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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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they look good is being called a community you just say you do that i'm down the road to get. to see around. the world. an end to hong kong special status the un says the u.s. says the territory has lost its autonomy as china prepares a new security law. hello there i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up marching against police brutality protests in 2 major u.s. cities over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of law enforcement. the u.s. becomes the 1st country to see the death toll from the coronavirus possibly 100000
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but businesses are reopening across the country. and an unusual discovery outside mexico's capital archaeologists dig up one of the most famous mammals of the ice age. now a security crackdown by china is set to cost hong kong some of the privileges that have helped cement it has a global financial and trade hub u.s. secretary of state mike compare has told congress it is no longer autonomous and its longstanding special status with the united states should end china has rejected a request from an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council it's u.n. ambassador called the u.s. the trouble maker of the wild while the hong kong security bell is set to be voted through on thursday that's the final day of the national people's congress in the chinese capital. how does a castro reports from washington d.c.
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the united states' special economic relationship with hong kong dates back to the territory's time under british rule since then and even after hong kong's return to china in 1907 the us has granted hong kong special trade protections helping it become a global commercial hub where international companies operate freely and u.s. tariffs and visa requirements imposed on mainland china don't touch but now that could change u.s. secretary of state mike pump ailes report to congress on wednesday means president trump is now free to revoke hong kong special status and treat it like the rest of china seems to be quite frustrated and angry with china about the spread of 19 around the world and blames the chinese. so he may be willing to go ahead and do this he seems. just to be less interested in making progress with
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china trump has been less vocal about the aggressive police response to pro-democracy protests in hong kong but the state department says with a new national security law set to be imposed by mainland china the territory of hong kong no longer enjoys a high degree of autonomy and thus no longer deserves special treatment well my guess is that the trumpet administration would like to deter china from going ahead with with passing this law sanctions on hong kong would be harmful to mainland china but suffering the most would be the people of hong kong themselves after months of brutal police crackdowns and a pandemic that's put its economy on thin ice the island is now squeezed between beijing's promise of even harsher security crackdowns and washington's threat to undermine its prosperity. castro al-jazeera washington well katrina you
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has more from beijing beijing seems determined to go ahead with this national security law despite of international criticism right now 3000 of china's communist party members are meeting in beijing for the last day of the national people's congress and this afternoon local time they're going to vote to pass a variety of laws including the national security law and it's certainly going to go through the last few days we've had the same line from beijing that it is a job of the central government to enforce national security and that this will be good for hong kong stability which is really emphasize this huge disconnect between beijing and what the people hong kong want in the thiele but beijing has shown simply no interest in the sending to pro-democracy activists pro-democracy politicians all the u.s. on this issue and in regard to the u.s. request to convene a u.n. security council meeting well china's ambassador to the u.n. has bonded to this request saying that it rejects this that is this is an internal
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affair has nothing to do with the u.n. security council and as i asked the u.s. to stop what it calls bullying practices well you're wrong as the vice president and senior research fellow at the china institute of international studies in beijing he believes that china has every right to pass the national security bill. china certainly hope that united states would understand the reasons and the purposes. of. adopting formulate the decision and left as the legal system sure national security. come and the china also has a very clear central government. that it is aimed at improving national security like you know. and so we only hope that you understand when i watch another. channel with all the necessary come to me to respond.
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i sing about that with undermine china's national security while there have also been developments on another issue that's been causing us china tension a canadian court has ruled an extradition case against while way a chief financial officer men longer can go ahead she is wanted in the u.s. on charges of misleading a major bank on dealings with iran well roisin is a program associate at the wilson center as kissinger institute which looks at us china relations she says it's likely that washington is using men as leverage and its ongoing trade war with beijing. this ruling has been something that i think canada has through diplomatic channels communicated to china to expect. the ruling is as indicated set that for her lawyers and within china this is definitely
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a much more than just a case of a one business executive acting in appropriately to subvert sanctions this is seen as a piece of a larger scale. u.s. china competition and technologies that while a is producing and selling and the political ramifications of those products in the united states this is also been something that leadership has lute into broader policy at and policy interests in china i believe president trump has brought. joe as a possible collateral in some of his negotiations with china so i think at this point this is only emboldened you know china's perception that this isn't just
