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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 7:00pm-7:35pm +03

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a 21st century. on al-jazeera we understand the differences and see cultures across the world so no matter what we. conduct that matter. from museum to mosque a turkish court reverses the status of istanbul's famous ioseph allowing the president to announce the return of muslim worship. hello again i'm come all santa maria here in doha with the world news from 00 stuff from when i went east program have been questioned by malaysian police over a documentary about the treatment of migrants. food medicine and water are hanging in the balance for millions of syrians as the un security council votes on
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extending aid deliveries to rebel territory and an al-jazeera investigation delves into facebook's handling of racist hate speech. so turkish court has ruled on the future of its stand bull's eye you're sophia and it will have significant cultural and diplomatic implications on the site and the country the 1500 year old unesco world heritage site has been a museum for more than 85 years but just hours ago the court a no holds the decree that turned it from a mosque into a museum and then almost immediately the turkish president reject typo and signed a new decree allowing muslim worship to resume there the ice sophia is important in both islam and orthodox christianity it was a church for nearly a 1000 years before becoming a boss the latest with cynical so you who's outside the sophia in a stone bowl. a decision which well it goes to the court 1st and then president to
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very quickly what you said was expected but what actually happens from here what are the implications. well yes it was an expected come on but he was very prompt to answer that with the ritz and having posted on his twitter account and he's expected to have a nationwide speech on televised speech in a couple of hours and this speech is specifically going to be about iowa so fia and its name is status from museum to a mosque yes people have been expecting this decision for a while it has been on the seabed for a for the last couple of months especially and then geo n.g.o.s appeal to the top administration to the state council and the state council they decide that that in 1934 cabinet the city of the big creek which turned. for almost 2 museums
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is invalid it's illegal because after the autumn was conquered istanbul the conqueror. met the 2nd. stablish then in the old ones and in places like iowa sophia and other historical places that have been turned to most from churches they have been provided through these involvements they restorations are in a way sions all their services and you have a legacy saying that a sufi as shouldn't serve in any other purpose than a mosque that's why people here have been celebrating especially after the top of the street to court decision they have been in the air when we spoke to them they say that. the ultimate legacy is back but of course the and diplomatic implicate implications which you know are going to be very important but at the end of the day prisons added on and made his. beach
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a couple of weeks ago saying that this is our territory of this is our country and having a say on this status. is a national is a national sovereignty issue and we are a country we can alter it as we wish this is what he said but of course the repercussions are going to be a little bit upsetting probably sitting with the latest from istanbul thank you on to other news in the world health organization's regional director for europe is visiting an area along the turkish border with syria. overseeing the delivery of essential medicine and supplies to civilians in northwest syria earlier he met turkish health officials to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic meanwhile the result of the un security council vote on aid deliveries into northwest syria is expected in a few hours the current mandate expires on friday russia has been pushing to limit
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cross border humanitarian supplies but aid agencies are warning of diet consequences for millions of to displaced syrians if diplomats can't come to an agreement the details in this report from. these we should show to simply provence bear witness to the staggering human cost of serious war and its 10 pm. children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many counts for those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of work. nearly 3000000 syrians in the last rebel controlled on cleave in the northwest depend on need to survive they are anxious about russia's efforts of the un security council to limit vital cross border liveries. the russian efforts to close the crossing is very very harmful for us this is not of any benefit to us it will prevent humanitarian aid we are living by that and we fight
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over it without its nothing will work we will die of hunger. supplies of united nations humanitarian aid from turkey into northwest syria is already restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one relief supplies from iraq in jordan have stopped since january because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroying displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced in this carol. the u.n. even sees have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years and they want to keep the crossings open your energy is in general it's about 30 percent. so if. all the court ordered an action in next time. the star was just there to represent will go
