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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2020 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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the number of infections in the u.s. sets new records as it grapples with bringing in the coronavirus pandemic under control they have to go back to work the country has to go back or could 3 is based on. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a call for unity being says the u.s. and china must work together to fight the virus the party is over here's a new orleans could soon be dealing with an outbreak worse than that in new york.
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more cases of chronic virus have now been confirmed in the u.s. than anywhere else in the world president onil trump says he's committed to getting people back to work as soon as possible but that is against the advice of medical experts a record 3300000 have registered as unemployed in the past week auburn also has more. the number of confirmed cases of coded 19 in the us now tops 83000 more than have been recorded in china or italy more than 1100 people here have died from the corona virus with no vaccine and no proven drug treatment the country's top medical experts say social restrictions are the only way to curb the rate of infection whenever you put the clamps down and shut things down you do it for 2 reasons you do it to prevent the further spread is because the medication but he also do with the buy yourself time to get better prepared for what might be a rebound. in new york which has been hardest hit by the outbreak hospitals are
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becoming overwhelmed with worse predicted to come the need for ventilators and respirators for patients as well as protective gear for doctors and nurses remains acute one new york city hospital recorded 13 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours we will event question this virus but president donald trump continues to question the stay at home orders affecting much of the u.s. population saying he wants americans getting back to their jobs soon for the sake of the economy they have to go back to work a country has to go back our country is based on that and. i think it's going to happen pretty quickly. the world's biggest economy has suffered a sudden and significant shock as consumer spending has dried up shops and restaurants have been closed and restrictions have been placed on movement a record 3200000 american workers filed for unemployment benefits last week this
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number of new claims for unemployment benefits is truly unprecedented and that represents the unprecedented nature of what we're going through right now during the financial crisis a great recession the highest or maximum number of new claims or benefits we saw approaching macedo $700000.00 mark help for struggling workers and their families is on the way as the u.s. senate passed a 2 trillion dollars stimulus and relief bill the house of representatives will vote on the legislation friday the measure gives many u.s. households a cash infusion of $1200.00 or more depending on income and family size it also increases and extends unemployment benefits. as new centers of coronavirus transmission emerge around the country the pandemic and the economy both seem
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certain to get worse before they get better rob reynolds al-jazeera. from the economic policy institute says there will be little control over how corporations use the money in the financial package at the senate earlier this week . certainly large is the largest spending bill that's ever been passed by the u.s. senate and we expect to be to be passed by the house and signed by the president tomorrow. but is just a downpayment senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said this is just a relief bill it's not even a stimulus so there is much more that's going to remain to be done to. repair the damage that's going to be done to the economy about half of the money will go to workers either directly or indirectly including through loans to small businesses that will it can be used only to retain workers and so-called work
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sharing arrangements where workers would be furloughed and they kept them on the payroll they get their wages that's a very good measure but there is about $500000000000.00 it's going to go to bail out to corporations and there are very few controls very we controls on a spending and it could just go to boost stock prices or raise executive compensation so about a quarter of the package i think is. pure pork for the corporate sector china and the united states say they're working closely together to fight the current a virus pandemic the show of solidarity comes after weeks of tension between the 2 sides are earlier called the illness full chinese virus and chinese officials attempted to blame the u.s. for the outbreak china is banning most foreigners from entering as it tries to prevent a 2nd wave of infections training here has the latest from beijing. according to state media president xi jinping said that he was very willing to share information
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and share their external experience of china in fighting this pandemic he also said that over the last few months china has been responsibly dealing with the outbreak being transparent and also cooperating with international bodies such as the world health organization do you so you do get a sense that she dipping is a bit on the defensive and this comes after weeks of being of there being a war of words between the china and the u.s. with u.s. president trump himself calling the coronavirus the chinese virus and with american politicians calling it the war han virus which very much infuriated china and china in turn as you mention many chinese diplomats taking to twitter in particular to blame the u.s. military for perhaps bringing covert 19 to china at the end of last year so we did see at some point really it seems like the u.s. and china had hit rock bottom in terms of the diplomatic relationship so according to the trump administration it was president xi who sought out this phone call and he was calling on trying to help improve ties between the 2 countries president xi
