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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so much and we take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you 1300000000 indians are in lockdown in the covert 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one o one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. the arab the at the at the at. the u.s. they're stolen the coronavirus pandemic passes 800000. the at. a lower bar press are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. as $360.00 people arrested in the latest protests in hong kong the u.s.
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says the city is no longer a columnist for china and does not merit special economic treatment after angry protests at the mayor of minneapolis adds his voice to calls for criminal charges against a white police officer whose actions caused the deaths of george floyd. and stormy weather forces space x. to postpone the launch that will make it the 1st private company to send astronauts into orbit. the at . the number of deaths from the corona virus in the united states has just passed the tragic milestone of 100000 kristen salumi reports. the beginning of summer in the us and a cautious reopening of beaches along the popular new jersey shore in new york city
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parks sun seekers are kept apart with circles on the grass while outside san francisco city hall the homeless are space to abide by social distancing guidelines all part of a new normal as the country emerges from lockdown but amid the slow reopening a grim milestone the death toll from coated 19 has now claimed more than 100000 american lives a far cry from the confidence statements just a few months ago from the u.s. president will see what happens but we have the greatest doctors in the world we have a very bad just a good role preexisting really we've had the u.s. accounts for almost a 3rd of the world's coded 1000 deaths a damning statistic some say for the world's richest country it says a lot about our public health system and it says a lot about how seriously we took this unique. it says a lot about what we need to improve for the future this is really a wait and
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a time to be even to realize how important public health by comparison code in 1000 has proven to be worse than other recent virus outbreaks the 2003 sars epidemic did not claim a single life in the u.s. in 2009 the age one n one pandemic claimed the lives of 12469 americans with covert 19 no one can say for certain what the final u.s. death toll will be. since march citizens have had to endure weeks of restrictions and lots of distress trying to stay safe from the virus but a new columbia university study found that imposing the lockdown even a week earlier could have saved tens of thousands more lives based on the overall premise that lives could have been saved had social distancing been in place earlier yes in theory we waited too long to implement those social distancing
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measures hindsight is always 2020 so of course we know that now i think at the time there was it wasn't clear how widespread the virus was with the vaccine still a long way from being available it's clear the threat from covert 19 would linger over a summer shaping up to be unlike any other in living memory christian salumi al-jazeera mike hanna is live for us in washington d.c. and obviously mike it's a tragic milestone and a very symbolic one as well about the way that the u.s. has attempted to deal with the crown of our south break. indeed yes and the chilling fact is that the death toll could be far far higher according to a number of experts including the country's leading epona dollars as dr anthony fire chief the reason for this is that not all the deaths were recorded as resulting from the corona virus so the people like dr believe that there are still
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a number of other deaths a large number of other deaths that have not been included in the government statistics but one must point out too that the 1st reported case a confirmed case of the virus came on the 20th of january in washington state now that's exactly the same day that north south korea reported its 1st case the sequence then was entirely different south korea immediately imposed mitigating measures immediately started setting out factors like contact tracing in the u.s. that took weeks before these sort of measures were put into place and in fact even at this day there is no federal guidance for contact tracing this obviously an absolutely essential factor for continuing to track the virus and one must know too that in the last month alone that is from the 27th of april tool today more than 50000 lives have been lost so that is within the last 30 days as states a number of states of beginning to open up and drop the mitigating measures the
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death toll is continuing to climb and like meanwhile president trump is that in florida he was due to watch the space x. launch which then was postponed because of weather and do we expect the president to comment on this. well one would hope that the leader of the united states would have some comment on such a grim statistic but president trump has been constantly projecting incorrect figures in terms of the deaths from the virus he was saying a number of months ago that it would disappear by april once the heat set in in fact april we saw more than 50000 deaths as i mentioned president trump has continued to insist that he is the cheerleader as he put it for the nation putting a rosy complection on what is an absolutely dire situation and his critics contend that by giving the mitigation measures too late by ignoring the severity of the crisis president trump has led to
