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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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larry teams of cultures across the world sir no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. the. the world ramps up its response to the coronavirus with increasingly tough measures causing upheaval across europe. watching is there on live from london i'm dead in obligates also coming up the e.u. condemns donald trump's decision to restrict travel from europe to the us. markets plunge further over virus fears the dow jones loses a 10th of its value while main u.k. index the main u.k. index had its worst day in 3 decades and the virus has a major impact on global sport spain's rail madrid are in south quarantine as
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a legal suspends all much it's. my. fellow around the world countries are ramping up their response to the virus imposing increasingly drastic measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic that the us has banned arrivals from mainland europe from friday and italy has strengthened its lockdown closing bars restaurants and shops other than pharmacies and shops selling food several more countries have announced full school closures including france which has reported nearly $8000.00 cases ireland with just 70 and in the past few minutes belgium which has seen around $300.00 inspections well the move to stop large gatherings has led to major restrictions on sporting events the n.b.a. the national basketball association and spain's top football league have suspended all games for now and global markets have continued to tumble on fears of the
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impacts both the dow jones index in new york on london's footsie 100 fell by 10 percent in just one day that was the biggest daily fall for the british index in more than 30 years charlie angela begins our coverage. chaos and confusion in some european airports as travelers scramble for the last flights to the united states from friday night all flights from 26 year period countries will be banned for 30 days unprecedented action in unprecedented times but welcomed by some but the last word there was we are lucky to be able to leave your if we all finally even telling you the e.u. was quick to condemn president trump's decision the european union disapproves of the fact that the u.s. decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation but isolation both within and from other countries is gaining momentum is infection
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rates italy one of the worst affected nations strengthened its nationwide quarantine while spain suspended parliament and football matches as death rates in the country almost doubled in 24 hours. france's president addressed the nation directly spelling out some difficult truths in spite of our efforts to delay it the virus continues to propagate and it's accelerating we knew it and feared it said this evening i'm asking all people who are more than 70 years of age and those who suffer from chronic illnesses or suffer from a spiritual problems people who are disabled to remain as much as possible and hope . their children only seem to suffer mild symptoms they are considered key spreaders if the virus and in response are lanka island denmark norway and frogs join the long list of countries to shut down schools. but the british government
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continues to take a different approach holding off on any wide ranging restrictions that would suppress the spread out hoping instead to delay the peak of the outbreak until the summer is at stages we have been guided by the science and we will do the right thing at the right time. we are not repeat nort closing school. the scientific advice is that this could do more good meanwhile in china life at the epicenter of the outbreak is gradually returning to normal in both in a 1000 patients waved goodbye to their hospital beds and only a few dozen new cases were recorded nationwide in south korea the number of new coronavirus cases is also decreasing but the government warned against private optimism. while in iran a 1000 new infections the country struggling with a lack of life saving equipment has asked for an emergency $5000000000.00 loan from
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the international monetary fund taking fright at these well developments the stock markets showed a sea of red with the u.s. dow jones entering a bad market for the 1st time in an effigy is not helped by the announcement from the european central bank that it will not cut rates any further. as the cracks begin to show inequalities of health care systems across the world it is the very human toll of covert 19 that must be remembered charlie angela how does it. all the european central bank has warned of a considerable worsening in growth thanks to the pandemic as the global markets battled through another day the dow jones industrial averages closed down 10 percent after a dramatic start to the day the new york stock exchange was forced to halt trading for 15 minutes after the s. and p. 500 index fell 7 percent an opening in london the footsie 100 has closed down more
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than 10 percent its biggest one day fall in more than 30 years and in asia markets plunged for a 2nd straight day hong kong's hang seng index dropped more than 4 percent at one point before closing down more than 3 and a half percent. and in the u.s. all public access to the capitol in washington has been shut off broadway is being temporarily closed in new york and gatherings of more than 500 people banned in the states president trump has canceled campaign rallies in coming days and has continued to justify his travel ban on a number of european countries mike hanna has more from washington. the irish prime minister arrives at the white house his bilateral meeting with the u.s. president one of the few events going ahead is shared jeweled island along with the united kingdom 2 countries exempt from the sweeping travel ban which appears focused on the 26 european union members of the shingle alliance giving rise to claims that the ban has been happy has it lee applied when you think of what
