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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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if you want to help save the world. into your own. burning anger in the u.s. a 2nd day of protests in minneapolis after the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. and this is all just your own life from doha also coming up china's parliament approves national security laws for hong kong despite protests and threats from the u.s. . the u.n. is warning that killings by a militia in northeastern democratic republic of congo could amount to war crimes. it's. by. people on the verge of financial ruin with
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a quarter of the workforce not a lot of jobs in the u.s. . protests have rocked the u.s. city of minneapolis for the 2nd straight night after the death of a black man and police custody multiple fires have been reported in several businesses have been looted that have also been large crowds in the streets of los angeles demanding justice for george floyd victoria gate and he has the latest. angle turn to violence in minneapolis on wednesday night what started out as a protest against the death of an unarmed black man in police custody culminated in firefighters battling to contain multiple blazes across the city shops were looted as thieves took advantage of the chaos. the violence and
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deliberate damage to property by some has to some extent shifted attention away from peaceful protesters demanding justice. earlier they surrounded the police precinct where the poor offices involved in the case were based in some areas police marched on demonstrators firing rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas you so you just used think you i think. on the west coast of america thousands of kilometers from where george florey died and over the latest incident of a confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video brought hundreds of protesters on to the streets of los angeles george grew it was arrested after being accused of food you eat police say he'd been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently co-operative this was not an arsonist part of an ingrained systemic cycle of
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injustice is still exists in this country cuts at the very heart more strength of belief that all americans are equal and rights and. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough our like for those officers to be charged with murder. because that's exactly what they did they murdered. the math a many apple is joined in the demand for criminal charges but it could be months before it's clear whether they'll be filed until then protesters say they'll stay on the streets to insist that no other on armed african-american in the u.s. is killed by the police but during a gate to be al-jazeera is just after 9 in the morning now we go to our correspondent john hendren in chicago just as victoria was saying there of course those police officers have been fired but despite that the process do seem to be
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getting bigger. that's right those protests have really turned into an all out riots thousands of people have been in the streets over the past 2 days police estimate on the 1st day there were 8000 and now we have reports that city officials are calling for support from the military troops of the national guard to try to regain control of that city as you heard in that story there were fires set in stores there is video of looting going on a lot of aerial footage shows just complete chaos some protestors while most of them peacefully protest and some of them did throw rocks and bottles at police who were guarding their own precincts those police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets that's the 2nd night in a row in which that is happened in those protests didn't just go on in minneapolis they also went on here in chicago peacefully and then in los angeles protesters
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actually took over a highway so this is a national movement now because as you know these events have continually happened in in new york in ferguson missouri here in chicago all over the nation there have been incidents of unarmed black men who have been killed in these crowds who have been rising up against it but some in the crowds have allowed those protests to turn violent those stores have been set on fire the mayor of minneapolis jake fry has called for the crowds to act calmly he says peaceful protest is of course acceptable and understandable under these circumstances but he says they're now allowing one tragedy to compound upon another john thanks very much indeed. china's parliament has given the go ahead for a new set of security laws to be implemented in hong kong despite protests and international warnings of wide ranging laws which include
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a ban on treason secession sedition and subversion could now be in effect in a matter of weeks adrian brown reports from hong kong. hong kong's people had no say in the decision to impose a new security law on this city that was not a concern among people we spoke to in the north point district where many mainland immigrants live. of course we will have peace now hong kong has been so chaotic the protesters even went to the united states to ask them to put sanctions on hong kong what a mess they have made they are out there young may have different thoughts before as they are the only there are we make our country prosperous and stable but other elderly people are fearful and scared to come because you know all freedom for their speech no freedom for. democracy so ski since 1907 when hong kong was returned from british the chinese rule this city has
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operated on their unique one country 2 systems formula intended to guarantee the city's legal political and economic arrangements the question now is whether the experiment has failed bid local historian john carroll insists that's not the case no sooner had the sign of british joint declaration been signed in december 1984 people were already talking about the death of hong kong and i mean that's been going on for years and years and years and hong kong is not dead and i don't see hong kong dying so. china's leaders insist the new security law will save hong kong not kill it so the vote by china's parliament on thursday to approve the law was never in doubt. she called other the central government has always emphasized the comprehensive an accurate
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implementation of one country 2 systems hong kong ruling hong kong and its high degree of autonomy it strictly follows the constitution and the basic law and supports the hong kong government and its chief executive to govern according to the law bypassing hong kong's legislature the rubber stamp national people's congress has now paved the way for mainland security agents to operate here in marked contrast to these orderly scenes there was more disruption in hong kong's parliament. when 3 legislators were ejected during a heated debate about another proposed law that would make it an offense to disrespect china's national anthem both measures prompted demonstrations and a warning from the united states government that its special trading status with the city could be about to end raising concerns about its continued status as asia's leading financial center adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. a day after the
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u.s. secretary of state recommended that hong kong special economic status should be revoked the chinese premier said washington should stop interfering and instead work with beijing once again. so that since conflicts are inevitable the question is how to treat them the relationship between china and the united states has been volatile for decades on the one hand corporation has been complicated and it requires wisdom to expand common interests and to control conflicts and differences to jerk your son who's in to ensure we must respect each other treat each other equally respect each other's core interests and major concerns and we should seek a win win cooperation this is been official to the world well with beijing not showing any sign of pulling back before the security laws are implemented in august or september there are concerns for the country's declining relationship with the u.s. between you has more from beijing several countries have expressed deep concern over
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this move by china but the u.s. has been the loudest and strongest in its rebuke really the u.s. and china relationship has hit sort of a an all time low or one of the lowest points certainly it has been in decades the u.s. has made several threats to china because of this move its its requested u.n. security council meeting is also for enterovirus hong kong's trading status now officials here say that they're preparing or beijing should prepare to engage in a financial war financial war and earlier this week china's foreign minister. said that actually the 2 countries even worse have been brought to the brink of a new cold war certainly we know that after this move. the chinese central government is planning its own counter measures should the u.s. follow through on those threats and they've said that quite bluntly they'll take whatever necessary measures they can to protect the sovereignty and the security.
