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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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these are heart breaking numbers the coronavirus pandemic sends us unemployment soaring to its worst level since the great depression nearly a century ago. from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera there is an increasingly bitter dispute over the origins of coronavirus and its preventing the un security council from agreeing on a pandemic resolution also in the news reports of threats bloodshed and forced
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evictions beneath the shiny veneer of saudi arabia's planned mega city and a virtual vigil in the us for a black man shot dead while jogging in georgia after the arrest of a father and son but his murder. for weeks we have seen the lines of the food banks stretching for kilometers the job center is overwhelmed with people it is given us a picture of how badly the u.s. economy's been hit by covert 19 but now we have the most concrete figure yet and it is 14.7 percent that is the unemployment rate for april which tripled from the month before put another way we're talking about more than $20000000.00 jobs gone and some perspective now this is worse than the financial crisis old a recession which followed the financial crisis of 2008 it also creates
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a new post will recall that was previously set in 982 when unemployment regionally 11 percent so it is no exaggeration to say going right back this is the worst crisis for the u.s. economy since the great depression of the 930 s. when one in every 4 american workers had no job from washington d.c. patty callahan as our report. it's a remarkable statistic 20500000 americans are out of work numbers not seen since the great depression almost 15 percent of the country's workers looking for help from the government but because of the way it's counted the number is likely closer to 20 percent of the country's workforce out of their jobs these are not just numbers they are people who are suffering well not out in the. i mean actual income and also makes things. or is and. also trying to. you know making aren't out and the number is likely higher because of old filing
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systems many people have yet to be able to file for unemployment data samone has been trying for 2 months ariane of patients i'm still one of the millions i do understand. but it's ridiculous some politicians are anxious to reopen the economy like iowa's governor trying to force people back to work if you are an employer and you offer to bring your employee back to work and they decide not to do that saval and terry. what's more i'm looking for part of a quit ok a voluntary so we don't have it happen very often it's a voluntary quit and so therefore they would not be eligible for the unemployment the employment money and the us president is promising a quick rebound as well we're going to rebuild it we're going to rebuild it back. as fast as we can i think we're going to have an incredible transition. but transition leads to 4th quarter 3rd quarter i call it transition will start to see
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it it's already happening but economists are doubtful saying it could take years to get the economy back to where it was and it will be much longer for the unemployed workers you know previous research like research and the great depression a great recession that workers who lose their jobs during a downturn are a long time to get back to. senator sessions like. young workers took about 10 years to get back to the level of hurting all of this could have a big impact and one job in particular his you can never say this when ever i think you will lose no president has ever been reelected with with numbers like this i mean there weren't nearly this back when the 1st president bush was dubious reelection in 1902 or when jimmy carter was defeated for reelection in 1980 a fight for his political survival for many of the 20 plus 1000000 americans out of work a daily struggle to stay financially afloat pedicle hain al-jazeera hall after the
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release of those figures donald trump offered his prediction on how many american lives will be lost to the pandemic and they 76000 people have already died and the number of confirmed infections is approaching 1300000 what i can say is if we did it the different way if we when heard if we just said let's wing it we would have been talking about numbers that would have been unsustainable and unacceptable you look on the screens you look on television today and you see. body bags and you see mass graves and we may be talking about 95000 people ultimately we may be talking about something more than that. infections continue to surge in russia where more than 10000 new cases have been reported every day for as the past week have a look at this timeline of events here the 1st case of local transmission it was
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confirmed in moscow back on march the 2nd but it was nearly a month before the government actually began in the lockdowns a large number of infections a trace of russians returning from china which prompted the suspension of inbound flights and it only took a month for the number to reach $100000.00 which was more than china at the time bringing us up to today now where russia has the 5th highest number of affections in the world's something's going on there maria lipman spoke to us earlier a senior associate for the institute for european russian and eurasian studies at george washington university she says the real concern for russia is when the virus moves into the provinces which aren't as wealthy. all countries of the world or nearly all were unprepared for this pandemic i would point out however that the number of deaths in russia or is relatively low compared to the number of those infected and the official authorities are telling russians that actually the right
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is a number of infections is the effect of the growing number of testing. so it remains to be seen of course but in the other thing about russia that should be borne in mind is that over half of those infections in over half of deaths are in moscow which is russia's largest city but also the wealthiest place in russia and a place where health care quality is the highest where doctors are the best hospitals are more equipment is more state of the art and protective gear is not a shortage to the extent that it might be elsewhere so moscow mary sounds confidence in the grave cases is not growing anymore and passed but also are not yet overwhelmed whether or not was should necessarily believe everything this or it is a say is an open question but it should be remembered that
