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can i get on with you trying to see directly that's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the funny life on earth or a quiet and not keeping you up to date and country. and. the street on a 00. 0 m. . a rising death toll at least 84 people have been killed after a powerful psycho and smashed into bangladesh and india's east coast's. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back t. ball also ahead a thirst for oil in venezuela shipments from iran are on the way but there's a threat of a showdown with the u.s. china's biggest political meeting against a backdrop of growing pressure over the coronavirus tension with the u.s.
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and a slowing economy plus a taste for innovation with ramadan markets banned malaysia street food vendors take their meals online. a powerful cyclon has killed at least 84 people enough to many more homeless in eastern india and bangladesh cyclon on porn battered west bengali no dishes states with winds of up to 170 kilometers an hour as sister oid homes flooded streets uprooted trees and cut power to millions of households hundreds of thousands of people have shifted from low lying coastal areas tanveer charger is standing by with the latest from bangladesh but 1st let's speak to pre-marriage holes on skype from kolkata in india as west spend guy. got of course is well a cycle made landfall. almost 24 hours ago now and as feared the death toll has
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gone up. to 72 baptist my chief minister the bad news she has said and the last time that west bengal saw or cycle in close which was very big was in 2009 which was. even the chief minister has gone on to say that nothing compares to walk west bengal faced on wednesday and she says that this destruction across she has a piece to the union home minister and has said that these rates of fees help west bengal that is exactly what you know she is looking at help from the central gulf men because she did you know says was at the control room in the state secretary had called melbourne no which is a 14 story tall building and she says that the building was shaking the window panes of broken those are the chief minister herself face the brunt of the storm and of course the other districts like 24 bargain of district where the cycle made
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landfall in the from the bund was a was defected followed by law 24 by them as district of close many other areas in the state are devastated speaking about kolkata those buildings that you know have been devastated that a wall collapses the reports of trees having fallen in various spots all the city when i went out and i saw i saw that if they did that is a tree fall into the trees that have been uprooted. so that a lot of threat that the west bengal is facing at the moment and not to forget the cold 9 which ration ranges watch even if the month of them has appealed to people to stay in the shelter i was going to ask you about that india is so on the coronavirus long down so to what extent john restriction is going to make it difficult to get help to people. the stricture ends up making it difficult for people to reach out for help because of the lockdown because also transport restrictions that are that there is no public transport if there is in the areas it
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is few and far between apart from that of cause you know when it comes to reaching out for help the favorite mr ministration is of course ready to head but there are areas which they cannot reach even if they want to that is one aspect the 2nd us effect is of people at this point in time 110 political with 19 vitus will have to wait for some time or are wondering how to really reach out to the state administration so there's a lot that the state has kicked off. and not to forget also the migrant workers coming back home to west bengal all in all a lot that the state has to deal with but you missed a month of and you did so meant to make sure that the state is back on its feet thank you very much for that prima rajaram with the latest there from kolkata in india's west bengal let's check in now with a ton there child really who's in bangladesh his capital dhaka tom there are just how much damage has been caused by the storm in bangladesh.
