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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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to justify the exploitation of the natural resources that divide and conquer thing has been so successful that even people in the region believe the steel type then becomes dangerous it's only a region of trash so. why not trash it what's in a name hillbilly the witness documentary on al-jazeera. spain announces a new daily peak in its number of deaths and calls up the army to help transport bodies. blown criminal this is al jazeera live from doha 1 also coming on the u.k. scrambles to build temporary field hospitals as its death toll goes beyond 1000.
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new delhi's mass exodus workers left jobless by india shot down a walking long distances to their home villages lessons learned the lesson the universe is desperately trying to teach us. the lines go out for 60 minutes around the world for our time to reflect on what's happening to the planet. we begin this program in europe where 2 countries have released concerning new numbers about the coronavirus pandemic 1st off spain which has seen another $832.00 people die in just 24 hours that brings the total bear to nearly 5700 since the outbreak began britain's death toll has now surpassed 1000 having risen by true 160 from the day before more than 17000 people are known to be infected we are. to get
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an update from the u.k. in the next 30 minutes in india hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs in new delhi a walking you can see them there they're walking huge distances to get to their home villages public transport like the rest of the economy is in lockdown let's take a look at the live tracker from johns hopkins this is a live tracker we can see there 621000 more than 621000 people have have been confirmed as having the virus the u.s. is very much still in the lead in terms of number of confirmed cases over here the total number of deaths in the white stands at 28658 italy the highest there were 9134 deaths in italy over in the green you can see the total of people who've recovered from coronavirus 7 at more than 135000 or more on the spike in deaths in spain 1st let's go to moscow at it oh there she is live for us in madrid so martin just bring us up to speed what's happening was the state of
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emergency was declared here in spain 2 weeks ago the army the spanish army has been deployed and taking over several tasks nationwide like this infecting airports train stations care homes the ones they were the ones that reported that many elderly people have been left behind in despair homes dead alone in their beds and many of them were contagious by coronavirus without no one knowing. we are going live now to london where we're getting an update on the krona virus endemic there let's listen it's. 3607 confirmed negative and 17089 were confirmed posted. as of 5 pm on the 27th of march 100-1000 patients in the u.k. who tested positive for corona virus have sadly died. as
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with our population for businesses large and small coronavirus represents an unprecedented challenge speaking with business leaders and representative organizations every day i appreciate just how tough the situation is when we tell people to stay at home to protect the n.h.s. and save lives we know it has a real cost to your families and to your firms and i want to thank the many businesses and workers right across the u.k. who are playing a vital role in keeping the british economy going you are delivering for our nation through this difficult time and we said we would deliver for you doing whatever it takes that is why we have taken unprecedented action to support our economy to save jobs and secure likelihoods. to help businesses pull through at this
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difficult time we have set out income support schemes for both employed and self employed as well as a package of grants loans business trade holidays and v.a. t. deferrals businesses and trade unions have welcomed our interventions and i want to reassure them that we are working around the clock to get the funding as quickly as possible to where it is needed on monday we launched the coronavirus business interruption loan scheme this scheme is designed to make it easier for businesses with a turnover of up to 45000000 pounds to access vital financial support. so far the scheme's 40 created lenders including all of the high street banks are processing thousands of applications this week i provided guidance to english councils on the grants to our smallest businesses including those operating in the
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retail hospitality and leisure sectors the 1st tranche of funding arrived with english councils yesterday and i want to ensure that the grant money is with businesses as soon as possible providing direct funding support to almost a 1000000 businesses across our country that was our companies have requested financial support they have also asked us to look to ease the burden of regulation at this challenging time and we have responded to that request yesterday we brought forward legislation to temporarily suspend some competition rules in the supermarket sector and in the operation of wind of white ferries from retailers sharing delivery vans to ferry operators coordinating staff these measures will allow firms to work together to deliver vital services to the public more
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effectively at this time we've also introduced measures to ensure that workers who have not taken all of their statutory annual leave due to cope at 19 will now be able to carry that in tightened over into the next 2 years that this will protect staff from losing out was providing businesses with flexibility when they need it most early this week together with companies house we announced that over 4000000 businesses will be granted a 3 month extension to the filing of their accounts through a fast track online process over $10000.00 businesses have already successfully applied for this extension. and we will continue to monitor the company's abilities to meet the range of other filing obligations they have under the companies act and we will provide further extensions if needed i recognize just how hard
