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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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it's impossible to predict. this. with. the world health organization warns global leaders to step up preparations for the coronavirus despite a drop in new cases in china for the 3rd day in a row. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead the rebels released this video they say shows the downing of a saudi war plane in yemen the kingdom retaliates with air strikes killing at least 31 people. sudan's ousted president bashir is due in court for
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a hearing on dar for war crimes allegations also. we all want them to be genuine intention to do so on this point the qataris foreign minister keeps diplomatic channels open after talks to end the gulf crisis are suspended. hello the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 on the previous day but there are still serious concerns over the spread of the illness the world health organization is warning other countries must step up their preparations to fight corona virus that's now killed more than 1600 people. it's impossible to predict which direction this week will take we are concerned about
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the levels of rumor and misinformation that. the response will concerted by the continued increase in the number of cases in china we are concerned by reports from china is that they both the number of those workers who have been infected or done well the virus has claimed its 1st victim outside asia an elderly chinese tourist in france more than 69000 people are infected worldwide most are in china and a female american passer ger on a cruise ship that docks in cambodia has now tested positive for the virus she was one of the $1400.00 passengers that disembarked there from the m.s. westerdam a day earlier now in china there is more controversy over reports that president xi jinping knew about the corona virus outbreak much earlier than previously thought adrian brown has more on that from hong kong. what's been happening this weekend is that state controlled media has been publishing details of
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a speech that president xi jinping gave on feb 3rd almost 2 weeks ago now this speech was delivered to the politburo standing committee that's like china's cabinet the most powerful political body in the land and jury in that speech president xi jinping concedes that he knew about the virus as early as january the 7th this is 2 weeks of course before the 1st cases of human to human transmission were confirmed then on january the 20th the president said that he issued special instructions to try to contain the virus and we now know that 3 days later the city of was put into lockdown measures that were lauded by the world health organization now analysts say what seems to be happening is that the leadership is trying to cover its back in response to all the flak it's taken over its handling of this crisis now a lot of people have called this sort of china's show noble moment referring to the
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nuclear accident in the former soviet union in the mid eighty's i'm not sure we've reached that tipping point quite yet it's still possible of course that the party will control this virus will contain it and that way it can spin it as you know a victory for the party for the people but i think it's too soon to say that at the moment whether the party is going to be able to do that soon as it wants also in hong kong there have been protests against government plans to set up coronavirus treatment clinics in densely populated neighborhoods sarah clarke was at one of the demonstrations and she says people are fearful of an outbreak. we've had a couple of 100 people in the calderon area which is where we are now this is a protest open eyes by the community against the government's decision to sit up these provide a virus treatment clinics across hong kong now it had play tests on saturday but had protests again on sunday we've got 5 across the city i did. you know this particular one they complaint is that they signed the government file to consult
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the local community before they announce this decision carry land made this announcement this week they weren't aware of this particular decision until that announcement was made they're also saying that setting up these coronavirus tripping clinics in these areas such high density aires there's a risk of a potential community outbreak as a result there where we are we've got schools we've got markets i was the large number of high rise buildings that's quite a low but a poor district and so a lot of these buildings are a filled with elderly people and the concern with the neighborhood here in the people here at this protest this as a result they believe the risk of an outbreak in the krajina virus infection is high now also we've had a number of flags pro-democracy flags and hong kong independence flags being raised at this particular rally other softer noon and it appears the pro-democracy group movement and the anti-government movement seem to be moving also the joining hands with these communities to try and push back the government on the decision to set up these coronavirus treatment clinics across the city and in indonesia almost 300