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we may be in for a worse crisis when the epidemic moves to the province's full force room of the united states has blocked efforts by the un security council to agree to a resolution on the pandemic negotiations have been going on for weeks after the un secretary-general called for a global ceasefire to help fight the virus on diplomatic editor james bass has more . here is stonier the current president of the security council invited other members to an unofficial meeting to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in europe being 945 also marked the birth of the united nations and the multilateral system but it's a system that many believe has failed to respond in a unified manner to covert 19 it's now 6 weeks since the u.n. secretary general made this call the fury of the vials illustrates the folly of
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what that is why today i am calling for any needed global ceasefire in all corners of the world it is thank to put out a conflict on lockdown and focus the gather on the to fight of our lives in the weeks since then an unseemly battle behind the scenes with the security council unable to agree on the words or resolution to back the secretary general's call after president trump said he would cut future funding to the world health organization u.s. negotiators blocked any reference to the w.h.o. in the resolution while china threatened to veto any resolution that didn't mention it this latest version of the u.n. draft resolution includes compromise language is the references to world health organization it talks about the united nations and its specialized health agencies in reality there's only one of those and it is the w.h.o. negotiators thought they have the agreement of both china and the u.s.
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to this text but when senior trump administration officials in washington saw it they objected taking us back to stage one deadlock james plays out zira at the united nations. thousands of indian nationals are being repatriated from around the world special fly it's been chartered to bring in experts from singapore cup the u.a.e. and saudi arabia the goal is to bring home at least 400000 citizens indian naval ships have also been deployed to get people back from the mall to use many indians have been stranded abroad due to coronavirus travel restrictions will visit with them with more now from new delhi. the 1st of 2 flights touched down between the united arab emirates and the southern state of care that on thursday night and more have followed today landing in the capital new delhi in india administered made this is what's being called phase one of a full face operation that will take all of may and maybe 15000 people will be
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brought home from 12 countries all 64 flights but hundreds of thousands of indians have registered to come back to put that into context the united states is for patrick at something like $80000.00 and european nations together something like $65000.00 and it's not just planes naval warships are involved to have arrived in to bring something like a 1000 stranded indians back everyone a screened before and after getting on these flights and trains some people have landed showing symptoms of coronavirus have been taken to special clothing hospitals most other people have to go into quarantine facilities for 14 days in their home districts that people who are pregnant women children under 10 i want to be allowed to go home but they have to self isolate there are some concerns though the government in the southern state of carolina with so many indians abroad from has actually asked people not to come back on this they absolutely have to because they're saying that they don't have the health infrastructure and testing kits and
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it has to be said that carol probably has some of the best health infrastructure in the country but this saying that they just don't have the health infrastructure in place for the hundreds of thousands just from kara who registered to come back and there's also criticism from some others who said that they have lost their jobs that they simply don't have the money to pay for these flights to come back. in the news ahead. i mean money well i'm just relying on unemployment we will bring you some human stories behind the u.s. unemployment figures one woman who went from working 2 jobs to nothing. and venezuela charges 2 u.s. citizens with terrorism and conspiracy to overthrow the government.
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we have severe storms moving across the deep south of the u.s. never slide is way towards florida over the next couple of days now ahead of that we have wildfires burning in the far north of the state this was pensacola where we have some very nasty conditions as this system does make its way through you can see this area cloud harrowing across the southern plains that will continue to slide further southwards and ace was down across the panhandle as we go on through saturday and slowly just stagger its way further south so as i said it's as far as the fires concerned hopefully that will help out further north it is generally dry on the coast side a fresh for the time being 9 celsius in new york and d.c. and cold still north of that into new england cold enough for a touch of may snow with you believe some snow there to it east in parts of canada go somewhat weather just pushing across the midwest over the next day or so sinking down towards the ohio valley further west it is generate driver some pleasant sunshine still hot down into the southwestern corner but the chance of one or 2
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showers rolling in here so that wet weather we have across the deep south will eventually push into northern parts of the caribbean secure in for a wet couple of days should be too bad for jamaica not too bad a spaniard as well and lastly dry for the lesser antilles. they wanted 4 to 3000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles to call for war really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow while on al-jazeera.
