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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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decision in one of israel's most controversial cases a jewish settler is found guilty of a racially motivated arson attack that killed 3 palestinians. play watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to war also ahead. more tension in hong kong pro-democracy politicians scuffle with those back in beijing inside on the main. getting a taste for business again after weeks of course on
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a virus long gone badas and restaurants in italy are be open and it's a big part of tourism in kenya how the pandemic is affecting it's why my freezer. thank you for joining us according israel has found a jewish settler guilty of a 2015 awesome a time that killed a palestinian toddler and its parents the man fired on their home in the village of duma while they slept a 4 year old son survived let's go straight to our correspondent terri fawcett who is outside the court in israel this was a very controversial case harry remind us of what happened and what have been the reactions to this verdict. indeed it was that the highest profile remains the highest profile attack by so-called jewish terror on palestinians although quite importantly in this case the the convicted man has not
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been convicted of being part of a terror group what took place according to this verdict is that on the 30th of july 2015 this man i mean new leo and a younger a minor had conspired together to carry out some kind of attack on palestinians in response to a drive by shooting of a jewish man the younger of the 2 apparently didn't turn up at the rendezvous and so ben nuland self went on to the village of duma in the occupied west bank he graffitied 2 anti palestinian messages there he burned one empty house and then went on to the home of the webster family inside that home were her husband saad 18 month old all 3 of them were killed in the fire that ensued as you said the 4 year old son ahmed survived and he he now lives with his grandparents this was
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a huge manhunt it became a major political issue for the government of the day and the security services shin bet that once the suspects were arrested they carried out so-called enhanced interrogation sometimes called torture to try to get more information and indeed confessions now the defense in this case has always argued that the confessions therefore were inadmissible but there was a big sort of interesting trial as it were in 2018 in which that was very much debated and it was resolved that the confessions that took place outside that immediate period where the torture was used was to the a civil and the judges today decided that the confession the details that this man knew about the scene of the attack the reconstruction of the events all of the. went to prove that indeed he was responsible and so he's convicted of 3 counts of murder 2 of attempted murder and of arson but as i say he was not convicted of being part of
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a jewish terror group to what have been the reactions then and send you've been speaking to the family of the victim. yes we've been speaking to the the uncle of the young boy who was killed the brother of assad and he said that as far as the family is concerned so much remains unresolved they aren't satisfied with this single verdict they don't know what the sentence will be they won't know that until sentencing on june the 9th and indeed there could well be an appeal to a higher court in this district court but aside from that they also say that they believe that other people were involved in this attack indeed there was a witness at the time and said they saw 2 people entering the village there were 2 sets of footprints that were outside the house and it's interesting that the the miner in this case entered a plea deal and was not convicted of carrying out the attack the verdict was that he was not present at the time but the judges here have
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acknowledged that there are some holes and some. aspects to this case the brother of the dead man also talked about the fact that there is and remains a threat to palestinians we've seen people here protesting and demanding freedom and doing so in quite the simplest terms getting very close to the the family members of the do watches and so they feel that the the root problem has yet to be properly addressed and while i think they welcome the fact that there is now a conviction they say that this is not over yet thank you for that harry fast said life for us in iran and israel. now to hong kong where a fight broke out early in harlem and. there were siri from pro-democracy politicians after a probe aging politician was elected as chairwoman for a key committee it's meant to scrutinize bare bones and had been without any there
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since late last year the backlog of bills includes a one that criminalizes marking china's national anthem and 15 anti-government protesters are appearing in a hong kong court charged over last year's mass rallies the group was arrested in april accused of helping to organize protests which were banned by the city's authorities and human rights experts have call for all of them to be released and for charges to be dropped the 1st hong kong protester to admit to writing charges were sentenced to 4 years in prison on friday. adrian brown joins us now live from hong kong so tell us about what's been happening in court 1st today with these to 15 pro-democracy campaign is aging. well fully i'm outside where scowling magistrates court and this is where the 15 activists have been appearing before a magistrate during the past hour we're not sure yet whether indeed any pleas have