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people have been released after spending 2 weeks in quarantine on a remote island they've previously been in rwanda in china so far indonesia hasn't recorded any coronavirus cases investigations are under way after a chinese national tested positive after visiting the island of bali just to washington has more. as the corona virus outbreak spreads around the world indonesia has found itself in an unusual condition almost neighboring countries have confirmed cases of the virus in these are yet to confirm even a single case and many are asking how one of asia's most populous country has somehow it dated the global outbreak but over here in bali those concerns are particularly pronounced this is a place that draws thousands of tourists from china and up until recently they would dozens of direct flies operating from the epicenter of the virus but indonesian authorities say they have the situation under control and the world
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health organization also agrees that indeed these are it's doing everything to their standard. and. they have already a member. of the. more. and. bali is quieter than usual that's because tens of thousands of chinese tourists have already cancelled their holiday plans earlier in the month the indonesian government suspended all flights to and from china but there are at least 3000 chinese tourists currently in bali and while some plan on returning home by flying from other countries at least 300 have already applied for
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a visa to enter. also donz ousted president obama and bashir is due to appear in court for a hearing on war crimes allegations in the jar for region the conflict there began in 2003 that's when minority rebels rose up against bashir as governments so this hearing and. khartoum is a separate process from charges that he faces at the international criminal court in the hague the i.c.c. has been pursuing bashir for more than a decade in 2009 he was charged with 2 counts of work crimes 5 of crimes against humanity and a year later the i.c.c. added 3 charges of genocide all have to do with bashir is role in the door for a conflict years of fighting between pro-government forces an ethnic minority rebels left 300000 people dead and also displaced to a half 1000000. let's speak about this with a magical he joining joining us here on set he's the founder and president of the
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sudan policy forum thanks very much for your time with us so up until this point it's not yet clear though if best share will in fact be going to the i.c.c. so why is this trial why is this hearing taking place in sudan right now what's behind it. i think i mean the islamists the redeemed from 1989 they have adopted soft and hard towards to destroy that for its all its own did reach a point where they have chosen therefore as a backyard for the fights. because they had a conflict amongst themselves into south and one so the reason that they would want they don't want to send the sheet to the i.c.c. is because i think he's going to bring in some names he will probably increase we need some politicians police and military officers and even some civilians who were behind the genocide and the total destruction of that for so
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that reason to answer your question i think the reason they would want this to be in sudan is they don't want a serious threat and they know that if he's sticking to the i.c.c. it's going to be a professional and a serious trial which will bring in some names probably and possibly he might include many others so they want this to be held in khartoum because they know it's not going to bring in bring out any outcomes but the problem is they are running very high risk because if they don't submit him to the i.c.c. there is going to be an ideological and there is fractured inside khartoum the 40 s. want him to go to the trial people of. north and he did sudan they want him to be tried in khartoum so. think we're going to see serious debate in the
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coming few days but here's the thing even though you say that the leaders don't want to send him to the i.c.c. don't the current political leaders in sudan right now have to show that they are being serious about the democratic changes that are taking place in their country and therefore they cannot conduct some sort of sham trial i think your decided they just want to assure it's just a short business but they are not taking any serious steps towards deconstructing did assist which legitimated the killing of. of the 40 years and the total annihilation of the glory that is in that for some parts of the fun for the victims of daraa for where would they feel like they have gotten justice in a trial in sudan or the i.c.c. in the i.c.c. because simply i mean the officers the military officers and the politicians who are behind the genocide are already ruling the nation so if he. if he is brought to
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trial is so done they don't feel that just this will be done to them for them. and his group of guns that they have to go to the i.c.c. are a way out we thank you very much for joining us and giving us your analysis now a series of air strikes in northern yemen has killed at least $31.00 civilians the u.n. humanitarian chief for yemen says the attacks by the saudi led coalition are shocking the strikes happened after the rebels said they shot down a saudi work plane mohamed lots of reports in the yemeni capital sana'a this is the moment yemen's say they shot down a saudi air force fighter jet the group this video on saturday the saudi. confirmed to one of its planes it went down in a job for governorates in the country's north east. the what these also broadcast
