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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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if you want to help save the world. sneeze in your elbow. this is al-jazeera. and matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. igniting more race protests in the u.s. 4 police officers are fired over the death of an unarmed black man. arrests in hong kong as protesters opposing the national anthem bill and to beijing's plan national security law. it was one of the world's most wanted men
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a role one genocide suspect tells a french court the charges against him allies. tanzania's government is accused of sending out the wrong messages about covert 19 and covering up a crisis. point in love knows no barrier how a couple in different countries are keeping their relationship going during coronavirus. sports including a pivotal moment in the race for the german football title leaders by meaning. one nil in an empty stadium 7 points clear at the top of the been to. another death of an african-american has triggered a new race protests in the u.s. police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators calling for justice there's been
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widespread outrage after a video emerged showing an officer using his knee to pin the unarmed man in the nap in minneapolis there are calls for the officers to face criminal charges john hendren has this report and i have to warn you that it contains images which some viewers may find distressing. protesters gathered by the hundreds to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody it happened a day after an all too familiar american seen with a black man pleads for help is he struggles to bring what he wants to bring. these are the images on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. you remember. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody splinters when they turn. into. bystanders plead with the
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officers. he later died in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video you know you would really feel bad you just really feel damn near broke the city's police chief says he sped a sleepless night deciding what to do then fired the 4 officers at the scene i stand before you in the city of minneapolis here to say that our deepest condolences the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence for survive minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes. the scene bears an eerie
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resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the us police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from police in toward the alleged victim officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonald. animals. blah blah once again demonstrators massed as they've done after similar incidents in new york chicago baltimore and ferguson missouri to demand justice for african-americans across the u.s. and for the police said whose hands george floyd died. ok let's go straight to
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john hendren who's in chicago and so we've been seeing there will be more protests what's been going on john. last night those protesters went on for those protesters for an hours ahead peaceful vigil at that site where all of this happened in minneapolis hundreds of them gathered it looked to me like you might hear the names of the families who doesn't leave in 2000 but it's hard to tell from all that aerial video it was said to be peaceful and people were paying their respects but over the course of the night as it got late people died angry they were apparently some rocks thrown some water bottles thrown a piece responded with tear gas and with we are told rubber bullets that people say they got hurt in that confrontation they felt that the police were very aggressive and a lot of people who were there and have been drawing a contrast because just weeks ago it was a protest to the michigan state house not far away from minneapolis so. that
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protest to go actually 1st your way into the state house and they were carrying a k 47 assault weapons among other things but the police stood back allowed them to have their protest and then leave without any major confrontation and they draw a contrast because that group was largely white and this group was largely black so there is a lot of anger going on there a lawyer for the family says the family thinks that firing the 4 officers involved was a good head start but not enough they want to see those officers prosecuted and it's not happening now but the federal bureau of investigation and the minnesota state organization that is its counterpart are both investigating this to see if there were civil rights violations in the death of georgia. john i know we're going to be checking back in with you as the day goes on but for now thanks very much indeed. anti-government. have flared once again in the hong kong with more than 300
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demonstrators being arrested during a standoff with police these are live pictures from the center of hong kong there are gangly over new proposed laws which they say damage the freedoms of hong kong people injuring britain as more. lunchtime in hong kong central business district. police firing pepper pellets to disperse protesters. bringing traffic in one of the world's busiest star affairs to a standstill. police say this was an illegal assembly this crowd shouted pro-democracy slogans and insults at them the most known of them not everyone is against them though. i'm from china and i support the police screams this woman who's from the mainland the protest is intended target was hong kong's legislative assembly but a heavy security presence prevented their attempts to reach the building inside
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legislators were debating a bill that would punish those who disrespect the national anthem. this is what supporters of the bill want to stop the booing the drowned out the march of the volunteers before a recent football match those convicted under the planned law would face a fine of more than 6 and a half $1000.00 and up to 3 years in jail there were many arrests on wednesday with at least one as young as 14 years old detentions that could now risk university and career prospects opponents of this national anthem bill call it another blow gun from streatham any comes ahead of a move by china's parliament to impose a new national security law on this city. china's rubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to approve draft legislation on thursday when more details of the proposed. the law will be no in the meantime hong kong
