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finally the creek tunnel liquid ecosystems by invasive species. reports are going to say the decline can be slowed it's even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. and. they made a deal but was it legal israel supreme court begins hearing a case challenging the new coalition government. fully back to korea watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also coming out thousands of palestinians have been kept out of israel because of the coronavirus outbreak the return to work. was to human rights groups calling for an investigation after
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a prison riot in venezuela that killed more than 40 people in the uk. and bevan music loses one of its most cherished ambassadors we look back on the life and legacy of algerian singer. with. israel's new coalition government is yet to be sawn in but it's already facing a major legal challenge judges at the supreme court has sided hearing a case that argues it is illegal a separate petitions have been launched against a power sharing deal between the likud party of benjamin netanyahu and the blue and white party of benny gantz an arrangement was reached between the former rivals after 3 inconclusive elections in a year that speech carry fossett was outside israel's parliament in west jerusalem harri the vin number of protests already against his coalition what have we heard
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and seen in court so far today. well we heard the judge is sketching out the positions this is pretty much an unprecedented thing the israeli high court has to decide on the legality both of the eligibility of benjamin netanyahu to stand and to form a government as a prime minister under indictment and also whether the deal that he struck with his former rival benny gantz in which there are challenges to the basic lore of the israeli constitution which would have to be legislated during the course of this week to allow both of them to essentially be in acted as co-equal prime ministers one going 1st in netanyahu for 18 months then dance whether that is negro this day sunday is the day in which the 1st of those questions is being deliberated upon can netanyahu form a government under indictment and there are indications that the court may well get
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to some extent greenlight in saying things like the train has left the station talking about the number of the members of the knesset the parliament behind me that support this government and don't forget that is after 3 a conclusive election so there is a real will politically for a resolution to this ongoing political crisis but the court is also making sure that it is being heard here arguing back against netanyahu as lawyers of the ability of the court to rule on these matters saying it is not just for the knesset to make a decision that the legalities have to be observed as well so it may well be that they're moving towards some kind of. situation where they try and fence in some of his powers as prime minister without actually ruling out him as a viable legal prime minister we wait to see how it plays out harry thank you for that update terry fossett live for us in western sudan. alison's of palestinian neighbors are returning to work in israel for the 1st time since crossings were
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closed in march because the coronavirus make it for. it was an agreement between israel and the palestinian authority last month some employers were accused of dumping palestinian workers at checkpoints after they showed called a $1000.00 symptoms my school said queues israel of failing to ensure workers' safety need a brain is in bethlehem and says despite the health risks the workers are an important source of income for the palestinian authority. thousands of palestinian workers are returning to their work in israel after a agreement has been made to allow them to go there and stay there for a couple of weeks this has been a daily commute for many workers but after the outbreak of corbett 19 an agreement has been made for them to stay in israel a similar agreement was made a couple of weeks ago but some of those workers said that they couldn't find suitable accommodation so they came back according to this agreement around 40000
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palestinian workers are expected to cross into israel on sunday and monday they are workers in the agriculture industry and construction sectors they are important for the israeli economy and they are also important for the palestinian economy they generate around 2 and a half $1000000000.00 into the palestinians weak economy every year so it's been a tough decision for the palestinian authority to make on the one hand around 74 percent of infections have come from workers and those around them but at the same time they're crucial for the economy that has already taken a heads because of closures because of covered $900.00 on the way here we've passed through 2 palestinian checkpoints manned by palestinian security forces and they said that they're only allowing entry to those who have originated permits and they can prove that they can stay in israel for a month now work spec to get those workers to come back in 3 weeks or so in time
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for the islamic holiday over at the footer and this is going to be the real test for palestinians they said their movement is going to be coordinated with the palestinian authority to ensure that they don't spread infections if and so it's going to be a challenge for the palestinian authority which has already managed to kind of control the outbreak of course as 90. the un's human rights commissioner is calling for an investigation into violence that's killed more than 40 inmates in a venezuelan prison riot began over a demand for relatives to be allowed to deliver food a warning viewers may find some of the images in today's supposed report disturbing . prisoners from a gentle penitentiary taken to a local hospital dozens of them were hurt after a shootout at the prison located in the city of 190 around 450 kilometers away from us relatives were anxiously waiting outside. and we want to know what really
