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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the desperation to contain coronavirus increases in china as the death toll charge jumps to more than $100.00. this is al jazeera live from also coming up the pressure builds for donald trump's former national security adviser to give evidence that the u.s. president's impeachment trial. morning they did in the libyan city of misrata but they vow to keep fighting the forces of warlord holy father after. britain prepares to decide if chinese giant while white will have a stake in developing its 5 g. network.
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warnings are being issued to travelers heading to china as the death toll from the corona virus outbreak rises to 106 the number of people infected by the illness is now more than 4000 after the virus broke out in early this month canada's confirmed 2 cases of the virus and he's warning against citizens traveling to of the u.s. state department is urged americans to reconsider travel to any part of china scott hardly reason by jeanne with more on how the government is responding to the outbreak. what's really concerning about this virus and there are so many layers of it is how quickly and this is coming from the officials here the health officials here in china how quickly it has spread in every morning we wake up and the numbers have just increased dramatically so that is really the focus right now trying to understand this virus how it spreads you know we've been talking about how some people can spread it even though they are asymptomatic there's still
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a lot that's not known about it and as you mentioned a lot of travel restrictions down in the epicenter the province of a province and the city itself will honduras 1st discovered heavy travel restrictions there but then you look at countries and territories of china and provinces of china putting on their own restrictions of people who are from there and coming back in stand that's going to be a big issue come toward the end of the week because this lunar new year holiday even though it's been extended is going to come to an suv a lot of people from there trying to get back to where their jobs are we've already seen some very very busy scenes from some of the high speed rail stations here in beijing the corona virus outbreak is sending jitters through global financial markets. will be on tuesday as china took drastic steps to control the virus indices in the u.k. france and germany deep don't feel as if the potential economic impact china's you honestly to its lowest level this year of 15 commodity linked currencies like the australian dollar. is asia business editor. he explains where
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the economic fallout will be felt most. there are 2 forces that drive financial markets and that's greed and fear and right now with all the uncertainty surrounding the virus and the impact the potential impact that it's going to have it is that fear element that is driving the markets dition lee when market traders are faced with such a scenario what they switch who is a default risk off. mode as it were so what that means in practical terms is that they're going to be selling off things like stocks commodities like oil for example so what that money goes into what they consider to be safe haven assets like the japanese yen and u.s. treasury bonds gold for example gold prices have surged to their highest level
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since about 2013. in the markets over here in asia we've seen a big selloff in places like korea remember a lot of markets are still closed for the chinese new year including china and hong kong. but when these markets open up chances are they're going to see a big sell off just like you pointed out in europe in america we've had big sell offs overnight on all 3 of the big major indices in the u.s. and that is once again feeding through into the markets over here. the. pressure is growing from us democrats for a key witness to testify at donald trump's impeachment trial but what the president's former national security advisor john bolton to appear before the senate following his claims trouble. with an investigation into rival joe biden.
