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tv   Ali Ismael Egypts Musical Maestro  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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exposes houston's cancer cluster these are the $110.00 properties that have we're going to mission and then make data visible paul but they commit to it just say for get them down nobody's going to get your suit believe me lines on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera i'm doubting obligato with a check on your world headlines another night of violent protests is expected in minneapolis over the death of an unarmed black man the governor of minnesota says he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history meanwhile president donald trump says the author already is there a need to get tougher and offer to send in the national military this while appearing to encourage
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a counter protest by his own supporters john hendren spent the night among the protesters from where it all started in minneapolis. a crew few when a murder charge against a police officer failed to bring calm to minneapolis. the city's new curfew beginning 8 pm some protesters responded by setting buildings on fire hundreds of others continued to peacefully protest the death of a black man george floyd after his arrest by a white policeman. also to gary children who was fired shortly after floyd's arrest on monday has now been charged with his murder but it's made little difference on the city's turbulent south sunne . to demonstrate who defied the curfew and a large deployment of the national guard showed to go their anger on businesses
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such as the department store and occasionally journalists. others lined up to challenge police who answered with tear gas but failed to control the rest these national guard troops who have been blocking roads and they've been protecting firefighters as they've been putting out the many fires you can see one of them back there but the governor says they're simply haven't been enough of them and that's why he's going to get more. i'm authorizing and talking to general johnson to fully mobilize the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national guard so let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd it is about attacking civil society instilling fear and disrupting our great cities from coast to coast protests and violence have spread to more u.s. cities in washington the white house was briefly on lockdown as crowds front with
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police in the capital. and in atlanta georgia this c.n.n. news channel's headquarters came under attack police cars were also targeted prompting a furious response from atlanta as mayor you are disgracing our city you are disgracing the life of george lloyd in every other person who has been killed in this country crowds in los angeles chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's final words as his neck was pinned to the ground. and back in minneapolis his excessive days in 1000 event go on john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis there's been a major back lost to president trumps the system to quit ties with the world health organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic european union leaders have released a statement urging him to reconsider saying the global threat is an opportunity for
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enhanced cooperation and common solutions. brazil has overtaken spain to become the country with the 5th highest number of corona virus deaths in the world more than 27800 people have now died there after another 1124 deaths were reported on friday almost $27000.00 new infections were also recorded in 24 hours bringing the total to more than 465000. health workers and per rouer struggling has the scale of the corona virus outbreak grows more than 141000 infections and 4000 deaths have now been recorded. a space x. rocket carrying 2 veteran nasa astronauts has successfully lifted off from cape canaveral in the u.s. state of florida the mission is the 1st private crewed flights into space the 19 our voyage to the international space station is also the 1st crude flight from the u.s.
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soil since the space shuttle program ended in 2011. about
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the pub in the me if you can an order with any. you how that could be a me to modernise opinion will be public. mustn't i'm going to come out with a with this my how. i got the idea. without them and hostile how. do you see me in the novel we. miss you and again then we get it done in
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wonderfully simple and so you leave her go on the sidewalk is my. friend then i use my name can. be a musty good sock from last with anyone on a national in. the top waiting to see a live mostly young. mother from the sick a necessity of a i'll use my. being mcconnell to see if they can mimic called the moment and goes . well in a highly it's my. i miss my. drama even t.s.b. out of care for i left the shore a. while drama her. pleading with. her to be with someone who had to do. that if you have.
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to have. been at the game at the. cinema can they think and i'm aloof a solo chairman in team photo in the. hallway don't know when. connect the helpless to fill in on what i want you to. be sure has allowed me to look who. well i can. you know what i mean women will see there. will madison will see. but of course.
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that there were few leyla morag finesse who can had this enough so that someone would. come a. neck and neck and a kid which camaro. when you are with a lock with that can mean it's going to have is in the hole and i just i'm in the film and. i'm on the rise a feeling for a little over a 5th then. they gave a little higher. for softening. some. very practical brought some of the us from model musical most of the hard for some of our homes and my mother thought we'd get my if a that came
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a nod to him hoffa's. my favorite musical jazz for solace. or to see to it that was the right american lady including the him to be good for the better. those 6. whether you. are going to benoit would listen. to when hammond bought the house the. model of the day and the. candidates and when they will get we also than. the one in the whole of
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the loop from full to you would have to be in the shop with that we had to move. the fields ahead of you and me and. i will thieves hold tea for you and the little circle on the arm of the faith is with love of. luck. and. a little just anyway at that mean. one little step. on you know on. a heading and
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a bit on the model for. me. say it. would get off of that head for there would have been in. a matter of if so to whom i leave it up it was with the with the. only special fruit of the leak each day to have to have the have the have the has the have had the had really heard him assert i lete bit of bit of it up and down and he became. phenomenal meat. meat.
