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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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if you live. on al-jazeera. really understand the differences in the semantics of cultures across the world so much of what we use in conduct that matter to you. a city torn apart by grief through violent protests rock minneapolis as demonstrators the band of justice for a black man killed in police custody. to. get alone barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up international condemnation grows as china imposes new security laws in hong kong the legislation could roll out within weeks a direct message to social media companies donald trump is poised to sign
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a new executive order after his own twitter content. and confined to their homes the argentinean shantytown hundreds of people have been diagnosed with the corona virus. hello welcome to the program the anger in minneapolis over the death of a black man in police custody is spreading across the united states with national protests planned for saturday civil rights leader all sharpton said the violence being experienced in the city did not begin with protests but rather when george floyd was choked to death begging for his life the u.s. department of justice says its investigation into floyd is a top priority the bands for justice for floyd have led to 2 nights of violent protests in minneapolis riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets of thousands
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of people as multiple fires broke out across the city and shops were looted 46 year old floyd was filmed the gasping for breath securing his arrest while an officer on his leg. he died in hospital shortly after the officer and 3 others have been fired but many including the minneapolis mayor have called for criminal charges. and i got here someone said to me are you going to address the ballots the ballots on the dressin is how a man could hold a man down with the knees on his neck and minutes vast went through violence done on. the private started on this card were dismayed and was joked it can't break in for his life. so we must act in a way to get justice and to get fed. we're not asking for
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a phrase where as for what is right. well john hendren joins us live now from chicago and john there have been appeals for calm but clearly they haven't managed to quell the anger the people there feel. and to right a lot of people had that video expressed the same that vigil expressed the same sentiment and that is that they didn't know george floyd but they understood how a black man in america could end up face down on a sidewalk in minneapolis under a police officers need and some say it could have been any one of them and that's the kind of anger that he's completely roiled this city in minneapolis the embers are still smoldering here on thursday from an overnight brian is really the only word for it after 2 days of peaceful largely peaceful protests some of the demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police they responded with tear gas and
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rubber bullets and then chaos happened that stores were looted windows were smashed and set those buildings were set on fire whole blocks were just sent up in flames and that's the reason for the emotional response from so many people in that city today the mayor came out and said this was really the culmination not just. of 5 minutes of horror of a police officer standing on the neck of an american man but of 400 years of the legacy of slavery and those protests are likely to go on they've happened in los angeles there was one in memphis here on thursday and they've gone on across the country because events like this just keep happening exactly and john as you mentioned it mean this is a legacy of similar events so this case when the is building momentum well beyond minneapolis that's right and what
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these protesters are calling out for now that they've received the 1st thing they want which was the firing of the 4 officers involved is murder charges against it least one of those officers and that call has really expanded here across the u.s. just in frye the mayor of minneapolis said on wednesday that he wanted charges against the officers and on thursday he was asked if the appropriate charge was murder and he said yes i think it is the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi said that americans witnessed an execution on that video in fact the world did in so that call keeps getting louder but it's not any of those officials who would actually prefer the chargers that goes to the district attorney in that region and it could take weeks it could even take months before that happens and the big question is what will these demonstrators these
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protesters do meanwhile lou they be satisfied with going toward an answer to that question or will they keep demonstrating until they have an answer john hendren with the latest on those developments from chicago in the u.s. john thank you. the u.k. u.s. australia and canada have condemned the china for imposing new security laws on hong kong saying it's threatens the territories freedoms china's parliament has given the go ahead for the legislation despite protests and international warnings the wide ranging laws which beijing says will aim to tackle secession subversion and the foreign interference could now be in effect in a matter of weeks ground reports from hong kong. hong kong's people had no say in the decision to impose a new security law on this city that was not a concern among people we spoke to in the north point district where many mainland
