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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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if you want to help save the world. the burning anger of minneapolis police station santa blazed by crowds protesting the death of an unarmed black man during arrest. demonstrations have spread across the u.s. with calls from the officers to be charged with the murder of george flowing. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from also coming up getting bank against twitter's fact checks trump signs an executive order aiming to remove their legal protection
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over content almost ready for kick off the english premier league plans to resume its season after a 3 month shutdown. 3 days of protest over the killing of a black man in the us city of minneapolis is exploded into a new night of violence across the country the police station where the 4 officers involved in the arrest of george floyd works has been sacked the blaze a large crowd began gathering outside the building several hours ago several other fires were lit in the area national guard is now being called into the city the mayor is declared a local emergency for 72 hours. kentucky's louisville demonstrators rocks a police van this tension with police there escalated officers in riot gear tried
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to push back launch groups of protesters of this is the situation right now as you can see the police still on the scene as protesters also stand their ground to make that anger. and a standoff with police in the city of denver over the past few hours off the crowds physicals and block streets hundreds of protesters have. on the state's capitol building all of this the culmination of days of anger at the death of george floyd a bystander's video shows him gasping for breath as a policeman knelt on these neck john hendren reports. with looters raiding stores. some shopkeepers are taking up arms to protect your store we are in the field where we are committed rising rage in the streets of minnesota. just in
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minneapolis have swelled over the death of george floyd seen on video gasping for breath there's a police officer knelt on his neck as mourners held a vigil at the spot where it happened prosecutors and the f.b.i. promised an aggressive investigation of the officers involved i am pleading i am pleading with individuals. to remain calm and to let us conduct this investigation that was not with demonstrators wanted to hear and on the streets it showed. the announcement of a high profile news conference had many expecting criminal charges against the police but investigations take time and for many protesters after so many incidents like this across the u.s. patience has simply run out. peaceful protests turned into riots with looters smashing store windows and setting fires that engulfed entire city blocks in minneapolis police responded with tear gas and rubber coated bullets
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at the mayor's request minnesota is sending in the army national guard this could be a point in time when several years from now we can look back to know that we rose to right the wrongs of the past not just with words but with action. in new york in other cities across the u.s. demonstrators join an increasingly contentious protests and a growing a ray of public officials want the officers already fired from their jobs to face serious charges we did see a murder on t.v. and wasn't self-defense yet. at the home of the officer who knelt on floyd's neck protesters have written their own verdict with the embers of the riots and to communities anger still smoldering finding out of prosecutors reach that same decision could take weeks possibly months to answer john hendren al jazeera chicago
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mary mccarthy is a journalist monitoring the situation and she says the size of the process could indicate the u.s. has reached a turning point. police are using those weapons on non-lethal weapons like tear gas like rubber bullets and also stun gun type weapons in order to calm people down in minneapolis the national guard has been called in to reinforce the police presence that's quite common i believe historically here in the u.s. we haven't seen protests this big probably since the ferguson a shooting in st louis michael brown going about back about 6 years that was a real flashpoint in this movement of protest against police brutality against minorities and particularly black men and this feels like a reoccurrence of that only i would say much stronger and for the 1st time i'm hearing really widespread support from the white community whether that's
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politicians or ordinary people for the 1st time more than ever it seems that could be a turning point where americans at large are saying this isn't a problem that minorities need to talk about or minorities need to protest against that something that all americans black white or whatever color need to get out and say something about and find a solution to what's going on in our society with the way police treat civilians their behinds is a form of baltimore city prosecutor says the incident exposes flaws in the american justice system. justice is supposed to be blind and justice is not supposed to work differently it is supposed to work the same way whether you're white whether you're black whether you latino whether you're asian american it doesn't matter what color you are but the reality is it works quite differently and there's a lot of 2nd guessing always in the case is a police officer is when it's