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jinping also said that many chinese companies are doing what they can to help the u.s. by sending medical supplies that are much needed and also interestingly president xi jinping cold on president trump to help to protect chinese citizens and students who are in the u.s. and potentially facing backlash or ill treatment because of anger over the outbreak . the u.s. has canceled military exercises scheduled with the philippines as a precaution against the coronavirus the annual exercises have been held for decades it involves thousands of american and filipino soldiers and some from australia but these would have been the last because last month president regurgitator day ended an agreement allowing u.s. troops to operate in the philippines for such drills. and in australia the military is being called in to help enforce the mandatory mandatory that is self isolation of people returning from overseas more than 3000 in australia are infected and
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measures to restrict movement have been tightened has more from sydney. the government says this is necessary because about 2 thirds of people infected with the current virus in a strike have come from overseas and even if they were in so quarantine some have been possible you don't to family members and we need to get on to these if we are going to contain these. the military will be helping make sure that this is in full swing these passengers do stay in these hotels and other facilities they'll also still be getting the temperature's checked it at airports and also filling out forms to say yes we will abide these rules and so fossilised there are around 3000 people infected by corona virus in a struggle year and while the right of infection isn't as fast as other countries will have been concerned about that right escalating over the past week this is off
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to a cruise ship docked in sydney and thousands of about 1700 people did more than 100 of those people were infected but in a strangely a many people are just as concerned about the economy as they are about these viruses all week we have seen tens of thousands of people now job list lining up at welfare centers wondering what they'll do next so at the moment we'll have to see if there will be more restrictions but the government especially in new south wales has said if these numbers rise we will see tighter restrictions and social isolation measures. countries across europe are ramping up their response to the pandemic as the death toll climbs destructions on people and testing for the virus are being increased u.s. leaders are calling a year leaders pardon me are calling on nations to work together parker reports.
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this is how spain's hoping to win the war on the coronavirus police are among the 1st to be tested but it's hazardous work for these medical staff a large number of those testing positive on health workers. in madrid where an ice rinks been turned into a makeshift morgue or hearses arrived on thursday the death toll has risen to more than 4000 overtaking china. and italy still europe's worst affected country to date have been temporarily stored in churches before being sent for commission army truck in a deserted european parliament chamber the commission president urged europeans to show solidarity several you countries including germany and france have banned exports of protective gear to avoid shortfalls at home ursula von deland warns the practice undermined europe's joint response to the crisis we all share this responsibility none of us can do it alone and certainly no member state can
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handle this crisis on their own and because in this crisis and in our union more generally it is only by helping each other that we can help ourselves in paris health workers are conducting drive through testing in the streets france's death toll rose by 28 percent on thursday tracing the spread of the virus is vital for controlling it president mccrone is one of several world leaders joining g 20 talks remotely hoping for a global approach to the pandemic on the same conference call the russian president vladimir putin. he believes russia can defeat the virus in less than 3 months with tough measures the country will suspend international flights from friday a moscow will close all shops except pharmacies and grocery stores a day later. in the british capital works continuing to convert
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a massive exhibition hall into an emergency hospital the number of people in the u.k. who have died from the virus has jumped by more than 100 in a day for the 1st time. the british vacuum cleaner make a dyson has now joined a growing number of technology companies developing ventilators to help the country's health care system for a new great. british woman stark account of having the virus has been shared online cara mannering is 26 weeks pregnant. and. the british governments promise to ramp up testing by the end of the week with hospitals in london told to expect a continuous tsunami of patients scientists are warning many countries in europe
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that the worst is yet to come. out as they are. still ahead on al-jazeera to tell you how to help workers and the center of the outbreak in the u.s. are struggling to protect themselves and why u.s. led coalition forces are pulling out from a base and more than iraq. and other small widespread rain throughout much of indonesia has seen some pictures all flooding across into java and that is like you'll see more of the same you can see his ago today on saturday some very heavy rains really developing late in the day throughout much of the south borneo again and in particular could be seeing some very heavy amounts of rain in the day on saturday since scattered showers into will southern areas of the philippines and rate is a bit of
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a piece as we head on into sunday the rain is very widespread throughout borneo perhaps not quite as heavy but still very heavy rains across much of java and also havea into those western areas of sumatra and then across to australia and new zealand still some very windy conditions around particular further to the south but it's are be a dry day south across much of tasmania much of the south east of australia b.c. all these coastal areas new south wales up into queensland right up tools cans we're seeing showers and thunderstorms mostly dry across new zealand is cooler we have got those winds in place in the time which is a come down in perth as well made it 20 celsius quite a stiff breeze but again it should stay dry but the rains will continue particularly up into the cape york peninsula so more showers and thunderstorms in cannes and then i'm beginning to push walls melbourne but woman head of it with a high of 26.
