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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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it's improved our risk here to. conduct on al-jazeera. a spike in new coronavirus cases a 100 more deaths forced china to take further drastic steps to fight the epidemic . special flights leave japan carrying hundreds of u.s. citizens quarantined due to the virus on a cruise ship. blown down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.n. says the arms embargo in libya is a joke as people mark the 9th anniversary of the fall of dictator moammar gadhafi. and the u.n. push to get more countries to help millions of afghan refugees based in pakistan.
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there's been an upturn in the number of new coronavirus cases in china after 2 days of decline nearly 2000 more people were infected that's a rise of nearly 5 percent well 105 deaths reported on sunday raising the total number of dead in the mainland to 1770 most of those were reported from who province that's the center of the epidemic another person has died outside of china a taxi driver in taiwan became the 5th a tallahassee outside the mainland an elderly chinese tourist in france was the 1st to die outside asia other deaths have been reported in the hong kong japan and the philippines and 2 flights evacuating u.s. citizens who were stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of coronavirus cases on board have now left japan those who are infected staying behind on the ship is being quarantined in the port of hama. 355 passengers tested positive for the virus well katrina you joins us
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live now from beijing katrina so nearly 2000 new cases being reported with 105 more deaths so just put these numbers into context for us katrina what does this all mean. the numbers are continuing to rise but one thing that we are seeing is that these this 2nd epidemic is remaining concentrated in a province we had 2000 or so new cases of the past 24 hours and just $118.00 of those cases outside of a province or outside of who a province the numbers do seem to be petering out there is a downward trend and that is good news but we have to remember that this is monday it's a start of a new working week the government wants people to start going back to work to restart the economy here in china and that of course presents challenges for the authorities missing millions of people stream into cities taking public transport going back into their offices so we could see more of
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a rise in cases there certainly restrictions for preventing this outbreak preventing the spread of this outbreak are intensifying around the country and who bay they've banned non-essential vehicles from the roads there sealing off residential compounds really tightly controlling the movement of citizens in in those areas and outside of a province miles away in cities like beijing and shanghai there are tight temperature checks when you go in and out of office buildings in and out of residential compounds they take your details they ask you where you've been there's still a banning of any group gatherings and all entertainment venues are still shut as well so it's been massively disruptive to everyday life and we have to remember that in who bay province we've got about 50 to 60000000 people who are in lockdown not allowed to leave their city or their town but we have hundreds of millions of more people really who've just been strongly encouraged to stay indoors who are been told to work from home and that's the that's really a lot of frustration in tension we're seeing especially on social media anger
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directed at the government for not. acting so quickly or to contain this outbreak and also a lot of a conspiracy theories us to or the origin of this outbreak also circulating online so as we see it see the numbers rise we also see the intensifying of china's censorship machine to really contain some of these posts and also try to i guess contain the panic across china or to katrina you there in beijing katrina thank you . well more now on the evacuation of those u.s. citizens from the cruise ship in japan by al jazeera she had. 2 flights which which took off wildly will had 2 and a half or space in california one to texas $300.00 of the $400.00 americans on board. of which the latest figures we have are $44.00 showed symptoms of the coronavirus they will be they will be staying in japanese hospitals now the rest will head to these and 4 spaces where they were put into 40 day quarantine before
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they are before the release of the show any signs of symptoms obviously we're told they will be taken to a suitable off base facility meanwhile $100.00 americans chose to stay on board the ship despite this being the center of coronavirus outbreak they felt as well as we can hear some of the reasons well look i mean we'd rather not go on a pretty cold windowless call group plane all the way to the u.s. only to be put into quarantine on an effort was placed. on the cruise line however the some strict rules for them to actually we understand now they will only be let off the ship on february the 19th we understand but they won't be allowed into the u.s. until march the 4th but as far as this larger issue of the coronavirus in the u.s. should you be scared it doesn't seem to be. an intense stage of tool really i think the main concern right now actually is among americans we're getting reports of a slowdown in businesses and chinatowns in new york chicago los angeles this is
