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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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oh. this is al-jazeera. everyone i'm come all santamaria this is the news from al-jazeera coronavirus pandemic it is causing up people worldwide countries are resorting to extreme steps as they combat the outbreak the infection that was spreading through global markets stocks have fallen yet again in the u.s. and beyond trading on wall street was halted for the 2nd time in a week. meanwhile europe's hitting back at u.s. president donald trump for banning almost all flights from the continent the crewmembers is a global crisis not limited to any continent and it requires cooperation rather
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than unilateral action. and the. calls for an easing of sanctions on iran to help it find buyers. and install some nice australian formula down to the coronavirus mclaren has pulled out of the race after it's a member tested positive for. comprehensive travel bans countries under lockdown economy's in trouble a coronavirus pandemic as it is now is increasing the turmoil worldwide more drastic measures are being imposed to fight the spread of the illness let's take you through that spread now spain 1st of all where the death toll is jumped by $84.00 it's almost double yesterday's total nearly $3000.00 cases all. when
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a government minister is contracted the disease video conferences are being used instead of face to face governmental meetings and britain scientists aren't recommending any sort of travel ban yet but of course donald trump u.s. president has announced a ban on all flights to the u.s. from europe except the u.k. we're going to more on that shortly. as well the decisions going on there there's a back story about iran needing well billions in loans really from the international monetary fund to fight the virus the health ministry says the number of infections there has now surpassed 10000 with 429 deaths that is part of this bigger picture which i'm sure you're all familiar with now the coronavirus covert 19 tracker from johns hopkins university in the united states the headline number is this one right now 127863 infections total if we go back to the map we're just looking at the concentrations in europe there at the moment but the thing i always do like to draw your attention to these numbers up here yes there have been 4718 deaths but there are also 68000 people
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worldwide who have recovered you see 50000 the vast majority of them in a province in china where the outbreak began so at this hour 1500 hours g.m.t. we've got correspondents on 3 continents mike hanna is at the white house he is in tehran for the middle east perspective but we start in europe there's natasha butler at charles de gaulle airport in paris will be with you shortly natasha starting with knaves barkha now if we had to study even i mean there's so much that's happened in europe in just the past few hours but the u.k. not exactly following suit basically take us through all of that. it is a rapidly shifting picture with updates pretty much every few minutes or so but let's start here in the u.k. where senior ministers are currently attending the cobra meeting there's an emergency gathering of senior officials and politicians to decide exactly what to
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do next the u.k. has basically conceded that we have now gone past the containment stage of the virus and now need to be focusing on delaying its onset the theory here in britain is that if the peak of the virus can be delayed to the summer months when there is usually less strain on the health service than that would be the best way of equipping the health service to be able to deal with a sudden increase in people requiring its services a similar strategy being rolled out in other countries in the european union as well but let's now go to italy where the situation has become incredibly critical the prime minister there announcing the toughest measures yet closing pretty much all stores apart from pharmacies and food stores giuseppe concious said that he believes these measures or be proven within 2 weeks time as to whether or not they are effective it's really very much the test case of what other countries should do but the story of thursday is really a vast number of countries that are now taking the decision to shut down schools to
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ban gatherings of people just to name a few countries denmark norway lithuania island poland the czech republic of all decided to shut down their schools feeling that that is the best way to slow down the spread of the virus outside the e.u. large gatherings have been banned in the balkans and the moldova has banned all direct flights to the country from countries that are infected by the coronavirus bosnia and serbia also have done exactly the same so incredibly rapidly changing picture but overall the feeling is that now is the time to shift the gear when it comes to delaying the onset of the virus containment isn't alone good enough that is the barca with the update from london there and why the europe now we go to paris natasha butler what's how i can see
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a lot of people with masks for us all behind you at the airport take us through what's going on there. yes a lot of people taking their own measures to try and protect themselves from the current virus of course is it spreads around the world there are also many cases are well over 2000 cases here in france alone while here shoulder goal airport there are several flights preparing to take off for the united states destinations like washington also you can probably see people behind me they are checking in for those flights and there is a lot of concern among some of the european union citizens who some of them of cut of tried to get to the airport are actually fly to the united states today because back they live there where they have relatives there they need to get into the states before these restrictions come into play so i also spoke to 2 u.s. citizens 2 women who were on holiday in france but have decided to fly back to los angeles this afternoon here in paris because they are worried that the restrictions
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might end up also affecting us citizens they don't for now but they're concerned that that might be the case in the days to come because this crisis is evolving all the time when i hear from the national carrier here buses are meeting they are trying to work out exactly how they're going to proceed over the next few days because of course if so many passengers from the european union are not able to travel to the united states that means they'll be less people flying and the air france will have to look at crossing flights we know for example even the boss of the airport to go there 3 a terminals the buses are considering closing one of the terminals because there has been such a reduction in the number of people flying so the situation is changing all the day and economically the impacts of course for airlines is huge certainly isn't the charles de gaulle airport in paris where after the u.s. capital now with my canner outside the white house. might the oval office address and the united states it is usually reserved obviously for the most important
