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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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are you talking political debate here or i'll just there are. 0. fully back to go this is a news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hong kong's leader announces drastic cuts to cross border travel with mainland china to stop the spread of the corona virus outbreak as germany confirms its 1st case of human to human transmission the death toll in china has reached $106.00 also this hour despite strong objections from the u.s. britain says chinese tech giant huawei will have a limited role in this 5 g. more bond network and u.s. president donald trump is set to unveil his plan for the palestinian israeli
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conflict by protesters in gaza say the deal will only benefit israel. and the civil discourse winning a tennis match against a man called tennis roger federer reaches the australian open semifinal surviving 70 points against americans in the 2nd group was. thank you very much for joining us on kong's leader has appeared before the cameras wearing a face mask to announce extraordinary measures aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus kerry lamb says ferry and train services to mainland china will be halted flights will be cut in half and personal travel permits suspended the chinese president xi jinping has told the visiting chief of the world health organisation that he's confident in defeating what he described as
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a devil virus cases have now been confirmed in 16 countries spanning 4 continents with germany becoming the latest country confirming a case many governments are trying to evacuate their citizens from affected areas in china but the world health organization is cautious about this approach. evacuating staff or any anybody from an area always bears the slight possibility that they carry the virus with them or especially if there's a possibility of asymptomatic or very small symptoms. at the same time i understand that countries who have been already talking about bringing the nationals back which is of course in the full sovereignty in the interest of those member states have been taking measures to have announced measures to either contain these people on the on the way back or contain for a certain amount of time. reports from beijing on on from hong kong
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on the restrictions being imposed and they're having. a 50 year old man was the 1st person in beijing to die from the corona virus he had returned from the epicenter in mohan on january 15th just 5 days before he died he texted a friend saying that he was sure that he'd get better some of the capital are not surprised by the 1st death. i am not to worry it's it is a serious disease it's normal to have some i don't think we have seen the peak of. the beijing government has last train service 10 percent even though the holiday has been extended until sunday many people here are coming back early they're worried they'll be more restrictions on transportation lays out danger of my train stopped for a few minutes nobody got on the train he was not i was still scared and if you are very uncomfortable the united states is evacuating its will on consulate and some civilians still in the city who are on lockdown japan is also dispatching
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a plane to pull its citizens out and deliver supplies for a month or 2 so we were the 1st plane to the airport tonight we also deliver a mosque protective and the other relief supplies to chinese and japanese people in the kind of group. among other countries south korea is planning a series of flights over the coming days to evacuate their citizens and once they arrive home they'll face days of quarantine the director of the world health organization was quoted by chinese state run media saying that he does not agree with the evacuations and the people need to remain calm and not overreact but with the city of 11000000 bunkered in their homes and more than 50000000 people on a transportation lockdown it's far from clear how long a plea for calm will last it's got harder al-jazeera beijing. so that was about the restrictions being imposed in china and now hong kong's leader has announced a number of strict measures to try and limit the spread of the virus said brown has
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more on the impacts the decision will have. for kerry lamb to have taken such a decision and me he would have had to have had the approval of the leadership in beijing because this is a major major decision but the view of many people here on the streets of hong kong is that it's basically too little too late they wanted the border shut down several days ago and indeed many legislators have been calling for the same thing but carol lam has said that that would be impractical but she hasn't ruled out shutting down the port or eventually for the moment it's going to be a partial closure and it's going to severely disrupt you know travel between hong kong and the mainland you know flights between china and hong kong are being hard that's going to hit airlines like cap a pacific the main carrier here in hong kong and of course all rail and ferry links are also being severed and this is going to remain in force we don't know how long
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for the foreseeable future says kerry but here in hong kong there are also signs not of panic but of a deepening on these over what is happening the way this far east is managing to spread so quickly facemasks are really at a premium their prices have gone up by between 20 and 30 percent in the past couple of days that's a measure of the deepening concern here. so what is the corona virus and what can you do to protect yourself the outbreaks so new it's rarely seen in humans often affecting animals the trouble is the virus can spread even before its symptoms appear and that may include cough fever and shortness of breath in severe cases infection can cause pneumonia acute respiratory problems kidney failure and death the world health organization says the risk of infection can be reduced by authority washing hands covering your nose and mouth while sneezing avoiding also
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close contact with those with cold and flu like symptoms and of course early cooking meat and eggs w.h.o. also recommends avoiding wild or farm animals without proper gear well let's speak to jonathan ball about this his professor of viral load she at the university of nottingham in the u.k. joins us live from there thank you so much for being with us so just 1st of all how alarming a situation are we in right now that the virus has spread beyond china and is now also spreading from person to person. it's very difficult days but i think it is significant in terms of the extent of the outbreak in china was there are more than 2000 cases being reported in china i think many estimates put that number many more tens of thousands if not as many as 100000 potentially infected whilst that's mainly located in who province and around.
