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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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into the global emergency sand walls at this time on al jazeera. hold on i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al-jazeera. we'll say trickles over 5000 new coronavirus cases in one day the congress can't agree on a financial plan to fight the pandemic. there live from doha i'm martin there is also coming out spain asked nato for help with medical supplies and equipment as its death toll surpasses china's. indian police
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crackdown on people violating a strict lockdown as more than a 1000000000 people are told to stay home for 3 weeks. it is only one war that is necessary to take its war against the foreigners. and the u.s. actually general tells our jazeera poor countries need immediate support as he launches an appeal to the $2000000000.00. a warning from the world health organization that the u.s. is poised to become the next coronavirus epicenter has its leaders including the president focusing on its biggest city there are now 30000 cases across new york states most of them are in the city where the number of people in the hospital rose to nearly 4000 on wednesday that's led to the construction of temporary hospitals and a mall a president trump says he's working closely with leaders across the country
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particularly in new york state. we're also as you know building numerous hospitals and medical centers. throughout certain areas in new york it's at the convention center the javits convention center. we're doing 4 hospitals and we're doing throughout the state for medical centers they're somewhat different i want you to know they're doing everything in my power to help the city pull through this challenge i'm working very hard in new york it's really by far our biggest problem maybe it will be maybe one plea but there's a lot of good capable people working on it with us and senate says it has a stalemate as they negotiate a 2 trillion dollar package to help fight the virus the funds are aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping frontline medical weapons and agreement had been reached on the bill but a group of republican senators have objected to some of its unemployment provisions
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new york as i said has now 10 times more cases in any other state in the u.s. and governor andrew cuomo is dealing with the pandemic has proven expensive and is appealing for a big a cost of those proposed funds in that stimulus package response to this virus has probably already cost us $1000000000.00 it will probably cost us several $1000000000.00 when we're done new york city only gets 1300000000 dollars from this package that is a drop in the bucket as to need i spoke to our house delegation congressional delegation this morning i said to them just doesn't do it. and live now to washington d.c. and mike hanna our correspondent there mike it seems very much as the congress in where you are in washington d.c. is is almost dithering while rome burns i mean is there a sense of urgency to getting this these funds release and out into the country.
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well there has been a sense of urgency but there's also been immense infighting in terms of what is actually given and where the funds are distributed late last night there was an apparent agreement with the white house and members of congress that led to a swelling of optimism saw a massive rise in the stock market for example but all of that has faded in the course of the day over a group of republican senators arguing very strongly that they cannot accept what they see as a drafting error in the proposed bill one that they insist allows people who are unemployed to get paid more than those who actually work now this is a small group of republicans but they are holding up the vote at this particular point in time so that is the one issue the other issue with that one must remember we heard there the governor of new york saying that he's spoken to a democratic members of the house of representatives but once it goes through the
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senate it goes to the house of representatives for endorsement and you've got the governor of the state of new york demanding that changes be made in the bill certainly in the house is going to be some requests for amendments we aren't getting passage of the bull all the way through to the president for signature yet indeed because andrew cuomo the governor of new york said if as we've just heard and he sounds absolutely desperate with this enormous surge in the number of cases and he's already talking about billions and billions of of funds being needed in order to just a say a float. he is indeed and one must remember that new york city at the moment is some 30 percent of all cases within the united states just the city itself not to the new york why the new york state so certainly this is the epicenter of the pandemic that the governor of the new york state and the mayor of new york city have been pleading for resources from the federal government asking for more
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cookman ventilators great assistance for hospitals and of course funds new york has been spending a great deal of fans but basically though we heard president trump refer there to being very concerned about the situation in new york the federal government continues to insist that it is there to back up not to lead it says that it's up to the states to do what they need to do the federal government the trumpet ministration will be there to help when they can now this is the way it is played out in many parts of the united states and certainly it's in the crisis areas washington state california and in the last few weeks the massive pandemic in new york where they have most suffered from this basic policy of allowing it from the bottom up to compete with this crisis rather than direct a strategy against the coronavirus from the top down mike thanks for that mike
