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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the in the in. a plane from the saudi led coalition crashes in yemen rebels say down. again and i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up. as foreign minister says efforts to solve the gulf crisis have been suspended. the world health organization urges countries to step up their efforts to deal with the coronavirus as the 1st death is reported outside asia. and courting the minority vote us democratic presidential hopefuls time their attention to the state of nevada.
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now to attack the united nations is calling shocking airstrikes by the saudi led coalition in northern yemen have killed at least $31.00 civilians and comes off to saudi arabia confound one of its planes crashed in the same region the rebels say they shot down the aircraft they gauge reports. this is the mormons yemen's who 3 rebels say they shot down a saudi air force typhoon fighter jets the rebels in this video on saturday the saudi u.a.e. led coalition confirmed one of its planes went down in government in the country's northeast who these also broadcast vision of what it says is the aftermath saudi led in strikes in the area followed which the rebels claim were retaliate tree attacks the saudi coalition released a statement saying there was a possibility of what calls collateral damage to civilians this show you that the
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us and our forces has been able after they have shut down. several of the. american drones over the skies of yemen in the last 3 months now it seems to be that they are able to slow down those fighter jets and they can say that if they start at this stage this means that we are going to end that and use stage of the lot of these claim the plane was downed with an advanced air to ground missile some analysts say if that's true it would be a very significant development in yemen's long running war this is a big deal knowing that already the partners the yemenis sort of the iraqis you know have for all practical purposes withdrawn left another saudis are in there and incapable of finishing the war and settling cable of winning the war and now perhaps with this game changer beginning to lose the war. the conflict in yemen has
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killed tens of thousands of people and brought millions to the brink of famine it's estimated more than 91000 yemenis have been killed and another 3000000 displaced by the fighting there's no sign yet when it will end because a gauge 0. cattles foreign minister has confounded efforts to resolve the gulf to spears and end the blockade against it have not succeeded saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain egypt cut all political trade and transport ties with cast out back in 2017 how hard has this report. from un says been speculation that the blockade of cattle by its neighbors could be nearing an end to the foreign minister announced the munich security council the talks to ease the tension came to an end last month in 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut all diplomatic and economic ties with qatar we are open to any
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genuine intention to resolve this problem and we have been we demonstrated this in fact when there was an opening. here and november and of last year. and unfortunately these efforts didn't succeed and spears suspended at the beginning of january but. remain at the same position that we are often before barricading countries accused katz of supporting terrorism which it's repeatedly tonight it's also rejected a list of 13 demands which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the al-jazeera media network. in december cats are sent its highest representation since the blockade then prime ministership. danny to the annual gulf cooperation council summit in saudi arabia at the time capsule had said that been positive talks with saudi leaders. his attendance came after the national football teams of saudi
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behind and the u.a.e. all took part in the arabian gulf cup in caps on november reversing an earlier decision not to participate. katz all is home to the largest u.s. minute she base in the middle east and gulf region the u.s. has called on its gulf allies in the future fearing it might undermine its efforts to contain sees iran's growing influence in the region normally the united states should have been involved in pressing all the countries involved. saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt and qatar to come to some kind of day talked we have very very extensive relationships with all 4 of these governments all 5 of these governments and really it's a failure of u.s. diplomacy 3 years after the blockade began the 6 nation regional bloc is still
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struggling for unity so hideouts. the ha now the u.s. defense secretary has labeled china the biggest threat to the global order speaking at the munich security conference gaspar said china's government tops the list of potential investor is the us ahead of russia and iran and he again european countries to stay away from chinese tech giant huawei and demands that's been rebuffed by european allies under president she's ruled the chinese communist party is heading even faster and further in the wrong direction more internal repression more predatory economic practices more heavy handedness and most concerning for me a more aggressive military posture. it is essential that we as an international community wake up to the challenges presented by china's manipulation of the longstanding international rules based order that has benefited all of us for many decades while u.s.