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this country has a long history of xenophobia against asian americans and we're seeing community leaders local leaders saying look this isn't some ethnically. ethnically based virus this is you know. everyone should just stay come dr ali khan his family in the boston medical center his college of public health he told my colleague santa maria that it's not clear when the worst of the outbreak will be over. i think we need to be very careful about making predictions but there is no doubt that this is a global emergency in china and they've instituted a containment strategy and over the last couple of days we've been seeing a decline in cases in china too early to say whether or not that's permanent or not and across the world people have put in various layered public health measures to try to protect themselves they seem to be effective so far but we do know that there are hotspots even outside of china such as singapore is
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a good example where we are seeing local transmission within the community the world health organization saying yesterday that beijing is going i think it was 82 trials going on to try to find a treatment for and you know they're expecting results within weeks again positive sign perhaps i take your point that you don't want to get into the predictions business too much it's absolutely a positive point that they're trying to systematically about you wait but good options may be to treat patients starting with the existing drugs that we may already have on the shelf and that's the reflection of these 8082 trials there's also a trial underway to try to look at plasma so this is people who've recovered can you take their blood and use that has a therapy for people who are sick so there's also a trial trying to look at the plasma prompt people who have recovered from the disease now one of the un's top representatives in libya says the weapons embargo
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on the country has become a joke foreign ministers from around the world met on the sidelines of a security summit to mimic to discuss the conflict they've agreed not to interfere in libya but many have been involved in the conflict because the nations between the u.n. recognize government on the ward and if i have to do to receive on tuesday. and libyans are about to mark the 9th anniversary of the revolution that led to the downfall of longtime leader moammar gadhafi a power vacuum left behind has led to the country's current conflict the capital tripoli has seen intense fighting over the past few months al-jazeera child stratford met residents who fled their homes and aren't sure when they can go back half built a neglected for almost a decade these towers are on feet for habitation more than a 100 families who have fled fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital shelter here now this tiny room is where samir elma had he and her 2 children have lived for the last 3 months there's no electricity or running water samir
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a says her son used to be top of his class at school but the school was closed because of the fighting she described what happened when she tried to return to her home with her daughter to collect more of their belongings someone. asks where the her there's this little girl has seen no other child has witnessed in all of libya the whole building in front of us collapsed the bombs were coming from all sides our home was completely destroyed we could have been killed elijah nation says that more than 150000 people have been forced to flee their homes since general haftar started his offensive on the tripoli in april more than 600 people have been killed or injured now many libyans will be celebrating the anniversary of a revolution that overthrew farmall gadhafi at the same time as the country is ensuring what many describe a civil war. international efforts to pull just cease by the failed
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really gay general hurley for half the city's offensive against the un backed government based in tripoli will continue. families attend an event organized by government forces to honor their sons killed defending the capital how much a clan says he still dreams of peace and a unified libya well i don't know when i heard my son had been killed i was shocked but i hope god willing that he just like so many others who died for this country will be deemed a martyr and in next year's revolution anniversary will be better and all libyans can celebrate one unified libya where we and generations to come come across. back in their tiny cold room in the town samir a says thousands of families like hers have nothing to celebrate those that feel less of the children that there are so many tragedies huge problems and there's
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people suffering even more than us i don't have any hope left there is no security to why and what all the celebrated another generation too young to understand can only wait for the peace and prosperity that was promised to their parents almost a decade ago. tripoli syrian state media is reporting that government forces have recaptured most of aleppo province once controlled by rebels russian planes have been bombing the region in the northwest president bashar al assad's forces have made significant gains over the past few days seizing these dirty dick and 5 highway which links aleppo to the capital damascus. and turkey's trying to stop that advance into the last rebel held areas u.s. president donald trump has commended turkey's president for trying to stop the syrian government forces backed by russia earlier turkey's foreign minister told his russian counterpart on current will take the necessary steps if diplomatic efforts with moscow failed level of cover soon. held talks in munich the syrian government
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with the help of its ally russia is also advancing in italy and several turkish soldiers have been killed. well as the syrian government tightens its grip rebels are abandoning strategic areas in aleppo and live as turkey steps up its involvement in the campaign those fighting bashar al assad's forces see a chance to regain ground are somehow bar reports now from the take on turkey's border with syria. these are fighters from the national liberation front a rebel alliance backed by turkey outgunned and outnumbered the fighters secret behind in you directed embankment on the other side government troops are stepping up their campaign. we are consolidating our defense lines setting up small flexible command centers and most of the factions are coordinating