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the reality is that some of the virus is undoubtedly been transmitted to other parts of china and then of course because we're well connected with china and with well connected some of that has been exported so it is significant yet we've seen the 1st person to person transmission in germany the 1st case in germany could the virus become even more dangerous now that it's new tape for manimal to humans. we don't know how the virus is behaving at the moment because the simply isn't enough what we call sequence data that's an analysis of the genome of the virus that tells us how the virus is behaving and whether or not it might be changing its behavior in humans to become more or less. what we call pathogenic which is its ability to cause disease i think what we do know at the moment is there's clearly lots and lots of human to human transmission and that does give the virus the
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opportunity to evolve and mutate but in terms of the amount of human to human transmission it's going under the radar that's the key question here how many people aren't showing outward signs of symptoms but pass on the virus so jonathan ball are the precautionary measures being taken right now adequate i mean removing people from the epicenter and walk on and repatriating them for to their home countries as france is doing is in is that it adequate isn't there a higher risk there. no not at all because i think with those people you know that they are at risk and therefore you can monitor them for 14 days and hopefully they won't develop symptoms and at the moment it's likely that they won't be able to transmit it when they're incubating the virus but again you know this is a big question we don't really know if that's true we know they are producing viruses during the incubation period before symptoms show but we don't know if the
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virus can transmit but bring in people back to the u.k. for example or france isn't a problem as long as they're adequately monitored right the bigger risk is people traveling to other parts of the world who have already traveled from china so tell us a bit more about the impact this virus has on the body because as you've said it's a mysterious virus and how are the people who've been infected being treated what's the best course of treatment right. so the usual sort of alarm bell for when these viruses emerge is the fact that people turn up in hospitals and health care settings with very serious disease and in the case of the coronavirus it was the fact that there were people turning up in hospitals with pneumonia and the cause of that pneumonia couldn't be identified and unfortunately some of the people with pneumonia will go on to die but what is clear from the outbreak so far is that may well be
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a number of people who experience my old and maybe even no symptoms at all or at all are infected and that's why it's really important for us to know exactly what the proportion of of those individuals is just how many people who become infected will develop serious disease or will die because that will have a huge impact if this virus spreads all right thank you for talking to us jonathan ball from nottingham university joining us there on the news hour thank you for your time we appreciate it and still ahead on the news hour global share markets tumble as investors worry about the spread of the coronavirus we'll look at the economic fallout plus one year after a major environmental disaster in brazil people in the area still feeling the effects and remembering kobe bryant the tributes continue for one of the biggest stars in the sports news.
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out of world news now and british prime minister boris johnson has decided chinese tech giant huawei will be granted a limited role in building the u.k.'s 5 g. mobile network that's despite strong objections from washington which has been pressuring the u.k. to keep our way out the u.s. says the company's technology poses a cyber security risk that is in london he says while way will be excluded from a number of key areas. huawei the company at the center of the argument is already highly involved in britain's 4 g. network and now was a crucial factor the government. when it met with its ministers and key intelligence officials on tuesday morning came up with advice to the various network the various mobile operators here in the u.k. that they should exclude what they call high risk vendors which is a category that while away will come under it should exclude them from core
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functions in sensitive parts of the 5 g. network they're talking about things like data centers they say that it should be excluded from safety related networks and from sensitive geographical locations like near military bases but it should be allowed into non core areas the government is insisting that this decision means that it can roll out 5 g. quickly they feared a delay of several years otherwise and more cheaply basically analysts here are saying that whole hallway is not the only company that could have done it but certainly the cheapest given its or its presence at the moment the company has welcomed the move many members of boris johnson's own governments are still extremely worried about the security implications they say under chinese law the company could be ordered to actually spy on britain the companies say that that's nonsense mike pompei will be here on wednesday he's warned that this was
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a crucial decision and there have been warnings from from washington d.c. that the us could actually re to look again at intelligence sharing with britain as simon lacey's a former vice president of huawei technologies in chains and he says security risks can actually come from a number of different elements. i think the side of security experts. the risks. on very inherent to the country of origin of the venda. but. at different points of the. fund from the last level actually and from the user level the risks so much price. and i think um i think that the johnson government has really taken a sensible decision because the security experts in your tank
