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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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0. i really really not getting anywhere near. the on the on. china's on a mentor who's national security loss for hong kong despite protests in the financial hub and warnings from the us. player watching al-jazeera ally from doha with me fully battle also ahead marching against police brutality protests in 2 major u.s. cities over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of law enforcement the highest coronavirus death toll in the world more than
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a 100000 people have died in the u.s. but businesses are reopening across the country and an unusual discovery outside mexico's capital archaeologist dig up one of the most famous mammals of the ice age . thank you very much for joining us we begin with breaking news out of beijing where the national people's congress has given the go ahead for a new set of security laws to be implemented in hong kong despite protests and international warnings the wide ranging laws which include a ban on treason secession sedition and subversion could now be in effect in a matter of weeks why yanni jansha shank that this is a major move to practice to one country 2 systems principle it's in line with china's constitution hong kong's basic law and in line with the interests of mainland china's people as well as hold. the residents the n.p.c.
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will also have the following legislation to safeguard national security sovereignty and development interests as well as hong kong's long term prosperity and stability . but critics say this will take away the territory's freedom and autonomy the u.s. secretary of state michael mail is recommending to congress that hong kong special economic status be revoked if that happens it could jeopardize hong kong status as a global financial hub meanwhile pro-democracy politicians have interrupted hong kong's legislator as it moves closer to passing another controversial bill 3 legislators have been kicked out during a heated debate on a proposed law seeking to ban any mocking of china's national anthem while we'll have more reaction from hong kong in just a moment with adrian bron but 1st to katrina you're in beijing katrina so as expected the national people's congress has approved plans for a controversial security law for hong kong tell us 1st how the voting went.
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well it was an overwhelming yes in favor of this law we had $2885.00 votes in total and there were 202800 78 people who voted yes on one person voted no and 6 abstained from the vote and this is not surprising a lot of these policies are china's national congress votes on during this event pre-approved so we very much expected this to be passed basically what happens from here on is that this law is going to be tailor made in conjunction with the central government in terms of what exactly it will entail so we'll find out more details of how draconian it will be so we do know that these changes will be applied to china to hong kong's basic law which is their many constitution and it includes 7 articles and that includes banning any secession any subversion as beijing sees it it also sets up chinese security offices in hong kong and it may it's make sure
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that the hong kong government reports regularly to the central government in all issues of national security and they must carry out national security legist education also in the territory now once these details are ironed out over the next few weeks it will be again they will move to enact it and analysts expect this law to be enacted in hong kong as early as august or september now this all happened without any consultation any debate from hong kong's leaders or hong kong's government what happened was the china basically took advantage of a legal loophole which allows it to bypass completely the hong kong legislative process and as we heard the chairman of the national people's congress said that this is necessary and it is in line with the constitution in terms of china's constitution and with the basic will and as you said katrina a lot of details still need to be doubts i guess but this is no doubt likely to
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further destabilize the ready tense relations between the u.s. and china. that's right china has said that the us continues to meddle in its internal affairs it actually called it a troublemaker when it came to this national security law on 2 fronts the us has called for a un security meeting to discuss this issue saying that this is a challenge to hong kong's autonomy and secondly the u.s. has said that this law proves that hong kong is no longer autonomy and therefore hong kong did no longer deserves its special trading status now these 2 movements were were really intended to be a deterrent to the chinese government to prevent them from going ahead and it seems that they've taken no notice at all of this and it seems that the relationship between the 2 countries has gotten sort of bad not only on this front but on the front of the corona virus with the u.s. pointing blame at china as well as unfair trade practices that the u.s.
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has repeatedly complained about and really it seems to be this acknowledgement that the way ship is served by the beijing is no longer afraid of the consequences of importing such a big move as this national security law and they do seem to be bracing they've said preparing for counter measures to whatever the u.s. thor's at it it's also gotten to the stage where the defense minister china's defense minister has said that the bilateral relationship now has turned into a high risk rivalry and also we heard from china's foreign minister one year who said that the 2 countries have now been brought to the brink of cold war so it seems that when it comes to the relationship between the u.s. and china we've reached a new tipping point because of the security will katrina thank you for katrina the united there in beijing let's get reaction now from hong kong adrian brown is there for us adrian as katrina say the national people's congress approved this draft with no consultation with hong kong's leaders how is this going to go down there.