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in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic china is in lockdown. one o one east reports from inside the quarantine talk of the nation on al-jazeera. you're. watching officer and that's take a look at the top stories more cases of chronic virus have now been confirmed in the us than anywhere and the world president says he's committed to getting people
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back to work soon but that is against the advice of his medical experts china and the united states say they're working together closely to fight the pandemic has been tension recently with both sides trying to blame each other for the outbreak and the australian military has been called in to enforce the self isolation of people returning from overseas more than 3000 cases have been confirmed the government is tight restrictions on people's movements. its focus briefly now on some other news we're following u.s. troops have withdrawn from an air base in northern iraq was a series of rocket attacks on bases housing coalition forces also reports from baghdad. fewer bases fewer people the u.s. led coalition in iraq is preparing to downsize on thursday u.s. troops packed up their facilities at airfield in northern iraq and handed over
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a $1700000.00 worth of equipment to iraqi security forces bases like these are not only used for training but also as a launching pad for joint anti slope aeration coalition of the. say the move has been planned for months as part of efforts to increase the self-reliance if iraqi security forces are partnership continues with the iraqi security forces but in the future you will see coalition troops and fewer places with fewer faces the departure from follow the withdrawal from iraq's western anbar province a week earlier the k. one base in quetta called will be handed over in the coming days some troops are relocating to other bases within iraq while others are leaving the country amid a temporary suspension of training due to covert 19 on wednesday the french government announced it was repatriating its military personnel those trainers are
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departing temporarily this is a short term movement for the french trainers to go home during this time of coronaviruses uncertainty but the french have announced they will continue to support the government of iraq with air support with advisors inside of headquarters and that we remain committed to the global coalition to defeat dash. but there's another factor that may have precipitated the with drawls the coalition has faced increasingly accurate and the times deadly rocket attacks blamed on the iranian linked groups one such attack on march 11th killed one british and 2 american soldiers one objective behind the troop movements is to consolidate them in thier locations where they can be better protected. there have also been mounting calls for foreign troops to withdraw after the us targeted iranian backed groups on iraqi soil but not all of iraq's political actors are united on the
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matter and i took the. other 2 yeah i think the withdrawal may be a relief for the shia parties that issues the decision for foreign forces to leave which there is some fear from the sunni and kurdish parties that the withdrawal of the foreign coalition forces will upset the balance of power meaning that iran would become more powerful the coalition plans to eventually hand over some training functions to the nato but will continue to provide air support to iraqi security forces as they prepare to stand on their own feet in the fight against eisel simona fulton al-jazeera get that money for new orleans could become the next epicenter of a crime a virus outbreak in the u.s. health officials say louisiana's largest city has the highest growth rate of new cases and the world and a calendar reports. this is new orleans most celebrated neighborhood now the french quarter is a shadow of its former self businesses a closed tourists are leaving and now the big easy is facing
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a major health crisis officials say the city is on course to become the next coronavirus at the center the rate of new cases is the highest in the world and may in the next few days overwhelm the city's hospitals what isn't a theory what is fact is what's actually happening on the ground and we know that it's serious we know the case count is much much higher than we obviously want it to be many in the medical community blame the rapid spread of the corona virus here on mardi gras the annual celebration attracts well over a 1000000 visitors from all over the world it happened at the end of last month when the virus was already present in the u.s. . indicated we're on a pass like in the week and we need here for now certainly the measures that we put in your very stringent year have been very clear of stay home stay home to save lives despite the warnings some are still gathering in crowds pasta tony spells
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holding outdoor services potentially putting his congregation at risk as a right to assemble. we reserve the right to worship god. we take all the necessary precautions. disinfecting our building keeping people in the distance and what have you new orleans is a resilient city used to dealing with natural disasters like hurricane katrina the next few days could be equally as challenging and agalloch al-jazeera even their new york is under lockdown the city is struggling with a lack of police staff why 3000 called in sick on wednesday and that is nearly 3 times the daily average just under 200 officers and 39 civilian employees are confirmed to be infected the state of new york has seen more deaths and infections than any other and the u.s. . 100 people in new york state have died from krone virus in the past 24 hours cuomo says officials are scouting for sites to expand hospital capacity but he's