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happened to our relatives we've been waiting since noon and we still don't know anything human rights representatives have not turned up or anything like i want to know what happened and. pictures shown in local media showed dozens of inmates dead the government says they were trying to escape but human rights groups say they were protesting for food and want a full investigation into what happened. since venezuela imposed a lockdown to prevent the spread of covert 1000 visiting rights have been suspended prisoners rely on their relatives for food and medicines. but it's not just in venezuela and rest has been on the rise in latin america on saturday in my now state capital of the state of a mass on as prisoners kidnapped 7 guards. then set the prison on fire authorities say they were trying to distract security forces to dig
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a tan and then escape the incident lasted for about 5 hours. but this operation was a success we had several hostages and all of them are alive there were no casualties on the police side in which there were people injured but nothing serious. violence is a regular occurrence in brazilian prisons as rival gangs fight for control. but the situation is different this time prisons 11 america are overcrowded and lacks any taishan a ticking time bomb for the spread of colvin 1000. what's going on is that prisoners are afraid because prisons are overcrowded and the conditions are bad in brazil for example there is no running water so how can you ask inmates to wash their hands restricting visitors is also a problem because it's a lifeline for inmates that depend on them to get food hygiene products. human rights groups say we do using overcrowding is needed to reduce the spread of disease. but it poses
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a major challenge for countries where resources are already running short. that is how will. russia has recorded his highs daily rise of cold 1000 infections another 10 and a half 1000 people have tested positive that's despite 5 weeks of restrictions a country now has close to 135 confirmed 135000 confirmed cases of the number of people who have died has slowed in recent days nearly half of all u.s. states have cautioned it reopened for business as a number of deaths fastest 66000 more than 1100000 calls in 1000 cases have been reported nationwide as rob reynolds reports says a glimmer of hope in new york. military jets flew information over the marble monuments of washington d.c. and over a hospital in baltimore in a symbolic salute to doctors nurses hospital workers and others on the front lines
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fighting the pandemic despite the ceremony health workers in many parts of the country say shortages of personal protective equipment continue in a hopeful sign for hard hit new york city the last covert 900 patients were discharged from a convention center that had been converted into an emergency hospital the javits center treated more than 1000 people with the disease. and the u.s. navy hospital ship comfort its services no longer needed sailed out to new york harbor despite the glimmerings of hope new york governor andrew cuomo said the virus continues to steal hundreds of lives in the state each and every day that number has remained a bit noxious lee and terrifyingly high and it's still not dropping at the rate we would like to see a drop. in california where governor gavin newsom is ordered all
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beaches closed protesters complained about not being in. able to swim sunbathe and serve they are in the minority a new poll shows 70 percent of california residents approve of new somes actions in controlling the pandemic while president trump headed off to camp david for the weekend the white house announced late friday that it would replace the government inspector general who wrote a critical report on the trumpet ministrations response to the outbreak the report said the administration failed to coordinate distribution of desperately needed medical equipment while i think it's a beginning at that seeking to stifle criticism from nonpartizan experts fits a pattern of behavior for it from the data shows he has also refused to allow the government's chief infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci to testify before a committee of the democratic controlled house of representatives next week rob
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reynolds al-jazeera. still ahead on the program on world press freedom day the u.n. warns of the dangers of misinformation in the fight against coronavirus and the silver lining to u.s. sanctions why iran believes they could help it survive the economic fallout from the and the and. the. kind of there's been heavy rain recently in sumatra in peninsula malaysia which is the shadow on up into was thailand in mind but this is you see quite a spread of the moment as it should be but i've been to the philippines to some orange top for car shows there's a big thunderstorms and it's quite a mass circulation actually for when just to the west a job that stays out in the water in the case of this area is quite
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a wet one so sumatra will see more showers of course cayle in singapore both flights in fact singapore forecast has got daily thunderstorms the steady high temperature of 34 it's a humid places sundering every day the moment i was a change of season australia of course is completely different the winds are not coming up through the bite running through victoria this is the position in melbourne windy enough for some kites if not winds about to die dogs are systems going to cross the thousands the 2 new zealand so it's quiet reserved course not very well to get those snow recent the mystery out for melbourne's of $58.00 all the action weather wise is further west with perth like you see the rain later on monday is the 1st front goes through the next ones want to get to come in later on choose to ask the new zealand well wellington represents the forecast here windy and wet out for.
