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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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parties that have grown contamination in need they look dated his book public communities just say do let him down you're going to. see only to see her. defiance and demand for justice protestors ignore a curfew in the u.s. city of minneapolis after days of anger over police killing. an officer has been charged with murder a bit across the country crowds are out calling for a change in the way black americans are police. i'm richelle carey this is how it is there live from doha also coming up donald trump in funding for the world health organization and takes aim at china over the
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krona virus and its new security bill against hong kong. job cuts for renault the french car maker plans to lay off nearly 15000 people was a deal with the crisis made worse by grown a virus. and help for $2000000.00 of spain's poorest hit hard by the pandemic the government approves a plan for a minimum income. crowds of protesters are out in cities across the u.s. calling for justice over the death of a black man during an arrest in the city of minneapolis a policeman has been charged in the murder of george floyd but that is not well the anger minneapolis has gone just past 10 and a curfew came into effect just over an hour ago or testers there showing no signs of abiding by ignoring threats of jail time or fine the mayor of minneapolis ordered a curfew after 3 days of protests which have seen buildings burned and looted. and
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this was the scene in brooklyn to your protesters chanting no justice no peace and a standoff with police outside a stadium there earlier demonstrations were also held around the new york supreme court and these are the scenes in los angeles a short while ago where it's a little after 8 in the evening protesters have blocked a freeway stopping traffic and earlier the white house was briefly locked down as crowds of protesters gathered outside police eventually broke up the large group hundreds also march through the streets of washington d.c. let's go to john hendren al jazeera john hendren is live for us at the scene in minneapolis so john as we said this has been a curfew in effect for about an hour now what is still happening there. well outside of this area of town the roads are largely empty and there's no one there but this is the epicenter this is the place where george floyd spent his last hours and as you can see behind me there are well if the cars weren't blocking that what
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you could see is that there are maybe $100.00 people or so gathered there far fewer than have gathered in previous nights but it's also 2 hours after the 1st curfew has been set and that corner back there is where george floyd was arrested and where police held him down 3 of them with their knees one of them on his neck and a horse after that he was he died and this has been what has motivated the protests around the country that you were just talking about but today is a little bit of a lighter mood and the reason for that is that there have been charges today against one of those men and i talked to some people here i talked to one gentleman who had just been shot today he said with a rubber bullet in the leg but he said he was nonviolent he said what they're hoping for is to rebuild this city now he said he was against the looting and the damage in which whole city blocks were lit on fire but now we're still waiting to
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see it's fairly early in the night the national guard hasn't shown up at all but one suspects that eventually they might also let's go back to the charges then john and kiran obviously there was there were no charges at 1st then the video came out then there was that delay and charges now there actually is a charge in the case tell us more about it. that's right yesterday we had this announcement of a major news conference and in that news conference they didn't announce charges they were federal prosecutors local prosecutors the f.b.i. all there and of course everybody here is watching the news they know what's going on and after that news conference did not. reduced charges it was a terrible night here in this city another raucous night flaming buildings at police confrontations and then today when you have the charges levied against derek shavon and he was actually taken into custody i think there was
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a feeling that perhaps this city was taking this incident more seriously and what i'm hearing over here is a little more positive now there's there's talk of a movement going forward but people seem to feel that it least some of their requests have been met they're not by any means satisfied now we put together a story on what's been happening over the last 24 hours or so take a look. it is what protesters across the u.s. have been demanding the officer who held his knee on george floyd's neck has been arrested for many apps police officers are chopping has been charged by the head of the county attorney's office with murder and with manslaughter as minneapolis st still smolder following a 3rd night of riots the student governor is hoping the news will calm the violence in the streets minneapolis and st paul are on fire the fire still smoldering our streets the ashes are symbolic of decades and generations of
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a pain of anguish unheard much like we failed to hear. george floyd. as he pleaded for his life as the world watched it is my expectation that justice for the officers involved in this will be swift that it will come in a timely manner that it will be fair that is what we've asked for. governor tim walz also called the arrest of a black c.n.n. journalist and his crew early friday by state police officers unacceptable i take full responsibility there is absolutely no reason something like this should happen calls were made immediately this is a very public apology to that team it should not happen i failed you last night and that in minneapolis riot police stand ready to confront a community that feels it's been betrayed national guard soldiers have also arrived
