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it's hard to treat everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a law right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progress they are not perfect and on out is there on. the on the it. reports of an intercepted rocket attack on the side of capitol riyadh's 2nd so the city was also targeted. other than how the markets in and this is al jazeera boy from london also coming up another day of grim numbers from both italy and spain as the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated across europe. and china the city where the outbreak began begins to open back up again. and as the u.s.
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becomes the center of the pandemic the states and federal governments debate a broader loped and. we begin with breaking news service been getting reports of rocket attacks inside the capital riyadh according to city state television a missile was intercepted over the city on to syria cannot independently verify these images and say the meteor also reporting that a missile hit the southern coast in coastal city of the season on the red sea near the border with yemen well earlier i spoke see the editor of arab digest below he says it's clear who's the rebels in yemen launched the attack in a strong show of force against saudi arabia. well i think it's very clear that
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who are behind it and who these have been engaged in a sense that over the past couple of weeks they've just taken government which is next door to saudi arabia in the north of yemen they're threatening another governorate matter which is the. oil producing region of yemen and so they are running hard and fast right now so i think it's it's very clear to me at any rate that these look come from that who these this is a message if you will to the saudis that you are vulnerable to us and we have the capability to hit you pretty well anywhere we choose a guy who gives out fired many many many missiles into saudi arabia over the course of the last 2 years and some of them have been intercepted others have fallen perilously close to the riyadh airport others are still of these neasden
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province. iraq opposite at least so that the who these are sending a message share. let's turn to the cone of virus pandemic now in the number of deaths continues to rise with spain and italy remaining at the center of the crisis the death toll in spain passed 5000 on saturday in italy it's not twice that they remain the hardest hit countries in europe but saturday also saw the highest day on day increase of deaths in the u.k. and that's highlights and concerns over the trajectory of the virus especially as fears grow a 2nd wave of infections in asia where the pandemic began officials around the world is scrambling to deal with the wave of cases expected india plans seize railway coaches isolation wards in the u.s. and navy hospital ship is heading toward new york city the epicenter of america's 8 break and we begin our coverage with this reports from paul brennan.
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such as the scale of this crisis there is a risk that the numbers start to lose meaning and the deaths become minister to sticks to be noted but scarcely mourned but in italy there was no escaping scenes like these on saturday in st joseph church in 70 ad say the coffins containing 45 coronavirus victims laid out in rows to be blessed this group just half of the 90 parishioners these priests have attended in recent days mr they took ill about it the authorities no longer knew it but the coffins the saddest thing is that these bodies were left so naked so alone there were people who died when no one could see or hear them without the possibility to talk to their loved ones so that anyone who could comfort them. spain now has more than 5000 dead from the virus with more expected the emergency military units is undertaking an extraordinary task to disinfect care homes and hospitals train stations and city center streets.
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meanwhile spanish medics struggle to avoid being overwhelmed by sheer numbers of patients falling ill combined with their own fatigue and shortages of staff and prepared. as the numbers dying and infected rise relentlessly across europe restrictions and stay at home orders are turning busy cities into ghost towns those who venture outside face being stopped at police checkpoints risk heavy fines. russia has begun what it calls a non-working week is shops and bars ordered to close tourist attractions a shot to dramatically reduce crowds in the center of moscow and in ireland new tighter restrictions came into force on saturday all public and private gatherings of any number of people outside a single household or living you are prohibited the virus might be in your household already so please don't spread it to somebody else's back at some joseph
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church in 70 ad say the ceremony is finished and the military transport takes over no gleaming hearses no flowers no weeping relatives just a solemn convoy and a final salute from a roadside policeman wholegrain an al-jazeera. or francesco jumper told there is a journalist based in milan he says some very families in italy have to wait until the crisis is over and the locks and lifted to say their final goodbyes. it's incredible we never thought one month ago that we could have been in this situation now we're coping with base of course who doesn't have. parents or relatives in the hospitals just has to stay home and everyone is respecting these measures but for those who cannot see their friends or family members dying and cannot mourn them and funerals the situation is this really incredible
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it's also more shocking what is happening with medical workers because for the 1st weeks they didn't have the right equipment. to work so a lot of them have probably spread the virus and infected themselves that and also other people and in some some regions will have to explain why or why this happened then the government. the u.k. government says again i urge people to abide by the distractions and stay at home and as john hall finds in london many seem to be ignoring that message. well we're 5 days now into the latest set of restrictive measures imposed by the government on monday night people are asked to stay at home as much as they possibly can to go out only when absolutely necessary to visit the supermarket or the pharmacy or to exercise in parks like this to take the dog for a walk and to do so only for