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secretary of state mike compare has also spoken out against china has arrived in senegal way he's due to discuss security and economic cooperation with the country's president now ahead of his 4 day visit he warned african states against china's influence on the continent said chinese investment feeds corruption and undermines the rule of law all the while health organization is warning countries against complacency over the corona virus which is now killed more than 1600 people the head of the agency countries to step up efforts to prepare for the virus he insists the out the outbreak is still an emergency in china where the epidemic started it's impossible to predict which direction this week with take we are concerned about the levels of rumor and mis information that. the response will considered by the continued increase in the number of cases in china we are concerned by reports from china used to the number of those workers
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who have been infected or done well on saturday the virus came to its 1st victim outside asia an elderly chinese tourist in france more than 69000 people are now infected wild wide most of them in china and an american woman who was a passenger on a cruise ship that docked in cambodia has tested positive for the virus she fares in malaysia on friday she was one of the 1400 passengers that disembarked from the n.-s. west today and in cambodia on says day well there are also growing concerns that not enough is being done to protect medical workers who are treating the sick adrian brown reports from hong kong. medical workers in china are fighting a battle for the world in some cases without adequate protection more than $700.00 nurses and doctors have so far been infected several have died many of them look so exhausted in front of the camera when you're exhausted you will get infected
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because you just lost your elders and you cannot follow the guidelines well. last week the chinese government conceded there was a shortage of essential medical equipment including protective clothing but state t.v. says that's changing now it's been showing pictures of army medical teams arriving at the epi center with specialist gear further proof says china of its intensifying efforts to control the virus a virus that the country's foreign minister says has created excessive alarm among some governments really good winter will pass and the spring is sure to come china's vigorous and thorough measures are paying off the epidemic has posed a severe challenge to china's economic and social development none the less the difficulties will be temporary and short lived the latest official figures from china's national health commission offer a crumb of comfort these latest figures don't show
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a significant drop in the death rate but the number of new infections in who by province is falling they were half what they were on thursday but experts outside china urged caution saying these figures can be independently verified analysts say it's become a pivotal moment for china's leader xi jinping if this works and it looks like this thing is contained and they get thumbs up from the world health organization and other you know epidemiologist it's going to look like they've done the right thing and he could come out of this looking well but at the moment it's such a go on saturday china's government extended its quarantine restrictions to the capital beijing anyone returning to the city following the extended lunar new year holiday missed now isolate themselves at home for 14 days state media says those who don't will be punished without specifying what that will mean in hong kong the infection rate is under 60 with one dead now the chief executive kerry lam says the
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government has to spend more than $4000000000.00 of taxpayers' money helping workers affected by the virus she says around. $200000.00 low income families will be given a one off grant of more than $600.00 each but there's no hope yet for many small to medium sized businesses which are reeling from the effects of this public health emergency adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. to the us now where democrats are starting to cost early votes in the launches presidential caucuses the still crowded field of contenders have been campaigning in las vegas ahead of the 3rd nomination contest next week and now after the chaos of the iowa caucus results pressure is on nevada to do better it's also the 1st test of candidates appeal in a state with a more diverse population actually have returned he joins us now live from washington d.c. she had been saying it's a very different demographic in nevada from the 1st 2 states where we've seen the primaries there foster talk us through how we might expect this to play out. yeah
