperatures in melbourne so 23 through tuesday that's not bad and then it continues to climb by friday 41 degrees celsius some fairly strong winds that basically very hold on a cool staying very drawing the 4 calls to. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of other lives. of the stories. provided tips into someone else's well out dated was due to or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. like the witness on al-jazeera.
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now we're going to top stories on al-jazeera. the u.s. embassy in baghdad has been struck by rockets the 1st direct hit after months of near misses one hit a dining area area during meal time 3 people have been injured. dozens all trump has denied claims reportedly made by his former national security advisor john bolton according to the new york times bolton was told by trying to buy a military aid to ukraine to an investigation into joe biden really. and china's prime minister making china has visited move on the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak that medical staff and residents and is now on his way to beijing for talks with the world health organization their meeting comes as the number of
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people killed by the virus has risen to 81. lebanese protesters have hurled rocks and metal barricades at security forces near parliament where they've been trying to block politicians getting in the parliament is due to debate and vote on a new budget over the next 2 days aimed at easing the country's deep financial crisis in a moment we'll cross live to sara high rents in beirut but 1st her report looks at why many anti-government protesters are rejecting that budgets. ali is struggling to find a job off to being made redundant last year he's one of many victims of lebanon's financial crisis worried for his future he's been taking part in government demonstrations doesn't come of the government needs to put its handed out had it has to look after us enough 15 corruption we just want to live the biggest challenge facing lebanon's new government is its need collapsing economy its key to ratify you soon as possible the 2020 fiscal budget agreed upon by former prime
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minister assad to how to use government last year now going on as one of the most indebted countries in the world with a public debt but. 150 percent of its gross domestic product or g.d.p. its projects a deficit of 7.4 percent of its g.d.p. far larger than a point 6 percent originally planned this year's budget is 10400000000 dollars it plans to cut government spending by $666000000.00 a member of the finance and budget committee allowances the budget focuses on reducing government expenses and improving its deficit but will have to address the difference or are going into a restructuring of the debt the way or another will have to go into ending the deficit of electricity. go for international help in order to secure some liquidity while the boat is due to go ahead opposition members say it's unconstitutional. there are a lot of violations this new government has no right to adopt the budget before it
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gets a vote of confidence in parliament. after government says the budget set last year is binding and it must push ahead with it quickly to save time and money not everyone believes though that last year's budget plan won't work with the current situation in the country i look at that as being a very thing really thinking about why. because it's just reading an expected axis yanni total. exceeding total expenditures which is not very realistic which is not acceptable last week newly appointed finance minister as he was in a set of priorities to secure $4.00 to $5000000000.00 the soft loans from international donors to buy wheat and medication the budget is the 1st symbolic practical step both symbolic and practical but there's there has to be other steps after that lebanon has a lack of foreign currency and it imports at least 80 percent of its needs since
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october demonstrators have been calling for sweeping reforms to deal with the crippling economic crisis and widespread corruption. let's get an update from sara she's joining us from just outside the parliament building so have the parliamentarians actually managed to make it into the buildings or. so far we actually have about $61.00 parliamentary members that are right have arrived they need a total of $65.00 to be able to convene now there are some opposition members that have said that they are boycotting this meeting because of course a few of them are saying that it's unconstitutional parliament is just down this way but as you can see there's quite a few barricades the security forces have been very ready because of protests that have been planned where they were planning to have a human shield around parliament square to stop the m.p.'s from turning up as you can see there's a few of them just to here we also have protests that are happening in many other areas around parliamentary square and one of the places we've just got news that
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there were some of the protesters throwing rocks at the security forces and there's been a tick us incident that we had some scuffles earlier and now this budget was brought in by the form a government that was on to former prime minister assad to how do you resign because of the protest because of the economic situation in the crisis that's happening now this is going to be ratified by the. by palm is their 1st official meeting since this new government has come in but we want to find out what is the reason for the protesters trying to put the m.p.'s in we've been speaking to a few of them from rio we have hit a father and so we have i mean who is going to explain to us why are you hey why are you trying to build the m.p.'s from entering parliament this 100 days and we've been trying to comprehend what you just government has proven to be so corrupt and has brought the country its knees financially economically socially is
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not willing. with the demands of its people at the end up. every government has to respond to its people so why are we still so stubborn and why on every single day we bring in more force more ordered me to stop people from fucking from expressing their views today what with force what we're seeing what we're just . what we're experiencing is another way of trying to. stop people from saying their opinion about what's actually happening in this country we have a newly elected government that's totally rejected by the people after 100 days a process that not get the approval of the parliament yet they've been asked to go and vote on a budget that they did not work on and they would not assume the responsibility of an apartment that does not elected by that has not been accepted by the people has
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been rejected by the people we spoken to some of the members the parts of the budget and finance committee their point of view according to them was that we need to kickstart this rescue plan and one of those ways is to kick start the budget as soon as possible because of the dire situation in terms of the economy the country needs money it needs to cut government spending that's what you say to them that's so true of. the c.e.o. of a very good company and i don't want to present the budget it has to make sense the numbers have to make sense this budget those budgets that have been going on into the government for the past 2 years that's proven to be a failure full of lies and misconceptions trying to mislead the international community that this government is doing its job where today this budget that they're trying to prove is already outdated the numbers outdated they do not make sense and they're trying to only trying to say to the international community look