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but here i smiled. and they made them. go it. would. be as if my for it or for the jazz we. had can muster alah has and i'm lucky. and then if you have any. missing. fallon on the way out i the mafia had a omaha stem i miss my youth as if and this mosque ice my book and i seattle
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man has. 'd the law of the law. and well to the house. and it's been a horrible i live. long enough that if
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a lot of this is the fault of the city what the fuck of a cinema i would want to film with doesn't it. and that i love a cinema what a feat it would be damned film of them to shelf it today to come sing it if and then. i didn't see conduct acid in the head at that on me and i'm on a cycle the need for them to shelter what i believe in it. hell of a day at all for them to sort the kind of man shocks to be back then the fact that the bill had to live in the year had them been mostly called the only.
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game. yet here think about it in this battle so that i. will file a missing that lucky and finesse will my man mad who saw that get. some
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of that caution you're going to have. a lot of time. when did that mean that time had. been lost. to mum about that and. the percentage of welcome scene. was a new film i had. a lot of an ear. or anything. any . more i mean you're asking want to feel. really.
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good and we know you through my birth. or.
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her. and how this could be it could be it well the. thought of a good. i am going. to say the find that. even the whores don't. want. to i think to.
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work a. while just to do what. i would want. are you. going to. be there.
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barry. or not it's my. home. mom apple had to satisfy you. madam known.
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to us. from a studio and then i left my aide we looked on the reader when i was a. lot for the video for us to. see. if. she is. the only thing you. believe in if you leave here.
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the group with alice my my favorite river can. syria get. a do it long good good. for most. of. the. my focus nor. whether what had been there at the scene for. me going to be live for. most. of us is shabby where your aid with that we know. where bin was and then. did yet they will be sheckley good deeds. then we. can be
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men no. one had. one had a name. and i don't mean. r. and r a d e can see how many men in my. mind that orchestra with elephant. mom. rocks with graffiti. then a lot of. the. wildest line. in the. interim have been and am i saying you plan on what they came in. because of. the time if. you can fill me in.
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with. a more with a on the fly have a neighbor of iraq so in other parts of to still have. her. earlier at least. you for her. was. the a. i mean if you mean if it were just a summer well then i'm for carnac with whom i mean no but up to being in school for that matter how much of a determined or there's a standard element is in custody then you had
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a small. yanni if it. took about most are written a lot of. what it. was a lot on foot got in the bath i think that they get. 100 . plus what are you going to have been to your office. and then when they get delegated the clique it's slightly. less i believe your day in the hallway and. it just added to suffer and that.
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if you. were. me. and i had. been doing. it. she.
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had. muscle for 31 a fashion. for that i'm a muslim it could be a car. down the cosmos if you thought about the model over the long.
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run counting the costs of private freelander and hidden debts what is the world owed china what does fighting get when countries calm pay back loans plus the man behind a $1.00 trillion dollar stock market crash was he a convenient scapegoat for the biggest shocks counting the cost on al-jazeera. more than 7 decades ago a country was split into really big but did anything and now at the time combine been shown to be myopic all it took was a pan a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood. one half go fish and half lebanese so diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i have ever worked so we have so many different nationalities and this is
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a nice book together in this one news organization and this diversity of perspectives is reflected in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. this is all just there i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines another night of violent protests is expected in minneapolis over the death of an unarmed black man on the governor of minnesota says he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history meanwhile president donald trump says the author already is there a need to get tougher and offered to send in the national military earlier the u.s. attorney general said that justice will be served in george floyd's case i'm
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condemned some of the protesters the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda in many places it appears the violence is planned organized and driven by anarchic and left extremist groups far left extremist groups using anti for like tactics many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence there's been a major backlash to president trump's decision to cut ties with the world health organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic european union leaders have released a statement urging him to reconsider saying the global threat is an opportunity for
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enhanced cooperation and common solutions resilin has overtaken spain to become the country with the 5th highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world more than 27800 people have now died there after another $1124.00 deaths were reported on friday almost $27000.00 new infections were also recorded in 24 hours bringing the total to more than 465000. health workers in peru are struggling is the scale of the current virus outbreak rose more than 141000 infections and 4000 deaths have now been recorded a space x. rocket carrying 2 veteran nasa astronauts has successfully lifted off from cape canaveral in the u.s. state of florida the mission is the 1st private crude flight into space than 1000 our voids the international space station is also the 1st crude flight from u.s. soil since the space shuttle program ended in 2011 those are the headlines
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al-jazeera worlds is next forethought but the ice may get through my girl woke. with cousin on the right that has a little member orchestration who has a been a shock what bill among it gabi it is that all me all can be are a few hours of broccoli if in the whole. of comma. in the shade but that the city. oh i am. because. i'm a fairly you know. the famous misreading of the sheriff can be getting it into law school where.