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happened to europe because it was very very furious and happened is people went from china into europe and europe suffered tremendously what's going on and so i just wanted to stop to pertains to the station or public access to the u.s. capitol has been suspended but lawmakers in the house are continuing to discuss the bill to counter the economic and social impact of the coronavirus and also pacing questions about whether lawmakers should stay at home let's get this bill passed 1st and then we'll see where they're from there because the fact is the house is on fire people are concerned about their of course the house and the health of their children democratic presidential candidate joe biden added his voice to the discussion about how best to deal with this ongoing crisis and was harshly critical of the efforts by the trumpet ministration public fears of
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a compound more pervasive like interest in this president. why adversarial relationship with the truth that he continues to have this stalled public concern about the slow rollout of testing kits this despite claims by the trumpet ministration that anyone who needs a test can get one the web site of the center for disease control records said it has not conducted any tests over the past 4 days and the number of tests conducted by public health lads has dropped dramatically over the same period yesterday for example across the entire united states only. 8 tests are reported president trump maintains he is in no need of submitting to a test but this may change following reports that a man he met during talks with the brazilian leader at mar a lago last week has tested positive for the virus brazil's communication minister pictured here on the president's lift is awaiting the results of his 2nd test mike
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hanna al-jazeera washington well the canadian prime minister justin trudeau is self isolating after his wife sophie was tested for the virus he says that while he's not showing signs of infection himself he's being cautious until receiving his wife's results sophie trudeau was tested for the virus after she began to show flu like symptoms following a visit to the u.k. and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called for the formation of an emergency government with his chief rival to confront the coronavirus crisis and that's anyone who made the offer on a nationally televised address saying the new temporary regime would save the lives of citizens he also ordered most schools in the country to be closed. a top adviser to iran's supreme leader has been infected with coronavirus it comes as the country has asked for billions of dollars in loans from the i.m.f.
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to help fight the virus the health ministry there says the number of infections has passed 10429 people have died but there are concerns the figures could be much higher as the government struggles to manage the spread of the virus. has morphed into several weeks into this global pandemic in countries in asia in the middle east are talking about the gains that are being made in trying to stop the spread of covert 19 but in iran there are daily reminders that this country is struggling to stop the spread to get a grip on the spread of the current virus throughout the country in a letter to the united nations secretary-general and tonio good sierra's iran's foreign minister zarif urged the united nations to bring pressure to bear on the united states to try to get them to remove what iran sees as illegal unilateral sanctions that it says is now hurting its ability to combat the coronavirus to illustrate his point tweeted about
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a list of approximately 30 bits of medical supplies types of equipment that health care providers urgently need to track and identify and treat patients that have contracted coronavirus includes things like ventilators gloves masks specific medicines all things that hospitals find they are in short supply and also earlier this week iran requested from its central bank to the international monetary fund an emergency relief package of $5000000000.00 and that is specifically to combat to help combat the coronavirus spread in iraq tweeted about that as well saying that it was imperative on the i.m.f. to be on the right side of history and facilitate iran as it tries to combat the spread of this virus now many here in iran do expect that the i.m.f. will be. to help but the united states will try to block those funds from coming through all this is happening as the worst is yet to come in iran experts medical experts say that the peak of the virus in this country is likely to come in the
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next 2 weeks the impact of the corona virus pandemic on workforces around europe has left many fearing that quarantines will affect their livelihoods sunday the reports. empty streets closed up shops and warning signs to keep their distance roam a shadow of its usual self no bustling crowds of visitors to help sustain its vital tourism sector rectally impacting the economy and workers. but the government has to help us you have to pay rent or mortgage bills you have never ending expenses just you know we're all in the same boat but for some it's worse if we don't work i don't know how we were surviving. exempt from the nationwide closures grocery stores and pharmacies remaining open to provide a vital service for a country under quarantine to one preparing itself for the worst in spain's capital