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well more and more reports are trickling down i mean the number of that tolls actually went up the local media is reporting some of them saying 9 some of them think now they've got a list of the people who actually died on the location now we can right now independently come from that but i'll be as destruction is quite obvious i mean in terms of man lives lost is not much because people were taken to shelter but the destruction in southwest bangladesh is just tremendous i mean report of thousands of houses in the low lying delta area demolished because of title sergeant heavy when we know that is known for fish culture and farmland and shrimp cultivation which is the export industry totally devastated mango plantation ligi plantation all blown to pieces and more and more we are getting reports that at least $5000000.00 people out of power many communications sites a lame snap now we have to see how the relief operation goes it's a major challenge in time for the government and the people considering the
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grappling with 1000 virus as well as log down which is slowing down the economy a lot of things to. rather challenge ahead of time right now we also know that disaster management accounts and say that nearly $1000000000.00 worth of damage have been assessed it could be far more by the time they have full report coming in this been a lot of concern about caucuses bizarre and refugees the running of refugees in. how have they coped with this. yeah it was nearly a 1000000 refugees living in a very densely can just barely 4 kilometers from the coastline fortunately the storm was not cox but they had pretty frail wind and rain the danger in the monsoon season however still remains torrential rain causes floods and landslides in the
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thames so that's going to prevail all throughout the month zone there's also the danger of virus which was detected in the camp about a week ago at least 6 cases people are in isolation now we also know that 100 plus growing are refugees who were recently rescued from the boat where actually kept in offshore island they have been taken into shelters because that island was very much present to cycle on but they're safe right now thank you thank you very much tom very it's fully thank you very much on the chandra live for us there in dhaka now new standoff could be brewing between the united states iran and venezuela over a shipment of millions of dollars of fuel 5 iranian tankers are just days away from arriving in venezuela to help ease petrol shortages there that is when his own oil refining industry has collapsed because of sanctions as well as mismanagement alexy o'brian reports in the venezuelan capital caracas the queue at the petrol station can last for days or an important one to get this is the richest country in the
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world and we should not be like this because there is well there is oil there is everything. the shortages have plagued venezuela for years ever since its 1300000 barrel a day refining network collapsed which critics blame on under-investment and mismanagement by the state oil company now president nicolas maduro has turned to iran for help for fuel itself and chemicals to help get the oil industry back on track. those 5 ships are bringing gasoline regarding the technical support for the reactivation of the refinery what the venezuelan government asked us for in the past week was to bring input materials catalysts which iran brought through the planes ship tracking shows the 1st of the 5 tankers left the iranian port city of banda roberson match the 1st tanker fortune is expected to arrive in venezuela in
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the next few days iran is a longtime ally of venezuela and fellow rival of the united states both countries oil say it does are we under u.s. sanctions the white house says it's considering how to respond to the shipment this would be an example of the iranian regime taking the wealth of the iranian people and wasting it in venezuela on the door of the u.s. is one of more than 60 countries trying to push nicolas maduro from power recognize an opposition leader one guy i don't know as president a force of u.s. vessels including navy destroyers patrol the caribbean on water u.s. officials say is an anti drug mission venezuela sees the vessels as a threat and is sending its own military to a score the iranian tankers through its territory in the deal it would constitute an actual mission. and that. the whole.
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but analysts say a conflict is unlikely nobody in washington wants it war her or any sort of conflict with iran over venezuela in the current circumstances so although the u.s. commander in chief of the southern command has expressed concern over this and washington is clearly watching it closely i think it in the current circumstances probably going to be. the extent of venezuela and iran say the trade is a win win for both countries iran got much needed gold venezuela the oil and both got to send a message to the united states alexia brian el jazeera. a chinese leaders have observed a minute's silence oh coronavirus victims at the start of the biggest political gathering of the year the opening session of the top political adviser a body started a day ahead of the national people's congress us when china's leaders will likely
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announce measures to kickstart an economy hit hard by the pandemic katrina you reports from beijing on that and other pressures faced by china's leaders. just over a year ago president xi jinping was surrounded by allies and moved with an air of confidence and leadership on the world stage. this week he sat alone at a world health organization conference defending china against accusations it failed to do nothing to prevent the coronavirus pandemic. china has acted was openness transparency and responsibility. china's leaders and the $3000.00 strong parliament will meet on friday amid growing international anger and criticism led by its biggest trading partner the us donald trump accuses china of covering up the outbreak that's beijing denies this but the argument is pushing the 2 countries closer to confrontation and phase one of the deal to end their 2 year trade war
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hangs in the balance he's mixing politics economics and also security issues very very dangerous mixture any kind of miscalculation could result in a real tragedy. another thaw in china's side u.s. support for taiwan wednesday's inauguration of president when has pushed beijing's goal of reunification further away and in hong kong the virus emergency has failed to quell pro-democracy protests as china's n.p.c. over the next week surging anti china sentiment abroad isn't its orally challenge at home leaders must have a slow. economy rising unemployment and new classes of the coronavirus new outbreaks in behind and in china's northeast have stoked the use of a 2nd wave of infections and in rural areas millions wait for an end to the life of
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poverty 2020 is the government deadline to create what it calls a moderately well off society. no previous n.p.c. has ever had to dear old this conflicts and difficulties like the one this year there are too many tasks it's mission impossible. but when the national congress opens problems will make way to pageantry as a 1400000000 chinese look to president xi to pave a path through what many see as an increasingly precarious future. al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera a changing of the guard growing concerns that brazil is turning away from science as it struggles to cope with coronavirus. and the lifting of long downs in england raises questions elsewhere over how united the u.k. really is.
