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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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x. peter is a ph d. in economics from harvard has a master in public administration from the kennedy school also from harvard and he's a tremendous guy and he will do a fantastic job and i'd like to maybe ask before a continue peter to say a few words please thank you president they're good of course you know harvard jokey and so on are man you just can't tell them much or any you can't. anyway on a serious note they did to me just give me a little idea of the defense production act and why it is so important we are engaged in the most significant industrial mobilization since world war 2 we have a wartime president fighting an invisible enemy and we have the full force of government coupled with the full power of private enterprise bearing down on this problem for the american people sir where we had to do today with president trump's order with respect to general motors i want to give you
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a little background on that. we need industrial mobilization to make adequate ventilators particularly in the very short run to help the people in new york detroit new orleans chicago denver seattle all around this country as this virus bears down the ventilators really are the most important thing for patients who become most seriously ill they're literally the lifeline for people and i've personally been working with thema and i've been working with h.h.s. and over 10 ventilator companies making sure we can get what we need as quickly as possible and virtually every one of those companies has been cooperative patriotic moving in trump time which is to say as soon as possible sir but we did have a problem with g.m. and then tack on the one hand we had ford and g.m. moving forward on a similar kind of project patriotically moving as fast as possible over the last
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several days we ran into road blocks with g.m. we cannot afford to lose a single day particularly over the next 30 to 60 days so the president trop invoked the defense production act as a way the enhanced seen in accelerating this mobilization i salute him for doing so it's going to make my job so much easier for the most part we've had tremendous cooperation from the private sector today sir was the right to do it thank you sir thank you like that and good luck. my administration is marshalling the full power of the american government and we will do that and that's what we've done and we will continue to do it until our wars one economic scientific medical military and homeland security all of this to they question the virus that we are working to sign contracts immediately with the major ventilator companies in the country including g.e. philips medtronic hamiltons all 'd red med hill rob and
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vire these are all 'd. the companies that do this great companies the f.d.a. will be reducing and waiving unnecessary regulations in order to get this done we're going to be getting rid of certain. let's say barriers to speed we want them to get it done quickly they've been doing it for a long time they've been making ventilators for a long time hopefully general motors will join in the fray. under the normal condition that you would be regular times $29000.00 ventilators are distributed in the united states each year in the next $100.00 days well 1st of all we've already delivered thousands of that but within the next 100 days we will either make or get in some form or over 100000 additional units and i guess to put it in other words in the next 100 days we'll receive over 3 times the number of ventilators made
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during a regular year in the united states and that doesn't include all of the thousands and thousands that we've we've given to the various states a lot of them we delivered thousands as you know to new york and they didn't know they got them and then. we also had some thousands put in a warehouse and that was also for new york and they just found out that they were there so we have to make sure that when we deliver things they get distributed. earlier today i spoke to the c.e.o. of boeing david calhoun and boeing will be producing and donating face shields to help our medical professionals on the front lines is actually pretty intricate in terms of the plastic and the quality of the materials are important they're going to be top of the line and they're going to do thousands of these a week they've already tested the production and they're ready to begin producing
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all of these shiels that's the plastic heels that go over the face of boeing is also. offering us the use of their what they call the dreamlifter cargo plane it's a largest plane in the world and this is sort of a picture of it they called up just a little while ago and that can sort of take anything that's the biggest in the world and they're letting us use that for the distribution of product all over the country especially the heavy product or large quantities of product and boeing will dedicate up to 3 planes to the mission of flying medical supplies anywhere we need it each plane can carry $63000.00 pounds of cargo profile like that's a lot of carbon and also signed an executive order giving the department of defense and department of homeland security the authority to activate the ready reserve components of the armed forces this will allow us to mobilize medical disaster
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emergency response personnel to help wage our battle against the virus by activating thousands of experienced service members including retirees we have a lot of people retirees great great military people coming back in who have offered to support the nation in this extraordinary time of need and they come back and they don't say how much they don't see it what are we getting paid they just want to come back and it's really an incredible thing to see it's beautiful. this afternoon i also signed into law $2.00 trillion dollars in urgently needed relief for our nation's families workers businesses and americans of very race color religion in crete and the $2.00 trillion goes to 6.2 trillion depending on needs it's the largest it's the largest bill ever signed and not just emergency relief but of any kind we've never signed a bill of that magnitude and you know i'm credibly it was 96 to nothing in the