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nationalists you're the. experts have have found a multiple occasions that they believed that that potential risk. has to be mitigated by our technical means the u.s. were as dependent on the u.k. as has same times intelligence sharing and the u.s. the u.s. actually like to rely on the account of the n.s.a. counterpart in the u.k. to do some of the intelligence gathering for them because they want to since try and buy by constitutional constraints. in the u.s. plan runs that is so so i think the u.s. might actually be hobbling itself if it chooses not to share intelligence the u.k. so i think that might end up being rather empty threats. in just under 2 hours now donald trump is huge reveal his plan to end the palestinian israeli conflict with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu standing beside him palestinians have already rejected it and are calling for an emergency arab league summit they've
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been protests in gaza against a plan 2000 people are on the streets burning ties and waving palestinian flags they accuse donald trump of putting together a deal that will only benefit israel while in the occupied west bank israeli troops have increased their numbers near ramallah small part protests have begun their larger crowds are expected later extra soldiers have also been sent to the jordan valley an area and it's now a space to partially. now we've got 3 correspondents covering this story harry fawcett is in west jerusalem stephanie decker is in gaza for us we go to our white house correspondent kimberly harkat in washington d.c. so kimberly how is this all going to be unveiled ben and what do we know at this point about this plan. i will this is going to be unveiled in the white house in the diplomatic room 17 g.m.t. what we do know about this is that this has not had any palestinian consultation in
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terms of the contents of the plan which we are awaiting but already there have been some details that have leaked out and what we're hearing is that this plan will offer some form of limited autonomy for the palestinians in the west bank in east jerusalem essentially a remapping of the west bank that will include folding in those israeli settlements already in the west bank into the broader israel proper border now we're also hearing that there would remain some form of israeli security control inside the west bank and that this is expected to be implemented over a timeline of roughly 3 years and during that time there be a series of so-called tests the palestinians would have to meet in terms of benchmarks for example renouncing violence and also coming up with new political measures so this is what we are hearing we of course are awaiting that press conference in the diplomatic room where the u.s. president will be presenting this plan alongside the israeli leader benjamin
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netanyahu thank you for the moment at the white house let's go to gaza now and stephanie deca the palestinian authority has rejected the plan even before it's unveiled and some palestinian stock option stephanie had called on protesters to turn out for a day of rage in the territories tell us about what's been happening in gaza where you are. that's right when i think around some of those pictures earlier i had an estimate probably just in the 2000 people heeding the core of the factions of the masses from 2 had and also this is our usual morning when they. look together in one direction and they had a meeting yesterday they will be meeting also nature on tonight in the west bank to try and figure out how to move. who are and so you've had some protests here they've been peaceful and i think we're going to have to wait to see this is a deal that we've been hearing about for years for them it's been constant and made it's been rumors and speculations about the details very different situation of
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course looking at what's going to come out of it when it comes to the west bank or when it comes here in gaza just briefly what do people want here while most people are currently just trying to survive day by day there is a blockade in place people do not have freedom of movement they want that to be lifted there's rumors that the deal talks about disarming the factions here that's going to be very difficult but i think again we're just going to have to wait and see when we finally hear those details and look at the plan and then see what the reaction is going to be indeed stephanie thank you for the moment and harry fossett now in jerusalem harry tell us about the measures israeli security forces are putting in place ahead of this announcement 1st. well yes the defense minister natalie bennett has been touring the occupied west bank during the course of the day he has ordered hundreds of extra troops to the jordan valley in advance of any potential outbreak of protests in the in the occupied west bank because
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of course the jordan valley has been reported to be included in this deal in some way and benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister has been promising for some months now to annex the jordan valley bennett also instructing troops to be on alert to to respond to an immediate potentially an immediate outbreak of violence and to do so without the expectation of any help from palestinian authority security forces obviously a lot depends both on how the p.a. and the other factions play it and what they say to them members in terms of the response they're calling for but also it depends stephanie was saying on the content of the deal whether as there have been some leaks to suggest the united states is asking for no immediate action in terms of an expression is from israel that could potentially take the sting out of any major immediate response from the palestinians and the timing harry of the end veiling of this plan has been described by by some as a political ploy hope by both the u.s.