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a short a time as possible now there's lots of evidence that the majority of people are taking all of this quite seriously but quite a lot of people appear not to be with crowds heading into parks and recreation areas beauty spots and so on in the decent spring weather i'm on the brow of primrose hill here and you can see quite a lot of people simply sitting back and enjoying this view of the london skyline there among the joggers and cyclists and dog walkers and people out with their kids kicking a ball there's a farmer's market operating at one end of the park and down there at the bottom end of the park there's a very pretty high street where the wine shop is open and the bookshop and the butchery and coffee shops and delis offering a very limited service and there's a lot of very clear social distancing going on people are being openly irresponsible but still a lot of people about the police have new powers of course to enforce the lockdown for the moment they're not choosing to do so with a heavy hand but one police constable we spoke to earlier said he was very
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frustrated by all of this he simply said that most of these people shouldn't be here at all it is a worry as britain looks down the road just 2 or 3 weeks away now the epidemiologists tell us towards the peak of the crisis here with the health service desperately trying to scale up to be able to cope it all depends on lockdowns working to flatten that peak and as a the evidence here i think will be of some concern. well let's get the latest now from song again go she joins us live via skype and so on the aranda stand that boris johnson the prime minister has written to everyone in the u.k. he was even saying. well that's right. next week some scene 1000000 households across the u.k. will be received a letter from the prime minister boris johnson basically them to stay at home protect the n.h.s.
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and this really it's outlining the measures which the government wants citizens to reduce to all of that so be it sort of not have as much strain on the n.h.s. possible guidance which everyone should be following as well also in the letter he thanks the n.h.s. stuff we've been working basically all hours of the day as well as those who volunteered to offer up their services whether they be nestles doctors old or just although full most work in the health service and paying tribute to them in that letter as well but he also didn't doesn't acknowledge in the letter as many across the country will read that things will get worse before they get better this was something that was also highlighted today in today's press conference on saturday with the help of the english national health health service where he said that if the deaths of 19 in the u.k. would be kept to 20000 then the u.k.
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would have done very well indeed to have kept ahead of that but of course the numbers have increased dramatically just a week ago there were some 5000 cases of coronavirus in the u.k. and a week later it's 17 thousands more than that in fact but so what pressure to try and keep the numbers down really is on the government right now but it's also upon everyone else so everyone is so the government is saying that everyone now has a responsibility to stay at home to practice social distancing and to not really. mix with people. if they are to try and stop the flow which already is looking like it's rather dramatically sort of quite late for that now it really doesn't deeds and so new this advice. the prime minister is going to be ramming home in this
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letter i mean there's nothing new there they've been giving this advice for several days now do you think this letter will be enough to change behaviors in the u.k. . i mean i think just a letter urging people to stay at home is the message is as you put people have been receiving for the past few days now if you look at one of the other reasons northern ireland they've actually taken a further step where they are now today banning all non essential if it's. because it's right outside the home if for example anyone is seen leaving the home without any reasonable excuse that they could be fined quite as defined of some like 5 and a half $1000.00 they're also going to be closing businesses you do not do anything to protect the safety of their workers but really sort of it's coming down to the fact that perhaps with this trying to sort of get ahead of this that perhaps that
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arrived at this point too late or some critics of the government. have said till now ok so on the a go you go bring us all the very latest there thank you very much indeed. so to come here on al-jazeera. the streets are empty and isolationism force is the one place long queues in point a series soup kitchens. and induce isolation plans thrown into chaos to market work or destroy simply the major cities. hello the rain is on its way towards the south of all straight ahead of that time which is not fairing too badly is generally case guys as you can see but as we go through sunday this is to work its way towards tasmania warm ahead of us system and
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high ball with a high of 26 and not bad in adelaide in melbourne the rain pushing in later in the day i want to wash that the eastern coast of new south wales and pushing up into queensland meanwhile a few showers to eastern sections of new zealand staying in the full cost on monday as well this system though it works its way towards new south wales pushing some heavier rain across into sydney and cooling off a little bit adelaide in melbourne 21 degrees just 19 in hobart meanwhile for the next couple of days damages in the mid twenty's for perth and warm through the interior 35 celsius in alice springs out to much as near the seasonal norms across much of asia the rain though this has been particularly heavy and lots of low clouds so this is taipei this particular building or a cloud is the well at the base and in fact waving golfing much of the building it stands at 508 meters up building the rain will continue through central and southern areas of china it will they begin to care quite rapidly away from eastern sections of home she saw a better day on monday and not feeling too bad and take a high of 30.
