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for hoyle in gas we live here we make the rules people and our investigates exposes and question they use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. igniting more race protests in the us for police officers are fired over the death of an unarmed black man. comrade matheson this is all deserve a live from doha also coming up. arrests in hong kong most protesters oppose a national anthem bill and beijing's planned national security law. it was one of the world's most wanted men a real one genocide suspect tells
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a french court the charges against him are lives. and space x. gets ready for what could be the 1st time a private company sends astronauts into orbit. and now the death of an african american in police custody has triggered new race protests in the u.s. police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators calling for justice there's been widespread outrage after a video emerged showing an officer using his knee to pin the on armed man in minneapolis there are calls for the officers to face criminal charges john hendren has this report let me tell you that this contains some images which viewers may find distressing. protesters gathered by the hundreds to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody it happened
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a day after an all too familiar american seen with a black man pleads for help is he struggles to bring what you want to. believe that the image on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. i. know. you remember. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody a stomach but they do. anything. bystanders plead with the officers. he later died in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video you shot it would really do you just really you'll get me wrong the city's police chief says he sped a sleepless night deciding what to do then fired the 4 officers at the scene i
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stand before you in the city of minneapolis here to say that our deepest condolences the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence. 1st 5 minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes the scene bears an eerie resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the us police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from police in toward the alleged victim officer jason van dyke is now serving
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a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonald we treat animals better blah blah once again demonstrators massed as they've done after similar incidents in new york chicago baltimore and ferguson missouri to demand justice for african-americans across the u.s. and for the police said whose hands george floyd died john hendren al-jazeera chicago douglas sloan as vice president of the civil rights group and a c.p.s. washington d.c. branch he says it's positive to see quick action taken against the officers involved. it is definitely a step in the right direction. again using the example of the officer in staten island he was not fired into all just last year by years after the crime so to see swift action by the police department in minneapolis is
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a relief and is a 1st step towards justice to see the officers fired to see those officers indicted of a crime. homicide again it's mr floyd and to see his family financially compensated of course we would like to have a conviction because officer dan pans label in new york was indicted. but the grand jury refuses to refuse to step forward and actually be the grand jury refused to indict officer dan pantoliano even though the case was recommended to a grand jury so we would like to see an indictment and we would like to see a conviction of those officers they killed mr lloyd in broad daylight right before our eyes ok let me bring you some breaking news a roadside bomb has exploded in province in syria as
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a turkish convoy passed by it happened on the m 4 highway it's a key supply route that opposition forces and the syrian government have been fighting over turkey deployed soldiers to the province to enforce a cease fire agreed with russia that is eames main ally that all reports of some casualties we're going to bring you some more details of course as we get them. antigovernment protests have flared once again in hong kong with more than $300.00 demonstrators being arrested a standoff with police they're angry over proposed laws which they say damage the freedoms of hong kong people and has more. lunchtime in hong kong central business district. police firing pedal pellets to disperse protesters. bringing traffic in one of the world's busiest star affairs to a standstill. police say this was an illegal assembly this crowd shouted
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pro-democracy slogans and insults at them their mother not everyone is against them though. i'm from china and i support the police screams this woman who's from the mainland the protest is intended target was hong kong's legislative assembly but a heavy security presence prevented their attempts to reach the building inside legislators were debating a bill that would punish those who disrespect the national anthem. this is what supporters of the bill want to stop the booing that drowned out the march of the volunteers before a recent football match those convicted under the planned law would face a fine of more than 6 and a half $1000.00 and up to 3 years in jail there were many arrests on wednesday with at least one as young as 14 years old detentions that could now risk university and career prospects opponents of this national anthem will call it another float on