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their operations and our image to drag government forces into our own area fighting has surged over the last few days president bashar al assad's forces have regained control of many areas in aleppo and it live. their advance infuriated turkey which accuses us of violating the terms of a cease fire agreement turkey signed with russia and iran 2 years ago uncut has sent water into it and expanded its military outposts despite that damascus insists its campaign won't stop turkey's growing involvement in the syrian conflict is welcomed by the rebels who see it as an opportunity for a cold. we are still fighting to prevent assad's army and the militias backing him from destroying our villages and evicting civilians the morale of our fight is high and we are all determined to defeat assad the rebels have been weakened by
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internal fighting and divisions the national liberation front is one among many of the rebel held territory but hey at the us. is the most powerful it's an alliance of many groups with a strong presence in it. the rebels have no hope of defeating assad's troops who are making more gains and determined to take over the last area held by the opposition now their last chance is that turkey increases its military presence in syria stops the government offensive and imposes a ceasefire but such an agreement would be decided by 3 key powers russia turkey and iran. had tie on turkish border with syria. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back free of coronavirus so far but something in the nisa could be harboring undetected cases. find out how some weird
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and wonderful designs in philadelphia helping people imagine a very different future mourners hands. hello it's time to take a look at the weather across the levant and the middle east region you see all this area of cloud that's developing into quite a snow feature of the next 24 hours so is run the forecast you can see quite a bit of snow across the far east of turkey far north east of iraq and through northern iran and temperatures really struck in the advantages to tehran maximum of 9 degrees further south is looking fine nice weather conditions here in doha max and 25 degrees with light winds heading on through into tuesday much of that snow clears away so dry conditions here but still some pretty low nighttime temperatures well into negative features in the across eastern parts of turkey temperatures in
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tehran expected to recover into double figures at least and again temperatures rising here around the arabian peninsula too by the high of 28 degrees heading into central parts of africa we've still got quite a few showers across parts of tanzania also we're expecting some pretty heavy downpours further to. wards the west across democrats are publicly congo and also for the central african republic. is expected to continue during the course of choose a somebody plunket downpours expected here should be bright though in kampala uganda highs expected to reach 27 degree celcius. in a strangely f.e is a wise thing about china's growing influence on university campuses. when i want to east investigates how beijing is losing power offering one on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. welcome back if you come out of our top stories here this hour china has reported $105.00 more deaths from corona virus bringing the total to $1770.00 on the mainland 2 aircraft evacuating u.s. citizens have been stuck on a cruise ship have now left japan some who tested positive the virus are staying behind. a u.n. envoy's describing the arms embargo on libya as
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a joke foreign ministers from 13 nations discuss the ban on the munich security conference their greed not to interfere but many states have been involved in the conflict. and syrian state media is reporting that government forces backed by russian warplanes have seize most of the rebel held areas of aleppo province it's all part of the government's offensive to take them over the region including obvious. but more now on the coronavirus people have been infected in more than 2 dozen countries but one of asia's most populous nations is yet to report a single case in the nations evacuated from the chinese epicenter that's where we have been released with a clean bill of health jessica washington reports from one of the in the majors most important tourist spots. it's quieter than usual on bali's beaches tens of thousands of chinese tourists who would have spent their winter holidays on the island have had to postpone their plans because of the corona virus outbreak who visit is from china who landed here before the outbreak escalated there were 2
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choices return home or extend this stay at least 300 out of the 5000 who are here have applied for visa extensions but you and her husband are ready to go home the couple say they're confident chinese authorities and governments around the world handling the situation you know will we need to go back to our jobs and our children need to go to school so in our holiday ads we will immediately return home every year around a 1000000 chinese tourists visit bali and they would direct flights from will where the outbreak began until they were stopped a few weeks ago as many ask how indonesia has seemingly avoided this outbreak for now this concern the virus is present here but undetected somewhere in this vast archipelago a recent study by harvard researchers looked at data around the outbreak and its link with a travel volume it calculated the risk of an outbreak in countries with direct
