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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. major output cuts announced by global oil producers come into effect as the price of crude remains at near historic lows. and for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the world's largest coronavirus locked out is extended for another 2 weeks but india's government is easing some restrictions u.s. democratic presidential hopeful joe biden denies allegations of sexual assault by
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a former senate colleague. and jerusalem's al aqsa mosque compound islam's 3rd holiest site remains closed during ramadan because of coronavirus restrictions. the dramatic drop in oil prices over the past few weeks has contributed to the economic fallout from the global pandemic and agreements decided among the world's top producers to cut output has now come into effect and it appears that that deal came to be only after president donald trump reportedly pressured saudi arabia threatening to withdraw u.s. military support for riyadh i was there as a solid and judge it has our report. oil and water do not mix but politics in oil bond very well there is no official transcript of the conversation between the u.s. president and the saudi crown prince which resulted in saudi arabia's latest oil production cuts. reports suggest president all trump told muhammad bin sole man
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that u.s. forces stationed in the kingdom could be withdrawn if saudi arabia did not stop flooding the market with cheap crude within days riyadh announced production cuts and ended its oil price war with russia. 20 members including quit in norway have already announced cuts in output but questions still remain over compliance the us president has taken credit for the nearly 10000000 barrel cut by oil producers which comes into effect on friday i think i got them to cut. what they say can they say 10000000 but i think it's very steamy and. i even heard . saudi arabia and russia's failure to agree on price stabilization lead to a $31.00 day price war which has resulted in a massive oversupply of crude that combined with a coronavirus shutdown of the world's major economies provided a perfect storm for the 1st time in history traders were paying to get rid of world
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starts after storage ran out and u.s. crude futures dipped to a record minus $40.00 a barrel the international energy agency estimates global storage capacity could be fall by mid june. with a powerful lobby and nearly a 1000000 u.s. hydrocarbon sector jobs at stake it's now an issue of national security for the united states we're also exploring potentially having the ability to store another several $100000000.00 barrels so we're looking at lots of different options were in touch with lots of people around the world and the president is determined that we protect the national security interest and the job with flights grounded no one driving and factories closed analysts estimate the demand is in excess of $30000000.00 barrels even though some restrictions are slowly being lifted the energy market is gloomy and positive projections international oil price is estimated to average around $35.00 a barrel while the u.s.
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price is expected below $20.00 a drop of 60 percent compared to last year major firms such as royal dutch shell out of readjusting shell cut its dividend for the 1st time since world war 2. western europe's biggest oil and natural gas producer wants to ease tax rules for oil firms to prevent a drop in investment there is the short term benefit for oil consumers the european central bank says inflation has declined due to the shop foreign oil prices but slowing growth globally job losses and declining industry coupled with falling oil production doesn't bode well for the global economy solomin job there. the lower demand for oil has resulted in oversupply but dozens of saudi tankers a still heading west towards the u.s. some politicians that are now trying to stop them according to the website tanker truck tanker truck is more than 50000000 barrels of saudi crude oil is on its way to american ports marine traffic shows at least 26 tankers near southern africa are
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apparently bound for terminals in the gulf of mexico for delivery to refineries and storage sites in texas and louisiana one has already completed a delivery to a saudi aramco owned refinery in texas but with oil prices sinking to record lows and threatening u.s. produces some politicians in washington want the vessels turned around as there's nowhere for them to store the oil and he is director of energy policy advisors an energy and mining research advisory company he says that it will be a while before we see the impact of the production cuts. normally in the oil market data is quiet for delayed when we look at the actual april data you saw production increases coming through so thus on the back of the original breakdown of the aipac deal the size of the cut pretty staggering from a when you look at them in relation to april so i think there are going to be some
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countries the are going to quite reach their target certainly at the beginning of the month but there is there is a real issue into as well in terms of storage capacity filling up around the world and whether. countries and companies can actually produce and sell the oil i think the the data will start to be visible over the next couple of weeks there's area early indications there rusher is making the carts you can see for on the shipping loading data. and oil trucking and analytics paranoia lexan they're sharing the russian production in may has already started to fall. by thinking it's going to take a few weeks to see the evidence of the large declines coming throwing in cern's of last anchors leaving countries like russia. other big exporting oil producers