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just to make that diversity a bit more tangible and the ballots that are being handed out as early voting begin there are 3 ballots come in 3 languages english spanish and tagalog the national language of the philippines is about an 8 percent asian american demographic in about 9 percent african-american and about 30 percent latino and that also explains the latest polling we've seen as a big gap in polling and of others who we were all kind of wondering what was going on with the latest poll has bernie sanders ahead 25 percent he has he has a very strong that team or base in nevada joe biden 2nd 18 percent now nevada's going to be integrity for joe biden's chances of moving forward his entire pitch is he's the electable one but he keeps losing elections and 4th 5th in new hampshire he's hoping that his strong traditional african-american base will
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help pull him through but there's a great deal of evidence that even that slipping in the latest national polls his lead among african-americans has dropped by 10 percent because according to pose the reason african-americans are one of the main reasons african-americans like joe biden is because he is seen as the electable one they do feel that way and they have to do everything they can no matter if they prefer birdies or loses you know petrol inequality the main priority has to be donald trump but if he isn't actually winning them then he's in a bit of trouble so this is key for joe biden 3rd place elizabeth warren 13 percent she didn't seem like she was that confident she pulled a great deal of advertising from nevada but we'll see tom star in for 11 percent he's the other candidate for whom nevada is key we made over heard much about about to now because he's been putting all of his money into nevada he's another billionaire. got basically a hedge fund person i don't trouble that's part of his pitch i'm the sort of person go off to the trump electable i can get him on that you know his idea of being a businessman i'm a good businessman he's
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a bad business. if he doesn't get anything or doesn't get real traction about it he's probably going to be out then we have to judge him a clip of 10 percent each the center centers of the right wing of the democratic party they're not thought to be doing terribly well here because they basically have no ethnic minority support generally over very little ethnic minorities but every club which are in particular has real trouble because a few years back she sponsored she she voted against an obama amendment that was to give bilingual language official documents from the government she voted against that in 2008 that doesn't really make people in the latino community terribly well disposed towards you but she says she's changed now and then things are sort of after that so it's a key key key primary for several of the candidates and it sort of joe biden doesn't do well there we'll hear much more about mike bloomberg i'm sure mike who is not on the ballot but but the centrists and there is in the one percent of the
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democratic party are getting more and more worried about joe biden but poor performance and i'm sure the song which will boost mike bloomberg strong to the getting more official support which wealthy support in the coming coming elections he doesn't really get going until march and super tuesday she have a chance of that with us from washington d.c. thanks. well still ahead on i was there the gruesome murder of a woman in mexico is drawing attention to the country's rising an aside. and we head to the south american country that's becoming a breeding ground for the outs that. i. hello once again as we look at weather conditions across northeastern parts of asia you see this massive cloud moving across the east china sea up towards japan and
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we're expecting some pretty heavy rain and snow for across japan of nice 24 hours you see the rain there across a whole issue further north across the colorado we're looking at snow in some heavy snow about quite a contrast in temperatures 14 degrees there in tokyo which is one degree in sapporo so move on through into monday really for sapporo it is going to be a snowy day it will turn drier later on further south better conditions for much of japan 17 there in tokyo and dry bright conditions across southeastern china as being quite what should be a good day in hong kong with the temperature there 16 degrees heading down into southeastern parts of asia where the thunderstorms here should expect to particular across more western parts of java and the jakarta will see further showers during the course of sunday borneo is looking pretty wet as well much as you would expect and then as we head on through into monday not a great deal of change certainly for malaysia in borneo it could be quite wet coaching there look at highs of $32.00 degrees is a largely fine potato picture across much of india and also down towards sri lanka
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although that could be wanted to showers affecting the south of the islands. but. if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this grace is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital orders we are trying to pave the road smaller and smaller we don't want to be so realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. the you.