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senate and it was essentially the same thing in congress they did it very quickly in the house they did it very very quickly so if you look at congress what they've been able to do the house was voice vote against they would call it and something like that rarely takes place and $96.00 to nothing in the senate for the largest bill in the history of a country that's pretty good and i want to thank the republicans i want to thank democrats for coming together for the whole of the nation and this is a great thing a great victory this is going to save companies that are incredible companies but that are going to need some help because of what happened a month ago they were outstanding they're having the best year they ever had and then we got hit and so we'll help them out it's thousands and millions of jobs millions of jobs. and i just want to thank everybody for working so hard and that
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includes the people standing with me right here. the legislation extends a vital lifeline to american families and american workers with job retention loans for small businesses and a big focus of the bill is small businesses they're really the they're the energy here they're whatever you want to call it in terms of our nation they push people have no idea how big a factor peter can tell you the small businesses are in this country from an economic standpoint from a job standpoint we expand the unemployment benefits for workers very substantially in direct cash payments will be going to american citizens substantial this legislation also provides a massive increase in funding for hospitals for the divert disaster relief fund and critical supplies including masks respirators and pharmaceuticals of all types and
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speaking of pharmaceuticals as you know we're working on vaccines we're getting some good response and we're working on therapeutics and cures and we have some very interesting things happening this afternoon apple launched a new tool created in partnership with our task force the c.d.c. and fema any individual who is concerned that they might have the virus can now download the free c.e.o. of the id dish 19 app on their i phone and answer a set of simple questions about their symptoms and risk factors. it's getting to be a very modern eye system indeed they will soon receive h.h.s. recommendations on what to do next including whether they should get tested or not and again we only want people to get tested if they if we think they need it in a few moments secretary divorce secretary producer will discuss new partnerships with the private sector that are providing meals to millions of students while
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schools are closed they've both been incredible the job they've done rishi at them very much we're grateful for the assistance of neron showed harry c.e.o. of pinera bread company they've been so incredible to us and to the people of our country and denton mclean chairman of mclean global logistics and they've joined us there on stage with me they're going to speak throughout this ordeal i've been auden 'd inspired by the american people more than anything else more than any one else americans of every walk of life have followed the guidelines shown incredible compassion and sacrifice greatly on behalf of their fellow citizens and i want every american to know that their selfless and heroic actions are saving lives and i want them to know and i've said it before then a very proud to be the president very proud of the american people my administration is actively planning the next phase in an all out war against this
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horrible virus we're now testing nearly 100000 patients per day more than anybody in the world and we have now as of even a couple of weeks ago tested more than any other country in the world and our capacity continues to grow widespread surveillance testing will allow us to monitor the spread of the virus and we're doing that. quite accurately and deborah and tony will be speaking about that and coordinate with the states to contain new hotspots as they arise with a targeted fact based and it a brain based approach it's all data driven this surveillance testing will soon enable us to publish updated guidelines to state and local leaders we want every county and region in the country to have the on the ground evidence that they need to determine the mitigation measures that are right for them each location is different some are very very different summer day and night some are in great shape
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and some aren't in great shape and will be able to have very accurate information very shortly we're to have a lot of that information america's bravely battling this pandemic through cutting edge science medical innovation and rational deliberate and determined vigilance no effort will be spared in winning this war we're going to win the war hopefully we're going to win soon and with as few alive as possible lost you see what's going on all over the world you see the lives you see italy you see spain you see all of these countries going through so much going through such hell and we're all in very strong communication and i can tell you our professionals are dealing with them every day many of the countries so many countries but many of the countries we're dealing very directly and closely. and we're going to be in very good shape in terms of certain equipment that's very hard to get very hard to manufacture and at
