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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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crossed the carrot bed still some lively showers there around the greater antilles are also seeing a chance of some rain there for the eastern islands this week. bleak warnings about the corona virus spread in latin america and predictions of a 5 fold increase looming in brazil. venezuela's failing economy puts pressure on its health system and its neighbors as the pandemic makes life worse. alarms the whole robin you watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha are coming up in the next 30 minutes questioning the president's story twitter put a fact check warning on messages from u.s.
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president donald trump. and right please ready for more protests in hong kong the legislative council will soon begin debating a controversial new law. welcome to al-jazeera the world health organization is warning of tough days ahead for latin america with the current virus still accelerating across the region and more daily infections than are being reported there than in the u.s. or even europe brazil registering nearly 17000 new cases in the past 24 hours in a couple of hours a u.s. ban will come into place on foreign travelers coming into brazil for coming from brazil pardon me where infection numbers and deaths continue to search the white house is hoping to ramp up testing in the united states with plans to buy 100000000 swabs and vials by the end of the year and russia's president vladimir putin has
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declared that the country is past the peak of the epidemic despite reporting its. highest daily death toll truth about begins our coverage with the challenges facing brazil. away from the sandy beaches of rio we've got a national gun that are trying to locate covert patients in they've 1115. they have just recovered from 1000 themselves and are now working on their day off to help those in need of a. hospital is a full most cases were not serious so this way we could help them to going to people where to go with visiting people and also to see their problems in their homes small houses with not a lot of airflow we could give an overall guidance ok and cleaning. as the amount of cases of coal with 1000 continues to rise in brazil these doctors believe that early detection is crucial to saving lives. that's why they have turned this
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somebody school into a temporary office from a truth all these people have been historically abandoned by society and politicians they have no access to public health care a cannot afford medicines that is why we are here. people like that the end of the sources say they have been abandoned by the government than you it makes you scared very scared there are a lot of people who believe the virus is a lie from the politicians but it's not a lie we know what we're talking about my neighbor had it and recovered i have other friends infected a friend died it's very sad. the demographic density in the last increases the chances of catching covert 19. in the past few days human rights activists have to announce a change in the body removal protocols what once was a public service now depends on the relatives of the deceased where you reach such
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after 27 hours a body was removed from his house it is absurd what the state is doing with people who do not even have a chance to bear. it's all happening as brazil is caught in a political crisis that has polarized the country between those who believe the way out is by imposing a lockdown and those like precedent. who want to open up the economy the fight has forced governors to clash with more tonight. on tuesday the police raided the residence of rio's governor wilson read cell who is being investigated for corruption in the handling of covert 1000 vets has said on twitter also not all is using the federal police to attack him. caught in the middle of the dispute are the victims of brazil's political system which is failing to protect those who are in need of help the most. but the brazilian state of san paolo has the highest number of cases nationwide the capital's hospitals are near full
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capacity but speaking to my colleague earlier to reno the gator the state governor said a complete lockdown is not necessary lockdown is a very hard position and we cannot use lockdown for this some polish state we have the protocol the protocol is ready but we are concerning and taking care of that but not to her now as at this moment we are still asking the people in some polish state and in the city of some all of the capital of the state to state at home and use masks is not necessary at this moment. to have a lockdown in your state alone this week has registered more than 80000 cases confirmed and you've had more than 6000 deaths out paulo is one of the worst hit regions in brazil why do you think that is. well but we saved until
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now 50000 lives using this so show. is all asian here in some polish state we decide what the medicine what this science to recommend to worse not my decision is not a political decision is the science decision this science says is sane to us right now is not their moment to have lucked out but they still have the quarantine we are inviting taina it is want we will have a new quarantine in 5 days a hat for 2 weeks more. a new report is warning venezuela is so poorly equipped to deal with current virus that it could make things worse for the whole region millions of venezuelans her fled the country in recent years as it deals with the economic crisis has left many struggling for basic supplies human rights watch and johns hopkins university says its lack of capacity to deal with covert 19 could
