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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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it's hard to treat everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a law right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progressing not perfection on how to 0. coronavirus cases in the u.s. top 100000 and president trump signs into law a $2.00 trillion dollar stimulus package. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up all the 900 deaths in italy in a single day despite a 2 week lockdown a number of coded 90 infections there is now the 2nd highest in the world. and spain records its highest number virus deaths in a single day 769 people die in 24 hours as infections rise among health care
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workers. we must follow the evidence. there are short cuts and a warning from the world health organization over the use of untested medicines to treat the virus. welcome to the program page in history the words of the italian president as the death toll from the virus grows on friday italy reported the highest number of virus related deaths of any country after 909000 people died in just 24 hours the number of confirmed cases has also increased to more than 86000 more than 750 people have died in spain in the last 24 hours the government's call on the european union to provide urgent financial assistance meanwhile in the united states president trump a signed into law a $2.00 trillion dollar stimulus package to speed up government payments to
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americans and increase jobless benefits to millions rob reynolds begins our coverage. the u.s. navy hospital ship mercy sailed into los angeles harbor equipped with 1000 hospital beds and 800 medical staffers they will treat patients who do not have coded 19 freeing up space at l.a. hospitals for an expected surge of coronavirus cases the u.s. now has more than $100000.00 confirmed cases at its capacity today will add a 3rd more available beds and it full capacity 2 thirds more beds to the fight here in los angeles california governor gavin newsom thanks president donald trump for facilitating the ship's deployment he says the numbers of corona virus cases and deaths will rise steeply over the next 3 weeks they're seen surge numbers that put
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them on track within a week to be aligned with where new york city currently is if they see the kind of increases they experienced yesterday in new york city is the country's hardest hit location doctors there say they don't have proper equipment to care for sick patients every time that at the finish it i'm just very frustrated because we are doing everything that we can to help. everyone to treat everyone but we have limited resources and not as much support new york governor andrew cuomo says the peak number of cases is still weeks away now we're looking at about 21 days for a possible apacs so we want to do everything we can to be ready for that increased capacity. that could hit us in 21 days so i say my friends that we go out there today. and we can't coronavirus
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a that's what i say the motion is adopted. in washington congress passed a 2 trillion dollar emergency aid and relief bill this bill is the most consequential piece of legislation that many of us will ever boat on the american people need help and they need it now the bill gives bailouts to major corporations affected by the pandemic extends unemployment benefits and provides cash payments to families president trump quickly signed it into law this is going to save companies that are incredible companies but that are going to need some help because of what happened a month ago they were outstanding they were having the best year they ever had and then we got hit and so we'll help them out it's thousands and millions of jobs trump repeatedly praised his coronavirus response the federal government sent a hell of a job in spite of trump's boasts new hot spots are emerging in chicago detroit
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dallas and philadelphia a disturbing sign of things to come rob reynolds al-jazeera well mark especially as chief medical officer at the a sensation of state and territorial health officials he explained how the approach been taken by the u.s. is impacting medical care. united states has a public health system that is based on the activities and jurisdiction of state governments and so that's what you're seeing fall into place now and i think that system has worked well in the past and i think that as we watch state governments are stepping up and they have the capacity they have the expertise to do what's necessary to intervene with this situation you know at the same time they're working closely with the federal governments and that's what's going to need to happen going forward and frankly that has been happening so far and that's a good thing the issue that we're having with protective equipment for help as
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follows is a major problem and we have to overcome that. you know we're doing everything we can in the united states to increase manufacturing of this equipment 'd we do have the strategic national stockpile we have a supply of various medical that's kept him reserve person jewish and white that best stockpiles now been opened up and it's being disseminated out to the places that are in most need so there is there is the potential for some increase equipment in those areas but we're really counting on more supplies to come in from manufacturers and other sources some of this is this this is probably the greatest thing pacing us well the epicenter of the outbreak in the u.s. is in new york and the bar of queens experiencing the worst of it gambling is on to has a story from the. they're sick and in urgent need of
