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but look if people that are deployed do we need to keep the should. we do people believe to tell the real story i'll just mend it used to do the work you did journalism we don't create a good audience across the globe. devastating economic figures from around the world across a virus pandemic leaves millions unemployed and there is no hope for a quick recap recovery. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life in doha also coming up. black people are 4 times more likely to die from grown a virus some new research from the u.k. shows other nonwhite people also a greater risk occurs ship link to the current virus outbreak in australia drops
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anchor off the philippines but the proof is not being allowed off. look at the challenge of palin false information about so-called cures for the corner virus in africa. lissa their economic impact of chronic virus around the world is becoming more clear international monetary fund has forecast the biggest global contraction since the great depression so let's take a look at some of the details the bank of england expects the u.k.'s economic production to slump by 14 percent this year and unemployment to rise to 8 percent european union's been warned to brace for its worst ever recession with the economy tipped to shrink by 7.4 percent after years of growth in the u.s. 30000000 people are filed for unemployment in just 6 weeks according as think g.d.p. could fall by 30 percent there are signs of recovery though in china exports rose
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for the 1st time this year by 3 and a half percent after many factories reopened 20 years in beijing with more on how china's trade industry has moved on since being hit by the pandemic. there is some real recovery in chinese trade and this is really a surprise to many analysts they were predicting up to an 11 percent drop and some people are tribute ing this to the fact that perhaps during april there was an increase in exports of p.p.t. or protective medical gear such as mosques and respiration is also one other analysts are speculating that's because there was a backlog that needed to be filled in terms of export orders or all customers were front loading orders ahead of what they expected to be a bad pandemic year and also the other thing is that paps this concern about demand dropping maybe that's yet to hit china's exports maybe with still maybe the worst
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is still yet to come that's also a possibility what we did see though was of foreign imports they fell by 14.2 percent compared to march and that's a 10.2 percent drop your own year and that was worse than what analysts expected. of her green is an international call a misnomer of research at ad marco he says it's too early to say whether there's any sort of economic recovery in china right now. i think we can tax the chinese export numbers when they have to pinch of salt i think it's very much down to the fact that china was largely shopped for fabric and now up so you have as we said a chance but what we're saying sorry clear we just look at all the status from across the world look at germany for food is there a sense that going forward. expect to see chinese that's for fall again so i don't so not only that when we look at the actual level of consumer activity in china this so far far below what it was previous but the recession itself when you go
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surprisingly the economy sort of gone off a cliff and it seems to be stabilizing at very low levels now and we start well as lockdowns these we should say demand rice slowly the other side of things is as far as the virus concerns everyone is taking tiptoeing basically into. getting back to activity but we know from the whole social distance saying and the behaviors going forward that people talk about a new normal we don't call it that we call it the new abnormal what we're seeing is a here just destruction on both demand and supply and a permanent hit to consumer confidence this will this will people will become more cautionary they save more which in turn restrains the recovery companies cut back on investment that is also restraints to recovery and the reality is we're going to see these very very sharp rise we get us employment data tomorrow the official unemployment numbers we will see unemployment come back down but it's good it took
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us 10 years in the u.s. for unemployment to to get back to where it was in 2007. new data from the u.k. has shown that people from black asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely to die from coven 1000 than white people they released by the office of national statistics show black men and women are 4 times more likely to die after being diagnosed with kovan $1000.00 than those who are white the risk of death is also significantly higher for men and women who are bangladeshi pakistani or india the report says such people have been disproportionately affected by underlying health conditions and economic disadvantage is china hall is in london says researchers are struggling to work out why black people and ethnic minorities are more at risk. you know in this concluding at the moment that it is 4 times more likely that if a b.a. and the person would dive wrote a virus of his or her wide ethnic counterpart now i'm standing in brant it's a barbara of london in the northwest of london an area that has a very high percentage of ca and even residents it's also one of the hardest hit
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areas of london from code 19 i'm going to spend the day out about talking to people trying to get to the bottom of this but the oh and s. research out today points at deprivation and social inequality as key factors here that's the extent to which yemeni people are employed in low income jobs often as so-called essential key workers on the health and social care front line for instance or strong support london bus drivers for instance to be securely badly hit as a group by covert 1000 or these people more exposed to the virus than people in other professions and jobs might be there are also issues of low income housing multi-generational families in those lower income homes making it harder to observe the lockdown social distancing protect against the virus and so on i mean these are enormous generalizations obviously and the onus does make the point that these accounts are only a part of this trend there is still a part of it that remains unexplained but clearly another aspect yet another aspect
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of covert 19 that is tearing not just into the economy of the world but it's society's as well. as prime minister imran khan says he'll start lifting the lockdown starting on saturday despite a high number of cases where more than 24000 confirmed infections and 564 deaths glider joins us live now from azzam. alwash why is this decision been made now the numbers are pretty high. the prime minister saying that country is suffering because of that. many people do not have employer maintain the mall and there are of course problems when it comes to poor people across the country however there should be an opening and. i don't share data log down to eat that schools of course remain closed in the 15th of july large mall shopping. main closed smaller shops.