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a large number of lives that should not have been lost we heard in kristen's package the columbia university for example produced a report saying that if mitigating measures had been introduced one week earlier as many as 36000 lives could have been saved now that is hindsight quite correct however it is not as though there were not people around warning president trump of the severity of the crisis and insisting for a number of weeks that measures should immediately be introduced president trump delayed it would be interesting to see what reaction of any president trump will have to these latest numbers for the moment mike hanna with the latest from washington thank you. the u.s. secretary of state meanwhile has delivered a withering statement on china saying it's abandoning its commitment to preserve
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hong kong's autonomy by comparison as the proposed lachelle security legislation for hong kong is a disastrous decision and means the city no longer warrants special economic treatment that's a move that puts at risk billions of dollars in trade in his statement said no reasonable person can assert today that hong kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from china given facts on the ground he went on saying it is now clear that china is modeling hong kong after itself but they are finished with the promise that the united states stands with the people of hong kong as they struggle against the chinese communist party's increasing the nihil of the autonomy that they were promised adrian brown reports now from hong kong. lunchtime in hong kong central business district. police firing pedophile it's to disperse protesters. bringing traffic in one of the world's busiest star affairs
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to a standstill. police say this was an illegal assembly this crowd shouted pro-democracy slogans and insults at the emotional up not everyone is against them though. i'm from china and i support the police screams this woman who's from the mainland the protest is intended target was hong kong's legislative assembly but a heavy security presence prevented their attempts to reach the building inside legislators were debating a bill that would punish those who disrespect the national anthem. this is what supporters of the bill want to stop the booing that drowned out the march of the volunteers before a recent football match those convicted under the planned law would face a fine of more than 6 and a half $1000.00 and up to 3 years in jail there were many arrests on wednesday with at least one as young as 14 years old detentions that could now risk university and
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career prospects opponents of this national anthem will call it another float on the funds freedom and he comes ahead of a move by china's parliament to impose a new national security law on this city. china's rubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to approve legislation on thursday when more details of the proposed security law will be known in the meantime hong kong government officials are trying to ease fears. it will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful to safeguarding the legitimate rights of hong kong people. many home compete people aren't reassured and they now know the risk for daring to demonstrate their opposition adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. china has urged caliber 3 need to release why
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waste chief financial officer man one jew this after a canadian court ruled her u.s. extradition case can proceed the judge said it met the standard of double criminality meaning the u.s. charges are also crimes in canada it's a huge blow to take giant twa away which had hoped to drop the case and bring mang back to china she was arrested in vancouver in 2018 at washington's request the u.s. wants to extradite her on charges of bank fraud and misleading a major bank on while ways the feelings with iran preys on is a program associate at wilson's a center kissinger institute which looks at us china relations she says that this feud goes far beyond the mangling issue this ruling has been something that i think canada has through diplomatic channels communicated to china to expect. the ruling is an indicator a setback for her lawyers and within china
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this is definitely a much more than just a case of a one business executive acting in appropriately to subvert sanctions this is seen as a piece of a larger scale. u.s. china competition on technologies that while ai is producing and selling and the political ramifications of those products. the u.s. is ending some of the last u.s. sanctions waivers provided under the 2015 iran nuclear deal meaning that russian chinese and european firms cannot continue work at sensitive iranian nuclear sites the secretary of state released a statement saying companies have 60 days to stop their activities businesses from russia china and europe were allowed to operate
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a handful of sites to make it more difficult for iran to produce nuclear weapons president trump unilaterally withdrew from the multilateral iran nuclear deal 2 years ago. the mayor of minneapolis has called for criminal charges to be filed against the white police officer caught on camera kneeling on the neck of a black man who later died police in the us city have fired tear gas at protesters rallying against the death of george foyt 4 police friend have already been tried as john hendrick reports. minneapolis police marched on demonstrators firing rubber bullets and chemical gas leaving them in govt in searing flames the protesters gathered by the hundreds despite a state wide coronavirus lockdown to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody at the brig. believed to be about george floyd accused of forgery cries out in pain
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a policeman's knee on his neck. even . bystanders plead with the officers. floyd later dies in police custody on it would really help them be just really feel good maybe both police say he had been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently cooperative this was not a nice thing it is part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustice is so existence which cuts at the very heart more sacred beliefs that all americans are equal in rights. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough out of the like for those. with murder.