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quarter of the workforce in the world's biggest economy are now out of jobs as a result of the coronavirus crisis another $2100000.00 people in the u.s. have applied for unemployment benefits taking the total to more than $14000000.00 since mid march and some are facing financial ruin as andy reports from florida florida's unemployment lines have been growing for months as the coronavirus continues to ravage the u.s. economy in april alone the jobless rate here tripled lines for food banks grew and frustrations over falling unemployment claims continue after weeks of not receiving his benefits bogart decided to walk to the state capital to get answers you're supposed to place your completed application in this makeshift mailbox following a 600 kilometer journey both says he was met by a system unable to cope with the needs of those out of work there's there's just no help in sight and the frustration is it's beyond frustration it's it's reached
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a level where i think people a lot of people i think unfortunately are just giving up even as restrictions here begin to ease and businesses steadily reopen a picture is emerging of a state failing the needs of people out of work and facing financial hardship the job statistics across the u.s. make for depressing reading but it's the human stories that bring this crisis into sharp focus we spoke with candace bell a pregnant mother who recently lost her job she too is still waiting for her benefits now she may not be able to pay the next month's rent is struggling to keep up with payments on her car and is having very real issues feeding her children like many candace worked in florida's once booming service industry now she's facing a desperate situation i don't know and the next 10 days. i really doubt it since. very scared. to have 3 daughters. the continued
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closure of schools in childcare facilities is also taking a toll many parents can no longer afford childcare and despite online learning programs been launched across the state those without access to computers may never recover or worry about those because they are just in for her. over. actually. according to federal data 43 states set record high unemployment rates last month a decade of consistent job growth has been wiped out and many are still waiting for financial help but still not arrived and a gala crowd jazeera miami florida still had an al-jazeera iran's president pushes for harsher laws after the so-called honor killing of a 14 year old girl. the loneliness of isolation we talked to some of the more vulnerable during coronavirus lockdown. just to make it all sunshine
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to save. keep. it's like your main warm occasionally sherry in japan to a couple days once more the rain is forming in southern china is to seasonal stuff so the heaviest of it is inland from hong kong but this is the key made bit who produced under storms that streak has towards shanghai came out just the science i think shrinks us to eventually head towards southern japan and so everything to the north is largely dry there's a band of sherry rain heading towards beijing for later in the weekend forecast to hong kong and unsurprisingly sherry maybe even sundry but most of the forecast to be in the morning was fine afternoons all 3 at least 3 sticky days widespread
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shasta south of that they have been around so the ways they're moving away from the concentration is probably going to be around java on the southern philippines mostly for the next couple days sumatra 2 and of course you pick up the monsoon trough is moving up so the andaman sea into the bay of bengal affecting the weather in a wet way in myanmar and in thailand so that's why you're foreign heavy rain there a big showers sundry showers in bangladesh the northeast of india and out to the indian plain toward in delhi and probably is funnels the whole it's hot here it's also sundry this concentrated rain in kerala. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day the new think you can join our global community. how we come together to fight i'm
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sorry your question is can i get on with you think this is me directly that's coming on on you tube as you're saying i'm concerned about the frontline phone i think or a climate and keeping you up to date and we've seen countries beaten back and beaten back to the stream on 00. 0. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour is spreading in the u.s. at the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police that ministers have been out for a 2nd consecutive night demanding justice for george floyd who died on monday. china's parliament has approved
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a security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong it could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermined. more than 40000000 people that's a quarter of all american workers have now applied for unemployment benefits since mid march when the coronavirus pandemic escalated in the country another 2100000 made claims last week. the u.s. president's expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies this comes after twitter labeled as misleading 2 of donald trump's tweets it's thought he may make the companies more accountable for users content or by connor's in washington d.c. for us might do we have any indication what's going to be in this executive order. of 1st and foremost legal experts point out that despite the president's threats he has to go through regulate 3 bodies he does not have the constitutional right to
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act unilaterally in the us so basically that would involve congress in particular to look at for example the communications decency act section $230.00 which absolves the social media organizations from any legal liability for what they print on their sites unlike television stations all of the regular traditional media they do not provide content on those sites is the argument therefore they have no legal liability for what comes up on it now there's already been discussion in congress about this a number of republicans are already reviewing legislation to change this particular section of the act a number of democrats are also involved having worried for example about hate speech on the internet all pornography so that is one side of the process that could happen the other avenue that president could take is through the federal trade commission which is there to protect consumers rights he could direct the federal trade commission to look at allegations of bias for example in social media