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the funds freedom and he comes ahead of a move by china's parliament to impose a new national security law on this city. china's rubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to approve legislation on thursday when more details of the proposed security law will be known in the meantime hong kong government officials are trying to ease. spheres. will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful to safeguarding the legitimate rights of hong kong people. many home calm people aren't reassured and they now know the risk for daring to demonstrate their opposition adrian brown al jazeera hong kong the us president says he's working on a quote strong response to china's plans national security law in hong kong his threat prompted this reaction from the chinese foreign ministry c n
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n we the national security legislation for hong kong is purely china's internal of fear that allows no foreign interference china is determined in imposing external interference in hong kong if is if anyone insists on harming china's interests joiners determined to take all necessary countermeasures and taiwan's president has thrown her support behind the protesters in hong kong promising to provide humanitarian aid for pro-democracy activists citing one says the island which has its own struggles with chinese sovereignty will continue to back efforts towards democracy and freedom is the most concrete show of support by taiwan in recent months according france's deciding if out of london genocide suspects will be handed over to u.n. custody if so former businessman financing the couple that will go on trial at an international court is accused of helping finance the the mass killings in 1994 and was arrested in the french capital after 26 years on the run such
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a battle is joining us live from paris what's been happening so far natasha. well this is a hearing and 3 judges are trying to decide on the validity of cougars arrest warrant he was indicted in 1907 by a u.n. tribunals on several charges including genocide they will also look at whether or not he should be handed over to u.n. custody now that is something that has been requested by prosecutors if he was to be handed over to in custody then he could face trial at an international court most probably the mechanism in a room in tanzania and now fear. managed to evade to justice for more than a quarter of a century century it is believed that he might have lived in several countries in both africa and europe with false identities. no wonder the businessmen.
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in the capital kigali in 19931 year before the genocide he's accused of helping to finance could google is alleged to have funded the ethnic militias they killed at least 800000 ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus in a 100 days could be go was it not for more than a quarter of a century is addressed in paris earlier this month has been welcomed by genocide survivors like it sends the mana. to measure rest but of course we must respect the presumption of innocence he was one of the men figures of the old rhonda and he was wanted on several charges so it's a huge relief that he's been caught who was indicted by un cotton genocide charges in 1997 so decades he evaded investigators in africa and europe before he was finally caught in france french investigators surveyed children online and discovered the one of them rented an apartment in this building in the paris suburb
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of ano source and when police raided the home they found now 84 years old it is believed that he was living here for at least 4 years with a false identity. colonel erik m. a whole led the investigation. during the lockdown our investigators were working from home so they had more time to focus on this case to truck phones and locations and we began to survey one location in we believe he was in the apartment but weren't certain until we opened the door we carried out a d.n.a. test to confirm it was him the paris school to decide whether to hand google to you in custody he could face extradition to tanzania to face trial in an international court also likely he would be transferred to the hague and then transferred to our shot to face trial but it is still possible that the valid ety of the restaurant would be a challenge and that the court will accept that argument it's unclear how one of
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the world's most wanted men was able to evade justice for so long if google does face trial it may provide some answers it might also shed light on the extent to which the who wanted genocide was planned and officer vive as a sense that after so many years justice is finally being served. when the charges were read out to in the court he said that they were or law is he said that they were all lies and that in fact he had worked alongside of the seas now his lawyers have said that a cougar should be tried in france that he should not be extradited that that would be simply unfair for some day of his age he is 84 years old they say they say he is also very frail and his health is very uncertain that he has family here in france nearby and that's why they are requesting that he remain in france but atia thank you very much indeed. still ahead an al-jazeera donald trump threatens to shut down
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social media companies a day after twitter labeled to his tweets as misleading. 10 days of mourning in spain for the thousands of people who've died from corona virus. had i would staying warm and sunny in japan in the korean peninsula and most of northern china as the last belt of rain disappears into the western pacific seiko 272300 degrees away from tokyo back to this part of china for the size and the rain is rebuilding the last band has disappeared it's raining in taiwan the forecast was a by friday it's gathering once more a streak of oranges heavy rain moving up slowly towards shanghai by the end of the
