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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2020 1:16am-1:34am +03

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the european union will launch new sea and air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons reaching libya's warring factions it marks a major breakthrough after weeks of negotiations but as our diplomatic editor james bays reports from geneva talks there on a full ceasefire may be more important. foreign ministers of the european union meeting in brussels have decided in principle to start monitoring illegal arms flows to libya however they've also actually cancelled an already mandated e.u. mission operations a fear that used to have ships in the mediterranean from 2015 to deter migrants until the naval vessels were withdrawn as a result of a talian pressure instead of retard skiing that help aeration they now have to set up a new naval and air mission which may even need fresh u.n. security council authorization it could all take months to find some of the
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international arms embargo isn't the only major problem affecting peace efforts in libya in the coming hours talks will resume here at the u.n. in geneva between 5 representatives of the internationally recognized government in tripoli and 5 from general have to decide to try and get a cease fire can you give us a readout of how they went the government's representative at the u.n. in new york libyan ambassador sunny told me the previous round of talks had been far from easy and there's a lot of issues that we don't need and together but there are some parts that as mentioned from the u.n. led process that could be a breakthrough but i'm still. have to be cautious because we noticed that there are certain elements that we look into in terms of the return of i.d.p.'s the area and where the withdrawal areas are these are things that are still and good discussions
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and are not clear yet at the munich security conference the u.n. has except the special representative of libya made it clear if they can silence the guns the plan is for wider political talks in just over a week's time james pays out 0 geneva. at least 7 people including 2 police officers have been killed and dozens wounded in a suicide bombing in pakistan police say a teenager detonated the bomb in quite a provincial cap the provincial capital of. it happened when he was stopped by police near the city's press club were religious religious rally was taking place so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack the speaker of iran's parliament has become the 1st foreign official to visit lebanon's new government leader laurie johnny says iran stands ready to help the struggling lebanese economy prime minister has india has promised to come up with a plan to ease the financial crisis but protesters are still denouncing his
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leadership zain holder has more from beirut. ali larijani is the 1st foreign official to visit lebanon since a new government took office last week iran's parliament speaker came with a message of support from iran's leadership and his visit also seems to be a message to the international community as well lebanon is caught in the crossfire between the united states and iran and it is allies of the islamic republic who control lebanon's cabinet. lebanon managed to overcome a sensitive and difficult phase when it form the new government we hope the new government will be able to succeed and we are ready to call put it with it and give it our full backing but iran's growing influence in the cabinet through its local ally hezbollah seems to be hurting lebanon's ability to secure much needed funds from both the international community and the arab world prime minister has sandia his government is seeking all the help it can get as
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a deals with the unprecedented economic and financial crisis international community is more or less in the wait and see mode the us administration in the waiting internally how to deal with them along so there is no decision here obviously for of the europeans they are conditioning the 2 reforms and waiting to see what the government will commit to. for the arab countries. saudi arabia and. we have more. maybe against this government politically the trumpet ministration so-called maximum pressure campaign against iran is also targeting its allies in the region the u.s. says hezbollah is a terrorist group and recently extended sanctions to target hezbollah's members in parliament that's an effort to weaken the group's control of the lebanese state and its political system u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a won't say if the us administration will work with lebanon's new government
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instead he reiterated what the united nations has repeatedly said that any any assistance will depend on reforms like fighting corruption and tax evasion and supporting an independent judiciary lebanese politicians have the power for decades have repeatedly piss bownde implemented reforms that would weaken their hold on power but they are under increasing pressure the economy is collapsing lebanon is close to bankruptcy and iran's influence in the government threatens international isolation. beirut at least $24.00 people have been killed after unidentified gunmen attacked a church in northern kenya faso the attack took place on sunday during a weekend service in the village of it's the 3rd religious attack in the area in the past week. hundreds of flood warnings remain in place across the u.k. after some areas recorded the highest water levels in 40 years 2 storms have
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battered person in recent days 4 people have died in a week of surging waves and wind challenge snapped reports. hangry season dangerous while in rivers dennis is the 2nd storm in a week to batter parts of the u.k. blowing in shortly after storm chiara blew out dennis has brought floods and destruction to wales and western england. in herefordshire cars became flotsam borne away by the waters because storm chiara had already saturated the land dennis's heavy rain swiftly turned roads to tarantulas rivers fields into lakes the town center of 10 bridwell's and wish to share was submerged it can take months for people's lives to return to normal after this kind of event and it's up to my thigh in situ mean and everything that we put up on boxes last night is.