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president and also the israeli prime minister that i mean that's now not only fighting for his political survival he's actually fighting to stay out of prison. well yes he is up against his 3rd round of elections coming up in march this on march the 2nd he has made a great deal of play of his position as the great friend of donald trump as the man to make the most of what he keeps referring to as a historic opportunity in terms of this deal very much playing that into his election campaign however there could be negative consequences as well as positive one right wing group the yes the council the main voice of israeli settlers in the west bank has come out against this deal because it apparently will mention and indorsed of just the idea of a palestinian state so there are 2 sides to the coin electorally finesse and you know and as you say is facing 3 corruption charges he decided to withdraw his
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request for immunity from the israeli parliament the knesset from those charges in the knowledge that it would not get the numbers required and also in the knowledge that if it if the argument continued it would potentially detract from this major announcement in terms of foreign policy and in terms of policy between israel and the palestinians which he very much wants to focus on in the right to the election but now that means he has been indicted officially indicted the legal process now starts to go forward and that itself will of course be a distraction and a focus for many in the run up to that election he's now going to russia we understand straight after the event with donald trump to meet with president putin and reportedly potentially to bring back an imprisoned american israeli backpacker so he'll be returning here with a deal in one hand of potentially a freed israeli in the other very much all about electoral politics to a very large degree at least the question is how it will play out for him in the
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weeks leading up to march the 2nd thank you harry harry fossett live for us in western house them. u.s. officials say they have recovered human remains from a military aircraft that crashed in afghanistan a plane went down in a mountainous area of gaza a province which is partly controlled by the taliban the u.s. has denied reports that scientists shot the aircraft down. for some kabul. losing an intelligence aircraft in snow covered mountains in disputed taliban territory no doubt a nightmare scenario for u.s. forces in afghanistan exclusive footage acquired by old as iraq shows the crashed u.s. plane in hosni province a day earlier this place was filled with people now the site is clear a witness on the ground told 00 u.s. jets and drones could be seen circling the area even firing warning flares to keep people away from the wreckage. and so bundy you about your brand it was around 1 30
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pm yesterday that the plane was coming from the city towards this place then it began flying a little lower and it crash landed so i don't know why or what exactly happened to the plane that. afghan and american security sources in kabul have confirmed the aircraft that went down on monday afternoon was an 11 a a modified bombardier passenger plane it's used by the u.s. military exclusively in afghanistan as a communications supporter of craft. an american spokesman in kabul said an investigation is underway but since the crash separating fact from fiction has been difficult officials from of going to stunts national carrier ariana airlines denied earlier reports the crashed plane was one of theirs. it's hard to know who the victims were at 1st we thought it was an ariana airlines plane later on i found out it was a foreign plane but i don't know anything about the casualties. i just had the americans dominate the sky over of coniston so when there are u.s. planes around taliban fighters even civilians tend to flee the area for fear of
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missile attacks. in the immediate aftermath of the crash the scene was very different people roamed the site freely and video posted to social media showed the wreckage of a plane still on fire u.s. markings near the tail section left little doubt about who was operating the doomed flight that the man should not come here with this is at the scene can be heard talking about the black box and even keeping some of the debris as a souvenir and then joins us now live from kabul saying so what's the latest on recovery efforts. will follow we do know according to u.s. defense official officials in the united states that 2 bodies have been recovered from the crash site by american forces now much of the country is under taliban control including parts of guys in the province and we don't have a lot of information about this recovery operation but we do know that the fact
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that the taliban control much of that terrain this very tough terrain it would have made retrieving any sort of sensitive technology and especially the bodies of those on board very difficult and dangerous as far as operations are concerned for u.s. forces here in the country thank you zain zain best my forests in kabul. still ahead on this obviously or news our cocks in the crossfire units everyone saw the devastating effects of conflict on children in africa south region last demands grow for donald trump's former national security adviser to testify at his impeachment trial but the president's allies say john bolton is irrelevant and in school trying to out why this tennis trophy presentation has divided opinion at the australian oh.
