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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 83  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2020 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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on monday u.s. politicians again failed to pass a trillion dollar stimulus package and the closure of many non-essential businesses in australia to an estimated 1000000 people losing their jobs overnight the government is scrambling to provide financial help but experts warn that many businesses won't recover from the crisis. in zimbabwe has reported its 1st death from the pandemic just days after confirming the 1st cases in the country the government has closed schools and large gatherings but there are concerns about its ability to handle the outbreak and you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com obviously the coronavirus globally is what we're reporting but we'll continue to update that for you throughout the day that's news so far more than half an hour next on al-jazeera is inside story with.
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every case the world health organization says it's crucial in the fight. but only a few countries. so what are the challenges. to the program. isolate test and trace that's the urgent message from the world health organization to combat the corona virus pandemic many countries have imposed mass lockdowns and ordered people to stay home but few have implemented widespread
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testing many european countries and states in the u.s. for example a limiting test for only the most critical of cases will bring in our guests in a moment 1st priyanka got to explains why this could spell disaster. after covert 901st emerged in china governments around the world face to staggering challenges 1st to contain its spread and 2nd detecting people who have it isolated test treat and trace the world health organization says the most effective way to fight the pandemic is to test every suspected case the wood is not manufacturing testing kits and lab supplies fast enough to keep up with the rising demand 20 percent of people have their buyers sure and.
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people are responsible. out there so it's very important that we ramp up the difficulty right now agents. are running short all around the world so there are shortages a lot in many countries health workers are depending on what's called true questions to prioritize those who should be tested that includes travel history contact with an infected person preexisting conditions like diabetes heart disease among others and symptoms if you don't aggressively test and i saw a light people as has singapore and taiwan and other raised i think countries you build up as a significant legal pole of people who are carrying the virus and then it's no longer possible to contain it you can only rely infection you must stop it
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and unfortunately italy has got to that critical point countries such as china and south korea raced to develop a rapid testing kits early on. south korea was one of the photos to set up makeshift drive to centers in and around the country. if the houses of people are being tested every day why many countries like the u.k. are having to ration the testing supplies added time when tens of millions of people are in the lockdown the push to test as many people as possible has never been more gent priyanka gupta al jazeera. we spoke to a sports journalist who developed flu like symptoms after contact with someone amsterdam who related tested positive for corona virus a take a listen to what his experience has been like since returning home to belgium at the start of the month i went to the u.a.e. for congress in amsterdam
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a meeting of european football officials then i met cults so does she not an official for the olympic games in tokyo last tuesday he tested positive for the cone of violence so the next day i went into self isolation the same day de de belgium government imposed a strict lockdown i had been feeling sick for a number of days i called my doctor and i demanded to be tested on fote shortly the test was so if you wish to in belgium only medical personnel and those persons with very severe symptoms of the vios get tested which means that you know you ality very few people get tested i was told to stay at home and self isolate which i did i live at home with my mom's she is 60 so that boeing's and anxiety and practical problems and so every time you cough you wonder have i
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contacted the viola's luckily i am feeling better now after 6 days of self isolation but in reality even though the government last week only poured leo quiet another 100000 kids in a reality we will never really know if i had to do virus or not. let's bring in our panel in hong kong dr r. is seen as the president of the hong kong public doctors association in singapore. he's the dean of the source we hawk school of public health. off of the national university of singapore and in cambridge massachusetts in the u.s. talk to in great cats she's the assistant faculty director of the harvard global health institute welcome to you all and funks for joining us are seeing i'm off 1st of all i know we have to ask you this you have at the moment treating people with
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a corona virus how is that how challenging is that for you actually in hong kong we have repartee increasing number of cases we have 1st get out there as you compliment cases in early february march iliad and the rest of the world because that's the case in 4 to 4 main that however we can keep the number going very very still leave for a long while till recently all of those arrests in country. and. hong kong people who stayed in it was foreign countries they turned back on and we have a record rise of them to cases they have much more number in point to cases and also staff who have some noble infected cases but at the hospital the isolation facilities are almost nil but most of the cases out quite well because the i have good cost how but we learn that these start to spread through the local setting and
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get out believe and patients with chronic illness get in fact that they are all they really know that much of all situation we have full cases that i call is 2 month old off and also with chronic illness ok you're going to go in singapore what has singapore done that has been able to keep a lid on this outbreak what is it doing correctly with testing well i think what we've been doing is really to try and find a service where they are and very quickly contacts rates lot of people to have it in contact with this group of people. that vehicle the case that once we bind the contract we actually isolate them or seeing them very quickly and this removes the congress will the community reduce any awkward position and equally we are identifying what other makes but there's
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a risk we very quickly identify and put it late necessary but they should travel as advisory measures and travel bans to limit the importation of risk so i believe this audit to measure that help to keep community transmission this thing of all to a manageable number of injured cats is it frustrating to listen to how they're doing it in singapore and hong kong knowing that in the u.s. this is not what's happening both hong kong and singapore have done exceptional jobs contact tracing is absolutely critical at this time and i think unfortunately the united states just fell so far behind with the lack of testing that even successful contact tracing measures are not effective and we don't know who is indeed infected so angry does it too late to start testing in the u.s. has the opportunity gone no i grab salut lee is not too late yeah i mean i think