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employees business owners and directors are working to keep their companies going it is crucial that when the crisis passes as it will we are ready to bounce back and so today i want to announce more measures which are designed to give businesses greater flexibility as they face the current crisis to help them emerge intact the other side of the cove in 1000 pandemic we will introduce measures to improve the insolvency system which provides the legal options for companies running into major difficulties are overriding objective is to help u.k. companies which need to undergo a financial rescue or restructuring process to keep trading these measures will give those firms extra time and space to weather the storm and be ready when the crisis ends was ensuring that creditors get the best return possible in the
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circumstances the changes to the insolvency regime will include new rules to make sure companies undergoing restructuring can continue to get hold of supplies and raw materials and there will be a temporary suspension of wrongful trading provisions for company directors to remove the threat of personal liability during the pandemic this provision will have retrospective effect from the 1st of march however to be clear all of the other checks and balances that help to ensure directors fulfill their duties properly will remain in force and will bring forward legislation in these areas at the earliest opportunity. we also put in place measures to ensure that companies are required to hold annual general meetings conducive flexibly in a manner which is compatible with the best public health guidance this might
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include perspiring or holding the a.g.m. online or by phone using only proxy voting. in addition we are also introducing a range of measures to boost the supply of personal protective equipment such as face mask to protect frontline n.h.s. staff and we are removing administer of barriers to the production of hand sanitizer by reducing the amount of red tape new supplies and businesses that produce ingredients for safe hand sanitizer will be able to bring their products to market in a matter of days companies including brutal and anyone else have already stepped forward to offer their services i'm incredibly proud of how businesses and individuals across our great nation have risen to the challenge posed by covert 19 whether it is office from companies coming forward to support the ventilator challenge or more than 700000 people signing up to volunteer for
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a brilliant brilliant and h.s. or those in the public and private sector working hard to keep our country safe and moving britain is meeting the challenge working together in a joint endeavor to get through this pandemic and be in no doubt the government will continue to fight tooth and nail to protect lives and livelihoods everywhere in this country as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our people and our businesses thank you. we will now move to the. question answer session. i think the 1st question is from the b.b.c. from don't accuse don't live please get our noon. questions mainly for professor powers i think how full are intensive care units in london and around the u.k. at the moment are there any hospitals that have run out of beds or to capacity how
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many spare mental aged beds do we still have and then on testing has testing of n.h.s. staff who are currently having to self isolate has that started now how many tests apparently been done thanks. so thank you very much so on the question of i to you capacity as you know the n.h.s. has been working incredibly hard to increase the capacity beyond the 4000 or so beds that we typically have and that is being pursued firstly in london although work is going on all over the country because as you are also aware the infection has spread a bit quicker in london so we are not at capacity yet within london but beds are being opened all the time to produce that extra surge capacity so in the 1st instance we are using theatres and recovery areas so those are areas in hospitals
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where an ascetic machines ventilators are already used for surgery and can be readily adapted to take critically ill patients and that is already occurred you may have seen some of that in london hospitals and that's almost doubling the capacity that we have already we are not using it at the moment but clearly number of patients is increasing each day so we are expanding that capacity in advance you will also seen the plans at the n.h.s. one thing gale in east london to initially bring on another 500 beds if they are needed and we aim to get that up and ready for patients next week so at the moment i'm confident the capacity is there we have not reached capacity and i'm also confident that capacity is expanding particularly in london so that we keep ahead of increase in patient numbers. thank you i'm on the testing is the chief executive of the n.h.s. said yesterday it is absolutely critical that we know begin to introduce testing for staff and as i've said before just to explain that's really important for 2
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reasons firstly because if we have staff at home either self isolating themselves or quarantine because a member of the family has symptoms if it turns out that it's not because of coronavirus and we can bring that staff member back that it's really important for the workforce particularly critical areas such as critical care clinicians or emergency department traditions and those are the groups paramedics as well i should say that we will be focusing on 1st and secondly because if they are positive when they do come back they can be confident they will have some immunity and that will be really important going forward as we understand which parts of the workforce have had this virus and therefore likely to be immune so that is the medical director of the n.h.s. steven powell is giving an update on the situation in terms of hospitals and coronavirus testing for staff in the u.k. and also in london earlier we heard from the business secretary in the u.k.