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well i think hong kong's getting a sort of firsthand lesson in geopolitics because this city finds itself caught in the middle of a deepening cold war between china and the united states and is katrina mentioned there could be more economic pain on the way from hong kong because of course the united states government is now warning that it might be prepared to end the special special trading relationship that hong kong enjoys with washington now currently hong kong enjoys a trade surplus with the united states to the tune of $26000000000.00 so if the united states is going to invoke the hong kong autonomy act and end those special trading privileges that home kong enjoys then of course that risks jeopardizing you know billions of dollars worth of trade between the 2 and remember there are many u.s. corporations that have their regional headquarters here in hong kong and doubtless in their boardrooms now discussions will be going on as to whether hong kong can
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remain the financial center for them to remain in fact that said you know i was talking to an historian earlier on today always good to get their perspective and he said you know in 1904 when britain china signed the sino chinese sino british agreement the joint declaration a lot of people were then saying that hong kong was dead and would be finished well 36 years on it is still going as for you know reaction hong kong's richest man has said that he believes the security law is a good thing because it will bring stability to hong kong but of course as we saw in hong kong on wednesday there are deep deep deep resentment there is deep deep resentment towards this law play bass protests in the center of hong kong in the central business district and of course i think it's fair to assume those protests are going to continue if not intensify even though they know they're not going to get china to reverse course of right adrian i was. going to ask you of course we
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see the images of process in hong kong and we've seen them throughout this past year. i wonder though whether they are residents of hong kong people within hong kong who support these laws and who think this is a good idea yes absolutely there is another side to this story of course the the pro establishment camp of course have been applauding the m.p.c. for passing this measure today and earlier on thursday we visited an area of hong kong called northpoint and within that is a district where many migrants from the mainland live and we spoke to a lot of people there everyone we spoke to was in favor of the law they say they hoped it would end the violence and the vandalism and there was sort of incredulity the people in hong kong on the pro-democracy side should be urging the united states to impose sanctions on hong kong so yes there is plenty of support in that
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direction we have to remember also fully that you know hong kong is a very very resilient place and there was a moment actually on wednesday when i was covering the protests in the central business district when i smelled tear gas in one nostril and the rich aroma of a have on a cigar in the other was coming from a prosperous business person who was on the sidelines watching that protest and that in a sense really summed it up for me all right thank you for that adrian brown live for us there in hong kong. now protesters in taiwan have thrown their support behind hong kong's pro-democracy activists. certain demonstrators have urged taiwan's government to take more action to protect protesters in hong kong the island's government has already promised to welcome those who leave hong kong because of political reasons offering help from employment to counseling. now adding to the tension between china and the u.s.