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it's absolutely clear that we need to ramp up testing credibly quickly and certainly people are focusing on that right now but it's not too late we need to get a better handle on the numbers that we're talking about right now in the united states we've run about i think around 103000 tests. and again because those are high risk people that have been tested those numbers that the actual positivity rate has been high about a 3rd has been high sorry about a 3rd has been positive however we're not testing we have not been able to test people who were either low symptomatic or possible contacts of people at high risk so we are woefully behind but it's not too late to catch up. young to go again do you think for countries like the united kingdom for france from italy to spain it's too late for them to copy the singapore model i think it's important that in their
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perspective that even in a country like the united kingdom there are regions where there is no want to spread community transmission at the moment there are already cases there are some clusters and those are the banks that situation where active contacts a day active isolation will help to get the numbers done so we have to look at a country and really take distracted by approach see which are the measures that can be put in place in regions where you can manage the context facing those versus those regions where it seems to be unmanageable and find alternative ways perhaps the manager mechanism may be put in place when there is it widespread community suspicious where on that face they will no longer be manageable but i have to emphasize that testing is imperative the mosque continue testing to know who has been infected and to take the right measures to isolate those that get infected away from the community or
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a scene or in hong kong how important was testing in the house testing being to keep control of the spread of the virus. actually at the beginning we since i attest to almost every person who has trouble history and also certain triangle symptoms so actually we can identify some very mild cases and also opportunity identify some mild cases or some hope and it causes the families mendo in some harm time area. members who have close contact with them as if someone quarantined areas and then by the ring test once they got even mild symptoms so we have we have quite a number of cases in a very early stage of the season and the gusts that treatment believe are the change that early so it is you have a right from the ninety's threat from the latest state we actually
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expand our testing system actually our goal reason ses the almost has all the people who return from resting country will present even some alcala and actually our government just announced that they are actually going to test all people who are returning from european country oh i am not america even you have sim jump on north i have talked with the governor of t.v. on off the local authority responsible what a testy it seems that we still have enough of kids and equipment to do the testing so they frankly do as much as possible try to hunt at the chain or those infected cases is certain area because a home home like some hot asian country we are highly advanced populated so all we can just let those come from that is a walk around in this society because it is a highly contagious the scenes into oh singapore is
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a society well used to government regulation how important is it is it to have public buy in to the to what the government wants to do to try and control the spread of this virus. i think it is all going to go up expire because at the hospital that 19 is about people response to government measures to try and protect themselves for example in senegal we have a hybrid approach between testing and actually isolation of individuals at a high risk so i hear that the hogan response is to test everyone that is coming back from your room and from america those are the new not the centers of the defeat but in thinking what we do is that we don't start off testing everyone us and state we put all returning travelers into sing the ball on or didn't they stay at 0 notice it is mandates
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a rate is legislate does if you blow the laws you could be prosecuted but along those lines there is actually the personal responsibility that individuals would take to stay away from the front on tuesday themselves are very clear that they are free from the disease and that takes 40 days of isolation i hope or in also if you are one of the my group calls ingrid the u.s. western european countries are culturally different in their relationship between the government and the people and it's going to be difficult to get the citizens of the us to buy in like that like they have done in singapore and other asian societies. yes i'm listening to your other speakers here and i am i have to say that this is going to be a challenge in the united states it's certainly a very grave situation and because it's really being run at a state level right now i do think that different states are responding differently
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here in massachusetts while there has not been a whole lockdown yet people are absolutely requested and really required to go into south isolation if they have any symptoms or been in high risk contact that said as many people have seen in video circulating they're still people who are not taking this seriously are going off to you know very spring break destinations in large groups and i don't think that the message has been consistently conveyed across the country and there is a lot of misinformation unfortunately that people seem to be holding on to that this is not a grave situation and that's absolutely incorrect and i do think that people who are really struggling with physical isolation right now need to really be listening to these messages we can absolutely see the data from singapore and hong kong and
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other countries that have been able to get this under control we need to be following that absolutely strict policy even though this is going to be hard for a lot of americans angry though do you do you see this snowballing towards the united states when you look at the u.s. from outside it looks like looks like something's coming in but not ready. yeah absolutely i think i think that is certainly the fear i'm also a physician and i think in speaking with a lot of my colleagues i do think that people are very fearful right now that people are not taking this seriously and as has been widely reported there is a large scale shortage of personal protective equipment which means that health care workers are putting their lives on the line if they're not adequately protected and we've already seen cases certainly in health care providers and deaths globally and so we have to be vigilant i think people are really feeling