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hello there it has been feeling rather cool across the sections of the arabian peninsula the winds coming down from the north a strong that is actually set to change by about wednesday what is that to change is this we've got plenty of activity across the north into areas of turkey some rain showers and some snow also rain working its way through the eastern end of the med so pushing on into syria also lebanon and down into israel now by thursday there's another system working its way in from the west and so that will again bring more rain and snow very widespread throughout much of turkey and the winds particularly strong so we could have some pretty big waves as well through the eastern end of the med also for the next few days because he wanted to scottish thunderstorms across into western areas a saudi we've got 29 year high there in mecca 21 and 24 and by this time it has a say beginning to actually rise as we go through the week i mean one across into madagascar we have seen these flooding rains and these are more pictures coming out
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from the northwest of madagascar the prime minister is now calling this a national disaster over 107000 people displaced because of these widespread floods there is more rain in the for you know wednesday some showers and thunderstorms similar story on thursday elsewhere want to show east and south africa but while in cape town. india a nation of 1300000000 people deeply religious desperately divided i think good you know the issue which is potentially catastrophic what's causing this crisis of identity is making the get better but places off his ancestors and why is it getting worse. joining me are pushed us here on my journey in search of india's soul coming soon on al-jazeera. trust is fundamental to all our
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relationships we trust banks with our money talk to us without really personal protection what happens to trust in a world driven by our us as more want to stations are made for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust algorithms in the 1st of a 5 part series hourly rate questions the neutrality of digital deductions trust me i'm an algorithm on a. know again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to bore a reminder of our top stories on kong's leader has taken drastic steps to restrict
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travel to and from mainland china to stop the spread of the corona virus outbreak the virus has killed more than $100.00 people around the world and infected over $4600.00 british prime minister boris johnson says chinese tech giant weiwei will be granted a limited role in building the new case 5 g. mobile network donald trump had pressured him to keep our way out because of security concerns. and palestinians have been protesting ahead of donald trump's expected announcement of his middle east peace plan people in gaza and ramallah say the deal will only benefit israel. returning to our top story now and global financial markets continue to fall as investors fear a worsening outbreak of the coronavirus rob mcbride reports on the economic impact as china reels from the impact of the virus some of the worst predictions suggest that economic growth could slow by as much as 4 percentage points in this 1st
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quarter transpo connections have been brought to a standstill theme parks and cinemas are closed with hotels restaurants and stores all taking big losses. for neighboring hong kong already in recession after months of anti-government protests the virus has delivered what might be described as the perfect economic storm. the gloom has been reflected in stock markets reopening after the lunar new year break in south korea ministers held an emergency meeting to discuss not only the health implications of the virus but its impact on the economic health of the country and the government will make all their efforts to safeguard citizens safety and minimize impact on the economy as long as this new infection poses a threat comparisons of been made with the sars virus in 2003 that had far reaching
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economic impact beyond china. the difference between then and now with the size of the chinese economy and its relationship with the global economy more trade more travel china is so much more interconnected with the rest of the world that 17 years on damage to its economy is so much more consequential. and today the world economy is more vulnerable facing the global downturn as it did in 2003 generally global economy was was very bad and that has affected korea that has affected also on china now the situation is a little similar in the sense that you know a lot global economy is tend to come down after a boon to thousands of didn't 2010 what's different it seems is the way china has learned from past epidemics scientifically institutionally i think china is more
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prepared to to control the discussion of epidemic china's success or otherwise will have far reaching economic consequences for all its neighbors but pride al-jazeera so. pressure is growing from the us democrats for a crucial witness to testify at donald trump's impeachment trial they want the president's former national security adviser john bolton to appear before the senate it follows revelations that trump ordered bolton to keep military aid to ukraine frozen until it investigated his political rival joe biden. we now have a 3rd witness who is apparently a direct witness to the president's timing of military aid to investigations investor but bolton we could not have made a more powerful case recalling him than the case the president's lawyers just did
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in trying to contest that link between military aid investigations so once again they underscored the importance of john bolton as a as a witness who would corroborate exactly what the uncontested evidence that the house put on shows that president trump used hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to coerce an ally to conduct these political sham investigations all republican senator ted cruz dismissed any need to hear from john bolton saying the democrats had already failed to prove their case. i don't believe the testimony is necessary the house managers have a burden of proof a burden of proof to prove their case they have fallen woefully still short the standard on the can under the constitution is high crimes and misdemeanors they have not demonstrated any law was violated and the president was entirely justified in asking for an investigation of corruption concerning ukraine
