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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes. outrage and protests in the united states 4 police officers have been sacked after the death of an unarmed black man. a mass arrests in hong kong as protesters opposing national anthem bill and beijing's plan security law. this is about all of us
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and it is way bigger than any of us this is europe's moment. the european union proposes an unprecedented $800000000000.00 stimulus package to deal with the coronavirus pandemic fallout. and he was one of the world's most wanted man a court decides where a top suspect in the rwandan genocide should be tried. i'm joining us there with sports the english premier league teams agreed to return to contact training and by nina take a step closer to a record 30th but just like a title as they've been here is rivals but. so we begin in the united states where another death of an unarmed black man in police custody has triggered new protests police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators calling. justice in minneapolis has been you know widespread outrage
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the video of mud showing an officer using his need to pin george floyd to the ground the officers involved in the attempted arrests have been fired and now all cools for them to face criminal charges 100 times this report should just warn you that that contains images some viewers may find distress. protesters gathered by the hundreds to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody it happened a day after an all too familiar american seen with a black man pleads for help is he struggles to bring what he wants to bring. on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. if. you remember. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody
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. but they do. anything. bystanders plead with the officers how. he later died in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video yonder would. be just really cool gave me the role of the city's police chief says he sped a sleepless night deciding what to do then fired the 4 officers at the scene i stand before you in the city of minneapolis here to say that our deepest condolences the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence 1st 5 minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes. the scene bears an eerie
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resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the us police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from police in toward the alleged victim officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan macdonald. animals dead blah blah once again demonstrators massed as they've done after similar incidents in new york chicago baltimore and ferguson missouri to demand justice for african-americans across the u.s. and for the police at whose hands george floyd died well that's 100 now in
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chicago and john this incident has clearly outraged many people as the sacking of the officers made any difference. the family of the victim in this case nic says that that's a start they say they're happy that that happened it was pretty quick action by police standards but they say it's not enough they say they want those officers charged with murder and they've hired a lawyer a very famous lawyer benjamin crump who also handled the case in ferguson missouri for the victim's family there as you know this is something that happens from time to time across the united states so there is an infrastructure for people to. go after the police at times like this but there will have to be an investigation the f.b.i. the federal bureau of investigation is looking into this and there is a state agency that is investigating it also as
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a possible civil rights violation but that doesn't seem to be satisfying the crowds it may have dimmed some of the fervor of those protests but as you saw they were there by the hundreds and they were gathering to protest yet another killing of a black man in police custody an unarmed black man in this case and it's something that just keeps seeming to happen and so you've got protests as far away as here where i am right now in chicago yesterday where people gathered in marched in the streets is well it will take months to know whether those officers will ever be charged certainly you've got a democratic mayor who is sad about those you've got a police chief who said he spent the entire night before deciding to fire those officers but those demonstrators are fired up and they're going to want to see something more definitive and they also point out that there's a big difference between the way their e.-s. protesters are treated in this country it was just weeks ago that in the state of
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michigan armed white protesters with assault rifles. forced their way into this state house and police offered little resistance now the weapons weren't illegal in that case but those guys were invited in in this case you've got a few people who threw some rocks and some water bottles and police fired what we are told are rubber bullets and some kind of chemical gas and people say they always get that kind of response and that's what they're objecting to all right john thanks very much and that's 100 reporting from chicago thank you. want to now from douglas sloan who's vice president of the civil rights group and double a c.p.s. washington d.c. branch and he says it's positive to see quick and action taken against the officers involved it is definitely a step in the right direction. again using the example of the officer in staten island he was not fired into all just last year 5 years after the crime so to see
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swift action by the police department in minneapolis is a relief and is a 1st step towards justice to see the officers fired to see those officers indicted of a crime homicide again it's mr floyd and to see his family financially compensated of course we would like to have a conviction because officer dan pence lael in new york was indicted but the grand jury refuses to refuse to step forward and actually to be the grand jury refused to indict officer dance layo even though the case was recommended to a grand jury so we would like to see an indictment and we would like to see a conviction of those officers they killed mr lloyd in broad daylight right before our eyes. there are reports of injuries after