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a very wet picture across much of the southern china time of year the my you buy you from the plum rains and of course you can see here all this activity in the last few hours that has a very heavy rains particularly on friday through 7 hours of china across into taiwan this rain working its way actually in staying to the east of japan want to see scattered showers throughout central hampshire and also some heavy rain just pushing into northern areas of the korean peninsula through saturday feeling a little bit cooler into central honshu the winds coming from the east 21 degrees in tokyo at best but at least the very heavy rain through southern china. she pushes offshore still a few shots into hong kong with a high of 29 plenty of iran still across northern sections of india all this mass you can see is wolf was out tropical cycle own on point and this of course is the damage by today we can see now in west bengal in calcutta particularly at least 22
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people have died as a result of these storms or when you see the damage that has been done it is not really surprising now the winds of course certainly have eased dramatically as soon really as the system made landfall but throughout friday there is no heavy rain across much of bangladesh but really the main rain associated with this system pushing up into puton of the next couple days because the accumulations of 300 millimeters. of. refugees are heading for a better life in australia. and sent to remote island indefinite detention. smuggled out for each any eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for people. that was killed and witness chasing
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a sighting. on al-jazeera. the a. problem back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories cleanup operations are begun in eastern india and bangladesh after the most powerful psycho to hit the bay of bengal in 20 years at least 84 people have been killed thousands of homes destroyed and power supplies cut to many communities venezuela says its military will escort 5 uranium tankers bringing fuel to ease years of shortages both countries are under u.s. sanctions and the white house says it's considering a response to the shipment and chinese leaders and those have observed
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a minute of silence for porn a virus victims at the site of their biggest political gathering of the year the government is expected to announce measures to get signed on economy hit hard by the attic. now thousands have been forced from their homes in the u.s. state of michigan after a one in 500 year flooding event the failure of 2 dams and days of heavy rain has left large parts of the state submerged john hendren reports across the midwest days of pounding rain water swelled to the storage floods that swallowed entire towns. the worst of the waterborne havoc swept over central michigan were surging waters overwhelmed to nearly century old dams. the whole towns beneath the deal you. in driving those quarantining from the pandemic out of their homes and into the
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streets we quickly got our to do. a couple changes of clothes and ourselves we had to do what we had to do as far as finding a place to stay otherwise we would be sleeping in our vehicles in oppression warning one of the breech dams the town of middlings 96 year old eatonville dam was raided and satisfactory in 2018 it's now the latest failure in a nationwide infrastructure crisis floodwaters blew electrical boxes. and collapsed bridges like dominoes bridge after bridge after bridge it's hard to believe that we're in the midst of 100 year crisis a global pandemic. and that we're also dealing with a flooding event that looks to be the worst and 500 years as michigan struggled to cope president trump threatened to cut funding for the state over the way it is preparing for the november election president trump opposes an expansion of mail in
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voting saying fewer republicans would be elected that way and the state of michigan has sent applications for all of its 7700000 voters to vote by mail but the threat to withhold funding at a time when michigan is a hot spot both for corona virus and flooding could hardly come at a worse time whitmer a democrat urged the president not to inject politics into the crisis one another is not the enemy the enemy is a virus and in this case the enemy is also a flawed. the water surged across michigan in the midwest in illinois a river swept over its banks in individually and of list sound in ohio 1st responders rescued stranded residents in boats after streets turned to streams. back in michigan local officials say they fear the worst is yet to come as floodwaters continue to swell john hendren l.g. 0 chicago japan wants to extradite 2 men from the u.s.