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closed. stuff like that merchants and all will be allowed to remain open only from 9 o'clock till 5 o'clock in the evening and all those that don't care that have been warning that have devastating consequences they were earlier also objecting to their congregation and. their government going ahead which they. did great to be important how did played out because. transport. and train driver to you after day. and week will be a complete down to be important your feet where they. are danger in 2 days because we have a crush on even during the lockdown. moving around in larger groups. and not paying any attention to the. ok. there and.
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thank you. at least 10 people including a child had been killed at a gas leak in southern india and more than 200 others have been taken to the hospital people living in nearby villages are being moved to safer spaces as happened at a factory producing plastics in the city you have a pot and i'm an entrepreneur. a cruise ship in the center of a criminal investigation into corona by the states and australia has reached the philippines early princes has around $200.00 filipino crew on board it's a tanker in manila bay and it's not known if the mission will be given for it to enter porch the ships link to $21.00 fatalities and about $700.00 and texans government is investigating how $2700.00 passengers were allowed to disembark and march despite some showing signs of disease tamil aland organisers manila port she says all passengers on arriving ships are screened. we're right outside the main headquarters of the philippine coast guard here in manila and over the last few
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hours have seen many of its personnel deployed to deal with the arrival of more ships coming from different parts of the world this become a drop off point not because it is the main destination but because a majority of their seafarers and crew workers are actually filipinos well it's been challenging for your people because of course this is new to everyone even good to be can cause good we're not prepared for this going on do anything but we are giving abyss. the philippine coast guard used to just manage border protection and inspection now they are mainly passed to medically process all of these cruise ship workers that are stranded in the ships in manila bay we've seen those who have been cleared transported by the government and taken to their respective communities while those who are tested positive are expected to stay here in the coming weeks and it is particularly difficult for the philippines more
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than 20000 filipino seafarers have already been repatriated more are still to our right because a quarter of the labor workforce of the global maritime industry are filipino seafarers. still ahead on al-jazeera calls for urgent reform of loss of 5 organized drug gangs which experts say are targeting the wrong people plus. it was the fuse wombs. control israel and state t.v. years video of an alleged u.s. mercenary claimed to be behind a failed coup. hello the weather set for japan for the next couple of days but we have got some rather wet weather in the forecast for northern parts of china sea this area of low
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pressure which is showing up here high pressure over the korean peninsula through the sea of japan into japan so here it is settled but this area of low pressure that will slide its way further east with this pushing through the yellow sea and eventually making its way towards the korean peninsula some very heavy downpours 70 likely here as we go on through the next couple of days and see temperatures well down in beijing 18 celsius will be getting up into the thirty's just a few days ago that was the weather will continue to make its way further eastwards western parts of honshu turning increasingly wet but warm sunshine continuing full the time being at least into tokyo around $25.00 celsius all sunshine for southern parts of china $33.00 celsius there in hong kong and i just want to show is still continuing across central parts heavy showers continuing just around parts of the northeast of in the air pushing up towards bangladesh but we want to shallow as to just around the southwestern corner of india into sri lanka the wetter weather
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that's around the andaman sea pushing up across the nicobar islands up towards myanmar much of india as hot dry and sunny i'm not so bad for good parts of pakistan. choices and sacrifices made in the name of a mother's love to provide for her children a woman in thailand mr pride them of the love they crave and focus this compassion and kindness on how work with alzheimer's patients from the west. while this was by many travel halfway around the wild to leave their own mother in her care. witness kissing mother goodbye on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now china has reported an unexpected rise in exports during april but many other countries are reporting bleecker economic updates include in the u.k. wishes and war in their corner virus and they could push it into its worst recession on record. people from black asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds in the u.k. are more likely to die from covert 19 than white people versus new data showing this doubtless a national statistics report says underlying health conditions poverty and age are all driving factors behind me any quality. a gas leak at a chemical plant in southern india has killed at least 10 people hundreds of others have been taken to the hospital. there says its relationship with china is disappointing and frustrating that's a reference to a deepening rift over the origins of the corona virus