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in the city requested by a mayor who is under pressure to bring the violence under control. this was a police station in flames on thursday night as anger directed at those who swear to serve and protect escalated not far away more burning shops looting and violence . protests have spread across the u.s. in denver demonstrators echoed the demand for justice already heard in new york and los angeles anger over the treatment of african-americans by the police is not new but right now it is very wrong. in louisville in kentucky the death of george floyd has reopened old wounds with protesters demanding justice for an african-american woman who was shot dead by police 2 months ago. it is this video of the last moment of george floyd's life a police officer nearly on his neck that is driving the outrage 2 president trump is weighed in calling the protesters bugs and suggesting national guard troops
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shoot looters the republican president also to game against the city's democratic mayor mayor jacob fry fired back donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis we are strong as hell is this a difficult time period yes but you better be damn sure that we're going to get through this as the protests in george floyd's name continue to grow the leaders of major cities across the u.s. are hoping that promises of swift justice will be enough to calm tensions. that way so to put this all in perspective at this time on the 1st night of the protests there were 8000 people filling the streets now we've got a few 100 they are here in violation of the citywide curfew but they are peaceful right now it wasn't much after this just 24 hours ago it wasn't much after this time that the police station the 3rd precinct police station was stormed and that's
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where the officers came from who were arrested george floyd so this is a completely different atmosphere you know what happens if the national guard marches in the valley don't know and there's a lot of night left to go we'll see what happens ok john hendren live for us in minneapolis and thank you they picking as a board member of the communities united against police brutality he says restraining and retraining and situational changes are needed to address the underlying problems within the u.s. police force. no officer will ever testify against another officer and so we see that not just the one officer who had his knee on his neck that is the grossest violation but that 3 other officers did nothing about it at the time when it was clear to everyone else on the scene that george floyd was being killed that's what really matters is the actions of the officers and in all the deaths we
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have seen in minneapolis no officer ever testifies against another so even if their words are sincere it doesn't show in the actions that we've seen here how quickly the officers were fired is very unusual i think part of that is due to this incident being so so horrifying to anybody who watches the video but remember before that video came out in public the police information officer was trying to claim that the officers noted that he was having a medical incident and they assisted him so it was only when the other video came out that they were forced to tell the real story they lied in their original statement because they thought they could get away with it the people who are saying these things are no more honest now than they were then they just got caught so yes after a particular group is incident like this there's got to want to be
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a lot of soothing words but we need to see real changes institutional changes changes that have been promised to us after the previous deaths and have never happened. has announced the u.s. has cutting ties at the world health organization claiming it's being influenced by beijing a president also confirm the united states would end at special treatment of hong kong because of a new security law approved by china this week alan fischer reports. unusually for a news conquered. at the white house president only trump opted to use a teleprompter and stuck to the script but in the week where the number of 1000 deaths in the u.s. went through the 100000 mark the president used the occasion to cut ties with the world health organization and returned to calling it the ruhani virus china has total control over the world health organization we have detailed the reforms that it must make and engage with them directly but they have refused to act. the
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president has been angry about china's trade practices since before he took office the protests this week in hong kong beatings decision to extend security powers there has added to that anger hong kong has had a special relationship with the u.s. the president wants to punish china and says hong kong special status is no more my announcement today will affect the full range of agreements we have with hong kong from our extradition treaty to our export controls on dual use technologies and more with few exceptions we will be revising the state department's travel advisory for hong kong to reflect the increased danger of surveillance and punishment by the chinese state security apparatus president also announced he was imposing sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials but i think this is the the amount of actions
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that he and house as well as the severity of actions that he did announce depending on the implementation of these actions this is probably the nuclear option that this initiation of do you think china will react and respond i think china has to respond in this case there are so many actions that the trump administration announced today that if they don't respond and domestically they leadership risks looking weak to their domestic audience president trump gave a long list of grievances about china's economic actions there's nothing new there he's done it before what was interesting in his 10 minutes in front of the cameras he made no mention of chinese president xi a man he regards a strong a man he's praised in the past even for his handling of the coronavirus bric alan fischer al-jazeera at the chinese embassy in washington. still ahead on al-jazeera kicked out with nowhere to go why residents of astronomy club is capital they're