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madrid public transport remains open but buses train and metro carriages are being disinfected every night and the threat of an impending lockdown has already affected small businesses here early record. we have recently noticed that there are fewer and fewer customers in the stall not only in the morning or afternoon but also in the evening people are more inclined to stay at home they are kind of struck by panic. in london one of the largest cities in europe and a crucial financial hub the focus has been primarily to protect any economic fallout from the pandemic new government measures to protect staff employees with immediate changes to sick leave have offered protection but it is the small business owners those on temporary contracts and freelances with no access to those benefits who are at risk of losing everything such as this self-employed cab driver
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'd. just because it's my only source of. stuff like mortgage is a. kind of career and because you have a. one country after the other school and children's daycare centers are being closed an attempt to stem the spread of the virus but it's also affecting working parents with childcare responsibilities those in the public and health care sectors facing the dilemma of how they can go about their work at a time when hospitals are facing unprecedented strains are going to try to work from home. computers to work with them but i don't think you can get the same amount of work done at home as we can. at the workplace the fear of what is happening in italy may be galvanizing other countries to attempt to get ahead of the pandemic but this is
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a waiting game with many wondering whether these measures are simply delaying the damage wrought by covert 19 or will they succeed in containing the virus as much as possible. still to come on al-jazeera landmarks closed flights canceled and cruises cobalts we look at the coronavirus pandemics impact on tourism around the world and civilians caught in the crossfire in the central african republic now they face having their homes set on fire details in a moment. welcome back let's look at the weather across australasia this time and we've got a circulation of low pressure which is almost certain to turn into a tropical cyclone off the coast of queensland so covering the great barrier reef
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system at the moment so some big season likely to be developing here heavy showers along the coast to further south not looking too bad bruce been down to sydney plenty of sunshine highs there into the mid twenty's we've got this frontal system which is pretty active across towns maniac amusin really heavy rain also pushing into parts of victoria the monitor cross western australia spec to see showers developing in person as we head into the weekend there some heavy showers are likely to in the course of the day at that stage that front no clear of tasmania affecting sydney with temperatures coming down in the risk of showers increasing but it should remain clear of new zealand so fine day across much of the country but circulation is likely to move a bit further away from the coast for a time heading up into northeastern parts of asia and here we've got some rain across northern parts of japan you turn to snow over the higher ground further search area looking to bow out but this area of rain is that you moving out of southern parts of china into these china sea and will affect southern parts of
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japan during the course of saturday. with the plummeting birthrate and families moving to the cities south korea's rule schools are shutting down one on one east meets the grandmas who is saving the schools while finally getting an education on al-jazeera. warning. don't want. to see your. every. move.
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lower than the top stories on al-jazeera countries across europe are taking recently drastic measures to try and contain the coronavirus france ireland and belgium have joined the list of nations closing all schools and universities greece austria poland and norway have confirmed their 1st deaths and the u.k. prime minister says the government is stepping up its response but schools will remain open for now. and the e.u. has condemned the us president's decision to ban all travelers from europe excluding the u.k. and ireland for the next 30 days as president mike pence says it was necessary as europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic. meanwhile global markets have again plunged as fears grow over the coronavirus the dow jones has closed down 10 percent while the london footsie 100 had its biggest one day fall in more than 30 years. and one sector of the global economy that's particularly reeling from the pandemic
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is the tourism industry with so many people can. unsling their travel plans airlines cafes and street vendors are already suffering and has more. paris no longer has its notoriously long queues at famous landmarks such as the loop businesses that depend on tours spending so the impact of the pandemic is unprecedented you say to him as if it's massive for us we're in an area where americans like to come and also customers who are quite sensitive to the impact of this kind of event. and to look at the whole we're starting to feel the catastrophe it's worse in the strikes worse than the yellow vest protests it was my stance of the just all over the top of the current situation in venezuela going to lay is quite disastrous because there is no work. across italy travel is restricted public gatherings banned normally one of europe's top destinations rome streets and coliseum eerily quiet. all stores have been ordered closed except pharmacies and
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groceries my god he will be missed in the end this health problem will be resolved while they can omit the problems perhaps will take longer i don't know how we're going to get out of this. block of tourists in the valley of the kings in egypt is an ominous sign of how damaging the pandemic will be for the economy and the population of $100000045.00 cases were confirmed on the nile river cruise and looks or connected to a single american tourist a board ship another bunch of been shot at the streets of luxor empty because of the corona virus there are medical health and security checks because of fears the virus will spread from other countries to the egyptian people. across asia the effects are apparent from 2 cats quite beaches to jai poor in india foreign tourists are staying away from the pink city after a group of italian tourists tested positive business is like. glass i'm a small east on cane break all in one and in japan where half of tourists come from