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government officials are trying to ease fears that. it will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful to safeguarding the legitimate rights of hong kong people. many home complete people aren't reassured and they now know the risk for daring to demonstrate their opposition adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. benedict rogers is co-founder and chairman of hong kong watch he says the movement is likely to keep going until protesters get what they believe was promised by the government. i don't think we're seeing the end of the pro-democracy movement the movement i think is absolutely as determined as ever particularly to try to not have this security you know imposed on them they're not just going to roll over but we are certainly seeing the end of hong kong's autonomy of one country 2 systems and its basic creed and i think overall
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the weight of responsibility lies on kerry land and on the central government in beijing they have promises that they should uphold under the terms of the sign of british joint declaration and the basic law constitution including a promise albeit in vaguely worded terms to introduce universal suffrage at some stage so the responsibility is theirs and they have introduced at various times laws and measures that have been extremely repressive and have absolutely provoked the fury of the people of course to have been a small minority and i emphasize one minority of protestors who have resorted to violence and an extreme action and i don't condone that action and i think come home is are at their best when they protest peacefully but we should remember that those incidents of violence have mostly been in response to police brutality it's
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usually been the police that has has acted 1st and of course in response to out of frustration at a government that just does not listen to the beatles the us president says he's working on a strong response to china's plans national security law in hong kong his threats prompted this reaction from the chinese foreign ministry. so you know. we the national security legislation for hong kong is purely china's internal fear that allows no foreign interference china is determined in imposing external interference in hong kong if he is if anyone insists on harming china's interests joyner is determined to take all necessary countermeasures and taiwan's president has thrown her support behind the protesters in hong kong promising to provide humanitarian aid for pro-democracy activists saying one says the island which has its own struggles with chinese sovereignty will continue to back efforts towards democracy and freedom it's the most concrete show of support by taiwan in recent
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months ok let's go back to our top story for police officers who've been fired in the u.s. city of minneapolis after the death of an unarmed black man douglas sloan is a civil rights analyst and he's vice president of the national association for the advancement of colored people and he's joining us in washington d.c. he's with us by skype thank you very much indeed for giving us your time. given the fact that these events which do happen on a unfortunately regular basis are almost always captured on camera whether it's by but the police themselves all by passers by and that people intervene is it in any way surprising that this still goes on so publicly. it is and i'd just like to clarify her quickly vice president of the d.c. branch of the in double a c.p. so i'm not here where is it in the end alessi people rather my views as a civil rights analyst and social justice activists but yes it is very surprising
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they we keep seen these films clips and videos over and over again disparate treatment of black males in particular at the hands of the police it is stunning it is surprising it is shocking that we continue to see black males brutal august in awe and sometimes killed at the hands of the police just 6 years ago we saw air garner die under very similar circumstances at the hands of officer dan panta layo in staten island he was killed mia illegal to local so it is stunning to people in a black community we continue to see this horrid treatment brutalization of black males and to the police and collectively traumatizes
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a black community so i and that is only going to lead to more negative outcomes for the police so yes in some ways it is shocking that we continue to see this treatment how significant is it that these officers were fired so quickly after the event it is definitely a step in the right direction. again using the example of the officer in staten island he was not fired into will just last year bottom years after the crime so to see swift action by the police department in minneapolis is a relief and a. it is the 1st step towards justice to see the officers fired to see those officers indicted of a crime. homicide against. mr floyd and to see his family by mansion compensated of course we would like to have
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a conviction because officer dan pans label you your was indicted. but the grand jury refuses to refuse to step forward and actually meet the grand jury refused to indict officer dan panza leo even though the case was recommended to a grand jury so we would like to see an indictment and we would like to see a conviction of those officers they killed mr floyd in broad daylight right before our eyes. ok douglas sloan thank you very much douglas on is civil rights honest and vice president of the end of the d.c. office thank you very much indeed for making that correction for me i appreciate it could have you on the show thank you very much to you but more ahead on the news hour including donald trump threatens to shut down social media companies are they after twitter labeled 2 of his tweets as misleading. 10 days of mourning in spain
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for the thousands of people who've died from coronavirus. and in sports find out why saudi arabia's proposed takeover of newcastle united football club might be in doubt. of course deciding if are a wonder genocide suspect will be handed over to u.n. custody if so former businessman for this will go on trial at an international court he's accused of helping finance the mass killings in 1904 and he was arrested in the french capital after 26 years on the run natasha butler is joining us now from paris so what has been going on in court today. were at the paris court of appeal where the chamber is deciding on the validity of . those international arrest warrant and he was indicted by a u.n.