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immigrants live the night or are of course we will have peace now hong kong has been so chaotic the protesters even went to the united states to ask them to put sanctions on hong kong what a mess they have made they are out there young may have different thoughts before as the elderly the law we make our country prosperous and stable but other elderly people are fearful and scared to come in because you know all freedom for their speech no freedom for. democracy so ski since 1907 when hong kong was returned from british the chinese rule this city has operated on their unique one country 2 systems formula intended to guarantee the city's legal political and economic arrangements the question now is whether the experiment has failed bid local historian john carroll insists that's not the case
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no sooner had the sign of british joint declaration been signed in december 1904 people are already talking about the death of hong kong and i mean that's been going on for years and years and years and hong kong is not dead and i don't see hong kong dying so. china's leaders insist the new security law 'd will save hong kong not kill it so the vote by china's parliament on thursday to approve the law was never in doubt you could. she called other the central government has always emphasized the comprehensive an accurate implementation of one country 2 systems hong kong ruling hong kong and its high degree of autonomy it strictly follows the constitution and the basic law and supports the hong kong government and its chief executive to govern according to the law bypassing hong kong's legislature the rubber stamp national people's congress has now paved the way for mainland security agents to operate here in
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marked contrast to these orderly scenes there was more disruption in hong kong's parliament. when 3 legislators were ejected during a heated debate about another proposed law that would make it an offense to disrespect china's national anthem both measures have prompted demonstrations and a warning from the united states government that its special trading status with the city could be about to end raising concerns about its continued status as asia's leading financial center adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. well with china not showing any sign of prodding back before the security laws are implemented there are concerns for the countries the client relationship with the u.s. attorney who has more now from rome. several countries have expressed deep concern over this move by china but the u.s. has been loudest and strongest in its rebuke really the u.s.
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and china relationship has hit sort of the an all time low one of the lowest point certainly it has been in decades the u.s. has made several threats to china because of this move its its requested u.n. security council meeting is also for enterovirus hong kong's trading status now officials here say that they're preparing for beijing should prepare to engage in a financial war financial war and earlier this week china's foreign minister isa that actually the 2 countries even worse have been brought to the brink of a new cold war certainly we know that after this move. the chinese central government is planning its own counter measures should the u.s. follow through on those threats and they've said that quite bluntly it'll take whatever necessary measures that they can to protect the sovereignty and the security. u.s. president donald trump is expect that the sign an executive order targeting social
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media companies it follows twitter's labeling of 2 trump tweets as misleading and referred users to a fact checking page it's the 1st time the such a qualification had been added to a presidential tweet trump it back saying the company was stifling free speech and threatened to shut twitter and other social media outlets down facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has come out saying it's not up to that to internet platforms to decipher truth from fiction. but i don't think. facebook or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth i think that's kind of a dangerous line to get down to in terms of deciding what is what is true and what isn't. and i think political speech is one of the most sensitive parts in a democracy and people should go to see what politicians say and there's a ton of scrutiny already
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a political speech is the most scrutinized speech already by a lot of the media and i think that will continue when mike hanna is live in washington d.c. for us to explain this a little in a little more detail so do we know what the actual specific aim of this executive order is going to be like. well there's been no exact confirmation what we do know according to many legal experts is that the president cannot act unilaterally on the sea has to go through federal regulators in order to cause sun sort of change in the way that social media platforms are processed but his press secretary within the last hour has given some indication of what the trumpet ministration is thinking of she was focusing on the decency act the communications decency act in particular section $230.00 which makes very clear that social media organizations have no legal liability the reason for this is that they do not provide the content
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on the platforms as does traditional media such as newspapers or television or radio she is implying that the president wants to look at this particular portion of the act and change that to make twitter and other social media forms accountable which he thinks they have not been in the past now this cannot be done by the president alone he would need to involve congress and this congress would have to discuss changes to that particular piece of legislation so that is the way it would appear to be going a timeline on that executive order well we don't have any clarity at this particular point though the press secretary did say that she hoped and i stress the word hoped it would be sometimes before 5 that's in about one and a half hours time we'll be there for the following that story to see if it does happen then for the moment michaela in washington frankel. a quarter of the u.s. workforce is now out of work because of the corona coronavirus crisis another