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but. in 2010 al-jazeera gained exclusive access to a young family in the gaza strip. fighting forecast for their sick child born with a medical condition curable by routine surgery but cooled in the red tape of a health camp bureaucracy. rewind born in gaza on al-jazeera. the. the the on the.
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quick rise of the headlines here on al-jazeera society state television is reporting a missile was intercepted over the capital riyadh another missile reportedly had the southern city of san on the red sea border and near the border rather with yemen the number of coronavirus deaths continues to rise in europe spain reported another daily high with 832 deaths or more than 10000 people have died in italy. and amber of known coronavirus cases in the u.s. a sort of well past 115000 is present on the trump says he's considering imposing a coroutine on new york the worst affected region in the united states. or the number off known coronavirus cases in the u.s. has soared its us in mentions more than 1900 people though across the country have died and the new york of course remains the worst effects of satan american health
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care workers are appealing for more protective equipment st a surge in patients is already pushing hospitals to their limits and president trump says he's considering posing a quarantine in some regions. some people would like to see new york quarantine because it was bought new york new jersey maybe one or 2 of the places a certain part of the water and the i'm thinking about that right now. we might not have to do it but there's a possibility that sometime today we'll do a water in the short term 2 weeks under your. probably new jersey just hard to get out a good. brand old stone says my life from the sun to this via sky that rolled going by the president saw the comments of president tom it appears a quarantine over new york looms large shouldn't this is possible and how effective
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would it be given the virus has already spread to all 50 states. it is. an open question as to whether president trump can actually do that whether he has the legal authority to impose a quarantine most legal scholars say no the federal government and its public health service has the ability under the law to take individuals out of circulation and put them into porn if they are found to be carrying infectious diseases but there's no provision for putting all 'd states or regions under quarantine the governor of new york andrew cuomo was questioned about this he was asked the same that the president trump said he had already talked to cuomo about a homeless that he had not talked to the president about a quarantine and said he doesn't know how that will work in any event the same with
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the governor of new jersey said he hadn't heard anything about it the governor of connecticut is only a press conference now so we'll see what he has to say but generally what the governors of all the states have been saying is they don't need quarantines they need equipment they need more ventilators they need more mass they need to ramp up and be prepared for the peak of the virus. and the number of hospitals ations that it will cause rather than. ordering everyone to go home i know people in new york and they're saying that from their own experiences and observations people are generally staying off the streets just about everything is closed so that kind of the social distancing is underway furthermore 'd it's a very porous situation new york of course is a. key city on the eastern seaboard of the united states it's unclear how you could
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seal it off and still have sort of commerce passing through the new york area so a lot of questions about the president's notion. well rob. let's leave aside the issue of a corran scene and talk about national preparedness because as you mentioned don't just nurses probably have the equipment he needs tackle this virus just how are the preparation efforts coming along not just in new york state which obviously is having a bit of a challenge what about the rest of the u.s. i prepared to summarily right now. well for example far from new york in the heartland of the united states kansas the governor there declared a state oh more she says she wants everyone to stay inside as much as possible until the 19th of april she says that the federal government has not provided the kinds of the equipment that kansas needs they don't have tests they don't have the
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ventilators they don't have the other things that they need and that is a story that you hear. coming from governors of other states as well there is there has been a theme that some governors have complained about fine they're going out of the open market and trying to buy ventilators for example from companies that make ventilators and then they'll find that the federal government through it's the federal emergency management administration has already bought the bid them as it were for these ventilators so they're wondering why that isn't what's going on. generally governors and local officials. are complaining for example the mayors council representing most mayors the 95 percent of them i believe said that they didn't have what they need how cable brenna cybering is the very latest from the united states thank you very much for joining us from the