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a roadside bomb exploded in syria's province as a turkish convoy passed by it happened on the m 4 highway as a main supply route that the opposition forces and the syrian government have been fighting over turkey deployed soldiers to the province to enforce a cease fire agreement with russia the syrian government's main ally. to hong kong now where anti-government protests have flared once again with more than $300.00 demonstrators being arrested during a standoff with police now they're angry over proposed laws which they say damage the freedoms of hong kong's people. as more. lunchtime in hong kong central business district. police firing pedophile it's to disperse protesters. bringing traffic in one of the world's busiest star affairs to a standstill. police say this was an illegal assembly this crowd shouted pro-democracy slogans and insults at the emotional up not everyone is against them
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though. i'm from china and i support the police screams this woman who's from the mainland the protest is intended target was hong kong's legislative assembly but a heavy security presence prevented their attempts to reach the building inside legislators were debating a bill that would punish those who disrespect the national anthem. this is what supporters of the bill want to stop the booing that drowned out the march of the volunteers before a recent football match those convicted under the planned law would face a fine of more than 6 and a half $1000.00 and up to 3 years in jail there were many arrests on wednesday with at least one as young as 14 years old detentions that could now risk university and career prospects opponents of this national anthem will call it another float on the funds freedom and he comes ahead of a move by china's parliament to impose
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a new national security law on this city. china's rubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to approve legislation on thursday when more details of the proposed security law will be known in the meantime hong kong government officials are trying to ease fears. it will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful to safeguarding the legitimate rights of hong kong people many home kong people reassured and they now know the risk for daring to demonstrate their opposition adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well the u.s. president says he's working on a strong response to china's planned national security lauren hong kong his threat prompted this reaction from the chinese foreign ministry spokesman. to. the national security legislation for hong kong is purely china's internal of fear that
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allows no foreign interference china is determined in imposing external interference in hong kong's affairs if anyone insists on harming china's interests china is determined to take all necessary countermeasures and taiwan's president to throw her support behind the protesters in hong kong promising to provide humanitarian aid for pro-democracy activists so in wayne says the island which has its own struggles with china's 70 will continue to back efforts towards democracy and freedom it is the most concrete show of support by taiwan in recent months. plenty more still ahead on news hour including. donald trump threatens to shut down social media companies that today after twitter blank 2 of his tweets misleading. in support find out why saudi arabia has proposed takeover of newcastle united football club well it might be in doubt.
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the. proposal for a coronavirus recovery plan would mark a major economic policy shift for the block but it is likely to face resistance from some countries use executive arm is seeking member states approval to go directly to the financial markets and borrow $825000000000.00 for its recovery fund now the bulk of that money would then be distributed as groans to the worst hit countries and a smaller part would be made available as loans but austria denmark the netherlands and sweden there pose borrowing large amounts of money and prefer offering loans rather than grants to the countries in need of assistance or presenting a recovery plan in brussels the president of the european commission on the lens said that this crisis forces member states to make an important choice in front of us once again is that saying binary choice we
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either all go it alone leaving countries regions and people behind and accepting a union of haves and have this not have not all we want that road to gether we take that leap forward we pave a strong past for our people and for the next generation and for me the choice is simple i want us to take a new bold step together. vicky pryce is chief economic advisor at the center for economics and business research joins us on skype from london vicki welcome to the program this is a year it's moment says the lead and given the lack of unity we've seen within the e.u. over covert on finance this if the deal winds backing of member states will be a watershed moment for the. absolutely i mean it's interesting what he said there
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are still some countries typically the netherlands added to by austria for example and denmark. and sweden which don't actually think that this is a very good idea but basically expectation is that there will fall into line we may have some slight changes in terms of the composition of that support that's going to be given but i think it's really fundamental in terms of reshaping the way in which support is given to individual countries and to the u.s. a whole in terms of getting out of this crisis in maybe you know the shape of things to come but he does suggest a lot will coordination and a lot more concerned about the inequality if you like you know distribution of both g.d.p. and also the pain that countries have been facing because of the crisis and before during the financial crisis and tries to perhaps lead to better convention something like that the you always wanted to see happen particularly within the euro zone although this is a e.u. wide a scheme it has very crucially very substantial element of grounds giving in other