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accused of helping former nissan boss carlos go an s.k. from the country japan issued arrest warrants for michael taylor a former u.s. special forces soldier and his son in january japan says a helped go on avoid a financial misconduct trial by fleeing to his childhood home lebannon they were arrested in the u.s. on wednesday. now the total number of corona virus cases worldwide has passed 5000000 that's according to a tally by johns hopkins university the virus has killed more than 320000 people and lockdowns aimed at containing it have devastated economies of man the world's brazil's government is sanctioning the use of an anti marry a drug to treat the virus despite a lack of evidence that it works president abbas narrow support for the drug has cost tension within the health ministry where military personnel have been appointed to keep posts brazil has the 3rd largest number of infections worldwide and its health system is struggling to cope a latin america tennessean reports. brazil is now latin america's ground
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0 with coded 1000 infections spreading faster than anywhere else and president not all has responded by getting his new health minister to approve the use of hydroxy chloroquine the controversial anti-malaria drug is untested pre-treating coronavirus and can have serious even fatal side effects. but president will so not all sense is 93 year old mother has a box by her bed you know that if i prescribe it to all my supporters and give those left wingers to buy i know. he's referring to a soft drink popular among the poor pulsar not his last health minister resigned because he refused to greenlight the use of hydroxy chloroquine but his interim replacement a retired general who's not a doctor has had no problem following orders or fact his just named 14 more members of the military to keep health ministry positions brazillian epidemiology just dr
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julie valley badal says he's extremely concerned. indiscriminate use of couric is trying to assess what is happening here is more political than scientific do you think that the president is militarizing the public health system though he said it's sad to see that the government is. throwing science aside and that is indeed militarizing one of the most important ministries in any country especially during a pandemic. with more than 800000 deaths and rising a group of opposition deputies have submitted impeachment against bill so noddle accusing him of crimes against public health. or the way he's managed the pandemic is putting brazilian lives at risk promoting crowds and close contact that increases infections and tuesday more than 1100 people died in 24 hours and the president insists on using a drug that has no scientific evidence the president himself doesn't know the
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difference between a republican and absolute monarchy. right now only bill scenario supporters are out on the streets demonstrating which should critics decide to come out of their self-imposed quarantine to call for the president's ouster as brazilians have successfully done before also now those days in office could well be numbered you see in human al jazeera. iran says more than 10000 health workers have been infected since the outbreak began its among the worst affected countries with nearly 127000 infections more than 7000 people have died during the pandemic. and the united kingdom remains deeply divided over how to respond to the pandemic restrictions are being eased in england but a few 100 kilometers north scotland is still in lockdown as one of 4 nations which make up the u.k. the situation is casting doubt on the future of the union how many dean reports from edinburgh. rush hour in london looks very different to rush hour north of the
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border in scotland the empty streets are a reminder that people here have been urged to stay at home while many in england are encouraged to return to the workplace 1st minister nicolas sturgeon says this has nothing to do with politics her administration is simply reacting to the reality on the grains we want to have as much cooperation as possible but it's simply a statement of fact that many of these things they are devolved responsibilities and then and therefore it is not just necessary i think it is appropriate for me to recognise my direct accountability and making sure that these things happen as everybody would expect them to happen her more cautious approach has been broadly welcomed by residents think she's actually thought about the long term like health statistics much better than boris has i think she's going to cream compared to the u.k. comes across it may seem frogman sees or even confused but this is the reality of
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diva lucian in the u.k. the u.k. government just does not control health policy already cation policy in wales northern ireland or here in scotland what the pandemic has done is laid bare the way different administrations react in very different ways so when boris johnson announced a lifting of the locked on the devolved nations refused to follow suit it has raised questions about how united states the u.k. really is i think as we move to the next phase as we. exit the locked and as we move to responding to the places and rebuilding the economy i think back to when we will start to see more tensions more difficulties imagining and perhaps more ideological distinctions in the approaches that 80 even though scotland voted no to independence and 2014 support for a split from the u.k. has gathered pace since the brics it. referendum the country is politically divided
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but it is united behind nicholas sturgeon's handling of the coronavirus pandemic she has been admirably clear and forthright and candid through a lot of this emergency and you know even some of the people who vote conservative or labor in scotland are prepared to concede that. but in terms of actual policy you know there's been very little difference between scotland and normal politics here at the seat of power has taken a back seat during this pandemic but the question of independence remains unresolved scotland is set to return to the polls next year in an election that could prove consequential. al-jazeera edinburgh. now ramadan is a holy s. month in the muslim calendar and is met and in malaysia it's a time when small traders and hawkers make the most money. because of corner virus many vendors have gone online florence 3 reports from kuala lumpur.
