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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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it is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera play an important role in checking it with. ringback a 2nd day of protests in the u.s. city of minneapolis these demonstrators demand justice for an unarmed black man killed in police custody. this is al jazeera live from doha coming up china's parliament approved national security laws for hong kong despite threats from united states and protests from other nations. we look at how important has become in libya's conflict as the u.n.
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backed government makes small gains against relief i have to forces. it's it's it's that's why. people on the verge of financial ruin with a quarter of the workforce now out of jobs in the united states. so then violent protests are brought the u.s. city of minneapolis for the 2nd straight night after the death of a black man in police custody multiple fires were reported in several businesses were looted large crowds have also been out on the streets in los angeles demanding justice for george floyd for tour again maybe as this report. anger turned to violence in minneapolis on wednesday night what started out as a protest against the death of an unarmed black man in police custody culminated in firefighters battling to contain multiple blade. of course the city shops were
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looted as thieves took advantage of the chaos. the violence and deliberate damage to property by some has to some extent shifted attention away from peaceful protesters demanding justice. that. earlier they surrounded the police precinct where the poor offices involved in the case were based in some areas police marched on demonstrators firing rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. on the west coast of america thousands of kilometers from where george floyd died and over the latest incident of a confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video brought hundreds of protesters onto the streets of los angeles george grew it was arrested after being accused of forgery police say he'd been resisting arrest but in this newly released surveillance video taken
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before floyd was forced to the ground he's shown handcuffed and apparently co-operative this was not an isolated part of an ingrained systemic cycle of injustices still exist in this country cuts at the very heart. believes that all americans are equal and rights and. the 4 officers on the scene were fired on tuesday but floyd's family says that's not enough i would like for those officers to be charged with murder because that's exactly what they did think murdered margaret. the math a minneapolis joined in the demand pool criminal charges but it could be months before it's clear whether they'll be filed until then protesters say they'll stay on the streets to insist that no on armed african-american in the u.s. is killed by the police but during a gay to be out there and let's go live to our correspondent john hendren who's
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standing by for us covering the story from chicago and john people are angry there's no doubt about that in the protests it's become quite extensive. that's right nick minneapolis is a city that on monday was morally devastated by this incident that got circulated on the viral video of the police officer kneeling on george floyd's throat but now it's physically devastated just 3 days later whole blocks have been burned down stores have been looted fires have been set inside of those stores and now they're really just smoldering embers in many cases. and the mayor of minnesota who you saw in that story jacob frey spoke just a few minutes ago and he said that this is really an anger and sadness born not just of the 5 minutes while we watch that officers need on the throat of george
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floyd but for 400 years since the time of slavery in what was then the american colonies and he urged people to go ahead and express that anger to protest but not to burn down this city and those businesses that those neighborhoods will need to recover when this is all over he also told t.v. reporters here in the u.s. that he believes the appropriate charge for that police officer is murder and that is a sentiment that is increasingly widespread nancy pelosi the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives today said. people in america and across the world watching that video witnessed an execution. right and it's hard to ignore this is the central frustration here that that little seems to change over these kind of issues. that's true i mean we've all covered these stories in the u.s. and they've happen in new york chicago los angeles where there was
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a major protest that shut down a freeway just yesterday. these incidents keep happening happening in which unarmed black men are killed by police and this by using that you're seeing in minneapolis is just the culmination of increasing frustration and nothing does seem to happen the group black life matter was created out of this we're going to have a couple civil rights leaders soon speaking in minneapolis jesse jackson and the reverend al sharpton will both be talking there and one of the things we expect them to do is to urge people to go ahead and protest but to do so peacefully so that this kind of devastation stops our john leave it there for a moment john hendren reporting from chicago. trying as parliament has given the go ahead for a new set of security laws to be implemented in hong kong despite protests and international warnings of the wide ranging laws which include a ban on treason secession sedition and subversion could now be in effect in
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a matter of weeks brown reports from hong kong. hong kong's people had no say in the decision to impose a new security law on this city that was not a concern among people we spoke to in the north point district where many mainland immigrants live. of course we will have peace now hong kong has been so chaotic the protesters even went to the united states to ask them to put sanctions on hong kong what a mess they have made. the young may have different but before as the elderly the law we make our country prosperous and stable but other people are fearful and scared to come because you know all freedom for their speech no freedom for. democracy so ski since 1907 when hong kong was returned from british the chinese rule this city has operated under