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a doctor but with the emergency room hospital inundated with coronavirus patients and no available beds they arrive early in the morning to wait in line to try to get seen inside elmhurst hospital medical staff struggle to keep people alive in 124 hour period 13 people died covert 19 the hospital has 500 beds and his overcapacity all that means. even if you. have. a nurse shared video with the new york times a glimpse of what it's like inside another doctor speaking anonymously describe the situation like this it's just like a tidal wave the only beds we have been able to free up are people who have died it's a pretty dire situation covert is completely taking over the hospital they need help and they need help in a real way i've talked to
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a lot of friends of mine who are working there. they've been inundated with haitian right now but. to me is ground 0. elmhurst hospital is in queens an ethnically diverse borough made up mostly of working class immigrants more people have died here than in any other area of new york city. health insurance is a luxury many here don't have elmhurst is a so-called safety net hospital that won't deny services to anybody even if they can't pay but it simply can't keep up with demand. perhaps most ominous of all is that apex in this surge of sick people needing hospitalization isn't supposed to hit for at least another 2 weeks there's a health care crisis with the number of new yorkers infected with corona virus increasing by the thousands every day it's not a matter of if hospitals here reach
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a breaking point it's a matter of when and based on what we're seeing here at elmhurst hospital that breaking point might be now paperless on doe al-jazeera new york well as reported there's been a steep rise in the number of virus deaths and it's and it's overtaken china in both the number of deaths and confirmed infections francesco jhumpa tony is a journalist based in milan he says the actual number of infections is believed to be thought and what's being reported. it's really hard to say when the peak is going to come here in italy we expected every day but then we must delude ourselves today deadliest day since the beginning of the break it's $919.00 people died in the last 24 hours the civil protection said it is a massive increase after last week when the losses attested around between
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$6790.00 day the death toll now reached 9134 the confirmed cases are around 6000 today bringing the total number of positive people over 86000 and. the situation is still extremely serious more than a 3rd of today's deaths come again from nor embraced here in the northern region in this area there could be as many as 10 times more people actually infected the head of the civil protection said on tuesday but the italian health service is under strain and only those in server can in severe conditions are tested that's why 'd the virus here seems by the numbers to kill the 14 people out of $100.00 confirmed cases but actually the cases could be many more to the u.k. now where prime minister barak's johnson has tested positive for the virus but he's
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not the only member of the government team fighting the outbreak who's been infected john the whole report from london. just hours after boris johnson 1st displayed symptoms and was tested he received a positive result britain's prime minister becomes one of the world's highest profile carriers of the code 19 coronavirus so i am working from home i'm self isolating and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with the modern technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona virus and it wasn't long afterwards that the health secretary announced he too had tested positive matt hancock said he had mild symptoms that would not prevent him from continuing the vital work of bolstering britain's health service medical advice i was tested and that test has been positive sabi self isolating here until next thursday boris
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johnson was last seen in person on the steps of downing street on thursday evening as he joined the housebound up and down the country in applauding the efforts of frontline health workers standing alongside him plough at a distance it was the chancellor and johnson's neighbor in downing street. boris johnson received his positive test at midnight but was well enough on friday morning to chair the daily emergency cabinet meeting held via video link of course if boris johnson's condition was to worsen significantly such that he could no longer carry out his duties well then it's agreed that the foreign secretary dominic robb would step into his shoes but barring that the normal functioning of government ought to continue albeit with a different like the majority of britain's workers now the prime minister is also working from home. it is a grim moment for britons to be told they'll be seeing a little less of their leader the latest death toll from coronavirus has shot up 31
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percent in 24 hours to 759 in 7 days time when the prime minister emerges from isolation things may well look even worse jonah how al-jazeera london. time for a short break or not as iraq we come back stars economy is under attack on 2 fronts find out how it's government's trying to avoid disaster. give yourself some time to accomplish or to take action and who better to give top tips on living in self isolation and then ask for no more that stems. from the. hello rain returning or you showers are returning to turkey and the course the throw off will be there through syria northern iraq and iraq's bit disappointed with the temperatures in the high teens for so start back old but of