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hanna live in washington but in stark contrast canada's parliament has passed a 57000000000 dollars stimulus package after a 1000000 canadians filed jobless claims in a week prime minister just in today was speaking about this financial package outside his residence where he's in self isolation. this is an unprecedented situation with an overwhelming amount of demand by canadians to get money as quickly as possible we need to make sure we're getting that money out quickly but also reliably to canadians and that means doing things that government hasn't done before and scaling up our processes extremely quickly. adulterers in spain are struggling to cope with the rising number of infections many say they are overworked and they're protected the country facing a severe shortage of medical supplies along with italy the number of deaths in spain has now exceeded the total in china paul brennan reports. that's
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a very low a char hospital in madrid coronavirus patients now occupy almost every available space. there are beds for 80 patients at this unit as many as 280 people at a time of being treated here and that means chairs trolleys and even floors will have to do is putting unsustainable pressure on spain's medical staff 14 percent of whom have themselves become infected. yes you are afraid for yourself and you are afraid of bringing the virus home because of your family to hear the most the most we are emotionally overwhelmed because we are spending more time at work and working doubly hard because the patients are scattered throughout the hospital. spain has now joined italy and surpassing china's death toll from corona virus and the upward curve of the infection shows no sign of slowing the sense italian prime
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minister is hopeful that stringent restrictions are helping to flatten the upward trajectory of the death toll but in the face of stubborn pockets of noncompliance anyone called leaving their home without good reason now faces an increased financial penalty as much as $3200.00. care homes for the elderly have become the latest battlefront in the war with the virus all of spain's 5500 homes are in quarantine some residents are left to die in their own beds in france at a single care home near vote $21.00 elderly residents became fatalities but he too would it be. something people at 1st we thought it was just a simple flu it looked like everything would thing before. after just 3 days of confinement we realized it wasn't at all the same as usual usually in 3 days we can find and the number of cases decreases reputably that was not the case here it was the opposite after a week it was still rising. according to an internal e.u.
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document seen by the reuters news agency member states are struggling with limited stockpiles of medical and protective equipment and limited capacity to scale up production the document warms the traditional supply chains can only provide 10 percent of what's needed the european union leaders meet in a video summit on thursday to consider that issue and more with one proposal for a special e.u. crisis center to be established paul brennan al-jazeera. iran's government has banned domestic travel and all gatherings in parts searing the persian new year as it struggles to contain the coronavirus the tougher restrictions were announced after another rise in infections 2000 more cases and 143 more deaths were confirmed on wednesday government officials say many iranians have ignored advise to stay home during the new year period which began on friday
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the country could now see a 2nd wave of cases. india is under the biggest lockdown in history with 1300000000 people ordered to stay home while most are observing the restrictions homeless shelters a filling up with people who've lost their livelihoods elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. it was always going to be hard keeping india's population of 1300000000 in doors those who ventured out on the 1st day of the national lockdown face the consequences. of that but police in mumbai were seen conducting roadside checks as it appears those found flouting the rules faced instant justice with battens and punishing push ups prime minister blair in their more he says india is at war. today the war that the country has waged against coronavirus will need $21.00 days it is going to run. but 3 weeks is
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a long time for people like this young migrant worker stranded afraid and unable to leave delhi for his home state of bihar after the government cancelled all bus and train services. the police who beat me i'm afraid they're being me they aren't even allowing us to sit anyway. others decided to walk all migrant labor sunday started walking 800 kilometers after his employer shut down operations and company accommodation in the state of what occurred there. there are many that are not they're not allowing us to stay very very told us to leave because the virus is a big threat covered going to. migrant workers join the growing number of homeless and poor health is. very much the talk of one center the new delhi told al jazeera their supplies will only last another 2 days. people here have been snatching the plates from our hands there are so many people now that we're