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day hong kong still in the humid and occasional sherry regime the philippines so the way sea and around the banda arc is likely to be fairly cheri start exactly devoted elsewhere but the concentration is moving north and up into the andaman sea and main man thailand as the monsoon rains start to break of the sudden but of being goal now that's fine if you happen to be done there but as you well know ahead of the monsoon change you get extreme heat 50 degrees in pakistan about 45 in parts of this part of india the rain is still falling heavily in the northeast and in bangladesh now big thunderstorms but the more steady rain has been recently and i think will be the next day or so further size so on the closer carola and possibly in tamari as well. as the world fights the corona pandemic more than learning more about this every
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day the new passenger and join our global community it's up to us on how we come to be able to fight i'm sorry your questions can i just ask you time to see directly that coming on on you tube as you were saying i'm concerned about the frontline phone that's a great question that keeping you up to date i'm using countries beating back and beating back successfully the stream on 00. they want you all to see it a reminder of our top stories this hour police in the u.s. have clashed with protesters calling for justice over the death of an unarmed black man while in custody in minneapolis there's been widespread outrage after
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a video emerged showing an officer using his knee to pin a man identified as george floyd to the ground. hong kong police have used pepper spray as demonstrations escalate there at least 300 people have been arrested protesters are angry at a proposed law that could see people jailed for mocking china's national anthem. a court in france is deciding whether rwandan genocide suspects felicien kobo girl will be handed over to u.n. custody who was accused of helping finance the mass killings in 1994 but he says the charges are lies his lawyers say he won't get a fair trial at a u.n. tribunal. accusations of vote rigging joining burundi's presidential election have deepened with the catholic church now saying it observed many irregularities every east and they shimmy a from the ruling party was declared the winner last week with nearly 70 percent of the vote the church says its observers witnessed ballot box tampering housman to
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voters and proxies registered to the place of dead people. donald trump a sudden to shut down social media companies a day off to twitter labeled 2 of his tweets as misleading for the 1st time the us president says twitter is stifling free speech after it referred users to a fact check page and bryan reports was arguably twice as most famous using the us president donald trump has even said to us one him the white house thank you very much everybody now he's at the center of a twist a storm after the social media company flagged 2 of his tweets as misleading for the 1st time trumpeted tweeted to his 80000000 follow as that mail in ballots would lead to fraud twista said his claims were false and had been debunked by fact check is there are 2 areas where twitter has said specifically they would be more
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aggressive one of those is misinformation around the virus so we've seen them take action against the brazilian president over that and then also on election misinformation so this is one of the 2 areas where they said they'd be more aggressive that they have never taken action in 3 and a half years of presidential tweets and there have been plenty that have been misleading trump has hit back accusing twitter in a tweet of stifling free speech and interfering in the november election that while twice has now taken its 1st stamp against the president allen's eliot it refused to act another series of trump's tweets where he suggested former republican congressman and u.s. t.v. anchor joe scarborough may have been involved in the death of an end 1019 years ago it's a very suspicious thing and i hope somebody gets to the bottom of it trump's tweeted for years about the unfounded allegations even though laurie closers he's death was
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blamed on a hot issue last week a widow wrote an open letter to twitter pleading with it to delete the posts saying i'm asked. new to intervene in this instance because the president of the united states has taken something that does not belong to him the memory of my did wife and perverted it for perceived political gain what they call a suit this is the entire family have had to endure for 19 years. it's unspeakably cruel for what whether it's the president or whether it's people following the president it is speaker bully crew or social media companies like twitter facebook and you tube have come under increasing pressure to act faster and more effectively against misinformation and hate speech on their platforms twitter says the president's posts about the t.v. host don't violate its terms of service though it's working to address issues like