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know again i'm the stars here today and a reminder of our top stories this hour as strikes by the saudi led coalition in more than yemen have killed at least $31.00 civilians and comes after saudi arabia confirmed one of its planes crashed in the same age and keep the rebels say they shot down the aircraft. casals foreign minister says recent efforts to resolve the gulf dispute was suspended at the beginning of january mohamed been on the run and antoni told a security conference in munich the discussions began in october to try to end the blockade of cars out by 4 arab states. and the head of the world health organization has warned the international community it's impossible to know which direction the coronavirus epidemic will take the rally in europe reported its fast death when an elderly chinese tourist died and from its. now ending almost 2 decades of violence in afghanistan has been high on the agenda at the security
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conference in munich now a provisional agreement between the united states and the taliban aims to reduce violence for one week as diplomatic editor james bass reports. some of the war in afghanistan continues to claim lawyer lives here villages prepared to bury those killed in the u.s. airstrikes the u.s. navy started counting civilian casualties in 2008 years into the conflict but in the decades since then over 100000 civilians were killed or injured. in munich the u.s. was explaining the deal its now struck with the taliban an effort to try and end the war we have on the table right now a reduction in violence proposal that was negotiated between our ambassador and the taliban it looks very promising we have now been for a few days now in the process of consulting 1st with our congress i've had many
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conversations and then secondly concurrently with our nato allies in brussels now the u.s. has done it steal its partners must follow other nato countries still have 8000 personnel in the country serving alongside of 12000 u.s. troops we are not leaving afghanistan but we are prepared to adjust our force level if the taller bar on them assert their will and the ability to deduce violence and make compromises cut out of the negotiations with the taliban that are gone on for over a year with the afghan government president ashraf ghani had demanded a ceasefire be put in place before any deal in the step the taliban have only agreed to what's being called a reduction in violence the critical test is going to be will be will the exam in election as the mechanism the crucial mechanism of referring to that
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one people in the still have the view come of course afghanistan's last election is still not been formally decided ashraf ghani has the most number of votes but he's not been declared the winner that is going to make things difficult in the coming days because afghanistan needs to choose the delegation for those talks that it now needs to have with the taliban james bays out just 0 munich. south sudan's president says he's agreed to a painful compromise and that meeting the deadline to form a unity government saw the kid is cutting the number of states from 32 to 10 that's a major demand of the opposition to formally end the civil war kim and his rival react michel have 8 days left to agree on a joint agreement for the wilds youngest country after 2 failed attempts the decision was reached by the presidency. with several options
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and we thought this latest compromise will preserve the unity of the country and move the people of south sudan out of this imposed senseless conflict we affected the livelihoods of many of our citizens. syria's military offensive on the last rebel held region is causing the largest single displacement of people since the war began 9 years ago 800000 have fled the fighting since the start of december most a stranded in freezing temperatures near the border with turkey our house a little bar is that. is burning her own clothes to try and keep family members warm they recently arrived in this freezing makeshift camp in the town of. province and they're very nearly we fled our homes in aleppo we couldn't live
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anymore under constant bombardment and airstrikes we start children dying in front of us we came here it's tough i'm sick i have leukemia and the smoke from the heater is suffocating her. and her family are just some of the many war refugees suffering cold overcrowding and fear of what might happen next in the last 4 days alone around 150000 syrians fled their villages as government forces close in took up to rebel held. the military campaign that started in april has seen more than a 1000000 refugees stranded on the border with turkey they are feeling increasingly betrayed and abandoned by the world. has 10 children but only to live with her the others are dispersed across province where is it's very cold i have no place to serve my kids' meals there's no furniture snow is everywhere i'm hopeless and
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there's nothing i can do i pray god will help us. as the humanitarian crisis. aid agencies are overwhelmed with growing demands for tans blankets stoves want clothes and for the internally displaced have often been forced to move many times over the last few months and each time they were hoping this would be their last. that there would finally settle and start and your life but the 9 year war grinds on the rebels are losing ground and for almost $4000000000.00 people in it lead and on the outskirts of aleppo it's probably just a matter of time before they pack and ride away in another shelter in a safe area but they may be no more safe areas in italy province government troops and their russian allies are determined to defeat the opposition civilians who are trapped they have little option but return to government held territory but fearing
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retaliation many prefer to stay near the border with turkey hoping tomorrow might be a better day has brought about al-jazeera went to his border with syria and protesters in mexico have marched to the presidential palace to condemn violence against women demonstrators were outraged at a newspaper publishing photographs of the body of a murder victim 25 year old in good estimate there was killed earlier this month the mexican government says 10 women died every day last year in gender based attacks earlier i spoke to tania and i'm pansy she is the executive director of amnesty international in mexico and she says one of the problems is a lack of action on preventing violence. the situation you know we are going to have. public policies you know are there to prevent violence and no conversation is always that conversation from the go around crew member critical life we already have. crisis you know we're. critical and we are.