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canada is banning assault style weapons off of the country's deadliest mass shooting 2 weeks ago 22 people were killed in nova scotia but a man dressed as a policeman went on a shooting spree the parent comes into immediate effect that will be a 2 year amnesty for people to dispose of weapons they already own the government also plans to introduce a gun buyback program. these weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. the reason no use and no place for such weapons in canada india is extending what's been the world's biggest locked out by 2 further weeks but restrictions in some areas will be eased starting on monday after serious elizabeth poor on amount more now from new delhi on the government's strategy to ease the locked out in some parts of the country. in the last nearly 6 weeks of the
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lockdown in india the government has divided the country into green orange and red zones depending on the number of cases and the stage of transmission and it's announced that while the national lockdown will continue for another 2 weeks that they will be a considerable easing of restrictions mostly in green and r. and so on and so watch as of may the 4th all goods are allowed to be transported there will be. green zones but with 50 percent seizing capacity taxis are allowed to green and orange zones but with only one passenger things like all construction and industrial activity is allowed even in red zones in rural areas now over the last 10 days we have see easing of restrictions in a number of sectors most notably agriculture india's biggest employer and all the businesses which supported and all standalone shops even those selling non essential items have been open for about the last week so one of the restrictions
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that remain in place while there is still no air rail travel hospitality restaurants hotels remain shot into state movements no movement between states and things like cinema halls you know sports complex is the main shot and they will be no political social or cultural gatherings south africa has begun to certain restrictions after 5 weeks of lockdown to make some businesses are being allowed to reopen friday and people can leave their homes to exercise the government says it will be deployed more soldiers to ensure that social distancing rules. is a johannesburg with more now on how the 1st day of restrictions went. this is the main highway between johannesburg and pretoria and police have sits up one of the largest roadblocks in this area there are also soldiers to ensure that. well i had
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hearing to the lock down restrictions now south africa has eased the regulations slightly in that some businesses are able to open and a 3rd of the workforce are able to go to work but for millions of south africans these are the kind of regulations that they're facing police all making sure they're here to regulations and they're also on the lookout for cigarettes and alcohol because in south africa the sale and transportation of those items is still bad and police will likely see thousands of vehicles come through this roadblock during the course of the day they are about $7000.00 soldiers that have been deployed across the country but the government has also said it's made provision for up to $70000.00 soldiers to monitor the streets in south africa while those to
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kids are being eased even just slightly the government has deployed more soldiers and police to ensure that people aren't hearing to the lockdown regulations and even those of africa has now moved to a level full one level lower than previously we're actually seeing more officials and more security officials monitoring the lockdown the u.k. says that it's conducted more than 120000 coronavirus tests in a single day the government had set itself a target of more than 100000 to date by may 1st it comes as the country's death toll rises to more than 27000 officers need barker reports now from london on what comes next on the testing has been ramped up. only late on thursday it looked as if the government might be significantly missing out on reaching its target of 800000 tests a day was 18000 tests short yesterday evening but it seems to have broken not quite
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comfortably with all the 122000 test of course this is just the start these are the kind of tests that we've seen being used in a widespread way in many countries across europe and the british government's been under growing scrutiny as to why it didn't introduce this kind of testing sooner nevertheless what it's hoping to do next is is hire 800000 officials to take part in tracing and tracking down the spread of the virus so identifying potential clusters of advising people whether or not should they should quarantine for a period of time to avoid infecting others so by mid may that's quite a significant recruitment drive that they're hoping to have fulfilled what you're seeing behind me is a large testing center in east london we've seen a steady stream of vehicles arriving here people register they've given swabs they don't stay in their car do the test themselves then hand the swabs over to officials and get the test back in a couple of days these are launched the key workers the hope is that sooner or
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later the bulk of the population of the united kingdom will know whether or not they've been infected or indeed are at risk but for the time being unless the government can see. a steady decline in infection rates and particularly at decline in the desk they'll be no attempt to east restrictions any time soon we're going to weather and take next to 0 then as we've been hearing the one is awash with crude oil that it doesn't mean now producers are running out of places to stories plus i'm serious investigative units is taint evidence of a huge backlog of medical equipment to china. we've had one of the showers around the gulf recently exceed the savvier cloud here