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south korea and china some money we can only wait until it calms down we are all in the same boat from tour guides to street vendors everyone who depends on visitor spending are feeling a pinch from the pandemic. millions in one of the world's biggest industries suffering a devastating blow to their livelihoods the u.s. travel agency expects the pandemic to deal a trillion dollar blow to the global economy and or chapell al-jazeera. on the governor of new york state has banned public gatherings of more than 500 people effectively shutting down major broadway theaters and that comes as hollywood actor tom hanks and his wife rita wilson have been quarantined in an australian hospital after contracting the coronavirus hanks said he and his wife had felt tired with colds aches and slight fever as before testing positive the film star was in queensland for an elvis presley biopic which has now suspended production the pair
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are in stable condition and health officials are working to find more than 200 people they may have come in contact with at a concert or sports events around the world are being played in empty stadiums postponed or even canceled because of the pandemic our sports correspondent andy richardson has more. when i left in the wee hours of thursday night one team we decided to play games behind closed doors that situation changed very quickly the utah jazz player i read about positive and those somewhat halting images of his press conference on monday when he was asked about coronavirus attempted to make a joke about it put his hands all over the reports of the bones in dictaphones and microphones in what was an attempt at a joke 48 hours later he's tested positive for corona virus and there's a lot of work now working out exactly which players he's been in contact with a 2nd player of the utah jazz has also now tested positive for the coronavirus the
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n.h.l. the national hockey league in north america they've said they will update their sort of movements in the next hour or 2 but we're expecting something similar. to come from them as well and then you have football just in the last the last couple hours worth less the city in the english premier league 3 of their players themselves right away should be fals that's we've heard that the holy grail madrid thing of quarantine that after a basketball player at real madrid had tested positive they shared training facilities with rielle so the whole spanish league now has been suspended even this very peculiar situation where the english premier league involving less the city is the only major league now in europe which is carrying on regardless just how long that situation can be maintained it is is it doesn't really seem sustainable we're getting unconfirmed reports that the formula one grand prix in australia in melbourne has now been postponed so that follows on from the news that the mclaren team pulled out of the race after one of their team members did test pos positive
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for corona virus. well the coronavirus is also having an impact on space exploration a joint russian european mission to mars has been postponed until 2022 the russian space agency said the final phase of exile mars activities have been compromised by the general situation in european countries the ross cosmos director general said it was a difficult but well wade decision to postpone the launch mission has been repeatedly and was most recently scheduled for the year 2 other stories we've been following in the u.s. judge has ordered former military analyst and we can leak source chelsea manning be released from jail she was being held for refusing to testify in an ongoing investigation of the whistleblower website wednesday representatives for manning said she had attempted suicide she leaked thousands of documents to wiki leaks and 2010 and served 6 years in a military prison barack obama commuted the rest of her sense of shortly before he
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left office at least 40 people have been killed in fighting between armed groups in the central african republic in the past 2 days it's taking place in new delhi and most of the dead are civilians the violence involved members of the popular front for the renaissance of central africa and the movement of central african liberators for justice they also set fire to buildings housing people displaced by the fighting. is monitoring developments from nigeria's capital. the fighting is the latest in a cycle of violence that been rocking central african republic since last late last year and early this year the recent major fighting was of course in february when several people were killed but the latest round of violence the one we're talking about now happened 2 days ago and at least 40 people have been reported dead and most of them like you said are civilians fighting broke out between 2 major
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rebel groups or armed groups in the central african republic in the area often deadly these are the p r c and the m l a c j but also there are ethnic clashes in that region which contributed to the latest or the rise in casualty figures in that area now in a statement that the government issued it condemned the killings saying that the rebel groups we who are signatories to a peace accord and reconciliation efforts should stop using civilians as human shields and also stop disrupting aid operations in that region so let us report from the central african republic indicate that they've been fighting has been going on pockets of violence of continued till this day and that reinforcement security reinforcement has been sent to those areas to calm the situation down it's not clear whether they are able to stop the 2 sides fighting each other or stop the