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tribe you know in 1997 on several charges including genocide the court will also decide whether or not they will grant prosecutors their request and that is to transfer to u.n. custody now if that was to happen he could then be tried before an international tribunal most probably in tanzania in the mechanism in aruba now the court has a week to decide exactly what their decision will be they don't necessarily have to hand over anything today this is the beginning of that process that managed to evade justice for more than a quarter of a century before he was arrested in paris earlier this month. no wonder the businessmen. in the capital kigali in 19931 year before the genocide he's accused of helping to finance could google is alleged to have funded the ethnic militias the killed at least 800000 ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus in $100.00
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days could be go was it not for more than a quarter of a century is rest in paris earlier this month has been welcomed by genocide survivors like it sends him on a. tomato rest but of course we must respect the presumption of innocence he was one of the men figures of the old rhonda and he was wanted on several charges so it's a huge relief that he's been caught who was indicted by un cotton genocide charges in 1997 so decades he evaded investigators in africa and europe before he was finally caught in france french investigators surveyed children online and discovered the one of them rented an apartment in this building in the paris suburb of ano source and when police raided the home they found now 84 years old it is believed that he was living here for at least 4 years with a false identity. colonel eric m.
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a whole led the investigation. during the lockdown are investigators were working from home so they have more time to focus on this case to truck phones and locations and we began to survey one location in we believe he was in the apartment but won't certain until we open the door we carried out a d.n.a. test to confirm it was him the paris school to decide whether to hand google to you in custody he could face a tradition to tanzania to face trial in an international court also likely he would be transferred to the hague and then transferred to a rush out to face child but it is still possible that the valid ety of the restaurant would be a challenge and that the court will accept that argument it's unclear how one of the world's most wanted men was able to if they just dismiss so now if google does face trial it may provide some answers it might also shed light on the extent to which the who wanted genocide was planned and officer vive as
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a sense that after so many years justice is finally being served. when lawyers for felicia say that he wishes to be tried here in france where he's been living for several years they say he's elderly he's 84 years old and that his health is frail and the extraditing him would simply be too much for a man of that age they also say that he has some family members here in france and also close by in europe so it would be better if he was to be tried in france but of course that will be up to the court to decide that a shot a lot from paris natasha thank you very much indeed. schools universities and sporting events are expected to resume in tanzania next week as it left coronavirus restrictions but opposition politicians accuse the government of covering up a crisis and the world health organization says there's been a lack of transparency that's handling of the outbreak reports. the beaches
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in dar es salaam it getting busy again. tanzania didn't have strict lockdown measures like some of its neighbors and now it's lifting them. president john mica food we encourage people to gather and pray in churches and mosques to fight the coronavirus crowds came out for the ied alpharetta celebration on sunday. still exists and we need to protect ourselves washing our hands with soap and wearing masks with oh i haven't worn a mask now but corona exists the government hasn't released much data for the last month he says the numbers of new cases are going down. the opposition says the government can't be trusted activists to share videos like this one on social media showing burials at night they say the government's hiding coronavirus death the
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ministry of health has since said the night burials should stop we don't trust the government. the new. government in pandemic is not so the government response was there ability support didn't disappoint barry and that well me and we have so much warning that the tanzanians will be a lot. this is one of the main hospitals for cope with 19 patients in dar es salaam nobody's allowed to film any of them the government denies reports the hospitals are overwhelmed with cases activists have been arrested for challenging the government's account. some prevention measures are in place but for the large part it's business as usual the u.s. embassy has said evidence suggests the pandemic is growing exponentially in the city president magath consistently played it down.