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because this is exactly what they did they murdered. minneapolis is mayor joined in the demand for criminal charges an offense took place that you or i or many other people through our city would have been behind bars if they did yet this particular individual this officer was it could be months before it's clear whether charges will be filed the f.b.i. is investigating the incident as a possible civil rights violation murder convictions of on duty police officers are very rare but they do happen. demonstrators note a contrast when armed white protesters occupy michigan state house to oppose the coronavirus lockdown police offer little resistance. in minneapolis this largely black crowd is met with gas canisters and rubber bullets but some vowed to remain in the streets to insist that no other unarmed african-american in the u.s.
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is killed by police john hendren al jazeera chicago. it watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead a french court refuses bail to a rwandan genocide suspect arrested after more than 2 decades on the run flats been led burials and media baron from hospitals opposition leaders accused handsomely as president of covering up the coronavirus crisis. hello there's a fairly cloudy picture across the southeast of australia still want to but really just affecting coastal areas is a new system on its way towards new zealand when we get there on a thursday but this is what i mean about these type disguising we could just see want to shout along the coast a dry day generally into new south wales on thursday but the shadows they are back
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in the 4 constantly again as we head through into friday working their way out from sydney towards brisbane and slightly feel a bit cooler in sydney with a high of just 19 degrees friday is the day we could see some rain showers pushing across into the north on and off new zealand and it's going to stay very unsettled the far west of australia as we go through the next few days in fact friday some rather heavy rain back in for casa perth with a high of 20 but by then we should have seen the end of that rain which is affecting areas around broome and to the north of the southern coastal china is where we can see more showers and thunderstorms on thursday feeling pretty humid as well 31 in hong kong rain across much of taiwan heavy at times and then really across much the korean peninsula on tools japan it's mostly fine and dry just one or 2 scattered showers but really by friday that's when we have this next system developing through central china it will work its way east with the day and this will bring with it some very heavy amounts of rain and there is a chance of some localized flooding.
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a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth to lose has cancer. and. cancer lines exposes houston's cancer cluster these are 210 properties that have grown contamination in a neat. little down building. we believe you can live. on. the the in. the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the number of coronavirus that's across
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the us has passed 100000 according to the johns hopkins university the total number is 100047 with almost 1000000 700000 infections from for this fight that states are beginning to reopen their economies 360 people have been arrested in hong kong as anger grows over new security rules proposed by china u.s. secretary of state mike brown pale says hong kong is no longer a ton of us and the longer warrants special economic treatment jeopardizing billions of dollars in trade. the mayor of minneapolis has called for charges to be filed against the white police officer who knelt on the neck of a black man who later died police or fire tear gas at protesters rallying against the desk of george for. a new survey has found that 60 percent of brazilians support stricter social distancing measures to help curb the spread of
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the coronavirus that since. stark contrast to their president who has consistently attacked state and city lockdown measures jaded also not all has called the shelter in place policies a poison which could kill more through one employment and hunger and the outbreak itself brazil is the worst affected country in latin america with more than 24500 deaths and 391000 confirmed infections well a temporary coronavirus hospital has opened in the brazilian city of to help treat the country's indigenous population the hospital is the 1st of its kind of brazil mixing standard medicine with traditional customs from the region's tribes despite their isolation the virus has been slowly spreading through indigenous communities which are ill prepared for the pandemic the city's mayor has accused ball scenario of impeding efforts to stop the spread of the virus. i'm not going to