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warned the state is not prepared to handle the rising number of cases almost any scenario that is realistic will overwhelm the capacity of the current health care system we've approved a technology that allows one ventilator to serve 2 patients what they call splitting which is where you and it is 2nd set of tubes to a ventilator to do to patients it's not ideal but we believe it's workable friends government says it will pay self-employed workers up to 80 percent of their income during the pandemic they've been under pressure since announcing a similar scheme for salaried employees last week and the meantime more than half a 1000000 volunteers have signed up to assist the health authorities john hall reports from london. with the peak of britain's corona virus outbreak thought to be 2 or 3 weeks away hundreds of thousands of people have answered
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a government call for volunteers to support the health service and the vulnerable who've been told not to leave their homes at one london hospital they were setting up emergency covert 900 treatment suites that present moment inside we've got a job to do. with being briefed we've been told by our managers that in line with government directives we've we've got the staff and we've got the money power and the equipment to cope but clearly i think we're going to need more the chief medical officer has said the ability of the health service to cope will be a close run thing succeeding if people continue to observe stay at home and social distancing guidelines aimed at reducing the peak when it arrives on the whole the streets of britain cities are very much quieter and police are being given new powers to find or force people to go home if they're out and about for the wrong reasons but behind the scenes a lot of people probably too many people are still going to work in jobs that for
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outside the government's definition of those essential to the running of the country. at places like building sites call centers and in the delivery business thousands are turning up because they feel they have no choice a massive package of government financial assistance has shielded many employees staying at home from being laid off but there's been no help for the self employed for freelancers or 0 hours workers who must work in order to survive until now you have not been forgotten we will not let you behind we all stand together. so to support those who work for themselves today i'm announcing a new self employed income support team the latest intervention by britain's chancellor will go a long way towards helping some of the least well off over the longer term during this crisis but with payments to the self employed not due to materialize for many weeks they'll still be those who can't afford to stay at home even though with the
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approaching storm now is the time they most should jonah how al-jazeera london leaders of the world's major economies have held a virtual g. 20 summit to discuss a coordinated response to this global pandemic of america james based reports from new york g. 20 summits a normally lavish set piece of events this was last year in a soccer japan. but in the new realities of a closed off world the summit became a 90 minute video conference call opened by kings salmond saudi arabia holds the presidency this year from the white house the meeting was hailed a success there is great uniformity i think we had it was a terrific meeting tremendous spirit among all of those countries here 20 countries earlier in the week the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists launched
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a 2000000000 dollar appeal for funding for the world's most vulnerable particularly those living in conflict zones and refugee camps but there were no actual pledges in the summit communiqué and no response to a call by 2 prominent g. 20 members china and russia for sanctions relief for countries like iran syria and venezuela so they can get the resources they need to fight the virus. with ideally we should introduce a joint moratorium based on solidarity waiving any restrictions on suppliers of essential goods and financial transactions for their purchase. spokesperson addys that there was still a long way to go to see truly concerted and effective global leadership all the pandemic there is a feeling that international diplomacy has been somewhat paralyzed the normal ways of working in all there in part because the u.n. is based here in new york the center of the virus in the united states james zira
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of the united nations health officials in syria's rebel held in the province are warning that 100000 people might die unless the w.h.o. provides much needed supplies and equipment authorities there working with aid groups to prepare for any outbreak there had been no confirmed cases so far in northwest syria but the virus has infected people elsewhere in the country and in neighboring states are michael ryan is director of the world health organization's emergencies program he told al-jazeera mom back scenes are coming but will take some time. and it's going to take at least a year to bring vaccines into the fight against this white house there are at least 30 candidates actually is currently being developed are already under under under trials in fact trials are started last week in the united states and further trials will be starting in china and other countries in the coming weeks that's a massive effort it's going to require