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the right time will be distributed that equipment throughout the world to other countries worst johnson was asking for ventilators today as you know boris is he's tested. unfortunately he's tested positive and it's a terrible thing but he's going to be great i'm sure he's going to be totally great but they want ventilators italy wants bed to letters spain wants ventilators germany wants ventilators they're all calling for ventilators well we're going to make a lot of ventilators and will take care of our needs but we're also going to help other countries so i just want to thank everybody i want to thank a great american citizens and a lot of incredible things are happening really happening and it's too bad you were saying before we had the press conference when we signed we had a signing ceremony where we signed the largest bill in our history and i said think of it 22 days ago. we had the greatest economy in the world everything was
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going beautifully the stock market hit an all time high again for the over 150th time during my presidency and the world was looking good and then we got hit by the invisible enemy and now you have countries all over the world reeling but we're winning it and we'll be bigger and better and stronger there were it we were even before and we will also have apparatus in place that works we will have broken systems we'll have incredible systems of the should happen together hopefully it won't but if a thing like this should happen again i will be able to handle it very much more easily so with that i'll take a few questions see pliska profile us a little bit about these negotiations with general motors what were they reluctant to do or was it a debate over cost of the. awful lot got to be a bit of a cost that we don't want to think too much about cost when we're talking about this this is not cost. i was unhappy where general motors build plants and other
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locations over the years not so much during my term but they built a lot of plants in other countries i won't name the countries but you can imagine and so i didn't go into it with a very favorable view i was extremely unhappy with lordstown ohio where they left lordstown ohio in the middle of an auto boom because we had 17 car companies coming in and then they were leaving one plant in ohio i love ohio and what happens that became the story not that all these plants are moving in but that you had one plant they were leaving and frankly i think that would be a good place to build a ventilators but we'll see we'll see how that all works out but i wasn't too thrilled and then we thought we had a deal for 40000 ventilators and all of a sudden it became 6 and then price became a big object but peter navarro is going to handle that and peter will do a very good job we'll see maybe they'll change their tune but we don't want to play games with them you know from 2 questions for you want to on
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a prostate quarantines and the other one on the search for treatment the 1st one over the last 24 hours governors in multiple states including florida rhode island have she wants you to force the problem from our state or court you know orders yeah and they are intercepting people on highways at airports they say is that recommendation of your ministration is that true and if so why doesn't your i think i'm going to read it to tony speak to that a little bit later but we're being very strong on quarantine we're being very strong on people not leaving especially certain states and going to other states where they have less of a problem i mean you hear constantly about people leaving new york and going down to florida and new york obviously is a hot spot and that's why we're building all those hospitals in new york at all those medical centers in new york so we will let tony answer that but specifically you have to. we're not playing games. with the bird. ok we're going to take
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pride of this grief. has been president from giving and updates on the situation in the united states of course this comes on the day that the confirmed number of cases in the u.s. past 100000 will trump unveiling some of the measures that he has brought into zaidi as he has invoked the defense production act and named peter navarro as the policy coordinator he also announced that general motors is no been compelled to produce. to produce ventilators and so yes or several other things as custom analysis now from mike hanna he is in washington d.c. for us mike you mentioned a couple of things there the president trump has announced quite a few others just walk us through some of the measures. the important measures we heard in that speech from president. well although he signed the defense production active few days ago this is the 1st time he's actually invoked it and that is to
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force general motors to produce these ventilators much needed ventilators but once again we heard president trump the refer to a past history with general motors which clearly played some part in his decision to enforce the production of these ventilators saying that he didn't go into it with a very good mood given his relationship with g.m. in the past referring to the decision to move some plants out of the united states even in the situation president tramp referring to old grudges that he had against g.m. in particular he made reference to other corporate deals as well boeing offering a number of dreamliner is to fly supplies around the country apple designing a new app to download to be able to ask questions about the coronavirus president trying focusing on this relationship with corporate america just of our after he signed that massive $2.00 trillion dollar economic stimulus bill but interesting
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though is that president trump also referred to the greater chasing of data throughout the country of isolating zones in terms of finding out what is happening in each county in each part of each state now this is a step forward it's been a point of criticism that the trumpet ministration dealing with the pandemic has been limited by its ability to find out what is happening where now this may be leading to president trump's repeated assertion in recent days that there may be an easing to the shutdown in particular places there were reports that he's trying to get a labeling of various areas those that are worst hit those that are moderate and those that are not badly hit at all with a view to partially opening up parts of the united states in the days and weeks ahead it's a very controversial position one that is close as health advisers are saying cannot be. at this particular point saying it's not people who set the timeline to