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actually been entered but i think it seems almost certain that this case because of its scope will be referred to a higher court now these 15 activists are just ordinary activists they are figureheads you know venerated figures of the pro-democracy movement and they include people like martin lee who's 81 years old who has been part of the democracy movement now half his life he helped write hong kong's basic law the hong kong law also there is margaret on another internationally respected lawyer and of course jimmy live who is a media mogul here in hong kong and his newspapers have been very critical of beijing now i spoke to some of these activists as they arrived here at the call. they were hemmed in by supporters and by the media and they all insisted that they believe that beijing was responsible for these charges that bring brought they say this is as a result of increasing interference by beijing now there's no doubt actually foley
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the jury in the past few months we are seeing a doubling down of beijing's efforts to try to contain the protests that of course began here in hong kong last june but began to sort of peter out in early january when covert 19 took effect here well you know hong kong now appears to have code that 19 under control but what it doesn't have under control quite clearly are the protests they have resumed again there is a resurgent movement but the protests have been much smaller but beijing wants those protests to stop it's you know it's run out of patience with hong kong and you know just a few days ago the new head of the central liaison office here in hong kong who is very close by the way to president xi jinping said that it was time for hong kong to enact a national security law that would make protests very difficult to happen that would restrict further protests and these 15 are standing up to that and they are now going to i think pay the price because if they are found guilty they could face
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anything up to 5 years in jail and the protests haven't been just on the street. it was quite a scene inside hong kong that is taking the stand. yeah it's a reminder of just how fractious and broken in a way hong kong's parliament is i mean rival legislators were literally physically wrestling each other to the ground there was a fight on for the control of hong kong's parliament and it's all over the appointment of a chair for a key committee which has to basically pass important legislation or prevent rather legislation. to hong kong's parliament but there's been a backlog in the last few months no legislation has been really been able to be processed and the pro establishment come decided in a sense to take matters into their own hands and there was this clash inside parliament not a very edifying site 14 legislators from the pro-democracy come were ejected
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a security guard was injured one legislator was also injured now why does all this matter because it hong kong in september there are going to be elections for the legislative assembly and it's quite possible that some of those members from the democrat party who were objected from parliament of monday will now be disqualified thank you thank you very much for that adrian brown live for us there in hong kong . in other news a syrian man accused of state sponsored torture and murder is giving evidence in his trial for the 1st time to allege former intelligence officers are in a court in koblenz in germany they're accused of committing crimes against humanity in the early days of the syrian revolution is the 1st time president bashar assad's government sanctions have been prosecuted abroad as we talk correspondent in germany dominic cain who was in berlin for so dominic tell us what we're expecting
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to happen in court today. fully the one of the peculiarities of the german legal system as it regards trials such as these is that the defendants don't have to make an official plea when they 1st appear in court and they are charged with the indictments that so this is the 2nd day of the hearing on the 1st day we did not hear from either defendant and so we had to we don't know as it were what their plea is going to be we are led to believe by the authorities in court that one of the defendants is going to make a plea today the defendant concerned as you are saying is accused of very many very serious offenses that are alleged to have taken place in syria while this individual was a middle ranking officer in the security operation of bashar al assad's government the offenses allegedly taking place in 20112012 the point here as i say is we don't yet know what this individual's plea will be if it comes today because this
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individual as indeed has the other person charged in this trial neither of them has spoken in court so far and so as i say it is a belief that we've been led to that this individual will make some sort of plea or or that at least that's his lawyers will make a plea on his behalf clearly very many people are watching this trial because as you were saying this is the 1st time that individuals who are alleged to have played a relatively important role in the government in the security operations of president bashar assad that they have appeared in a courtroom and obviously very many people are following what is going to be happening in court today thank you for that dominic canine forests and belin. it to me has lifted more of its coronavirus rant on restrictions in what the prime minister is calling a calculated risk for the 1st time since launch people can go to cough phase
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restaurants and bars were shops are open and so are libraries museums and beauty salons free movement is now allowed within regions and churches can hold mass by mr giuseppe county has one cases only increase what says if he can't afford to stay locked down until a vaccine is develops in hungary the government is you to table him proposal in parliament to end emergency powers introduced to tackle the pandemic prime minister viktor orban was accused of making a power grab when parliament was given permission to rule by decree on gold in 1000 matters without an end date emergency measures are now expected to be lifted by children. still ahead on al-jazeera so far from home we'll have more on the human struggle india's extended lockdown is having on millions of leverage plus a sigh of relief for the u.s. economy as automakers stand near employees back to work but it's unclear if anyone will start to buy again.