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this going forward thank you very much everybody thank you alexia brian al jazeera white house correspondent kelly hawkins joining us live now but he may not like twitter very much but the president has been using it in the early hours of this morning has new. yeah for the last few hours the president's been particularly active on twitter he's been railing once again against the media some prominent democrats and criticism of his response to cope with 19 and in the midst of all of this as the president threatens to shut down twitter we should point out that he really is unable to do that it's a private company he is also threatening to regulate but even that would require congressional oversight and certainly there would be considerable pushback from prominent democrats on capitol hill but in the midst of all of this what we're really seeing is a president who is increasingly nervous that his main voice for speaking to his supporters could in some way be curtailed and in fact kellyanne conway
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a counselor to the president was speaking to reporters of the white house driveway in the last couple of hours and she talked about this saying that she really feels and conservatives feel that not only is this platform silencing republican and conservative voices but also that the mainstream media really is not on the side of conservatives them to some extent that's true so the us president looks to this to be able to speak directly to supporters in an unfiltered manner there really is no other platform for doing this so the president really needs twitter but at the same time twitter also needs the president he's not just one of their most active participants he's also one of their most popular and many americans much like they pick up their morning paper they turn to twitter to see what their president is saying so the relationship is a strained one but at the same time they both need each other and kimberley's noses
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are going to it of course he's got a pretty busy day ahead of him as well and one of those meetings is where to cool with the governor of new york. yeah that's right another sort of unusual relationship just like the president's relationship with twitter is very similar when it comes to a prominent democrat governor andrew cuomo he of course of presides over a very populated state one that has been hit hard by cope with 19 and so it times he has criticized the president at other times he showered praise for the president's response for the federal handling in his state getting the resources that it needs the u.s. president as he continues to be under the microscope for his crime a virus response is looking for that phrase from natural cuomo they'll be meeting at 15 g.m.t. we'll be watching that very carefully but we're also watching very carefully about 90 minutes later the u.s. president will be leaving the white house heading to florida very key battleground state that he'll need to win in order to win re-election very likely and what's
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going to be happening there is the u.s. president's going to be watching the space x. launch this is a long time fascination for this president he is very much been interested in advancing in space he's added another branch of the military with his creation of the space force so we'll be watching this very carefully because he sees this is kind of a big national moment but it's also a big diversion from some of the negative press that he's been receiving in the last few days kimberly thanks very much indeed this committee hall could the white house ok as kimberly just mentioned 2 american nostromo and so are making their final preparations for the historic mission that the president's going to be watching there the crew for the 1st manned space flight to blast off from u.s. soil in almost a decade i'm stunned these are live pictures from there it's the 1st time that it's a collaboration between nasa and a private company space x. now weather permitting before can 9 rockets going to launch from kennedy space center in florida in the coming hours my kind of reports. all is ready the pole can
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line rocket poised on the launch pad for historic mission that could pave the way for the future of space travel and restart a manned space program that was mothballed in sweeping budget cuts by the obama administration. the astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken are space veterans 2101. 0 doug hurley was the pilot of the space shuttle atlantis back in 2011 the last manned flight from u.s. soil you would have never thought you know after we landed atlantis back in 2011 then you know 9 years later we would be where we are in some ways and it's it's. better than i would have imagined in so many the mission is the fruit of a unique partnership between the private space x. company founded by millionaire elon musk and the one thing we have under
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development that is of the highest priority is launching american astronauts on american rockets from american soil there's always issues space is hard obviously the partnership has not been without its problems in 2015 the folk and rocket carrying supplies exploded 139 seconds into its flight and in april last year the dragon capsule was destroyed in a ground explosion. grim reminders of the dangers a space travel in which 14 u.s. astronauts lost their lives over a period of 30 years is there are just so many technical factors and things that we need to focus on to make sure that we pull this off our place in history or you know even trying to put our names in the same sentence as the folks who have come before us. it seems premature until until we until we've pulled it off the