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not prevent. so now. we have been so from all over all over the country we are. to have a real problem. with. most important things that have been next to go visit. or how much each quarter of mckee's more so we are having to go over and have. our men and. we have to. make. crimes. while hundreds of russians have rallied to voice their plans by president vladimir
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press and to change the constitution protesters from across the political spectrum from ultra nationalists to communists and the left wing activists expressed their opposition to the proposed changes person has suggested giving extra powers to parliament but it's widely seen as an attempt to extend his hold on power beyond his presidential term. some of the world's best cyclists are taking part in the tour of colombia which finishes in the capital bogota on sunday colombian cyclists are increasingly dominating the wild scene and also from the current tour de france champion gun battle as under m.p.'s he has been following that race. the 2nd to last stage of the tour arrived at the hometown of tour de france winner. sits at more than 2600 meters of elevation yet the rarified air did little to stem the excitement of fans waiting to see the city's most famous son. i met him when he was
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riding with his 1st started when pan american bases and then i followed him when he went to italy it's very exciting to see him here because people adore him this is his town the 3rd edition of the world tour competition has attracted the roaster of cycling greats and is positioning itself as a premier race in latin america for overseas riders it's an opportunity to compete at the beginning of the season at high altitude with each stage averaging above the highest peaks of the tour de france while for colombians it's an opportunity to shine at home. for me pretty special. for this country. over. the longer for training everyone to speak the country despite being a cycling loving country until recently colombia didn't have
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a you see. race the traditional 2 were known. as long been bogged down by terrible infrastructure and accusation of widespread doping. the tour 6 stages are in colombia straight dition was cycling regions of. also home tonight looking tana cycling expert says colombian riders score going from strength to strength after narrow came one after another you know want to chime in drips and drabs but now they're trying to use in the very fashionable very canonical versus us. nearly all the world's ills and they are coming through as well so latin america is really changing the face of the world so on sunday the last stage will reach the capital and its most emblematic climbed the. at 3266 meters alison the deep.
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well remember you can find much more on our website including all the latest updates on those fast moving developments in that conflict in yemen do you take a look at al-jazeera dot com. again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines airstrikes by the saudi led coalition and more than yemen have killed at least 31 civilians in an attack the u.n. is calling shocking and comes off to saudi arabia confound one of its planes crashed in that same region the rebels say they shot down the aircraft casals foreign minister says recent efforts to resolve the gulf dispute was suspended at the beginning of january mohamed. told a security conference in munich the discussions began in october to try to end the blockade of gaza by 4 arab states. i think now it's been almost 3 years since the
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crisis started we were not the perpetrator of that crisis and we've been very open and very clear that we are open to any genuine intention to solve this problem and we have been we demonstrated this in fact when there was an opening. here and november and of last year. and unfortunately these efforts didn't succeed and speed suspended at the beginning of january but would remain at the same position that we are all. they u.s. defense secretary has called china the biggest threat to the global order also speaking at the munich security conference mark s. but accuse the chinese government of seeking advantage across the wilds by any means and at any cost and here again other countries to stay away from chinese tech giant qual way of demands that's been rebuffed by european allies the head of the world health organization has warned the international community it's impossible to know which direction the coronavirus epidemic will take europe recorded its fast
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death when an elderly chinese tourist died and from us democrats are starting to cost early votes in nevada's presidential caucuses the still crowded field of contenders has been campaigning in las vegas ahead of the 3rd nominating contests next week and now off of the chaos of the iowa caucus results pressure is on nevada to do much better. protesters and mexico have launched in the presidential palace to condemn violence against women demonstrators were outraged at a newspaper publishing graphic photographs of the body of a murdered woman the mexican government says 10 women died every day last year in gender based attacks well those are the headlines next stop it's inside story day stay with us.
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attacking media freedom in the philippines president. takes legal action to shut down the largest t.v. network which is also his fierce critics journalists accuse him of dictatorship so what now for freedom of speech in one of asia's largest democracies this is inside story. and welcome to the program. it's being described as the most severe attack on media freedom in the philippines president rodrigo tatty has 5 a supreme court petition to shut down the not just television network accusing a.b.s. c.b.s. of committee.


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