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a sort of. conventional white collar prosecution case. now anger is spreading in the united states over the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police in minneapolis in the past few hours protesters demanding justice for george floyd have come out in their hundreds and downtown los angeles they brought parts of a freeway and surrounded highway patrol cars and in minneapolis a large crowds are out there again for police officers have been fired but for its family on the city's men calling for criminal charges protesters have surrounded the police precinct where the forward based and there's also been the looting of a nearby store all the protests are now into this 2nd day and as new video imagines the lawyer for george ford's family has spoken of a pandemic of racism john hendren reports. the minneapolis police marched on demonstrators firing rubber bullets and chemical gas
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leaving them in govt in searing flames the protesters gathered by the hundreds despite a state wide coronavirus lockdown to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police custody at the british. believe the about george floyd accused of forgery cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck. even during. bystanders plead with the officers. floyd later dies in police custody on it would really help them yes maybe you'll get me on the road police say he had been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently cooperative this was not a nice thing this is part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustice is still exists which cuts at the very heart more sacred least of all americans are
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equal rights. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough. for those officers to be charged with murder. because that's exactly what they did they murdered. minneapolis is mayor joined in the demand for criminal charges and offense took place that you or i or many other people through our city would have been behind bars if they did yet this particular individual this officer was it could be months before it's clear whether charges will be filed the f.b.i. is investigating the incident as a possible civil rights violation murder convictions of on duty police officers are very rare but they do happen. demonstrators note a contrast when armed white protesters occupy michigan state house to oppose the
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coronavirus lockdown police offer little resistance. in minneapolis this largely black crowd is met with gas canisters and rubber bullets but some vowed to remain in the streets to insist that no other unarmed african-american in the u.s. is killed by police john hendren al jazeera chicago and rob reynolds has more from . there were several 100 protesters they converged on the downtown area and marched around the civic center in los angeles and several. group of the protesters then broke away and entered a freeway a large highway that courses through the center of the city block both sides of that highway and were then confronted by police a patrol car attempted to drive through the crowd and from the video that we've
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seen from the from the scene it appears that the one of those police cars analyzed by the protesters during the confrontation one protester who had climbed onto the police vehicle was injured after he fell off at the vehicle away that both that protester then received some medical attention eventually the marchers left the freeway but continued to protest in the downtown area the los angeles police chief michael moore issued a statement earlier calling the video of george. apprehension by minnesota minneapolis police department disturbing so whether this continues that all. 'd is a matter of conjecture but it certainly seems that it has struck a nerve not only in minnesota not only minneapolis but across the country. well
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still ahead on al-jazeera a new set they suggest that brazil's president may have misjudged the public mood on social distancing. and mission delayed faster launch of astronauts by a private company is put on hold. i know that the heat wave is all across northern sections of the middle east because of course the last few hours we have got this is larry watching here to the fall south just sitting off the coast of oman and yemen that could bring some rain showers maybe some thunderstorms in the next couple of days it tends to stay offshore but it could bring shadows to coastal areas but look at these conditions across seasonal the areas in particular baghdad down across into we have got sandwiches in the high forty's even hotter as we go into friday in baghdad $48.00
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degrees celsius now the average this time of year is $36.00 degrees so this really is unusual to be this hot as so early in the summer we've also got more showers across areas of turkey is a touch is quite low there in anchorage is 15 degrees celsius little niches elsewhere beginning to climb 42 is the high in doha on friday and the center 42 across into dubai central africa potential rains particularly around the gulf of guinea some heavy rain in the 4 calls that you'll thursday into gabble and appealing to southern areas of nigeria but also we've got a fair amount of central role that i was mozambique and again to the east coast of the towns and here and across into kenya now the scene is ever low pressure to the south of south africa for the last few days it's still around and slightly the rain is back in the forecast on friday and sunday feeling cooler as well just 17 in cape town.
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the story of blackmail. i have strength. the story of courage. the fear. passion. and you. just. are you watching al-jazeera let's remind you of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state has told congress that hong kong special status with america should end since the territory is no longer autonomous from china it comes as
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beijing prepares to impose a new security law on hong kong which has sparked more protests. a canadian court has ruled an extradition case against twal wage chief financial officer mungo can go ahead she's wanted in the u.s. on charges of misleading a major bank on hallways dealings with iran. and growing anger over the death of an unarmed black man in u.s. police custody has spread to los angeles hundreds of protesters have been on the streets there meanwhile in minneapolis where george floyd diet police have used tear gas to disperse demonstrations. well the united states has become the fast country in the wild to record 100000 deaths from the corona virus and the total number of infections in the u.s. is now just shy of 1700000 but it is still are saying restrictions aimed at stopping the pandemic kristensen amy reports the beginning of summer in the u.s.