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but the simple point is rob is that he has to go through regulate 3 bodies of coding to most legal experts he cannot take unilateral action on this. and one would assume that this is somewhat fraught with a certain amount of danger for the white house itself because of course torture is donald trump's main avenue of communication to so many of his supporters. well indeed yes there are those who argue that twitter is policing itself in terms of putting a warning chick warning on president trump's tweets and taking steps to amend any false would spin perpetrated on the media now interestingly enough social media appears to be divided a facebook founder mark zuckerberg has stated that he believes that twitter was wrong to put that label on president trump's tweets arguing that social media does not have the right to be a social operator but this is
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a debate that is going to go on both publicly and of course very likely to go to the courts should attempts be made to amend section $230.00 of the common decency act mike hanna live for us in washington d.c. mark thank you very much indeed iran's new parliament has chosen a conservative former mayor of tehran speaker mohamed. was elected to one year term with 230 votes on thursday it's the 1st parliamentary session after m.p.'s were sworn in on wednesday served as to han's mayor for 12 years when it was one of president hassan rouhani his challengers in the 27000 the election one of the 1st major tasks of the new government may be to enforce harsher laws for so-called honor killings on wednesday president hassan rouhani pushed his cabinet to quickly adopt a proposed bills to protect women honey was responding to a nationwide outcry after
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a man was accused of murdering his 14 year old daughter. i mean us off it was allegedly killed by her father why she slept last week should run away with her 34 year old boyfriend after her father objected to their marriage she was sent home by police despite telling them she feared for her life or musée on is out as a journalist and a human rights activist she's joining us by skype from new york we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed just how widespread it is on a killing in iran. she wanted on a few areas because this is not the 1st time happening in iran and any time when on actually didn't happen then the government just talk about it in theory without doing anything a lot right now what made the people in iran feel your yes it is because there are multiple marriages in reno's case france of course has bought.
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the job because rumi no i actually asked the job that do not send me home because she has that that she was not in her father's house but just to to be dismissed parakeet so and then didn't want his boyfriend you know his boyfriend according to newspapers inside iran and journalists inside iran whose boyfriend is 29 years old in any convents dot com would be a child of you was it 29 year old man want to marry a 13 year old yes but i'm very islamic law yes walk again from the age of 13 can marry a man even the father would give her permission so you see this in the law shouldn't be blamed as well so that actually people are furious tell me how widespread the incidence of on or killing is in iran is this
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a common thing or of these isolated incidents. you know it is a common thing and i'm going to tell you why because basically the law encourage star husband or even brother to see their own since there is there are mothers of men or their girls and daughters like their own property so and that is why the education system do not actually educate people about tried out news about sex about marriage so does not allow people men and thought their to chill big if they do all behave islamic way and let me tell you something right now i want to show you don't reality of be there are women in iraq. now was killed by her father. in the name of course they got called family honor
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but in death even the dead body are only not what happened the state owned media who shot him for the shop hair in his job so of course she was wearing a headscarf but it was not enough it was not a strict enough it was not appropriate a job so they put the shop where her neck and little bit of her neck was shot and then bent up her parents shot and lit it up agen it was shot and before the shot had saw him i it makes me i me of bricks my heart so that actually shows you it's not only have thought that killed her the last you know the government cheering you if you don't cover yourself if you don't where is done a kid job. i apologize for interrupting but mussina has had we appreciate your time thank you very much and dave sure thank you for having me. the un has warned of
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possible war crimes by a militia in north eastern congo as tension escalates over land and resources and you report details of widespread killings beheadings and rapes by fighters from the group known as critical or the co-operative for the development of congo it says they're mainly ethnic linda and their victims are mostly from the community the 2 groups have been rivals for decades but after years of calm fighting erupted in 2017 and in the past few months hundreds of people have been killed and about 200000 have fled their homes there are dozens of rebel groups and democratic republic of congo some are backed by foreign funds abdulaziz the oil is director of the united nations joint human rights office in kinshasa and he explains why the violence has been so hard to contain. multiple small. mostly couples of members of the community moving at all the