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$2100000.00 in the u.s. have applied for unemployment benefits this past week taking the total to more than 14000000 since mid march the u.s. economy shrank at 5 at a rate of 5 percent in the 1st quarter a bigger drop than expected and the biggest since the 2008 financial crisis some economists predict the g.d.p. could shrink at an annual rate of 14 percent in the 2nd quarter be the biggest decline since records began in $1047.00 and people are facing financial ruin as are the gallagher reports now from florida florida's unemployment lines have been growing for months as the coronavirus continues to ravage the u.s. economy in april alone the jobless rate here tripled lines for food banks grew and frustrations over falling unemployment claims continued after weeks of not receiving his benefits but decided to walk to the state capital to get on says you're supposed to place your completed application in this makeshift mailbox
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following a 600 kilometer journey though says he was met by a system unable to cope with the needs of those out of work there's there's just no help in sight. and the frustration is it's beyond frustration it's it's reached a level where i think people a lot of people i think unfortunately are just giving up even as restrictions here begin to ease and businesses steadily reopen a picture is emerging of a state failing the needs of people out of work and facing financial hardship the job statistics across the u.s. make for depressing reading but it's the human stories that bring this crisis into sharp focus we spoke with candace bell a pregnant mother who recently lost her job she too is still waiting for her benefits now she may not be able to pay the next month's rent is struggling to keep up with payments on her car and is having very real issues feeding her children like many candace worked in florida's once booming service industry now she's
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facing a desperate situation i don't know and the next 10 days how i'm going to do it i really doubt it since. i. am a single mom and i have 3 daughters that. the continued closure of schools and childcare facilities is also taking a toll on many parents can no longer afford childcare and despite online learning programs being launched across the state those without access to computers may never recover early about those because they are just. over. actually. according to federal data 43 states set record high unemployment rates last month a decade of consistent job growth has been wiped out and many is still waiting for financial help but still not arrived and a gala crowd jazeera miami florida. still to come on al-jazeera survivors left to
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bury their dead scores killed when gunmen attack a string of nigerian villages and the world's most lucrative football competition kicked off again almost 3 months after the coronavirus forced its suspension. and still plenty of cloud and rain showers across eastern areas of europe out across the west we have got high pressure so a lot of good clear skies plenty of sunshine as well this is the southwest of england people heading to the beach and also heading to the golf course at the same time but we've actually going to see an increase in time which is across much of the u.k. throughout much of france through the weekend but particularly next week these guys will remain we have there on friday the heavy rain across central areas of italy
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across the southeast and some particular heavy rain pushing into western areas or russia now as we go into saturday temperatures beginning to climb again few showers in the forecast but look at these dog areas the blue the last in northern ukraine very widespread across areas a better research a very wet day to start the weekend but things are improving you will so the cloud eventually will begin to break down certainly by monday that's really when we should see that fine dry weather return a high of 21 which is pretty much the average for this time of year old in africa mostly fine and dry time doesn't mean to be out of the last few days and they won't be again over the next few warren shipley 29 degrees celsius but behind the we have got a frame. on and keeping the time which is a bit low but even so not bad in tunis with a high of $25.00. strong man and he's ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies. is stephanie
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perfectly happy to trade off for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. the. comeback is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera following a 2nd night of violent protests in minneapolis the u.s. department of justice says its investigation into the death of george ford in
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police custody is a top priority floyd died shortly after he was filmed the gasping for breath during his arrest one officer kneeled on his leg for several minutes. the u.k. u.s. australia and canada have condemned the china calling their new security laws of threat on the territories freedoms china's parliament has given the go ahead for the legislation despite protests that could take effect in a matter of weeks. and it was president donald trump is expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies after twitter labeled the 2 of his tweets misleading for the 1st time that saying the company was stifling free speach . a shanty town near argentina's capital has been placed under lockdown for the next 2 weeks. is home to about 4000 people ras testing was carried out by authorities and almost 200 corona