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and there will be at last across much of central and western europe some nice sunshine as well still cool some trout and some rain showers i have to say the ski is a green out into the highest ski resorts in slovenia under some pretty good sunny skies as well plenty of snow depth in this time of year 3 and a half but a very different story down into greece a look at this in athens 41 celsius that was the high temperature on sunday very dusty very hazy feeling very humid as well the winds been coming from the warm north africa also bringing that dust as well so it'll stay warm and sunny throughout much of money can see the clear skies here want to see shows just also the bounce across much of the balkans and we'll see more the ever a neutral so cool so. and eventually pushing on into central areas of. the cloud with. germany on western areas of russia want to rain showers into northern
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sections of the u.k. they will still be in the 4 calls on shoes a bit. on the rise a very nice 25 in paris 24 in london and the cooler in berlin wall so we've got that cloud and those rain. in the picture and we have got a few rain into northern areas of africa algeria but the winds have been coming down for the also this time which is improving in tripoli and in fact cool on tuesday with a high of 24. venezuela colombia has become a stomping ground. as desperate people transgress an illegal. trafficking market. perilous journey. through the line of.
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risky. venezuelan colombia. on al-jazeera. the end. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera a man has been found guilty of a 2015 arson attack in israel which killed a palestinian toddler and his parents a family died after a jewish settler fiber on their home in the village of duma. in hong kong 15 anti-government protesters appearing in courts charge over last year's mosque ronnie's the group were arrested in april accused of helping to organize protests which were bound spine a series of stories and a syrian man accuse
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a state sponsored torture and murder is giving evidence in his trial for the 1st time the former colonel is one of the less former intelligence officers who are in court in germany. now quick read of other news now and the taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 5 people and wounded more than 40 others in afghanistan the blast happened in the southeastern province of guy's knee a day after rival leaders in afghanistan signed a power sharing deal the government says a bomber exploded a vehicle in a facility used by local intelligence officers. in libya the internationally recognized government says it has retaken control of the strategic air base the sites has been used as warlord honey 5 times headquarters in western libya since 2014 in early may u.n. backed forces launch an offensive to recapture the base soldiers loyal to have toppled on monday after suffering major losses during heavy fighting in recent
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weeks. malaysia's king has warned m.p.'s not to create another political crisis as the country grapples with the coronavirus his commons comus panamint convened for the 1st time since a prime minister resigned hommage was replaced by his deputy scene after he failed to form a new unity government drawing 3 is in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur with more on how the session unfolded up until a week ago it was thought that this parliament's meeting would have been the setting for a showdown between the new government and the opposition prime minister we didn't yes it came to power more than 2 and a half months ago in songs politicians from the ben ruling coalition had decided to break away triggering a collapse in the weekend government now the man we had in replaced mahathir mohamad has followed a proposal for a motion of no confidence against the prime minister which the speaker of the lower house had accepted but last week the speaker said that the government had informed
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him that the only item on the agenda and parliament's meeting on monday would be became address now opposition politicians have that they are unhappy about this because they view this government as one without the jets in a sea which doesn't have the people's support and they want an opportunity to be able to test the part of the primeness to support in parliament they're also concerned that there won't be an opportunity to debate the economic stimulus measures that the government has introduced to question the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus and demming. because the speaker has accepted the proposal for a no confidence to be debated that will presumably be allowed to take place when parliament met in july but opposition politicians as well as some analysts have also expressed concerns that the prime minister will use the time between now and then to shore up support in the meantime the prime minister has given out several