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worsen the situation on the borders and sundered m.p.'s he has more. a ticking time bomb that's how a report published on tuesday by human rights watch in john hopkins university describes the converging crisis of venezuela's collapsing health care system and the rampant coronavirus pandemic doctors around the world the earth last year you're going to have already denounced the deteriorating conditions in hospitals across the country many are without access to running water and shortages of even basic medicine are commonplace sort of the immediacy and cost of the venezuelan government has so far confirmed just over a 1000 cases of coronavirus and 10 deaths numbers the researchers say are impossible to believe. the venezuelan government doctor is absurd in a country where doctors don't even have water to wash their hands the health care system is totally collapsed people are overcrowded and poor neighborhoods and
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prisons and authorities harass and chase journalists doctors and nurses who are trying to inform people doctors interviewed for the report describe their working conditions and the plight of patients as the plausible missions are asked to bring the water for a mission which means that for the most vulnerable and or that becomes a huge obstacle for admission to the hospital they have to bring 25 liters of water which is really quite expensive so why don't they are asked to bring us not only for their own consumption but even to flush the toilets in some cases this iteration is so dire that patients are being told to the f.a.q. and you're only outside the hospital in the car which creates a whole august of. one of the doctors desperate to be able to wash its hands before a procedure had to use the water that was dripping from air conditioners. years of economic and political turmoil have led millions of venezuelans to seek refuge
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elsewhere more than 5000000 have fled in the past 6 years thousands are now going back as a pandemic ravages the economies of receiving countries the to a future then maybe even worse listen to them. well staying in the americas president trump has relative trouble with his favorite form of communication twitter has labeled to tweets about voting by mail as misleading refers users to a fact check page and he's already struck back accusing it of stifling free speech but twitter has not removed another series of controversial tweets described as vicious lies he's questioned whether t.v. show host joe scarborough got away with murder after the death of an intern in his office 20 years ago police rule she had heart problems scarborough was in another city mike hanna is in washington d.c. with more on the president's latest tweet twitter is now interfering in the 2020
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election he says in a follow up tweety adds that twitter is eroni asli saying that his claims about male in voting are incorrect and he says. that it is stifling free speech and he continues and as president i will not allow that so certainly a very strong attack on twitter which earlier in the day had put fact checking labels on 2 of his tweets dealing with mail in voting twitter described as incorrect and put a lead in a reference to news reports on mail in voting pointing out that it is not as the president claims fraudulent so certainly this spat between president trump and the forum of twitter is continuing to rage on in a freed is the chief technology correspondent of the news web site x.e. also and joins me now via skype from somethin says can i stuff you back on the
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program and thanks for your time how surprised are you that twitter has acted in this way considering they do allow elected officials sort of a wider remote remit on this platform compared to ordinary members of the public. they do there's been growing pressure on twitter to take action against president trump it's a little surprising that it was today on this issue as you mentioned there was another issue earlier today where they chose not to take action there are 2 areas where twitter has said specifically they would be more aggressive one of those is misinformation around the virus so we've seen them take action against the brazilian president over that and then also on election misinformation so this is one of the 2 areas where they said they'd be more aggressive that said they have never taken action in 3 and a half years of presidential tweets and there have been plenty that have been misleading this is the 1st time that they've labeled it so it's still
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a major moment can just pick you up on a on a on the issue you just came mention just on the election related tweets all comments there's been a great deal of pressure to stamp out issues of misinformation certainly leading up to the 2020 election that's going to happen in november based on the fact that there was relatively. saw some commentators a concern a great deal of misinformation out there in the lead up to the 2016 election what differences do you think have been put on the electronic media to sort of get the house in order. well i think there's been a lot of pressure but initially if you remember in 201617188 lot of the focus was on coordinated in authentic behavior so outside of the u.s. influences on elections so whether it was russia or china or whomever it was other countries using bots attempting to interfere the more recent issue has to do with