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just pulling out seem to iran clearing the gulf we have one of 2 showers in doha should be fine through the remainder of his day going on into tomorrow well you might just have wanted to rush i was coming but as you can see it's fine and dry further north at least inhofe of turkey still seeing some wet weather the showers that stretch from the black sea it was the caspian across caucasus pushing across northern parts of iran and the continue to just make the where little further research as we go through sunday tended to thin and break as they do say some more sunshine coming through behind temperatures 30 celsius little down in recent valleys but still pleasantly warm nevertheless want to see the showers that see into that western side of yemen join in that with the showers across the ethiopian highlands down into kenya down the rift valley some showers there into the gulf of guinea as well and those showers of course they do stretch across west africa as they should do on the edge of the way nicely further north was come back into central africa because the big shot was there just around the democratic republic of congo some showers into northern parts of tanzania south africa on the other
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hand well much of southern africa as you can see is fine in fry clear skies into houses but with a high of 20 degrees. i usually just read and trace frank assessments wise it's only struggling to cope with the number coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action. per informed opinion it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there's one that's really here very relieved people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines india done up to the spread of their own of ours in the inside story on al-jazeera. what the world order.
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but i get this is out of the us for much of the main news this hour an agreement among the world's top oil producers to cut outputs has now come into effect a reduction of $10000000.00 barrels a day global pandemic is caused to traumatic drop in oil and prices india is extending what's been the world's biggest lock down by 2 for the weeks but restrictions in some areas will also be eased starting monday looked on measures began in. canada is banning assault style weapons of the country's deadliest mass shooting 2 weeks ago with immediate effect that will be a 2 year amnesty for people to dispose of weapons they already. backed out of our top story the effect of the pandemic on the oil industry as we reported it suffered twin shocks in both supply and demand too much crude has been produced and the
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global shutdown has meant that not enough of it is being used that's resulted in a crisis but where to store is all this john hendren reports from chicago. cushing oklahoma is a small town with a big job in the oil industry it is the oil pipeline crossroads of america and that made it the logical place to become the nation's oil storage hub right now we're just shutting in wells and doing whatever we can just reduce production work to the minimum agree we can now one tank after another stands in a landscape lined with storage farms brimming with crude waiting for delivery but with oil at historically low prices the crude keeps flowing in is sellers wait for higher prices and cushing is filling up fast it's the world's largest storage. it has. 6 know your ground. storage our right now out there and. everyone scrambled it aren't.
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that's all i'm saying use of oceangoing tankers just a little or no tankers with no destination full of oil waiting for better days and bigger prices nearby gas sells for under a dollar a gallon it's hard to believe that the oil industry could face worse than when sellers had to pay buyers to take this stuff off their hands but that's what happened on april 20th when prices went below 0 but with prices going nowhere and storage filling up fast the worst could be yet to come. with a benchmark west texas intermediate oil below $20.00 a barrel now and with oil futures not selling for more than $40.00 until 2022 bankruptcies in shutdowns have already begun is oil storage rises production is shutting down refineries on average are operating in the u.s. below 70 percent some could soon refuse to fulfill their contracts to buy oil
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invoking a clause that makes it known in void in case of an act of god or miers. situation supply will. gluck period it's a major imbalance. a dramatic imbalance with no sign of ending any time soon john hendren chicago. lebanon has officially signed a request for assistance from the international monetary fund to help fix the country's crippling financial problems it's one of the main parts of a sweeping economic plan that the government says will help save lebanon from bankruptcy but as the reports from beirut that wasn't enough to satisfy angry protesters. keeping the hope for change alive lebanese return to the central beirut square where calls for a new leadership rang out 6 months ago they're back in the streets after a lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus was weeks of closures heard an
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already collapsing economy there is uncertainty about the future as unemployment rises. i'm 33 years old i have been graduated from university like 10 years ago or . away so. it's because of the. economy situation which was caused by the subsequent government's lebannon has already defaulted on its debt for the 1st time in history we. called for the world bank. to put even larger public privatizing the whole. state and i don't think. 6 prices of basic goods have increased by more than 50 percent while the local currency the lever has depreciated by at least 60 percent people's incomes and savings have lost value. burden on the business because when the inflation i'm buying their own.