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appointments as well as positions and special envoys and i'm back. 2 politicians in the coalition's main parties. india has extended a nationwide long for another 2 weeks said saw its highest spike on sunday of kona virus cases with nearly 5000 confirmed cases taking the toll to more than 95000 schools malls and other public places world remain closed and shut down as force of migrant workers to head back to their home states off and on for this earth branom is in new delhi she explains what is now open despite the extension of. so the big difference in face full of india's lockdown is that the government left it up to states to determine what green orange and red zones within their states and then for them to decide which of the activities that have been cleared by the government will be allowed in these so there is already a lot more activity of people and vehicles out on the roads and that's because things like all markets are now allowed to reopen and known containment zones would
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shops having staggered timings limited numbers of people inside and social distancing social distancing measures standalone shops have been allowed to open the last few weeks but this is the 1st time that markets have been and so we are already seeing more shops opening up in the states of west bengal baba shops and salons opening up also in punjab and in karnataka here in the capital new delhi we've seen no activity at some markets and others i think people are waiting for chief minister arvind kejriwal for his address later announcing the exact details for delhi the other big difference as of monday is that people are allowed to travel between states and to states travel on buses and private vehicles but only between consenting states and we're waiting to find out what states will allow that but passenger trains have been going for the last week now but india's overall
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lockdown has been extended by another 2. weeks and that is because the number of cases continues to rise and there is consensus among states that that is something that necessary as india approaches that 100000 mark of coronavirus cases now there's no country in the world that isn't feeling the economic effects of the coronavirus the war started largest economy japan has slipped into recession after its shrunk for 2 consecutive quarters in the 1st 3 months of 2020 japan's economic production by 3.4 percent compared to the same period last year the us the world's largest economies also in the throes of a downturn the head of the central bank jay powell is warning growth could promise by as much as 30 percent by june china's economy suffered a record contraction in the 1st quarter while is spin some signs of recovery beijing says the bleak outlook will continue for some time to get my.
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phone demand to significantly slow due to the spread of the krona virus cloverleaf trade faces unprecedented challenges this new companies are having an extremely difficult time for example capital is tight orders of falling and risks of industrial and supply chains are royson and germany the world's 4th largest economy in europe's economic powerhouse has also shrunk into a recession because of the pandemic italy and france have also suffered a major economic hits song saying one is an economist private banking he says some economies were already struggling before the pandemic arrived. if we look at many many estimates out there last month being from the asian development bank essentially looking at the whole global economy global output shrinking something like 10 percent this year assuming that the outbreak can be contained roughly contained within 6 months or so throughout the world largest economies mahler's
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economy oil has been the fact that we must remember we are in the 2 worst you clearly are not a mature and grow cycle so grow who are going to slow anyway we are hoping that you will just be a steady so that will growth but obviously that wasn't to be the case so now we are seeing reset of the global economy how long you will be a new growth cycle starts we don't know but essentially around the region itself different stages of contraction obviously some countries start the contraction earlier we could talk about the com well obviously protests had been a drag on domestic economy and external demand we can talk about even japan where the consumption tax which was imposed or on height in october also contribute to the contraction that we saw in the quarter obviously exacerbated today by the coroner on me. work is that the 3 largest comic is in the u.s.