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being evicted in the middle of a pandemic. and breaking the wall of silence what law enforcement officials and us are saying about the actions of the 4 officers involved in georgia the way to end the world. of. hello mainland usa is quite thing down to the time being there are some pretty big showers around you can see the drifting off shore the cloud the stuff here in the northeast is more or less a cult from the temperatures that are on the high side in new york and washington worry not to we're in toronto but that breeze coming of the northwest is temperatures coming down to a reasonable think of this time of the year eventually reach the east coast as well and even see in florida is not particularly share either it's not completely dry either on the pacific coast time has been very high l.a.'s down to 26 phoenix is to 40 street and there is still
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a heat warning in south and southern california nevada and some parts of arizona but how things seem to tropical cyclone so far for the american season is a possibility we'll see something else develop if the bahamas and at least over bermuda to watch that but anyway as a very showery very wet position at the moment surround the mediterranean and the gulf of mexico in fact mexico itself in the forecast have masses of showers and that circulation just sense of guatemala may well turn into a tropical disturbance so if you see a lot of right even if it's never officially named that orange call over el salvador for example will produce very likely some pretty significant flooding. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to mount as
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a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the state we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and in farming to be shelled energy solutions for future generation the brush fire nearing future energy. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now crowds of protesters are out in cities across the u.s. calling for justice over the death of a black man during an arrest in minneapolis demonstrators in the city are defying a curfew now in place after 3 days of unrest and while the police officer captured
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on video kneeling on the neck george for way has been charged with murder or japan is also accused of annoying another officer at the scene to express concerns during that arrest on monday donald trump has announced the u.s. is cutting ties with the world health organization claiming it's being employed by beijing the president also confirmed the united states but and its special treatment upon kong because of a new security law approved by china this week many police officers across the u.s. have condemned the actions of the 4 officers involved in the death of george floyd but it says latest in a series of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of law enforcement elizondo reports. the scenes of george fully handcuffed being choked to death by a police officer has led to outrage within the insular tight ranks of the law enforcement community there was unusually quick condemnation on social media a new york police detective said the officer involved brought dishonor to the profession we take over to serve and protect and like to see that that officer
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failed on both aspects other police officers had equally pointed words it's time that we take these bad also as a speech out of gas and start holding them accountable and hold them to the same laws that we expect systems to abide by and i hope justice prevails and i hope those people are found to be guilty of murder because that's what i was. second i want to say. and we've got to change this we've got to break these barriers in these walls and we've got to do what we can as police officers the bigger picture is how the killing of freud is going to complicate police work throughout america already many black communities are distrustful of law enforcement this is only going to make it worse when you see. what should be a routine apprehension become a de facto execution it is it is
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experience that we watch. and former new york police detective keep taylor says there are systematic issues of race that need to be addressed makes it more difficult for officers interests simply trying to do their job. the fact that these. negative incidents that occur due to publicize really brings to the forefront how important it is to address the inequities that occur in our criminal justice system an incident that has left many police officers just as outraged as the people they are sworn to serve and protect many wanting answers and justice gabriels on to al-jazeera new york russia seeking more military facilities and maritime access and syria as a lot of reporting has ordered 2 of his ministers to hold talks with the syrian government rush already has 2 permanent military sites in syria an airbase in the
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talkie a province and a naval facility at tartus on the mediterranean russia is the syrian government's main ally osco backs the syrian president while washington says it supports moderate rebels who want to remove bashar al assad russia intervened in 2015 targeting so-called terrorists from its naval facilities in tartus in him a name airbase but the west and syrian opposition say it's been mainly opposing and rebels russia's involvement helped the syrian government make gains against homes and the south towards daraa and along the coast and latakia also aims to empower and secure its military influence in that region joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says syria is more than willing to accommodate russian interests. russia wants more land made available to it just a few days ago it appointed a special envoy for putin named to sebastian are there mr f.