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we now have a 3rd witness who is apparently a direct witness to the president's tying of military aid to investigations of bastard bolton we could not have made a more powerful case for calling him then the case the president's lawyers just did in trying to contest that link between military aid investigations so once again they underscored the importance of john bolton as a as a witness who would corroborate exactly what the uncontested evidence that the house put on shows that president trump used hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to coerce an ally to conduct these political sham investigations. tester has more now on the call for bolton to give evidence democrats say the new information from john bolton that trump directly linked to u.s. security aide to his demand that ukraine announced investigations into joe biden could significantly bolster the impeachment case this is stunning it goes
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right to the heart of the charges against the president. ambassador bolton essentially confirms the president committed the offenses charged in the 1st article of impeachment that article is abuse of power for allegedly putting his personal interests above that of the united states trump denies the allegation he's characterized bolton once his national security adviser as a disk run toward former employee who wants to sell more books i haven't seen him at this group but i can tell you nothing was ever said to john but i have not seen a baby. i guess he's writing a book i haven't answered but several moderate republican senators appear to have been moved by bolton's revelations only for republicans would need to side with democrats to cold bolton to testify i think it's increasingly likely that the republicans will will join those of us who think we should hear from john bolton inside the senate chambers the president's legal team ignore the bolton development
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completely not a single witness testify that the president himself said that there was any connection between any investigation and security assistance a presidential meeting or anything else by the end of the week the u.s. senators will likely vote on whether to call bolton and other witnesses but with or without witnesses the odds remain squarely in the president's favor it would take a 2 thirds majority of the republican controlled chamber to remove trump from office castro al-jazeera washington richard good stain is a democratic strategist and former outside adviser to the clinton white house during the 9099 impeachment trial he says republicans are adamant about not letting key witnesses be hood in the senate hearing. the complaint from republicans has been well we haven't heard firsthand from anybody who actually spoke directly with the president hearing him say that he was predicating the delivery of this military
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aid on political favors by presidents alinsky well john bolton is that person and he's written about it. but i will tell you this to so people watching don't get their hopes up i think most of the republicans have set their mind that there will not be witnesses no matter what i mean it's an odd argument on one hand they claim well we haven't heard firsthand but they don't actually want to call the people that have 1st hand experience and i think it's a simple political calculus which is donald trump knows and senate republicans know that if they're witnesses they will not reflect well on president trump and therefore if there are witnesses they will make him weaker and by result make the senate republican candidates weaker well if you're one of those you don't want that to happen to you so people come up with all sorts of convoluted explanations i'm sure but again the day i'm fearful that there will not be witnesses and this trial
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will be over relatively soon by the end of this week saturday sunday something like that. fighting has been reported in the area east of misrata in libya where forces loyal to the warlord to leave after have lost in offensive to take the city at least 11 government soldiers were killed and 100 others injured after us forces are accused of bombarding civilians in the capital tripoli as well tony burke reports from misrata. mourners queuing in their hundreds to pay respects to $1.00 of the government soldiers killed in an attack by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar 11 men died and nearly $100.00 were wounded on sunday as they defended the small town of abu ghraib 80 kilometers east of misrata they included mohammed 23 year old son abdul aziz who volunteered to help repel the hatter attack. is that. we have another 12 sons and i would sacrifice them all in this struggle against a man who wants to be
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a dictator. these images were put on social media it's thought that at least 12 have to men were killed in the fighting the attack took everyone by surprise. as there was a ceasefire and we weren't expecting an attack there was a lot of firepower. he suffered shrapnel wounds to the head i chest and hand the museum on tripoli street tells the story of misrata as previous battles in the 2011 revolution and more recently against i saw in libya the fighters of misrata are known for their bravery it's what say the city 9 years ago and was a key factor in the downfall of moammar gadhafi but the people here also know what a cost can be when you oppose a dictator. in the 2011 revolution give up his forces offered by the city for 3 months 2800 people were killed and more than 13000 were wounded but it was the men from israel to who captured the libyan leader in sirte and brought the war against
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him to a close here they believe the warlord khalifa haftar is just like gadhafi. and as an object he wants to rule libya the same way as gadhafi but we fought against a dictatorship which controlled us for 40 years and we want allow that to happen again if you here thought the sacrifices of the revolution would have to be made again and few here are willing to predict when the day will come when misrata no longer has to mourn the deaths of its young men tony berkeley al jazeera misrata. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. president prepares to unveil his middle east peace plan the palestinian side it's far from the deal of the century still coming in their thousands we made the latest arrivals in uganda fleeing fighting in the democratic republic of congo.
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hello when the ship blows in the winter that northerly wind to come down the gulf from kuwait it often feels quite cold it has been doing so recently but there's nothing in the sky what's in the skies over turkey or even after afghanistan that's i think where you'll see rain or snow but the wind itself that's been dropping temperatures are keeping the live in kuwait bahrain and qatar where he's easing say for tuesday we're up to 21 degrees as far more reasonable and is pretty compatible with most places around riyadh's disappointing at about 18 degrees or so but the next trough is on its way down see these blue spots here. in the mountains or be thunderstorms it will be rain over the red sea and this is probably just the castell spot to rain probably later on wednesday or thursday going down through the gulf otherwise remains quite weather which is don't the case for the size of the rift valley big showers around like victoria been showing a recent plane in tanzania we had some pretty big totals and there we are the
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forecast represents the same sort of thing again around uganda possibly in rwanda all this eastern side of africa is seasonally wet now have the next couple of days a shot as far north as ethiopia that's true further south as well well think substantial storms now are on their way through south africa too was on big. almost the last time you out on the streets protesting whether online you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on say we entering has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your car this is a dialogue everyone has a voice recording artist a 6 o'clock o'clock all right we're hearing accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq. or are.