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spacesuits are different because that will take the astronauts to the launch pad tesla's branded with the nasa label. but if all goes according to plan the one thing that has not changed is the view that the astronauts will have from nearly 400 kilometers above the. mike hanna al-jazeera washington the european commission is calling for a recovery fund of some $825000000000.00 to help the e.u. tackle the pandemic president osun of online wants to transform the blocks in central finances to allow it to raise money from capital markets then hand out grants and loans from member states but some countries including austria the netherlands denmark and sweden are opposed to taking on debt for other countries $10.00 day mourning period has begun in spain to remember the more than 27000 people who died during the coronavirus pandemic king felipe and members of the
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government have held a minute's silence in madrid flags will also be lowered across the country spain is one of the hardest hit countries in europe with more than 236000 cases. united states is accusing russia of dangerous and unprofessional behavior high above the mediterranean sea that's after 2 russian jets intercepted a u.s. navy patrol plane over international waters on tuesday the russian pilots flew close to each wing for over an hour the u.s. says the move was unprovoked and jeopardize the safety of everyone involved it's the 3rd such incident in 2 months saudi arabia's proposed takeover of the premier league football club newcastle united could be in doubt the guardian newspaper is reporting the world trade organization has ruled the kingdom is behind part of broadcaster b. out q. and is therefore in breach of international law b. out q. in the eagerly offers access to copyrighted sporting events including premier league games the w t
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o ruling now means saudi's offer may not pass the premier league's owners and directors test that's because the test can be failed if a crime is committed overseas that would also qualify as one in the u.k. we spoke to sports lawyer nick demarco. the only reason there it is test is. focused really the structure is focused on so far as the sorts of things that concerns convictions inc or for serious criminal offenses all offenses of dishonesty but it also includes a finding of a court that somebody has breached copyright and the whole piracy in some way if the c.e.o. report says what the newspapers suggest it seems to me this is at least an issue the premier league can now look at seriously and there's another thing as low interest another way in which somebody can ferret if they don't provide all full
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information or 'd 'd they provide misleading or inaccurate information so for example the premier league might ask some questions arising out of the court and then they might decide that the information they receive isn't adequate or is misleading and that might it is another route in which they may exercise that discretion so long as they at the will to refuse the bit. as orders are these are the top stories police in the u.s. have clashed with protesters calling for justice over the death of an unarmed black man while in custody in minneapolis there's been widespread outrage after a video emerged showing an officer using his knee to pen a man identified as george floyd to the ground there are reports of casualties after a roadside bomb exploded in syria's it'll a province as
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a turkish convoy passed by it happened on the m 4 highway a key supply route that opposition forces and the syrian government have been fighting over turkey deployed soldiers to the province to enforce a cease fire and could agreed with russia the government's main ally. hong kong police have used pepper spray as demonstrations escalate there at least 300 people have been arrested protesters are angry at a proposed law that could see people jailed for mocking china's national anthem idiom brown has more from hong kong some of those people who've been detained as young as 14 years old many schoolchildren were participating in today's disturbances and of course they are jeopardizing university prospects as well as career prospects now hong kong's government has warned that it's prepared to continue cracking down hard if the protesters continue to defy warnings to stay off
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the streets because what was happening in the central business district on wednesday was of course and illegal assembly a court in france is deciding whether roland and genocide suspects for the sea and will be handed over to u.n. custody who is accused of helping finance the mass killings in 1904 but he says the charges allies as lawyers say he won't get a fair trial at a u.n. tribunal accusations of vote rigging during burundi's presidential election have deepened with the catholic church now saying it observed many irregularities every east and day shimmy a from the ruling party was declared the winner last week with nearly 70 percent of the vote the church says it's observers witnessed ballot box tampering how distant of voters and proxies registered to the place of dead people and those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's the stream good buy. what impact will call did 19 of the drop in the oil price have on the race to the white. can go from
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survive these historic setbacks and does joe biden have what it takes to beat. the special coverage on al jazeera. and you are in the stream home edition welcome to my dieting room table now today we are talking about people with disabilities and the impact of the coronavirus is having on them i have an excellent lineup of guests and i'm going to get them to introduce themselves that. i am sometimes director of disability rights and human rights watch. good to have you in the stream i'm. all right. and disability rights. campaign up and.


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