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virus infections were confirmed the slum has been sealed dolphin people may not leave without police permission. well threads about joins us live now from when as i say there's a by a large argentina has pretty much succeeded in controlling the virus but there is real concern about some of the poorest areas in the country like this one. well our detail was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose a very strict law down that was in a way imposed and controlled by security forces on the ground there's a wrong 39000 confirmed cases in this country around 500 people have died and it's considered in a way to be a success if you see what's happening in other countries like brazil for rule chile . others for precedent that at the time this in a way was one of the 1st ones to impose this but in spite of this measures there's
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lots of concerns about what's happening in slum of some of the country's poorest areas slums in the city of one a scientist but also in greater one of societies which is home to $3000000.00 people there are several slums there one of them is around 17 kilometers away from here run from the center of when a site is where people have been completely shot inside they're being surrounded by security forces and prevented from leaving that location for at least 2 weeks the government is providing for food and other things they need but they're not being allowed to leave that location that this is happening and made lots of worried in this country with the economic situation especially in those neighborhoods where most of the people there are informal workers argentina's right now struggling with recession inflation already what's called here is a technical default even though negotiations are still on the way argentina is currently in default and a some type of a negotiation is expected in the next few weeks in spite of this president i've got
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to fight him on this popularity is continues to be high it's around 70 percent in argentina or now if spite of the economic situation. in spite of the quarantine that has been. postponed until the early weeks of january and in spite of this most of the population here supports the president's decision to maintain the current team in place to disappear with the latest there from where there is a thank you it's going to the u.k. now with the government's tests and trace a system for covert 19 is finally up and running following repeated delays prime minister boris johnson says it will unlock the prison of lockdown that the baba has more. well this nationwide scheme around england is ambitious involving thousands of people acting as contact traces there have been some complaints by some of them that they haven't been able to access the system online and the government insists
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that they or they are all prepared and trained there have been questions about whether the sufficient number of tests are being carried out every day around the country because we haven't heard figures for that in several days the government insists that it's all in place despite a mobile phone up that's supposed to work with it being delayed for several weeks they're also insisting that they can count on the cooperation of the general public now dozens of members of the conservative party m.p.'s from the conservative party have told the government they think that their messaging has been undermined by the ongoing scandal involving dominic cummings the chief adviser to prime minister boris johnson who made a trip by car with his family who had coverage to stay with his parents now daryn police in the north of england have now said that they won't be pressing any charges in that that trip didn't break any regulations but a subsequent trip after they come out of isolation a subsequent car trip may have broken the rules it may have warranted police
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intervention but certainly no charges because there was no infringement of social distancing but people have been telling those m.p.'s they're very angry about the perception of one rule for him and one rule for the rest of society given that the government has stuck by its defense of mr cummings an insistence that he did nothing wrong meanwhile on monday schools are due to reopen some scientists who broke away from the official scientific advisory group say that the government is going against scientific advice of the r.a. to try and wish you could go above one very quickly when schools do reopen and they . without proof that this test. is. schools should not be opening up so there's a lot of debate right now the government is insisting that this is going to work and that it can count on the public school peroration. at least 65 people were
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killed and dozens injured when gunmen stormed 3 villages in northwest nigeria the attack happened near the border with the state of so-called tow on wednesday locals the scribed the gunmen as bandits and said they've been terrorizing community region for several years the number of dead is expected to rise as volunteers continue searching for missing people amid interest says more now from the nigerian capital abuja he says the band that 7 pows the taxes on local communities in northwest nigeria. fear that the number of dead will rise in the coming hours or days simply because of the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims of these the types now in northwestern nigeria these killings have been good and for a very long time particularly in some for a state with been rampant for the last 8 years than over the last 3 years or so we've seen how the violence has spread or has spread across the region so now the