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a sentinel shot maintains the virus came from a laboratory and will on but there's no known evidence of that in most experts believe it originated at a market selling wildlife before jumping to humans mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the secretary of state has given some interviews or briefings in the past month alone and a central theme in all of them has been the accusation that china is intentionally covering up the origins of the corona virus and the timeline of the spread of infection the most important piece here is that the american people remain at risk the american people remain at risk because we do not know. to your point we don't have certainty about whether it began in the lab or whether began someplace else the country's foremost carolla just is adamant the virus did not begin in a laboratory and to be found she has stated repeatedly that all scientific evidence points to the microbe originating in a mammal like a bat and jumping between species. but president like
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a secretary of state continues to push back on the science and references the pandemic as an attack this is really the worst attack we've ever had this is worse than pearl harbor this is worse than the world trade center there's never been an attack like this and it should have never happened could have been stopped at the source could have been stopped in china it should have been stopped right at the source and it wasn't ok and the criticism of china is echoed by the press secretary indicating this is an administration wide strategy right now it's a relationship of disappointment and frustration because the president has said how frustrated he is that some of the decisions of china put american lives at risk the question is why is this such a concerted push against china at this time president trump's anti china rhetoric began to ramp up a week ago following
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a meeting with his campaign manager brad pasko the possibility is that the president's being persuaded that china bashing is an effective election strategy that would delight his political base it was just a few weeks ago that president trump was describing the chinese leader as his very good friend now for whatever reason it's a relationship that is very much at risk mike hanna al-jazeera washington. confirmed cases of the chrono virus are slowly rising in africa health experts warn that efforts to contain the virus are being undermined by misinformation and quoting from some african later alfonso our report some kenya's capital nairobi. victor evers job as a journalist to the facts checking agency is to verify information on the internet and examine the truth to what government and political leaders are saying he especially needs to be more diligent during the coronavirus pandemic never has just
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analyzed the social media video of the governor of kenya's capital nairobi. who recently included potholes of a brand of cognac in food relief packs and gave these explanations that is chemistry which has some but it. didn't end up she does us troops and it kills the person because the virus is something that it kills as the disease continues to spread across the continent so does misinformation about it a lot of false information a lot of misinformation and disinformation play on your emotions and when people are emotional the come to be the can be critical of this would have been the one not getting the right things and some in uganda president yoweri with 70 reason he endorsed the production of a sanitizing spray that a medical investor said could cure the disease but i'd ask this president and roger lena also launch the distribution of
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a how cool drink he said calicivirus and kenya some people are using home remedies they swear will protect them from getting sick while health organization has said there is no proven cure or vaccine give up confusing time for everybody many people are now relying more on online content for their coronavirus some of those he talked to say they are overwhelmed by all the information on fossil media either way very lying and for paul who are the people you know online and most of the often formation have been shared millions of times across the continent. for enochian use a volunteer with the kenyan red cross she distributes sanitizers soap and masks on the streets of nairobi. accurate information as opposed to the misinformation online about what dilling us that that drinking a lot so it means they cannot divide us and that people believe that. name to me is
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not for africans that think that if in fact this morning someone carded me and he told me to just will reach people he doesn't believe me about bullshit. she saves the only way to counter the online misinformation is doing what she's doing talking to people on questions and trying to calm deaf ears catherine soy al jazeera now ruby kenya. experts are warning the pandemic hedley to a store of search and mental health problems and a growing number of people are turning to drugs and alcohol a federal u.s. emergency hotline reported a 1000 percent increase in calls in april and a poll was found nearly half of americans say the crisis is affecting their mental health john hendren reports from chicago. it 13 jennifer jimenez became the face on a 1000 fashion magazines my life literally went from growing up and went outside us argentina where there is dirt roads and donkeys run around all over to becoming a supermodel overnight just like that then after ending years of cocaine and