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we've got electricity so we're really lucky so we've been serving plus the tea and coffee and hot water if somebody wanted it but you know i mean it was time to sort of evacuate now prime minister boris johnson quick to visit storm hit areas while campaigning for december's election has yet to do the same this time. but the government has announced plans for a new $1500000000.00 supercomputer that will try to predict weather and climate change faster than ever before bats won't stop storms like dennis and he are of course but more warnings should mean better preparation and that could prevent future storms being so destructive chalons 1000. activists in russia are taking legal action against the government's plan for one of the world's largest facial recognition systems they fear the surveillance is being used to pinpoint critics of president vladimir putin but police say that law abiding russians have
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nothing to fear our correspondents that has been given exclusive access to police headquarters in. moscow fights are being watched closely $200000.00 cameras will be installed not only on public streets but also at the entrances of private living quarters not many people are aware that their biometric data images body measurements and other characteristics are being captured real time and transmitted to police money to us within moments a pro. since identity can be determined and his place of residence. if the person is on the wanted list it means he is a criminal if you have not committed a crime you don't have to be worried that. if he is a caught on camera russia is taking the phrase big brother is watching you to a new level. seemingly available at nearly every street corner. easily catch criminals say they'll keep
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a close eye on activists opposing the putin 3 team at the same time. police have been accused of using face recognition technology to crackdown on peaceful protesters during a wave of anti-government demonstrations last summer up over us as she was arrested after taking part in the protests in 2018 she filed a case against the police at a moscow court dismissed it she will mount a not a legal challenge against a technology next month is. by using facial recognition technology the state violates people's privacy and i'm saying they're doing it illegally i'm convinced that they are collect and use or biometric data and they don't have a right to do so they must stop. but the company that designed it acknowledges sas it system is being used legally in russia an activist should be more worried about their mobile phones when you're talking about your phone so your job position is always on. all the content is monitored which you're saying you know. speech
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recognition is always liked and whatever so. when you when you do from the from the government perspective this is the number one saying the company claims it can identify people even if only their eyes are visible and do the test we do find a loophole the company admits that mismatches can happen and aims to improve the system. not only desist and invasiveness and accuracy is being questioned but also its security recently russian media discovered that captured images are being hacked and sold on the black market which instead of compared to crime would make it criminals work a lot easier step fasten al-jazeera moscow. electricity blackouts in south africa have not only left people in the dark but also cost companies millions of dollars in lost business the state owned power firm has major money problems and
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bureaucracy is making it hard to plug in turn it of sources of power for me to miller explains now from johannesburg. with the price of electricity soaring livestock farmer villain to show foreigners 1st needs to cut costs state owned power supply is scum has tripled the cost of electricity in the last decade to help pay off its 55 $1000000000.00 dates but companies also plagued by operational problems such as interrupted coal supply to burn for fuel the farmers answer is to install solar panels to generate clean and cheap energy because of the influence of form you have a need to have a constant supply of electricity so i don't have the option just to wait till the power comes back on again while pharmacy generating their own electricity can lessen the load on the national supply they say it takes too long to get a license to generate their own power some farmers have waited as long as 3 years
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it's not only farmers who say they can help mining companies say they too can build it renewable energy plants to reduce their reliance on the national electricity supply mining companies say they could generate between $61500.00 megawatts of their own power but only if regulations eased to bold renewable energy plants regular blackouts mean south africa's vital gold and diamond mining industry is working below capacity with fears jobs could be lost firstly have to get an exemption from the minister the i r p in the grove as well as plan has been designed to provide a certain amount of electricity you have to get exemption from him then you have to go to no stop to get permission to do it then you have to do your own land commissioning water. licenses from the local authorities and then you have to go do is come to us whether you can actually we'll that is transferring your electricity
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from one side to the other over the power lines the national energy regulator says the delays are necessary to ensure electricity generation is saying. and that some applicants have not provided the necessary information to get a license during his state of the nation address earlier this month president said south africa's economic recovery had stalled due to the power cuts but that alternative sources such as renewable energy would be used to ease the burden on the electricity grid and that licensing would be sped up but until the electricity supply is stable the already struggling economy will continue to suffer from al-jazeera johannesburg for the 1st time since the 16th century tapestries by renascence artist rafael have returned to the walls of the vatican's sistine chapel the 12 masterpieces are on the splay to mark the 500 years since the artist's death
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the silk wall and gold threads have been restored by conservationists over the past decade rafael's artworks have been placed where they used the home for them 20 years after michelangelo finished painting the chapel ceiling in 1512. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera almost $100.00 new cases of corona virus have been diagnosed on board a cruise ship docked at a japanese port it comes as $300.00 american tourists quarantined of the boat were flown home or than 70000 people in china now have the virus with nearly 1800 deaths officials in beijing are considering canceling one of the main political gatherings of the year to stop people travelling the world health organization says new data is giving a clearer picture about the impact of the virus did also appear to show
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a decline in new cases this trend must be interpreted very cautiously turned change as a new population is affected it's too early to tell if this report to decline will continue every scenario is still on the table. it also appears that quote viewed 9 june is not as diddly squat and i viruses including scientists murders more than 80 percent of patients have mild disease and will recover. syria's president says he is committed to continuing his government's offensive in the north of the country until the very end bashar al assad made the comments in a rare appearance on state t.v. his forces have made massive gains in recent days capturing dozens of villages in aleppo province the u.n. says 875000 civilians have fled the fighting since the center at least 22 people
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have been killed in an attack on a farming village in cameroons northwest english speaking region the u.n. says armed men shot at women and children in that regard bull and burned others in their homes separatists blame the army for the violence but it denies any wrongdoing the european union will launch new c. and their patrols in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons reaching libya's warring factions that the session marks a major breakthrough after weeks of negotiations that used cult current operation will be scrapped after it was criticized for bringing more migrants to europe those are the top stories my colleagues in the hall will have more news in half an hour women make science is coming up next thanks for watching like. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter. how does iraq bring you the needs and current affairs that matter to you. out
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a zinger. these forests is one of the most amazing places in the world. it is very very very.


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