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centralists. well several of the world's was cash strapped countries are under particular threats of the coronavirus in argentina 2 years of economic recession has put unemployment rates at almost 10 percent now the country has imposed some of latin america's strictest locked in measures to raise of all reports from one essays. the streets of argentina's capital when a site is are empty these days after the government imposed a look down in the country but soup kitchens like this one cannot afford to shut down. constanza says the amount of people coming year has doubled in the past few days and the awful thing is that geico media people used to come here and sit down they could take a shower and spend some time things have changed but the amount of people coming has doubled many can't work and can't survive with the lock down and others live on the streets. here argentina's economy was already struggling with recession and the
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possibility of default on its sovereign debt before fighting the covert 19 became a priority for this country's government life is difficult for many in argentina his days as a rise of unemployment from poverty and the impact that the lockdown cost by the corner virus is having and the economy for many coming to this place is the only chance they have to eat at least once a day job as it does you got me well you know yes but it's not just the poor that i belong affected the most are going on silas works as a taxi driver in the city he says he's worried with the impact over 1000 could have in the country but he's unsure how he will survive if the lockdown continues he's 60 years old and this taxi is the only way he has of making a living. or you're going to get your big moment situation is very very serious i have to pay a rent and i cannot make any money i'm not sure what is going to happen we are authorized to be on the street but there's more people. even though the lockdown is
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supposed to last until the end of the month the government might extended for a longer period it has also warned private creditors that argentina's economic recoveries uncertain and that its debt crisis could be prolonged due to the coronavirus pandemic. economy minister meddling old man says the priority right now is. assisting argentine families with extra income to survive for the next few weeks yeah going oh my god you cannot make activity is minimal because the lockdown in this leaves a lot of people with anguish and desperation but we want to make sure that every person that lives in argentina is protective of the situation as. president i'll read it off a man there says he's prioritizing saving lives over the economic situation those who need the government's help say it's the only way they'll survive in the weeks ahead. when
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a scientist well while numbers continue to grow globally and where the pandemic began the city is opening its doors once again to your rivals so clark has more. life in here by province is returning slowly to normal more cars are back on the streets police are on patrol but it's health checks not traffic fines being issued . i'm here to pick up my 2 children and we are going to see one program the 2 children have been in who wins the traffic is very small china has announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors starting this weekend even those with visas or residence permits will be denied entry only diplomats and flight crew will be exempt chinese and foreign airlines will be limited to one flight a week because of fears of importing a 2nd wave of the virus from a brought up to 65 days in lockdown for its 11000000 residents the city of blue hand has downgraded its signal to low risk traffic can now into but no one's
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allowed to leave the city until april the 8th government workers a sterilising train stations preparing for the arrival of the 1st inbound trains you know. long time no see what i've been discriminated against because i'm for a new hand but i hope people don't treat the people awful hand like a fire if it's a full bar joins with china is winning the battle i read the news on the train that china is now trying to block people from coming here in preparation this will help us get back to work and i'm proud to be chinese. well 3 testing stations are in operation at south korea's airports to enforce tight health checks on arrivals the government reported 146 new cases on saturday that's the highest number in a week with a rise in imported cases from europe and the united states and japan confirmed a record daily increase of more than 50 new cases following a surgeon infections in tokyo this week japan's prime minister shinzo is appealing