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at look at us we're doing our job we have a budget we have a part in a month we have a government which is a fact if occasion. affects the budget that's being approved is wrong according to old experts that have been shouting over it all over the news over the past week we cannot get we cannot start on the wrong foot once again government got out of the. concert. i just say it may just be a very me outrageous is putting out the family friends and families that having seen the fund that right now state parks in this session every time a parliamentary member is having to call them and they call out safe and they try to stop them i there was some cause scuffles that happened earlier as well so we'll just have to wait and see and see what happens with shots ok keep your cross that night has lines of the story yet i will cross back to you later on sir thank you. rascal fans around the world who are mourning the loss of superstar and be a player kobe bryant who's been killed in
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a helicopter crash in california his teenage daughter 7 others on board also died or reynolds reports from calabasas just outside of los angeles. kobe bryant's helicopter crashed in disintegrated on this hillside in tallahassee is outside los angeles witnesses said there was heavy fog and poor visibility in the area at the time of the accident. resident paula dolan heard multiple explosions before the helicopter went down wired one bang one it was in the air and the last 2nd their 2nd bang as it was just sunday and then i heard a huge crash on board with a 41 year old retired super star and is 13 year old daughter giana as well as 7 others including the pilot. police have not released their names there was a wide speculation is who did any of these are however it is being entirely
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inappropriate right now to identify anyone by name until the coroner has made the identification through their very deliberative process and they've made made an arrest cations the next of kin. the cause of the crash is unknown the helicopter a sikorsky $76.00 b. has a robust safety record federal crash investigators will search the wreckage and more our team will be looking at the history of the pilots and whatever crew was on board will be looking at maintenance records of the helicopter bryant's prowess thrilled fans in l.a. and beyond for 2 decades a crowd has gathered here below the crash site many people are wearing lakers colors purple and gold some people say it's as if a piece of their lives have been ripped apart even more than you can imagine and
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you can put in words just the passion and the grit in the sweat and blood he's giving to lausanne just for the basketball family yes i can say beyond words seething with and i had all everyone up dumb l.a. is very sad right now he is just he was he was not great player that's a reason why i got into baseball kind of and that's why i have his jersey it's still like unbelievable for me to say that kobe bryant is not here with us anymore it's just tragedy it's just it i'm no words honestly. president donald trump tweeted bryant was one of the truly great basketball players of all time the loss of his beautiful daughter giana makes this moment even more devastating. president barack obama an avid basketball fan said koby was a legend on the court and was just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a 2nd act amid an outpouring of sorrow from players from across the spectrum of
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sports players from the euston rockets and denver nuggets held a moment of silence before their game on sunday players looked down shaking their heads he leaves behind a sport that is grieving a city in mourning and a legacy of greatness that will be remembered as long as basketball is played robert oulds al-jazeera calabasas california nearly $200.00 holocaust survivors are at a ceremony in auschwitz birkenau camp in poland 75 years after it was liberated the survivors are laying wreaths at the execution wall of what was nazi germany's biggest death sites more than a 1000000 people mainly jews were killed there between 1941945 the parts what was once a factory of death has for 75 years been a factory of remembrance some of the artifacts of 1100000 lives most of
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them jews but also poles roma jehovah's witnesses homosexuals and prisoners of war these are the places where they froze and starved where they were experimented upon huddled together and killed. this is what is left behind but only a dwindling few who know how it felt. 94 year old leon vine tribe was 18 when he was separated from his family at auschwitz you can imagine a son of a love of him my father i have 4. sisters i was a fair. as a spine how exhausted i was i. do not have remember one will think of what happens with my mother my sister. i didn't.
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talk. the same as a guest chamber is killed. in see it there are fewer and fewer survivors left to tell their stories the bricks and mortar will survive them of course as a visual reminder to the millions who visit each year but quite soon that living connection to the horrors of the holocaust will be lost is their 1st time is there the head in the history of mankind such headless yet this in their field killings to kill a whole nation for 3 quarters of a century those who survived have been around to tell the world that what happened here must never be allowed to happen again when they are gone birkenau will be left with one ultimate purpose that no one should ever be allowed to forget join
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a whole al-jazeera auschwitz birkenau death camp. italy's right wing leader matteo salvini has failed to win an important regional election votes are almost all counted in the traditionally an leftest emilia-romagna region the former deputy prime minister was hoping to turn the election into a springboard for regaining national power. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.s. embassy in baghdad has been struck by rockets the 1st direct hit after months of near misses 3 rockets landed inside the compound in the heavily fortified green zone one struck a dining area during meal time 3 people were hurt in one khan has more from baghdad where it landed is actually 'd 'd quite close to the canteen area which is
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effectively in the middle of the area next to the residential areas so this code to be of huge concern to the americans because it really is the 1st time the rockets have landed that close now we have been hearing from iraq officials who have said that they're trying to look into all of this to see who is responsible the americans have reacted what they've said is it's up to the we are the iraqis to make sure that the embassy compound is secure. only hours earlier iraqi security forces used live ammunition and tear gas to clear answer government protesters from their camp in the capital killing one person the crackdown began after influential . support for the street. tunnel trump has criticized his former national security adviser who appears to be undercutting the u.s. president's impeachment defense the new york times has obtained a draft copy of a book written by john bolton who reportedly wrote that trump told him to tie
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ukrainian military aide to an investigation into his political rival this allegation is at the center of efforts to remove trump from office china's prime minister a leaky trying has visited the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak medical staff and residents and is now on his way to beijing for talks with the world health organization the number of people who have died from the virus has risen to 81 protesters in lebanon have hurled rocks and metal barricades at security forces near parliament where they've been trying to block politicians from getting in parliament is due to debate and votes on a new budget over the next 2 days aimed at easing the country's deep financial crisis. those are the headlines more news coming up after witness fairytales that's next thanks for watching. for the crime minister bad mission is to do the presentation and making this country the
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greatest place on a. follow the final run into the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. on al-jazeera. the others will soon be monk. in little like the ferry.
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