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he was speaking after the news came out that britain's death toll has now surpassed 1000 from coronavirus he spoke about increased help the businesses loans 1 avenues of support for workers and new insolvency lawyer says they try to tackle the economic fallout of the virus we're going to pivot now guard troops the us. where governor romney is giving update on the coronavirus response there the number of cases and the need for ventilators let's listen then you need a lot of people to operate this 24 hours a day for each patient right so. those are bad valve masks they're the alternative to vent. leaders and in short answer is no thank you if we have to turn to this device on any large scale basis that is not an acceptable situation so we go back to finding the
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ventilators because we need the ventilators. well you need 30000 ventilators they really need 30000 ventilators look. i'm not a medical expert even the medical experts can't tell you what you're going to need here at the high point they do numerical projections and then you plan based on the projections you plan based on the data based on the science based on the numbers the data says at that high point of need you could need one 140000 hospital beds and you could need 30000 ventilators that's what the numerical projections say so we're planning for that quote unquote worst case scenario which the models predict maybe we never get there maybe we
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flatten the curve and we slow the infection rate so we never get to that point and that's what we're trying to do and we're working on that day and night but if we can't frighten the curve you can slow the infection rate you hit that apex make sure you're ready for the apex and that's with the 30000 ventilators come in i have no desire to procure more ventilators than we need. on a very practical basis the state is buying most of the ventilators the ventilators cost between $25000.00 to $45000.00 each so they're very expensive and you're talking about a state government that frankly is already in a from a position of revenues in a terrible position because we're not collecting any revenues literally so i don't want to buy any more ventilators than we need to buy on
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a very parochial basis i don't want to pay for that. and after this is over well i have a great stockpile of ventilators whatever we do but. the state has no interest in inflating the number of ventilators that we actually need something interesting about the price of ventilators when we started buying them they were about $25000.00 now they're about 45000 dollars why because they were in such demand and the such competition to buy the ventilators which i'll touch in a moment. the governor has sent to the government has sent us 4000 ventilators those 4000 ventilators are not currently in use why because we don't need them currently what we're doing is we're planning for that apex we're planning for the critical need and making sure we have the equipment the staff the beds for
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that critical need we're not at that critical need where projections change but the model say you're 14 to 21 days away from that apex we call it when that curve hits the highest point but when that curve hits the highest point it is too late to try to acquire what you need. acquire what you need now that's the concept of putting together a stockpile and that's the process we're going through now we only have $14.00 to $21.00 days was not of significant amount of time but do everything you can to get ready now there's an old expression you go to war with what you have not with what you need which is true when the bell goes off and you have to go to war
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you deal with what you have because it's too late to do the preparation the butt on that is until you're in that situation do everything you can do to be prepared for it right if they tell you you're going to go to war in 14 to 21 days then spend the next 4 things to 21 days getting ready everything that you would need when you actually have to go to war for us the the war would fully engage if and when we hit that apex and that's why everything we're doing now is in anticipation of that flatten the curve so the apex never happens god forbid the apex happens make sure we have as much of the equipment staff etc that we would need for that moment a few updates they still forecast the apex to be $14.00 to $21.00 days again
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that changes on the modeling every time the caseload goes up or down a little bit that affects the calculation on the apex what do you need at the apex 140000 beds that's hospital beds dormitory beds we're working on that every day and we're getting closer and closer to that 140000 number p p e. whitman right now we have enough p.p. e in stock and all the local health systems say they have enough people in stock short term. nobody has enough long term so we're still buying and we're still talking to the federal government about acquiring more p. p. e. there is a concern among health care professionals because the c.d.c. guidelines suggest a different protocol for p.p. and masks depending on the condition and apparently there is