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a black victim that's involved it's a 2nd guessing what more do we need well maybe there was something that we didn't see on the video it's always looked at from the advantage of the perpetrator and not from the advantage of that from the point of view of the victim who was being choked to death for 10 minutes but just is not supposed to work like that is supposed to be justice for all and that includes black americans showing that black lives to matter in this country and i think back to the case of walter scott the african-american who was shot in the back 9 or 10 times as he was pulling away from police officers in south carolina that officer was aggressive he was put on trial and had his 1st trial it was a hung jury which means a jury although they saw a video they saw in me and being shot in the back who was running away who was not a threat to the police officer the jury could not reach a verdict and that is what happens when i say there are 2 sides of justice in america so when any ordinary circumstance if you have a picture not even necessarily a video it would work that the person would be convicted of 1st degree murder for
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even less less than what we see on this video this video is outrageous and one of the other police officers who was of the 4 that the other 3 that were standing there he also had at least i believe 3 other he had 3 complaints against him and he was also still working one of the officers had a civil suit that was settled for excessive force that was settled by the city and he was still working i mean that's just the problem is that even though these officers were fired i hate to say this but these officers can likely go to a no other jurisdiction and start working again as police officers that's the whole irony of the whole thing they cannot work in minneapolis but they can work for another police department and that is what happens in some of the. u.s. president don trump has made his frustration with twitter official he signed an executive order aimed at stripping social media platforms of some legal protections
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specially if they remove or amend content on their sites it comes out to 2 of the president's tweets were labeled misleading chabris hansie reports from washington. twitter's placement of an exclamation mark and a suggestion that users get the facts about mail in voting after the president's unsubstantiated claims about the corruption of postal ballots have led to the executive order there's no president in american history for so small a number of corporations to control so large a sphere of human interaction therefore today abseiling executive order to protect it appalled the free speech rights of the american people however this is new crackdown instead there will be a review of section 230 of the communications decency act the prevents internet companies from being sued over content and he's calling for the federal communications commission trade commission and state attorneys to look at placing new rules on social media companies to control editing he says to protect free
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speech but the president does not have the legal authority to strike down section 230 and he may face resistance from the f.t.c. and f.c.c. independent bodies that have been reluctant in the past to take on policing the internet it is talking about a review which implies a period of time it's not clear how much of this is saber rattling right now there's things you can do with an executive order those things you can't do they're probably litigation if they did try to do an executive order this is a nuanced complex issue republicans complain about censorship on social media platforms democrats like house speaker nancy pelosi speaking about facebook on thursday complain there isn't enough both have threatened similar legislation our business model is to misrepresent the facts and to be a platform to do that and try to hide under freedom of speech which is of course a complete violation of everything and freedom of speech stands for both are also stepping into tricky territory about who decides what is acceptable and what isn't
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and the issue the framers of the constitution were clear about it should not be the government but should be the platforms themselves and i don't think facebook or. in general should be arbiters of truth i think that's kind of a dangerous line to get down to in terms of just citing what is or what is true and what isn't civil liberties advocates warn that private companies have their own commercial priorities and should not become gatekeepers of the truth facebook already censors content in consultation with governments around the world the company has been broken up so it does its utmost to keep local authorities happy and bipartisan support for doing just that has been growing if facebook and other platforms have less of a stranglehold over our daily discourse it's argued limiting free speech on their sides may not be necessary she had her town see washington earlier my colleagues know how raman spoke to john malcolm the vice president of the institute for
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constitutional government he asked them how all this will affect what trump says on social media. the president's position are on the vulnerabilities to election integrity created by mail in ballots is supported by many experts in this field and by adding a fact check to that it was for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to cast a doubt on what the president was paying over the president was saying that is a political opinion and you know the president i think was justifiable at least in that instance in being upset it was somebody who was trying to thought there or temper his message are on a on a legitimate issue of public concern i get i don't defend every tweet that the president sends out i don't agree with every tweet that the president sends out but that one was certainly perfectly reasonable and twitter's fact check was designed to cast doubt on what is
