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free and reinstate his presidency you know it was the spot and. non-negotiable issue is that all along well look for a change this return of the president on al-jazeera. the european epicenters of the corona virus a break suffer their deadliest days with $919.00 new deaths in italy and $769.00 in spain. my. lowdown on how my hitting and this is al jazeera life in london also coming up i developed my own symptoms over the coronavirus britain's prime minister reveals he's tested positive for covert 19. growing outrage around the world as
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a shortage of protective equipment leaves doctors and nurses afraid to go to work plus the if you own. tensions high as the u.s. has precious 3 a 2 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package to my . to. well after more than 2 weeks in lockdown in italy has reporters as biggest jump in coronavirus death since the outbreak began 919 people have died within the last day taking its stats all to more than 9000 spain has reported as another 769 new deaths its highest number in a day and britain's prime minister boris johnson and the u.k. health minister have both tested positive for the corona virus this as another
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$181.00 people died in the united kingdom the world health organization has warned there's a chronic global shortage of protective gear for health care workers a problem it calls an urgent threat and the most are ticking up around the world with south africa russia and ins in the asia all reporting more than the photos and confirmed cases well let's get more on the situation in italy from francesco a gem bertone he's journalist based in milan and joins us now on skype francesco this is the deadliest day in a silly at a time when hopes were high that the country may be approaching some kind of peak. it's really hard to say when the peak is going to come here in italy we expected every day but then we must delude ourselves today it's the deadliest day since the beginning of the outbreak it's 919 people died in the last 24 hours
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the civil protection said it is a massive increase after last week when the losses attested around between 60790 daily the death toll now reached 9134 the confirmed cases are around 6000 today bringing the total number of positive people over 86000 and. the situation is still extremely serious more than a 3rd of today's deaths come again from better give a 1000000 or embrace here in the northern region in this area there could be as many as 10 times more people actually infected the head of the civil protection said on tuesday but the italian health service is on the strain and only those in server can in severe conditions are tested that's why 'd the virus here seems by the numbers to kill the 14 people out of 100 confirmed cases but actually the cases
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could be many more and the italian president has also addressed the nation to see name what city have to say. oh well after the frequent live streams boy the prime minister does that because this is the 2nd time the head of the country decided to break his silence the 1st after 3 weeks the presidency of the italian republic is much more. than the prime minister so the messages from the head of the state are often caused to unity but this time he exhorted very firmly european union to understand the severity of the call. and virus threats or he said it will be too late president motorola also called for solidarity imposed by the values of european union and he also said that new joint initiatives must be take in overcoming old patterns which don't work anymore in
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a critical situation all the continent is right now but after all this he did say sending a message to the tele promp elation saying we will get through this all of us together ok francesco jumper tony reporting live from milan thank you now spain has also recorded its highest number of deaths from the coronavirus over 24 people period rather 769 people have died since thursday spain's health ministry also confirmed another $7800.00 factions taking the total to more than $64000.00 well spittles are overrun and the medical system area is on the brink of collapse with more than $9000.00 health workers and faxes where the government has ordered medical supplies from china to increase its capacity for testing and treatment. here in the u.k.