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price. paid the same. 30 percent of registered companies have closed and the labor ministry says 20 percent have reduced employee salaries by half. the dismissal of workers and the close. ations have been the biggest concerns the ministry has put forward a plan to solve huge unemployment and to protect the rights of workers but that will need money and the government has been unable to provide for the most basic needs as the state nears bankruptcy. or the country is sliding into chaos. becoming. up to 75 percent of 5000000 people need help while 45 percent live below the poverty line. human rights watch is warning more than half of people are at the risk of going hungry the
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government may be promising better days ahead but the road will not be easy. may 1st is recognized as labor day honoring the struggles and gains made by workers around the world but this year this little to celebrate as millions of people find themselves suddenly unemployed the usual marches have been banned in many countries the room locked down but in athens workers to fight a curfew to rally for better conditions the greek government for the last few years to hold off demonstrations until next week. in france people stayed at home but still made some noise as well as banging pots and pans they sang revolutionary songs on the balconies a very different scene to last year's may day when rallies in paris. u.s. presidential hopeful joe biden has spoken for the 1st time about allegations of sexual
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assault involving a former employee the former vice president told us media that he did not assault tolerate when she worked for him in 1993 journey his time as a senator. from the very beginning. believing women means taking the woman's claims seriously when she steps forward and then very looking. this is this that's true in this case as well one would have a right to be heard and to bend the pressured rigorously investigate claims they make always a pole the principle but in the end in every case the truth is what matters in this case the truth is the claims are false a white house correspondent given how could has more now on whether this is likely to damage biden's campaign well certainly he needed to speak out there were concerns within his own party but at the same time when you look at the standard that exists among prominent u.s. politicians you can't you know discount the allegations against president trump
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back in 2016 more than 20 women allege that he had in appropriately behaved against them sexually these are all things that the u.s. president denied on the campaign trail and then became president now for his part u.s. president donald trump did speak about the allegations against joe biden late on thursday he said that biden should respond but he also said that he could be falsely accused something that trump claims he knows a lot about again referring to the allegations against him he also said that he feels that there is a concern that false accusations given the fact he believes that his supreme court justice brett kavanaugh was also falsely accused during his confirmation hearings now in the midst of all of this the vice president joe biden does have some prominent democrats that her in his corner particularly the house speaker nancy pelosi you know she has not responded since these statements came out this morning
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but i can tell you that she was speaking on his behalf prior to him making this very public statement she said that he is a person of integrity and she is satisfied with biden's denials. al jazeera investigative unit has obtained exclusive video revealing a backlog of goods of china's biggest export help that's causing a delay in the supply of medical equipment for health care workers around the world long queues of trucks loaded with cargo at shanghai airport awaiting to unload of customs but hundreds of boxes are piling up in warehouses china produces nearly half of the world's supply of protective medical equipment both a plea for the u.s. and europe but concerns are growing that it's quality control rules on exporting cargo 100 prng efforts to do meet the demands for p.p. . well for this executive producer of a serious investigative unit he explains why medical supplies are stuck in china
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china as you rightly said produces just about half of the world's protective medical equipment they exported very large quantities of it to europe back in march when the pandemics don't seem to take grip unfortunately there were significant contraries which had some standard or counterfeit goods which caused huge amounts of critical focus to come in china very embarrassing for china as the world's money factor or as a response to that they tightened up their export and quality rules now it appears from having talked to various shipping agencies in in china those rules have been applied in a very rigid bureaucratic manner and in a slightly haphazard way which is resulted in this enormous gridlock of masks surgical gowns ventilators all of the material this desperately needed currently by front line workers in the battle against coded 90. and it's on the record it's been