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alcohol addiction she went from the youngest model to grace the cover of elle to the front of recovery today now she says she fears a pandemic of drug addiction within the coronavirus pandemic there isn't it and. it's in our audience and you know. it's but i think it's so. i think that there are people. yes there are. it sounds seriously. her husband tim ryan is a former heroin addict turned interventionist so what people are doing. well all i know it's. a lot of. the couple is now fielding more than $100.00 calls a day and their own helpline. experts say addiction is a disease of isolation and quarantines and social distancing increase the risk of
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a relapse it seems clear people are self medicating whether out of fear we're just boredom in the 3rd week of march when much of the u.s. went on lockdown the research firm nielsen found alcohol sales rose 55 percent even though most bars and restaurants had closed online sales rose a staggering 243 percent. for and except for in in isolation jennifer jimenez has a message. shine. shine so. i mean once you're so you were in your mind. i don't even expect. knowing that you're in the circle. it's a road these days millions of attics are walking alone john hendren 0 chicago kevin 1000 deaths in latin america surpassed 15000 some health experts say the region is several weeks behind europe with the peak actually yet to come brazil is
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worst hit with route 8 and a half 1000 deaths at is to over 2700 mexico has the 2nd highest number of regional fatalities ecuador has more than 1600 dead and business communities in the amazon rain forest fire genocide. from this pandemic now despite peru being one of the 1st latin american countries to shut down cases have doubled in the last 10 days with 1500 dead. health care workers have been applauded for their sacrifices during the pandemic but other unsung heroes who also restore lives often get little recognition or support a lot america newman joins annotation workers and chalet on shift in the capital santiago. they make their living by doing the dirty work on bentyl said he'll fancy school and are a team from dawn to early morning they pick up the rubbish from homes to hospitals in this working class and travel neighborhood to
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a bell residence that they're coming back to my daniel has been doing this for 33 years. someone has to do it we don't have advanced education so we have to do this but i'm not sorry on the contrary it's a noble job. maybe so but it's hazardous. this is dangerous because of the dogs people leave sharp objects in the bags even syringes we pick up with their hands and geese and fictions there's no sugar coating this is one of the least hygenic and little smelly jobs that one can have and if now we have one of the most dangerous because these men have no idea if the rabbits that they're handling over and over again belongs to the people who are going ok that was called with 900. fransisco this is now afraid to go home however you want. because of the family they say this far is get stuck to the bags and to the handles
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on the truck. chiles more than 16000 sanitation employees work with gloves that easily ripped to shreds the few disposable face masks the company gave these workers ran out long ago so living where whatever they find you think that you are meant to look at them and see what you are the security measures in this country are appalling for the sector is specially under these new conditions. there . but while the private companies aren't paying these men any extra ordinary people are showing their appreciation. rubbish collectors have always been stigmatized and seen as the lowest on the totem pole but now with this people giving us credit where it's due it would keep their spirits up as the joke with all his pride that they're now considered part of the front line against coronavirus you see in human al-jazeera sent out. this government is denying any involvement in
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what the his loyalists says was a failed attempt to overthrow president nicolas maduro state t.v. has broadcast video of what it says is a u.s. mercenary captured with other former soldiers in a speedboat rose described the military mission as a modern day version of the infamous bay of pigs fiasco in cuba and action 61 is about reports. 2 former u.s. soldiers were part of what venezuela says was a plan to overthrow president. they were part of a group of around 60 people that say they were hoping to help venezuelans regain freedom but the plan did not work out 8 of them were killed and at least 13 others detained when they tried to reach the venezuelan coast in a speedboat. on wednesday my little gave a press conference where he showed the video of interrogation of one of the former u.s. soldiers involved my responsibilities to suit the court there he explained his job was to train venezuelans and help them take control of the airport and got us. once
