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usa the current crop will grow close to physics anywhere on jersey or. be the hero of the world needs. washing. in the. burning anger in the u.s. so 2nd day of protests in minneapolis after the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police. come fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead china's parliament approves national security laws for hong kong despite protests in the financial and warnings from the us south korea reposes some restrictions after
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its biggest jump in corona virus cases in 7 weeks and the loneliness of my isolation we talk to some of the most vulnerable people drink around a fire song. just to me get all excited shine dancing to save make it worth something to keep you out there by. thank you very much for joining us protests have rocked the us city of minneapolis for the 2nd straight night after the death of a black man in police custody multiple fires were reported and several businesses have been looted large crowds in los angeles have also gathered demanding justice in the. anger turned to violence in minneapolis on wednesday night what started out as a protest against the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. culminated of
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firefighters battling to contain multiple blazes across the city shops were looted as thieves took advantage of the chaos. the violence and deliberate damage to property by some has to some extent shifted attention away from peaceful protesters demanding justice. that. earlier they surrounded the police precinct where the poor offices involved in the case were based in some areas police marched on demonstrators firing rubber coated steel bullets tear gas. on the west coast of america thousands of kilometers from where george florey died and over the latest incident a confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video brought hundreds of protesters on to the streets of los angeles.
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george gloried was arrested after being accused of food yuri he later died in police custody police say he'd been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently co-operative this was not. part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustices still exist in this country cuts at the very heart more strength of belief that all americans are equal and rights and. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough i would like for those officers to be charged with murder because that's exactly what they think murdered my gretsch. minnesota's mayor joined in the demand for criminal charges but it could be months before it's clear whether
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they'll be filed until then protesters say they'll stay on the streets to insist that no other unarmed african-american in the u.s. is killed by police big turia gates and be there and other world news china's bottom end has given the go ahead for a new security law in hong kong despite protests and international warnings a wide ranging legislation includes a ban on treason secession sedition and subversion and could be in effect within weeks adrian brown has more. hong kong's people had no say in the decision to impose a new security law on this city that though was not a concern among people we spoke to in the north point district where many mainland immigrants live. of course we will have peace now hong kong has been so chaotic the protesters even went to the united states to ask them to put sanctions on hong kong what a mess they have made. the young may have different thought before as the elderly
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there always make our country prosperous and stable but other people are fearful and scared to come in because you know all freedom for their speech no freedom for. democracy so ski since 1907 when hong kong was returned from british the chinese rule this city has operated under a unique one country 2 systems formula intended to guarantee the city's legal political and economic arrangements the question now is whether the experiment has failed but local historian john carroll insists that's not the case no sooner had the the sign of british joint declaration been signed in december 1904 people are already talking about the death of hong kong and i mean that's been going on for years and years and years and hong kong is not dead and i don't see hong kong
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dying so. china's leaders insist the new security law 'd will save hong kong not kill it so the vote by china's parliament on thursday to approve the law was never in doubt bypassing hong kong's legislature the rubber stamp national people's congress has now paved the way for mainland security agents to operate here in marked contrast to these orderly scenes there was more disruption in hong kong. parliament. when 3 legislators were ejected during a heated debate about another proposed law that would make it an offense to disrespect china's national anthem both measures prompted demonstrations and a warning from the united states government that its special trading status with the city could be about to end raising concerns about its continued status as asia's leading financial center adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong and katrina you
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has more now from beijing on what happens next what this passing of the law during the national people's congress does is open the door now for the central government to iron out these details so that will be done over the next few weeks and once that is done the law will be inserted into hong kong's basic law which is hong kong's mini constitution completely bypassing any legislative process with the hong kong government so far we know that there are 7 articles to the law including banning subversion session and foreign interference it also allows the chinese government to insert security and intelligence offices in hong kong and it also pushes the government to an act and to carry out patriotic education or education around national security now once all those details are put into writing and confirmed it will then be enacted in hong kong some analysts say as early as august
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or september and as we've heard from adrian. kerry land has said that she supports this law she is widely seen to be a puppet of beijing and it seems that the hong kong government under kerry will work with the central government in beijing to enact and complete this legislation a protest says in taiwan have thrown their support behind hong kong's pro-democracy activists. oh it was line of student demonstrators had those taiwan's government to take more action to protect protesters in hong kong the island's government has already promised to welcome those who leave hong kong because of political reasons offering how from employments to counselling richard mcgregor is a senior fellow at the know institute he says beijing is now taking more extreme measures to reaffirm his control over hong kong beijing simply lost patience with the protesters and on call and it clearly lost ran out of patience with the
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uncle government's ability to control them they obviously fear an ongoing sort of uprising on kong because so so much that it could spill over to the mainland but it undermines beijing's rule in any case you know this is sovereign chinese territory and they decide that really we're going to take it and they want to stamp out political dissent in hong kong and political criticism of china you know the handover 9097 so i was always concerned about on kong being used as a staging wrote a post for you know political action political so against china i don't think it ever was that i mean the certainly free speech in certain books published like people in hong kong fighting for their rights in hong kong they're not fighting for their you know human rights or democracy in china but i don't think beijing sees it like that you know so in that respect it's really the end of hong kong as we know it now adding to the tension between china and the u.s.
