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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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16 how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or you are charging at the head on a jersey. i. 360 people arrested in the latest protests in hong kong the u.s. secretary of state says the city is no longer autonomy's from china and doesn't merit special economic treatment. and the canadian judge rules that the u.s. extradition case against while weighs its chief financial officer can proceed. hello barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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president trump threatens to shut down social media platforms after twitter labels 2 of his tweets unsubstantiated as brazil's best told heads towards 25000 a poll finds that 60 percent of brazilians have supported stricter social distancing measures. and despite stormy weather a space x. prepares to become the 1st private company to send astronauts to the international space station. hello thank you for joining us the u.s. secretary of state has the leverage a withering statement on china saying it's abandoning its commitment to preserve hong kong's autonomy might compel says the proposed national security legislation for hong kong is a disastrous decision and means the city no longer warrants especially economic treatment that's a move that puts at risk billions of dollars in trade in
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a statement from peo said no reasonable person can assert today that hong kong maintain maintains a high degree of autonomy from china given facts on the ground he want all the saying it is now clear that china is modeling hong kong after itself from bill finished with the promise that the united states stands with the people of hong kong as they struggle against the chinese communist party's increasing the nihil of the autonomy that they will promise to live now to white house correspondent kimberly how kimberly good to see you how is this likely to affect the u.s. china relationship which is tenuous at best right now. yeah well there's no question that this makes it much more complicated in terms of the fact that the tensions between the world's 2 largest economies just continue to ask you have to remember that the backdrop of all of this are those trade tensions between the 2
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countries the fact that there was this tit for tat trade war the tariffs against once one another and well there was phase one of that trade deal that was put into effect it's not fully clear that that phase one is actually being implemented in follow through so you have that in the united states president for his part has from day one railed against china pointing a finger at it accusing the united states of not being traded or treated fairly by china essential in pushing for manufacturing to come back to the united states is sort of encourage less reliance when it comes to manufacturing but at the same time it's not just trade you have to remember in the midst of this corona virus pandemic the u.s. president has used very harsh words again just this past weekend accusing china of not showing enough transparency of not doing enough to stop the spread of covert 19 that he blames now for wreaking havoc on the u.s. economy so this is only going to complicate matters more this is been as you point
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out a tenuous relationship at best this is certainly not going to help given the fact that the u.s. secretary of state has essentially made this claim that hong kong can no longer be declared a total mess and you have to remember too that this declaration comes on the heels of the very strong condemnation that the secretary of state put out late last week in fact he said that this proposed national security law would be the death knell of hong kong's economy and he is urging beijing to reconsider i mean how could with the latest from the white house thank you and earlier 360 protesters were arrested in hong kong as thousands. rallied against the reading of a contentious bill criminalizing abuse of china's national anthem the bill is part of beijing's national security legislation imposed on the semi autonomous territory them straight here say the laws are aimed at bringing the city further under chinese control adrian brown reports now from home call. lunchtime in hong
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kong central business district. police firing pedophile it's to disperse protesters. bringing traffic in one of the world's busiest star affairs to a standstill. police say this was an illegal assembly this crowd shouted pro-democracy slogans and insults at the emotional up not everyone is against them though. i'm from china and i support the police screams this woman who's from the mainland the protest is intended target was hong kong's legislative assembly but a heavy security presence prevented their attempts to reach the building inside legislators were debating a bill that would punish those who disrespect the national anthem. this is what supporters of the bill want to stop the booing that drowned out the march of the volunteers before
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a recent football match those convicted under the planned law would face a fine of more than 6 and a half $1000.00 and up to 3 years in jail there were many arrests on wednesday with at least one as young as 14 years old detentions that could now risk university and career prospects opponents of this national anthem will call it a not upload on the front street of any comes ahead of a move by china's parliament to impose a new national security law on this city. china's rubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to approve draft legislation on thursday when more details of the proposed security law will be known in the meantime hong kong government officials are trying to ease fears. it will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful to safeguarding the legitimate rights of hong kong people many home kong people aren't reassured.