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what it says is the aftermath so how did it it was strikes in the area full of which the who these claim were retaliatory at this hour the quality released the statement saying there was a possibility of what it calls collateral damage to civilians this show you that the us and our forces has been able after they have shut down. several of the. american drones over the skies of yemen in the last 15 months now it seems to me that they are able to slow down despite that get on they can say that if they start at this stage this means that we are going to end that a new stage of the war the who these claimed the plane was downed with then missile some another say that of that's true it would be a very significant development in yemen's long running war this is a big deal knowing that already their partners the iraqis you know have for all practical purposes withdrawn left and now the saudis are there and incapable
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of finishing the war and settling cable of winning the war and now perhaps with this game changer beginning to lose the war. more than 900-1000 people have been killed and another 3000000 displaced by the fighting millions more have been brutes to the brain to famine stricken home agreement of 20000 raised troops for peaceful settlement suppose there is been news sign of that. if it's confirmed now these have new weapon in there that could change the direction. whatever happens it's billions who's in the middle who continue to pay the price. so now still ahead on al-jazeera. former u.s. vice president joe biden battles for a much. needed victory if he hopes to keep his rate for the race for the white
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house ally. anger in mexico over a young woman's brutal and highly publicized murder details coming up. right clues from the satellite plenty of showers around in borneo a good part of indonesia of course is in the rainy season but it's all edging this way just like the sun and it looks quite possible with this increased wind around the coast of vietnam that will start develop showers further west in cambodia and in central thailand as well as those are pretty widespread throughout indonesia rather fewer in the philippines with the backing lose on the east coast which were seen for a while this is the picture on tuesday and emphasis on the orange top stuff in the
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far south of thailand suggests rain after many weeks of not seeing any. in australia the continuation of the story 1st of all the end of that cycle and for new zealand gives a fine looking day but there are plenty of showers develop in new south wales and increasingly in victoria and possibly in tasmania they go a long way inland flash floods are likely because the land has of course been dried for ages but more and more now this rain is being useful stuff temperatures 26 in sydney and about 32 in perth in the sunshine the picture on tuesday is a repeat performance for the showers developing in use as well as but circulations rather stormy weather in the fossils of victoria answer about tasmania. but. life begins. thousands of
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babies every year in the united states. also and. the baby is african-american. this is twice as likely to happen why. rewind america's infant mortality on al-jazeera. the on the. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 1st day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than
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$600.00 from the previous day the world health organization chief says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take. sudan's ousted president i'm out of this year is due to appear in court for a hearing on war crimes allegations in the dark for regional conflict there began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against bashir is government. foreign ministers and other officials are meeting in munich the latest attempt to bring an end to the conflict in libya sunday's talks are following up on promises made during a january summit those include commitments to end all outside interference in the libyan war and uphold the weapons and bargo fighting between the us recognise government and warner it's fine if i have to add has been ongoing since april our diplomatic editor james bays is following the meeting in munich. if it 1st you don't succeed try again and that's what they're doing here 4 weeks ago world leaders gathered in berlin to try to get
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a common international position on the conflict in yemen yet the arms have continued to flow to both sides and the fighting has not stopped that's why this time on the margins of the munich security conference foreign ministers from those same countries are meeting here certainly among those countries that are meeting here are some of those that are accused of sending arms to libya i've seen the egyptian foreign minister arriving here i've seen the turkish foreign minister there among those who are accused of supplying arms to both sides in this conflict of course the other country that is key in this is the u.a.e. which has been sending plane loads of weapons to benghazi in recent days in defiance of an international arms embargo in the last few days finally the u.n. security council has endorsed what happened in berlin 4 weeks ago that had been