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to the course and we know actually from. our experience with very dream in general they will not. abroad by any kind of or with the northwest syria. if labor put it its 1st corner virus infections the state aid agencies have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an operating in overcrowded camps in a province where more than 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december . the dowry health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left the syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to so aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians crank up the al-jazeera. police in malaysia have finished questioning al jazeera journalists
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over their one hour one east documentary on the arrests of migrants during the coronavirus lockdown it's being investigated for apparently sedition and defamation al-jazeera says journalists there shouldn't be treated as criminals and denies the allegations of bias and inaccuracy by government ministers who refuse to be interviewed ben smith how small. the broadcasting of this video handcuffed on documented migrants being loaded into police vans in kuala lumpur seems to have hit a raw nerve with malaysia's government several officials have accused al-jazeera of trying to tarnish malaysia's image when i want to east investigates why so many foreigners of being locked up in malaysia is locked down. on friday the police called in the want to warn east production team for questioning police say they're investigating the documentary for sedition defamation and violation of the communications of multimedia law the police are
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expected to file their report to the attorney general. we do not want to judge them but the attorney general's department after reviewing the documentary has determined that there were elements under the sedition act penal code and communications and multimedia. the documentary investigated why the coronavirus pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding captured immigration raids as they unfolded in real time i'll just rejects allegations that the program was misleading or unfair. as well as the summons to the police there was an extreme online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media. which was very concerning as well. the one i want to use team says repeated requests for interviews with government officials were declined or ignored instead they used
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a video from media conferences given by malaysia's defense minister they're going to record. cops as al-jazeera should apologize to malaysians saying allegations of discrimination towards undocumented migrants are untrue malaysian rights groups say that since the new government was elected in march it's become increasingly difficult for independent journalists to operate that. the strongly worst case is basically for media especially media independent media especially. press conferences al-jazeera is calling on the malaysian government to withdraw its criminal investigation. bernard smith. well the team's lawyer says they are waiting to hear whether they'll actually be charged. at the moment the release on the no conditions
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no what will happen is that well after these protests a statement to process. what would cause statements which compress. would be handed over busy to the attorney general. or putting suctions with investigation is compete for the direction that may be given but any general of what we call the public prosecutor's office if if the ringback public prosecutor said fight there is no case then at the end here but if. the prosecutor said he fight that day some commission of interface then they may have to the site lead the charge all to further investigate the metaphor put every didn't. the philippines politicians have rejected the license renewal of the country's largest broadcaster there were protests as the legislative committee overwhelmingly voted against a b a c b
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n corporation license renewal a decision which can be appealed affirmed an earlier government order to close a network of companies or pieces they've been threatened by the presence of its pristine company rights groups say the decision is a major blow to media freedom in the philippines. the netherlands is taking russia to the european court of human rights for its alleged role in shooting down a malaysian jet plane all $290.00 passengers and crew were killed when the jet was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine 6 years ago about a triple 7 was flying over territory controlled by russian backed rebels russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in murder. well 193 of those passengers killed. correspondence to boston in amsterdam explain the significance of the new case against russia. dutch foreign minister staff block has called the next an extraordinary step but he also said it was extraordinary that a plane with 298 people on board was shot down in july 2014 basically what the
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government is trying to do is to support the individual lawsuits that the more than $400.00 relatives of the passengers on board of that plane have filed at the european court for human rights basically the government wants to show that they are fully behind the $298.00 victims of 17 nationalities among them $196.00 dutch it is part of a very broad and white judicial fight the netherlands is fighting at the moment to give justice to the supreme bill on board of that plane one of them is also a tribunals are currently being held here in and near amsterdam where 4 suspects are on trial 3 russian former military and one ukrainian but they are sort of a low to middle rank and the relatives of victims have always said that they really