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and potentially hundreds biden and joe biden. there is castro has more on the senate trial from washington just democrats say the new information from john bolton that trump directly linked to u.s. security aide to his demand that ukraine announced investigations into joe biden could significantly bolster the impeachment case this is stunning it goes right to the heart of the charges against the president. ambassador bolton essentially confirms the president committed the offenses charged in the 1st article of impeachment that article is abuse of power for allegedly putting his personal interests above that of the united states trump denies the allegation he's characterized bolton once his national security adviser as a discontinuity former employee who wants to sell more books i haven't seen him at this group but i can tell you nothing was ever said to john bolton but i have not
6:36 pm
seen a baby. i guess he's writing a book i haven't yet but several moderate republican senators appear to have been moved by bolton's revelations only 4 republicans would need to side with democrats to cold bolton to testify i think it's increasingly likely that other republicans will will join those of us who think we should hear from john bolton inside the senate chambers the president's legal team ignore the bolton development completely not a single witness testify that the president himself said that there was any connection between any investigation and security assistance a presidential meeting or anything else by the end of the week the u.s. senators will likely vote on whether to call bolton and other witnesses but with or without witnesses the odds remain squarely in the president's favor it would take a 2 thirds majority of the republican controlled chamber should we move trump from office castro al-jazeera washington. when
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a mining dam collapse in southeastern brazil it sent a toxic wall of mud cascading through villages and farms killing at least 270 people a year later environmentalist saying no holes are still getting sick from contamination that hasn't been contained all cleaned up there is money are up and over a forest from. it's the rainy season in bloom of the new brazil. says she's worried the river will soon flood. last year a dam operated by the brazilian mining company valley collapsed contaminating the pave a river with high concentrations of iron ore waste such as aluminum and mercury. living downstream from the mining accident means that fish are no longer safe to eat the water isn't safe to drink and anything that grows in the soil is now tainted. i'm sad and what hurts me the most is to see my banana trees because i
6:38 pm
love bananas and my sister who is handicapped loves to eat them and i have to try to explain to her that we can't eat them because they're toxic. the collapse of the dam produced nearly 12000000 cubic meters of toxic mud many people here say they now suffer from depression there's been a reported increase in suicides and many appear to be developing strange illnesses from a shot to the moon to property damage that we have many problems with skin disease we're all covered in red bombs our animals are dying my son in law has rashes all over his body my neighbor says well all this began after the mining accident. but the company responsible for the collapsed dam is the world's largest iron ore producer it has also been involved in at least 2 other mining accidents since 2014 there are $36.00 mining dams in the state of the brazilian government has categorized as at risk for many here the worry is that it's only
6:39 pm
a matter of time before the next mining disaster. environmentalist's like catalina they warn the problems associated with iron mining could become worse yes i thought you know if you're in our region the iron ore and the water exists at the same geological depth and if we keep mining we will destroy the aqua 1st so this is a matter of choice we can either take the water and awkward for or allow the mining companies to operate. since the latest accident bali has agreed to shut down 10 dams similar to the one that collapsed in libya environmental activists however see that's not enough in our demanding stronger regulation of brazil's mining industry . boom of the new brazil. firefighters in northern france are demanding better working conditions and greater compensation for the risks they face there marching in the capital paris life pictures have been scuffles with police firefighters say
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a special pain links to their difficult working conditions hasn't been increased since 1990 the protests is separate from other demonstrations over pensions elsewhere in france and police in paris have been dismantling a camp and removing migrants in the north of the capital they say the site is illegal and people will be below catered to temporary facilities $1400.00 outside and seekers were moved including $93.00 children many awaiting for decisions to be made on their cases the french government has promised to clear all migrant camps in paris by the end of the year. and border security guards fired warning shots when dozens of migrants tried to enter from serbia overnight police said they stopped up to 70 people crossing the border officials called it an organized and violent attempts for migrants who made it past the border were arrested in spain 6 cassel and leaders have been allowed to appear in the regional parliament for the
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1st time since they were jailed former cast vice president oreo who care ascend 5 former cabinet members were greeted with applause they've been given temporary release by scottish authorities to attend a committee hearing the group is among mind leaders tried by the supreme court for holding an unauthorized independence referendum in 2070. now at least 40 civilians have now been confirmed dead in an attack in booking a fossil they were killed by an armed group in the northern soon province on saturday so far it's unclear who was behind the attack now africa's saya region is facing unprecedented levels of violence and the un's warning nearly $5000000.00 children will need aid there this year it says they're increasingly the target of attacks abductions and recruitment groups asylum through mauritania mali or keener fos only share and shot unicef says yan rests for $670000.00 children