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the prime minister boris johnson has become the 1st world leader to announce that he's tested positive for the virus is among string of top officials now in self isolation after contracting the illness johnson has been criticized for his slow response to the crisis as john holl reports from central london. just hours after boris johnson 1st displayed symptoms and was tested he received a positive result britain's prime minister becomes one of the world's highest profile carriers of the code 19 coronavirus so i am working from home i'm so by slating and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with modern technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona bars and it wasn't long afterwards that the health secretary announced he too had tested positive matt hancock said he had mild symptoms that would not prevent him from continuing the
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vital work of bolstering britain's health service medical advice i was tested and that test has been positive sabi self isolating here until next thursday boris johnson was last seen in person on the steps of downing street on thursday evening as he joined the housebound up and down the country in applauding the efforts of frontline health workers standing alongside him at a distance was the chancellor and johnson's neighbor in downing street. boris johnson received his positive test at midnight but was well enough on friday morning to chair the daily emergency cabinet meeting held via video link of course if boris johnson's condition was to worsen significantly such that he could no longer carry out his duties well then it's agreed that the foreign secretary dominic robb would step into his shoes but barring that the normal functioning of government ought to continue or be it with a different like the majority of britain's workers now the prime minister is also
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working from home. it is a grim moment for britain's to be told they'll be seeing a little less of their leader the latest death toll from corona virus has shot up 31 percent in 24 hours to 759 in 7 days time when the prime minister emerges from isolation things may well look even worse jonah how al-jazeera london. well the pandemic has exposed a serious shortage across europe and around the world of the protective equipment that doctors and nurses needs as health workers struggle to cope with the huge numbers of infections people there all are often risking their own safety caring for the sick or a challenge has this reports. it's a stark image of this whole coronaviruses taking on spain coffins and the sick being carried into one of madrid several overstretched hospitals inside another
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medics when minimal protective equipment as they try to treat the huge number of waiting patients a spanish nurse told me about the shortage of prop of face visors in gowns and the impacts this has lead you to raid health care workers getting the big thing we did not anything is around their team 100 percent entirely eades has been 8 years in the 19 chuang now west around i have so many provisionals for morning and . our patients are getting any in the invaders from us but the shortage of personal protective equipment will p.p. is certainly not limited to spain in the u.k. the army has been delivering p.p. eat a hospitals for several days but doctors have written to the ministry of health complaining that still isn't enough and what there is isn't up to the proper standards for such an infectious disease this is some of what's needed full face vices his being 3 d.
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printed by a company in denmark also required all respirators and full length gowns for the coronavirus pandemic has shared p p e stocks across europe were insufficient and supply chains were vulnerable to an emergency of this scale france is feeding it too but the president of the hospital federation says dealing with the crisis should come 1st then the questions can be oscar. there will be a debate afterwards and we have enough stock did we not have enough stock will be careful in managing what crisis stock we should have when the epidemic appears but that's a debate for another time and it's not urgent. and that's countries rush to set up field hospitals to cope with the expected onslaught of covert 19 cases. a need for the right equipment will only increase this british construction worker found a new one being prepared in london a sobering sight i didn't take this virus to be set very seriously until you know
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so they're so small and come in and this is the saw use of the whole we've got $4000.00 beds to go in to morgues this hole is a kilometer long you're not taking a seriously law because one thing we really need to start but the london field hospital n.h.s. nightingale is unlikely to be the only one planet looking at many other sites around the country and we understand that this conference center in brighton is already being set up as one of them so field hospitals medical equipment volunteers kovan 19 has triggered a mass mobilization of resources on scene since the 2nd world war well retellings down to 0 rights and. you know its government says hospitalizations in the states a doubling every 4 days as it struggles to deal with the worst cruel covered 19 night break in the united states there are no more than $44000.00 confirms
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infections that alone has hospital in queens is at the center of the crisis carol elizondo has more on the situation there are long lines at a stray sions are growing. these are all people that are sick that need to see a doctor and also want to get tested as well there's certainly a building health care crisis that's building here in new york city and where you can see it is right here at elm hurst hospital that i'm at here in the queens neighborhood of the city the walk the line goes for more than a block long. they people arrive here before sunrise these are all people that are waiting to get into the hospital to see a doctor the problem is however is that this hospital is full it's an emergency room hospital that is at or over capacity and doctors and nurses are struggling to try to get people the help that they need just in this hospital alone there was