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the. others. you're watching to 0 his reminder about top stories this hour health officials in china say the death toll from the corona virus outbreak has jumped to 106 the number of people infected has also gone up it comes as the head of the world health organization visits china for talks on the outbreak. republicans are under growing pressure to allow witnesses to testify u.s. president donald trump's impeachment trial that follows the leak of a book by former top adviser john bolton he says the president told him to top military id ukraine through an investigation into his political rival joe biden. fighting is being reported in an area east of the libyan city of misrata where
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forces loyal to the board relief after have launched an offensive at least 11 government soldiers were killed and $100.00 others injured. u.s. president donald trump is preparing to reveal his long awaited middle east peace play is right the problem is the benjamin netanyahu at opposition leader benny gantz are in washington to discuss the proposal which palestinians have rejected white house correspondent kimberly healthy and. the president alongside israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu u.s. president donald trump announced he is releasing his long awaited middle east peace plan many of the arab nations have agreed to it they like it they think it's great they think it's a big start trump didn't say which arab nations supposedly like the plan only that he'll unveil it on tuesday after white house consultations with the israeli leader and his political opponent blue and white chairman benny gantz katz was invited to the white house and met separately with trump amidst an intense election campaign
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back in israel. but missing from any announcement are the palestinians there are concerns trogs plan will deny. list of the in refugees the right of return palestinian leaders have declared proposal dead on arrival given there's been no consultation this is actually. the fraud or the. cancelling everything. and. discussions broke down when the us embassy to disputed jerusalem from tel aviv in december 27th teen the white house also cut off aid to the palestinians closed the palestine liberation organization offices in washington and recognized israel sovereignty over the golan heights seem to support netanyahu especially as he attempts to win reelection amid corruption allegations 1st. that the people of centuries the opportunity of
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centuries the israeli elections are in march trump denies he's interfering instead trump is touting this plan as an economic opportunity for palestinians. months ago his son in law jared cushier proposed a peace to prosperity plan to raise $50000000000.00 to improve the lives of palestinians in the west bank and gaza it's something they should want they probably won't want it initially but i think in the end they will i think in the end they're going to want it the unveiling of president trumps middle east peace plan has been delayed repeatedly initially the white house said it was waiting until after the israeli elections given israel is now preparing for its 3rd vote in under 12 months the white house now says it's moving ahead with the plans release can really help at al-jazeera the white house investigators in the u.s. are trying to find out what caused the helicopter crash that killed 9 people
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including basketball legend tommy bryant broad's private helicopter came down on a hillside in california on sunday rob reynolds ripples. near the arena where kobe bryant thrilled so many l.a. laker fans and led his team to so many victories for 20 years hundreds gathered to mourn flowers candles balloons and basketballs filled the square many people came wearing the l.a. lakers team colors or jersey with bryant's number i just wanted to pay my respects so one of the greats in basketball and just a great human being in general. the mood was some bird and tinge with disbelief the sun is going to down the blackhawks market they have been working the scene right we're still all trying to process this he was well loved as you can see all these people here if he was not love none of us will be here for many bryant was more than a mere sports star he did a lot for kids he did online photo. the world is not just in the united states but
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globally he inspired so many men and women all over the world bryant was 12 year old jayden jackson hero and inspiration colby was my idol he really meant like meant a lot to los angeles and like he just pushed hard and really inspired all of us here he you affected california usa all over the world. it's kind of hard to just imagine that such a legend was gone at the scene of the helicopter crash that killed bryant his daughter and 7 others several bodies were recovered the search continues for more remains federal crash investigators combed through the wreckage scattered across a hillside we take a broad look at everything around an investigation around an accident we look at man machine and the environment and weather is just