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if you lock someone up in a house according to the literature we have read the day you let him out his immunity would have reduced by 30 percent so allow him continue to russian help us build immunity and this will help us fight diseases. the freedoms to prey and trade popular among many times an in. lock downs have been devastating for the poor neighboring countries but here it still not clear what the cost of those freedoms will be malcolm webb al-jazeera. professor yeah boom is the original representative for epicenter africa it's the research branch at doctors without borders and he's joining us by skype from the island in cameroon thank you very much indeed for giving us your time so how concerned are you about the situation in tanzania i think you're. very concerned about the situation not to be. all of the country because of the war
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the ira or the banditti i think in time to reach the country now we are seeing an important rise in the number of deaths in many countries the guns you thought africa are already reaching one point you count them so did leave you know i'm concerned about the next coming weeks and months and even you have to make sure that we're going to measure in place when it comes to organizers organizations like yours which is tracking the spread of the virus which is of as we know a core part of dealing with it and trying to enclose it when you have situations like you have in tanzania where the data is not coming through how difficult does that make your job. yes definitely look whatever you go in support you have you need to have the buy of the media and the government even here don't have that there is no way you would be able to supply the population so in country where we want such as cameroon for because on here see we mention that we walk how many
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times with the government reach a lot of us to be able to implement what people want to give me and also in your research if you don't have that then we reached the situation legal and at some point there is a breach of trust between the government and government organisation it must make the order for the community. what kind of preparations can you put in place in the event that it becomes apparent that the situation in tanzania is much worse than the government is making out. so you can get away with some come from concert may we have a slightly bad line i'll ask the question again what kind of preparations can organizations like yours put in place to be ready in case the situation in tanzania is much worse than the government there is making out i think walking to work wanting to do to be prepared to be present in the neighboring countries where we can support and then at some point the community of them zillion really the
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country now the country i'm talking about it does provide some point we'll be open to 4.0 if they need that support to eat actually depending on the government to define the region extending them support even the group of them or it is not going to be able to support but will be on standby will be ready if there is war with everything to happen. don't we have been we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for joining us on our jazeera. pleasure. and now it's time for the weather is rob having a look at florida ahead of the for the space x. launch because it is not particular have to say that florida's been particularly wet in the last few days or more all day produce some flooding this is it this isn't by $200.00 millimeters of rain falling out of persistent thunderstorms and they have been persistent and they are still around and mostly they've gone off shore but interesting they've formed into
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a tropical storm now it's just about to hit the coast of south carolina be there next day or so may hae a big mess for the part of you raised off to be windy but it indicates how unsettled the area is which is not particularly good so from the forecast next few hours you got the major rain there but in florida self and orlando's is as close as i can get to the launch pad just the west the showers will form again this afternoon probably to sundry not necessarily good news they can't launch when thunderstorms are and there's a forecast for longer than thunderstorms later or the next day next window is a part of the thirty's that also have to say looks sundry a bigger picture is although there's plenty of crowd around the eastern seaboard and some pretty big storms in the southern plains states and is a big mess if you try to our allies it the temperatures maybe the biggest stand off was up to 32 in toronto 28 and phoenix 43 all well above where they should be.
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but thanks very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera. a music star remembered we'll have more on the tributes paid to more to come to. town the national hockey league puts plans in place for an unconventional restart to the season joe is going to have all the details coming up in this sport. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day the new patent your new join our global community. how we come together to fight and soaring your questions can i get on with you think this is me directly that coming on on you tube as you were saying i'm concerned about the front line phone i think or a crisis and not keeping you up to date and we've seen countries beaten back and beaten back successfully the stream on 00. frank
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assessments tourism but income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy kids say on the street they cannot all be seen to grady but it's great to meet this debating team over with all continues inside story on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour police in the u.s.