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a coordinated public private partnership to do that we will get vaccines but it's going to take time dr ryan there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there right now especially due to the rivalry between the u.s. and china has the w.h.o. been asked to investigate claims that covered 19 was manmade we tend to look for these explanations in situations when we've such a. horrific event but the reality is and this has always been the reality is that we human beings have behaved in a way over the last number of years we've globalized the planet and with that globalization have become some benefits in terms of freedom of movement in terms of economy but we have stressed the environment we have invaded the animal human interface we have allowed diseases to cross into humans and when those diseases do cross from animals to humans those diseases can amplify and poorly equipped health
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facilities they can amplify in peri urban slums that can employ fire amongst stressed refugee populations and then they can spread because we are connected globally so the problem we have right now is manmade the problem we have right now is that we have left ourselves vulnerable to emerging diseases who the diseases themselves are entirely natural but the situation in which these diseases are spreading because we human beings have created the conditions in which these diseases can spread and cause as you see tremendous damage to our health systems to our economies to our social systems or more importantly deaths amongst those we love. south africa has reported its 1st 2 deaths from the chrono virus outbreak it has also had the highest total of confirmed infections in africa more than a 1000 police are warning anyone who violates a 3 week lockdown that they face 6 months and prison.
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we shall hear these are the headlines on al jazeera more cases of chronic virus have now been confirmed in the us than anywhere else in the world president donald trump says he's committed to getting people back to work as soon as possible but that is against the advice of his medical experts he says more cases are being detected because of the country's robust response i think it's a tribute to testing. you know number one you know what the numbers are in china chinese as you know because. i'm speaking to president xi tonight i believe you have a good conversation sure but you just don't know you know where the numbers but i think it's a tribute to the testing with just a tremendous numbers of people new york is under lockdown but the city is struggling with the lack of police staff early 3000 called in sick on wednesday just under 200 officers and 39 civilian employees have confirmed infections the
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state of new york has seen more deaths and infections in any other and the u.s. . china and the united states say they're working closely to fight the virus pandemic there have been tensions recently with both sides trying to blame each other for the outbreak china is now banning most foreign arrivals to prevent a 2nd wave of infections trainee who has the latest from beijing. xi jinping requested to president trump according to state media that he do you do whatever he could to improve u.s. sino ties they seem to have hit rock bottom in recent weeks with the 2 sides having a bit of war of words war of words with president trump calling the coronavirus the chinese virus and several u.s. politicians calling it the han virus and this very much infuriated the chinese government and over the past few weeks ago also had chinese diplomats taking to twitter in particular to blame the u.s. for potentially bringing covert $900.00 to china by its its its military and also
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criticizing very much the u.s. approach to handling the virus in the u.s. the number of new deaths has surged in spain to more than 4000 and is climbing in italy leaders have given the block finance ministers 2 weeks to work out an economic response to the pandemic and the u.s. has canceled scheduled military exercises with the philippines as a precaution against the current virus they would have been the final and war games after president territory ended an agreement that allowed u.s. forces to operate in the philippines so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera one on one east virus lock down in beijing that is that next. how much is the coronavirus on the stock market to your rights to the warning towns. to find some secure the democratic nomination i believe we can beat down trying. to
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develop leads in the u.s. election campaign on al jazeera. in the midst of a chronic virus pandemic china is in the town. beijing capital of the world's most populous nation stands deserted. millions of residents are forced to stay behind closed doors in moves now being replicated in countries across the line. on this episode of one a 18th report from inside the quarantine capital of beijing. it's been months since there's been a real reason.


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