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again blame donald trump colombia's president and opposition leader why though for the plot to oust him the 3 of them have denied involvement. who organized this mercenary and terrorist incursion if it wanted to fill venezuela with violence who did it who gave the order who financed it these are the answers we're getting every day he also showed a contract that was allegedly signed by y. though under them gordo. a u.s. war veteran that owns silvercorp the security company hired for the failed military operation. said he would request he's extradition from the united states and that the captured americans would be tried in venezuela u.s. secretary of state mike said he would do everything in his power to secure their release we're going to work on this it's a constant matter in the sense of anytime there are americans that are detained some place will work to get them back we are we will start the process of trying to figure a way if every in fact these are americans that are there that we can figure
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a path forward it's not the 1st time venezuela accuses the u.s. of supporting plans to get money out of office it's been used as a smokescreen to cover the many problems venezuelans face today but the detention of 2 u.s. former soldiers in the country raised questions about who was behind a plot that most analysts say was doomed from the start how will i just. iraq as an air prime minister and a new government following months of deadlock in arguments within rival parties former intelligence chief mr khatami is the 3rd candidate to try and form a government since november as predecessor resigned after weeks of often violent mass protests demanding political change and a better standard of living parliament has approved some members of the new cabinet to try and solve iraq's economic crisis which has been made worse by the coronavirus emergency many government soldiers fear they're open to attacks on the island of so-called saudi forces supporting yemen against so many separatists have
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withdrawn from checkpoints they control the southern for incisional council which wants to break from northern yemen launched an offensive on the islands biggest city. last week fighting stopped after saudi soldiers mediated a cease fire the separatists who are backed by the united arab emirates have since brought in more reinforcements. well so does prime minister says he is retiring at the end of the month he had previously resisted calls to step down thomas vonnie has been employed hated in the murder of his ex-wife and 2017 his current wife has been charged to bonnie says he is leaving the role because of his age not political pressure is 80 years old they had to do it to retire for israel entirely despite the fact that my prose is jewish military is due to end in 2022 years and i did indicate in january to juggle prime minister
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presidential perception israel is right between physical strength. due to my. initiative years i used to be as he said it to voluntarily were killed overseas and over the reins of government no accordance to the laws and it really should. check out the headlines right now on al-jazeera china has reported an unexpected rise in exports during april and many other countries are reporting much bleaker economic updates including the u.k. which has been warned the coronavirus antenna could push it into its worst recession on record people from black asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds in the u.k. are more likely to die from cova 19 than white people as some new data that's coming out the office of national statistics or port said black people were 4 times more likely to die from the virus than white men and women and says underlying
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health conditions poverty and age are all driving factors behind that and equality at least 10 people including a child have been killed in a gas leak in southern india more than 200 others have been taken to the hospital this happened at a factory producing plastics in the city have a shock a partner and entrepreneur state laws with prada has this update from new delhi. the gas leak came from $25000.00 ton tanks of gas and that these tanks were left on attended while the factory with closed for 40 days because of india's lockdown that the unintended gas in the tank caused a chemical reaction that heat was produced and that is what was released now we do know that again evacuation teams are checking if everyone in the area is ok they concerned that this happened in the middle of the night when people would have been
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sleeping a cruise ship at the center of a criminal investigation into chronic virus deaths and australia has reached the philippines princess has around $200.00 filipino crew on board it's a tanker in manila bay and it's not known if permission will be given to enter port the ships link to $21.00 fatalities and $700.00 inspections a stallion government is investigating how $2700.00 passengers or allowed to disembark in march despite some showing signs of disease and israel and state television has broadcast video of a man it says is one of 2 u.s. war scenarios captured after an alleged plot against president nicolas maduro but rose describe the mission as a modern day version of the 1961 bay of pigs fiasco and cuba u.s. government denies any involvement. the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come in the meantime it's handed over to the folks at inside story.
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why is the mortality rates are. lower in some countries singapore and kaesong stand up to the diminished deaths well. that's exactly behind that this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter. 19 started to hit the world many of us were concerned about whether we would become infected some said it's as bad as the flu all those predicts the news about health systems.


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