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have clashed with protesters calling for justice over the death of an unarmed black man while in custody in minneapolis there's been widespread outrage after a video image showing an officer using his knee to pen a man identified as george floyd to the ground. hong kong police have used pepper spray as demonstrations escalate at least 300 people have been arrested protesters are angry at a proposed law that could see people jailed for mocking china's national anthem. porton france is deciding whether rolonda genocide suspect from his income pulled out will be handed over to u.n. custody if so the former businessman will go on trial at an international court that was accused of helping to finance the mass killings in 1904. donald trump has threatened to shut down social media companies a day off to twitter labeled to have his tweets as misleading for the 1st time the u.s. president says the twitter is stifling free speech after it referred to users to
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a fact check page alexei o'brien reports was arguably twice his most famous using the us president donald trump has even said to us one him the white house thank you very much every now he's at the center of a twist a storm after the social media company flagged 2 of his tweets as misleading for the 1st time trumpeted tweeted to his 80000000 follow as that mail in ballots would lead to fraud twista said his claims were false and had been debunked by fact check is there are 2 areas where twitter has said specifically they would be more aggressive one of those is misinformation around the virus so we've seen them take action against the brazilian president over that and then on. so on election misinformation so this is one of the 2 areas where they said they'd be more aggressive that they have never taken action in 3 and a half years of presidents and there's been plenty that have been misleading trump
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has hit back accusing in a tweet of stifling free speech and interfering in the november election but while twitter has now taken its 1st stamp against the president hours earlier it refused to act over another series of trump's tweets where he suggested former republican congressman and u.s. t.v. anchor joe scarborough may have been involved in the death of an intern 19 years ago it's a very suspicious thing and i hope somebody gets to the bottom of it trump's tweeted for years about the unfounded allegations even though laurie closer death was blamed on a hot issue last week a widow wrote an open letter to twitter pleading with it to delete the posts saying i'm asking you to intervene in this instance because the president of the united states has taken something that does not belong to him the memory of my did wife and perverted it for perceived political gain what they call a suit this is the entire family have had to endure for 19 years.
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it's unspeakably cruel for what whether it's the president or whether it's people following the president in his speak a bully crew or social media companies like twitter facebook and you tube have come under increasing pressure to act faster and more effectively against misinformation and hate speech on their platforms twitter says the president's posts about the t.v. host don't violate its terms of service though it's working to address issues like this going forward thank you very much everybody thank you alexia brian al-jazeera a white house correspondent kimberly hawk and is joining us now he might not like twitter but he has been using it this morning kimberly what's he been saying. yes the u.s. president has been quite active on twitter in the last few hours that
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a whole range of topics including continue to rail against the media prominent democrats and also pushing back on criticism of his response to cope with 9000 here in the united states i think what's clear is that donald trump has enjoyed this platform for quite some time in a way he's never seen a politician before it helped propel him to the white house and it's one that he feels that is increasingly silencing conservative voices that it's not just the president feels that way it's republicans and conservatives to a large extent in the united states that feel that way in fact kellyanne conway the advisor of one of the councilors to the u.s. president speaking to reporters in just the last hour or so here at the white house saying that the feeling of conservatives in the united states is that essentially the mainstream media is not on the side of the president so this is been one of his only avenues for speaking directly to his supporters and in an unfiltered manner without the so-called spin they argue so this is something that the president need
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to even as he's threatening to shut it down something he can't do although he has said he would like to regulate it that would certainly be something of a get a lot of pushback but we should also point out the twitter needs the president there are enormous number of users on twitter that would otherwise be there really has become the morning paper where people check to see what their president to say in a way that we've never seen before so this is an i usually relationship where this is headed is still unclear but certainly the president is advocating to be able to continue to use it in a manner that he believes he has not violated but certainly twitter now weighing in feeling to the contrary one place that the president is headed is that he's going to meet the governor of new york on to cuomo the softer than what are we expecting from the. yeah we've got a busy schedule for the u.s. president today he's going to be meeting with the new york governor that is andrew
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cuomo they've had a bit of a love hate relationship at times he's been the president's biggest critics other times he's get lavish praise on the president now that's certainly something the latter that the u.s. president is looking for particularly in election year to have this governor of a very populated state that's hard hit by coronavirus when he's under the microscope for his coronavirus response certainly needs that the kind of thing you can generate a sound bite for in a campaign ad so there's no question he's looking for praise from the andrew cuomo the governor as he tries to seek sort of a reinvigoration for his state something to do with infrastructure that would allow for the economy and to reopen the economy in that state all across the united states but the real big headline that should be coming on in the coming hours will be the president traveling to florida for that space x. launch the president always had a fascination with the space program he did it when he added another branch to the military in terms of the space force so this is