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problems with the resolution the russians had objections in the end they abstained in a resolution was ponced the foreign ministers here hope to try and get the international plan back on track the plan is to stop all the weapons flowing to libya to get to the 2 sides to have a cease fire then tack get talks between all the libyan parties and eventually to have a u.n. brokered elections in libya but the 1st phase of that has ceasefire is not in place and after the meeting here in munich on cheese day in geneva we'll have further talks for the so-called military committee 5 plus 5 representatives 5 sides 5 from the international backed government in tripoli and 5 from general half those forces in benghazi meeting in geneva that starts on tuesday. qatar's foreign minister says efforts to end the almost 3 year long blockade half failed but qatar is remain open to resolving the disputes saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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behind and egypt are refusing to restore political trade and transport links sara hierarchs reports. from un says been speculation that the blockade of cattle by its neighbors could be nearing an end for the foreign minister announced at the munich security council the talks to ease the tension came to an end last month in 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut all diplomatic and economic ties with cats are we are open to any genuine intention to resolve this problem and we have been we demonstrated this in fact when there was an opening. here and november and of last year. and unfortunately these efforts didn't succeed and spears suspended at the beginning of january but. remain at the same position that we are often before barricading countries accused cats of supporting terrorism which it's repeatedly tonight it's
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also rejected a list of 13 demands which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the al-jazeera media network. in december cats are sent its highest representation since the blockade then prime ministership. then any to the annual gulf cooperation council summit in saudi arabia at the time capsule had said they'd been positive talks with saudi leaders his attendance came after the national football teams of saudi behind and the u.a.e. all took part in the arabian gulf cup in cats on november reversing an earlier decision not to participate. cattle is home to the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and gulf region the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to end the feud fearing it might undermine its efforts to contain what it sees it. growing influence in the region normally the united states should have been involved in pressing all the countries involved.
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saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt and qatar to come to some kind of detente we have very very extensive relationships with all 4 of these governments all 5 of these governments and really it's a failure of u.s. diplomacy 3 years off to the blockade began the 6 nation regional bloc is still struggling for unity it's not a hyena it's. the ha democratic party candidates for the white house have traveled to las vegas in the hope of finding political fortune all contenders are campaigning in nevada before next weekend's nominating contest they include the former front runner and vice president joe biden who has fallen behind in the race river president who owned by the n.r.a. where the president's own by the government fractures and i promise you president not president to live
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a breath and me i'm going to do everything i can to go after those government. peter matthews is a professor of political science at suppressed college and he says it's do or die for biden. joe biden that was his major base of support the are feeling very he has to hold on to them and yet their main quest was they want someone who can be trump and yet joe biden has not won a primary yet or a caucus and thus putting a dent in his african ready support because you know they are having doubts about him being able to win that's a real problem it's a do or die contest right now not the counting of the as it should be just fine in the vatican as it was 4 years ago because of the process and procedure and i believe it will be this kind of problem like in iowa and so very exciting to see what will happen with these contenders that the numbers are shifting so quickly and bernie has a pretty solid lead over here and we'll see if you can hang on to it though that's the real thing he's done no major outreach toward the latino voters in the african-american voters much more than 2016 and that has paid off actually in
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latino voters want the issues that he's for universal's you know single payer medicare for all that appeals to them because many of them are not insured or fully insured the same thing with education tuitions for education is very good for all working class people and many of them are in the working class as sort of the african-american people who need to have as are all the other people working class whites they want to have guaranteed medicare for all and also tuition free education sound is offering that and seems to me that's really attracting a lot of people the publication of graphic images of the body if a young woman murdered in mexico has provoked anger activists highlights what they're calling an epidemic of violence against women manual ruffler reports in the mexican capital. hundreds of women continue to demonstrate on the streets of mexico city. their anger ignited by the case of 25 year old ischemia brutally murdered by her boyfriend on february 9th. the
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national palace was one of the targets of the crown's he said the government hasn't done enough to address the issue of violence against women it's estimated that 10 women are killed in mexico every day one of the last being done so what i'm going to give you i'm sure. people will say look at these crazy women spray painting this historic door from there who lucian but what they should do is read what we've written how many women have been killed how many have been raped how many are being discriminated that's what really matters. there's also been a backlash against mexican media after photos of mutilated body be published. and. i'm asking the members of the press before you publish a fight before you write a story think think that this could have been skipping your daughter that this could've been your mother. more than 1000 cases of femicide were recorded across mexico in 2900. women's rights advocates are demanding that all