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flights to when the outbreak began and found the disease could already be in indonesia some say indonesia is vulnerable. there are many ports of entry into the country so many airports and ways for people to get in and some areas don't have the right equipment to take to the virus. but authorities here are defending the measures taken by indonesia. we've been mapping the spread of what would happen if there was a right we have 100 hospitals ready now and getting ready the facilities and personnel are prepared. the world health organization also says the country is taking the right steps to detect the virus and prepare for cases. have. and. it's been
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confirmed one chinese national who traveled to bali has contract to the virus but it's not clear whether that happened in bali where authorities are looking into the case and on this island many are anxiously waiting to know jessica washington al-jazeera. pakistan and the u.n. refugee agency are holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing millions of afghan refugees it's estimated more than 2000000 live in pakistan some of been displaced since the 1979 soviet invasion violence makes returning home dangerous but a report for asian program is set to resume next month will commodity joins us live now from so you've been to one of these afghan refugee camps all sort of conditions do people live in and what challenges about facing. we're dead and right now i'm in one of the largest refugee camps which is about 25 kilometers from the shah this is known as shum shut to camp at the height of the
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wall it had a very large population read their own school their knowledge but there's because there was a lot of international donor money water boarding and however now that camp is reduced to almost 50 percent of its strength many people have gone back to afghanistan others have gone and spread across the country so what we see. conditions there is hardly any sanitation the children are going to school anymore and the head services are also in bad shape because that is no more international donors paying for these of one refugees of course the united nations high commission for refugees is also suffering because of that they need more funding from the international community to head the remaining of ones who are still in pakistan and come all we know that many of the refugees have lived in pakistan for
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a decade so what's what's stopping the repacked ration another ready to go back. well 1st of all it did the condition of honest on a conflict a never ending conflict people are afraid that if they go back they may be court ordered that violence is concerned so they don't know it's just a number of blind people are going to go back the united nations high commission for refugees days of course going to be asking the pakistanis to try and had been some way by itself as economic crises and therefore there needs to be more interest from the international community to ensure that. that of course it's proved to be quite elusive and to ensure that these people like that they're going to be safe when they do go back and of course the biggest constraint is that these people were receiving funds from the un and in order to facilitate that great bad creation
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those funds are now are drying up and a conference in islamabad where i hated himself a taking part not to be forgotten that he's been the head of the un they did the united nations high commission for refugees for several years. and rarely need. to tank pakistan photogenic. refugees for over 4 decades all right to come out. now india has rejected an offer by the un to mediate in the cost me a dispute new delhi says it's a bilateral issue the un secretary general antonio content has made the often during a visit to pakistan islamabad has been lobbying to put pressure on india after it withdrew the autonomy of kashmir return tree under its control and i'm deeply concerned about the increased tensions that we have witnessed last year. i have
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repeatedly stressed the importance of excess sizing maximum restraint and taking steps to deescalate bills militarily invertible while regulating my offer to exercise my good offices should both sides us diplomacy and dialogue remain the only tools that get in to peace and stability details are emerging of a massacre in cameroon at least $22.00 people including 14 children were killed by an armed group on friday attack happened in the farming village of garbage in the north west there's been fighting between rebels and the government in the area over a push to create a separate english speaking nations now 12 men have been detained in germany suspected of a far right plot to overthrow the political luda they were planning attacks on politicians asylum seekers and muslims the group which calls itself the hard core had been under surveillance with some of its members arrested last september they used whatsapp to plot their attacks earlier in the year pro refugee politician
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vowed to luka was shot dead by a far right supporter stephan empt look was a member of angela merkel's christian democrats a few weeks later it was revealed that german intelligence spent years tracking another thorat group called the northern cross with reported links to the police and military group plan to target senior political figures or higher funkier is from the free university of berlin he says there are multiple fronts where far right extremism is a problem. we have 2 factors the one is pull your party like a.f.d. who is in the bullet struck in the national parliament and who is instigating and developing rage against minorities so they create to a degree in atmosphere through which the other groups the violent rounds and courage to do more violence is a dangerous situation especially for those who are threatened we have some