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situations which is what we have had here but it seems donald trump speech last night has ended up possibly confusing and angering people more than anything else. well indeed yes kemal it was incidentally only the 2nd time president trump has spoken from the oval office the last time being in january last year when he was speaking about to mexico and a border wall and his tone of his address last night was very much like the virus is a foreign invader describing it as a foreign virus and also actually having to clarify and his staff having to clarify a number of points he made during that speech making clear for example that cargo flights will not be affected making clear as well that u.s. citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to return to this country all of these facts that had to be confirmed after the president had misspoken during his national speech on television at the moment he's meeting with the irish prime
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minister here in the white house that meeting going ahead island incidentally along with the united kingdom 2 of the countries not affected by this travel ban incidentally and commentators pointed out president trump has financial interests in both those countries in the form of his golf courses the effect on the shamed and countries 26 members of the change in alliance and there's been intense criticism from that side in terms of no consultation and also there's deep concern within the united states as well about the impact that this travel ban will have on the economy and of course on the lives of u.s. citizens who may be stranded abroad thank you mike hanna at the white house in washington d.c. finally we are with the same bus driver you're on skype from teheran where the infection rates going up over 10000 now how is iran coping with this not just medically but also financially. well kemal iran is weeks into being
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a part of this global pandemic as many other countries in asia in the middle east talk about how they've made gains in trying to combat the spread of covert 19 in iran it really is a daily example there are signs of how the government is struggling to come back the spread of the coronavirus and that could have implications long term not just for iran but for the region as well we learned earlier today that the foreign minister just sent a letter to u.n. secretary general until you get sierra's asking for the united nations to put pressure on the u.s. to pull back on what iran sees as illegal and unilateral sanctions that it says is now hurting its ability to come back the coronavirus as if to illustrate his point jobs are of tweeted just a few hours ago a list of 30 types of medical supplies that the country's health care providers urgently need things like gloves masks ventilators medicines all things that iran and iranian hospitals and other medical clinics are in short supply of and he also tweeted along with that
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a few hours earlier than that about the $5000000000.00 in aid that iran central bank governor requested earlier this week from the international monetary fund zarif said that it is imperative that the i.m.f. be on the right side of history and help iran cope with this the feeling here is that the international community will be keen to help iran with those emergency relief funds to help combat the coronavirus however there is worry that the united states will try to step in and block those funds from becoming a reality from being able to come to iran to help them with combating the virus now all of this is playing out as the worst is yet to come experts in iran here say that the peak of the virus outbreak here is likely to happen in the next 2 weeks. in teheran thank you zain. we usually save sport towards the end of the news hour but we're bringing in the richardson a little bit early today because sporting events right around the world are being postponed or canceled already played in empty stadiums i will be led by you here because there is so much to talk about and would you want to start i mean i think
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in all seriousness as a sports department we could in good conscience in a few days time go into self isolation because at the moment there's very little sport that looks you know is going to be left when i left algiers headquarters in doha here in the early hours of thursday morning one n.b.a. team had announced they would be playing warning game behind closed doors and when i woke up a few hours later a whole so long had been suspended and we had these whole sing images of the utah jazz player really go bare trying to make lots of coronavirus on monday at a press conference wiping his hands all over dictaphones in a several microphones in a press conference and what we know couple days later he's been tested positive for corona virus it means everybody that's come into contact with him is now in self isolation and really pushed forward what was perhaps inevitable anyway that the league would be suspended the national hockey league we're also expecting a statement from them in the not too distant future we've just heard from the men's tennis tour they're on suspension now for the next 6 weeks we haven't to hold the
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whole tour whole source off ok no more no mention yet about the women's tennis tour but we expect them to follow suit as well and all sorts of things happening in the world of football right on the dreaded or in south korean saying the spanish league has been completely suspended for a couple of weeks we're just hearing in the last hour that in the english premier league less the city 3 of their players not test positive but showing symptoms there in self isolation what is quite interesting are the premier league the most lucrative biggest money spinner in the footballing world in the moment they're carrying on regardless the concern they have is that if they put the game behind closed door closed doors as we try to see other leagues attempt to do we saw last night of the champions league perry sanjay man they're going behind closed doors. thousands of fans turned up at the stadium anyway so despite the fact there's no gatherings more than a 1000 people even though the game is played behind closed doors huge gathering of fans the right let's go long term and the i think we might actually have some pictures here of the olympic flame being lit today what actions are being led to it
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beginning its journey isn't it in greece this is the tradition for any olympic games they light it with the sun's rays it will then eventually begin the relay to japan or will it it will apparently now it's fascinating the olympics appears to be living in some kind of parallel universe it's the rest of us. as we can see the flaming lips here in greece it will then starts on schedule apparently a torch relay through tokyo through japan on its way to tokyo for the games in july there is so much at stake you know the hosts of invested billions of dollars in infrastructure in stadiums. a t.v. contracts the big t.v. contract filling picks is the n.b.c. the us t.v. contract that is only valuable if the games take place in july and august if it gets pushed later on in the year it's a lot less valuable because then it starts to clash with the major american domestic leagues like the n.f.l. in the n.l. based on this huge pressure if it is going to happen for it to happen in july