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is it canadian court ruling that an extradition case against a chief financial officer among one joe can go ahead the court says the charges she faces are crimes in both canada and the u.s. she's currently under house arrest in canada and has repeatedly denied the accusations money is wanted in the u.s. on charges of misleading a major bank on while ways dealings with iran. the current virus fund in south korea has reimposed some restrictions after the biggest jump in cases in 7 weeks many of the $79.00 infections are linked to an online shop shopping warehouse museums sponson art galleries in the capital seoul will close again for 2 weeks and employees are issue adopt flexible working practices because of concerns about a 2nd wave of infections rob mcbride has more from seoul. this is a troubling development especially for a country which seemingly had this all under control just
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a few weeks ago days go by here where we see very few new cases being reported often in single digits sometimes 0 cases of local transmission then you get a spike like this one most of these new cases are based around this warehouse distribution center just outside of the capital seoul now this is operated by one of the biggest e-commerce companies here in south korea ironically working flat out since the start of this pandemic because of course everybody is now shopping online rather than going to stores and it does seem as though maybe social distancing wasn't what it should be you had a lot of workers maybe in cramped working environment they were sharing the same cafeteria having smoke breaks together and not wearing them or enough masks and now we've had this spike in cases the authorities have moved very quickly on this identifying up to 4000 people either workers or their relatives friends people they've come into contact with who they are very quickly going through testing on
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mass and they have finding as they go new cases now the hope is that they have acted quickly enough that this is brought under control but as a precaution they have now reintroduced some of these restrictions which we have gradually seen being lifted in the past week or 2 things like public venues museums galleries being closed yet again for another 2 weeks put people to avoid crowds as the authorities hope that they have a contained this that it won't become and i think more serious the decision to make 3000 cough actually work is redundant isn't going down well in spain. a japanese company nissan announced it's closing its fact train bus and known as it reported a $6000000000.00 annual loss sales have plummeted as a result of a. pandemic and nissan is seeking new markets away from europe financial pressures also meaning that britain's low cost airline easy jet is cutting 30 percent of its
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workers around $4500.00 jobs will be lost across europe the carrier says it will restart fights next month but will fly fewer planes because of low demand ryanair virgin atlantic and british airways also announced cuts last month. still ahead on al-jazeera why a country with the world's largest underground oil reserves might start charging. and the british public are given a chance for more freedom but will they pay them to come next can. it. that is more heavy rain really heavy rain destined for china is building now you can't see much shorter because us to start over so part of course the spring rain
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season a week late into spring nabby that's still the cold and there's the blue and the orange streaks in the middle of the heart of the heavy rain just south of shanghai by the time we get to friday it is where it should be and it will produce flooding in very many places but there's a break before it edges towards japan japan's dry and quite warm $26.00 in turkey might be a few showers but beyond that i think is sunday's rocketry interested too and north china but that rain will move out across the sea towards southern parts of honshu eventually proper rainfall quite a few days start really leaving china behind in hong kong as on the humid and sundry side of it equally big showers are going to continue in bangladesh and the north east of india but actually all the way the northern plains we've seen showers in from new delhi south with another in the forecast in nepal to rain proper is edging up into carola and increasingly sri lanka with the monsoon trough officially
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here but forecast wise new delhi's got some storms all rain until sunday. a tsunami of mud bury 16 indonesians villages. submerging the homes and livelihoods of 60000 people. years later look inhabitants are still fighting for justice from the fracking company they blame. and the hot sludge continues to flood. create a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. the in the.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera this hour hunger is spreading in the u.s. that the death of an unarmed black man was pinned to the ground by police demonstrators are out for a 2nd consecutive nights demanding justice for george boyd who died in minneapolis on monday. china spot of antis opposed to a security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong it could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermined and south korea has rainbow's restrictions after the largest daily rise in new corona virus infections in more than 50 days many of the cases ending to an online shopping warehouse museums box and not galleries in seoul will close for 2 weeks. now venezuela's president has hinted that he could start charging saw gasoline which is usually free for citizens it follows the arrival of
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several times from iran carrying much needed fuel and next year brian has our report. is quoted by the venezuelan military the tanker brings the iranian fuel into port precious petrol for venezuela even though it sits upon the world's largest proven crude oil reserves and coinciding with the arrival of the badly needed supplies a change in policy from the government. the gasoline that we've brought from abroad from iran and from other countries which paid for it with many people tell me and i agree that we must charge for the gasoline. right now gasoline in venezuela is the cheapest in the world less than one us st a gallon but that's if you can buy it. queues at petrol stations can often last for days and that sparked a black market in the capital caracas where wealthy residents pay to skip the line at about $10.00 a gallon it's the most expensive in the world petrol shortages have plagued drivers