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words countries when have to borrow if they don't want to they can actually receive grants from the e.u. but they would still need to be done in a certain way that is compatible with the aims of the commission and the years a whole which have to do with encouraging green growth digital infrastructure and so on to to ensure sustainable growth in the future rather than money being spent in ways that perhaps may not be approved of at the center there's an element of central decision in that and an element of individual country decision very dismissive how that's combines together the need it will and of course the problem of this is that if you give all this money where there's a huge amount of money $825000000000.00 if you give all this money away is grounds or effectively gifts it's just going to take an age for the taxpayer to pay. now that's very interesting thought yes the borrowing that will be done in order to
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allow things to happen is quite a long term you don't stop paying anything back until 2028 of the oh yes it's probably going to be a very low. interest rates because the e.u. has quite a lot of power and now because this has always revenues are we coming in plus it's going to increase the contribution from each country anyway on their budgets so that it has a. good base from which to borrow a lot all that money would be repaid superman issue or things of the you want to see happen anyway such as green taxes such as carbon tax for example taxes on plastics a digital tax and there is all things which were going to happen anyway and in many ways will move the you in a certain direction that it wants to go into in any case but if you don't have the growth in those countries then you have a europe which is just not going to do particularly well in the future you have decided that what they need is sustainable growth in the future and that's what they're going for right isn't this the you have effectively issuing euro bonds with
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korea but. it's absolutely and we've seen finally the realization of risk that unite but it is supposed to be temporary. so it's not going to stop getting just 1st of course until next year so we have to wait and they can use other sources of money in the short term but yes it basically is moving you in that direction and i think that's very important it's bringing the coordination a lot more closely smoothing to maybe fiscal policy is being much more aligned with each other and i think that's something the e.u. particular the euro zone wanted to see happen for a while and this is really the serious beginning of it vicky pryce it's great to get your perspective on this important story appreciate that thanks very much. a 10 day mourning period has begun in spain to remember the more than 27000 people who've done it during the current virus pandemic you can felipe and members of the
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government of hell the minute silence in madrid flags will be learned across the country spain is one of the hardest hit countries in europe more than $236000.00 cases from madrid months ahead it tells us more about how the country intends to greet. today's spain has one minute of silence that spanish prime minister a bit of a sunset from the spanish parliament and joined by all the official on private public and private buildings this is part of the 10 day of official mourning that was declared yesterday by capping a spanish cabinet the political parties have been longing claiming spanish prime minister to to just to begin an official in the morning in order to take she viewed to the over 27000 people that have died from dying it was part of the big debate that she today that has spawned arised all of the speeches syrian parliament and
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outside parliament between political parties and so these 10 days of official the morning are going to last until june the 6th this is part of the this is the longest official mourning in history of a spanish democracy and it will end with sort of a much ceremony held by king philip philip the the 6. now a french court has rejected a request to release or a woman genocide suspect under court supervision from the sea and could be is accused of helping finance the mass killings in 1904 and was arrested in paris after 26 years so on the run for more on this story let's bring in the tension in paris and a touch of that have just been developments so for us in. that's right the hearing has wrapped up parrot the quarter in paris with a quarter jack to. request that he be released under supervision the court
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decided that his health was good enough for him to remain in detention now the court will also decide in the coming days they have about a week to do so or whether or not he might be extradited to face an international court so handed over to u.n. custody that also decide on the validity of his international arrest warrant was at large for more than a quarter of a century until he was arrested here in paris earlier this month the one businessman. in the capital kigali in 19931 year before the genocide he's accused of helping to finance could google is alleged to have funded the ethnic militias the killed at least 800000 ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus in a 100 days ago was a large for more than a quarter of a century is rest in paris earlier this month has been welcomed by genocide
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survivors like it sends him on a. tomato rest but of course we must respect the presumption of innocence he was one of the men figures of the old wonder and he was wanted on several charges so it's a huge relief that he's been caught who was indicted by un cotton genocide charges in 1997 so decades he evaded investigators in africa and europe before he was finally caught in france. french investigators surveyed children online and discovered the one of them rented in the parliament in this building in the paris suburb of an e-mail source saying when police raided the home they found could be good now 84 years old it is believed that he was living here for at least 4 years with a false identity colonel eric m a whole led the investigation. during the lockdown our investigators were working from home so they had more time to focus on this case to truck phones and locations