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finding it difficult to function and are running out of food and russians for the millions of poor and daily wage earners in india the threat of hunger looms larger than that of the virus i am not saying that the lock down is a necessary i'm not the public health expert and if we had all that is necessary i'm willing to believe in balance only if it is a company by. measures to help people through this time and it's not just going to be 21 days for them it's going to be a long time before they get their jobs back so far only state governments have announced financial that hinata terran assistance for people affected india's finance minister says the central government is working on an economic plan prime minister modi has again been on t.v. to stress the importance of social distancing but that's not the priority for millions of people who are now jobless and don't know where their next meal is
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coming from and there's a problem al jazeera in delhi. where the u.n. is appealing for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts worldwide to fight the pandemic in an exclusive interview with our diplomatic editor james bays this actually general antonio turner said it's in everyone's interest to help the world's poorest nations especially in areas of conflict. well this is exactly an appeal for that it is a humanitarian appeal for those countries in conflict for those fragile states for refugee camps it's always placement camps that have that emetic humanitarian needs that need to go on being met but on top of that the surete of coffee at 19 and you need to do everything to prevent the disease to come to those areas to the extent possible and at the same time in those areas you have people sometimes in slums of big cities or in camps in which it's very difficult to have isolation there is no
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water in the households and sometimes no soap care facilities are extremely rugged mentary so we need to boost to the response capacity in those areas that's why we have asked and we mobilized all u.n. agencies that have trust with president movement large number of n.g.o.s we mobilized all to work together and with those funds with those $2000000000.00 to make sure that we are able to. ever strong push for prevention in those vulnerable areas and at the same time to bring the equipment to that is required the ventilator stass the suits are for the the stuff to allow for contact with people packed in you've called for a global ceasefire are in conflict zones but let me give you a couple of examples in recent weeks things have been going in the opposite direction in some of those conflicts let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen well i am even if one of the most important
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movements in yemen has declared that they would accept this ceasefire or that the appeal of ceasefire we have other arms movements in other parts of the world saying that they would be ready to abide by it all especially believes and invoiced everyone in the world are pushing to make sure that these it believes there is lady in the poem at the action bringing together the parties to the conflict for the ceasefire to become a reality we have he should lives in syria and yeah man in libya and very in many other parts of the world and i hope that these appeal will be heard then that people will understand that there is only one was that is necessary today it's a war against the vibes you mention libya that there was already supposed to be a humanitarian poor's in libya but one side has not been respecting it general half the in recent weeks seems to have intensified his campaign what's your message to him it's necessary to stop and i believe that in the last few days there was
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a clear the cookies and i was the early days even if even before yesterday there was a very meaningful attack but this is the moment to stop all military action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting cause 1000 we're already seeing covert 1000 cases in garza you being there you know it's one of the most crowded places on earth how were you supposed to self isolate if you're someone living in a place like guards. well it is extremely difficult but the same applies to the slums of big cities in different parts of the loping world refugee camps it is much more difficult and that is the reason why we massively need support for those areas and we massive need to increase the capacity to respond and they all services that are so weak in those areas need to be very quickly posted.
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there's a lot of the top stories here at al-jazeera president trump as well new york has several tough weeks ahead as the state deals with nearly half the country's total coronavirus infections at the same time the senate has failed to agree on a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package aimed at cushioning the economic impact of the pandemic. strain has overtaken china to record the highest number of coronavirus deaths the almost 3 and a half hours in victims that still harbor the number of italy where the death rate is the worst in the worst hit area appears to be slowing. the united nations is appealed for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts worldwide to fight the pandemic in an exclusive interview with al jazeera the secretary general said it's in everyone's interest to help the world's poorest nations. for life is slowly returning to normal for the 60000000 or so people living in china's hu bay province