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with al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour u.s. unemployment surged to 14.7 percent in april the highest rate in almost 90 years old and $20000000.00 jobs will want to out during the month as coronavirus shut down the american economy the u.s. has blocked efforts by the u.n. security council to agree to a pandemic resolution diplomats are trying to back a call from the u.n. secretary general for among other things a global cease fire. and thousands of indian nationals are being repatriated from the middle east and southeast asia special flights have been chartered to return export ex-pats from singapore qatar the u.a.e. and saudi arabia. so let's go back to those quite shocking actually unemployment
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numbers out of the united states of course behind their very grim number is a story of personal loss john hendren has one of those now a woman in chicago who was working 2 jobs to make ends meet until the pandemic struck. christiane montgomery had 2 jobs a bright future in the prospect of a better life for her children i just want to enjoy life. now about my kids. in a matter of weeks the coronavirus took it all away her employer gave her a pink slip a week's notice and annoying doubt about ever recovering what she had the rich getting richer and more. and if it's just not there it's not here she's one of more than 30000000 newly unemployed americans suddenly living in upside down american dream millions of them more than any time since the great depression now line up unemployment offices in food banks trading pride for porridge or whatever it is
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they're serving today. government aid is generally slow in coming here in illinois if you call the unemployment office they give you another number to call to file your initial claim you don't have that number and generally this is what happens next 'd 'd 'd. montgomery wasn't just surviving she was achieving a better future for the next generation with a daughter in college is son in high school and another in daycare now all locked down in the home she owns she had minister grants for the us headquarters of the y.m.c.a. she used her master's degree in business to work a 2nd job as a financial in tax consultant i would like to go back to doing that work but at the same token i'm not going to get any clients now because nobody is going to reach out to meet most of all and to rebuild that part of it it's going to take. and right now i need money so i'm just relying on unemployment it's often
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said the virus targets indiscriminately but that's not exactly true especially on chicago's south side everybody just escaped. and i never knew that this this virus that impacts so many lives you're more likely to get it if you're black and according to unemployment claims more likely to lose your job if you're a woman now christiane one gomery in millions of others are struggling each day to beat the virus on both counts john hendren al-jazeera chicago. and of course a major knock on effect from not having a job is quite simply not being able to put food on the table i'm going to talk to jerome nathaniel about that now he's in new york associate director of policy and government relations at city harvest which is on the center and you pick up excess food from restaurants and farms and stores and you and you distribute it to the needy what has the uptick been like in the last month or so. yes i think it's
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really important to set a context and really understand that city harvest since 1902 we've been delivering food from those farms and generous through donors to a network of 100 different people few suitcases and shelters and they were a service a new yorkers in need well before the pandemic and now after the 10 damage you've seen that there's really been a strain on our food service our army as is the food network where some of our programs are seeing that there is an increase of demand by 30 percent percent over who distribute since a lot of them are seeing families that have never had to turn to appear at your soup kitchen line up and they're really just trying to balance that growing demand and what's really some of the pressures are trying to change your operations or so so this is saying well that's one of us but how do you keep up with the demand we would just looking at some pictures of of people distributing food and putting it into the you know that the trunk of people's car but it's that it's a challenge as you say to make the restrictions at the moment yeah and it's really