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course the higher ground and the night it's still quite chilly it's going to be rainy amount is where the show tend to concentrate and to the south that's what the arabian peninsula is generally speaking fine quite windy quite a strong wind there at the mt quarter so i think they'll be dust in for example a possibly back rate and the winds come together here is well what was interesting could prompt a thunderstorm one to watch. then the show's right tropical africa are on their way north of the sunshine so this certainly iran rwanda and kenya and seems to be concentration some parts of ethiopia sudden the ethiopia and somalia again being a dry country flash flooding is always a possibility here but this is a seasonal event and it's not that surprising moving sas we should see drier weather here which is again not surprising but it's still reading as far as i go to run through zambia for south africa itself well if you're in johannesburg at 20 degrees you get a nice sunny start the day and then the clouds build in may well find some storms
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for the afternoon. have struggles full of pleasure but i mean nobody that appears in the washington post poll the out of home care battle my family out there asked me what is illegal employment in doing an intimate look at life in cuba getting paid already technically can i be for that because i think this is my cuba. on al-jazeera. move.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump assigned a $2.00 trillion dollars stimulus package into nor it aims to speed up government payments to families struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak he's also invoked the defense production acts to force general motors to start producing ventilated italy has reported a steep rise in the number of virus related deaths 919 people died in a single day and in spain the number of deaths as risen to nearly 5000. u.k. prime minister abbas johnson says he's tested positive for covert 19 and will self isolate in downing street the health minister and the government's top medical advisor also of the virus. we know the world health organization in its latest briefing has warned about the use of untested medicines to treat the virus we call on all individuals and countries to refrain from using that have
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not been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of corvids 90 in the history of medicine is strewn with examples of drugs that would on paper or in a test you but didn't work in humans or were actually harmful during the most recent ebola epidemic for example some medicines start were thought to be effective were found not to be as effective as ours are medicines when they were compared during a clinical trial and we must follow the evidence there are no shortcuts. we also need to ensure that using proven drugs does not create a shortage of those medicines to treat diseases for which they have proven
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effective for china has reported another increase in what it calls imported infections 54 cases involving people who caught the illness overseas or recalled that on friday the increasing number of imported cases comes as new restrictions on the entry of foreigners comes into effect but sarah clarke joins us live now from hong kong sara so china has imposed a ban on foreigners which starts today and also we're seeing some new cases that. yes 54 you cases were reported on saturday that's down from 55 the previous day but as you mentioned down there calling this the imported cases there's very few local transmissions these days there's been a downward trend over recent weeks in the new battleground is trying to stop the number of cases coming back into china as a result of the way they're doing this they're putting in place and strict new measures looking at banning all suspending the entry of foreign nationals coming in to china there are some exemptions of the likes of diplomats and some people on the
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the visa see visa which includes the aircraft crew but even if you have a visa or some sort of sort of permanent residency status you are be denied entry trying to get access to china they're also limiting the number of flights not just from chinese airlines but foreign airlines as well i mean one flight per week will be allowed in there also limit the capacity of passengers on board to 75 percent but we have some good news coming out of the province of course this is the the area where the epicenter 'd of the original corona virus outbreak and we've got the likes of train some trains for the 1st time in our resuming entry back into hand they're not departing and we're hand will lift its lock down about 11000000 people on april 8th but we're seeing some flights as well starting to access and flying into the province and on saturday they reported 3 new dis but no new local transmissions in the entire province which is about 60000000 people meanwhile hong kong where you are limiting the number of gatherings that tries to curb the spike
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in infections. well carry them home comes chief executive has announced a number of tough new measures to try and limit a social assemblies or gatherings in public areas in this is simply because we had on friday a spike the highest number of delhi cases of 65 in hong kong and again most of those cases where imported we did have one cluster in an area called length quite farm which is a hong kong island this is quite a busy area of bars and restaurants and we had a band at one particular venue we had a number of guests 19 in total mccourt this viral found were found positive and as a result the government here is limiting the symbols in public to 4 people as of this weekend they're also limiting the capacity restaurants to just 50 percent and tables must be about a metre and a half by each side they're also closing a number of big gatherings like the amusement areas cinemas they're all closing as of saturday at 6 pm and this again is a number of those measures for the trying to stop the spike in the spread of the