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a very legitimate political ok well then why didn't it's fact check the joe scarborough tweet that was what just over a week ago when donald trump questioned. this former legislator who is now a t.v. show host talking about a murder that happened not a murder a death that happened in the office of joe scarborough of an interne who fell over banged her head had underlying heart problems that was all out in the open yet president trump is now questioning this and even suggests that joe scarborough got away with murder why wasn't that fact checked why wasn't that to heated. you have task twitter why they chose to fact check something about mail in ballots and the threat that it poses to election said really rather than that tweet again people may like the president's tweets and they may support him for them or they might might find them offensive and choose to vote against him in the next election
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but that is not what twitter was all about and in fact they chose not some reason to fact check that one they chose to fact check one about mail in ballots which is far more controversial. still ahead of al jazeera restrictions are back in south korea after a season some jump on a virus case it's. growing concern in one province in pakistan after hundreds of children are supposed to fork over going. head to the most u.k. skies much of the middle east some blowing sand and dust the winds have been a little bit brisk and also as what we're really watching is this this disturbance just sitting off the coast of oman that this is a tropical disturbance it could develop into a tropical storm but if it does at the moment study the forecast track is very
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uncertain is very close to land and it is going to produce some torrential downpours in the coming days particularly if it doesn't move not to the north of there it is very hot 48 celsius in baghdad as a good 10 degrees above average for this time of year but things have cooled down through the eastern and all the med but as you go on into south a day you can see is a similar story across in all the winds are actually picking up from that also again as i say some blowing sand and dust and then this system just sitting very close to or literally almost on top of over the next 2 or 3 days the looking at accumulations over the hoth a meta of rain that will lead to some very serious and widespread flooding so we'll keep a very close eye on the progress all that meanwhile into southern africa south africa with it another system just sliding by one another there's another one coming through on friday some pretty brisk winds and sunny plenty of rain along these coastal areas and then to the north of that very heavy rain in the d.l.c. on towards the gulf of guinea but things clearing to the south on saturday with a hive 18 important is
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a. challenge for the brazilian dictates of the democratic run for the. cliff hughes changed the course of the image. to the center with a revolution resort. to locals as the dr. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera. the all.
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back you're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now the minneapolis police station has been set on fire amid a 3rd night of protests over the death of a black man george floyd died after all these and knelt on his neck during unrest. louisville kentucky demonstrators rocks a prisoner transfer vehicle is tensions with police escalated officers in riot gear tried to push back large groups of protesters there were reports of tear gas being used. president down from poe's signed an executive order aimed at stifling legal protection for social media companies the move comes after twitter labeled 2 of the tweets misleading trump says he's trying to defend free speech with a house called the over reactionary and politicized.
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let's bring in more now on those protests in minneapolis we've been talking about child jong is a reporter for the stasi tribune a joins us on skype from minneapolis good to have you with us 1st of all the fire still blazing on the situation on the street. the fires are still burning i did leave the scene a little bit ago for my own safety and we are coming back our reporters but when i saw the fires were still burning at the end she ran a 3rd precinct as far as i could see i didn't see queens entering the building were coming out any other windows or the top of the building earlier in the night but there's a fire in the parking lot of the police station and a business half a block away was involved and a block down through there and other businesses in cost as well how about the police the national guard will sort of cluster of the taking all day on the scene. you know they have pulled back earlier in the evening i was at the same for about 8 hours earlier in the evening maybe 34 hours ago there were officers on that on the
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roof of that the police station and they were responding to protesters protesters were taunting them they threw water bottles and struck one of them and at some point the officers did deploy with called a flash bang grenade which was a loud noise it kind of light to scare people and then they deployed a lot of tear gas that sent people just streaming away. but then that night went on it was clear they had evacuated the building and there was no response to the fire we didn't see the ox's return to the scene or coming out of that building we had evacuated at that point as you're talking we're looking at live pictures i should point out for our viewers and we can see clearly a very strong fossil blazing. right that i'm wondering any sign of firefight. not at the not at the police precinct or the business just a half a block away it's too close or too many people thousands of people on the scene as far as you can see you know in the middle of the take the group. doesn't several dozens of cars of people sitting in them as a 3rd at