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they want to get in she know who are. male and somebody left them with the need. for the head of a felon maggie good and bad kinda sad as i was a teen. yeah i am and i'm the financial half as well i'm no. i well are going to take it with you and your new. addition was. just. ok. ok no. ok it's been more cut. out of jobs that have one last thought out. when you got into 3rd dismount.
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so create a little hanuman list. so creator will suffer feel was i hot in the state again couldn't of. been. that when you. lemme shuffle. my. you know when it. was. then. they want to. lick em up and shake it up on phenomena will have a follow up on us of a hyphen and i said if an energetic from the now one of them has any half a half a 2nd. yang to go. with.
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it and him while this might come with a mocking good. and children among. the muslim. i wish we had the ice age. set up that i was a teen for the fun at the end is sold off the boat fuel. how flat as mayor how lot harder is going up and also to war what do you feel phil fosler thing the hobnobbing hoffa's saw that one model has had with muslims for almost a full year held just 30 years was a hot it was a promise might be up with an orchestra. loaded.
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greener. on earth. would there. be any reform like this right i can call it the local store fee. and then the whole we're going to take it home in a softball can. just throw in for that he must have to follow the rules so they can take in. soccer can. take a did well. on the surface of the net you know how homeowners will retain the. absence of the. limitless yeah. yeah yeah yeah. living. in the better so what i mean from i'm going i said ken
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would be good that he has a list. that we had. a house and i listened to haggle lisa at the called get up she'll shackleford me. who got the are the. flemington or i'm and i was in need on her for when i. i'm being serious. and. the potential for good that i'm out of if a horse are going to own up to you about i'd be foreshadowed that could fit in a bit of distance need to add scent of the city then finnick and. the good by listening to some. of i had to sift. the scenario. we see in the film and see there's no seriously. we see them in the book for simplicity. they seem to be on the to sleep sleep sleep
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sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep. sleep. from the. dead helium can nests in. nac how we. couldn't even get fed can feel. how. enough. hellhole a felon well. in the can listen with a caucus of color in the back as a thought all. on about amber and all of that or would i listen can it female have a family are that no one.
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in the i had been they should see it i was real i'm. just a dick a fair. bit out of were a few measured 1000000 michel the laconia in leaving can mean i haven't measured the cinema saying i wouldn't. have made that has unless had. made with those that. feel lonely or in the feet says how you. should and maybe in.
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luminesce occasionally think about how you did little from a. in the job but me. on a. when i got one for the. from .
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and he. and they have them at any hummus a lot of political. time huffers and more. muscle in my. helmet off from the get than. the calumet almost sick often made sakes even if an encounter more mean and then. within one hour when you were not even fair. i had one quarter. moon walk in and i. was. good then and
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ready to come sunday if they gave it a good with a net of to get ready and then all i had minute. lost on the home. where we have his ship the other machine either getting the. lab the ballast mine either sitting next to. the money. see. there's. a. horse a lot of gene and don't nuff said. ammon but i did get in the group atop the nozzle was over with will get of the while but one half a kilometer will hand limit our fanatics my. share of the malevolent if you get a bit of anything messy. or oh ok sure i was focused if you. wish me
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a. look at it as you look at my own words you as a. stick in the dawn what. i know well i will share with. you. if you. home. the house. with. water. i learned i learned how to.
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shut down a little house on in from off the top and loss of troops or get us to. get the nests and the hash up shit and then i nip that in the study that does affect. their list and. measured in s. what about alice made ken many nestle little zagat good planning the day that some mean 100 some brain and one cannot. get there in the least my new effect on the lab the loss of some in the.