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and a cautious reopening of beaches along the popular new jersey shore in new york city parks sun seekers are kept apart with circles on the grass while outside san francisco city hall the homeless are space to abide by social distancing guidelines all part of a new normal as the country emerges from lockdown but amid the slow reopening a grim milestone the death toll from coated 19 has now claimed more than 100000 american lives a far cry from the confident statements just a few months ago from the u.s. president will see what happens but we have a great doctor in the world we have a very bad just to grow very aggressively we've got the u.s. accounts for almost a 3rd of the world's coded 19 deaths a damning statistic some say for the world's richest country it says a lot about our public health system it says a lot about how seriously we took this unique. it says
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a lot about what we need to improve for the future this is really a wait and a time to be even to realize how important public health by comparison coded 19 has proven to be worse than other recent virus outbreaks the 2003 sars epidemic did not claim a single life in the u.s. in 2009 to each one n one pandemic claimed the lives of 12469 americans with covert 19 no one can say for certain what the final u.s. death toll will be. since march citizens have had to endure weeks of restrictions and lots of distress trying to stay safe from the virus but a new columbia university study found that imposing the lockdown even a week earlier could have saved tens of thousands more lives based on the overall premise that lives could have been saved had social distancing been in place
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earlier yes in theory we waited too long to implement those social distancing measures hindsight is always 2020 so of course we know that now i think at the time there was it wasn't clear how widespread the virus was with the vaccine still a long way from being available it's clear the threat from covert 19 would linger over a summer shaping up to be unlike any other in living memory christian salumi euro well the european commission is calling for a recovery fund of some 825000000000 dollars to help you nations tackle the pandemic president us live on the land wants to transform the uk central finances to allow it to raise money from capital markets and would then hand out grants and loans from member states but some countries including austria the netherlands denmark and sweden opposed to taking on debt for other countries while she has said this crisis forces member states to make an important choice in front of us once
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again is that same binary choice we either all go it alone leaving countries regions and people behind and accepting a union of haves and have those not have not all we want that road to gether we take that leap forward we pave a strong past for our people and for the next generation and for me the choice is simple i want us to take a new bold step to get the. well the he prices the chief economic advisor at the center for economics and business research she says the proposal will eventually receive the approval of member states there are still some countries you can leave the netherlands added to by austria for example and denmark. and sweden which don't
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actually think that this is a very good idea but basically expectation is that the will fall into line we may have some slight changes in terms of the composition of that support that's going to be given but i think it's really fundamental in terms of reshaping the way in which support is given to individual countries and to the u.s. a whole in terms of getting out of this crisis it may be you know the shape of things to come for the does suggest a lot more coordination and a lot more concerned about the inequality if you like huge you should have both g.d.p. and also the pain that countries have been facing because of the crisis and before during the financial crisis and tries to perhaps lead to better conversions something like that the you always wanted to see happen particularly within the euro zone now a 10 day mourning period has begun in spain to remember the more than 27000 people who have died during the coronavirus pandemic king philip and members of the government have held
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a minute's silence in the trend and flags have also been lowered across the country spain is one of the hardest hit countries in europe with more than 236000 cases. well as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease some refugees and migrants have resumed their journeys towards e.u. countries many have been stuck in the balkans for months during these off downs now groups are braving a dangerous mountain pass and bosnia to cross into neighboring croatia it's becoming it's become one of the last gateways into the blah. well doctors in argentina are demanding better pay and more protective gear for treating 1000 patients they demonstrated in buenos aires as passing drivers home to their support they say many of their colleagues are getting sick because they don't have the right gear to protect themselves from the virus. while a temporary coronavirus hospital has opened in the brazilian city of menow to help
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treat the indigenous population now despite the isolation the virus has been slowly spreading through their communities some critical patients from remote parts of the amazon rain forest have been airlifted to hospitals in the last the city's mayor has accused president diable sonora of impeding efforts to stop the spread of the virus you need. i'm not going to stop saying that the president did not interfere of course he did it he speeches all the time saying it was just a fluke and at the same time sending people out onto the streets he boycotted all the efforts that we have done here to get to a stage of good social isolation almost brazilians do support stricter social distancing measures to tackle the spread of credit 19 that's according to a survey and it's also in stark contrast to what jai ableson are ones he's repeatedly criticized lockdowns saying unemployment and hunger would kill more than the outbreak itself brazil is the worst affected country in latin america one or
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apollo is following developments from mexico city. president datable so now is facing more pressure every single day he's at the center of this political controversy in brazil he continues to downplay the severity of the outbreak in his country and he's continuing to make more enemies every day with state governors on tuesday evening we heard about the police raids against 2 of the residents of the governor of the state of. rio de janeiro we're hearing more raids took place earlier on wednesday against against some of the president's critics so this is some of the response that we're seeing in terms of of the backlash against the do in dealing support base within the bill sonars government the governor. has now cycled through 2 different health ministers one of them resigned the other one quit again the president is still sort of downplaying the severity of this crisis and there's a scenario that could play out were both so narrow is ousted from office before