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a this really unique puzzle that we're trying to solve any given day before this we had about 200 different emergency food programs but because of coal in 1000 about 80 or so have shut down because some of those programs were either ran by people that are medically fragile or they may have had something going on in their own or again trying to keep up with social distancing so now that we have less programs open we're trying to turn over who more quickly to meet that demand and we're also opening these sort of temporary pop up distributions into munity said apps ervice gaps so look at looks like is we were on pace to deliver about $60000000.00 or $64000000.00 pounds of food this year now we had to increase that to $74000000.00 so i mean that growing demand and can you can you get to the food can you can't can you can you ever get enough supplies. yes and you know we're just being a little more creative about how regaining their supply. typically got a good amount of local donations but we're also pulling
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a lot more nationally now from farmers all over as well to meet that demand but you know really it's about making sure that we have. these correctly so people could do it as a grabbing goal sort of model and also so that their families can get things that are a little more shelf stable as well the whole thing is a good reminder about food we're not food scarcity but a people who can get access to food isn't it in a time of crisis of this the there is more demand but the fact is you've got a busy job to do even when there isn't a crisis like this yet as i said we've been arrested in 1902 so we seen a full spectrum of different economic disasters like the recession and natural disasters like sandy and we also saw oil and employment was at its best and still want to employment was at its best we saw some 1200000 new yorkers basically security and we saw 2500000 new yorkers that didn't have enough in savings to
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respond to an emergency or that didn't have enough money to balance their grocery expenses with their housing expenses so that was before but 1000 so what that really shows us is that a lot of families that are fully employed at the story before people who had 2 jobs were fortunately a paycheck away from being in a deeper sense of poverty that they may have never imagined dermott such an important story and i'm glad we could talk to you about it thanks for joining us thank you so much for having us. newser here in qatar which has reported its biggest daily jump yet in new infections $1311.00 people tested positive in the last 24 hours it takes the total to above $20000.00 and the gulf countries health ministry says 12 people have died migrant workers have been the focus of the increasing testing efforts. libya's u.n. recognize government has launched air strikes on ward khalifa haftar is positions after his forces fired shells into the capital tripoli the government says it
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struck after controlled areas near an airbase southwest of tripoli this is an attempt to stop after from using the base for assaults on the city shells landed near the turkish an italian embassies on thursday and at least a dozen civilians have been killed in may the death of a saudi citizen is highlighting the tension between members of his tribe and a new mega city project in saudi arabia. was shot by saudi security forces 3 weeks ago when he refused to give up his home in order to make way for the kingdom so-called mega-project there are now concerns thousands of residents could be evicted as a 5 $100000000000.00 project to build a futuristic city from scratch along the red sea and there's other signs the megacity project is in trouble low oil prices could result in major budget cuts that would throw a wrench into the plan well below is an editor of arab digest and says the project
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could end up becoming mohamed bin salman's biggest mistake. very recently a tribes in was shot and killed the saudis claimed that he was carrying at them he had protested against depiction this is a tribe that has lived in the area for centuries and centuries is a tribe that would have been very very supportive of the outside family now this tries and it's been killed that's an issue it's caused a big uproar on social media i think that the effort is to try and push that aside try and somehow keep this project going but in the current situation the current economic crisis saudi arabia is facing the world as missing i think the on is going to become one of the biggest follies moments all month thus far pretty reckless career after all he lost the war in yemen that was supposed to end within weeks that is still going on 5 years 5 years on. 2 former u.s.