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a small portion of that the national transportation safety board says determining the cause of the accident could take weeks or more weather conditions at the time of the accident which included heavy fog and low visibility as well as the pilot's decision to use what's known as special visual flight rules could be key areas of the investigation on monday the national basketball association postponed a game scheduled for tuesday between the l.a. lakers and the l.a. clippers that contest would have been the 1st lakers game since the death of kobe bryant it will be rescheduled rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. the u.s. says one of its military planes has crashed in afghanistan gametime down in a mountainous area in the eastern province of of the military is denying claims by the taliban that it shot down the plane the bomb but the aircraft is used to
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provide communication abilities in remote locations the taliban says high ranking u.s. officers were on board and that everyone was killed mexican officials soldier was killed at a general injured during a drug played right in the state of the route according to authorities the traffic is pulled up into vehicles near a plane that landed on a roadway and tried to unload mr mated 800 to 1000 kilograms of cocaine in 26 packages when soldiers showed up the traffic is open file 2 suspects were detained . syrian government forces backed by russian air power have stepped up a campaign to recapture the last rebel held province it's forced tens of thousands more people to flee north towards turkey because the gauge has the story. families pack everything they are in and head for safety forced from their homes unsure where they're going for a cell ever return many have already fled other parts of the country during syria's
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9 years civil war. do you know my daughter is about to give birth and i don't know what is going to happen to her i don't know where we are going to live where you are going to go. this is what they're running from syria and russia are attacking rebel held from the air on the ground fighting has intensified with reports of heavy battles between rebels and government forces. or a new drive by president bashar al assad to recapture the country's last opposition enclave in the northwest has sparked a new exodus on monday tens of thousands of civilians fled towards turkey's border . since december it's estimated that more than 350000 people have been displaced from the region but then the people can no longer handle the
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shelling many have been very patient and waited but today they will flood because of the regime's advancement syrian regime forces are raging closer tomorrow tell no man it's now largely deserted and destroyed after months of bone bartman but it sits on the m 5 highway which links damascus to syria's 2nd city aleppo the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says government forces have reached the cities east in northern and southern outskirts its capture would mark a signal. if you can't advance in al assad's drive to take back all of syria. because fighting escalates the human cost is also rising above i'm going to. totally powerless that's why we are calling on the un and other international associations to intervene. turkey which backs some rebel groups are poised to al
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assad's regime already hosts more than 3500000 syrian refugees this latest from bottom and could potentially lead to more soon crossing the border become a gauge how does iraq. hundreds of people in the democratic republic of congo have been forced to flee fighting in the a cheery region that follows increased attacks by militias on several villages catherine sori reports from a refugee reception center in western uganda. these are difficult times for angel my pansy she's only 7 months old but has already witnessed the last of a conflict she knows nothing about. the most recent losses her home in the democratic republic of congo's to a region barnes down by a tribal militia group has just arrived at this refugee reception center in western uganda with her mother deborah imani and 5 year old sister francine. we
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went back to our village of ju last december to bury my father it was attacked last week we left my husband behind and i'm not sure if it's coming and. also fled from usual with her children and a few belongings she says many people there want to leave but have no money to hire boats to bring them across but. so on my view there is no security so the militias come armed with machetes to kill people or loot hiding in the forest of and help us we are not safe there. at least $60000.00 people from a tory have fled to uganda since 2017 just over 1000 this month alone many more are entirely displaced it's a conflict of a land and grazing rights that has gone on for decades militias are allied with warring tribes attack villages at will some of the refugees here say this time
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attackers links to the land of farming community are the aggressors and the violence has been politicized on average up to be arriving at this refugee reception every day most are coming from an area called all are. back home are intent on. the united nations is investigating human rights abuses and possibly genocide in the tory in uganda officials with the un refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. say they're preparing for even more a few more of a spike then and then previously last year say like october from october till now there has been a monthly increase so we are seeing an increase in the inflow of the refugees coming in the. back of the reception center baby angel and her family to see the kids the only food they don't get until they're moved to