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want those responsible in the higher ranks and then they're talking about moscow probably the kremlin that they also want to be them to be held responsible so this step to the european court for human rights could be an important step to have that to feel fulfilled that the wish. russia's foreign minister is warning the risk of nuclear war is rising significantly is blaming the u.s. for withdrawing from several arms control treaties. the risks have significantly increased recently the situation in the sphere of international strategic stability is obviously on the dome the reasons are also abused to everyone the us wants to return themselves to global domination and a proud of the victory in what they call rivalry of superpower states the refuse the term strategic stability strategic rivalry and in this rivalry they want to win at any cost. in the news ahead in england lifts travel restrictions for more than
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50 countries no more to we quarantine for new arrivals and warnings of a major health crisis in sri lanka as a large cluster of coronavirus infections are detected. how i once again welcome to the look at the international forecast where they have more rain in the forecast for japan we are going to see some wetter weather just pushing up towards q shoot towards hunchy not as bad as it has been recently this area of low pressure will slide across the sea of japan making its way a little of. we have of course got the clear up operation underway a little drier than it has been recently but showers never too far away this is the same actually in south korea i think it's going to be the korean peninsula will see some some places of that heavier rain as we go through saturday on into sunday
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pushing a little further race was trailing weather system that's a slow moving front the my you front that will continue to drive its way back into central and eastern parts of china not just a little further north and they go korea saying some of that western weather as we go on through sunday through a bit of a rest by there into much of pavlik usually still seeing some live sunshine and showers across southeast asia as per usual heaviest one slot is to be around borneo some heavy rain also for a time pushing into southern parts of the philippines and we got the showers pushing up towards the by being go more heavy rain up the western side of india into pakistan and went to for the bangladesh. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship. out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your
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search you look in the wrong place this radio carbon dating method can tell us their trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place who can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from tensioning the network take no one else is no. the top stories this hour on al-jazeera turkey's president reject typer one signed a decree to turn the fear back into a mosque earlier the top administrative court ruled the building's conversion to a museum in the night dirties was unlawful. police in malaysia finished questioning al jazeera journalists there what i want to start to mentor you on the arrests of
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migrants during the coronavirus lockdown is being investigated for sedition and defamation al-jazeera denies the allegations of bias and inaccuracy in the netherlands is taking russia to the european court of human rights for its alleged role in shooting down a malaysian airliner the kremlin denies involvement in the killing of all $298.00 passengers and crew and a missile strike over eastern ukraine 6 months ago. bullies of course of an serbia have held their 1st talks and 18 months and agreed to continue with their e.u. sponsored initiative to the matter ties broke off 2 years ago after a disagreement over tariffs was charlie and explains this dispute has lasted for decades. what started as crossovers bid for independence from serbia escalated into open conflict. and was brought to an end by nato air strikes in 1909 . soon after hundreds of thousands of course of
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refugees poured into neighboring countries telling of massacres both sides were accused of war crimes 6 serbian officials were found guilty and last month the course of a president. was indicted on ball crimes charges. today cause of those willing to almost invisible the country declared independence in 2008 but a type of cold war continues with serbia repeatedly blocking kosovo as attempts to join. in the united nations the european union has spent 9 years trying to normalize relations between the 2 sides with little progress in 2018 talks stalled completely. since then angela merkel and emanuel have led countless efforts to smoother the differences and restart the dialogue recently some success the cost of a removing its 100 percent trade tariffs on serbia but in return pristina wants
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belgrade to finally recognize its independence if serbia does that it wants membership to the e.u. . i believe that at the end of the mandate of the next government we will complete negotiations for membership with the european union which means that it would be realistic to become a member of the european union in 2026 that is my hope that is my belief president trump was hoping to be the new mediator needing a diplomacy win before november's election but president thought she was indicted for war crimes just days before the meeting that she says there is no evidence he broke the law and hinted he believes the timing of the indictment is not a coincidence i don't call it that statements blew up and rendered impossible of very important meeting at the white house thereby giving a strong blow to the opportunity of achieving peace between kosovo and serbia on