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and they now know the risk but daring to demonstrate their opposition adrian brown al jazeera homegrown. a canadian court has ruled that the u.s. extradition case so far away chief financial officer mang ones who can proceed the judge said it met the standard of double criminality meaning the u.s. charges are also crimes in canada it's a huge blow to the ted giant huawei which had hoped to drop the case and bring mang back to china the u.s. is seeking her on charges of bank fraud and misleading a major bank on while weighs the illegals with iran she was arrested in vancouver in 2018 at washington's with qwest to get more now from our correspondent roslyn jordan at roseland what more can you tell us about the story. well essentially barbara what this means is that money wants to have to remain in vancouver british columbia which is where this extradition fight has been taking place definitely
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through the middle of june that is when she is expected to return to court to continue dealing with the effort to not be extradited to the united states to be prosecuted on these charges the u.s. has been pressuring the canadian government to hand her over because of existing treaties around extradition however beijing has already accused the canadian government of for the ministry of justin trudeau of essentially kowtow and to u.s. demands of not being independent of violating its own laws in terms of determining whether or not monkey was you should be brought to the u.s. for prosecution and this also is going to exacerbate i would think the already strained relationship between beijing because the chinese government has said from the beginning that ms martin is not guilty of the charges. of misleading
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a global bank h.s.b.c. in terms of financing trying to do business inside iran that would be in contravention of u.s. and canadian sanctions so this is a really a major win as it were in the process for the united states but this is not over because of this month's lawyers have already said that they're going to try to get her out of freedom using other legal means. of jordan with the latest on those developments was lin thank you. u.s. president donald trump s rise in the big action against twitter after it's fact check the statement that he made twitter described transposed as misleading after he said postal votes would lead to fraud it's the 1st time that such a qualification has been added to a presidential tweet from hit back saying the company was sniveling free speech and
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threatened to shut it and other social media platforms bound. and one value history expression should be. the u.s. president threatening to close down media question it falls. this is what u.s. diplomats regularly object to iran who are tarrying states like china and russia and. the new survey has found that 60 percent of brazilians support stricter social distancing measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus that's in stark contrast to their president who consistently attacked state and city lockdown measures j. to both said i don't has called the shelter in place policies a poison which could kill it more through unemployment and hunger and the outbreak itself brazil is the worst affected country in latin america with more than 24500
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deaths and 391000 confirmed infections well a temporary coronavirus hospital has been opened in the brazilian city of right now is to help treat the country's indigenous population the hospital is the 1st of its kind in visit mixing standard medicine with traditional customs from the region's tribes this by their isolation the virus has been slowly spreading through indigenous communities which are ill prepared for the pandemic the city's mayor has accused ball so narrow of impeding efforts to stop the spread of the virus. well you need will. i'm not going to stop saying that the president did not interfere of course he did well in these speeches all the time saying it was just a fluke and at the same time sending people out onto the street he boycotted all the efforts that we have done here to get to a stage of good social isolation. on tuesday brazil surpassed the united states and
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the number of daily coronavirus faith ality and i know where that upper low joins us live now from mexico city and i know the pressure just seems to keep growing on the brazil's president do you think he could actually become the 1st world leader and that's toppled the by the corona virus outbreak that's a question that's being asked both brazil and outside of of brazil the fact that the country is become one of the worst hit in the world by the coronavirus pandemic is definitely the driving force behind it the political crisis in the country but its president also know who is at the center of that crisis he's made friends he's made enemies meet with state governors he's cycled through 2 health ministers in less than a month one of them resigned the other one was was fired he's consistently downplayed the severity of the of the outbreak in brazil and many are asking that the question over whether or not president also not all will be able to finish his his term in office there is a scenario that could play out were allegations could turn into into charges and he
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could face impeachment over what many are seeing is a threat to public safety this is what we're hearing from state governors this is what we're hearing from analysts and it is apparent it is easy to observe the president also not it continues to see dwindling support even among his most loyal followers barbara at the medal it's interesting how the virus seems to have spread you know 1st china then europe the u.s. and now the focus really best seem to be on latin america not just brazil mexico has just announced the most daily deaths from coronavirus since the start of the outbreak so how are things looking like there. well latin america was the last place that was infected by the corona virus pandemic so what we are seeing other parts of the world some countries even here in the region where things are starting to get better a lot of places things are still getting worst certainly the case in brazil it's certainly the case here in mexico to reiterate the number that you just said there