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124 hour period where 13 people died as one doctor said the only way we're able to free up beds here is when someone dies and they're taken out of the hospital so the situation is very very desperate here for not only the patients that are trying to get in to get help but also for the medical workers you might have saw a couple nurses just walked by there a minute ago you also have police officers here managing things as best they can and there are over 300 new york police officers that actually have coronavirus themselves right here is where the crisis is playing out and probably the most ominous part of all of this is is that officials in new york say we are still 2 weeks away in new york from getting the peak of the most amount of people rushing into the hospital to get care and we're already seeing scenes such as this. well
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after heated 3 yards of the u.s. house of representatives has passed a 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill to take gentlemen a gentle way to the business of a baby. i'm going to give your guy. a bill is aimed at propping up the country's economy suring the coronavirus pandemic fund which was approved unanimously by senators on wednesday includes business loans help for state governments and payments to individuals as individuals and let's get more now from our white house correspondents kimberly how kids can believe the bill has finally passed and that will come as a relief to many. yeah because it almost did there was a little bit of drama in the final moments because what this was was a bill that was supposed to be passed through a voice vote it was a rare moment of unity between democrats and republicans in the house of
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representatives but there was one republican member that decided that he wanted a roll call vote and there is a bit of a problem with that you need a quorum you need 216 of the 435 members and there wasn't that number in the chamber because they had been in recess and also because of coronavirus not only were they trying to social distance but in fact there are some that are in self isolation because they have come into contact they believe with someone with crime of iris 2 members democrat and republican have even tested positive so this was an issue and it was really frustrating for both sides who wanted to see this push through they wanted it last monday the president was eager to get hit on his desk in the final moments the man representative mathy was overruled and this ultimately was passed and again rare moment of unity people leapt to their they sort of stood up there were supplies they were shouting and cheering it was something that they
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really felt was something they need to push through and now it's being fast tracked over to the white house for a signature we understand the u.s. president will be signing matter in the coming hour in a signing ceremony at the white house ok well is the bill. president trump more sort of a fakes is it likely to have on those who need it most because the numbers of unemployed have gone through the roof when we've just seen from groups that hospitals are under significant amounts of pressure. yes so the hospitals that are under significant strain they're going to get money in you know exceeding $100000000000.00 as well there is going to be a u.s. economy that some describe as economic carnage it's going to get a lifeline in terms of being flooded with cash that is essentially the goal here it's a $2.00 trillion dollars package airlines are going to be bailed out there's going
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to be oversight it's not just going to be blank checks and of course those all important cash payments to families and individuals in somewhere of the neighborhood of $3000.00 or more for a family of 4 this certainly is going to help but the lawmakers say it's not the end in fact they're already talking about the next phase of economic rescue that is a package that they're already calling face for and that will be geared on recovering this economy that had been historically in strong shape and now again to use the phrasing of many here in washington economic carnage and that's what they're trying to recover from ok kimberly hall could bring us all the latest there thank you very much indeed. my stocks across the globe fell sharply on friday during us and vestas focus shifted from the stimulus package to the tool the krona viruses and flicks in one of connery's wall street tumbled more than 3 percent after on the stock market 3 day run up the organization for economic cooperation and development the sense that for every major connelly's the country's economy is
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shut down his annual growth will drop by 2 percentage points. still to come here and i'll just see are. folks in and shop shops close down the capital isolated towns that grew out of ours it's the democratic republic of congo. but. how they are off the best part of a week of significant rain for tunisia sicily southern italy greece and turkey the crowd that brought it is now dispersed you can't really see is circulating like they will be for the showers the same areas and they've gone further into cyprus and into turkey the rest of the european plain is quite warm really and largely sunny but there's an all the wind which is always
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a bit telling it will not the temperatures down for example in germany but in goes out to 6 figures a 6 single figures and the same is true in warsaw with that cold front if you pick up but it is a specific example of the forecast it stays relatively calm next 3 days and goes subzero at night so spring frost has returned now the quite strong winds and blustery weather there and in the northwest of africa's more or less gone i've still got showers and focus from the atlas mountains to the low ground in tunisia where the temperatures are in the middle teens not the low teens anymore are in the low twenty's there for current bengazi and those temperatures are rising the still quite a breeze that runs down through sudan if a pickup truck to him in the fall cross attempt is rising to 40 want to again she's come tuesday persistent sunshine but with changing strength of wind.