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a crisis set of guidelines for that the cease c.d.c. puts out for how many gallons how often you change it down how often you change your mask etc in a crisis and the c.d.c. has put those crisis guidelines in place and many health care professionals are concerned that those guidelines do not adequately protect the nurses and doctors in the health care staff that better are working on this issue doctors ochre is looking at that if we believe the c.d.c. guidelines don't protect health care professionals then we will put our own guidelines in place so that is the governor of new york andrew cuomo there giving an update on the situation new york is the epicenter of the outbreak in the u.s. he said just to recap that $30000.00 ventilators on natives to deal with what is
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expected to be the apex in 14 to $21.00 days time. he said that they are planning for the eye picks for the peak of the virus and that is where those numbers a coming from i want to bring in ellen fisher who is in washington d.c. and who's been monitoring the new york governor's briefing allan a lot of talk about these ventilations give us the background to this because of course the president has been skeptical of cuomo has numbers hasn't. along with a number of other state governors have been saying that they need ventilators and he highlighted that part of the problem that they have that the president told them to go out and source their own when they have done that he found that the cost for a ventilator was going from 25235000 basic economics supply and demand but a lot of the time they would actually competing against the federal government who
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could pay that sort of money whereas new york as he says the finances are set with depleted because of the ongoing crisis now and he said that in the probably somewhere in the region of 324-0000 ventilators don't trump went on t.v. on to fox news and said that he thought those numbers were wrong he didn't feel he would need 324-0000 ventilators less than 24 hours later donald trump completely vast himself and the news that he was putting in the war powers act and compelling manufacturers to start building ventilators what is interesting is that governor cuomo is saying that the epicenter of the break here in the united states new york new york state not expecting the banks to somewhere in the region of $14.00 to $21.00 days says that changes on modeling if it is $21.00 days that certainly bangs is right up against easter when of course donald trump just a few days ago was saying that he hoped to have large parts of the country open and was hoping that he would see churches being packed on easter sunday number of
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governors a number of medical experts even politicians in the republican party the president's own party have been saying that that's really not a good idea and certainly what we're hearing here from governor cuomo would certainly suggest that that is the case what is interesting is that in his briefing on friday don't trump seem to back away from that as well he was saying that they'll get the country open when they can rather than setting a firm date of easter don't trump himself is in fact breaching government guidelines in in the next hour and he will be flying so they. being a journey some people would consider unnecessary he's going from the white house lawn to the norfolk naval base in southern virginia in norfolk close to have a base called the norfolk naval b. surely and he will be seeing all of the u.s. naval ship comfort or 2 has been refurbished refitted and is heading off to new york expected to arrive there monday what is interesting is that when he had the
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tank u.s. and this united service united states naval ship that means that most of the people on board that ship actually civilians they're not part of the military. under the military umbrella but they're mainly civilians it is mainly civilians who will be staffing the ship as it moves to new york part of the massive number of beds that governor cuomo says he needs to deal with the apex of the covert crisis in new york and just give us an idea out of the picture a national a i know the u.s. now has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases of any country in the world give us an idea of where the hot spots from new york. well you know a lot of people give the president a hard time over some of the things he said during his briefings but he's probably right when he says that the reason that the united states has the larger number is
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because they are doing a lot more testing in a lot more data is and certainly a number of experts would argue the figures that came out of china where at best misleading and so that is why the united states does have this massive number but we have no going in 17 states now have more than 1000 victims we have more than 104000 cases across the united states and of course on friday we passed the milestone of more than $1000.00 dead now. the fatality rate somewhere in the region of one percent which believe it or not the experts saying is it's a good figure to have this thing keep one percent or below then they're going to do a lot better than they thought but certainly social distancing plays its part and a new york very keen to push that in fact we've got the mayor bill de blasio saying that on sunday if he finds places of worship that are open there's every possibility that they will be ordered to close and they risk not being able to open