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genesis of this crisis taught it on a smaller scale conflict of a line between farmers and cattle it is that snowballed into a very very terrible situation and then added to the mix now over the last 2 or 3 years we've seen house kidnappings kidnapping for ransom as well as. touch has been levied on communities by these bandits attackers or government that the authorities called bandits and of course recently there are even suspicion but i'm groups like book maybe cashing in in the mayhem to raise funds for the operations in the north east of the country because over the last 10 years they have impoverished the northeast of the country so much sort of big couldn't get any money for the operations in that region kidnappings are slowed down as well as a sort of military operations in that region so the easiest part is to go to vulnerable communities like the northwest of nigeria. a lot of communities have
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little or no government presence over the past few years or so. the world's most lucrative football league the english premier league will resume in 3 weeks now matches have been played in almost 3 months because of the coronavirus all matches will be played behind closed doors to prevent any spread of the disease the league could have lost about $750000000.00 in revenue from broadcasters if they were reasonable our sports correspondent and the richardson has more he says finances or a key factor in that the session. well finally the most watched football league in the world has set a target date for its return all things being well on june the 17th manchester city will play arsenal and aston villa will take on sheffield united that will be exactly 100 days since their last action in the premier league now there's no doubt that all the clubs will be watching very closely what's been happening over in
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germany in the bundesliga where that competition has shown it is possible to bring back football safely and also to put on a competitive and commercially viable product despite the fact there are no founds in the stadiums and finances is a huge factor in this decision is clubs look to avoid repaying hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcasters if they're unable to finish this season a lot still has to happen between now and june the 17th players and staff will continue to be tested twice a week so far though the league has been reassured by the relatively small number of positive tests concert training has just resume the next steps will be for full training to get underway and then for the clubs to lock down the exact protocol as to what happens in the build up to games and then on match day itself our sports at stake on the pitch will liverpool are $25.00 points clear at the top of the table if manchester city were to lose their comeback game against arsenal then liverpool
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would have the chance to win their 1st title in 30 years in their 1st game back against local rivals everton. and we have more on the sports news and the rest of the news on our website there it is al jazeera dot com where our top story there a potential tensions between china and the u.s. . time now for a quick reminder of our top stories following a 2nd night of violent protests in minneapolis the u.s. department of justice says its investigation into the death of george floyd in police custody is a top priority floyd died shortly after he was filmed gasping for breath during his of rest while officer kneeled on his leg for several minutes civil rights leader all sharpton says the violence being experienced in the city did not begin with the
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protests and i got here some words are you going to address the ballots the violence on the dress is our. could hold a man down. come. on. the private started on 1st cause we're this man was joking for his life so we went away did you just. get. weeded out as long as for what is right. the u.k. u.s. australia and canada have condemned the china for imposing new security laws on hong kong saying it threatens the territories freedoms china's parliament has given the go ahead for the legislation which could be in effect in a matter of weeks u.s. president donald trump is expected to sign an executive order targeting social media companies after twitter labeled 2 of his tweets misleading for the 1st time
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trump says the company was stifling free speech and threatened to shut twitter and other social media outlets down. brazil's president has accused his political opponents of seeking to oust him after his allies were targeted as part of an investigation into the spread of fake news on wednesday the supreme court approved police raids on the homes of business leaders bloggers and politicians accused of spreading lies. a shanty tower over 4000 people in the argentina's capital has been placed under lockdown for the next 2 weeks nearly 200 coronavirus infections were confirmed there the slum has been sealed off and many people may not live without police permission those are the headlines and stay with us this freeman is coming up next i'll have more news for you in half an hour of i.
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am 3 ok welcome to news stream i would see some pictures from the streets of hong kong a wednesday hong kong time why police are in the streets they are facing civilians and protesters in that guns are people spray penates now this protest may be a very rare thing in the future because there is a national security bill that he's trying to be pushed through and he will also relate to home coal as well as mainland china that is what we're talking about the post impact of his national security detail on home.


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