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from the outer london borough catherine tactic a special guest in conversation when you say a lie a 1000000 times it becomes that you then can create whatever narrative you want unprompted uninterrupted and i realized i was working for tony no evil you know being a part of that recreating maria let them eat christopher while the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy judy a great date on al-jazeera. the a the the end of the. car. my. quick reminder all the top stories here on al-jazeera italy has confirmed another record jump in deaths 901000 people died in the past 24 hours taking its overall
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death toll to more than 1000 spain also recorded its worst daily numbers with 769 people dying in the past 8 percent prime minister and health minister have both tested positive for the corona virus this is another 181 people reporters to have died in the u.k. . and the u.s. size of representatives has finally passed a 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill into talking up the economy cheering the coronavirus pandemic the fund will help businesses state governments and individuals. the police in south africa have been struggling to enforce a $21.00 day nationwide lockdown which came into force at midnight local time one person has died in the western cape province the country's 1st current virus fatality under south africa's new restrictions people are only allowed out of their homes to buy groceries or for health emergencies but large crowds of continued to
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form in korea taiwan ships where measures such as social distancing are almost impossible because of the cramped living conditions are coal sales have also been banned but some shops have to fight the booze and stayed open. doctors in zimbabwe have gone on strike over a lack of protective equipment joining thousands of nurses who walked off the job rather this week union say most doctors and public hospitals are staying home but will return to work as soon as their safety is guaranteed customs officials at the country's biggest airports have also stopped turning up for work fearing exposure to the virus zimbabwe has 3 confirmed coronavirus cases so far with one death the president says from monday the country will be put under a total lockdown for 3 weeks on the democratic republic of congo 4 people have died from the virus and more than 50 new cases have been confirms the
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president has declared an emergency and close the country's borders travel has been banned in and out of the capital and its residents will be under a ford a look sent from saturday welcome web reports. about these people want to buy bus tickets but no bus is going to come the government of the democratic republic of congo has banned travel in and out of the capital kinshasa a part of its measures to try and stop the spread of coronavirus for many who struggle to get by made life even harder. than you imagine a president taking the decision to ban travel and restricting other ways do business freely but without any measures to help the population even the price of everything has gone up nothing works well for us now in this town of kinshasa the streets normally packed the government's also closed congo the borders with almost
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no food is produced here in the city that depends on supplies brought in from elsewhere. we've become bts business of preparing shoes has dried out he says he's expecting food shortages and price hikes there is a possibility we believe the president is right to take measures against coronavirus but he must also be aware of how else daily life as an artist out there because no one lives in a kind of charcoal without going out in free day the lack of food after killing people daily in those countries but more than back over on to. congress ministry of health has confirmed more than 50 cases most brought to this hospital not all of come out alive and experts say the lack of testing capacity means they could already be many more restrictions should slow the spread but in a city where millions are living hand to mouth day to day economists wonder how long they could be practically kept up it's unbelievable to think that we can go
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out and copy. the mechanism that is put in europe which means that we cannot confine people 100 percent level where they cannot move but with travel bans and now prices rising life for people in kinshasa is going to get a lot harder in the weeks ahead malcolm webb al-jazeera. russia's prime minister has surged a 144000000 residents to stay at home as the country ramps up measures to curb the spread of the virus all international flights in and out of russia have now been suspended apart from russian airlines for patriots and citizens countries huge network of state one who tells the sorts of victory ational facilities have been ordered to shut down cafes bars and restaurants will be closed in moscow from saturday. let's get more now from maria lipman senior associate at the institute
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for european russian and eurasian studies at george washington university she joins us now by skype from moscow good to have you with russia seems to be escaping this pandemic with only 4 fatalities so far given that situation and given these numbers why do you think these tricks are measures are coming it's a police at this time. well it can be easily suggested that this is already too late and maybe a bit inadequate the experience of other countries has shown measures should be taken strict measures should be taken as early as possible russia has over 1000 cases of infected patients very few deaths so far but are there rise in the number of the infected people has been there e very rapid in the past few days. with the president in ound. that the next week will be