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him off as a special envoy so clearly president putin is trying to is trying to get better returns for all the money and effort spent in syria there has been no back and forth especially with the all the cars under tough we've seen with roma loot the cousin of the president who has had his industry stripped from him the russians have been putting pressure on the syrians to to deliver economic goods and to begin to invest in the economy and to try to make some reforms and this is a way to i think gain leverage in syria for greater things the more things the russians want because the russians have tremendous leverage if assad wants the province back that wants the north where the kurds live in americans are positioned back about a 3rd of syria is still occupied by rebel forces he needs the russians to do it
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because they're the only ones who can pressure turkey and begin to get this land back for syria so he has a captive right now to russian interests russia has recorded its biggest one day increase in crime the virus death with 232 the taliban comes as the government revised up last month death toll after questions were raised over an initial think yours they previously only counted as to wreck they resulting from the virus russia has the 3rd highest number of infections in the world in more than 4000 deaths the french automaker we know has slashed $15000.00 jobs worldwide in bed to save billions of dollars the company has been facing a slump and demand made worse by the chrono by respond to a mic or curse at one site near paris now face an uncertain future as a toss about reports. renault has 14 plans and france workers at this one say they're angry that this has been chosen by the french comic had to close the factory employs more than 260 people to recondition car parts in the paris suburb
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of. this work has been employed for more than 30 years and feel sick that these buses going to wake up one morning and decide to close us just like that we're going to fight you'll be and and and we're going to make sure that all the workers that gave their life to this factory don't lose in this operation the workers in this factory losing their job at any time would be very upsetting but it's particularly difficult at a time when the economy in france is so uncertain because of the coronavirus lockdown right now bosses say the cars are necessary there to save the majority of jobs globally and save the company. we're know has struggled with plummeting car sales because the coronavirus lockdowns the transition to more electric car production and the fallout from the rest in 2018 of its former boss called disco the french carmaker says it will cut $15000.00 jobs worldwide including $4600.00
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jobs in france part of a cost cutting plan. the plan is not only defensive it's also an offensive project since we are looking to reduce our fixed cost by $2000000000.00 euro's within 3 years and it's to establish a positive competitiveness for the group the french government has a 15 percent stake in ground 0 and is considering a $5500000000.00 loan to help it on condition the carmaker focuses more on electric vehicles and keeps as much production in france as possible financial aid that may rescue one of france's iconic brands but that won't help those who've lost their jobs natasha al-jazeera. the people in spain have been struggling to make ends meet during the lockdown now some could be slightly better off with the government approving plans for a new basic art her in the capital madrid a simple sandwich some fruit and water is enough to get thousands of
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spaniards through today in spain foot banks soup kitchens and charities have been overwhelmed and some even forced to close during the corona virus outbreak but demand in these places has increased 30 percent since the emergency lockdown in march thousands of spaniards have joined the so-called queues of hunger for the 1st time. so son i want is a hospital cleaner in april she found herself out of work she spent all her savings and at the age of $44.00 she had to appeal to charity for the 1st time in her life . i feel really bad depending on others i always depended on myself at the beginning when they offered me food i said no but then i realised if i have food i can share it and we can all eat says a corner virus outbreak over 1000000 people have lost their jobs in spain the loss
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of employment has been compounded by a school closures and increasing bills after more than 2 months of a strict lockdown the spanish government plans to spend $3000000000.00 euros a year to provide the poorest households with a minimum income over $850000.00 families will benefit from it single parent families will get the quiver the end of 500 dollars and families with 2 of those $650.00. today is an historic day for democracy and for me it's an onerous deputy prime minister of this government to announce a new social right the one in spain a minimum bartle income i think we can qualify it as the greatest advance in social rights in spain since the approval of the dependency law in 2006 the government's intention is to reach the maximum number of people in need but over 2000000 spaniards who work in this economy pay no tax or working without