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barbara just hit 500 in one deaths in a single day that's a record breaking numbers is this it's important that we say that we have not reached peak contagion mexican officials health officials had predicted peak contagion to happen in may and now they're saying that it's not going to happen until june 1st and in a lot of ways mexico just like brazil the leaders are trying to downplay the severity of the crisis at the very least give the apparent the appearance of normalcy we're expecting friday to be the day we're mexican health officials the president of mexico will announce when schools are going to be opening up so at a time when we're still seeing. a rise in the in the trend of contagion in the country we're also hearing calls from the government to reopen the economy barber by rap along with the latest on all those stories from mexico city thank you. and still ahead in this half hour police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at minneapolis protesters calling for justice for the death of georgia florida. and
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a minute's silence as spain begins 10 days of mourning for those lost to the coronavirus. and there are still have it east west displays across much of europe battles the west it's fun to drive across the east we have the cloud and some showers and scattered thunderstorms but look at these kids skies across portugal spain and say much of the west very nice touches and lets them for the next few days in the late thirty's so people of a 1000000. during a getting out again and enjoying the beaches and also the father to the north of the south coast of england in brighton again plenty people hail that haven't has been quite as well as that in the late twenty's over the next few days london 22 warmer across into paris we've got plenty of sunshine across much of the west but this is where we see really then subtle weather really 3 will central and east.
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towards ukraine in particular that's with very heavy rain on thursday keeping the time which is a little bit lower in the mid to high teens celsius and then really through friday that system in ukraine pushes on into western areas over russia some fairly heavy rain over the next couple of days in just radiating a very unsettled picture of widely scattered showers even pushing down through areas of the mediterranean across greece and across into a city as well northern africa certainly fine on thursday when it's a bit some piece of cloud want to shower as well but then it really is by friday we see more shows developing. towards. the homes and livelihoods. some people. looking inhabitants
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is still fighting for justice from the fracking company. courts large to. great a witness documentary. on iran. the on. the comeback is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera 360 people have been arrested in hong kong as anger grows over new security laws proposed by china u.s. secretary of state my comparison is on calling is no longer a promise and no longer warrants special economic treatment jeopardizing billions of dollars of trade
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a canadian judges rule that an extradition case against the senior executive can go forward the decision means the company's a chief financial officer rang at one show could face a further charges in the u.s. and u.s. presidential donald president donald trump has threatened to shut down twitter and other social media platforms after a statement he made was fact checked. to nasa astronauts are making their final preparations for a special mission that's due to blast off in the next hour this is the scene at the kennedy space center in florida where the space x. falcon 9 rocket is you know liftoff a 2033 g.m.t. the spite the stormy weather the americans are the crew for the 1st manned space flight from u.s. soil in nearly a decade it will also be the 1st time a private company has launched astronauts into orbit mike hanna has. all
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is ready the falcon 9 rocket poised on the launch pad for historic mission that could pave the way for the future of space travel and restart a manned space program that was mothballed in sweeping budget cuts by the obama administration. the astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken are space veterans 210 and lift off doug hurley was the pilot of the space shuttle atlantis back in 2011 the last manned flight from u.s. soil you would have never thought you know after we landed atlantis back in 2011 then you know 9 years later we would be where we are in some ways and it's it's. better than i would have imagined in so many the mission is the fruit of the unique partnership between the private space x. company founded by millionaire elon musk and the one thing we have under development that is of the highest priority is launching american astronauts on
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american rockets from american soil there's always issues space is hard obviously the partnership has not been without its problems in 2015 a full can rocket carrying supplies exploded 139 seconds into its flight and in april last year the dragon capsule was destroyed in a ground explosion. grim reminders of the dangers a space travel in which 14 u.s. astronauts lost their lives over the period of the 2 year is there are just so many technical factors and things that we need to focus on to make sure that we pull this off that our place and history or you know even trying to put our names in the same sentence is as the folks who have come before us is it seems premature until until we've until we've pulled it off the space suit different because it will take