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from elms last year and hampered access to food water and education earlier this month regional leaders known as a g 5 met with the french president emmanuel mccall they've announced a united military force but some fear won't be enough to stop the violence brian has our report across large parts of west and central africa these scenes are all too familiar a village burned in an attack and families on the run carrying whatever they can. even months ago we had to flee our village because armed groups arrived they killed and took away some of the villages we got scared so we flee it and took refuge here and kyra. is among $5000000.00 children the u.n. says will lead aid in the region this year the most vulnerable now increasingly at risk children. because children do not exist anymore
6:43 pm
to 80 cation to health facilities and to fish food services in general but also we have no to use an increasing grave violation so getting children here compared to the previous years. unicef says hundreds of thousands of children have lived through trauma or been sexually abused kidnapped or forced to fight for armed groups the u.n. secretary general has warned the world is losing the war in the sahara fighters affiliated with al-qaeda and i so have increased their presence in the region they've also stoked ethnic violence. thousands of troops have been deployed to the area from the hell countries but also france and the us the french minister for the armed forces was in washington on monday she says expected cuts by the pentagon to its africa mission would severely limit counter-terror operations our friends in the us so are in
6:44 pm
a situation where our assistance is critical and i have expressed the hope that both the united states and france will keep on supporting them but the impact of the conflict goes beyond violence there's hunger too and not enough water 670000 children who've been forced from their homes into camps like this say shop and what used to be a school. this little boy maybe in a classroom but there's no math or science here just tough life lessons taught to soon brian al-jazeera. maybe is un recognized government is trying to hold an offensive by warlords highly for have task forces to take the western city of misrata tony burke the reports from the frontline in the town of grind. 2 days ago this position was in the hands of the forces loyal to the wall or khalifa haftar this was their front line but when they launched
6:45 pm
a major offensive on sunday against the 4 government forces and over talk of a grain this then was in their hands they pushed the government forces back about 20 kilometers but they held the town for about an hour and a half before reinforcements came and they were then pushed back so that the frontline now is 10 kilometers further on down this road that's where the fun lies so they pushed the offensive back they stopped it and now they have pushed the front line an additional 20 kilometers that means that about 80 kilometers from sirte now up until that time the cease fire was generally being held and observed on sunday it all changed and heavy artillery and rockets and air support and they say here about 200 vehicles belonging to the have to our forces came they came from 3 directions they attacked and they shelled the area which still is inhabited by civilians. they pushed them but now they're expecting a counter offensive and there is considerable air activity from drones and the air
6:46 pm
force that is controlled by have task forces we don't know if this is the start of a prolonged campaign but certainly it's very tense here at the moment people are very concerned there's going to be a counter offensive and whether or not the forces here can be sturdy enough to stop that any any offensive happening but it does go to show that when that offensive happened on sunday something like 20000 people mobilized in misrata 80 kilometers away and they responded in force and then pushed them back they inflict a lot of casualties but they did suffer casualties themselves something like 11 people killed and 100 wounded now a ceasefire that was announced on january 12th has been generally holding that had been violations in the south of tripoli the airport has been closed and there are now artillery exchanges here it's an extremely delicate time we don't know what's going to happen so but the people here say they are prepared for any counter offensive. nigeria's economic capital lagos says announced a ban on motor bike taxis in seminary is they known as ocado is and they have been
6:47 pm
blamed violent forty's for traffic chaos and a high rate of fatal crashes lied hailing sobs have tried to update the traditional service but the state government says those companies have become part of the problem. in pakistan supporters of a prominent pashto and white socks are protesting against his arrests a leader of the passion protection movement scene was detained on monday pakistan's government accuses him of inciting violence or has more from islamic bot. there were scattered protests all go to strengthen our very big dozens of supporters coming out in support of money. 'd by the police in the city of. he would be accused of denouncing the country's constitution of speaking against the country's security forces and for using strong and threatening language after
6:48 pm
that a member of parliament from not really understand that they should be countrywide protests demanding his release dozens of fish. in front of the press club in islamabad despite their reign and after that there were reports 'd that one of the members of parliament who just off the border of money. was detained there to go to the forces of course stressing the statement from the police that he was detained and not at a stage the government had leaked you. the organization of taking funds from the avalon intelligence and even india yesterday the president of the nie also tweeted in a statement saying that he wanted the release of. pakistani foreign minister today and reacting strongly saying that delta run president should not interfere in turn a lot of the state so indeed dad has written some support for christine on the social
6:49 pm
media most of the pakistani mainstream media has not been focusing on this particular story. still ahead on al-jazeera after paying tribute to kobe bryant i can tell you are wrong. was a move one of the all for me is actually split on how much.