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rewind returned to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in the liberal clothes the gloves the no like and the other student rewind continues with mono and me going into a war zone he said the 1st thing to look for is the exit it's all how to get it it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. to. live. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this hour israel's new coalition government is facing
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a major legal challenge the supreme court is hearing arguments against the power sharing deal between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and opposition leader benny says russia has recorded its highs daily rise of corona virus infections another 10 and a half 1000 people have tested positive as is 55 weeks of frustrations and the un's human rights commissioner is calling for an investigation into the death of more than 40 inmates in a venezuelan prison the government says they were trying to escape but human rights groups say the prisoners were demanding for. iran is set to reopen some mosques and schools from monday as it further eases coronavirus lockdown restrictions the move will affect about a 3rd of districts which have been consistently free of the disease but president has on rouhani is urging iranians to maintain social distancing on saturday iran reported its slowest daily rise in new infections in more than a month jealous it will stand we decided today that $132.00 counties are in the
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white zone or low risk these counties will reopen their mosques as of tomorrow we commence friday prayers while observing health protocols. now the global fall in oil prices has pushed many governments to the brink but iran stresses and says his country's economy is able to cope better than most because u.s. sanctions are forcing it to diversify. from tehran. on the day u.s. oil prices fell farther than ever before iranian media seemed to relish the news many say the united states has used oil like a weapon against iran for years and its effectiveness was ending iran's president said u.s. sanctions had helped his country become less susceptible to the tumbling market iran he said is now less reliant on oil how many. more how many all an oil rich countries including us with it by the situation some more some less so we will be hit list in other countries iran has spent years trying to move away from
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an oil based economy but still sells oil through back channels i guess. if we want to say that iran's economy was not affected by the oil price drop i think that's wrong it has definitely been impacted but if other countries fell from the 10th floor then iran fell from the 2nd floor because iran has already fallen in the past due to sanctions. iran is trying to make up for lost oil revenue by manufacturing more goods it can sell abroad as well as building up other industries such as plastics mining and agriculture the government says non oil exports to china and neighboring countries have increased but oil and gas are still vital to its economy iran has expanded refining capacity in recent years and unveiled a new oil field in the southwest of the country. it also has a large domestic market because of u.s. sanctions iran has been unable to freely so its oil the government has for years
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been trying to diversify the economy to get away from depending on oil as its main source of revenue but one of the things that leaders said they had to do was remove state subsidies on things like gas to ease the government's financial burden or. in november last year the price of petrol at the pumps doubled in some cases tripled overnight it sparked the worst protests since the 1979 islamic revolution the death toll from the violence security crackdown that followed is still unclear when global oil prices fell earlier this month some on social media began asking for the savings to be passed on to them now that the oil price is equal to the price of dirt shouldn't the price of gasoline and other crude products go down too said $1.00 gasoline in the u.s. and europe is cheaper than iran joked another a common saying here is that prices go up never down and there's another financial pinch coming the latest government budget includes a plan to increase revenues by raising taxes the same bus or to her own.