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a contract will be left out of this initiative if there's a silver lining to covet $19.00 clout is that many spaniards one have to depend on the charity of strangers. in the do it. sudan is accuse the ethiopian army of backing militias crossing into its territory and raiding farmland and resources a sudanese army spokesman says if the opium fighters reach the eastern bank of a river aimed to reroute aiming to reroute the flow of water sudan's military says one of its officers was killed during the incursion if the o.p.'s in a military delegation to khartoum to discuss demarcation of the borders fighting in other of states and eastern sudan escalate the last week with civilians among the casualties mc international says ethiopia failed to stop human rights violations despite political reforms that the prime minister met introduced 2 years ago a report by the organization found persistent patterns of violence among police
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regional special forces and local fighters and 2 area areas between january and december of last year if the opus is the report ignores its peacemaking successes and prove mintz to security colombia has extended a 2 month nationwide quarantine until the end of june as coburn $1000.00 cases there continue to rise and one slum hundreds of residents will soon be out of a home under up the ante as there. more than 100 families that live in this hillside slum on the southern outskirts of bogota are expected to be evicted in coming days despite having nowhere else to go in this fight to the country still being in the middle of the coronavirus last down many of them have a rival here to build this informal housing fleeing the country's internal conflict others are venezuelan migrants they all say they've been suffering greatly during the lockdown being and able to work with other hundreds of families have already
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been evicted their houses demolished in the past weeks and the people here say that the police used excessive force to try and push them out of their houses. if you destroy the houses all we can do is build a shelter with the neighbors well we supposed to go if you don't even have enough to buy food now the minister of housing has at least in theory banned all addictions until the end of june in response to the pandemic that the city out sorry these are saying that these informal houses are illegal and that there hill itself is at risk of a landslide so these people need to go and now but to avoid the kind of clashes that we've seen a couple of weeks ago local authorities are here today with the police and they're offering people roughly $70.00 a month for the next 3 months as a housing bonus to find something to rant about the community say that definitely
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not enough and that the only option would be to end up in overcrowded housing with other families which would put them at risk of catching the virus now this shows just how difficult it has been at the colombia for colombia to respond to the kind of means that the poorest of the poor have during the lockdown and the pandemic the national government has. offered konami help for hundreds of thousands of people some of them have indeed received it but many others like those who live here say they haven't. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera crowds of protesters out in cities across the u.s. calling for justice over the death of a black man during an arrest and minneapolis demonstrators in the city are defying a curfew which has come into effect after 3 days of the rest. this was the scene in
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brooklyn new york protesters chanting no justice no peace and a standoff with police this is outside the stadium there earlier demonstrations or also held around the new york supreme court at a los angeles now short time ago where it's about 8 o'clock in the evening protesters they are blocked a freeway stopping traffic. and while the place officer at the center of the video which sparked the outrage has been charged with murder is also accused of ignoring another officer at the st who expressed concerns about the way or troy was being treated donald trump has announced the u.s. is cutting ties with the world health organization claiming it's being influenced by beijing the president also confirmed the united states would end its special treatment of hong kong because of a new security law approved by china the united states wants an open and constructive relationship with china but each evening that relationship requires us to vigorously defend our national interests the chinese government has continually
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violated its promises to us and so many other nations. these plain facts could not be overlooked or swept aside the world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the chinese government or some president vladimir putin has ordered 2 of his ministers to hold talks with the syrian government as moscow 6 more military facilities and maritime access russia has already has 2 permanent military sites in syria the french automaker we know has slashed 15000 jobs worldwide the company has been facing a slump and demand and of course that's been made worse by the crowd. and wants to reduce costs by more than $2000000000.00 so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come one on one east india under lockdown as that next. counting the costs of credit free land and hidden debts as the world oh china is
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facing gas when countries calm pay back loans plus the man behind a $1.00 trillion dollar stock market crash will see a convenient scapegoat the biggest. counting the cost. in india the kuwait 19 knocked down was so i didn't see via an absolute these odds. are good bob i did see. some cool today show me some family loved only wanted out of. india's prime minister nuri interim over the munched 1300000000 people into confinement with only 4 oz notice across the country tens of millions of migrant workers suddenly found themselves without jobs and unable to return to their villages.


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