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deal with the virus it's actually the virus itself which sets the timeline so this is once again in the natural exactly what president trump is saying here glowing with satisfaction often signing into law that massive economic stimulus act that's now been passed virtually unanimously in both the senate and in the course of the day in the house of representatives well that will that is one of the big news lines from today in the president certainly very pleased indeed in terms of it does come amidst all these makes messages do you think that this deal that has been signed it see point 2 trillion dollar deal will have the effect it will have the effect it trumps looking for is this likely to be a turning point because we do hear these positive noises coming from president trump and then we hear from the state governors and it's a very different picture that they're painting. indeed yes and we've heard from the governor of the state of new york for example saying that the money awarded to new
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york state in terms of this bill is just a drop in the bucket what new york city and new york state are dealing with is something that the governor of new york state believes this just simply insufficient funds being allocated by the the stimulus bill it's very difficult to see what impact it will have on the economy at this particular point of course the stock markets reacted as they have done in recent days with news that the ex about to pass the dollar climb slightly in the course of the day not back to the heights that it was in the past week but certainly this is going to take time this is not an immediate fix for an economy that is threatened at the moment and will continue to be in the weeks and months ahead there are many articles within this bill that take time to bleed through into the economy the corporate grants for example the school take weeks if not months to start showing some kind of the fact the
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individual relief for american citizens this is one aspect of the bill that is going to be put into effect very quickly it seems by the beginning of next month american families within particular guidelines will be receiving a check from the internal revenue service to amounts roughly from $1200.00 but graded down in terms of what the family's income is so that will be a short term injection but what the bill is designed to do essentially is to stimulate an economy that has been suffering obviously in terms of dealing with the pandemic and that is something that as i said it's not going to take a couple of days or a couple of weeks it's something that will only be able to judge its effectiveness in a couple of months and there again the key issue is is that congress and the house of representatives in particular is already talking about follow up legislation that the system. it's just the beginning as the weeks pass there will be time to
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focus on what is needed within the country as a whole this is basically a bandage type bill it is trying to cover as many areas as possible but that will happen in the weeks ahead is more focus bills will be emerging but as i said very difficult to see what the immediate impact is going to be it will take longer them weeks maybe months to see exactly what it does to this economy how the states like the rest of us really in it for the long haul might can of their life for us in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed let's take you through some afraid his other talking points now after more than 2 weeks in lockdown italy has reported its biggest jump in coronavirus stats 919 people have died within the past say it's a human the death toll there it's more the 9 thousands spain reporters and other 769 deaths it's worse daily number aunts in the u.k.
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prime minister boris johnson and the health minister of both tested positive for the corona virus another $181.00 people have died in the united kingdom and the world health organization has warned there is a chronic global shortage of protective gear for health care workers a problem it calls an urgent threats with numbers are ticking up around the world with south africa russia and indonesia all reporting more than a 1000 confirmed cases where francesco agender tourny is a journalist based in i'm alive and he says that the true number of infections in italy is believed to be far higher than that which the authorities are reporting. it's really hard to say when the peak is going to come here in italy expected every day but then we must delude ourselves today. since the
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beginning of the break it's $919.00 people died in the last 24 hours the civil protection said it is a massive increase after last week when the losses attested around between 60790 day the death toll now reached 9134 the confirmed cases are around 6000 day bringing the total number of positive people over 86000 and. the situation is still extremely serious more than a 3rd of today's deaths come again from better go nor embrace here in the northern region in this area there could be as many as 10 times more people actually infected the head of the civil protection said on tuesday but the italian health service is under strain and only those in cervical and sever conditions are tested that's why 'd the virus here seems by the numbers to kill 14 people out of $100.00
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confirmed cases but actually the cases could be many more. spain is reeling from its stats all 769 people have died there since thursday and as well as the hundreds killed the health ministry has also confirmed some of the 7800 infection that takes the total in spain more than 64000 hospitals are overrun the medical system is on the brink of collapse with more than 9000 health workers infected with the virus the government has ordered medical supplies from china to increase its capacity for testing and treatment. this is prime minister boris johnson has become the 1st world leader to tested positive for the coronavirus he's among a string of top british officials now self isolation after contracts in the illness john hall reports from central london just hours after boris johnson 1st displayed