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murders of women be automatically investigated as femicide when the to investigate something when you see a deal when a murder is investigated as a femicide it automatically sets off a series of protocols recognised internationally through this documentation a statistic is generated making it possible to recognise the scope of the problem so public policy can be developed. outside the apartment building where indeed the ischemia was killed neighbors joined demonstrators in a vigil for all victims of gender based violence while it was the death of anybody that has come to you that support these latest demonstrations protests against gender based violence are becoming louder and more frequent in mexico more than 20 different organizations have signed an open letter against gender violence in mexico. with emotions still running high more demonstrations are expected when. mexico city. while some of the world's best cyclists will be racing towards the
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finishing line in a few hours time after the tour of colombia being crude this year's tour de france champion. is following his progress i the 2nd to last stage of the tour. arrived at the hometown of tour de france winner. sits at more than 2600 meters of elevation yet the rarified air did little to stem the excitement of fans waiting to see the city's most famous son. i met him when he was riding with his 1st started winning pan american bases and then i followed him when he went to italy it's very exciting to see him here because people adore him and this is his 3rd edition of the world tour competition has attracted the roaster of cycling greats and is positioning itself as a premier race in latin america for overseas riders it's an opportunity to compete at the beginning of the season at high altitude with each stage averaging above the
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highest peaks of the tour de france while for colombians it's an opportunity to shine at home. i think. for me pretty special. for this country. colombian cyclists take over the world. comes along after training everyone to speak really well of the country despite being a cycling loving country until recently colombia didn't have a u.c. . race the traditional 2 were known as well as long been bogged down by terrible infrastructure an accusation of widespread doping. the tour 6 stages are in colombia cycling regions of. also home tonight looking tana cycling expert. says colombian riders are going from strength to strength after an hour came one after another you know one of drips and drabs but now they're
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trying to choke in the very fashionable very canonical version. nearly all the world. and now liquid organs are coming through as well so latin america is really changing the face of words on sunday the last stage will reach the capital and its most emblematic climbed the clone at 3266 meters alison that i'm i'll just. tell of again the headlines on al-jazeera the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than $600.00 from the previous day but the world health organization is warning that
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other countries must step up their preparations for a corona virus that's now killed more than $1600.00 people it's impossible to predict which direction this week will take we are concerned about the levels of rumor and misinformation that hampering the response with concern by the continued increase in the number of cases in china we are concerned by reports from china used to the number of those workers who have been infected or done so dan's ousted president bashir is due to appear in court for a hearing on war crimes allegations in the darfur region the conflict there began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against this year's government around 300000 people were killed and 2 and a half 1000000 displaced the u.n. humanitarian chief for yemen says he's shocked by the killing of 31 civilians in airstrikes they happened after the rebels said they shot down
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a saudi air force war plane. foreign ministers and other officials are meeting in munich in their latest attempt to end the conflict in libya the talks are a follow up on promises made during a january summit which included commitments to end all outside interference in the war and a cold an arms embargo fighting between the un recognized governments and warlords $25.00 to that has gone on since april cats are as foreign minister says efforts to end the almost 3 year long blockade against the country have failed but qatar is remain open to resolving the disputes saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt are refusing to restore political trade and transport links you have today to the headlines on al-jazeera rewinds is coming up next thanks for watching . on counting the cost speaker rotavirus and its impact on the gas market spending billions of dollars to save trillions later from new york to chicago and so we look at the cost of life using sea level the oceans warm up has improved our risk you
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know. i'm going to call on al jazeera. hello and welcome to rewind we're back here at doha as iconic museum of islamic art for another look back at some of the best documentaries we've brought you over the past 10 years this week we're returning to the united states and 2013 at that time cleveland ohio was experiencing one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the industrialized world disproportionately affecting african-american men. the racial gap is grow.


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