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he's able to finish his term in office if these allegations that he is a threat to public safety turn into charges we could potentially see impeachment proceedings against sonata a french court has refused to grant bail to a rwandan genocide suspect over fears that he would flee flee santa bigots no as said he should be released because of poor health he is accused of bankrolling armed groups who massacred 800002 seize and moderate hutus and 1904 can we go as arrested in a paris suburb almost 2 weeks ago this house about the has. well at the end of the hearing the court rejected felicien cuckoos request to be released under court surveillance because of poor health and the cord said that his health was good enough for him to remain in detention there was also the risk that he could have scorned or cougar was a large for more than a quarter century when he was arrested in paris earlier this month he is accused of
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being one of the main finances all of the wrong one genocide now when the charges were read out to him during this hearing rejected the more he called them all lies now his defense lawyers say that they want cougar to be tried in the future here in france that he's 84 years old and that he is too old and frail to be extradited however the court will decide next week whether or not cougar can be extradited to be put in new in custody and eventually face trial in an international court now the 1st space flight of nasa astronauts from u.s. soil in nearly a decade has been postponed because of bad weather the countdown was stopped around 17 minutes before the space x. falcon 9 rocket was due to lift off from the kennedy space center in florida the next attempt will be made on saturday the launch will be the 1st time a private company has sent astronauts into orbit jay gray has more from cape
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canaveral. obviously this is a new page a new chapter in u.s. space exploration bringing a private company in to that footprint of space is something that has never been done before and frankly when you talk to both sides of this space x. boeing is involved as well and mass it seems to be working almost seamlessly here of course nasa has complete control over go no go and other primary issues but it's a mission team that's run by space x. and because of the growth of virus those team members only half were actually in their seats in mission control the other have working from all year and again it seemed like everything went just the way it should when you talk physically about what it was like here because a cold 19 the general viewing area here at kennedy space center open to the public closed down no one allowed to come in there in fact what a lot of the administrators see are and the staff here said publicly and really
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pushed in the weeks ahead of this launch was stay away watch this obviously would love for you to be here and see the launch in person but if you can't watch it at home watch it on the internet watching on t.v. . group several of the key viewing spots around kennedy space center will close down as well but driving in this morning you still saw people lining the beaches and roadways coming in to k.s.c. and a lot of people just could not stay away so it does mean a lot to a lot of people across the country. now it's a discovery that could reveal more information about the hunting habits of prehistoric communities in mexico archaeologists new mexico city have discovered remains of about 60 mammoths and other species reports. these big bones have laid here undiscovered the 10s of thousands of lilies it's a delicate operation to now uncover this story and shed light on mexico's ancient history and prehistoric hunting methods but only one of course but only each
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excavation teams extract a different remains we are talking about the creatures that inhabited some 10225000 years ago that corresponds to the place to see the park so these are animals of different species the majority of them are mammoth we have identified about 60 individuals in total the brains of found at an airport construction site near mexico city and close to what used to be an ancient lake archeologists believe the herd may have been killed by hunters after being trapped in the lakes mud. the prehistoric colombian mammoths moved in this region during the pleistocene epoch that lasted until about 12000 years ago while researches didn't find remains of the furrier willie mammoth lives further up north they did discover bones and other mammals and 15 human burial sites. also your home at the 1st discovered recently made where an october last year we've constantly followed up on
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each one of them sent until now we have $128.00 discovery sites from megafauna for the 1st time 15000 year old pics used to trap you found in november not far from the latest discovery contradicting your belief that our early ancestors didn't hunt mammoths don't go from us we in the worst of them are more the way these moments are found which bones of missing other tours even the traps themselves all of this reflects human behavior from those years we're talking about mexico's. 1st settlers researches estimate that some of the remains dug out recently are up to 35000 years old amol cule just have a mammoth tosca heads of the each discovery is teaching us more on how these giant creatures and humans once curry existed will miss. so afraid of.
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hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. secretary of state has told congress that hong kong special status with america should end as the territory is no longer autonomous from china this comes as beijing has to impose a new security law on hong kong which has sparked more protests katrina you has more from beijing they've been very much defending this showing nor signs of backing down and i think that really demonstrates this boss disconnect between what beijing thinks and what the people in hong kong want and feel and this latest salvo from the u.s. asking the u.n. security council to convene a meeting that has only further infuriated china not had the opposite effect of trying to get it to back down china's ambassador to the u.n. has called this a call ridiculous he said that the u.s. is a troublemaker or a canadian court has ruled an extradition case against twa
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a chief financial officer in the longo can go ahead she is wanted in the u.s. on charges of misleading a major bank on hallways dealings with iran growing anger over the death of an unarmed black man and u.s. police custody has spread to los angeles hundreds of protesters have been on the streets there meanwhile in minneapolis where george floyd died police have used tear gas to disperse demonstrates his. the number of corona virus deaths in the united states has passed 100000 it comes as the country continues to newson restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the virus the european commission is calling for a recovery package to help even nations tackle the pandemic for about $825000000000.00 bailout money is to be raised from capital markets but some nations are against taking on debt to help the member states well witness is next to. the prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own back to the countries for. we bring you the stories and
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developments that are rapidly changing the world. was a slogan that whatever the problem is of course.


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