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misinformation but intentional by an individual so it's not you not them to behavior it's actually president term it's just that the information itself it's false and the platforms have been much less able to deal with this it's much easier for them to take a look at you know a 1000 bots that are repeating the same thing and saying ok that's definitely not allowed where it gets harder is when you have the actual president whether it's brazil's president tweeting misinformation about the coronavirus or president trump tweeting false information about the election that is much harder that said the pressure as you mentioned has been growing especially with the election a few months away and you know patently false information being spread by the president how do you thing that i mean the president of the isn't very happy about this yet it is his chosen platform i call and see him wanting to move away from twitter because it isn't anything similar in
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a similar vein that he can get his message out across all that would you say that he's going to try and sort of suck it up and deal with the way twitter treats him. well he's certainly getting more out of the platform still you know he uses it as you mention as its preferred platform and you certainly get a a fairly free reign to reach the american people directly so i don't see him giving up what i do see is increased political pressure on twitter i think we'll see more pressure he's talked vaguely about this notion of a panel coming at him. that would interfere or you know look at these issues and attempt to look whether there is anti-conservative bias so i wouldn't be surprised to see him sort of amp up the rhetoric around whether or not he eventually form 'd such a commission or not that's one weapon at his disposal is to threaten sort of political action legislative action executive action will be interesting to see
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what happens in the maybe hours old days ahead ina fried always nice to have you on the program and thanks for your insight thank you so much. still ahead hill on al-jazeera pressure continues to mount on the u.k. prime minister promised johnson to sack his top aides for defying government lockdown rules. change full reopens with new precautions in place we'll have those details after the break . hello the weather set fire across a good part of china we still have some showers into the far south of the country cessation or rains and nothing a little further southwards on the a minute front so we'll still see some showers there for
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a home kong as we go on through wednesday but as we push on then stay should be a little drier temperatures around 29 celsius so the dryer into japan and wednesday does look a little shabby have the northern parts of the country but the showers will clear through by thursday temperatures in tokyo getting up to 26 degrees celsius the sunshine the showers as we expect across southeast asia a lot of shower clouds coming in here heat of the day showers small the west sunshine then showers but if you do catch a shower say indonesia over the next day they could well be on the heavy side some showers there too into borneo and also pushing right up into thailand joining up with a shot was that we have just around the andaman sea 1st signs of the summer rains pushing through here the monsoon rains have now started just around the nicobar islands the admin islands say showers there just pushing up into myanmar still squeezing the last few drops of heavy downpours outs of what was tropical site but the central parts of india this hot dry and sunny.
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as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day the new passenger and join our global community it's up to us on how we come together to fight i'm sorry your questions can i just ask you think this is me directly that's coming on on you tube as you were saying i'm concerned about the front line phone that's a great question that keeping you up to date and we've seen countries beaten back and beaten back successfully the street on 00. 0. 0.
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you're watching all just 0 of me so whole rovna reminder of our top stories health researchers are warning the number of coronavirus deaths in brazil could increase 5 fold by august the study from the university of washington comes ahead of the u.s. ban on foreign travelers coming from brazil. a new reporters warning venezuela is so poorly equipped to deal with corona virus that it could make things worse for the whole region human rights watch says the country's people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. and twitter has flagged 2 tweets by the u.s. president about fortune and mail in ballots as misleading the social media platform has marked the tweet with a link to another page where fact checkers have debunked the claim. the situation now where hong kong is bracing for more protests this time over a controversial bill that would make it a criminal offense to insult china's national anthem right police are in place
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around the legislative council building where the bill will be debated in the next few hours let's join our correspondent adrian brown who's in hong kong and as legislators attempt to debate the controversial national anthem bill police have surrounded hong kong's parliament how likely is it that we could see more unrest today. well so hell i don't think that is actually going to be very likely as you can see behind me there are no protesters instead there are around 3000 police who've been deployed not just around let's go but also elsewhere in hong kong to ensure the protesters don't reach this complex also emplace hundreds of giant security barriers so the the face of hong kong politics of the moment is a slightly depressing one as you say legislators in the next few hours a jew to debate that controversial national anthem bill the national anthem of china is of course the march of the volunteers what's been happening here in hong