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stop saying the president did not interfere of course he did it he speeches all the time saying it was just a fluke and at the same time sending people out onto the street he boycotted all the efforts to get to a stage of good social isolation. manuever apollo has been following developments from mexico city. president scenario is facing more pressure every single day he's at the center of this political controversy in brazil he continues to downplay the severity of the outbreak in his country and if he's continuing to make more enemies every day with state governors on tuesday evening we heard about the police raids against 2 of the residents of the governor of the state of. rio de janeiro we're hearing more raids took place earlier on wednesday against against some of the president's critics so this is some of the response that we're seeing in terms of of the backlash against the do in doing support base within
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a poll sonars government the governor. has now cycled through 2 different health ministers one of them resigned the other one quit again the president is still sort of downplaying the severity of this crisis and there's a scenario that could play out where both scenario is ousted from office before he is able to finish his term in office if these allegations that he is a threat to public safety turn into charges we could potentially see impeachment proceedings against. the european commission has unveiled in the bishop's economic plan to help its members recover from the pandemic it needs their approval to borrow $825000000000.00 from the financial markets to be distributed as grants and loans to hard hit countries has said big reports. europe's moment that's what the 825000000000 dollar proposed rescue deal put forward by the music executive
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commission is being called the union then union to those who look at the bold investment today i say that the cost of inaction in this crisis will be much more expensive this is about laying the foundations of our future together and at the same time to react appropriately to a clearly defined extraordinary crisis situation through no fault of our own this new proposal will be in addition to an earlier $592000000000.00 package bring in the entire effort to an estimated 2 trillion dollars. it's a financial stimulus that is hoped will kick start economies the proposal still needs to be agreed by all the $27.00 member states but big players germany and france have already backed the plans economies have suffered under lock downs but it's the human cost that spain mourn today. politicians and members of the royal family observe the minute silence for the 27000 who have lost their lives during this pandemic. but as europe begins to slowly move on from the crisis and look to
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solutions the u.k. prime minister is still under fire over his special advisers alleged contravention of lockdown rules is obviously extremely grilled by members of parliament johnson was no mood to answer questions over the controversy that has dogged him for 5 days you have a choice between dominic cummings and national interests so i think my choices are the choice of the british people i want us to make it or not is as far as we possibly can to let side party political scoring and the national interest 1st other parts of europe are opened up slowed crisis dubroca camping facility is one of the 1st to reopen. but it had just guessed he is in the limo with you but he's going to go home we came through the border without problems we booked the camping lot and we had to paint advance generally we traveled well and we like it if
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someone came to eat the could be a few more people the site has a capacity of over a 1000 traces economy like many others are heavily dependent on tourism. but there's still a long way to go before europe recovered from this pandemic i said big al-jazeera. the white house has just announced that president trump will sign an executive order shortly regarding social media companies earlier he threatened big action against twitter after it fact checked a statement that he made twitter described transposed as misleading after he said postal votes would lead to fraud it's the 1st time the such a qualification has been added to a presidential tweet trump it back saying the company was stifling free speech and threaten to shut it and other social media platforms than anyone value history expression should be concerned the u.s. president's threatening to close down media questioning. this is what u.s.
