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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2020 1:00am-1:17am +03

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what the law really. growing evidence of a decline in cases of corona virus in china as health officials say the virus is not as deadly as previous strains. hello i'm barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up syria's president celebrates recent gains by his forces in aleppo saying the fight for full control will continue. to a major breakthrough in efforts to enforce an arms embargo in libya the european union ok's new sea and their patrols in the eastern mediterranean and russia has
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big plans for facial recognition we take a closer look at legal attempts to shut it down. thank you and welcome to the program more than 300 americans have been flown home after 2 weeks in quarantine on a cruise ship as the fight to contain the coronavirus continues the diamond princess which is docked in yokohama has become the biggest single cluster of infections outside china with more than 450 people unwell meanwhile in the epicenter of the outbreak more than 70000 people have been confirmed to have the virus in china with nearly 1800 deaths among them the people's daily newspaper reports that the high ranking director of the one hospital has died from the virus well the lockdown of chinese cities is continuing in one of the country's most important political gatherings of the year may just be the next casualty officials
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are considering canceling an annual parliamentary session which draws officials from around the country to beijing sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. millions of chinese are returning to work some companies have reopened their factories as they try to get back to business as usual after being shot for weeks i mean solicitor you 50 percent of our employees have returned to work bringing our production capacity to 50 percent we predict all of our workers will be back on their post by the end of february and a production capacity will return to normal. employees arriving for work a getting additional checks to make sure they're healthy and the government's offering companies tax incentives to limit the economic damage of the outbreak the government's also rolled out some measures to help enterprises and ensure their normal operation so we're encouraged and feel confident government statistics on monday showed a continuing rise in the infection right in china but the fatality right has fallen
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the national health commission says the situation is improving outside here by the province at the center of the crisis to. try and ward places outside of who by a total of $115.00 new cases were reported on sunday including 5 new did the number of newly confirmed cases outside of who bay has kept declining for 13 days in a row the number of new confirmed cases remained at a relatively low level. in here by the situation is grim inside this makeshift hospital and will hand patients queue for food and treatment as medical staff care for the rising number of infected china's military is sending hundreds of doctors and nurses to wehrhahn the world health organization is sending experts to beijing as well as to guangdong and sichuan province it's. with the virus yet to be contained china's largest annual political meeting is expected to be postponed the national people's congress to start on march the 5th
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a meeting next monday is due to decide if the meeting will be shelved the 1st time in china's recent history here in hong kong another infection was reported on monday when the spread of the virus is feeling more consumer panic with price toilet paper rolls and face masks still in short supply the government is calling for calm sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong well the head of the world health organization says new data from china is giving a clearer picture about the impact of the virus that did also appear to show a decline in new cases this trend must be interpreted very cautiously trend is going to change as new populations are affected it's too early to tell if this report to decline will continue every scenario is still on the table it also appears that quoted 19 is not as deadly as
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a record and i viruses including scientists and murders more than 80 percent of patients have mild disease and will recover well meanwhile japan has confirmed that 99 further infections on board the quarantined cruise ship docked in yokohama but 300 americans who were on board have arrived home on evacuation flights they'll spend another 2 weeks in medical seclusion in the u.s. company health care has more from washington. well the u.s. government set up a task force a number of weeks ago and so those efforts put in place are now being implemented those passengers are going to 2 different locations either military base in texas or another in california and there are more military bases around the country that are on standby if they're needed later on now the concern is for the from the standpoint of health officials in the united states is the asymptomatic spread of this virus in other words those that don't have any exhibited symptoms can still
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pass the virus on to another person and as a result draconian containment measures have been taken are taking place and that is that there will be an unforced quarantine of 14 days for these passengers that have just arrived in the u.s. so you have to remember they've already been in isolation for 2 weeks now the clock starts ticking for another 2 weeks bring it to a total of one month that these passengers will be separated from the rest of society. chinese authorities have detained a prominent rights activist who criticized president things handling of the corona virus outbreak xu zhiyong that was arrested on saturday night in the southern city of going to he is a legal scholar and long time activist for judicial reform earlier this month to publish the lessing which called on china's president to resign citing the coronavirus crisis in the mishandling of the whole call pro-democracy protests.