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august we're already seeing so many of the qualifying events and tournament's for the olympics being affected and the other big tournament coming up in the summer is the european football championships in theory that is to be hosted across 12 countries in 12 different nations. that doesn't appear it just doesn't appear feasible to the european domestic leagues on going to finish on time that just isn't going to happen there's a meeting on tuesday called by your wife and we'll have all that confederations meeting on a on a video conference call to discuss what is going to happen but even before that we might hear something about the your eyes not taking place extraordinary thank you for the and more support for mandy later in this news. let's look at financial issues right now stock markets have opened in the united states and they are a mess down 8.2 almost 8.2 percent right now the dow jones following a global trend as the pandemic panic took holds for a look at how it's all gone european markets they are down 10 percent despite the
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central bank announcing more stimulus measures tokyo was down 4.4 percent in hong kong 3.7 percent australia 7.4 percent loss its worst session since the global financial crisis in 2008 and in this part of the world the gulf as well there have been 3 percent drop in saudi arabia to buy went down $84.00 and a half percent it doesn't get any better the further afield we go pollo in brazil halted trading for the 2nd time off the shares initially plunged 15 percent there goodness gracious me christian salumi in the thick of it all in wall street in new york not only pointed out the live board there moment where it's down 8.2 percent but they had to actually hold trading again. yet another bad day stocks continue to fall the s. and p. one of the major indices here in new york dropped more than 7 percent right after
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the opening bell and that triggered this automatic shutdown where selling is paused for 15 minutes to allow the market to regroup and not move too quickly now it's hovering right about the same rate 7 percent for the s. and p. dow down 8 percent and as you were saying it's happening all over the world the brazilian markets also plunged today and had a shutdown as well they're down 11 percent for the day and 34 percent from highs of the year so far bottom line here is investors are not reassured by the united states plan to stop the spread of coronavirus and mitigate the impact on the economy and one of the main concerns after president trump addressed the nation on wednesday is this new travel ban which is going to affect businesses even more than they already are being hurt travel in particular airlines who've been suffering but today actually across the board across all sectors of the economy stocks are down
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in the the hardest hit are finance and energy energy companies dealing with record low oil prices they're now half of what they were at the highs in january as lower demand for oil due to this coronavirus and all of the restrictions on travel more people staying home at the same time saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are ramping up production in this war with russia this is a risk for us oil shale companies in particular who have high debt as the prices plunge in the manned plunges as wow so while we have these. growing risks it's increasingly clear that the u.s. plan to soften the blow just isn't what investors are looking for president trump wants some tax relief for people who have to stay home he's fighting with congress there's no resolution there and all of that is making investors very very nervous and still another day left in this trading week of course thank you christine
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salumi in new york. the complete other end of the scale gaza where the health ministry is warning israel's siege on the strip means palestinians won't be able to handle a large corona virus outbreak special facilities have been set up to deal with a small number of cases but if you are going shortages of medical supplies the health system there won't be able to treat palestinians properly remember 2000000 people live in the gaza strip. no cases have been reported. we. perceive it is in the ministry of health is very little. education. stocks in fact and needed for dealing with this subject of this disease is very limited limited don't think about the protective equipment it is in fact. ventilators of course this is what it is of intensive care units to deal with complicated cases from this disease still in the middle east saudi arabia joining
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the long list of countries canceling flights saudis and residents of barred from flying to cities in europe as well as parts of africa and southeast asia the kingdom has 45 confirmed corona virus cases this is kuwait's with the main international airport will shop on friday for 2 weeks as will all but the essential government departments also visits to markets cafes and gyms are being banned kuwait has 80 confirmed cases we looked at u.s. markets earlier but the rollercoaster ride started in asia again after that bad day on wall street and the announcement from president trump which shut down travel to and from europe to asia coronavirus interesting leader china has announced the peak of the op right there has passed scott hardly puts a lead into context for us. another big selloff in the asian stock market investors reacting to events in new york and what's called the 1st a bear market there in levin years that's the term used on wall street for more
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than 20 percent fall in market value from recent highs. the major asian indices followed suit with steep declines on thursday asian traders also reacted to president donald trump's travel ban from european countries but not the u.k. an automatic 5 minute trading halt was triggered in the south korean market at one point the main japanese and south korean markets were down more than 5 percent but rebounded slightly by the end of the trading session australia's government announced that is falling other nations by injecting money into its economy to offset the impact of the coronavirus 6 and a half 1000000 australians will be getting a check for $750.00 now it's not for us to tell those try and how to spend their money but what we do know from experience is that they will spend that money and that money will encourage economic activity in south korea the number of new coronavirus cases being reported is decreasing after infection cluster at a call center in the capital seoul was discovered earlier in the week all call