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and we began to survey one location in we believe he was in the apartment but weren't certain until we open the door we carried out a d.n.a. test to confirm it was him the paris school to decide whether to hand could be go to u.n. custody he could face extradition to tanzania to face trial in an international court also likely he would be transferred to the hague and then transferred to a rush out to face trial but it is still possible that the valid ety of the restaurant would be a challenge and that the court will accept that argument it's unclear how one of the world's most wanted men was able to if they just dismiss so now if google does face trial it may provide some answers it might also shed light on the extent to which the who wanted genocide was planned and officer vive as a sense that after so many years justice is finally being served. well
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kapooka was read out the charges in the court and he said that they were all lies that he had never killed any tutsis that he had simply worked alongside them while lawyers for kapooka say that they wish him to be tried in france that's also of course his wish because he would be closer to relatives they also say he's 84 years old he is too frail his health is too poor for any extradition couple go also saying that he feels that to be tried in an international court would be unfair because it would be in his words politically biased or in atocha thanks very much indeed let's take this on we can speak now to nicole a poem who's a senior lecturer in criminal law at king's college in london and the author of courts in conflict and tempting the limits of justice in post genocide rwanda she joins us on skype from london eclair welcome to the program 1st of those are things to talk about here but 1st will this argument about the validity of the arrest warrant explain that for us was that all about well this arrest warrant was
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initially drafted in 1906 and so i suppose i imagine that one of the issues will be the extent to which that the intimation that was gathered then was still valid but my sense is that this will be a very hot stage before the un tribunals closed so k'naan for him to use to make sure that it had retained the initial evidence that he had gathered and so i think this is unlikely to go forward now that the court now that the child will grow before this residual mechanism which is really about teaching the work of the un its national criminal charge you know people who wonder which is been in existence since $94.00 or so if things proceed in the computers lawyer is basically saying that he will not get a fair trial at the u.n. which he thinks would be politically biased but he would get a fair trial in france so explain that for. i think that's an interesting
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argument to be raising there have obviously there have been a large number of individuals who have already been tried at the international level and convicted so we have over 60 same to those individuals have been found guilty and 14 cases right into the jaws of being acquitted by the un international criminal trial you know which preceded the court that will now be changed to try to prove which is the residual mechanism for international criminal tribunals right of course he told me it was rwandans who were victims of all this that would really want him to be tried i think this is a crucial question there is there's just been a statement issued by which is the major genocide survivor organization which has branches in rwanda and within diaspora communities around the world and they are arguing strongly that the case should be tried in rwanda either before rwandan courts or under the auspices of the un court but in situ so that the
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proceedings happen inside of rwanda and a trial in rwanda how much protection would that get in the french court do you think. well the french courts of being deeply skeptical of trials in rwanda and up to now have refused to extradite 20 individuals to face trial 20 suspected genocide to face trial on concerns that the punishment for genocide was not sufficiently articulated in the rwandan lol at the time that the crimes were committed. well i'll be sure to see how it all pans out when we finally get a decision for the time being nicholas palmer do appreciate it thank you thank you . still ahead here on al-jazeera you would have never thought you know after we landed atlantis back in 2011 that you know 9 years later we would be where we are
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and nasa prepared to launch the 1st manned mission to takeoff from the u.s. in nearly a decade plus it's called the national hockey league puts plans in place for an unconventional restart to the season joe we'll have the details in a bit. but . hello hotton hazy sometimes humid is a word to describe the weather in the arabian peninsula at this time of the year and they are correct for most places the temperature in young but on the high side doha's it's 4044 of a baghdad where well above where you might expected to be 46 or 47 in the blazing sun shine is cooler near the coast of course in lebanon and israel into the twenty's but that's normal and it's not a very pleasant cooling breeze down in salalah we may well see the folly of coming as rainfall cross for friday saturday even sundry rain by sunday once it's in this
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is indication the monsoon change it'll be like that for a couple of months at least elsewhere in north africa as a fast not a cloud in sudden now geria you might get a shower to that as well the heaviest rains still for the south near the tropics for me in southern nigeria sierra leone for example next couple days because it's pretty big downpours there and there are a few showers in the atlas mountains of morocco algeria and tunisia and the onshore breeze here means temperatures are i would think arguably very present in the middle twenty's away across to tripoli kairos at 3035 foot with quite a dusty breeze. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into
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a commodity traded for profit just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it that guy's teles water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized ation loads of water coming soon a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth filling this term has cancer diagnosis of someone that lives here that has cancer full lines exposes houston's cancer cluster these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination and they looked at a visible pulp and a community and just say forgive them down no please don't waste your soup any time. lines on al-jazeera. all.