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infections here and it's kerry land said on friday there's been a 3 fold increase in the number of cases of the last fortnight and that's from 138-2518 cases and that's obviously why she's taken these measures to limit the capacity of people gathering outdoors or etc caught there in hong kong sarah thank you for the update turkey's president has announced the suspension of all international flights from the country to help stem the spread of the virus russia typo and also told citizens to abide by new voluntary quarantine measures or face stricter rules infection rates in turkey has been growing quickly more than 2000 new cases reported in the last 24 hours south africa has reported its 1st virus related deaths that sounds police are struggling to enforce a $21.00 day nationwide lockdown that came into force after midnight on friday people are only allowed out of their homes to buy groceries or for health emergencies but many have gathered in large crowds and poor townships where cramped
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living conditions make social distancing difficult. as there is to me the miller has more now from johannesburg we are still seen people going out of their homes despite the government telling them to stay at home despite the government giving them a few days a year at the top down to do what was necessary in times of the shopping and and preparing people to knock down the scene long queues in some areas in johannesburg when people are trying to get groceries we will we also understand that they are. stores that sell alcohol also still open despite the government saying that has to be bad and entirely i think the concern of the government at this point is people it hearing to these regulations just 6 days ago there were a $150.00 cases now we're looking at more than a 1000 * or so africa only has about $7000.00 critical cabe aids that's divided and between that some belong to the public and others belong to the private sector
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between the 2 although potentially in theory about 3000 critical care beds available of that perhaps on behalf of all intensive care there is a big worry that there aren't enough beds available in south africa so that it continues to see these numbers rise for passengers have died on board a cruise ship anchored off the coast of panama more than 130 people on the zonda are reporting flu like symptoms and to have tested positive for corona virus the vessel has been receiving medical supplies the operator of the ship holland america line plans to transfer healthy passengers to another one of the chips. a number of confirmed corona virus cases in latin america has risen rapidly to above 10000 but the full extent of the disease is believed to be far greater in a region where some countries are hesitating to take stronger measures such as the
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sea newman reports. inderal senior at brazil's largest favela volunteers distribute donations of soap and disinfectant to people in ri brazil has the highest number of cases and deaths attributed to coal that 95 people live in finland the descends his house and she's worried. the majority is simi is who work and get paid by the day so we hope we can get help. in the absence of stronger government measures in some slums local armed gangs are reportedly imposing lockdowns to slow the spread in group weeks for people who die of corona virus have been banned and bodies must be cremated within 24 hours without fear there was a hotline for emergency services can't cope with inquiries and requests prompting the president to threaten sanctions against those who call for unjustified reasons . we used to get 3000 calls
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a day now with 80000 we can only process hauffe that number in neighboring chile which has the 2nd highest number of confirmed cases in the region the government is rushing to prepare $4500.00 beds for critical cases the peak of this pandemic here in chile is that's committed to be about a month away which means that there's no time to lose to prepare for the worse but as the experience of wealthier countries have demonstrated it takes much more than additional beds to lower the curve of contagion which is vital to prevent the collapse of the public health system although it's increasing mass testing is still not widespread in most countries which is why epidemiology just believe the real number of infected people in latin america could be at least 10 times the confirmed number for the president of mexico and brazil the region's most populous countries are still refusing to impose even partial quarantines back in chile authorities or
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inquiry. in neighborhoods or cities on a strictly need to basis not nationwide but this is according to the w.h.o. remaining healthy also includes being able to work and so your family obviously the longer you are locked up the more that impacts your health that's what it today meteorologist are also of value items. it's a calculation but one that many in countries that haven't ordered the lockdowns fear could end up costing unnecessary lives you see in human al-jazeera. now kazakhstan's government is pumping billions of dollars into its economy to help stave off the impact of coronavirus but the oil price war but in saudi arabia and russia is making that harder robin forrester walker has more. has isolated the 2 main cities the capital. and.