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for years ever since its 1300000 barrel a day refining network collapsed critics blame under-investment and mismanagement by the state president nicolas maduro says it's the fault of u.s. sanctions either way it's the venezuelan people who lose after years of economic and political turmoil waters in short supply as well the way i what we are experiencing is rough there is no water there is no gas there is no gasoline we are screwed there also shortages of medicine and food many families rely on soup kitchens like this one to survive. i never thought i'd come to a place to get food for my kids but the spite everything we have we can't get to the end of the month. 2 more iranian tank is just days away but despite the fanfare analysts believe all 5 vessels are only carrying enough fuel to
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last the country about a month if the president does carry out his threat to raise petrol prices that will be another burden the long suffering venezuelans to carry. brian al-jazeera and u.s. president donald trump has offered to mediate between india and china following reports of rising tension along one of the world's longest unmarked orders confrontations between soldiers are seen both sides increasing their military presence in india correspondent elizabeth reports india's army on patrol in the territory of the voc along the country's border with china the nuclear neighbors dispute a 3 and a half 1000 kilometer from tia and the remote himalayas. earlier this month soldiers clashed in a number of areas around the unofficial border known as the line of actual control or see chinese state media say indian troops trespassed on chinese territory and
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accuse them of trying to build defense facilities the indian government says its soldiers remained on its territory it is true that india is also increasing its own infrastructure. and. maybe be chinese fortifying positions without informing them because. both sides are bolstering their presence satellite images appear to show the building of more tents and roads within 5 kilometers of the lot of actual control the border dispute goes back decades a month long war in 1962 ended without a resolution and they have been several standoff since then the latest in 2017 an unsettled boundary may be acquired boundary more thought has been fired no one has been. 975 you know i mean it's all completely militarized military forces on both sides. this is an opportunity to. build on the heat and the heat in
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a very calibrated kind of. early and make china india not to take actions that may complicate the situation on wednesday both countries agree to dialogue. don't you know china and india have perfect border related mechanisms and communication channels both parties have the ability to properly dissolve relevant issues through dialogue and consultation there's been no official comment from the indian government with fears of further escalation the us president offered to help resolve the dispute neither side has responded to donald trump's offer to mediate but analysts say the americans wouldn't be acceptable for china not the least because they recognize the demarcation line between the countries which china disputes elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi the white house says u.s. president donald trump is expected to sign an executive order on social media companies the move follows twitter labeling 2 tweets in which said postal votes
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would lead to fraud as misleading and says the company's free speech and is threatening to shut it down. government tests and trace says central covered 1000 is up and running in england following repeated delays by mr boies johnson says it will unlock the prison down anyone suspected of having coronavirus can order a test if positive we asked to give details that people have been in contact with and told to isolate for 2 weeks that speak about this he joins us live from outside the testing center in london so just found this is a scheme. fully is extremely ambitious you are just giving us some of the figures and it involves testing centers like the one here which have been going for weeks but are now opening up to anyone who wants and requires a test but there are already big question marks about how efficient it will be the
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government said that they aim to have all results from tests either at the centers or people's homes delivered within 24 hours but they haven't hit that consistently yet it was supposed to be rolled out this test trace and isolate program was supposed to start at the same time as a mobile phone up that has now been delayed by you weeks that's parts of the of the tracing and contacting people side of the program and also with hearing from people not just from the opposition labor party here in the u.k. but from dozens of m.p.'s from the ruling conservative party that people's trust in government messaging has been dented severely by the dominant cummings saga he's the chief advisor to boris johnson the prime minister he was seemed to have broken look down guidelines refused to apologize for anything he did he's being backed up solidly by the government for days now even though it's dominating the headlines and prompting thousands of people to contact their m.p.'s saying how angry they are
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that they had to follow the guidelines and he seems not to have done so so all of this is by a tiny it's also been brought forward as i was saying and there are questions about whether there are enough tests going on around the country to really back up that program so how quickly is the u.k. aiming to lift down. fairly quickly now let's not forget next monday june the 1st is when schools are encouraged to reopen by the government some are saying though it will be a week later some have taken the decision on a local or city wide level that they won't open until after the summer holidays it's really according to how local staff in the education system feel they can observe distant seeing and hygiene to the extent that that's possible but at the same time markets are reopening next week and things like showrooms meanwhile
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there's a warning from a group that's setting itself up as an independent scientific advisory group saying that the government's ignoring its own scientists who are known as sage that survives are a group they say the sage of models that once schools reopen the our number the crucial transmission rate will go above one and they're saying that it's not safe according to the government's own scientists for schools to start reopening at the moment mixed pictures about the reopening of across the country but certainly lots of worries and crucially as we were hearing from south korea can the 2nd peak be avoided thank you for that i live in london now hundreds of scientists from around the world are teaming up to share information on coronavirus it's called the covert 1000 m.s. coalition and will be made up of around 500 of the leading mass spectrometer east experts now shared data about how coronavirus f.p.