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diplomats regularly object to abroad who are tarrying states like china and russia and. a french court has refused to grant bail to a rwandan genocide suspect over fears that he would have scorned. lawyers a said he should be released because of poor health the book is accused of bankrolling and arming ethnic hutu armed groups who killed around 800000 troops see and moderate hutus over around 100 days in 1994 he was arrested in a paris suburb almost 2 weeks ago after more than 2 decades on the run the judges are due to the side whether to transfer to the u.n. tribunal in a russia in tanzania. at least 54 people have been killed by the allied democratic forces rebel group in the democratic republic of congo armed with machetes the group launched the attack in some vocal village and to re province on monday night
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the attackers also stole food and other valuables at least $627.00 civilians have been killed by a.d.f. forces in the region since october often in response to offensives by the r.c.s. military. schools universities and sporting events are expected to restart in tanzania next week as it lifts coronavirus restrictions president john mcgrath for he has repeatedly played down the outbreak but opposition politicians accuse the government of covering up a crisis it's almost a month since the last official data was released saying there were $480.00 confirmed cases and 16 deaths welcome what reports. the peaches doris' along it getting busy again. tanzania didn't have strict lock down measures like some of its neighbors and now it's lifting them. president john mica fully
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encourage people to gather and pray in churches and mosques to fight the coronavirus crowds came out for the alpha to celebration on sunday. still exists and we need to protect ourselves washing our hands with soap and wearing masks with oh i haven't worn a mask now but corona exists the government hasn't released much data for the last month and says the numbers of new cases are going down oh the opposition says the government can't be trusted activists to share videos like this one on social media showing burials at night they say the government's hiding coronavirus death ministry of health has since said the night burials should stop we don't trust the government to have figures on the news believe it if it meant in pandemic is not so the government response was their ability supported disappointing very underwhelming and we have so much warning that the lives of tanzanians will be lost
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. this is one of the main hospitals for cope with 19 patients in dar es salaam nobody's allowed to film any of them the government denies reports the hospitals are overwhelmed with cases and. tourists have been arrested for challenging the government's account. some prevention measures are in place but for the large part it's business as usual the u.s. embassy has said evidence suggests the pandemic is growing exponentially in the city president magath consistently played it down. here. if you lock someone up in a house according to the literature we have read the day you let him out his immunity would have reduced by 30 percent so allow him continue to russian help us build immunity and this will help us fight diseases. the freedoms to pray and trade the popular among many times in eons. towns have been
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devastating for the poor neighboring countries but here it's still not clear what the cost of those freedoms will be malcolm webb al-jazeera. and the 1st space flight of the nasa astronauts from u.s. soil in nearly a decade has been postponed because of bad weather the kell down was halted less than 17 minutes before the space x. falcon 9 rocket was due to kick off liftoff rather from the kennedy space center in florida the next attempt will be made on saturday the launch will be the 1st time that a private company has sent astronauts into orbit. now a reminder of our top stories the number of corona virus that's across the u.s.
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has passed 100000 according to the johns hopkins university the total number is 100047 with almost 1700000 infections confirmed the spite that states are beginning to reopen their economies. u.s. president trump will on thursday sign an executive order concerning social media companies that's according to the white house he had threatened to shut down twitter and other social media platforms after a statement he made was fact checked twitter described cross post as misleading when he wrote postal votes would lead to fold anyone value history expression should be concerned the u.s. president's threatening to close down media questioning. this is what u.s. diplomats regularly object to abroad who are tarrying states like china and russia and turkey. hundreds of people have been arrested in home called his anger grows
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over new security laws proposed by china it was secretary of state might pump aoe says hong kong is no longer apologise and no longer warrants special economic treatment jeopardizing billions of dollars in trade. brazil is just report of another $1086.00 covert $900.00 deaths in the last 24 hours and more than $20000.00 new infections this takes the country's death toll to more than 25000 a survey has found that 60 percent of brazilians support stricter social distancing measures to help curb the spread of the coronavirus that's in stark contrast to their president who has consistently attacked state and city lockdown measures. a space x. launch of 2 nasa astronauts to the international space station has been postponed due to bad weather the falcon 9 rocket was meant to lift off from the kennedy space center in florida now but the next attempt will be on saturday those are the
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headlines for us next but life. in 3. everybody was family and now everybody's day. that i grew up with. their families their parents i day. is heartbreaking because i know now in life that was in these walls you know and now there's no live in the wall under the west grew up in this house in the 5th ward historically black neighborhood in east houston. for years residents here
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suspected that the number of cancer cases was unusually high. is sad this is deb that they had to be.


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