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over again you're watching al-jazeera or mind about top stories this hour and the police in the us city of minneapolis have fought with protestors over the death of an unarmed black man there's been widespread outrage after video shows an officer using his need to pin georgia florida to the ground. on completion of used pepper sprays demonstrations escalate at least 300 people have been arrested for justice and greed a proposed nor that could see people jailed for mocking china's national. anthem. the european commission has unveiled an ambitious proposal for a coronavirus economic recovery plan it wants to borrow $825000000000.00 for its stimulus fund it's like to face opposition by some member states. they
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may u.k. prime minister boris johnson has told m.p.'s that it is time to move on from the scandal surrounding his top adviser dominic cummings travelled with his family from london to northeast england in march while he and his wife will shrink 1900 says he doesn't think an inquiry into the matter is necessary if the government needs to focus on dealing with coronavirus. focus on getting the message right which is probably common ground with your committee then i think what we need to do really is to move on and to. get on to how we're get each other sort out a corrective market which is really the priority given where we priority of the people of this country. let's speak to new parker joins us live now from london and leave as you know the prime minister answering questions from the commons liaison committee they'll be doing that for what hour and a half something like that and hoping to draw a line under the the comic cummings episode.
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yeah he's about 3 or 4 m.p.'s in to the committee meeting at the moment and every single one of them has brought up the dominic cummings scandal well the government is desperately hoping to do now is refocus the attention on what its strategy is going forward and perhaps on some of his achievements like rolling out the use of the drug disappear to help certain people with the with covert 19 recover or its plans for track and trace or indeed the hopes of easing restrictions on schools so that some children we will be able to go back thanks mountains but all of this is coming at a time when the government is desperately trying to restore confidence in its leadership from the likes of parents all businesses that are concerned about hoping that doors again but instead an awful lot of political capital is being expended on defending a mound who's used to being in the background of politics but now as
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a result of this scandal is being thrust into the foreground and what about the public at large in the u.k. what's the sense of all this is it still to the forefront in the minds of the press in the media and. well in terms of opinions across the board there's a real tidal wave of the moment public opinion shifting against the government let's start with the politicians firstly more than 30 conservative m.p.'s of being piling pressure on the prime minister dominique cummings added to by opposition m.p.'s as well that calling for a rigorous investigation into all if they say want an inquiry to find out exactly what happened the prime minister is saying now is not the time to do that we need to focus our attention on dealing with the pandemic when it comes to public opinion according so warm poll 80 percent of people believe that dominic cummings broke the rules 60 percent believe that he should be fired on
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a similar number also believe that the dominant coming season actions make people less inclined to follow guidance going forward so it really doesn't road trust in the government's messaging at a time when it's really trying to get people on board as it was restrictions ease going forward the messaging is a little less binary it's much more nuanced people will will be more inclined to have their own interpretations of the regulations and then of course there is the risk of a variety and in the reinfection rates and that could be hugely damaging for the government's hopes of bringing it. under control what we are hearing time and time again from the prime minister is that he is satisfied with dominic cummings his explanation but we're probably going to hear for the next hour or so more and more m.p.'s pressing the prime minister to be clear about exactly about whether or not dominic cummings has them all up behind in all of this or this how it is in the
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mode since it was missed in the fucking thanks mom. donald trump has threatened to shut down social media companies the day after twitter labeled 2 of his tweets as misleading for the 1st time the us president says twitter is stifling free speech after users to a fact check page alexia brown has. was arguably twice as most famous used the us president donald trump has even said to us one him the white house thank you very much every now he's at the center of a twist a storm after the social media company flagged 2 of his tweets as misleading for the 1st time trump a tweeted to his 80000000 follow as that mail in ballots would lead to fraud twista said his claims were false and had been debunked by fact check as there are 2 areas where twitter has said specifically they would be more aggressive one of those is misinformation around the virus so we've seen them take action against the
6:37 pm
brazilian president over that and then also on election misinformation so this is one of the 2 areas where they said they'd be more aggressive that they have never taken action in 3 and a half years of presidential tweets and there have been plenty that have been misleading trump has hit back accusing twitter in a tweet of stifling free speech and interfering in the november election but while twice has now taken its 1st stamp against the president al is an early it refused to act another series of trump's tweets where he suggested former republican congressman and u.s. t.v. anchor joe scarborough may have been involved in the death of an n 1019 years ago it's a very suspicious thing and i hope somebody gets to the bottom of it trumps tweeted for years about the unfounded allegations even though laurie closers he's death was blamed on a hot issue last week
6:38 pm