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kong is that at many recent events people have been booing or jaring the march of the volunteers when it's played this new law would make it an offense to do that leading to up to 3 years in jail in some cases or a fine of up to 6 and a half $1000.00 and of course it can be left up to teachers in many respects to ensure that in schools the national anthem law is not abused in that way but critics say this is yet another erosion of hong kong's freedoms indeed of course as yet more contentious laws in the offing one concerning national security and that's been leaked to believe the local press i mean what are they saying about this. that's right president xi jinping is much more concerned about that security act he wants passed and that's to to happen on thursday at china's rubberstamp national people's congress but local media have been leaked details it seems about this bill
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and it seems that the scope of this proposed act has been broadened to cover not just individuals but also organizations not by organizations we think the bill is referring to n.g.o.s and human rights groups like amnesty international that operate here in hong kong now on choose day hong kong's chief executive terry lamb gave a robust defense of this act saying it was needed it was not going to infringe in any way on hong kong's freedoms and rights and she also said that it's in your imagination if you believe that mainland agents are going to be coming here and arresting hong kong individuals now of course this act does lead to what they've called and in full smith mechanism being put in place here in hong kong that means that perhaps the ministry of security could set up an office here in hong kong but personally i think you know mainland agents have been operating here for a long time it's just that now it's going to be legal in the past few hours so help
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president from has also been commenting about the situation in hong kong he says that if this security act is passed hong kong would be finished as a financial center and he says that in the coming few days he's going to deliver a surprise he says and i think by that he means the the hong kong autonomy act to us legislators have proposed this act it would mean that people involved in the drafting of this proposed back to a closely involved with it would face sanctions and also banks that deal with those individuals could also be sanctioned or said the following what happens through the day with you adrian for the moment thank you. police officers in the united states city of minneapolis have been sacked after the death of a black man a video posted on social media showed an officer kneeling on george floyd's neck before you mention he stopped breathing it's the latest example of police brutality against african-americans john hendren possible from chicago. it is happened again
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in america a black man in police custody pleads for help as he struggles to bree what you want to. be. on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. do. you remember. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody murder when they come. into her. bystanders plead with the officer how. he later dies in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video on you tube. the police spokesman describes the death in sterile language rambling get the suspect in the here. and
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realized that the suspect was suffering a medical distress the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence 1st 5 minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes. this scene bears an eerie resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the us police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from
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police in toward the alleged victim. officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonnell. now protesters have printed new signs with this same familiar words i can't breed john hendren al jazeera chicago well across europe many countries are continuing to ease the virus restrictions new infections decline in the united kingdom a political storm is intensifying over a top government advisors cross country trip during the lockdown we've baka reports from london coming from the 3. should he stay or should he dominate cummings may have shared his side of the story for the anger surrounding his trip from london to the northeast of england defying the government's own look down rules isn't going away newspapers on the right and left of politics
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a saying the same thing no apology no regrets reads one no regrets no apology the other meanwhile politicians from the governing conservatives and opposition parties piling pressure on the prime minister to sack his chief and finds a. junior government minister resigned in protest there are aspects of cummings explanation that i have trouble with he tweeted. the government's now desperately trying to refocus attention on what it's achieved including the announcement that britain would provide the antiviral drug does appear to some covert $900.00 sufferers this is probably the biggest step forward in the treatment of coronavirus since the crisis began these are very early steps but we determined to support the science and back the projects that show promise the government's expended an awful lot of political capital defending dominic cummings only 2 weeks ago the prime minister's approval rating according to one poll was 25 percent after