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center operations are being closely monitored but the government warned against premature optimism as the highest alert level remains south korea has the 4th highest number of cases behind china italy and iran as major sporting events and large audience events are canceled around the world the governor of japan's capital says the tokyo olympics will go ahead the games are due to start in july made on the way out he must get at them while i know there are various opinions but the tokyo government has been preparing for this everyone is looking forward to the games although the high school baseball tournament is being canceled i don't think there's an option to cancel the olympics and paralympics. china's government announced that the peak of the corona virus outbreak there is officially over and who the province where the virus that triggered the global pandemic was initially discovered recorded new cases are in single digits for the 1st time. the majority of them travelers returning from abroad
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a positive sign that the containment is moving forward it's got hodler al-jazeera and now india where our correspondent elizabeth per annum says the government hopes their emergency measures will contain the spread remembering in india that one and a quarter 1000000000 people. as of 12 g.m.t. on friday and on to april the 15th no foreign nationals can enter india apart from diplomats work for the united nations or have. employment visas the indian government has also said that all incoming travelers including incoming travelers indians haven't been to any destination coming from any destination but having been rather to china it's in the south korea france germany and spain will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days and all indians whether they hear or board to avoid. essential travel and saying that they might be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days upon their return to india now india has $68.00
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confirmed cases so far 14 of them italian tourists and as well as the latest proportion that are being taken by the government which have seen headlines around the country saying india quarantines itself you know essentially closing itself off to the world we have had all primary schools and shot at least for the last week there are 5 cases and delhi all educational institutions have been closed in indian administered kashmir where there is where there is one case the indian government is also evacuating its nationals from iran there are something like 2000 indians there were $58.00 back at the end of last of just a few days ago actually but before it does that and whether it's from iran it's also planning to bring back nationals from italy it actually has to send medical teams to test them to see if they have coronavirus before bringing them back now all of this is going to it's already seeing an impact on the economy which has seen
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a significant is experiencing a massive slowdown and both of india's 2 main stock indices are in freefall but the government feels that it has to take these proportions. to stop people from people who might have corona virus from entering our country because once they do it will be hard to limit its spread amongst 1300000000 people. and now to south africa from in a mirror how is this update on the situation there so that figures reported its 1st case of local transmission of. despite the government urging people in south africa to remain calm panic is certainly sitting in especially given the amount of disinformation out there and also that 1st person to person transmission when the coronavirus was 1st detected in south africa it was within a group of people who were travelled to italy for
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a skiing holiday on their return some of them experienced some terms and that's where the 1st cases were detected now when this person to person transmission it's in a different province in the free state and what is concerning for people is that it appears that the spread of control is something that can't be avoided and that's certainly a reality for many people in south africa but what's also making many here anxious is the government's plans to repatch rate about a $122.00 south africans from all who has been to south africa and there is a lot of debate around just where this group will be quarantined no president has repeatedly said that none of those people have the coronavirus they will be screened in china they'll be screened on their arrival in south africa this is also being reiterated by the ministry of health but despite these recent reassurances people in south africa are concerned about what this will mean for their health and
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this goes as far as even the agencies the african national congress the governing party and south africa it's only youth league has promised to stage a march if indeed this group of people is quarantined in a specific area in the province of limpopo. latin america now we looked at markets there really are falling but actually the regions recorded relatively low numbers of infections of coronavirus despite this governments are taking strict measures to try to limit any further spread tourism has more from buenos aires in argentina. that resilient president declared and is shutting down the country from completely for at least one month banning foreigners from entering the country the argentinian presence here a lot of the frogman this is imposing mandatory isolation for those cultural coming to argentina from countries that have been affected like italy spain and even the united states is also there's also been discussion about finding people that do not
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respect this a mandatory isolations up the government to fix questing people to do but perhaps the biggest challenge for a region that is highly volatile economically is the possibility of lazy perry ration of the economic situation a lot in america in general is heavily dependent on china it's a 2nd trading partner in this part of the world we're going to see profitably some currency is evaluating there's going to be edgy christian tourism the drop in oil prices will be dramatic for countries like venezuela and there was a lot of for example that's already cutting some budgets and reducing just salaries of state employees but perhaps the biggest impact would be in a country like argentina that is in a very big economic crisis this country's already imposing capital controls there's a big recession here layoffs poverty rates on the rise and they've already restructuring it for ing that we know for example that that's already several shipments of agricultural products like beef and others that have been suspended
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from going to china at this point and that's why many are extremely warry that argentina could see falls on its sovereign debt once again just like it happened back in 2120 poverty rates in this country were asked by a 60 percent. more global coverage of the coronavirus pandemic is coming up the financial fallout workers in the tourism industry are calling the drop in demand a disaster. not so smooth sailing for the cruise industry with companies told to do more to prevent corona virus infection. and we mentioned this early dealing people claim made in greece when organizers insisting this year's tokyo games will go ahead as planned.