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like they're seeing the tip of the iceberg and they're steering the ship towards that and it's not clear what's lying underneath the water and that's a deeply concerning feeling. there are parts of the world where there are not major outbreaks yet there are parts of latin and south america in parts of africa where the corona virus is the but not spreading widely is the chance for those countries to sort of implement the testing you are suggesting just to halt the spread of the virus in those places is it too late for them or is the time there is definitely time because for many of those countries the us offering to see sporadic cases or perhaps clusters there are emerging and those are the situations where if you have to capacity. and don't come to the capacity in a moment if you have to go back to the test you should actively test and put in place a rigorous approach to contact rates this will take on president or the nation then
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the country many of this country will require assistance global esus those that help them with testing and also the scale of the health care workers capability knowledge on the use of e.b. and even the knowledge on. and minister in the intensive care management that is necessary for treatment but if we are able to capture. the spread much earlier on actually that will help a lot of this country's manage your situation in a calm and the locals setting. a long way to continue to read spread beyond the situation all spread across those white spread community depression that it's all be there at the well look up and they will have to contribute but for help this country gave them and i can ask what happens when you pass the point of it making no sense to lock down specific areas when the virus is
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so widespread what what do you do then well i think 1st of all you have to have a good sense of how widespread it is so testing is still absolutely critical and also getting a bench really having us around based tests so we can really understand who has been exposed to the virus and has antibodies i think we're not at a point where south isolation is not necessary i think that even in communities that are very heavily had right now new york city is absolutely getting decimated by this because people live in very close proximity to each other. people still need to self isolate to physically distance themselves from people and i think this is very hard for people particularly in densely populated urban areas and we need to be looking to our fellow said global citizens in asia who have managed to do this even in densely populated cities so at this point i don't see there really
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should not be a loosening of anything there needs to be a tightening. of of isolation between people at this point. in hong kong how are you testing people for antibodies to show that they've recovered from the bara so if possible how useful would that be for an organization like yours. actually we do have on our own 100 patients get. out of the cupboard and this shot from the hospital now i know that the university has tested antibody level we have not like me and we have not tried to extract anybody and get a used in the clinical setting how it yeah this to recover from but he sees me as do under those that i think offers of a probably need to know their how long it was because that patients who have these
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people in the last will full of those sad station the last full 2 years or so while the mirth nation the only last election moms' the have all of these new angle of the virus even shorter and whether they get the people or the from the recovered patient and inject it to the nation then you have around you to pull out if you do to deal with these these is still unknown though mina's said that it's useful i just want to supplement about the koran time procedure and i think i'm home alone in the pissing a holy you have to ask all of those we join paris area to have forum time on medical surveillance for 14 days but we do see that sometimes people get do not hold those current time of the raven's well we got we see some cases basically go on and so on that's why one of the reason why the government just implemented a to test all of those we turn to rest in country is to make sure that even they
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review all of the we see you know that many infected or they try to effect to someone else will not ok and again what are the risks of the coronavirus appearing again in countries that think they've got a lid on it i think the reality which the world it's raising right now it's very fair that we have to help every country manage their problems before that well look at the claire read. to be completely free but it may be if we just look at the situation in china and i want to highlight what china has done as successfully we will paste on local widespread transmission down to 0 cases 0 domestic transmission in china and debt as surely that will get this is that these days that can be contained with the right measures but equally as china relaxes its control we are starting to see a 2nd wave coming in from importations so talking about country individual
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countries keeping a lid on this i don't think that is that realistic scenario as long as there are every set those happening on the part of the world be it in europe it in america so we really have to look at helping all country and that will manage this problem properly although why we will see a problem all direct all this is the across the world in great what do you think of the sort of sentiments very quickly we're running out of time but those sort of sentiments you would echo i guess i think we they the more that we stay in front of us particularly in low resource settings where health care infrastructure and systems may not be as strong and certainly not be able to absorb the impact of the large scale pandemic we have to stay in front of us we have to get serious about these measures globally and set a sense you haven't been taking us seriously we need to have an about face at this point there really is no other way there are measures there are classic public health measures that we can use to contain the spread of this virus but people have
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to be exercising them otherwise this will not be effective all right thank you very much we have unfortunately run out of time for your insights of been very very important so funks to all our guests talk to arsene a ma ying tio and dr ingrid katz and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dog. come on for further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter on handle is a.j. inside story for me bernard smith and the entire team here in doha bison.
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for. the grim consequences of mexico's bloody drug lords watch the people around you mr governor you've got people who are with the narco through the eyes of the journalists determined to report the truth your government is full of naca she said that's how the article should start 60 is on we revisit the report is still risking their lives laden and there's being another outbreak of violence of more of the us rewind the deadliest speech on al-jazeera. in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic china is in lockdown. what i want to report from inside the quarantine topic. on out of the.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. hello again i'm a star is here today and are hot with the headlines on al-jazeera china as who by a province where the corona virus outbreak began is to ease travel restrictions it's been under lockdown since late january when the government shut down roads railways and airports our correspondent richard katrina you has more from beijing so off to midnight tonight people in who they will be able to drive their cars again without permission before it was only government vehicles during the lockdown allowed to be on roads people will be able to freely travel within the province it seems go.


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