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ethnic militias attacking each other and bring peace to that region. but u.s. defense secretary marc aspart says the president has given him the authority to retaliate after a rocket attack in iraq left 3 people dead 2 americans and the british soldier were killed after barrage of rockets were fired at a military base north of baghdad on wednesday the head of the u.s. central command has suggested the attack was carried out by an iranian backed group similar attack in december led to a tit for tat escalation culminating in the assassination of the iranian general qassam sulaimani the u.n. special envoy for yemen has warned the security council that military escalation in risks triggering conflict in other areas martin griffith says it may kick off a new and irresponsible cycle of violence in the country the most alarming military escalation that's taking place in our job of government to the east of santa i'm deeply concerned about the rationale driving these escalations and
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of course the impact of the violence on our jobs people thousands of families are being displaced by the recent fighting and this escalation could trigger conflicts in other governorates and dragged yemen downwards into a new and irresponsible cycle of violence this would have devastating humanitarian consequences and also political consequences the united nations high commissioner for refugees has pledged $40000000.00 for operations and soon don country has a longstanding tradition of hosting refugees from eritrea syria yemen and chad earlier the un's phillipa ground spoke to al jazeera and he explains how the funding will support people in refugee camps. on the one hand the fact that this peace talks between the government. and this and these groups has created more
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space we human need tarion agencies have more access than before to areas that previously were not accessible to humanitarian assistance so that's big progress that shore's how this country is moving in the right direction but on the other hand this transition is very fragile you know there's a big discussion in the international community about providing long term aid to sudan that the still constrained by stank sions that were imposed when sudan was considered the country sponsoring terrorism there's discussions of lifting those sanctions and i think it's very important that those discussions are accelerated so that the country that dividends of this positive transition can be felt by the population that he needs and if we lower the tensions which as we have seen are still very high. australia's high court has delayed its final verdict on whether to overturn a senior roman catholic cardinals conviction
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a for sex abuse 78 year old former archbishop of melbourne george howell is serving a 6 year jail sentence for molesting 2 choir boys in the 1980 is the highest ranking catholic official ever convicted of child sex crimes. well again the headlines on al-jazeera countries across europe are taking increasingly drastic measures to try to contain the coronavirus france ireland and belgium have joined the list of nations closing all schools and universities greece austria poland and norway have confirmed their 1st deaths italy's death toll has now topped 1000 and the u.k. prime minister says schools will remain open for now but he urged anyone with symptoms to stay home and must living with you living with the british public.
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families many more families are going to lose loved ones before that time the most important task will be to protect and most vulnerable people during the peak weeks when there is the maximum risk of exposure to the disease and when the n.h.s. will be under the most pressure so the most dangerous period is no no but some weeks away to deal with aust it's brits all global markets have again plunged as fears grow over the coronavirus the dow jones has closed this hour down 10 percent while the london footsie 100 had its biggest one day fall in more than 30 years and in asia markets fell for a 2nd straight day. the e.u. has condemned the us president's decision to ban all travelers from mainland europe for the next 30 days vice president mike pence says it was necessary as europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic the travel ban only affects mainland european
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countries and doesn't include ireland's prime minister is currently meeting donald trump the prime minister announced a raft of measures including school closures to limit the outbreak trump says they're tackling the briareus on a state by state basis and a top adviser to iran's supreme leader has been infected with corona virus it comes as the country has asked for billions of dollars in loans from the international monetary fund to help fight the virus the health ministry there says the number of infections has surpassed 10429 people have died. here of the dates for the latest headlines on al-jazeera up next is one of on east thanks for watching about. what al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story here. on the
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international news channel. we covered the place of 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. across south korea the birth rate is plummeting. as families move to the cities rural towns are losing their residence and their schools. out in. changing it in those in the. town i think. but some communities are trying new ways to keep their classrooms open so you want it. but i hope that all it takes me one o one east meets the grandmothers finally fulfilling their dreams for a.


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