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the astronauts to the launch pad a tesla is branded with the nasa label but if all goes according to plan the one thing that has not changed is the view that the astronauts will have from nearly 400 kilometers above the earth mike hanna al-jazeera washington well n.b.c.'s sarah dallas' is live from the kennedy space center in cape canaveral florida for us esera good to see you so the weather doesn't seem to be that great is this really going to go ahead. and that's the $1000000.00 question right now the weather has been wild today starting in the morning with thunderstorms late mean heavy rains a break in that weather only to have more bands come through right now everything is go for launch they have about a half an hour or more before they need to make the final call on that if they do describe decide to scrub the launch either due to weather or any other reason the
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next window will be saturday the weather is not looking perfect that day either so they have another backup on sunday afternoon as well to get this rocket up into the air barbara starr how important is it for the united states to be launching their own astronauts into space again because it's been nearly a decade it's been 9 years hasn't it. yeah and it's huge of forward not only the u.s. space program but the u.s. pride in its space program really people here pride themselves on being 1st to the moon and they are when they want to go back they want to see a return to space flight so that is huge and not only is it that national pride us a it also comes down to money it's significantly cheaper for nasa to launch astronauts from u.s. soil using space x. than russia tens of millions of u.s. dollars less in fact and it's nice to see something that's exciting and
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potentially fit does happen you know great thing to watch on t.v. considering the terrible news we've had around the world that in the u.s. regarding coronavirus how is that impacted not only this this event but also the reaction to it yeah it's it's impacted every aspect of it from those of us on the ground just watching it on cue the actual astronauts they have been in isolation since march it is one of the longest isolations or quarantines for astronauts in the history of the program and they have been tested multiple times for code 90 some extraordinary steps taken to keep them safe as for people here on the ground who want to watch officials have actually closed several of the most popular viewing spots in hopes of dissuading people from coming out to gather they are asking people to stay home in the area and watch either from their yards or on streaming devices if not they were
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encouraging people to use that social distancing of 6 feet well if it does go ahead it's to go ahead in an hour and 10 minutes exactly from now fingers crossed that happens n.b.c. sarah that will fly for us from the kennedy space center in cape canaveral thank you. now the mayor of minneapolis has called for charges to be filed against the white police officer who knelt on the neck of a black man who later died police in the us city of minneapolis have fired the tear gas at protesters who are rallying against the death of george floyd 4 policemen have been fired john hendren reports. minneapolis police marched on demonstrators firing rubber bullets and chemical gas leaving them in govt in searing flames the protesters gathered by the hundreds despite a state wide coronavirus lockdown to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody at the brig. believe. george floyd accused of forgery cries out
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in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. even . bystanders plead with the officers. floyd later dies in police custody police said he had been resisting arrest it's just the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video yonder would. be just me you'll get me wrong the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough our lawyer for those. to be charged with murder because that's exactly what they think marty. it could be months before it's clear whether charges will be filed. the f.b.i.
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is investigating the incident as a possible civil rights violation murder convictions of on duty police officers are very rare but they do happen. demonstrators note a contrast with armed white protesters occupying michigan state house to oppose the coronavirus lockdown police offer little resistance. in minneapolis this largely black crowd is met with gas canisters and rubber bullets but some vowed to remain in the streets to insist that no other unarmed african-american in the u.s. is killed by police john hendren al jazeera chicago the european commission has unveiled an ambitious economic plan to help its members recover from the pandemic it needs their approval to borrow $825000000000.00 for the financial markets to be distributed as grants and loans to hard hit countries as a big records. europe's moment that's what the 825000000000
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dollar proposed rescue deal put forward by the sect of commission is being called do you need and then you think to those who look at the bold investment today i say that the cost of inaction in this crisis will be much more expensive this is about laying the foundations of our future together and at the same time to react appropriately to a clearly defined extraordinary crisis situation through no fault in this new proposal would be in addition to an earlier $592000000000.00 package bringing the entire effort to an estimated 2 trillion dollars. it's a financial stimulus that it's hoped would kick start economies the proposal still needs to be agreed by all the $27.00 member states but big as germany and france have already backed the plans economies have suffered under lock downs but it's the human cost that spain today. politicians and members of the royal family observe the minute silence for the 27000 who have lost their lives during this pandemic.