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a president looking to change the conversation get away from some of the negative have lives whether it be twitter whether it be coronavirus and really focus on the future in what he hopes will be kind of a national big american moment and a diversion from some of the more negative press kimberly thanks very much indeed the european commission is calling for a recovery fund of some $825000000000.00 to help the e.u. tackle the pandemic president sort of one laden ones to transform the blocks central finance is to allow it to raise money from capital markets it would then conduct grants and loans from member states but some countries including austria the netherlands denmark and sweden are opposed to taking on debt for all the countries. the money will be raised by temporarily lifting the own resources ceiling to allow the commission to use its very strong credit rating to borrow money on the financial markets this is an urgent and exceptional necessity
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for an urgent and exceptional crisis the next generation e.u. will invest in repairing our social fabric protect our single market and help rebalancing balance sheets across europe hungary's government has begun the process of ending controversial emergency powers granted to the prime minister at the start of the coronavirus pandemic viktor orban was accused of making a power grab when parliament was given permission to rule by decree on covert 19 nutters with no end date on tuesday the government submitted new legislation to lift the state of emergency and special powers on june the 20th a 10 day mourning period has begun in spain to remember more than 27000 people who have died during the pandemic king philip and members of the government have held a minute's silence in madrid flags have also been lowered across the country spain
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is one of the hardest hit countries in europe with more than 236000 cases. denmark is opening its borders to couples who face long separations because of coronavirus cost and heinsohn lives in germany i mean to be meeting his girlfriend at the border during the lockdown now they'll just need a letter signed by both parties for the one living in nordic countries of germany to be able to get together. well hilary jacobs handles a psychotherapist and an author of it's not always depression she's joining us live by skype from waterford in connecticut we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed do you think that the relationships that have existed underneath coronavirus whether apart or whether together are going to be markedly different when lock downs are eventually lifted. i think that the stress of the pandemic and all of the emotions that it brings up naturally for everyone like fear and sadness over losses
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and anxiety are are requiring that people have more skills to work through stress in and constructive and not destructive ways because relationships are very difficult under the best of circumstances but when there's stress involved whether it's coming together and belonging and then you're finally together but then you have to live day to day under these changed rules or whether you've been living together like this for the 3 months and fighting there are so many things we can learn that can help us get along better and a lot of it has to do with self-awareness i was noticing that a lot of dating apps are saying that there's been a massive uptick in the number of people signing on to them how much of that do you think is driven by a genuine need for for a new relationship or a different relationship and how much of it is simply people trying to avoid loneliness. no i think they go hand in hand i think that there's an acute
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awareness now that that schumann what we know what scientists know is that humans are wired for connection we're social beings the concepts that we should be independent islands is really counter to biology so it makes perfect sense i think that people are tapping into their need to have relationships and also if we're going to be living in a time where this is going to happen again. many people want to be quarantined with someone that they are in partnership with us opposed to alone children very often of course the models for their future relationships from the relationships that they see on a daily basis given the fact that so many relationships are being compressed over a very intense period of time. much to think that that is going to affect the way that those children are going to approach relationships in the future well i think what you're saying is so important that relationships have to be modeled for
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children and the problem is also that we don't get any relationship skills and formal schooling like in high school we don't get any emotion education in high school when we need it because the fact is that a most relationships and differing needs trigger emotions and the way we use emotions either destructively by fighting in front of children. or constructively by showing how to treat each other well even when we disagree is so important for the next generation to have tools that we should be frankly i think overtly teaching because relationships are hard managing the mind and the body and the impulses that we have which we see the destruction that emotions cause all over the world with war and whatnot we need skills and tools to be able to manage ourselves not impulsively but thoughtfully so that we always are acting in
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constructively for the people around us and for the sake of our relationships to preserve the integrity of the relationship by being for example kind even though we want to assert that we don't like something happening in the relationship. as we really appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera thank you for having me ok some other news now a vote counting has been suspended in sudan noms national assembly elections with 73 percent of results announced the government stopped the count as results showed the ruling party heading for defeat opposition parties say the policy is suspicious after what they say were irregularities throughout voting day the president says national democratic party says the decision was necessary because stuff we're tired iranian members of parliament elected in february have been sworn in the overwhelming majority are conservative president hassan rouhani says he hopes the