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again in the future and we also have the governor of next door rhode island saying that they are going to stop cars with new york place and anyone who comes to new york who's living in rhode island some of them have be chums there then they will be told that they have to save corteen for 14 days thank you that allan fessor there cost about one in the u.s. . what's being described as fake news is hampering the fight against the virus in iran now the 300 iranians have done it after recently drinking methanol they falsely believe gives protection on a 1000 others are critically ill and the last 24 hours 139 iranians died of the crime virus that increases the total number of reported fatalities above $2500.00 and around $35000.00 infections are correspondents i'm describing as in toronto with more on the toxic methanol the spread of this information that perhaps consuming what is essentially industrial alcohol what is essentially pure alcohol
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that is not designed for consumption it's designed for industrial use this chemical agent people believe or have been led to believe either through false information or not enough proper medical information especially in low income areas many people have been led to believe that consuming this alcohol will either prevent or cure them of the corona virus obviously this is untrue and we've seen hundreds of people poisoned thousands poisoned hundreds killed in this process and medical professionals that we've been following on social media or that we've spoken to say that this is certainly something that is continuing to compound what is a real public health crisis so this is one of those things that we're seeing is sort of a side bar but a very important problem that is making the response to the coronavirus harder for the government for health professionals operating here to treat coronavirus patients in the country but it really does give you a sense of how desperate people are becoming in the becoming desperate because the infections continue to go up we've seen yet another spike today in the number of
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cases 3076 another huge number it started in the few hundreds then in the 1000 figure it's broken to and today it's broken the 3000 figure mark as infection continue to rise the death toll has remained steady between 12140 for the last several days. the 21 day lockdown in india is not only affecting one and a quarter 1000000000 indians hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are included too public transport services a suspended leaving many stranded some are walking hundreds of kilometers to get home it's estimated millions of jobs could be lost during the lockdown. you're watching al-jazeera these of the top stories the director of england's national health service says the u.k. will have done very well if they're able to keep the outbreaks death toll below
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$20000.00 u.k. is bracing for cases there to peak in the coming weeks fatalities there have now surpassed 1000. if we. want to be treated. differently from video to. refocus. on the fish. in spain more than 800 people have died from the current virus in just the past 24 hours it's the country's highest number for a single day now a 5700 have died this since the outbreak began. a 21 day government lockdown in india has left millions of migrant workers stranded public transport services a suspend this and some of travelling on foot for hundreds of kilometers back to
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villages and towns in iran 139 people have died of the corona virus over the last 24 hours the fight to contain the spread of the virus in the islamic republic has been hampered by the spread of misinformation now the 300 people died after drinking toxic methanol of the recent weeks after believing it protects against the virus. jordan has reported its 1st death from the corona virus the victim was an 83 year old woman most of the cases are in the northern city of that the government has bought the entry into the area the rest of jordan is on a curfew and only grocery stores are open u.s. president donald trump assigned to true trillion dollar aid package to help people and businesses cope with the effects of the pandemic america has the highest number of cases worldwide with more than 100000 people infected those the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera to people and the cold war.
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in response to global warming germany is in the process of closing down its coal industry for many years the country's principal source of energy especially in the form of the communist east but there's fierce all humans about the place of pleasure between those worried about the economic consequences and those who believe that immediate action is necessary to combat climate change so who will win germany's cold war.


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