a widow wrote an open letter to twitter pleading with it to delete the posts saying i'm asking you to intervene in this instance because the president of the united states has taken something that does not belong to him the memory of my did wife and perverted it for perceived political gain what the cause souness's the entire family have had to endure or. for 19 years. it's unspeakably cruel for what whether it's the president or whether it's people following the president in his speak a bully crew or social media companies like twitter facebook and you tube have come under increasing pressure to act faster and more effectively against misinformation and hate speech on their platforms twitter says the president's posts about the t.v. host don't violate its terms of service though it's working to address issues like this going forward thank you very much everybody thank you alexia brian al jazeera
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. let's join our white house correspondent can you help who's live in washington. is not happy the president not happy with twitter but it hasn't stopped him using their platform. yeah he's continuing to rail against his political foes and twitter in fact in the last hour the us president tweeting again on the story he says twitter has now shown that everything we have been saying about them and their other compatriots is correct big action to follow now the u.s. president is not specific about that big action he hasn't previous tweet suggested that it may be time to shut down twitter something he can't do of a private company or regulate but that would certainly involve congress as well as other agencies and there would be considerable discussion of pushback it's not a unilateral decision the u.s. president can make still he is angry and clearly he is pushing back on the fact
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that he feels he has been silence he calls this an issue of free speech the adviser to the president counselor kelly and conway speaking to reporters on the white house lawn in the last couple of hours made the point that she believes that the mainstream media in the united states is not on the side of donald trump and also are not of the side of conservatives to some extent that is true so this is the feeling that the conservatives in this country that supporters of the president believe this is one of the few platforms where they can put out their views unfiltered particularly when it comes to this president who believes this help for pell him to the white house so he is really pushing back on this not only does the u.s. president need twitter but we should also point out twitter does need the president he's not only one of the most popular users but he's also brought millions of americans 6 who want to hear from their president much like people open up their morning paper this is really something that is kind of a mutually beneficial relationship. thanks very much i can be held at the white
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house. a vote counting has been suspended in suriname as national assembly elections with 73 percent of results announced the government stopped the count as a result showed the ruling party heading for defeat opposition parties say the pause is suspicious after what they say were irregularities throughout voting day but president says the national democratic party says the decision was necessary because stuff with tired india is dealing with its worst invasion of desert locusts in more than a quarter of a century insects have destroyed huge areas of farmland in western and central states threatening food supplies swarms of 1st landed in east africa at the start of the year and spread to south asia so on to say unseasonal rains and cyclons caused the local population to boot. iranian members of parliament elected in february have been sworn in the of well a majority
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a conservative president hassan rouhani says he hopes the government and parliament can have a good working relationship for the last year of his term sandbags ravi was listening to the president's speech and has more details from time. he also said that the independence of each branch of government in the country does not necessarily mean that they have to be confrontational that they can cooperate and he said that my administration extend the hand of brotherhood towards the new parliament now his tone was very positive but you look if you look at the context of the relationship between the presidency in the parliament in the previous years if you look at the political context of what has happened to president hassan rouhani is specially since the collapse of the 2015 nuclear deal then you can understand that perhaps the content of his message the words he used could be seen as defensive this is a president who the previous parliament made 10 attempts to impeach ministers in his cabinet and they succeeded in impeaching 3 of his ministerial cabinets this is
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the previous parliament that did this that was relatively more reformist leaning than the current parliament and if there are 2 more impeachments if he loses 2 more ministers then this presidency will have to go back to the parliament to achieve a vote of confidence to continue and finish out this last year in power now experts suggest that that is not going to happen that the government all branches all leaders want to see president hassan rouhani complete this and have a smooth transition into the next presidency but we have seen the readout from the supreme leader a message from him to this new parliament also said that it is the parliament's job to investigate the other branches of government 2 american astronauts are now making the final preparations for a historic mission the crew for the 1st manned space flight to blast off from u.s. soil in nearly a decade and it is the 1st collaboration between us and a private company space x. weather permitting the falcon 9 rocket will launch from kennedy space center in
6:44 pm
florida in the coming up my kind of. all is ready the pole can line rocket poised on the launch pad for historic mission that could pave the way for the future of space travel and restart a manned space program that was mothballed in sweeping budget cuts by the obama administration. the astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken are space veterans 2101. 0 doug hurley was the pilot of the space shuttle atlantis back in 2011 the last manned flight from u.s. soil you would have never thought you know after we landed atlantis back in 2011 then you know 9 years later we would be where we are in some ways and it's it's. better than i would have imagined in so many the mission is the fruit of a unique partnership between the private space x.