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that katrina referred to a canadian court ruling that an extradition case against his chief financial officer among one joe can go ahead the court concluded the charges she faces a crimes in both canada and the u.s. she is currently under house arrest in canada has repeatedly denied the accusations against say a man is wanted in the u.s. on charges of misleading a major bank on while ways dealings with iran. in other world news is spreading in the united states over the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police in los angeles and minneapolis large crowds have been out on the streets demanding justice victoria get him he reports. on the west coast of america thousands of kilometers from where george florey died anger over the death of another unarmed black man in police custody put hundreds of protesters onto the streets of los angeles they blocked parts of
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a motorway and surrounded police patrol cars. in minneapolis protesters gathered at a police precinct where the 4 offices involved in the case were based. nearby shops were looted as people took advantage of the chaos following the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video. george fluid was arrested after being accused of food yuri he later died in police custody police say he had been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently cooperative this was not an isolated part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustice so existence trying to catch at the very. least of
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all americans are equal and rights and. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough i would like for those officers to be charged with murder. because that's exactly what they think mardi gras. minnesota is mad joined in the demand for criminal charges bought it could be months before it's clear whether they'll be filed until then protesters say they'll stay on the streets to insist that no other unarmed african-american in the u.s. is killed by police big turia gates and be algis their. the united states has become the 1st country in the world to record 100000 deaths from corona virus almost 1700000 americans have been infected but it is loosening is restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the pandemic christensen only reports the beginning
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of summer in the u.s. and a cautious reopening of beaches along the popular new jersey shore in new york city parks sun seekers are kept apart with circles on the grass while outside san francisco city hall the homeless are space to abide by social distancing guidelines all part of a new normal as the country emerges from lockdown. but amid the slow reopening a grim milestone the death toll from coated 19 has now claimed more than 100000 american lives a far cry from the confident statements just a few months ago from the u.s. president will see what out there but we have the greatest doctors in the world we have a very hard just to grow prairie is the way we've got the u.s. accounts for almost a 3rd of the world's coded 19 deaths a damning statistic some say for the world's richest country it says a lot about our public health system and it says
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a lot about how seriously we took this at the beginning. it says a lot about what we need to improve for the future this is really a wait and a time to be even to realize how important public health by comparison code 19 has proven to be worse than other recent virus outbreaks the 2003 sars epidemic did not claim a single life in the u.s. in 2009 the each one n one pandemic claimed the lives of 12469 americans with covert 19 no one can say for certain what the final u.s. death toll will be. since march citizens have had to endure weeks of restrictions and lots of distress trying to stay safe from the virus but a new columbia university study found that imposing the lockdown even a week earlier could have saved tens of thousands more lives based on the overall premise that lives could have been saved had social distancing been in place
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earlier yes in theory we waited too long to implement those social distancing measures hindsight is always 2020 so of course we know that now i think at the time there was it wasn't clear how widespread the virus was with the vaccine still a long way from being available it's clear the threat from covert 19 would linger over a summer shaping up to be unlike any other in living memory christian salumi al-jazeera and more on the coronavirus crisis coming up contradicting that president brazilians call for social distancing as a number of call 1000 cases increases. welcome to the home bound project and theater goes on line in the u.s. as ottos and pay rights raise money for children eat meat.
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hello eastern turkey is nice and warm but otherwise turkey and all of eastern europe is certainly not cool clouds in the cold front coming down still rather top this area of high pressure that keeps eastern side of europe and turkey cool and you might like certainly cool have you with some heavy rain the forecast look at this for ukraine for example so we went recently in a desert but for central and western europe temperatures are on the way up to see a particular in portugal i guess in a new record there in the northwest it doesn't change very much for friday the general pattern is the same effect eastern turkey cools down by the bankers about 15 degrees or so there's been 28 probably shows were in the cooler places in portugal in fact it's warm enough that evening glasgow in the northwest the u.k. we've got temperatures at 25 degrees by friday after 17 the record is only 26 and a half so we're up there near record highs it won't change that quickly however
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that the effects are in north africa isn't anything like as pronounced is a bit breezy in benghazi in cairo the thames about 38 egypt and that breach will pick up some dust i think further west as more clouds around riseth just south of the atlas mountains but in the middle twenty's for a bat high twenty's is can't complain of that. challenging the brazilian dictatorship the democratically run the team. the killing fields changed the course of the nation. the center was a revolutionary foot. known to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates in the corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this hour of china's bottom and has approved security laws that bypass hong kong's legislature the wide ranging laws could now be in effect in a matter of weeks that's despite protests and international warning saying the laws undermine hong kong's autonomy. protests in the u.s. over the police killing of an unarmed black man in minneapolis have spread to los angeles large crowds have been out on the streets demanding justice after george freud was paid into the ground by police leading to his death. and the united