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well fed to us i did get them phallus millenia back and i would ruhi a lot regularly had been. there but now would dead would definitely do would were for fatah and kid i. the lesson in santa ana says if and then in knowing that how much they got there about the telly am. valley. and i was a tool. we. couldn't and. i met. mr. sherrill faustin or their mission. were and how was this my we can say it how much will. tell if you did us what an with a high i.s.o.
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half a star or. says an. office and then. not it was a thorn in a game and a diminishing the lottery philosophy. was a chorus my you were done with your own cabin was on the tidal force and they are what their neighbor. at the bottom if anything was happening.
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with the whole being. almost hardly hunding fun up high office. let me say a good. contrast about the old now see you can. be. made here. maybe you. would. use. some aussie to beautiful somebody you should just move. them to mom budgeted on this trip for them. as
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you know at any. or as a how mess was as dour and for the what sort of man i'm with i have heard mrs f. kind of 3 welcoming in but what i would. let him into and that in the coma. was a hug. but when he said that listen i had a gun i want to wish i had a. man. well and bernhard says no for what the other side. of. the screen there good luck manager he's. not going to be working on you from the. you will be punished for free. all of the mortgage for.
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what the maybe steal the property from before you get from there. i will when you know how to get. ramen market that it was a brain i think it's a get a beer and mock up a santa. when you try it and last time i met maybe and you know what when i use my e it on e at how many muscles washington then film a loss for the use of sheen and if it was a brain was filmed in a lot of the what the hell i mean the hobbit mechanics of shaheen. still drew in the female with enough for the things you know i mean she was sold over nail rock it is almost surreal. the about last night away and she was going to leave her with the subway and she
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did the kind of unknown going over to fill in for the another quiet come to us along again will be annoyed at the half easy and i was wrong about a. lot of what will her nails in the body the one need a half an hour some of the others idea what i can oh man what am i good then when you tell me what you'll find an issue for for the stand i have been to and meet with all of it was christ my new woman then be a white woman and human and then shotgun all matter of course i'm in here now i can associate messina with fallon i'm a little. with. the further. i'm going to be 0 i. thought. about how. you know a little. was
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. she fulfilled the 9 i'm rightly so that's a good candidate for. that on hard with a lot of them. or fish. i shall and if the game is issue for you and. what a hateful hog with a net only the lonely bottom. and all can live with and we. can i have been listening in the. hall too fast for lettuce or will they be in and they can feel like i'm in.
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as an honest naive and was. in an unusual for can see how we. can. feel i'm an idiot obvious my. you know what. can be a. lot of smoke about. 4 get a car but a humvee your. a man. with
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a. style fill. up this will fill much any. amenity. telling. him away. from. it with. him. and that they are vital. for fathers or many a large. lot about it. they
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said i miss my. island and they said with a bar that had they sailed with obama. or it. were for. a while.
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6 6 on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and a manmade disaster off frightening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera wild expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human error. on senegal sinking villages.
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hello the rain has left perth has gone through now there is more on the way admittedly but the active weather is like to be further east than in the immediate future on sunday just becomes windy and the day will close probably a little bit wet in south australia adelaide in particular had a bit precious few shares worth 2 in victoria and in perth is it might be cloudy but it's still $21.00 quantz degrees really nothing much more to come out of the sky or monday the rain proper comes briefly through south australia then victoria melbourne gets it again your 14 degrees and rain seems likely up in the tropics there's nothing really going on as for new zealand well all current could well see
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that heavy rain last until monday then it tends to die out and on wednesday you're fine in the north we start to kick a little slowly wolf just a little bit japan still sitting largely pretty well these tokyo is for that cloud is clearly invaded for the sat there is rain for the necessity into sunday really disappear into the western pacific and then the tail end of it which is the source originally is redeveloping the orange suggests heavy rain in some parts of china not very far north hong kong's in the thundery weather for monday less so on tuesday or indeed on wednesday but it's humid. water scarcity has become a major global issue the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit just because it's lawyer doesn't mean it's going to
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be priced what about the guy that can afford it guys teles water in a new 2 part series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatized nation loads of water coming soon. we want a fair brainer people back to life i'm sorry i walked out on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in living close the book of the books of the like and the others through the green one continues with kosovo i feel the fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book of a one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. be the hero the world news. washington. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm dating and coming up in the next 60 minutes many outposts residents pick up the pieces after another night of violence the full minnesota national guard has been deployed and made warnings of worse to come.


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