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a movie drive in there's just no way a quiet truck could safely get that close to extinguish the fire at the police station or the nearby business the further business that the block and have 2 blocks away was extinguished by the fire department earlier this evening. when you were a vat just give us a feeling of waltz the protesters are saying that been seeing in pictures a lot of people standing around they look like that chanting something but. tell us what the audio sounded like. you know the mood was still kind of the 1st rebellious then and then once they broke into the front door of the police station and set on fire it was celebratory earlier in the evening people were saying they were chanting no justice no peace they were chanting the champ reeve. and then and then as the fire started they started to put it down burn it down and somehow people were prepared and fireworks are being let out all my giant you know fireworks blue
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green white in the mood was sort bittorrent people were still streaming into the demonstration. just to put everything into context as obviously when there's a fire in the building the fact some of the attention how representative is that all the demonstrations that have been going on. you know. it's very. good about the demonstrations in this case we saw fires last night as well during another protest but it's really not common here in minneapolis or minnesota where the in previous protests there are still large doubts. about the officers didn't see the struggle again the loser or fires or destruction of entire buildings all right thank you so much for bringing us the latest there charles sean thank you for having me south korea scrambling to stem an outbreak of the current
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a virus going to a warehouse for a surgeon in factions 50 a new cases have been announced prompting the government to launch a new testing campaign and reimpose some restrictions public facilities including parks museums they run. from abroad this and so he says the government has learned about a rise in cases because it allowed business to receive. the latest figures show that there are 58 new cases that's a slight reduction on yesterday's figures but again most of these new cases associated with this one facility it's a large warehouse distribution center and the government will be hoping that they have now brought this cluster under control several 1000 workers and their families were all identified as potentially being at risk and they have very quickly as they do here in south korea conducted several 1000 tests of basically eliminating people there coming back mainly as negative so they will be hoping that they have very
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quickly will identify anybody who has been infected but of course there is a concern about a wider spread to the community that's why you're seeing in the greater seoul metropolitan area the reimposition of some of these restrictions now on things like public venues on galleries museums which will have to stay closed for another 2 weeks and it also has led to some concerns about various businesses here in particular where housing the e-commerce companies because a big course they are all working flat out at the moment as people order their stuff online rather than going to high street stores and so there is concern about the kinds of conditions there whether they are too cramped and you have workers working in too close proximity so the government the authorities have ordered checks on those places we've had similar businesses such as cost centers were a cause for concern and again the government 2 months ago started ordering checks on those businesses because you had to clusters are rising so it just shows the
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problems of as we enter this new normal the world of work how you restart an economy. a government test and try system for covert 19 is finally up and running in england following repeated delays a minister boss johnson says it will unlock the prison of lock down anyone suspected of having the current virus can now order a test online if positive they'll be asked to give details of people they've been in close contact with and told to isolate for 14 days 25000 staff of jean hired to carry out the work paris is no longer considered to be a coronavirus danger zone the french government has downgraded its risk rating from bread to orange more restrictions will be lifted in the capital parks will reopen next week cafes and bars will be allowed to trade with protective measures in place the rest of the french mainland is that the lowest risk rating schools there will be reopening earlier than planned. more than $900.00 children under the age of 10
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tested positive for corona virus in. sindh province both of them are from poor families where social distancing is impossible so orts. relatives wait outside the busy emergency department in sindh province their children are inside isolated receiving treatment the case with 19 at least 930 children under the age of 10 have tested positive for the virus most of them symptomatic but the concern is how they became infected in the 1st place but all new cases where the children probably have gotten this infection from some of their elders who had left the whole world bunch on there or probably the family did not practice russian distancing in a proper manner the reason why i'm thinking this is because from since the 26th of february 2020 schools have been closed despite the pakistani government's advice to
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follow world health organization guidelines on social distancing many people here are not to some it's not a choice. most of the children that tested positive come from poor communities they live in cramped conditions families in small spaces. look at the situation we're living in it's all solid waste the smell is everywhere meanwhile the government is talking about hygiene and social distancing how is it possible in a situation like this and how can we keep our children safe. many of pakistan's hospitals are struggling to cope with a number of created 19 cases more than 61000 people so far and more than 1200 deaths with the numbers and with the economy already weak the crisis has forced many people out of the government's projects 18000000 job losses more