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but. we got some bad news really wet some windy weather now pushing across northern parts of the middle east at least the side of the mediterranean seeing a big massive tab is seeing some very heavy rain recently across the north of age it had a state system this day very low pressure swirling away has some very very strong winds lifted dust and sand visibility problems to come as a go for the next couple of days some parts of ne ne chipped around the sun up an inch that could maybe see as much as 50 to 60 millimeters of rain in never supply there will be some flooding heavy rain pushes across a into iraq you can see some wet weather there to northern parts of saudi arabia and that unsettled weather stretches wind out there into a good parts of eastern always this way for the race which is we go through sas stay ahead of that bad temperature was full kuwait at around 33 degrees only a blustery day for a type skies trying desperately to come back in across that same eastern side of the base that you see the cloud there that showing up across the good parts of
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egypt in fact. into central areas of africa just around the gulf of guinea will see some showers or longer spells right all the way across towards liberia maybe into sierra leone. stretch all the way into the ethiopian highlands. a journey both dark because if you don't believe there's a very forever there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake and beautiful lady you have to be very patient and what is also the same as a cinder he can see how i was introduced to it when my father and my mother or king for king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven on al-jazeera. dreaming of programming for an international film a tense. play al-jazeera sets the stage for egypt to be to appear will be
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the life of the line is the life of the nines dead everybody is the global x. back you get it we're going to let the planet go to ruin because we're not doing it's job just open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on the road to santa. cruz. oh. oh oh. around the world coronaviruses the top story this news new measures to contain the outbreak of being rolled out across europe schools are being closed in arlin's norway and the czech republic italy is in lockdown while in spain the number of
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deaths nearly doubled in 24 hours to 84 people the number of cases in iran has gone up by more than a 1000 in just the past 24 hours the total number of infections there is now over 10000 with 429 deaths and the european union has condemned a decision by the us to suspend to travel from most of europe the 30 day stop to the world health organization declared coronavirus a pandemic the e.u. says that decision by washington has taken unilaterally. one sector in the global economy that's really feeling major pain from the pandemic is the tourism industry so many people having to cancel their travel plans that means airlines it means cafe street vendors are already suffering the support friendship help. paris no longer has its dettori slee long queues at famous landmarks such as the loop. businesses that depend on towards spending say the impact of the pandemic is unprecedented you say to them as if it's massive for us we're in an area where
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americans like to come and also customers who are quite sensitive to the impact of this kind of event. we're starting to feel the catastrophe it's worse than the strikes worse than the yellow vest protests. and must answer these us that over the top of the current situation in venice are going to lead is quite disastrous because there is no work. across italy travel is restricted public gatherings banned normally one of europe's top destinations rome streets and coliseum eerily quiet. all stores have been ordered closed except pharmacies and groceries my god he will be missed in the end this health problem will be resolved while the economic problems perhaps will take longer i don't know how we're going to get out of. the lack of tourists in the valley of the kings in egypt is an ominous sign of how damaging the pandemic will be for the economy and the population of $100000045.00 cases were confirmed on a nile river cruise in looks or connected to
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a single american tourist aboard ship a bunch of been shot at the streets of lux or empty because of the corona virus there are medical health and security checks because of fears the virus will spread from other countries to the egyptian people. across asia the effects are apparent from 2 cats quiet beaches to jai poor in india foreign tourists are staying away from the pink city after a group of italian tourists tested positive. for glass i'm a small east on cane brake holy war and in japan where half of tourists come from south korea and china some money we can only wait until it calms down we are all in the same boat from tour guides to street vendors everyone who depends on visitor spending are feeling a pinch from the pandemic. millions in one of the world's biggest industries suffering a devastating blow to their livelihoods the u.s. travel agency expects the pandemic to deal
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a trillion dollar blow to the global economy and al-jazeera on a return to coronavirus in the united states now and the response from the trumpet ministration which has been criticized in many quarters of course culminating in that oval office address which he gave on wednesday night we've got with us on skype now he is a physician but also director of the harvard global health institute he's in cambridge massachusetts dr thank you for your time i've been having a look at your twitter feed and you appear to be quite outspoken about this just want to 0 in on one particular thing and that is the lack of testing in the united states for the number of people there the testing does not seem to be keeping up. that's right now we look at testing situation in america has been nothing short of a fiasco. and it's really hard to understand how we messed this up is that. even today there are 2 court police recruit with chronic virus who surely have who