6:45 pm
company founded by millionaire elon musk and the one thing we have under development that is of the highest priority. is launching american astronauts on american rockets from american soil there's always issues this space is hard obviously the partnership has not been without its problems in 2015 a folk and rocket carrying supplies exploded 139 seconds into its flight and in april last year the dragon capsule was destroyed in a ground explosion. grim reminders of the dangers of space travel in which 14 u.s. astronauts lost their lives over a period of 30 years there are just so many technical factors and things that we need to focus on to make sure that we pull this off that our place and history or you know even trying to put our names in the same sentences as the folks who have come before us is a it seems premature until until we've until we've pulled it off the space suits
6:46 pm
are different because that will take the astronauts to the launch pad a tesla branded with a nasa label. but if all goes according to plan the one thing that has not changed is the view that the esther north will have from nearly 400 kilometers above the. mike hanna al jazeera washington. yes let's hope the weather holds launch all right still ahead here on al-jazeera sparks fly is not good drivers fight it out for charlie payday that's coming to join us.
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for. the rule or.
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funeral services have been held for the singer songwriter who helped to bring the west african music to the world in the 1980 s. it is more account died at the age of 70 so the heart looks back at his life and his career. this is the song that put money can safely use it on to adult schools and his name to charts across the world. pick a decade hates in 1987 was africa's 1st singles a solo for 1000000 copies and was a best seller across europe it was also a source of musical inspiration in bollywood films. you can say was one of west africa's most successful musical pioneers and thousands
6:49 pm
defied coronavirus restrictions and denise capital to pay tribute. he lives on the measurement religion of a doris legend like morrie conti is applauded now the way he has always been applauded and cheered. can't say pasta way on friday age 17 he's had ongoing health issues because a current virus for strictures was on able to travel to france for regular treatments his family and the culture minister quashed rumors that he had skated 19 or non-depressed down a little. on behalf of president alpha condé and his government were informing you that more to come tonight did not die from cover 19 this is important to note. one of 38 children more you can say was born to a famous skinny family of musicians in storytellers known as grio. he was sent to mali aged just 7 and later became
6:50 pm
a distinguished corps harp player nicknamed electronic rio he makes traditional instruments with you need more than sounds he created and took inspiration from his man digger culture muslim faith and even cuban music. in the 1970s he joined molly's legendary group the rail bands of bamako ignore his career and that of another musical giant stylish kita murray can tell you was also a goodwill ambassador for several humanitarian projects helping refugees in co-creating the 2014 african stock bonus song during the epidemic that killed more than $11000.00 people in the us the tech aids murray county was a source of inspiration to many and will be remembered for building a global audience for music rooted in west africa at a height at al-jazeera or let's move on to the sport now his dear nick thank you
6:51 pm
premier league clubs in england have voted to return to contact training squads can now make tackles while still minimizing unnecessary close contact it was a unanimous decision by all 20 teams to move things closer to a restart sometime in june no date has yet been agreed. saudi arabia's proposed takeover of newcastle united could be in doubt the guardian newspaper is reporting the world trade organization has ruled that the kingdom is behind pirate broadcast of be out q is therefore in breach of international law be out here illegally office access to copyright at sporting events including premier league games the ruling now means saudis often may not pass the premier league's owners and directors test we spoke to sports lawyer nick demarco. the owners and directors test is. focused really the structure is focused on so far as the sorts of things that concerns convictions in court for serious criminal offenses or
6:52 pm
offenses of dishonesty but it also includes a finding of a court that somebody has breached copyright and the involved in piracy in some way if the c.e.o. report says what the newspapers suggest it seems to me this is at least an issue the premier league can now look at seriously and there's another thing as well because another way in which somebody can ferret us is if they don't provide all full information or 'd 'd they provide misleading or inaccurate information so for example the premier league might ask some questions arising out of that. and then they might decide that the information they receive isn't adequate or is misleading and that my in is another route in which they may exercise that discretion so long as they act. to refuse the bit. i mean it have taken
6:53 pm