4:44 pm
government and parliament can have a good working relationship for the last year of his term. was listening to the president's speech and has more details from to one. he also said that the independence of each branch of government in the country does not necessarily mean that they have to be confrontational that they can cooperate and he said that my administration extend the hand of brotherhood towards the new parliament now his tone was very positive but you look if you look at the context of the relationship between the presidents in the parliament in the previous years if you look at the political context of what has happened to president hassan rouhani is specially since the collapse of the 2050 nuclear deal then you can understand that perhaps the content of his message the words he used could be seen as defensive this is a president who the previous parliament made 10 attempts to impeach ministers in his cabinet and they succeeded in impeaching 3 of his ministerial cabinets this is the previous parliament that did this that was relatively more reformist leaning
4:45 pm
than the current parliament and if there are 2 more impeachments if he loses 2 more ministers then this presidency will have to go back to the parliament to achieve a vote of confidence to continue and finish out this last year in power now experts suggest that that is not going to happen that the government all branches all leaders want to see president hassan rouhani complete this and have a smooth transition into the next presidency but we have seen the readout from the supreme leader a message from him to this new parliament also said that it is the parliament's job to investigate the other branches of government and the 7 people have been killed in a missile attack on a military base in yemen military sources say the chief of staff of the yemeni national army survived the attack at the saudi backed government facility in mali province but at least one of the sons was killed there's been no immediate claim of responsibility from what the rebels have been advancing on monday. united states is
4:46 pm
accusing russia of dangerous and unprofessional behavior high above the mediterranean sea that's up to 2 russian jets intercepted a u.s. navy patrol plane over international waters and tuesday the russian pilots flew close to each wing for over an hour the u.s. says the move was unprovoked and jeopardize the safety of everyone involved it's the 3rd such incident in 2 months funeral services have been held for the singer songwriter who helped bring west african music to the world in the 1980 s. guinea's money conti died at the age of 77 that looks back at his life and his career. this is the song the can safely use it on to don't schools and his name across the world. ok ok hits in
4:47 pm
1987 was africa's 1st single so i've heard many copies and it was a best seller across europe it was also a source of musical inspiration in bollywood films. you can say was one of west africa's most successful musical thousands defied coronavirus restrictions and denise capital to pay tribute. to the measurement religion of a doris legend like maury county is applauded know the way he's always been applauded when she. can say pasta way on friday age 70 he's had ongoing health issues because the current virus restrictions on able to travel to france for regular treatments his family and the culture minister quashed rumors that he has caved at 19 or more and to put it down a little. on behalf of president and his government were informing you that more to
4:48 pm
come tell you did not die from covenanting this is important to note. that you are . one of 38 children can say i was born to a famous skinny family of musicians and storytellers known as grio me. he was sent to mali aged just 7 lengths of the came a distinguished call home player nicknamed electronic rio he makes traditional instruments with unique more than sounds he created and took inspiration from his man to go culture muslim faith and even cuban music. in the 1970s he joined mani's legendary group the rail bands of. it known his career and that's of another musical giant sun lifting murray can say was also a goodwill ambassador to several humanitarian projects helping refugees in co-creating the 2014 african stock bonus song during the epidemic that killed more than 11000 people. it's a case mari can say was
4:49 pm
a source of inspiration to many and will be remembered for building a global audience for music rooted in west africa saga hideouts al-jazeera still ahead and i'll just spots fly as nascar drivers fight it out for the charity payday that's coming up with joe in the sport. business later.
4:50 pm
business later. the ear going. on it's time to support his job rob thank you by i mean it can take a huge step towards a now the german bundesliga title they beat 2nd place but don't want to move 7
4:51 pm
points clear at the top david stokes reports. no big game atmosphere but this was a big game between the but this league is tough to dortmund with europe's most in-form striker erling holland you a win would put them just a point behind leaders by in 19 year old holland had scored 13 goals since joining in january and he nearly got another less than a minute after kick off. it was by and he made the breakthrough though just before half time with a stunning goal from joshua kimmage. 5 the chip well worth a 2nd look and certainly worthy of a bigger cheer than it received in an empty stadium. don't montford heart after the break. holland shot was deflected wide by jerome poet saying it was perhaps lucky not to concede a penalty for handball. poland then limped out of the game with
4:52 pm
a knee injury by and had a chance to double their lead light on through robert levin dusky. but one goal was enough. to win away from home against their closest rivals makes them 7 points clear with just 6 games left in the season closing in on their 8th straight title this game as maybe the most important game in the next weeks and maybe the decider and we want to then need to lose the 7 point one and but of course we will fight until the end but it can be very very difficult. the other standout result on choose day was well spurred shock 41 win over by a leverkusen mare in prague which it she scored his 1st to put to sleep good goals to boost their hopes of european qualification and on track frankfurt and in a run of 5 defeats 5 fighting from $31.00 down against freiburg to draw $33.00 david stokes al-jazeera. premier league clubs in england and fated to return to