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a unique one country 2 systems formula intended to guarantee the city's legal political and economic arrangements the question now is whether the experiment has failed but local historian john carroll insists that's not the case no sooner had the sign of british the joint declaration been signed in december 1084 people are already talking about the death of hong kong and i mean that's been going on for years and years and years and hong kong is not dead and i don't see hong kong dying so. china's leaders insist the new security law 'd will save hong kong not kill it so the vote by china's parliament on thursday to approve the law was never in doubt. she called other the central government has always emphasized the comprehensive an accurate implementation of one country 2 systems hong kong ruling hong kong and its high
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degree of autonomy it strictly follows the constitution and the basic law and supports the hong kong government and its chief executive to govern according to the law bypassing hong kong's legislature the rubber stamp national people's congress has now paved the way for mainland security agents to operate here in marked contrast to these orderly scenes there was more disruption in hong kong's parliament. when 3 legislators were ejected during a heated debate about another proposed law that would make it an offense to disrespect china's national anthem both measures prompted demonstrations and a warning from the united states government that its special trading status with the city could be about to end raising concerns about its continued status as asia's leading financial center adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong where a day after the sexual state recommended that hong kong special economic status
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should be revoked the chinese premier said that washington should stop interfering and instead work with beijing when interest. some deference conflicts are inevitable the question is how to treat them the relationship between china and the united states has been volatile for decades on the one hand corporation has been complicated and it requires wisdom to expand common interests and to control conflicts and differences to injure yourself in short we must respect each other treat each other equally respect each other's core interests and major concerns and we should seek a win win cooperation this is been official to the world now and the u.s. president is expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies is comes after twitter labeled as misleading 2 of donald trump's tweet it's thought he may make the companies more accountable for users who content it's between my kind of news in washington d.c. for us and mike is it is actually permissible what the president is hoping to do
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well regardless of president trump's threats most legal experts believe that he cannot unilaterally take such action he has to work through federal agencies there is the communications decency act section 130 which would need to be amended by congress now that makes social media platforms not liable because they do not provide the content on their platforms unlike traditional media like television or newspapers so that would require some kind of congressional participation the other avenue that president might explore is in his executive order suggesting that the if he see look into allegations of bias on twitter and other forms of social media once again this would be a regulator process that the president cannot do alone he has to go through the regulators and certainly there's been a lot of criticism particularly from democrats of president trump's stance on
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twitter from speak of the house nancy pelosi and from the minority leader in the senate chuck schumer who issued a tweet in the course of the morning say that if president trump does not like then he should no longer tweet. all right we'll leave mike hanna reporting from washington. still ahead here on out there the loneliness of isolation we talk to some of the more vulnerable during a crowd of ours locked up. just to make it all sunshine and. keep. it. hello it's the right time of year to watch out for swirls in the cloud and there was one that my will to develop into a tropical cyclone it looks like it next couple days of forecasters got it going of
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the toughness a lot of that orange centimeters heavy rain of course a circulation you draw the strong winds quite a concentrated area that elsewhere it's fairly dry fact completely dry but the winds picking up again through iraq it will be a dusty. bringing down that dust towards the temps might drop a little bit the humidity might drop a little bit because it's dry wind but ours a place to watch a significant weather and it will be sundry and wet for saturday and sunday with the wind strengthening to near gale force possibly gale force as a tropical saturday after all then that goes south leave the rain behind should last in somalia probably for the next 3 months as to how if. now elsewhere same latitude fairly quiet until you get near the coast of nigeria is big massive cloud the big show seem quite like effect through nigeria back towards syria and has been particularly wet recently in those showers will keep repeating i suspect along the mediterranean coast it is breezy not enough to drop the temps are very much in
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cairo the certain evidence of cloud producing showers in the last month and i'm further south. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other potential and this and that this is all from fusses them and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. aslam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. route.