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the united nations says 875000 civilians have fled from fighting in northwestern syria since december the syrian government launched an air and ground offensive to recapture the last rebel held areas last year the advances created the biggest single civilian displacement during the 9 year war almost $40000.00 people have fled toward the towards the turkish border in the past 4 days alone meanwhile syria's president bashar al assad says he is committed to continuing his government's offensive until the very end his forces have made massive gains in recent days capturing dozens of villages in aleppo province has said made his comments in a rare televised address. fully understand that this liberation does not mean the end of the war or the end of plots or terrorism eva this liberation does not mean the enemy's will surrender this liberation means that we put our enemies pride in
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the dirt as a primary step to defeat them completely sooner or later. on the turkey syria border with more on bashar al assad's comments. this is a delicate moment for the syrian opposition but also for the syrian government and this explains why president bashar assad has been celebrating in his speech the new major gains made by the syrian army particularly on the outskirts of. and also the southern parts of it live saying basically that this is just about a matter of time before the opposition is defeated this explains why he has been saying that the fight will continue until the terrace and this is the term that he uses. most of the time to describe the syrian opposition would no longer in 2014 or 15 when the syrian government was on the verge of collapse and when the syrian opposition was making spectacular gains across the country all those gains
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were reversed and now they're just confined to it which is their last stronghold but president bashar assad also told his people that they have to wait and that this is not the end of the war and i think he was hinting to the fact that with the growing turkish involvement with turkey sending more boys into into taking over it might take some time now it's no longer up to us or to decide what happens next and i think this is something which will boil down to 3 players russia turkey if you have been. holding talks in moscow to defuse tension iran is also another regional player the 3 iran russia and turkey will decide the future of syria in the near future. at least 22 people have been killed in an attack on a farming village in kenya last west english speaking region the un says that on demand shot at women and children in garble and burned others in their homes
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english speaking separatists have blamed the army for the violence but it denies any wrongdoing and says its soldiers were attacked during a reconnaissance mission they been speaking to witnesses from back in senegal. graphic images that's being distributed on social media too graphic to broadcast on television these are children babies that were burnt before that they were shot in the head now we spoke to some eyewitnesses that were there when the attack took place that then buried the bodies of these children children ranging from the age of 6 months to 14 years of age there was a woman that was pregnant a disabled man this for the government is just collateral damage they acknowledge that this took place but they call it collateral damage in their fight against the separatists that want their independence from the french speaking majority of cameroon this is one of many attacks that have that is taking place in the
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northwest and southwest region of cameroon it's very difficult to go there we weren't allowed to go there it's a restricted area so it's very difficult to get some clear reporting of what's happening joining me now is temp food from the open society in west africa he said himself in english speaking cameroonian when you hear the reports that we're seeing now would you make of this i mean it's a it's a terrible situation that has been allowed to get out of hun the incident in my salute that incident seems that all settle down a little crises this incidence have been all correlated with increasing little regularity and each time there is no accountability for the big changes of these he knew them through from the open society initiative in west africa thank you very much there are a 1000000 people displaced from this conflict that started off just a few years ago people english english speaking people that wanted that wanted the government to recognize their identity as english speaking and despite this the
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attacks have intensified in that region still to come on al-jazeera a week of storms across the u.k. brings us some of the highest water levels in 40 years it's. hundreds of flood warnings still in place left in the dark to lol how south africans are making the switch to cut their electricity bills. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across the southeastern part of australia it is going to be a little bit messy over the next few days we do have a system that is coming in off the bike and with that we're going to be seeing some winds some rain as well temperatures will be dropping in some areas so here we go on tuesday winds coming out of the south for adelaide 22 degrees to their rain
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pushing through melbourne that could be heavy at times over here towards sydney we do expect to see more convective activity more thunderstorms there tempter there coming down to about $29.00 as we go towards wednesday in terms of the forecast remember though it is going to still be rainy all the way through thursday we do expect see those temperatures though coming down 24 on tuesday 20 on wednesday 19 degrees as your expected high here on thursday well also messy towards northern part of japan of the next few days notice that storm pushing over here towards our cairo and with that we do expect to see snow anywhere from sapporo all the way down across the western part of japan over the next you days that's really going to be the only day we see the bad weather here on tuesday by the time we get to wednesday most of that makes its way into the pacific we're going to sing more sun across much of the area of tokyo though it is going to be a partly cloudy day at 12 degrees down here towards hong kong though the rain has finally ended we're going to be seeing about 70 degrees for their efforts i pay and they stay at $19.00.
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a unique endangered by a giant. lies in the hearts of want to produce tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now the probabilities become that there. of conservation the community's al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and her team to save the flora and fauna so precious the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera almost
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a 100 new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed on board a cruise ship in japan has 300 americans quarantined on board returned more than 70000 people in china now have the virus syria's president says he is committed to continuing his government's offensive in the north of the country until the very end bashar al assad made the comments in a rare appearance on television and at least 22 people have been killed during an attack on a farming village cameroon's northwest english speaking region separatists blame the army for the violence but it denies. there have been heavy clashes between saudi troops and tribal forces in yemen province it happened near the omani border saudi troops attempt at the store in the town of shonn but they were repelled apache helicopters and armored vehicles were than the ploy from al gaidar airport as part of the assault. the european
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union will launch new sea and air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons reaching libya's warring factions it marks a major breakthrough after weeks of negotiations but as our diplomatic editor james bays reports from geneva talks there on a full ceasefire may be more important. foreign ministers of the european union meeting in brussels have decided in principle to start monitoring illegal arms flows to libya however they've also actually cancelled an already mandated e.u. mission operation saffir that used to have ships in the mediterranean from 2015 to deter migrants until the naval vessels were withdrawn as a result of a talian pressure instead of retire. they now have to set up a new naval and air mission which may even need fresh u.n. security council authorization it could all take months.


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