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a week off. and he is already being criticized by some that he should have announced their real quarantined not just eva cation the way it sounds to many people however moscow has the lion's share of all the cases of the infected people about 700 in measures in moscow have been stricter than any place else and today the prime minister said that these measures should probably be extended to other regions of russia where many people may be heartened though to hear that in a country the size of russia there have been only a 1000 or so cases how much faith are people putting in these numbers. it's it's hard to tell how many but a very recent poll showed that people have low trust in what the government tells them there is nothing new about that and this does not apply just to the corona virus epidemic people generally have low trust in what the government says also only about half of our russian citizens said that they are concerned about the risk
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of getting infected. which is of course the result of that only this week the government has has assumed a grave tone in talking about the epidemic i think it will take a while before people realize how serious the risk years especially in regions of moscow but i think the government is getting more serious in some regions already have introduced measures that sound even stricter than moscow well given russia snow stepping up and preparing for an eventual surge in coronavirus cases how prepared to you think the house sector is to handle. in their visible surge some might argue. well. first what the russian people think about it in the same poll it turned out that only about half of people
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think that the healthcare system in russia is adequate enough the russian government has announced that actually we have more per capita artificial ventilation equipment to then many other country is. probably more in hospitals but of course everything depends now on how rapid the growth of the cases will be and how many of them will be grave very hard to tell i think this epidemic this pandemic so far has shown how. inadequate predicting and forecasting has been so remains to be seen doesn't it maria lipman great to get your thoughts thank you so much for joining us by skype from moscow well turkey's president says just unknowns that he stop an all international flights to other countries in a bid to stop the corona virus from spreading he also said systems and shoot abide by voluntary quarantine rules if they want to avoid stricter measures. to
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iran though were owned 70 inmates escaped during a prison riots which is the of course in the country quite hard hit by the coronavirus the job rate cap and in suckers in kurdistan province i would say prisoners saw cars at knife point to drive away some have since surrendered it's the 3rd prison break in iran in just a week. you're without a syria these are top stories after more than 2 weeks in locked and italy has reported its biggest jump in corona virus deaths since the outbreak began 990 people have dies within the last 8 deaths all that and more than $1000.00 and now it has more than $86000.00 confirmed cases overtaking that of china but its own
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health officials say they're seeing a slight slope in the rate of infections spain has also recorded its highest number of deaths from the corona virus over a 24 hour period 769 people have died since thursday hospitals are overrun and the medical system is on the brink of collapse with more than 1000 health workers affects his. business prime minister and the health minister have both tested positive for the coronavirus forest johnson says the symptoms of mild and he will continue working via video conference this as another 181 people reported have died in the u.k. the world health organization has warned of a chronic global shortage of personal protective equipment for medical workers it's also urged countries not to use medicines not yet proven effective the history of medicine is strong with examples of drugs that work on paper or you know test
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you but didn't walk in humans or were actually harmful we must follow the evidence there are no shortcuts we also need to ensure that using unproven drugs does not create a shortage of those medicines to treat diseases for which they have probably been effective. you know as governor says hospitalizations in the states of doubling every 4 days with the peak expected it over 2 weeks because the highest number of infections in the u.s. with more than 44000 confirmed cases there alone. the u.s. and the u.s. house of representatives has passed a 2 trillion dollar bill aimed at propping up the economy during the coronavirus pandemic stay with us here in al-jazeera up front is up next.
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when the right to free speech conflicts with protecting minorities how should democracies respond and do muslim communities have a particular problem with the principle of free expression or has islam been unfairly targeted the debate over free speech i don't from special. with hate crimes on the rise across the west recent debates around free speech have become all the more pressing from all humans in the us about whether white supremacists should be given platforms to say bigoted things to claims that free speech is.


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