6:50 pm
all. the all. the sports not his it's a funny thank you very much shrug of the came injury and survived 7 match points to
6:51 pm
reach the semifinals of the australian open he was up against sandra in the american ranked 100 in the world who's been living up to his 1st name methods to the most famous winter 2 sets to one up. phèdre struggled with the growing problem but then it was the american to go to enjoy a ball who ran into his leg during the 4th sitar break what could have been the greatest moment of his career kip even meeting in favor say to match point number 5 yeah this was breaking sandra's resistance in the 1st set to reach 36 grand slam samy final i. federer in our faces a race to recover for a semi final against the defending champion novak djokovic the serb had a much easier she gets canada's mino surrounding age winning in straight sets of which has already won this grand slam a record 7 times. over in the women's side world number one ashley boss he was pushed hard by the czech republic speech at the vertebrae and they called for an ak
6:52 pm
party did go on to take the 1st set on a tie break during the 2nd seed was a breeze to face american safina kim in the same ease him to become the 1st to string the winner since 1978. straight in open organizers have sparked controversy by giving a special trophy to margaret course marking 50 years since she won all 4 grand slams in the same year many of condemn the tribute because of her outspoken views on social issues and her thomas explains. she won 24 grand slam singles titles more than any other player in history in 1978 margaret call won all 4 grand slams the australian french and u.s. opens and wimbledon. i often look back and think i wonder if i did that play tennis . if i had lived across the road travel 24 prestigious school 50 years on her cheap months by tennis australia with this special tribute video and the
6:53 pm
presentation of a trophy at the australian open but marking costs achievements has been controversial because of what she has said since retiring as a player l.g.b. tree in the schools that the devil let's not have got caught now was a christian minister who preaches against homosexuality and gay marriage the decision of 7 or 8 years of age a trying they said no just read the 1st 2 chapters of genesis that's all i say my male and female court once praised the apartheid policies of south africa she's complained that modern tennis is full of lesbians the values that she is spouses are at odds with diversity inclusion equality all the things that most societies would would consider to be very important and what we hear from margaret is not along those lines little tennis australia came under pressure to ignore the anniversary of court historic grand slam victory year instead it issued
6:54 pm
a statement saying it was recognising cts achievements but not celebrating her former player john mcenroe was one of those who criticized the compromise tribute well it doesn't work that way you can't separate the person from are achievements not in me if you recognise the fact i won 7 grand slam guess what then you got to celebrate the fact that the loudest mouth in the history of the tennis store but fans in melbourne are divided i certainly would respect are having their own opinions you know it's bad what she's doing and she shouldn't be celebrated. they're probably celebrating her tennis career not so much for it's come price that so yeah it's a celebrated and i agree with him. a lot has changed in tennis in the last half century but a lot more has changed in society this controversy is just the latest example of how difficult it's become to separate a sports person such a prince from their beauty and whether it's right or necessary to do so andrew thomas mallon. another controversial australian sporting figure israel folau is
6:55 pm
making a return to rugby he's been signed by french rugby league side dragons were sacked by the australian rugby union for making homophobic comments on social media he's been given a one year contract at super league club rival sort of wigan responded by branding their match against catalan. pride today in support of the gay community. the n.b.a. has postponed the l.a. lakers and the l.a. clippers game in the wake of the death of lakers legend kobe bryant the minnesota timberwolves on it kobe's by winning the triple against the sacramento kings and then putting the ball down on the exact spot where bryant cost michael jordan on the scoring charts back in 2014 it was then a moment of which could be himself would have been pretty much the same. put the kid up and sticking his d. aaron fox balancing his free throw a football schizo converted into a 2 points and tie the game late in the 4th kings going on to win this 113-3129.
6:56 pm
could be brian states has affected people all over the world including the philippines where basketball is one of the most popular sports adjoined mural was painted on this course in manila the office started on monday and completes the night. brian who is also on the minds of n.f.l. players in miami ahead of sunday's super bowl 54. 1 of the biggest spectacles in sports teams the san francisco $49.00 is up against the kansas city chiefs self is all around as the players were paraded at the miami marlins baseball ground the main event will be at dolphin stadium 49 is cool and quarterback richard sherman was friends with kobe bryant's and he's using him as inspiration this weekend. i was kind of down i wish i was in adults and i just thought about what he would tell me you know maybe he would tell me stop being
6:57 pm
a baby and man up and play it and do it in his honor and win his game for him you know and as we were trying to do you know we go and we go out there and try to try to play it play some dominating ball or just like he wanted you know the moment mentality still lets on. the corona virus outbreak continues to impact sport in china players turned up in face mosques in shanghai as a side p.g. took on thailand's bloody drum united in the asian champions league and the united fans in the stadium out of. the car that's when we'll leave it for now have another sports news update a little bit later on thank you so much peter thank you for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us until well he's coming up a very shortly including the latest on the u.s. plan for peace in the middle east will be live in washington and jerusalem to stay with us.
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separately on al-jazeera. and make tension with the u.s. and protests over a plane down by iran's parliamentary election will be held on february 20. 5th to see explores the fate of india's religious minorities on the prime minister modi's hindu. us voters get the last chance to weigh in on the 20 twentieth's action al-jazeera will have comprehensive coverage a new series looks at how female scientists across the globe are opening doors for other women to pursue careers in science and after 5 years of civil rule could be to rivals agree
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a peace deal to revive africa's youngest nation. treachery on al-jazeera. over 40 years ago the mysterious killing of the president of north yemen. it's a story. of deception. one that still resonates today. al jazeera world reveals how a banquet for you many dignitaries became the backdrop to a brutal assassination. yemen the last launch. 0. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north 48 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we're living what example china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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to. the a. u.s. president donald trump is set to unveil his plan for the palestinian israeli conflict but protesters in gaza say the deal will only benefit israel. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to war also coming up on kong's leader announces drastic cuts to cross border travel with mainland china to stop the spread of the corona virus outbreak as germany can turn this 1st case of human to human transmission the deaf.


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