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elements within the security services and institutions but the more difficult thing is to detect those who are doing preparing things via internet in a mess or a services the other. groupings in some cities and towns who have face to face contact and can be also very dangerous i won't do any east german bashing that's a problem in german debates but defacto a lot of these crimes and organisational groups are in eastern germany because of the problems since the unification economically culturally and before in the or thora tehan phases in decades they went through in germany now the role of
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design in the challenges that humans may encounter in the future is the subject of a major exhibition at the philadelphia museum of art it's called designs for a different future and as understeer as gabler's on the reports it's meant to provoke people to imagine a future much different than the reality of today. it's an art exhibition not about the past not about the present but about imagining the future of everything like this 25 collaged passports proposing a system to allow people to temporarily exchange citizenship a critique of a world where goods and services freely cross borders where humans often can't it's one of more than 75 exhibits by designers tackling issues of the future and the human condition at a major new exhibition at the philadelphia museum of art it is a vast show that tries to ask a lot of questions without necessarily giving answers. when you come to an
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exhibition about the future you might expect to see things like this robots and there is one this is corey that looks at the interaction between robots and humans and artificial intelligence but this exhibition is also about a lot more these faces were created from d.n.a. extracted from discarded cigarette ends and gum on the streets the designer using the genetic information to render the portraits. there are several pieces related to food like these 2 salmon in larger genetically modified one next to a smaller organic one and a replica of steaks grown out of human cells from hospital waste both provocative ideas reflecting a future where food resources are strained the idea is to make people think about food as a cornerstone of human civilization and think about what will happen to food and the future of human diet as we start thinking about the big challenges that are
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lying ahead like climate change diversity loss and environmental pollution einstein once said he never thinks of the future because it will come fast enough in this exhibit designers are the ones bringing bear ideas for the future and not telling people what to think rather what to think about gabriel's andro al-jazeera philadelphia. topic which are the headlines here on al-jazeera china has reported $105.00 more deaths from corona virus on sunday bringing the total to $1770.00 on the mainland around 2000 more people have tested positive for the virus could you know you has more now from beijing we do have to remember that these are official figures so we do have to take them with a grain of salt they of course could be much more cases but it does seem at least that though the numbers of cases are rising inside who by the numbers outside of
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who by all fooling we do have to remember that today is monday in china it's a new working week and we are expecting many more people millions of people to return to major cities to go back to work slowly to start using public transport so the number could spike of the next few days and we do have to watch that closely. 2 aircraft evacuating u.s. citizens stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of people infected by a corona virus on board have now left japan but those who are ill or staying behind 355 passengers tested positive for the virus among them $44.00 u.s. citizens will be treated in japanese hospitals and within the past hour strainers prime minister said that his government will send a plane to evacuate its citizens on board the ship a un envoy describing the arms embargo on libya as a joke foreign ministers from 13 nations discuss the ban of the munich security conference agreed not to interfere but many states have been involved in the conflict syrian state media is reporting that government forces but by russian
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warplanes have seize most of the rebel held areas of aleppo province as part of the government's offensive to take the northern region including it live province. pakistan in the un refugee agency holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing millions of afghan refugees it's estimated more than 2000000 live in pakistan violence makes returning home dangerous at least 22 people were killed by an armed group in cameroon on friday attack happened in the farming village of mugabe in the north west has been fighting between rebels and the government in the area of a push to create a separate english speaking nations well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after what i want to state your sense of what. if you were looking at this from the outside it would really wonder what was going on but what is this rice is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no
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limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bait the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera i want to strain his university campuses tensions are rising and there are a lot of chan had a her heart she has got to go i. thought it was at that moment that i was attacked. and universities heard billions of dollars a year from chinese student fees and research projects with china. but now fears are growing that these lucrative arrangements made the mistrial years academic institutions even national security at risk.


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