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different territories mainly dictating to a group and also. attacking civilians. but also. position of course the d b c are doing that by sweden's support of the school to talk of the insecurity to try to control to gain control of the affected areas but of course you can imagine how it's difficult to deal with these. small groups you know not unified a commanding structure but very mobile and. usually. civilians but also all alone the main it's very very difficult task but of course they're doing their best to control the seclusion in addition to some nonmilitary strategies that are actually being deployed by the local authorities to 4 to
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promote dialogue between the different communities we do support of the new school but also fight against the need. to tackle to r.s. and prosecute members of these groups at least 70 people have been killed in a string of attacks in northwest nigeria on government on motorcycles opened fire on civilians in several villages of sokoto state the attacks are being blamed on an on the group of been harassing communities in the region for a number of years. a government test and trace system for covert 19 is finally up and running in england following repeated delays prime minister boris johnson has said it will unlock the prison of lock down anyone suspected of having the coronavirus can order a test if it's positive they'll be asked to give details of people they've been in close contact with and told to isolate for 14 days. while the u.k. continues to practice social distancing one section of society has been struggling
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with the impact of isolation the elderly sonia gago reports from london. and often in visits even under social distancing rules brings a welcome break from older james confined to her home she's only allowed visits from care workers and close relatives because of her age group folder is not meant to leave her home and as a wheelchair user she's finding it very difficult but i have a question i would probably go no. go shopping. trolley i rightly school because at the school that she had all those arrived in the u.k. in the 1960 s. from jamaica she became mayor of the london borough where she lives and a life under lockdown is in stark contrast to the active life she was used to she gets by with calls from her children as well as volunteers from a charity that give support to the elderly in isolation you have to make your own
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sunshine that's going to save. you keep the. puppy at the mill also a cause for concern the mental effects of isolation especially in an age group that is already vulnerable to loneliness while most people have turned to social media to ease their loneliness during the lockdown elderly people tend to be less technologically adept and that's made their isolation even more challenging there will be some sort of medium to longer term impact particularly people's mental health and obviously you know we hear from people as well that their physical health you're not going to go out as often processes they were before or a family member coming in and visiting and taking them to the shops may well be that the only time we get our house that we need and the necessary sort of activities are being i think we're going to see you know we are seeing a real concern for people's physical health as well as the men's wearhouse well coronavirus restrictions in the u.k.
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are slowly starting to ease those above the age of 70 are still considered a high risk group where the lock down for the. it is the frontline take it as he would that to reassure them that they are not alone sunny al-jazeera london. this is i'll just leave it these are the top stories i'm going to spreading in the u.s. said the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police crowds demonstrated for a 2nd consecutive nights demanding justice for george floyd who died on monday john hendren has more from chicago. some protesters that while most of them peacefully protest in some of them did throw rocks and bottles at police who were guarding their own precincts those police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets that's the 2nd night in a row in which that is happened in those protests didn't just go on in minneapolis
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they also went on here in chicago peacefully and then in los angeles protesters actually took over a highway so this is a national movement now china's parliament has approved a security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermined more than $40000000.00 people that's a quarter of all american workers have now applied for unemployment benefits since mid march when the coronavirus pandemic escalated in the country another 2100000 made claims last week. the white house says u.s. president donald trump is expected to sign an executive order on social media companies the move follows twitter labeling 2 tweets in which trump said postal votes would lead to fraud as misleading trump insists the company's stifling free speech and is threatening to shut it down which he can't do on his own. i've asked
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70 people have been killed in a string of attacks in northwest nigeria on wednesday gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on civilians in several villages in sokoto state tax are being blamed on an on the group prove been harassing communities in the region for a number of years a government test and trade system for covert 19 is up and running in england following repeated delays by minister bus johnson says it will unlock the prison of lockdown anyone suspected of having the coronavirus can order a test if it's positive but we asked to give details of people the been in close contact with and told to isolate for 2 weeks those are the headlines the news continues here and on jazeera after the stream. every generation has a higher purpose. ours. hi
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anthony can you watch in the street if you are a regular viewer of this program or our design or as a network you know that we continue to go back to the story of the ija many refugees in the southern part of bangladesh you know today is an exception just over a week ago a cyclone went past this settlement in the world refugee center in the well and that was at an andy in minutes and then the week before that we had that covered 900 and coming into the refugee settlements the question is could this be the beginning of a catastrophe for the real danger in southern bangladesh.


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