a huge step towards another german bundesliga title they beat 2nd place but us had gotten to me of 7 points clear at the top david stakes reports. no big game atmosphere but this was a big game between the put this league is top to document with europe's most in-form striker erling holland you a win would put them just a point behind leaders by and 19 year old holland had scored 13 goals since joining in january and he nearly got another less than a minute after kick off. it was by and he made the breakthrough though just before half time with a stunning goal from joshua kimmage. was a chip well worth a 2nd look and certainly worthy of a big a cheer that it received in. and the stadium. don't montford hard after the break. holland shot was deflected wide by jerome poet saying it was perhaps lucky not to concede a penalty for handball. poland then limped out of the game with
6:54 pm
a knee injury by and had a chance to double that lead late on through robert levin dusky. but one goal was enough. to win away from home against their closest rivals move them 7 points clear with just 6 games left in the season closing in on the 8th straight title this game as maybe the most important game in the next weeks and maybe the decider and we want to then need to lose the 7 points. and but of course we will fight until the end but it will be very very difficult for. the other standout result on choose day was well spurred shock 41 win over by leverkusen mare in prague which it she scored his 1st 2 been disfigured goals to boost their hopes of european qualification and on track frankfurt ended a run of 5 defeats 5 fighting from $31.00 down against freiburg to draw $33.00 david stokes out a 0. the national hockey league has decided to cut
6:55 pm
a season shorts and if it restarts will go straight into a playoff format n.h.l. was suspended in march for 3 weeks and $189.00 games left in the regular season but the pandemic is for some to plan for an expanded $24.00 team playoff state held in 200 cities in the solo dates for how much. i think realistically. you know if we're in training camp mid july that would be good thanks and if we could be playing by the end it's a lot beginning a borders that would be a good think so but if that's the slight more the little slight there's a reason that we're not giving you dates now because anybody who gives you a date is guessing and we think we'd rather take a more holistic approach to doing this maging baseball is moving ahead with plans to start playing again players coaches and stadium work has returned to tampa bay for the rays 1st team what count since march on choose a negotiating play is to get the sport up and running but salaries have been
6:56 pm
a sticking point and the rays manager says everyone wants to get the season restarted there's a sense of urgency for everybody just to to play this is our are our livelihood the players likely that they want to do everything for the most part that they can't put it on a product or are not on the field that can be seen most likely through a t.v. screen or computer screen for the time being thank an entertainer society and i think you know all sports are kind of looking at it that way meanwhile the l.a. dodgers stadium will see big crowds but visitors won't be coming to watch baseball for the call park has been turned into the largest drive through coronavirus testing sites in california it will be able to test around 6000 people a day. and as car driver has earned $100000.00 for coronavirus relief charity it was the turn of again to all be an outdoors truck series at the charlotte motor speedway on chase a night and despite fans being locked out of the stands fox flew on the track as
6:57 pm
the racing was tough as ever bush was aiming for an 8th straight win but he was edged out by chase elliott for his 3rd career again to trucks victory hill tonight that prize money to help fight the pandemic. a couple of days ago we told you about the formula a driver who cheated in an online charity race by hiring a professional game it to compete in his place well now he's been sacked by the algae team over it daniel also apologized. for extreme yet stuart white there it's a pain which i have never felt in my life it was extremely important for me to take the chance here and now to tell you what happened and with all of my heart to apologize to my family to my friends to audi to my partners to formula eve to unicef and of course to all the fans who have supported me over the years i made a huge mistake i stand by and i hope you can forgive me all right that is all useful for now more later nick j. they were much leave it out thank you that is it for this news up i will be back
6:58 pm
a couple minutes another hour of news press and see them. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys. inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen prof. with news
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documentaries on al-jazeera. what was described as the world's longest long downpours the largest exodus since the creation of independent india and 947. experts believe india is still at a stage of the fiction but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up from 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted inequality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks will tell of the peace and mass movement of people will accelerate the spread of the coronavirus from indian cities to its rule hot. egypt strongman is ruling with an eye and faced on the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off for more for c. for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression
7:00 pm
executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london or man in cairo on al-jazeera. mass arrests in hong kong as the u.s. secretary of state tells congress it no longer has enough autonomy from china to merit special economic treatment. but i think this is life and also coming up. there's outrage and protests in the united states 4 police officers have been sacked after the death of an.


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