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states has become the 1st country in the world to record $100000.00 coronavirus deaths but it continues to loosen restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the fighters. back testing is ramping up in some parts of the us but many say saffron sized hail knocking behind at least 9 of them have conducted only 250 tests for 1000000 people as angeles county is one of a few places offering free tests to anyone who wants one. more. people are getting tested for the corona virus at this drive up site in los angeles one of dozens in this is the nation's most populous county the county is is aggressively following up on all positive results with the individuals to trace back their contacts within the previous 2 weeks of their positive test testing and tracing are essential but so are social distancing and good hygiene not everybody
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has to get tested i'll tell you 10000000 people in the county have to get tested which more important than testing frankly is staying at home staying safe at home covering your your mouth with the in your face with official covering in early march president donald trump declared anybody right now and just shooting anybody that leaves you just gets you to sleep there that statement was as full so then as it is now nearly 3 months later in a new study a team of nationally recognized infectious disease experts said testing in the united states is disorganized and not accurate enough to provide a good basis for public health decision making the team from the university of minnesota called upon the federal government to provide leadership guidance and support for local jurisdictions some physicians who study global responses to cold it done 19 say an over emphasis on testing can be counterproductive many tests are
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not highly reliable and could be misleading you know that a 3 percent of the time as the test. they're not actually going to try now dr michael hochman says there is one country that appears to have tamed coronavirus but has tested just 0.2 percent of its population in the country that strikes me as boast or. at the center of really good job history and which is how about a percent rate that we have in the united states of. the virus many reasons have been cited for japan's low numbers including low levels of obesity one of the world's best public health systems a public that widely accepted a decision to close schools early and a culture of mask wearing. hell by the data does come out during this pandemic and another country faced coverage really make
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a big difference the trumpet ministration recently promised to provide $100000000.00 test swabs by the end of this year but the white house says testing will remain the responsibility of each of the 50 us states rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles meanwhile the u.k. government is launching a new tests and trains called 1960 macross england on ferries day and of the service anyone exhibiting symptoms will be tested those who have been in close contact with someone showing positive results will be traced and told to isolate for 14 days 25000 dedicated staff have been hired for the scheme with the aim of tracing 10000 people a day. south korea has re-imposed some restrictions after the largest daily rise in u. coronavirus infection since last month many of the $79.00 cases are linked to an online shopping warehouse museum's products in art galleries in the capital seoul are going to close again for 2 weeks and employees are urged to adopt flexible working
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practices because of concerns about a 2nd wave of infections in brazil a temporary hospital has been opened in the city of monologist to help treat the indigenous population despite their isolation the virus has been slowly spreading through their communities some critical patients from remote parts of the amazon rain forest been airlifted to hospitals in manassas the city's mayor has accused president of also narrow of impeding efforts to stop the spread of the virus they need. i'm not going to stop saying that the president did not interfere of course he did it his speeches all the time saying it was just a fluke and at the same time sending people out onto the street he boycotted all the efforts that we have done here to get to a stage of good social isolation and an opinion poll in brazil says 60 percent of people support stricter social distancing measures to tackle the spread of covert 19 that's in contrast to president who's repeatedly criticized lockdowns saying
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unemployment and hunger are a greater threat than the virus brazil is the worst affected country in that america with nearly 26000 covered 1000 deaths. now to iran where the new parliament has chosen a conservative former mayor of tehran as its speaker. was elected to a one year term with 230 votes on thursday county baf served as tehran's mayor for 12 years and was one of president hassan rouhani as challenges in the 27000 election. discovery that could shed some light on the hunting habits a free story communities in mexico archeologists near mexico city have discovered remains of about 60 mammoths and other species as a story. these big bones have laid here undiscovered the 10s of thousands if it's a delicate operation to now uncover this story and should lie its own mexico is ancient
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history and prehistoric hunting methods but only one of. each excavation team is extract a different remains we're talking about the creatures that inhabited some 10225000 years ago that corresponds to the place to see me so these are animals of different species the majority of them are mammoth we have identified about 60 individuals in total. the brains of found at an airport construction site near mexico city and close to what used to be an ancient lake archeologists believe the herd may have been killed by hunters off to being trapped in the lakes mud. the prehistoric colombian mammoths naved in this region during the pleistocene epoch that lasted until about 12000 years ago while researches didn't find remains of the furrier willie mammoth lives further up north they did discover bones of other mammals and 15 human burial sites. also you are on the 1st discoveries we
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made were an october last year we've constantly followed up on each one of them sent until now we have $128.00 discovery sites from megafauna for the 1st time 15000 year old pics used to trap found in november not far from the latest discovery contradicting your belief that our early ancestors didn't hunt mammoths. was a member of the why these moments of which bones are missing other tours even the traps themselves all of this reflects human behavior from those years we're talking about mexico's 1st settlers researches estimate that some of the remains dug up recently up to 35000 years old a more archaeologists have a mammoth task ahead of the each discovery is teaching us more on how these giant creatures and humans once co-existed on this. sort of hated oh just the.