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widely reported italy spain holland i think the u.k. also return significant batches of equipment which we seem to be not made of the materials they require thaw what's highly sensitive and difficult work which which requires good quality material is a barrier against a virus so it's possible of course batches go through that when it returns but that the key thing is china actually did react to this did tighten up the rules but the consequences of not of causing perhaps may be far greater issues for the 2nd friday of ramadan jerusalem's anarchs a mosque compound remains closed and the streets of the old city around usually quiet palestinians living in occupied east jerusalem having to adjust to a new way of observing the holy month while dealing with the economic uncertainty of the lock down our forces reports holy month of islam's 3rd holiest
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site and the courtyards around the mosque in the dome of the rock or empty mass prayer band to help stop the spread of the coronavirus usually tens of thousands of worshippers many from the occupied west bank who come here each day to pray the effects are being felt beyond this sacred site by the people who live and work in the alleyways of the old city. lockdown has already brought serious hardship or rough but he says business is holding to nothing as customers save their money and there's no familia ramadan boost to make up for it. we white for ramadan the whole year ramadan is different with its beautiful atmosphere there is a lot of work in ramadan but this year there is no work and there is no ramadan. foot traffic is down in thoughts of religious observance a competing with anxiety of a job and finances that is even younger said i am 60 i have never seen anything like this my son has 6 kids he has rent to pay he's not working how are they going
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to wait and drink. as of this week the israeli government that controls jerusalem's occupied east has allowed more types of businesses to open but as well as unlocked doors recovery requires customers some restrictions begin to be lifted shopkeepers here talk about a gradual return of some economic activity but very gradual especially given how few people comparatively are on the streets of the old city and all of this thrown into really by the fact that ramadan is usually one of the busiest times of the last year this was the scene at damascus gate as thousands headed into the old city to pray at. this ramadan the walk or islamic trust in charge of the mosque is telling the faithful to stay away. and we're in great pain right now this month to month usually we have tens of thousands of people coming to the mosque and it reaches hundreds of thousands but for the sake of people's health the works decided
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to spin the prius. and so the prayers are instead being brought to the people online and on television in the hope that it will feel all the better to be here for real with those tens of thousands of others for ramadan in 2021 harry forsett occupied east jerusalem. that is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera agreements among the world's top oil producers to cut out put has now come into effect a reduction of 10000000 barrels per day the global pandemic has caused a dramatic drop in oil demand and prices india is extending what's been the world's biggest lock down by 2 more weeks of restrictions in some areas will also be eased from monday all down measures began. south africa has begun to ease its lockdown after 5 weeks some businesses are being allowed to reopen and people can leave
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their homes to exercise the government says it will impose an overnight curfew and deploy more soldiers to enforce social distancing rules canada is banning all assault style weapons off of the country's deadliest mass shooting 2 weeks ago with immediate effect but they'll be a 2 year amnesty for people to dispose of weapons they already own the government also plans to introduce a buyback program. these weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time the reason no use and no place for such weapons in canada crowds have gathered in beirut as anger grows over lebanon's financial crisis the calls for demonstrations came despite a rescue plan announced by the prime minister the government has now signed a request for assistance from the international monetary fund the u.s.
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presidential hopeful joe biden a spoken for the 1st time about allegations of sexual assault involving a former employee the former vice president told us media that he did not assault tara reid when she worked for him in 1993 during his time as a senator. al jazeera is investigative unit has obtained exclusive video revealing a backlog of goods the china's biggest export. that's causing a delay in the supply of medical equipment for health care workers around the world long queues of trucks trucks loaded with cargo at shanghai airport waiting to unload customs china produces nearly half the world's supply of protective medical equipment notably for the u.s. and europe there's the headline as the news continues here on out as here after inside story next.
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we're resuming warfare those are the words of colombia's largest army who after a month long cease fire the national liberation army says the government isn't willing to talk so what does that mean for peace in colombia this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm. we're talking colombia today the national liberation army better known as the e l n says it's resuming its 5 decades long armed activity after declaring a ceasefire.


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