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lots of risk factors for getting turned away from testing probably because we just don't have enough test kits we don't have the capacity in the wealthiest country in the world with with one of most sophisticated health systems in the world we still have not figured out how to test people who are likely to affect it why. it doesn't sound right here. you know i wish i had a clear answer of i'll tell you what i understand and know and a lot of us have been trying to sort out why the w.h.o. put out a test kit that 60 countries adopted and then kind of built their test on that test kit and i've been quite successful at using in the us was one of the few countries that decided to reject the double agent test kit and build its own now it's not necessarily an unreasonable decision because generally we have very good city but then our testing approach ran into all sorts of problems i've been trying to understand why didn't we just use that which i tested until we developed our own
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why have we not had a greater sense of urgency it has just been the us federal government in the top administration botching this the they've been convinced that if we don't test people don't identify people and therefore the obstruction is under control and so what other steps could be taken because you look at other parts of the world it's getting pretty drastic italy is obviously the complete one end of the spectrum a complete country lockdown but we're seeing plenty of other european countries say ok we're going to close schools we're going to close certain shops we're going to do all these sorts of things do you anticipate anything like that happening in the united states. so i think we're all heading towards that hopefully none of us will end up where italy wasn't the italy failed to take this disease seriously enough for several weeks and so that's why all of us are calling for ending of all mass gatherings and being a sporting events and being a concert from closing down businesses as much as and probably closing down schools
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of course that has its own implications and trying to do as much social distancing as we call it as possible because that's what's going to get us through this and i don't think that's just the issue for europe or the or the united states i think that is what most countries like we need to be doing right now. not a spike of sort of taking us here really quickly things that are there at harvard what has happened there about a shutdown for students and how's it going yeah so we have moved to online classes completely we're about to go into spring break a students have been asked to go home for spring break and not come back to campus and we are transitioning to a virtual university. across offices but certainly for all the students as well thank you so much for your time really didn't join talking to russia in cambridge massachusetts it was my pleasure. further south in the united
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states the cruise ship industry taking a big hit because of the virus many cases linked to vessels across the web in florida particularly with several major cruise companies a based elderly passengers are being told do not board those ships and he kalika has our report now from miami. the port of miami is known as the cruise capital of the world with a rand $6000000.00 people passing through these facilities each year it's a huge part of florida's tourism industry and one that's been growing until now at least 5 cases of the coronavirus have been reported on vessels in south florida prompting the u.s. state department to issue new guidelines the elderly and those with underlying health problems are being told not to take cruises advice that may last for the forseeable future it brickell travel management staff remain optimistic manager gus machado says passengers are canceling their cruises but the numbers aren't drastic
6:41 pm
and i think the media's gotten a little more say and scaring people way more than it really is i'm telling you right now our cancellations are and i'm not going to lie that but it's not crazy cancellations i would say we're down 2530 percent max so we still have 70 percent of our customers traveling. share prices in the industry have been hit by the crisis but president trump says he's committed to providing assistance without going into details and we are working very closely because mine in the same time and they're very very closely taking very strong steps in terms of people going on and going off but they're spending a lot of money and they are working very hard and we were going to be helping that industry cruise lines are now putting protocols in place including deep cleaning and screening passengers disembarking from a recent trip affected by the virus say they felt safe there protecting us that probably taking the path of that yes we were delayed
6:42 pm
a day but you know what it was fine. you know if. they really took good care of us or didn't feel. nothing really vice president mike pence who's in charge of a task force tackling the coronavirus has told cruise companies to do more and with over $150000.00 jobs in the industry the stakes couldn't be higher over the next few weeks around a dozen ships a due to dock here and authorities say they're ready there are now plans in place to convert a warehouse into a medical facility if needed that would have the kind of isolation passengers off the coast of california experienced but the impact on the industry and florida's economy could be dire and the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. we really do need to look at some other news of the day as well and at least 40 people have been killed in fighting between groups in central african republic in
6:43 pm