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mohammad darawshe is is taking down the day's orders via social media to stand out from the crowd he and his business partner post videos of the protest meat sandwich is no locally as well every few days on a digital platform of abundant files this year definitely less compared to the previous years with a lot of competition online it's quite hard to compete for the past 4 years and are if and his partner have had a stall in one of kuala lumpur's ramadan street markets selling mostly food for if the break in a fast these extremely popular in malaysia and ramadan is usually a lucrative time for the food vendors but the government has banned them this year because of the pandemic in their place countless groups have been created across digital platforms for vendors to sell on line a.t.l. been the hardy who sells meat skewers. is
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a member of at least 10 groups but there's also some of the facebook groups have been really helpful to my business especially the one that's focused on some pairing because of the location that we're in it's helped me a lot it's probably helped some of the others here too he can also count on walk in customers because his shop is in a food court and still allow to open doesn't have the same festive atmosphere but food courts like this one in a suburb of quality it's the closest thing to around here almost everyone here whereas a months hardly anyone lingers they pick up their food and the. it's not as lively but i'm grateful we can still buy food at the stalls there aren't as many choices but maybe that's a good think we don't end up wasting as much food. it's not as crowded as a ramadan bazaar we can observe physical distancing and that can help us break the chain of transmission. the pendennis has changed the ramadan habits of many muslims in malaysia this year but vendors are also hopeful it may have created new ones and
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opportunities for the future florence li al-jazeera kuala lumpur that climate change is having an unusually affect me and a south pole by turning parts of antarctica grain blooms of spreading on the snow giving the world's most barren continent a splash of color rising temperatures have made this by so prolific it can be seen from space more than $1600.00 both have been identified over 2 square kilometers but scientists say the overall impact will be in significant certainly what we're seeing is that in the warmer. moving higher on last year's rocks. i think it will really be a story whether there's an. either iraq or the remonde and i don't really see a good map of house substantial amounts of nutrients transported in lungs to large
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groups. say. on the antarctic ice sheet or anything like. but i think we will probably see more coverage on who are on and all the latest on all of our top stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on there of course on the ground a virus pandemic with some 5000000 people now infected worldwide to. the i am. the one. with the headlines on al-jazeera cleanup operations have begun in eastern india and bangladesh after the most powerful cycling to hit the bay of bengal in 20 years at least $84.00 people have been killed thousands of homes destroyed and power supply scott to many communities. has more from calcutta. speaking about. that off those buildings that you know have a heavy dose you got
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a wall collapses the reports of trees have fallen in various logs off the city when i when should out and i saw i saw that if we did that is a tree fall into the trees that have been uprooted. so there's a lot of threat that. is facing at the moment and not to forget the cold night which is watch even if the mom has a beautiful people to stay in the shelter. venezuela says its military will escort 5 iranian tankers bringing fuel to ease years of shortages both countries are under u.s. sanctions and the white house says it's considering a response to the shipment. chinese leaders have observed a minute of silence for corona virus victims at the site of their biggest political gathering of the year the government is expected to announce measures to kick start an economy hit hard by the pandemic japan wants to extradite 2 men from the u.s. accused of helping former nissan boss carlos ghosn escape from the country japan
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issued arrest warrants for michael taylor a former u.s. special forces soldier and his son in january japan says they helps go on avoiding financial misconduct trial by fleeing to his childhood home lebannon the total number of coronavirus cases worldwide has passed $5000000.00 that's according to attorney by johns hopkins university the virus has killed more than 320000 people in lockdowns aimed at containing it have devastated economies around the world iran says more than 10000 health workers have been infected by call the 1900 the outbreak began is among the worst affected countries with nearly 127000 infections more than 7000 people have died during the pandemic. those are the headlines on al-jazeera and that's it for me fully back to book coming up next year it's inside story i hope you do stay with us.
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is the world health organization on life support its response to the coronavirus and then it is to be scrutinized by a number of states with holes for change growing louder all the lessons to learn for the next. this is inside story. hello welcome to the program on boone it's a coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest challenges the world health organization has have a faced it's also receiving both.


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