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servicemen will appear in a venezuelan court charged with attempting to overthrow the governments are among $31.00 people accused of treason for allegedly trying to kill the president in an operation on sunday the chief prosecutors requested the extradition of a u.s. military veteran who claimed responsibility and when an authority say washington was behind all of this but u.s. denies the allegations now that's an america that is at the scene newman has more. prosecutors are saying quite a bit he started off by assuring the world or attempting to. international public opinion no that unlike the way that the united states had treated arab prisoners in abu ghraib during the iran iraq war that is when treated its prisoners well he said that the 2 u.s. captives had not been tortured or mistreated in any way now remember that there have been ample charges against the venezuelan government about the way that it treats its own political prisoners but he didn't get into that he did however say
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that all of them of these 30 people are being charged with treason with mercenary activities with the attempts to kill innocent people he said he did not specify whether this also included president nicholas who earlier had said that this whole incursion was aimed at killing him but later the testimonies by the 2 americans at least the ones that were published or put on television by the venezuelan authorities both of them said that the idea was to kidnap and taken to another country to get him out of power. in the meantime an international arrest warrant has been issued according to the prosecutor general for j.j. the dawn and for the head of the american group that had organized this incursion this is jordan good droll they are both in the united states because they too are being sought the interesting thing is. that the prosecutor general did not mention
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the name of the one why though the head of the opposition who allegedly had also signed a contract hiring these people to go into venezuela to try to overthrow the government . a virtual vigil has been held in the united states honoring the life of. he was shot and killed after being pursued by 2 white men in the state of georgia prayers were led by human rights activist reverend al sharpton parents also connected into that virtual service they say the 25 year old was not joking when he was confronted and he gallica with more. this is the moment the former police detective gregory met michael and his son travis were arrested in connection with the murder of a mode. the unarmed 25 year old was shot and killed almost 3 months ago. in the coastal city of brunswick the mcmichaels on themselves and pursued mr aubrey believing him to be a burglar local prosecutors took no action until this video went viral sparking
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outrage across the country within hours of the georgia bureau of investigation taking over the mcmichaels who are claiming self-defense which charged with murder and aggravated assault regardless of the amount of social media regardless of the amount of the mainstream media attention regardless of the emotion regardless of approach supposed none of that matters to the g.b.i. it doesn't matter who the person the is it doesn't matter who the victim me is it doesn't matter who potential defendants are all it matters is what the facts tell us many hours tired of black blur. the shooting of mr obregon months of apparent inaction by local prosecutors has led to protests across georgia on friday ahmad would have turned $26.00 community leaders say they won't stop until justice is done we know the truth and we were not going to be silenced the. questions were asked because the actions were made and you all of you stepped up to make
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a difference. we can't stop now across the political spectrum concerns over a more killing and the hundley of the case a growing the deaths of michael brown and trayvon martin led to the black lives matter movement both were unarmed when they were shot and killed when trayvon martin was killed by a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain here in florida 8 years ago the case gained global attention the unarmed teenager was pursued by george zimmerman his lawyers use this state's stand your ground law. or as a defense and he was found innocent race played a major role in that case and many see parallels with this latest death of an unarmed black man investigators say more arrests may follow and looking into who shot the video and what role they may have played activists say this is another example of racism there are 2 justice systems in america where for black america
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white america and 2 we come together as the united states of america we see this is going to continue to happen in a tragedy is it is our children who are being healed a more family have welcomed the arrests but neither man can be charged with a hate crime georgia is one of 4 states that doesn't have a hate crimes prevention lol and a gallica al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera this hour us on employment has surged to 14.7 percent in april its highest rate in almost 90 years more than $20000000.00 jobs were wiped out during the month as coronavirus shut down the american economy after the release of those figures donald trump offered his prediction on how many american lives would be lost to the pandemic and the 76000 people have already died and the
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number of confirmed infections is approaching 1300000 what i can say is if we did it the different way if we when heard if we just said let's wing it we would have been talking about numbers that would have been unsustainable and unacceptable you look on the screens you look on television today and you see. body bags and you see mass graves. we may be jocular about 95000 people out of italy we may be. something more than that now the news the united states has blocked efforts by the un security council to agree to a pandemic resolution diplomats are trying to back a call from the un secretary general for among other things a global cease fire thousands of indian nationals are being repatriated from the middle east and southeast asia special flights have been chartered to return ex-pats from singapore cutter the u.a.e.
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and saudi arabia. here in qatar there is been the biggest daily jump yet in new infections $1311.00 people tested positive in 24 hours taking the total to more than $20000.00. libya's u.n. recognized government has launched airstrikes on ward khalifa haftar is positions after his forces fired shells into the capital tripoli the government says it struck half to controlled areas near an airbase southwest of the capital and 2 former u.s. servicemen will appear in a venezuelan court charged with attempting to overthrow the government there among $31.00 people accused of treason for allegedly trying to kill the president in an operation on sunday the chief prosecutor has requested the extradition of a u.s. military veteran who has claimed responsibility and you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera we're back with more right after witness. talk to al-jazeera we had one of your faults was when you saw that document for the 1st one
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we listen to after the war saying you'll hear the ins go veiled united states of evil but we're not being with you we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. ringback was out there back m. and a cleric in the whole us and rachel family and have been if you kind of yanni hanan michel in the meeting ellen are the new land grab the very front of your column.


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