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but as europe begins to slowly move on from the crisis and look to solutions the u.k. prime minister is still under fire over his special advisers at lead contravention of lockdown rules is obviously extremely concerned grilled by members of parliament johnson was no mood to answer questions over the controversy that has dogged him for 5 days you have a choice between protecting dominic cummings and the national interest but i think my choices are the choice of the british people i want us all to make it and that is as far as we possibly can to live side the party political scoring and the national interest 1st other parts of europe are open the sloan. dubroca company facility is one of the 1st to reopen. but it had just yes he is in limbo but. we came through the border without problems we booked the camping lot and we had to
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pain advance generally we traveled well and we like it if someone came to be a few more people the site has a capacity of over a 1000 traces economy like many others are heavily dependent on tourism. but there's still a long way to go before europe recovers from this pandemic. al-jazeera. russia's president says the coronavirus outbreak in moscow is stabilizing in the city has managed to avoid a worst case scenario but the mayor putin praised what he called timely and focused steps taken by the authorities to contain the outbreak while schools lockdown will be eased from the beginning of june with some non-essential shops allowed to reopen and medics will be sent from the capital to help with regional outbreaks russia has the 3rd highest. number in the world of confirmed infections after the u.s. and brazil. south korean health officials say they may need to reimpose social
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distancing measures after a spike in corona virus infections 40 new cases were reported on wednesday that's the biggest daily jump in almost 2 months south korea has so far been able to contain its outbreak through an extensive contact tracing system but its center for disease control says more people are going out because of the warmer weather and by the time a case is diagnosed many others have already been exposed to the virus. now a quick reminder of our top stories hundreds of people have been arrested in hong kong as anger grows of a new security law as proposed by china the u.s. secretary of state micron pale says hong kong is no longer autonomous and no longer warrants special economic tree. and jeopardizing billions of dollars in trade from peo says it's clear china is modeling home call after itself. a canadian judge has
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ruled that an extradition case against the senior what way executive can go forward with the syrian means the company's chief financial officer mang wangle could face further charges in the u.s. the judge said it met the standard of the double criminality meaning the u.s. charges are also crimes in canada the u.s. is seeking here on charges of bank fraud and misleading a major bank or while weighs the lings with iran it was president donald trump has threatened to shut down twitter and other social media platforms after a statement he made was fact checked twitter described transposed as misleading when he wrote postal votes would lead to fraud anyone who values free expression should be concerned that the u.s. president is threatening to close down social media for questioning. this is what u.s. diplomats regularly object to iran who are tarrying states like china and russia
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and turkey. and your survey has found that 60 percent of brazilians to support stricter social distancing measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus that's in stark contrast to their president who has consistently attacked state and city lockdown measures jaida bill so that all has called the shelter in place policies a poison which could kill more than the outbreak itself. to nasa astronauts are making their final preparations for a special mission that is due to blast off in less than an hour from now the space x. falcon 9 rocket will lift off from the kennedy space center in florida though it could still be delayed by bad weather it will also be the 1st time that a private company has launched astronauts into orbit and the 1st manned space flight from u.s. soil in nearly a decade those are the top stories the stream is coming up next the i.
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i i think the watching the story if you are a regular viewer of this program or out designer as a network you know that we continue to go back to the story of the ija many refugees in the southern part of bangladesh today is no exception just over a week ago a snake line went past this settlement in the world refugee center in the well and that was at an andean minutes and then the week before that we heard that because it 19 had come into the refugee settlements the question is could this.


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