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pakistanis. relying on food handouts it's a catch 22 situation where you know if you open businesses you were to everybody's life into risk if you shut down businesses then there is an economic downturn search not to be easy choice it's a choice between the devil and the deep sea basically pakistan is considering imposing in another nation wide lockdown in haiti flattening the curve but it may prove hard to follow for those living in sindh province which now has the highest number of confirmed crane a virus cases in the country so high that just the other forms of locusts have become the latest threat in india crops have been devastated in several states that's threatening food supplies this is the worst locust attack in almost 3 decades the government has deployed drones to spray past sides. dozens of people have been killed by gunmen in northwest died jury of armed men on
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motorbikes shot and killed at least 74 villages and of course the state late on wednesday the region's been plagued by violence between rival communities over disputed land the fighting force an estimated $23000.00 people to flee to and share in april ivory coast former president is being given the permission to leave belgium up a year after being acquitted for crimes against humanity brought on by goes to trial at the hague over accusations the fuel mass violence which killed thousands after losing the 2010 election international criminal court conditions mean he can only travel to countries that agreed to receive him that makes a return to the ivory coast uncertain where his rival remains in power. the world's most lucrative football league the english premier league will resume in 3 weeks no matches have been played no most 3 months because of coronavirus
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games will be played in empty stadiums to prevent a nice road of the disease our sports correspondent andy richardson says that the girls will finally the most watched football league in the world has set a target date for its return all things being well on june the 17th and manchester city will play arsenal and aston villa will take on sheffield united that will be exactly $100.00 days since their last action in the premier league now there's no doubt that all the clubs will be watching very closely what's been happening over in germany in the bundesliga where that competition has shown it is possible to bring back football safely and also to put on a competitive and commercially viable product despite the fact there are no founds in the stadiums and finances is a huge factor in this decision as clubs look to avoid repaying hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcasters if they're unable to finish this season a lot still has to happen between now and june the 17th players and staff will
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continue to be tested twice a week so far though the league has been reassured by the relatively small number of positive tests concert training has just resume the next steps will be for full training to get underway and then for the clubs to lock down the exact protocol as to what happens in the build up to games and then on match day itself as for what's at stake on the pitch well liverpool are $25.00 points clear at the top of the table if manchester city were to lose their comeback game against arsenal then liverpool would have the chance to win their 1st title in 30 years in their 1st game back against local rivals everton. and let's take you through some of the headlines on al-jazeera now the minneapolis police station has been set on fire amid a 3rd night of protests over the death of
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a black man george floyd died after a policeman knelt on his neck during an arrest the national guard has been called in to help control the crowds the mayor of minneapolis says the cloud a local state of emergency for 72 hours in louisville kentucky demonstrates is wrong prisoner transfer vehicle is tensions with police as collated officers in riot gear tried to push back large groups of protesters of reports of tear gas being used. president donald trump a signed an executive order a stifling legal protection for social media companies move comes after twitter labeled 2 of his tweets lists leaving the company says the only reason reactionary and politicized from says he's trying to defend free speech they had unchecked power to censor restrict and shape alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens or large public audiences there is no president in
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american history for so small a number of corporations to control so large a sphere of human interaction and that includes individual people controlling vast amounts of territory and we can't. south korea's grambling to stem an outbreak of the corona virus linked to a warehouse after a surge in infections more than 50 new cases have been announced public facilities including parks and museums and state run theaters have been shot. paris is no longer considered to be a coronavirus danger the french government has downgraded its risk raising from right to orange and more restrictions will be lifted in the capital the news continues its football rebels now. it's in its golden age in cinema. as one man provided the soundtrack for
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a nation out 0 welds meets the musical composer for over $350.00 movies music for entertainment escapism and and conflict. a prolific composer who put joy to many ends alley ismail egypt's musical maestro on al-jazeera the arabic i'm going to. play this i'm going. to mcdonald's for the community sheesh yahweh to long. beach the game plan is also a subsidy to claim that most of the body. body difference in the end is on. the army's amy.


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