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a transit camp where they'll have a hot meal. the refugee settlement areas our father in law and father away from their homes from a conflict that has refused to go away catherine soy al jazeera western uganda. the british government is set to decide whether to allow equipment from chinese tech giant huawei to be used in its 5 g. my bond at work catherine stansell more is more on the story it's the largest producer of telecommunications equipment in the world but despite its technological prowess china's huawei is seen as the enemy in the eyes of some global powers the united states has spent the last year convincing its allies to ban while away from their networks citing security concerns over chinese intelligence potentially infiltrating the system the u.s. as well as australia new zealand have already banned the installation of while away
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equipment in their 5 g. system and with britain preparing to roll out its own 5 g. network has been facing increasing pressure to do the same last week prime minister porus johnson faced heavy lobbying from the us 1st in a phone call from donald trump and then a meeting between the chancellor of the exchequer and us treasury secretary stephen munition what's clear is for the role of government for the role of national security issues for the role of the firms we want to make sure our infrastructures are protected the way forward for us clearly is to have a system that delivers for all people in this country the kind of consumer benefits they want 35 g. technology or whatever but there's naught in any way compromise is. critical national infrastructure of security or jeopardize our ability to work
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together with other intelligence powers rather most of the the fibroid security relationships we have we've got to keep them strong and say u.s. officials have suggested they would reassess their intelligence sharing relationship with the u.k. if weiwei was involved in building britain's 5 g. network. the equipment needed to build such a network is at the core of worthwhile wait does creating the facilities that control where and how all data is sent over the internet. while way is accused of being partly funded by china's military and intelligence and security analysts are concerned about giving so much access to a company with such close ties to the government. and. not unreasonable worries around. control of the company non-story tricks disputed very turns to the chinese government especially if it's becoming more
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terry. could be used the 1st going our. way has always denied allegations of spying and hacking and the british government has such any security concerns the company may pose are manageable stansell al-jazeera. this is after 0 these are the top stories warnings being issued to travelers heading to china as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak raised rises to 106 the number of people infected by the illness is now more than $4000.00 after the virus broke out in this month canada has confirmed cases of the virus and he's warning citizens against travel to. the core of the virus outbreak is sending jitters through global financial markets asian shares the again early on tuesday as china took drastic steps to control the virus key indices in the u.k.
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france germany dipped on theories of the potential economic impact chinese yuan slid to its lowest level this year affecting commodity linked terence's like the australian dollar. republicans are under growing pressure to allow witnesses to testify u.s. president donald trump's impeachment trial it follows a leak of a book draft by former trump advisor john bolton in which he claims the president told him to try military i.v. ukraine to an investigation into his political rival joe biden they were all donald trump has been talking up his long delayed middle east peace proposal which is due to release on tuesday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at opposition leader benny gantz are in washington to discuss the deal which palestinians have already rejected fighting is being reported in an area east of the libyan city of misrata with forces loyal to the world order liefer have lost an offensive on sunday at least 11 government soldiers were killed and 100 others were injured
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investigators in the united states are trying to find out what caused the helicopter crash that killed 9 people including basketball legend toby bryant broad's private helicopter came down on a hillside north of malibu in california on sunday heavy fog at the time it grounded other aircraft including police helicopters basically officials say a soldier was killed in a general injured during a drug raid in the state of current on a route according to authorities the traffic is pulled up into vehicles near a plane that landed on a roadway and tried to unload 800 to 1000 kilograms of total came in $26.00 packages those are the headlines the news continues here on out as 0 right after the strain. don't you see. we're.
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treating cancer can be incredibly painful expensive and ineffective is it time that we've changed our approach. here in the stream if cancer has affected your life or that of someone you know we want to hear from you join us on twitter or in our live youtube chat with your story. today we're joined by a leading american oncologist who says our current approach to treating cancer isn't working and needs a radical overhaul but 1st 3 of our community members share with us what surprised them about fighting cancer as a cancer survivor i know a lot needs to be done to reduce the cost of cancer treatment so it's not between.


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