4:53 pm
contact training squads can now make tackles while still minimizing unnecessary close contact it wasn't a unanimous decision by all 20 teams and made things close into a restart sometime in june no date has been a great though. saudi arabia's proposed takeover of newcastle united could be in doubt the guardian newspaper is reporting the world trade organization has ruled that the kingdom is behind pirate broadcast and be out kid is therefore in breach of international law be out here illegally office access to copyrighted sporting events including prime uni games the ruling now means saudis often may not pass the premier league's owners and directors test we spoke to sports lawyer nick demarco the ozen directors test is. focused really the structure of it is focused on so far as the sorts of things that concern convictions in court for serious criminal offenses or offenses of dishonesty lead also includes a finding of
4:54 pm
a court that somebody has breached copyright and the involved in piracy in some way if the c.e.o. reports says what the newspapers suggested it seems to me this is at least an issue the premier league can now look at seriously and there's another thing as well because another way in which somebody can ferret this is if they don't provide all full information or 'd 'd they provide misleading or inaccurate information so for example a permit it might ask some questions arising out of that court and then they might decide that the information they've received isn't adequate or is misleading and that my it is another route in which they may exercise that discretion so long as they are the will to refuse the bit. the national hockey league has decided to cut
4:55 pm
its season shorts and if it restarts will go straight into a playoff format the n.h.l. was suspended in march with 3 weeks and 199 games left of the regular season but the pandemic has forced them to plan for an expanded $24.00 team playoff stage held in 2 humps cities although there's still no date for a comeback i think realistically. you know if you are in training camp mid july that would be a good thing and if we could be playing by the end of the wild beginning of borders that would be a good think so but if it hurts the slide more than little swipe there's a reason that we're not giving you dates now because anybody who gives you a date is guessing and we think we'd rather take a more holistic approach to doing this major league baseball that was moving ahead with plans to start playing again players coaches and stadium workers returned to tampa bay for the race 1st team workout since march on tuesday negotiating with players to get the sport up and running but salaries have been
4:56 pm
a sticking point and the rays manager says everyone wants to get the season started . there's a sense of urgency for everybody just to to play this is our are our livelihood the players like they want to do everything for the most part that they can't have had a product or are not on the field that can be seen most likely through a t.v. screen or computer screen for the time being that can entertain or society and i think you know or certain kind of looking at it that way meanwhile the l.a. dodgers stadium will see big crowds but vista's won't be coming to watch baseball the car park has been turned into the largest drive straight coronavirus testing sites in california be able to test around 6000 people a day. and as car drivers earned $100000.00 for current virus relief charity it was the turn of the gander already and outdoors truck series at the charlotte motor speedway on cheese day night and despite fans being locked out of the stands sparks flew on the track as the racing was as tough as ever bush was aiming for an 8th
4:57 pm
straight win but he was edged out by chase elliott for his 3rd career ganda trucks victory he'll donate that prize money to help fight the pandemic. a couple of days ago we told you about the formula a driver who cheated in an online charity race by hiring a professional game it's a compete in his place well now he's been sacked by the team over it daniel app has apologized. for extreme yet stuart white the it's a pain which i have never felt in my life it was extremely important for me to take the chance here and now to tell you what happened and with all of my heart to apologize to my family to my friends to audi to my partners to formula eve to unicef and of course to all the fans who have supported me over the years i made a huge mistake i stand by and i hope you can forgive me all right that is so useful for now more later rob joe thanks very much indeed and that's it for me rob
4:58 pm
patterson for this news hour i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news and see that by. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit just because lloyd doesn't mean. what about the guy that can afford it guys tell these water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized nation loads of water coming soon. they say to legally know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys.
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inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. weakness documentaries on al-jazeera. real men killed a mother in some only way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms luck also is soon on with the was off the american occupation of iraq that the house on hold americans to account trump tower 2016 how come you didn't mention not meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong body i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or you're your charge head to head on a. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. and died from. power defines our we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the
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rules people and car investigates exposes and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. igniting more race protests in the u.s. 4 police officers are fired over the death of an unarmed black man. comrade matheson this is all deserve a live from doha also coming up. arrests in hong kong most protesters oppose a national anthem bill and beijing's planned national security law. it was one of the world's.


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