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symptoms and was tested he received a positive result britain's prime minister becomes one of the world's highest profile carriers of the coburg 19 coronavirus so i am working from home i'm so by slating and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona bars and it wasn't long afterwards that the health secretary announced he too had tested positive matt hancock said he had mild symptoms that would not prevent him from continuing the vital work of bolstering britain's health service medical advice i was tested and that test has been positive sabi self isolating here until next thursday boris johnson was last seen in person on the steps of downing street on thursday evening
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as he joined the housebound up and down the country in applauding the efforts of frontline health workers standing alongside him at a distance it was the chancellor and johnson's neighbor in downing street. boris johnson received his positive test at midnight but was well enough on friday morning to chair the daily emergency cabinet meeting held via video link of course if boris johnson's condition was to worsen significantly such that he could no longer carry out his duties well then it's agreed that the foreign secretary dominic robb would step into his shoes but barring that the normal functioning of government ought to continue or be it with a different like the majority of britain's workers now the prime minister is also working from home. it is a grim moment for britons to be told they'll be seeing a little less of their leader the latest death toll from coronavirus has shot up 31 percent in 24 hours to 759 in 7 days time when the prime minister emerges
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from isolation things may well look even worse jonah how al-jazeera london. well sir this president has announced that he's stopping all international flights to help contain the spread of the coronavirus you also said citizens should abide by voluntary quarantine rules if they want to avoid stricter measures if some bills mayor has over the government pulls the nation my iraq time is many people are still using public transport thanks to t.v. people have died from the virus across turkey but the rate of infection as it strips other countries in the past 2 weeks. the eiffel tower in paris says listen with a message for the country's health care workers the display played tribute to those on the front line and in the fight against the break with a message of thanks for to see this also used to remind people to stay at home. and the heads of the roman catholic church has held a solitary prayer service instant peter's square urging the world to see the
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pandemic as a reminder of basic values pope francis walked alone to the steps of the basilica and that city to lead the service square normally draws tens of thousands of people but it's been closed because of the outbreak the pope praised essential workers including medics cleaners and supermarket workers here as the world to see the crisis as a test of solidarity. with al jazeera these are the headlines after more than 2 weeks in lockdown italy has reported its biggest jump a coronavirus destines the outbreak began 919 people have died within the past day taking the death toll that are more than 1000 and it now has more of a 6000 confirmed cases overtaking china but italian health officials say they're
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seeing a slight slowdown in the weight of infections. spain has also recorded its highest daily number of deaths 769 people died since thursday hospitals are overrun and the medical system is on the brink of collapse with more than 1000 health workers infected. the u.k.'s prime minister and health minister both tested positive for the corona virus boris johnson says his symptoms are mild and he will continue working via video conference more than 181 people died in the u.k. in the past 24 hours. the number of confirmed cases in the us has passed 100 thousands in the past our present trump says the u.s. will receive around 100000 ventilators in the next 100 days the f.d.a. will be reducing and waving unnecessary regulations in order to get this done we're going to be getting rid of certain. let's say barriers to speed we
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want them to get it done quickly they've been doing it for a long time they've been making ventilators for a long time hopefully general motors will join in the fray. under the normal condition that you would be a regular times $29000.00 ventilators are distributed in the united states each year in the next $100.00 days will receive over 3 times the number of ventilators made during a regular year in the united states and after a heated 3 hour debates the u.s. house of representatives says funky passed its a trillion dollar stimulus bill into propping up the economy in a pandemic the phones includes business loans and payments into vigils well those are the top stories here on al-jazeera to stay with us cancel the cost is up next. the u.s. census it only happens once every 10 years but as the corona virus pandemic grips
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the world will americans be required to take part in the count during a national emergency and will donald trump's immigration rhetoric deter some from participating follow the u.s. census on al-jazeera. than this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week a mighty dollar for all the talk of emerging challenges when push comes to shove the dollar proves it's the world's reserve currency we find out why the financial system riddled with bad debts india to revive the country's 4th largest bank as.


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