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is the technique looks at how molecules change in the blood of infected patients the goal is so refined testing and treatment and to figure out why some people respond differently to the virus is kind of detail will be crucial in developing vaccines handy to baron is chairwoman of mass spectrometry and director of the michael baaba center at manchester university she tells us more about how the coalition hopes to help. what we want to do is to find out and ultimately allow doctors to find out that when someone alarms the hospital and they test positive the current virus how those symptoms were developing so this is cool coke gnostic markers we want to find out whether someone is going to just have mild symptoms or is going to develop into a more severe form of infection and if we can do that that will allow them the doctors to give them better treatment and to target the treatment of them so we've been talking for a while and we've been sharing methods and we've been sharing approaches to doing
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things several of us in one something period had our labs shut down and in universities that's been the case and so we've been really using that time to talk to think and to use to think about the best ways of collecting samples and sharing the data so we have there's already been some studies again re studies and what we're trying to do is replication studies at pace as quite unusual science normally where a little competitive only sharon wants we you know got something published what we want to do is work together for that to make sure that we're using same approaches to really help all of us in completely shocked by this pandemic and as a scientist we know that science has the solutions so in some sense it's been a great time to be innocent and people have been extremely receptive to the idea of sharing sharon working together and this is not in the public health threat there
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are other serious diseases for example but you know since we all need work let me less competitive need to start to so these alan will. now while the u.k. continues to practice social distancing one section of society has been struggling with isolation the elderly charities are reporting increased cases of confusion and loneliness sonja gago has a story from london. and often in visit even under social distancing rules brings a welcome break from bubble to james confined to her home she's only allowed visits from care workers and close relatives because of her age group folder is not meant to leave her home and as a wheelchair user she's finding it very difficult when i have my son would come and go no. go shopping. trolley i write my school
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because at the school. those arrived in the u.k. in the 1960 s. from jamaica she became mayor of the london borough where she lives and a life under lockdown is in stark contrast to the active life she was used to she gets by with calls from her children as well as volunteers from a charity that give support to the elderly in isolation you have to make your own sunshine and that's going to save make it on some keep. happy at the mill also a cause for concern the mental effects of isolation especially in an age group that is already vulnerable to loneliness while most people have turned to social media to ease their loneliness during the lockdown elderly people tend to be less technologically adept and that's made their isolation even more challenging there will be some some medium to longer term impact particularly people's mental health and obviously you know we hear from people as well that their physical health
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you're not going to go out as often processes they were before or a family member coming in and visiting and taking them to the shops may well be that the only time we get our house that we need and the necessary sort of activities now because i think we're going to see you know we are seeing a real concern for people's physical health as well as the men's wearhouse well coronavirus restrictions in the u.k. are slowly starting to ease those above the age of 70 are still considered a high risk group where the lock down for the. goes on it is the frontline to give us who were there to reassure them that day on the sunny day you. landed. the you. know again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera anger is spreading in the u.s. at the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police for a 2nd consecutive night demonstrators are demanding justice for george for it who
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died on monday china's father meant as opposed to security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong it could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermined katrina you has more from beijing on what happens next what this passing of the law during the national people's congress does is open the door now for the central government to iron out these details so that will be done over the next few weeks and once that is done the law will be inserted into hong kong's basic law which is hong kong's mini constitution completely bypassing any legislative process with the hong kong government so far we know that there are 7 articles to the law including banning subversion secession and foreign interference it also allows the chinese government to insert security and intelligence offices in hong kong south korea has
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reimposed restrictions after the launches daily increase in corona virus infections in more than 50 days many of the cases are linked to an online shopping warehouse museums fox and art galleries in seoul close for 2 weeks a government test and trace system vocal the 19 is up and running in england following repeated delays prime minister boris johnson says it will unlock the prison offer lock down anyone suspected of having coronavirus can order attests. now the decision to make 3000 coffee trade workers redundant isn't going down well in spain. a japanese company nissan announces closing a stock train boss known as it reported a $6000000000.00 annual loss and those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next.
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the u.s. accuses russia of sending fighter jets to libya moscow says it wants a cease fire at its ally holy fuck off doc has suffered losses after turkish military interventions one of the options to stabilizing libya in an increasingly complex war this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. russia is one of the main players in the war in libya
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its support warlord after all who wants to take the comp it will tripoli from the un recognized government but the campaign has suffered a series of setbacks.


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