just the past 2 days it's happening in a place called. most of the dead are civilians buildings housing people to space by the fighting have been set on fire following this one from the nigerian capital. tell us more. well basically the fighting is the latest in a cycle of violence that broke king central african republic since last night last year early this year the recent major fighting was of course in february when several people were killed but the latest round of violence the one we're talking about now happened 2 days ago and at least 40 people have been reported dead and most of them like you said are civilians fighting broke out between 2 major rebel groups or armed groups in the central african republic in the area from delhi these are the p r c and the m l
6:44 pm
a c j but also there are ethnic clashes in that region which contributed to the latest or the rise in casualty figures in that area now in a statement that the government issued it condemned the killings saying that the rebel groups we who are signatories to a peace accord and reconciliation efforts should stop using civilians as human shields and also stop disrupting aid operations in that region so latest report from the central african republic indicate that they've been fighting has been going on pockets of violence have continued till this day and that reinforcements security reinforcement has been sent to those areas to calm the situation down it's not clear whether they're able to stop the 2 sides fighting each other or stop the ethnic militias attacking each other and bring peace to that region. i mean it is of course they are reporting for us from a big thank you. 2 americans in
6:45 pm
a british soldier have been killed by a barrel of rockets fired at a military base in iraq other personnel are being treated for their injuries at camp taji north of baghdad no one has yet claimed responsibility for walters the latest in a series of attacks on places where foreign forces are based in australia the high court has delayed a final verdict on an appeal by roman catholic cardinal george hill who's fighting to overturn his conviction for sexual abuse the 78 year old former archbishop of melbourne is serving a 6 year jail sentence for molesting 2 choir boys in the 1990 s. hill is the highest ranking catholic church official ever convicted of child sex crimes nicholas de ages reporting for us outside the court encounter she says the decision may not be made public for months. all of the arguments today have really been based around of course seeing some of the issues that the defense yesterday at the defense really questioned the credibility and reliability of one of the former
6:46 pm
quiet boys who was sexually assaulted by pelle the other one died in 24 tane of a drug overdose but the prosecution today told the court that there's no reason to not believe this witness he did come across this well liable and credible the jury saw all of that and there's no reason why the high court should not believe him either now obviously these 2 days of hearing has come to an end now it's been very a very significant case in this trial but this appeal process is very far from that's because the justices decided to reserve in on making a decision on this case and that means that we may not hear back from them for months so essentially many things could happen here but getting to the crux of it 7 justices now need to decide over the coming months whether they will uphold the
6:47 pm
conviction or allow george pell to walk away a free man. more sport to come with and they looking at coronavirus again one of the world's biggest football team is in quarantine the spanish league is not suspended more on all but intimate.
6:48 pm
when the news breaks the word out for was possibly the ins of getting more police on the presentation and economic development when people need to be heard but leadership world where of the potential for a verifiable bar of weeks before the public good protocol going to al-jazeera has teams on the ground the syrian army says determined to defeat the rebels and continues advanced was this is a good day to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means. from al-jazeera as london broadcast center to special guests in conversation with
6:49 pm
state the american state steps in and saved countless lives unprompted uninterrupted people think that racism is having personal vitriol toward black people and there's no understanding of what the term a crazy thing is intimately reflecting on the issues of our time and i realized i was working for something that was evil and i had been a part of actually creating a studio to be unscripted coming soon on how it is there. or. he's back to talk about all the sport that's not happening yet there's a lot more happening and it's not happening pretty quickly at the moment realm which is football the same have been placed in quarantine the entire spanish league
6:50 pm
has now been suspended for 2 weeks at least it comes after around 100 basketball player tested positive for corona virus the basketball team share the same training facilities as the football club royal supply man city in a champions league match on cheers day of english premier league hasn't made any announcement yes whether or not they'll be part spawning this season on thursday however less the city boss brendan rodgers revealed that 3 of their players have been self isolating after showing symptoms of the virus. this is about health you know this is this is more than the football this is players and their families and children and so when the risks are there for their health and everyone else's we have to mitigate against that so we're together so the few players that have hearts . are showing symptoms we've. of isolated them of you if you want to see in the movie you see where that develops over the next couple of days now we're getting
6:51 pm
unconfirmed reports that sunday's australian formula one grand prix has now been postponed mclaren same have already withdrawn from the race in melbourne after it's a member tested positive for the virus mclaren saying in a statement that the infected person played to be a mechanic and is now self isolating in the city 300000 fans normally attend this 3 day events we're still awaiting an official announcement from f one organizes we have had something official from the men's tennis tall that has been suspended for the 6 weeks now gizzi concerns about the outbreak the women's tour also discussing a possible suspension with some of us already cancelled this month's miami open which features a men's and women's competition well that's been called off along with indian wells and april's fed cup. the entire n.b.a. basketball season has been suspended until further notice that's after one of the best players in the league really go where tested positive for corona virus that comes just days after he joked about it at