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but again you want to remind of our top stories this hour and anger is spreading in the united states of the death of an unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by police violent protests have taken place with demonstrators demanding justice for george floyd who died on monday. china's parliament has approved a security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong and it could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermine. the us president is expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies this comes after twitter labeled as misleading to have donald trump's tweets stored he may try to make companies more accountable for users content. a quarter of the workforce in the world's biggest economy are now out of jobs as a result of the coronavirus crisis another 2100000 people in the united states have
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applied for unemployment benefits and taken the total to more than $40000000.00 since mid march and some are facing financial ruin and janet gallacher reports now from florida florida's unemployment lines have been growing for months as the coronavirus continues to ravage the u.s. economy in april alone the jobless rate here tripled lines for food banks grew and frustrations over falling unemployment claims continue after weeks of not receiving his benefits bogart decided to walk to the state capital to get answers you're supposed to place your completed application in this makeshift mailbox following a 600 kilometer journey both says he was met by a system unable to cope with the needs of those out of work there's there's just no help in sight. and the frustration is it's beyond frustration it's it's reached a level where i think people a lot of people i think unfortunately are just giving up even as restrictions here
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begin to ease and businesses steadily reopen a picture is emerging of a state failing the needs of people out of work and facing financial hardship the job statistics across the u.s. make for depressing reading but it's the human stories that bring this crisis into sharp focus we spoke with candace bell a pregnant mother who recently lost her job she too is still waiting for her benefits now she may not be able to pay the next month's rent is struggling to keep up with payments on her car and is having very real issues feeding her children like many candace worked in florida's once booming service industry now she's facing a desperate situation i don't know and the next 10 days. i really it's. very scary. to think i'm going to have 3 daughters. the continued closure of schools and childcare facilities is also taking a toll many parents can no longer afford childcare and despite online learning
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programs being launched across the state those without access to computers may never recover early about those because they are just. over. actually. according to federal data 43 states set record high unemployment rates last month a decade of consistent job growth has been wiped out and many are still waiting for financial help but still not arrived and he gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. to brazil now where the president is accusing his opponents of seeking to oust him after the supreme court targeted his allies as part of an investigation into the spread of fake news that. the investigation is aimed at silencing social media it's backing him on wednesday mobile phones and computers were reportedly season homes and offices in 6 states supreme court judge says the targeted people use social media to spread fake news and in turn the stabilized democracy in the country.
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venezuela's president has hinted that he could start charging for gasoline which is usually free for citizens and follows the arrival of several tanks from iran carrying much needed fuel. as this report. is quoted by the venezuelan military the tanker brings the iranian fuel into port precious petrol for venezuela even though it sits upon the world's largest proven crude oil reserves and coinciding with the arrival of the badly needed supplies a change in policy from the government. the gasoline that we've brought from abroad from iran and from other countries which paid for it with many people tell me and i agree that we must charge for the gasoline. right now gasoline in venezuela is the cheapest in the world less than one us st a gallon but that's if you can buy it. queues at petrol stations can often
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last for days and that sparked a black market in the capital caracas where wealthy residents pay to skip the line at about $10.00 a gallon it's the most expensive in the world. petrol shortages have plagued drivers for years ever since its 1300000 barrel a day refining network collapsed critics blame under-investment and mismanagement by the state president nicolas maduro says it's the fault of u.s. sanctions either way it's the venezuelan people who lose after years of economic and political turmoil waters and short supply as well the way i what we are experiencing is rough there is no water there is no gas there is no gasoline we are screwed there also shortages of medicine and food many families rely on soup kitchens like this one to survive. i never thought i'd come to a place to get food for my kids but the spite everything we have we can't get to