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saudi arabia share market as some 20 only 7 percent finance minister said the kingdom would take painful and drastic measures to help its economy don says the action is needed to face a double shock. and no oil prices government projects will be slowed down to reduce spending. to a $9000000000.00 budget deficit in the 1st quarter as oil revenues collapse. now the 3rd province in yemen has recorded its 1st case of cold with 19 taking the nationwide number of confirmed infections to 10 the governor of tice province says is closing the borders for 2 weeks but will continue to allow food and other essential goods through he's also ordered mosques and markets to close and banned launch gathering. now the united states is reportedly considering retaliatory measures against china for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic the move could
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warse an already strained relations between washington and beijing john hendren reports. president donald trump is reportedly looking for ways to retaliate against beijing for the deadly virus that emanated from china they could have stopped it but they didn't it's something that is going to have to be dealt with i have to say this is red white house managers are said to be meeting to discuss options that according to the washington post include a lawsuit seeking damages or one of the president's preferred penalties new tariffs . on wall street stocks plunged over tariff fears. there's little doubt the virus began in china's woo han province and bank goes down early enough that this disease would spread its fair to all process work that this is not a time for asking for compensation or putting it it is economic system and one
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country this is time for our scientists to work together the global pandemic has turned a complex relationship between 2 world powers into a simple one outright rivalry the krasnaya passing iraq. right. now south. america. should have been stopped at the source has been fuming about china saying china either knowingly spread the virus or failed to warn the world of a pandemic that has stalled the u.s. economy and dimmed his reelection prospects well there could done it the u.s. and china have had complicated interactions since the handshake in 1972 between president richard nixon inbounds the dung that began a profitable but troubled relationship. the state of missouri isn't waiting for the federal government it's already suing china for economic losses and there are private suits including
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a class action suit by florida businesses that seeks reparations on behalf of thousands of people. china calls the suits political farce distributing a cartoon video that accuses the u.s. of failing to protect its people for months. he said it was dangerous. now in china and in the u.s. the prospect of new economic penalties leads relations between the superpowers at their lowest point in the 21st century john hendren 0 chicago. new orleans has been one of the hot spots of a coronavirus pandemic in the united states while frontline health workers are overwhelmed and business is a suffering the community's trying to keep the city's spirits alive castro has a story. new orleans is a city whose exuberance is difficult to contain. in late february as people rub shoulders in the annual mardi gras parades few were aware coded 19 was silently
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present and spreading. now the streets are empty and the hospitals are filled but despite appearances the city's big easy spirit similar stronger. than the one this community was think together no matter what the situation is tasty treat restaurant still serves up classic creole dishes despite the loss of its regular customers it has a new customer a charity called feed the front line which emerged from the epidemic the group collects on line donations by sfusd from 40 local restaurants. and gifts the meals to taxed workers at 16 new orleans hospitals because not only does it make us not not worry about will next for the morale. the charity was founded by a fraternal group called the crew of red beans their goal to help new orleans get through code 19 just as it survived hurricane katrina 15 years ago are to have
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experienced catastrophic loss and rebuilding so i think it kind of gives an extra to the community spirit that it's not just the restaurants and hospital workers who benefit was the charity pays out of work musicians to make the deliveries get steady income coming into our bank account and not only that more importantly it's given me service work and it's given me something to do with my dad it's given me a purpose at a very high. plus time the effort has yielded more than 2000 meals a day delivered to the front lines what other way when one is be able to give. given out the the most things that we're known for which is the mills and our food more signs of new orleans's resilience in the face of adversity how did you castro al-jazeera the un expert on freedom of expression says his received alarming accounts of retaliation against journalists who are reporting on the coronavirus
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pandemic david kay says governments must stop intimidating the independent press and that's been echoed by the un secretary general antonio protests on world press freedom day we call on governments and others to get into the journalists can do their jobs throughout the coverage 1000 pandemic and beyond is the pandemic spreads it is also given rise to a 2nd pandemic of museum from asian from harmful health advice to wild conspiracy to choose the press provides the n.t. that very fired scientific fact based news in the now is but since the pandemic began many journalists are being subjected to increase restrictions and punishments simply is for doing their jobs. the terrorist says don measures shouldn't be abuse as an excuse to crackdown on journalists while your of so has the most media freedom in the world reporters without borders says the middle east and north africa continue to be the most dangerous places for journalists to work 346