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the corona virus outbreak began there last year and residents have been under strict lockdown measures but now restrictions are easing in many leaving the area for the 1st time in 2 months to train a year reports now from beijing. back on the road cars a lining up to leave and the current virus locked down behind after 2 months of empty words and closed borders government travel restrictions on most of the province are being lifted but there are strict conditions before crossing the provincial border residents must show a green card certifying good health and submit employer contact details only those with jobs waiting for them elsewhere may leave charter trains and buses have been organized for workers. local public transport has reserved all passengers must have their temperature checked surely chine says she's happy the lockdown is over but is worried. we hope others don't discriminate against us whole people we've already
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gone through a hard time we locked ourselves up for 2 months the government says there have been almost no local infections over the past week but many fear the end of the hoop a lockdown could spark a 2nd virus outbreak on social media who by workers say they've been fired from their jobs in other cities or being evicted from their apartments. those human beings from the perspective of size and epidemiology the lockdown is no longer needed and people should be freed i understand some are still worried as the previous situation or serious but now is still imposing strict policies which i think are too harsh the lockdown in serbia has eased here in beijing restrictions are being tyson's many government and commercial operations in the capital al back on track the last thing the government wants to steal is a rise of new infections that could threaten
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a return to normal life beijing's great wall has reopened to visitors and so has the city's. restaurants are also once again a welcoming customers but not everyone is free to come and go as they please in hard work as a disinfecting the train station ahead of its reopening the city where the coronavirus pandemic began its juice remain under lockdown for another 2 weeks al-jazeera. brazil's president j a bolsa mara says concerns over the pandemic are overblown in a nationally televised address on tuesday he said the virus was only a little flu he also called on brazil's cities to end their lockdown and to go back to normal. beds in fear preserve on the livelihoods of families must be saved guarded he must return to normalcy that of a few statements that must abandon scorched earth policy for the ban on guns
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predation glossing businesses and mass confinement. but across the country residents have been protesting against their president's response by banging pots and pans at the windows president also now recently berated governors and mayors are taking measures to curb the spread of the virus despite the fact that more than 20 members of his own delegation became infected brazil has so far had more than 2000 cases and almost 50 people have died now russia's president vladimir putin has postponed a constitutional referendum because of the outbreak the vote was intended to extend the president's time in office in a televised speech president putin called on russians to stay at home and he pledged economic assistance to those in need he offered assurance that the government would help people to weather the storm that some other news down mali is main opposition leader has been kidnapped. say and his delegation have been
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campaigning in the central town of here from k that's about 800 kilometers northeast of the capital bamako they've been missing since wednesday afternoon and so far there's been no claim of responsibility. there's been a new twist in israel's ongoing political crisis a rightwing ally of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has suddenly resigned as speaker of parliament now that paves the way for netanyahu his rival benny gantz to put one of his allies in the job as he tries to form a government but a delay in choosing a successor is already throwing up obstacles to the opposition's plans harry forsett reports now from west series of them as israel's government to its highest court headed towards an unprecedented showdown the man at the center of the crisis announced he was leaving the stage yuli edelstein told the knesset all but emptied by coronavirus restrictions that he was resigning rather than follow
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a ruling to hold a vote on wednesday for his successor. by god the supremes court decision harms the sovereignty of the people and the sovereignty of the knesset in a manner without precedent. the supremes court decision undermined the foundations of israeli democracy and the will of the opposition accuses him of having damaged those foundations by denying their majority its right to elect a new speaker and start driving parliamentary business. protesters outside the knesset said the political crisis is for now more important than the threat being posed to public health and the economy by the coronavirus this protest is taking place at a time when israelis are waiting for an announcement about newly increased restrictions on movement in response to the coronavirus crisis they say their actions here illegal and necessary they accuse the government trying to manipulate the crisis to its own political advantage just test the security service speaker all for.