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supporting his chief advisor it's now in negative figures at a time when the government's trying to inspire public confidence. in other parts of europe people are adjusting to a relaxing of restrictions but it goes the next year but the russian president vladimir putin says his nation's past the peak of inspections despite recording his highest daily death toll flags in the spanish capital madrid were lowered ahead of 10 days of mourning for the victims of covert 19 as the pandemic appears to be winding down people are left counting the economic cost. a group of restaurant chefs gathered outside the spanish parliament demanding more financial aid for a sector hardest hit by the lock down. in germany the government agreed to extend social distancing restrictions until june the 29th after a round between federal and state authorities over how fast to ease the lockdown the government also agreed to
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a 9800000000 dollar bailout for its national carrier. officials there want to lift a travel warning for 31 european countries for mid june the major travel slumps left even the strongest airline struggling. in the u.k. is restrictions lice returning to london's parks and tennis courts with a few more rules on how many people can play in the absence of a vaccine life after lockdowns likely to be governed by far more regulations rules meant for everyone leave barca al-jazeera london. french president has announced an $8800000000.00 investment fund to support the auto industry the sector employees hundreds of thousands of people in france and dozens of vehicles and parts factories says autonomous and electric cars will be the focus of the coronavirus crisis that he wants friends to become europe's leading producer of
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clean cars now the coronavirus has battered the u.s. economy but it's had a much needed morale boost with the reopening of the new york stock exchange but like the rest of the country reopening did not mean it was business as usual as gabriel elizondo explains. a sign of the times a past governor of new york arrives for the reopening of the stock exchange trading floor nearly 2 months after coronavirus shut it down for the 1st time in its more than 100 year history. thanks andrew cuomo ring the opening bell to cheers from traders also wearing masks only a quarter have been allowed back the rest continue to work remotely making for a sparsely populated and unusually sedate trading floor traders were forbidden from using public transport to get to work and also needed to take a temperature test upon entering the building i feel very safe and very comfortable coming back into this building the measures that they put in place prior to the
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n.y.s.e. closing and continually through today is something that certainly reassuring they were also required to sign a waiver promising not to sue should they catch coronavirus with the work necessary move according to the stock exchange president most of the people that work down here on the trading floor are not employees of the new york stock exchange so we need to make sure that they are committed to following all those protection productive measures that we put in place and the waiver is really focused primarily on that as a governor left he seemed upbeat and pleased even as the rest of new york city remains mostly closed trading on the new york stock exchange did not stop over the last 2 months as the majority of buying and selling is done electronically however the reopening is significant symbolism as the american economy in shoes towards reopening gabriels on al-jazeera new york.
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to what your knowledge is there the sell romney reminds of all top news stories health research has a warning the number of coronavirus deaths in brazil could increase 5 fold by august the study from the university of washington comes ahead of a u.s. ban on foreign travelers coming from brazil. twitter has flagged 2 tweets by u.s. president all trump about fraudulent mail in ballots as misleading the social media platform has marked the tweet with a link to another page where fact checkers have debunked the claim by kind of has more from washington d.c. now twitter has put up a label on these tweets basically checking it referring viewers or readers to news reports concerning these claims which twitter says here are completely fraudulent so this is the 1st time there has been some kind of response to twitter for what many critics have continually labeled as stream of false swords being done
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by the president on this particular forum hong kong is bracing for more protests this time over a controversial bill that would make it a criminal offense to insult china's national anthem right police are in place around the legislative council building where the bill will be debated in the next few hours 4 police officers in the u.s. city of minneapolis have been sacked after the death of an unarmed black man a video posted on social media showed an officer kneeling on his neck before you eventually stopped breathing and russia says it back senna mediate cease fire and talks to form a united governing body in libya that's after the u.s. accused russia of deploying more fighter jets to help libya ward cleaver have to and is attempt to topple the u.n. recognize government in tripoli those were the headlines the more news in half an hour with the stars here but next on al-jazeera its rewind spirit child to stay with us. what impact would call bit 19 on the drop in the oil
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price tumble in the race to the point. of only these historic setbacks until the job only what it takes to beat. special coverage on al-jazeera. and welcome again to rewind to i'm laura. and this series we're revisiting some of the best documentaries on al-jazeera english since we launched more than a decade ago back in 20000 the people in power series traveled to west africa to expose the show.


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