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journalists signed prison worldwide with china saudi arabia and egypt detaining the highest number of journalists. seign has been imprisoned without charge in egypt for more than $1600.00 days their concerns for his health during the pandemic there's director general mostafa has written to world leaders urging them to call for the immediate release of mom will do saying and. india meanwhile has dropped 2 places in the world press freedom index reporters without borders says a communication blackout of indian administered kashmir played a role in that shift its report calls the area a vast open prison yes india's government maintains is nothing short of absolute media freedom elizabeth reports. for years mustn't the what has been documenting life in indian administered kashmir the photojournalist says she joined the male dominated field so that she could give
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a voice to women and children in conflict zones but muster it says she was shocked when police used what rights groups court of oppressive law and accused her of posting content against the country to disturb law and order these allegations are baseless i don't know any political age and i'm not any activist i don't i'm not any social i don't i'm not affiliated with any political party or do what i'm uploading are the reality of. that is one of several journalists the indian government has accused of carrying out what it calls anti national activities. reporters without borders has ranked india 142 out of 180 countries in its annual press freedom index. the montra body says the school was heavily affected by the situation and indeed administered kashmir with the government shutdown telecommunications for several months after revoking the region's special autonomous status that made it difficult for journalists to report on what was
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happening i don't. spent 9 months in jail not to have a portrait on the increase in soldiers there he was never charged. this gap you are a terrorist i'm a patriot you are an anti national i'm a nationalist the gaps that our government and media have created how do we remove those gaps gaps guess i have couldn't believe the government says it's open to criticism but that there are limits to free speech we have. a lot of the law. making is somebody. like. the editor of one of india's few publications that is still critical of the government says press freedom us to be protected so a constitutional democracy put it to work requires the checks and balances of the
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institutions and the press and india is in the danger of failing to be a constitutional democracy it may be a democracy in the sense that the majority rules the rules in some senses but it is not a constitutional democracy. police investigating the case against mustard who says she won't stop working despite facing up to 7 years in jail if convicted reporters without borders says india flips 2 places on the index because of constant press freedom violations including police violence against journalists it also cited what it called coordinated hate campaigns on social media against journalists critical of the government's hindu nationalist ideology especially if they're women elizabeth pran of al-jazeera new delhi. the parents of murdered american journalist daniel pearl are appealing the acquittal of 4 men in the case last month a pakistani court overturned their matter and kidnapping conviction saying they
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wasn't enough evidence against them and say they're standing up for justice not only for their son but all fall pakistanis daniel pearl was beheaded in 2002 while working for the wall street journal in karachi. there's been an exchange of gunfire between soldiers on the border between north and south korea multiple shots were fired from north korea towards of god posts inside the de-militarized zone according to officials in seoul south korean troops fired back with 2 shots no injuries have been reported. flow again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera israel's new coalition government is facing a major legal challenge the supreme court has been hearing arguments against the power sharing deal between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and opposition leader benny gantz fawcett is in west jerusalem and says a court has 2 main points to consider. one of them is the ability of benjamin
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netanyahu to serve as prime minister at least to form a new government as prime minister while under indictment the corruption cases court trial in 3 separate corruption cases is due to start later this month the 2nd category is as you're saying the legality of this deal it shows just how much mistrust there is on both sides on netanyahu side and on benny gantz a side that they have cut had to come up with an extremely complicated deal that really challenges some of the precepts of the israeli constitution russia has recorded its highest daily raise of corona virus infections another 10 and a half 1000 people have tested positive that's despite weeks of restrictions a rate of infection has surged by 50 percent in 2 days thousands of palestinian neighbors are returning to work in israel for the 1st time since crossings were closed in march because of the current guys pandemic. iran is set to reopen some
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mosques and schools on monday as it for the eases coronavirus lock down restrictions the move will affect about a 3rd of districts while which have been consistently free of the disease president hassan rouhani is urging iranians to maintain social distancing saudi arabia's share market has slumped by nearly 7 percent after its finance minister said the kingdom would take painful and drastic measures to help its economy down chardon says the action is needed to phase a double shock of the pandemic and low oil prices finally the un's human rights commissioner is calling for an investigation into the death of more than 40 inmates in a venezuelan president the government says they were trying to escape but human rights groups say the prisoners were demanding food. you have to sit with headlines on al jazeera nic clock will be with you at the top of the hour with the news hour coming up next it's rewind stay with us with its 25 year long broadcast lessons coming to an end will president goodridge go to to succeed in shutting down abs c.d.n. t.v.
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by the 4th of may join us for special coverage as we look at the possible demo it's of a media giant and the ramifications for press freedom in the philippines on al-jazeera . and welcome again to rewind on elizabeth when we 1st lost al-jazeera english more than 10 years ago goal was to seek out the sort of documentaries on the channel simply weren't doing well here on rewind we revisit some of the best of them to find.


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