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the end of the month. 2 more of rainy and tank is just days away but despite the fanfare analysts believe all 5 vessels are only carrying enough fuel to last the country about a month if the president does carry out his threat to raise petrol prices that will be another burden for long suffering venezuelans to carry. brian al jazeera libya's u.n. backed government says its destroyed 3 armored vehicle belonging to forces loyal to the warlord who even after they made important progress against have to forces south of the capital tripoli meanwhile the u.s. military reported that russia has flown fighter planes to a libyan air base they say the jets will provide support to have to us forces and russian mercenaries now the 2 sides have been fighting for control of the west of libya since april last year and air power has been a key factor in this conflict let's go topless now explains the war in libya has
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taken a dramatic turn as rival air force's newly reinforced by allies overseas jewel over its skies because of the country's fluttering air power has been decisive in changing the fortunes of each side in turn in particular with the use of armed drones the warlord khalifa haftar us forces 1st used chinese made wing long to arm drones 4 years ago 1st indiana and then to pressurise the un recognized government of national accord or d.n.a. forcing it to retreat to a tight pocket round the capital tripoli with a range of 1500 kilometers these have been able to operate out of bases in the east striking government targets in the west. heavily armed and able to loiter over targets feeding back vital information to the headquarters the wing longs helps forces loyal to khalifa haftar advance of a siege the beleaguered g.n.a.t. in tripoli often inflicting indiscriminate damage but turkey's extensive military
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aid to the un backed government earlier this year changed all that as the jna started to receive turkish armed drones namely the bericht to these drones with a limited range while not as capable as the wing longs still gave the jna the ability to strike have to us forces interrupt his supply lines and protect its own units as they had vance to catch in their enemies by surprise this tripoli's troops counterattacked in recent days government forces have rapidly retaken several coastal towns and the all important air base in delaware t.n. which was retaken after several assaults and the destruction of the russian made panther f.n.c. units in the area is just the regime huge going to rush of blood. or. perhaps the army has lost. a last resource there in the last almost 6 years. nursed more turkish.
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resistance given the general emigrant surgery. after forces have been driven back and their stranglehold in tripoli has loosened but in an ominous turn the u.s. military has confirmed russian jets have flown from russia's base in syria to do for air base in libya after center of air operations. satellite images issued by u.s. command in africa clearly show russian fighter aircraft on the runway the influx of foreign aircraft into the libyan conflict has changed the military balance for both sides but momentum is now with forces loyal to the internationally recognized government in tripoli who successes come with the extensive help of turkey's government as its forces take back control of most of western libya alex go topless al-jazeera. a gunman on motorbikes have killed at least 70 people in northwest nigeria civilians were shot in several villages in so kut-o.
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state late on wednesday it's actually being blamed on the bandits which is a group which has harassed communities that for years are opposed to an interest as more from the capital. there is fear that the number of dead will rise in the coming hours or days simply because of the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims of these attacks now in northwestern nigeria these killings have been going on for a very long time particularly in some for a state with been rampant for the last 80 years and then over the last 3 years or so we're seeing how the violence have spread or has spread across that region now the genesis of this crisis targeted on a smaller scale conflict of a line between farmers and cattle ideas that snowballed into a very very terrible situation and then added to that mix now over the last 2 or 3 years we've seen house kidnappings kidnapping for ransom as well as. touch has
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been levied on communities by these bandits attackers or government that the authorities called bandits and of course recently there are even suspicion that i'm groups like book may be cashing in in the mayhem to raise funds for the operations in the north east of the country because over the last 10 years they have impoverished the north east of the country so much so the big couldn't get any money for the operations in that region kidnapping so slow down as well as some results of military operations in that region so the easiest part is to go to vulnerable communities like an altruist of nigeria. but no a lot of communities have little or no government presence of other past few years or so. paris is no longer considered to be creative are as dangerous than the french government has downgraded its risk rating from red to orange and more straightens will be lifted in the capital will reopen next. weekend cafes and bars will be allowed to trade with protective measures in place. when