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theaters around the world remain closed because of a coronavirus pandemic but a growing number of directors actors and writers are figuring out new ways to stay connected with their audience by posting new works online reports. act one of the new normal and already has suffered greatly. take the play tony stone for example leave. it open to san francisco's american conservatory theatre on march 11th hours later california implemented new measures to stop the spread of coronavirus and just like that the show closed still director pam mckinnon worked hard to ensure her production could at least for a limited time be viewed online theater isn't in person art form that is definitional e what theater is and luckily technology can bring us together and we're really taking advantage of that home is these days more and more theater artists are
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venturing into the digital realm welcome to the home bound project stage director general worsham and playwright concha mcmullan created the homebound project as a way to showcase creativity and kindness in equal measure just by buying a ticket just by tuning in you're getting to a sort of join at the at will family and be you're getting to it to help feed kids him know the online initiative brings together actors and writers to raise money for the charity no kid hungry food. actor thomas sadowsky delivered one of the monologues and says he was happy to lend a hand i think that in a time of crisis. especially but it anytime an artist responsibility is to participate in the telling of stories that reflect the human condition back to humanity were a mirror. the letter is. the phosphorus theatre company is a u.k.
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based group made up of refugee performers were not dream of my home covered 1000 stopped him from premiering a new production so they posted videos online showcasing how the virus is affecting members of their community and we want to do. just you know the show and say way means to people who are living in the country people who work question time and know their job stop the video series is called everything has an ending words of hope for all the artists and audiences longing to see the curtain finally fall on this pandemic. flu again i'm fully back to all with the headlines on al-jazeera china spot a mentos approved security laws that bypass hong kong legislature a wide ranging loss could now be in effect in
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a matter of weeks satisfied protests and international warning saying the loss undermine hong kong's autonomy katrina you has more from beijing on what happens next this law is going to be tailor made in conjunction with a central government in terms of what exactly it will entail so we'll find out more details of how draconian it will be so we do know that these changes will be applied to china to hong kong's basic law which is there many constitution and it includes 7 articles and that includes banning any secession any subversion as beijing sees it it also sets up chinese security offices in hong kong and it may it's makes sure that the hong kong government reports regularly to the central government in all issues of national security. a canadian court has ruled that an extradition case against wa is chief financial officer among one joel can go ahead the court concluded the charges she faces of crimes in both canada and the u.s. manyas wanted in the u.s.
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on charges of misleading a major bank on while ways dealings with iran south korea has reimpose some restrictions after the largest daily rise in new coronavirus infection since last month many of the $79.00 cases a link to an online shopping way house museum spock's and galleries in the capital seoul are to close again for 2 weeks protests in the u.s. over the killing of an unarmed black man in minneapolis has spread to los angeles large crowds have been out on the streets demanding justice george floyd was pinned to the ground by police leading to his death and the u.k. government is launching a new test and trace covert 1960 mm across england on thursday under the surface anyone exhibiting symptoms will be tested those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's a stream i hope you do stay with us thanks so much. you want to help save the world's. sneeze into your own.
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hi i fairly well can i know what's in the street if you are a regular viewer of this program or al-jazeera as a network you know that we continue to go back to the story of the richenda many refugees in the southern part of bangladesh you know today is no exception just over a week ago a cycling went past this settlement in the world refugee center in the well and that was at an andean minutes and then the week before that we heard that covered 900 had come into the refugee settlements the question is could this be the beginning of a catastrophe for the ranger in southern bangladesh.


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