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to millions in the capital and surrounding regions to avoid non-essential travel until april 12th here in hong kong the government has enforced tough new measures to encourage people to stay at home from saturday or cinemas gymnasiums and time at benny's will be closed for at least a fortnight and public gatherings will be limited to 4 people as the city tries to stem the number of local transmissions. al-jazeera has obtained pictures from inside one of the government's quarantine center is one person held there after being in contact with a flight crew member who tested positive says rooms weren't sterilized protective gear wasn't provided and health checks were random hong kong's health department reply is that it's followed the guidelines to clean and sanitize all quarantine facilities sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong one of the 20 one's a loss and india's not only affecting one and a quarter 1000000000 citizens but also hundreds of thousands of migrant workers
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many are attempting to leave major cities after the lot left them without jobs or pay all the potential mass migration could undermine attempts to prevent spreads of the virus or in their correspondence of those with power on them as more. so thousands of migrant workers are on the move on foot leaving delhi and that's just the capital region many are also on the move around the country attire families from the very old to babies being carried or walking as they try to return to where they're from india has something like 120000000 migrant workers people that work in different states to where they're from and after the government ordered all bus and train services stopped nearly a week ago where many migrant workers feel they have no choice but to walk on many of them are daily wage earners they have to work every day to survive they no longer ending money they can't pay their rent or their company accommodation has
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been shut down now they're walking along highways along train tracks with no access to food restaurants are obviously closed everything's shut they have no access to basic sanitation yesterday we had 300 migrant workers crammed into the back of to contain a trucks trying to cross the border between the states of cal and ana and. so after nearly a week of ordering all public transport to stop the state of their print their started carrying migrant workers home in buses something like 200 buses every 2 hours and still so many people are waiting and that gives you a scale of the problem and that's just between delhi and the state of with or for the ish delis homeless shelters are completely overflowing with people and the delhi government has decided that it's going to convert public schools into
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shelters from sunday to cater for so many people all of those who are now homeless jobless and homeless. well we'll leave you with some goods coronavirus news now chicago's aquarium remains closed to the general public during the locked in but its resident penguins been given a free rein of the place said aquariums balls to videos of their rock opera penguins and joining the exhibits from a human perspective and a grand old time since we haven't seen. you without a syria these are the headlines said the state television is reporting a missile was intercepted over the capital riyadh these pictures believed to be all theater acts on riyadh have not been independently verified another missile reportedly hit the southern city of g.'s on on the red sea near the border with
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yemen. the number of coronavirus stats continues to rise across europe it's the his death toll has surpassed 10000 after saturday's count 889 deaths and more deaths were announced in spain more than 800 people have died from the corona virus in the past 24 hours that's the country's highest number for a single day was the number of deaths in the united kingdom past 1000 the government has again urged people to abide by the instructions and stay home the medical director of britain's national health service says keeping the number of fatalities below 20000 would be a good result. and the number of known accrue virus cases in the united states has soared well past 115000 more than 100 people across the country have died new york remains the worst affected state president donald trump says he's considering imposing
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a quarantine on some regions. some people would like to see new york florida because a soft spot for your jersey maybe one or 2 of the places certain parts of florida i think you know about that right now. we might not add to it but there's a possibility sometime today we'll do a florida shorthaired do it under your. probably 6 years research hard to get out of. the 21 day long sign and india's not only affecting one of the courts a 1000000000 citizens there but also hundreds of thousands of migrant workers many are attempting to leave major cities after the government locked and left them with their job or pay the potential mass migration get on to mine attempts to prevent the spread of the fire assess the state stay stay with us here on just say or. talk to al-jazeera we will force will when you saw that documents post or
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we listen to after the war saying you'll you'll be in to go build united states of you but we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and toolkit about the stories that matter will go to 0. 01 come out santa maria and welcome to rewind behind me the city of doha we've been coming here to the museum of islamic art to revisit some of the best documentaries we've made a large extent our life chances that determined by where we have born today's rewind 1st date back in 20.


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