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the order as if the supreme court is also. the opposition blue and white alliance led by benny gantz wants to start passing legislation that could hamper prime minister benjamin netanyahu long term prospects of staying in office they say that is why the speaker has deferred his resignation for 48 hours to create another delay once they have $61.00 and they have a speaker and they have the committees and the possibility is there that they can outlaw someone who's been indicted someone who's on trial from forming a government and it's and you know might find himself that he's actually acting prime minister but for son a non grata from here on in netanyahu faces trial in 3 corruption cases has called for an emergency unity government with blue and white led by him but such an outcome is far from certain and now he faces the prospect of legislation challenging his ability to stand in a future rerun election is the number of 1000 cases climbs he's also facing
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criticism over a long term problems in the health system a government report this week said israel was ill prepared to deal with an epidemic on wednesday evening tougher measures came into force designed to spread. the load on the system israelis told to stay home except for short walks of 100 meters from the doors among the exclusions journeys for essential work groceries medical care and political demonstrations there may be more of those to come. out west jerusalem i thought claimed responsibility for an attack on a sikh place of worship in afghanistan killing at least 25 people interior ministry says government stormed the religious complex in kabul earlier when say around 150 people were inside. the man accused of murdering $51.00 people in attacks on 2 new zealand moss last year as admitted to carrying out the killings brenton tyrant
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changes the from not guilty to guilty in a hearing at the high court in christchurch on thursday he also pleaded guilty to 40 charges of attempted murder and one of terrorism tyrant now no longer needs a trial and will be sentenced at a later date because in london has denied julian assange bail the wiki leaks founder sought to be released over the risk of contract in the coronavirus in prison he's being held in the u.k. awaiting possible extradition to the us where he may face charges relating to links about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the alleged operator a secret sex abuse chat rooms was paraded outside a south korean court some of the women exposure online were forced to cut the word slave into their bodies and the case is being seen as defining the country's lax attitude to such crimes prosecutors will now decide whether to formally charge him
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so a higher reports i was any leo waited moment in south korea police revealing the identity of the main suspect in an online so-called 60 judge you've been suspected of forcing women and children to film themselves carrying out sex acts that sometimes involve rape and violence take a period of boredom and then i apologize to everyone who has suffered because of me thank you for ending the life of a demon that i could not stop was deliberately blackmailed them by using private information received from government workers and went on to sell his victims videos in secret chat rooms on the messaging app telegram that he did in a rare move the south korean government named the 24 year old main suspect nicknamed doctor after a record 5000000 people signed petitions urging police to investigate him and others chose 124 suspected of abuse threats and coercion as well as violating laws on child protection privacy and sexual abuse we didn't go in. and president moon
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says these were cruel acts destroying the lives of people here knowledge is the fact that millions petitioned to punish the perpetrators and our citizens especially women demanded to search digital 6 crimes was. was $74.00 people including under-age girls are suspected to have been exploited a human being forced to cut the word slave in their bodies at least $10000.00 people paid a subscription fee to join the so-called rooms and then paid more money to view the video some as much as $1200.00 invest. to say they believe as many as a quarter of a 1000000 into one of the chat rooms at some point. south korea has seen a rise in the number of digital sex crimes in 28 seen mass protests by women demanded a government crackdown on online grooming especially of children. and
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demonstrates is demanded action on the spread of intimate photos and videos secretly filmed in public toilets in other areas. the justice ministry issued an apology able to described as a years long failure by the legal system to properly respond to the crimes victims say they believe there are many more like them too afraid to come forward activists say this case must be a turning point in the protection of women so. tough for us to take a look at the top stories here without jazeera u.s. president donald trump as well new york has several tough weeks ahead as a saint deals with the nearly half of the country's total corona virus infections at the same time to get stations continue in congress over a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package aimed at cushioning the economic impact of the
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pandemic we're also as you know building numerous hospitals and medical centers. throughout certain areas in new york it's at the convention center the javits convention center. we're doing 4 hospitals and we're doing throughout the state for medical centers they're somewhat different i want you to know that i do everything in my power to help the city pull through this challenge i'm working very hard in new york it's really by far our biggest problem maybe it will be maybe it won't be but there's a lot of good capable people working on it with us. spain has now overtaken china to recall the 2nd highest number of corona virus deaths well miss 3 and a half 1000 victims still half the number of italy where the death rate in the worst hit area appears to be slowing the u.n. subpoenaing for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts worldwide to fight the pandemic in an exclusive interview with al jazeera the secretary general
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antonio good tennis said it's in everyone's interest to help the world's poorest nations in china travel restrictions are beginning to be lifted in who bay province where the outbreak was 1st recorded people can now leave the area for the 1st time in 2 months if they can prove they are in good health the government says there's been almost no local infections over the past week in other news molly's main opposition leader has been kidnapped so mail sissay and his delegation have been campaigning in the central town of nifong that's 800 kilometers north east of the capital bamako have been missing since wednesday afternoon and so far there's been no claim of responsibility or a judge today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera i'll be back in about 30 minutes or so coming up next it's inside story.
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what's all the financial and psychological costs of a coronavirus pandemic to the sporting world the olympics is the latest major event to be postponed or canceled what will be the impact on athletes found it's on businesses this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program and its 3 olympic games have been counseled in the past because of the 2 world wars but this year is the 1st time the event as.


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