6:52 pm
a press conference as david starts reports. the stadium was packed the players were on court but then after a conversation among officials oklahoma city's game against the utah jazz was called off after it emerged one of the jazz players rudy go bear had tested positive for corona virus an hour later the n.b.a. suspended the whole season indefinitely. it was not at the arena but the jets were placed in quarantine and we now know that at least one of his teammates also tested positive. to. go back a 7 foot one frenchman is one of the stars of the n.b.a. the 27 year old has won festa france a player 2 years running he's currently in the care of health officials in oklahoma city rather unfortunately on monday go bear mocked the coronavirus crisis at a press conference touching every reporter mark a phone as he left potentially exposing others to infection. before the
6:53 pm
suspension moves were already in place in the n.b.a. to halt the spread of coronavirus hand sanitizer was handed out in dallas as head of the mavericks game against denver on wednesday and most team owners were leaning towards the idea of playing it to arenas this was the moment courtside when the mavericks owner mark cuban received the news that the n.b.a. was perspiring and at the situation that he fully supports this is something out of a movie and you just don't expect it to happen in real life people's lives are at stake in you know up or worried about my kids and my mom is 82 years old you know in talking to her and telling her to stay in the house then i am about when we play our next game would you talk i don't know all the information but that just shows you how fragile everything is right now so it's a prudent thing to do really go bare you know you think this is not going to affect us for the n.b.a. it one of our players says a coronavirus and you know who knows what that means for their team and the other
6:54 pm
teams that we know have been with them because go by was not at the arena the oklahoma department of health tweeted that the fans who attended the game are not at risk but the n.b.a.'s patient 0 has shed the court with 50 opposition players since the start of march and 15 referees plus countless other match day staff there will be no more action until further notice with no guarantee this n.b.a. season will ever get finished stokes al-jazeera well the national hockey league isn't following the n.b.a.'s lead just yet on the one saying so far the columbus blue jackets have announced they'll be playing their home games behind closed doors earlier on we spoke to us sports broadcaster michael culson. this could be a major step forward in terms of other events being impacted this could have a real knock on effect in american sport because the n.h.l.
6:55 pm
is paying attention obviously and probably even more crucially the college basketball tournament the n.c. double a march madness would begin next week and it's more crucial for them than it would be for the professional leagues because it has to happen in march and finish and it's also a huge proportion of the n.c. double a's budget if steps are taken out of it in public now and that and their fish and you could hope that the virus is contained within a safe 3 to 5 weeks and the n.b.a. could then resume the season with the playoffs because the n.b.a. playoffs remember go go into june so they could probably construct a truncated playoff season and end the season as usual and you know i would not be surprised if they haven't said anything about it but i would not be surprised if that were in their planning right now well despite the growing chaos across the sporting world organizers of the olympics in japan insists it's business as usual
6:56 pm
on the plans haven't changed on thursday the olympic flame is letting grace the birth of the games but sites as one of are banned from the event following the 8 day greek leg of a soul train line the flame will be handed over so japan the games inside set to begin on july the 24th 19 weeks before the opening ceremonies we are strengthened in these commitment by the many authorities and sports organizations around the world who are taking so many measures to contain the spread of the corona of iris. ok more updates. andy thank you so much for that just a quick check of the markets in new york as well the dow jones average industrial average which is well it was down as much as 9 percent 8.66 percent down over 2000
6:57 pm
points. really bad financial day again in new york where we're going to leave you this news hour with a look at some of the deserted world famous landmarks and empty streets. that are likely to be repeated across europe in fact as more countries follow rome's lead to close all museums and. more news from europe in a moment with. london news center. thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
with a plummeting birthrate and families moving to the cities south korea's rule schools are shutting down. the grandmas who is saving these schools finally getting an education on al-jazeera. waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young 3 men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation in 2014
6:59 pm
. before the invasion of 2014 crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the turkish russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. but a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in can break that down that was a slogan that won it for the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. the world wraps up its response to coronavirus with increasingly tough measures across europe. and our intake of this is our 0 live from london also coming up the e.u. condemns president trump's decision to restrict travel from europe to the u.s. . a shock move also sent the markets plunging further with wall street again suffering a 15 minute trading hold. and landmarks closed frights canceled and cruises called off we look at the coronavirus pandemics impact on tourism around the world.


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