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a government test and trace system for covert 19 is finally up and running in england following repeated delays the prime minister boris johnson has said it will unlock the prison of lock down anyone suspected of having the coronavirus can order a test if positive they'll be asked to give details of people they've been in close contact with and told to isolate for 14 days within the last hour or so johnson has announced a new easing of restrictions around the country as shops and schools can reopen from monday plus the rules for outdoor gatherings they will be loosened. 'd i know . the lockdown has taken on families and friends who've been unable to see each other so for monday we will allow up to 6 people to meet outside provided those from different households continue strictly to observe social distancing rules by staying 2 metres apart while the u.k. continues to practice social distancing one section of society has been struggling
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with the impact of isolation and that is the elderly so you get your reports now from london. and often in visits even under social distancing rules brings a welcome break from older james confined to her home she's only allowed visits from care workers and close relatives because of her age group folder is not meant to leave her home and as a wheelchair user she's finding it very difficult when i have my son would have to go no. go shopping. trolley i rightly school because at the school. those arrived in the u.k. in the 1960 s. from jamaica she became mayor of the london borough where she lives and a life under lockdown is in stark contrast to the active life she was used to she gets by with calls from her children as well as volunteers from a charity that give support to the elderly in isolation you have to make your own
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sunshine that's going to save. you keep you. happy at the mill also a cause for concern the mental effects of isolation especially in an age group that is already vulnerable to loneliness for most people have turned to social media to ease their loneliness during the lockdown elderly people tend to be less technologically adept and that's made their isolation even more challenging there will be some some medium to longer term impact particularly people's mental health and obviously you know we hear from people as well that their physical health you're not going to go out as often processes they were before or a family member coming in and visiting and taking them to the shops may well be that the only time we get our house that we need and the necessary sort of activities are being i think we're going to see you know we are seeing a real concern for people's physical health as well as the men's wearhouse well
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coronavirus restrictions in the u.k. are slowly starting to ease those above the age of 70 are still considered a high risk group. well the look down for. it is the frontline take it as it would that to reassure them that they are not alone. al-jazeera london. little nudge in the direction our website our desert dot com is the address all the news we're covering right there lots of comments and lots of analysis that. this is out there these are the top stories and i'm sure a spread in the united states at the death of an on black man who was pinned to the ground by police demonstrators have been out for a 2nd consecutive not demanding justice for george floyd who died on monday 100 has more now from chicago. some protesters that while most of them peacefully protest
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and some of them did throw rocks and bottles at police who were guarding their own precincts those police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets that's the 2nd night in a row in which that is happened in those protests didn't just go on in minneapolis they also went on here in chicago peacefully and then in los angeles protesters actually took over a highway so this is a national movement now china's parliament has approved a security law that bypasses legislators in hong kong the legislation which includes treason secession sedition and subversion could be enforced within weeks despite protests and international warnings about hong kong's autonomy being further undermined the us president is expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies this comes off to twitter labeled as misleading 2 of donald trump's tweets thought he may make the companies more accountable for users content will than 40000000 people that's
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a quarter of all american workers who apply for unemployment benefits since mid march when the coronavirus pandemic escalated in the country another 2100000 make claims last week. libya's u.n. backed government says it has destroyed 3 armored vehicles belonging to forces loyal to the warlord who leave after they've made important progress against have to forces south of the capital tripoli meanwhile the u.s. military reported that russia has flown fighter planes to a libyan air base they say the jets will provide support to have to forces and russian mess in areas at least 70 people have been killed in a string of attacks in northwest nigeria as on wednesday a gunman on motorcycles opened fire on civilians in several villages in the so-called state of the attacks have been blamed on an group who have been harassing communities in the region for a number of years now right up to date with the headlines here in algeria go to news are coming up right after inside story.
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checked warnings appear on tweets by donald trump the u.s. president his supporters say it's another attempt to censor conservative voices with an election just 6 months away media companies freedom of speech rooting out misinformation this is inside still. welcome to the program and its donald trump is often called the tweeter in chief
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