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and going back to the assembly lines but as john hendren reports the industry faces a number of questions including how it will keep work is safe. america's auto workers are back to a strange sterile new world employees at detroit's big 3 for general motors and ffion chrysler return on monday to manufacturing plants where the new normal is one part assembly line one part hospital there's 977 and above this will turn red that'll turn red incoming workers temperatures are checked good to go through they were behind new barriers with new masks gloves plastic face shield in signs amount social distancing everywhere along with walking lanes in reminders to stay 6 feet apart. assembly lines are restarting for the 1st time since march when the global pandemic shut down detroit and auto plants across the u.s. except for a handful been made ventilators for the sickest virus patients we see
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a little bit in the last year or so. but we expect there'll grice all. that the exactly what happened just. operating. for one potential worry a global supply chain that's been slowed by the coronavirus mexico is still locked down but last week the government unveiled a plan that could see some auto parts makers open to supply detroit now that automakers are building again the question is in the worst market since the great depression does anyone want to buy the cars they're making across the u.s. unsold cars by the thousands sit idle delaying the introduction of new models and in these belt tightening times competing with cheaper used cars got to my desk by comparable sounds funny weak weak off great recession i. terms of
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u.s. attorneys her case to clive. and sue martin and let me quietly dealers are offering once in a lifetime incentives like 7 years of no interest loans with little progress so far whether you are laid off from low to return option cars very purchase from other people sometimes space or just paint socially comfortable and say can opt to hire car meet me take a while until buyers return in force the production lines will reopen more slowly than they shut down and new cars will keep aging on american car lives john hendren al-jazeera chicago millions of tourists no money from to kenya as one by fraser is right international arrivals have been stops because of the pandemic a loss of tourism dollars is putting conservation projects at risk as malcolm webb reports from nairobi. these lines with the coronavirus is
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a danger to them. all they probably can't get the virus the pandemic does in directly threaten their habitat. they live in a nature reserve. normally guides tourists who come to see endangered animals. it's near kenya's capital nairobi. the government suspended international flights nearly 2 months ago no foreign tourists have come here to put a bit because of the latest. plans in the country they're now afraid that lots of jobs for the going to be lost. this is normally eat and sleep in the camp where nicholas work is have to temporarily close normally in camps like this all the beds are fully booked during the peak seasons more than 2000000 foreign tourists visited kenya last year most of them come here to see the wildlife that lives in the reserves and the money they spend creates millions of jobs and
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provides crucial funding for conservation the fees charged for visiting reserves and camps pay for the salaries of rangers who protect animals from poachers the communities living nearby depend on the incomes of those employed in the sector and if livelihoods are lost people are forced to find other ways to survive things like poaching there for you know household protein supplement. you know cutting down of trees to supreme and household income that is tied to the harsh economic realities occasioned by covered in 1000. niobium reserve is unique in that it sits just on the edge of the city conservationists say in the long run if tourism is indeed economically viable reserve land will be used for farming or property development instead. just outside the park is a sanctuary for often animals he's walkways they usually teeming with visiting
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schoolchildren. wouldn't told us educating local community is key to conserving wildlife and its environment. a mistake to artists come from our country. this. coming because their schools were closed to do today according to get us live in his condo. nobody here expect things to change before the coronavirus restrictions are lifted conservationists say they're looking for other ways to fund the reserves so the wildlife within them and the people around them and have a future. malcolm webb algis iraq nairobi kenya. headlines on al-jazeera in hong kong 15 anti-government protesters have appeared in court charge over last year's mass rallies the group were arrested in april accused of helping to organize protests which were banned by the city's authorities let's
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get the latest with adrian brown in hong kong what's been happening agent. will follow that group is now just emerged from the west quaalude magistrates court i understand their case has now been adjourned until june of the 15th this is another milestone moment for hong kong because the 15 people are very much figureheads of the pro-democracy movement they include people like martin lee 81 years old and internationally respected barrister who helped to draft hong kong's committee constitution hong kong's law also with him margaret only another internationally respected legislator and of course a prominent newspaper tycoon jimmy lie they have been accused of taking part in an illegal unauthorized demonstration in october and august last year they're facing the prospect of up to 3 years in jail if found guilty thank you for that update adrian brown in hong kong in other news a court in israel has found
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a jewish settler guilty of a 2015 arson attack that killed a palestinian toddler and his parents the man fire bombed their home in the village of duma while they slept a 4 year old's survived a chilly has lifted more of its coronavirus lockdown restrictions in what the prime minister is calling a calculated risk for the 1st time since march people can go to cafes restaurants and bars more shops are open and so are libraries museums and beauty salons free movement is now allowed within regions and churches can hold mass india meanwhile has extended a nationwide. don for another 2 weeks said saw its highest day the spike of call the 19 infections on sunday with nearly 5000 confirmed cases taking the toll to more than 95000 schools malls and other public places will remain culls those are the headlines coming up next it's risking it all. to old is there a. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen
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with listen this is the moment you stop already 30 x. this is the moment it also trades on fighting every day we meet with the global news makers and talk about the stories the back to 0.


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