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the commercial heart he's closed the business still a smidgen of sent her head dresses home. that is the director of these beauty salon my main concern is my stuff. i'm really worried. because everyone has a family and they have children to feed to be honest i'm very worried i'm even ready right now to pay them from my own savings. should i your produce kazakh president. has promised a support package worth $10000000000.00 for the economy including help for the businesses like stellars a minimum wage and a 3 month tax and loan repayment break for small and medium enterprises. but oil rich kazakstan doesn't have the funds it once had crude prices have slumped thanks to the price war between saudi arabia and russia because a colony is being dealt
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a 2nd blow by coronavirus. the man has declined an accordingly the price is going down even further it was have been r.k. if the price was falling but the man was still there we could have bastid by selling but both are falling and that makes the situation much worse because extern has weathered crises before its currency and its fortunes rising and falling with the price of oil this week its influential 1st president nursultan nazarbayev called on the wealthiest to donate to an emergency fund a sign of how serious this crisis has become robin 1st year walker. not as anyone who knows about self isolation as an astronaut former international space station commander chris hadfield has been sharing some of the steps. don't just be passive don't don't just you know go one more scan through social media or don't don't just turn you into some sort of lesser cheek that even though for
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a little while it may be sort of consoling give yourself something to accomplish every day take action actually go do one of the things on your list of stuff to get done don't let this be chair you know on board a ship we're busy from 6 in the morning so 11 at night and at the end of day you're exhausted but you look back to go wow that was a great day i mean i got a whole bunch of stuff done you know i recorded it tonight at all this fun and and tomorrow's cup and simplest it's so you can get ready for tomorrow dig into what's happening don't let this thing direct your life direct your own life other news dozens of people have been killed in fighting between rival forces near the libyan city of the internationally recognized government of national accord says at least 45 as loyal to the warlord anything have to die out as well as 23 of its own soldiers intense fighting resumed this week after a recent lull despite international calls for calm voters in guinea have backed constitutional changes that opened the way for president alpha condé to serve
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another 12 years in office provisional results from sunday's referendum showed nearly 92 percent of those the amendments the position boycotted the vote that have been delayed to observers raise concerns of a fantasy the results have yet to be validated by the constitutional court all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. time for a quick check of the headlines here on the u.s. president donald trump a signed a $2.00 trillion dollars stimulus package into law it aims to speed up government payments to families struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak. he's also invoked the defense production to force general motors to stop producing ventilators there is rob reynolds explains who the stimulus package will help. it will be a lot of corporations for example like airlines that have seen their operations run
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into a hole it also provides monies to states and cities. replenishes stockpiles of medical equipment and will provide. that unemployment benefits to many of the millions of americans who have lost their jobs as well as putting extra money into the pockets of families in the form of direct cash payments and italy has reported a steep rise in the number of coronavirus from 8 to deaths 919 people died in a single day and in spain the number of deaths has risen 295000 u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he's testing positive and south by slate and downing street the health minister government's top medical advisor also have the virus the country has recorded 191 more deaths raising the number of people killed to 759 china's reported another increase in what it calls imported infections 54
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cases involving people who caught the illness of the scenes were killed in fighting new restrictions on the entry of foreigners have not come into effect. turkey's president has announced the suspension of all international flights in the country to help stem the spread of the virus. also told citizens to abide by new voluntary quarantine measures or face stricter rules infection rate in turkey has been growing quickly with more than 2000 new cases reported in the last 24 hours south africa has reported its 1st corona virus related deaths that sounds police are struggling to enforce a 21 day lockdown people are only allowed out of their homes to buy groceries or for health emergencies but many have gathered in large crowds in poor townships cramped living conditions make social distancing difficult. when those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after my cuba state you're also watching.
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when the boneless struck many died and many reste to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifice and more being awful mission this is what i want the world to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera.


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