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monday he will face questions from prosecutors in the hague the now the e.u. has wrestled back control of mediation efforts the e.u. and we could be repeating it all the time is very committed to continue our engagement as a facilitator of the dialogue between great and prishtina but we are not the ones who are dictating who are our interlocutors. on thursday the blogger who mediate the 1st high level meeting between the 2 sides since november 28th and perhaps make progress on one of europe's most intractable disputes. health workers in sri lanka are warning of a major crisis because of a sudden increase in corona virus infections a rehabilitation facility is now reported across her of about 339 cases the center is now locked down and contact tracing is underway after an employee left to go on leave. this update from colombia. the huge spike in the number of
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cases overnight literally 10 percent of the talk has been quite a shock for the government the source of this a drug rehabilitation center. for 5 hours outside the capital colombo. the government anxious to see that. everyone why the move. or in some cases going on members of staff who have gone off on holiday like the lady that we. brought in tested positive and now obviously families that have come into contact with her on the so. obviously for sri lanka with. a strong handle on the situation i mean certainly going by. the people here says for a long long time. that he's the reason this is so much of a concern but beyond that we even have public health officials making some
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warnings. saying. stringent action is taken in some tough times. in order to control covert 19 laws must be brought in to create a disciplined society we have been asking for specific quarantine laws but they haven't been introduced if this isn't done all control measures including around the upcoming elections will be a challenge we are stressing that we cannot continue to put our officers in danger and may have to withdraw from the studio. and obviously the announcement sending concern among the people descriptions as you can see around me the. sort of scenario people back on the streets very much business as usual with mosques like myself schools have just begun this week on a basis all the sort of the.
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now we have a general election and the government obviously doesn't want to. be in. the fact that. india's most populous state is back into lockdown as the country deals with rising corona virus infections there the restrictions will stay in place over the weekend through to monday morning more than 1200 new cases were reported in the state of a professional the 3rd day on the whole of india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day which was a record high. england may see an influx of international a passenger arrivals with people arriving from 59 countries which no longer need to go into court. 2 weeks of compulsory self isolation has been scrapped for people from countries considered reduced risk that includes spain japan the united states
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they're not on that list scotland says it will still quarantine passengers though from places with high numbers of infections which includes spain or a challenge has more from london city airport. at the moment this is pretty small fry really saying that it's encouraging that flights are on again but saying it's small steps the flights that are coming in are all be a city flyer flights are coming from. in spain from pommy york or in spain from my beater in spain or from florence in italy as the days go on they're expecting to add more flights to that but they're still saying that you know 5 to 10 percent of normal capacity they're not expecting to be up to 100 percent certainly by the end of the year i think the bigger airports heathrow gatwick cetera might be up and running at something like full capacity quicker than that but this is still early days i mean let's look back at the way this is all
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transpired the british government didn't impose quarantine on people coming in from other countries until a month ago now when they did that there was a huge outcry of protest from the travel industry and from m.p.'s within the conservative party who said that this was a city thing to do this late in the game. essentially at that point when the corn scene was introduced the people of the countries that the u.k. was saying had to have people coming from those had to be quarantined in many cases had lower levels of coronavirus than the u.k. itself so it was something considered something of a back track when the government announced a week ago that it was going to be lifting those quarantine measures all schools in hong kong are being closed to stand the daily increase in kind of a 1000 infections 42 new case of the reported on 1st day the majority of them
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locally transmitted in schools have been shut since february because of the great. well infection control measures of lead to lengthy delays at polling stations in singapore prompting officials to extend voting hours in the general election prime minister at least enron's party is expected to hold on to the election is just weeks after singapore emerged from its 2 month of lockdown. now al-jazeera is investigative unit has uncovered hundreds of pages on facebook used by white supremacists to promote racist views and they do it through violent song lyrics facebook facing a boycott from major advertisers who want the social media giant to be tougher on hate filled content simon bozeman has a report. in 2019 facebook made a public commitment to stop white supremacist content on its platform but out as 0 investigative unit has discovered that this content is still online and just
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a view clicks away. out to 0 as investigation uncovered more than $100.00 pages belonging to black metal music bands record labels and promoters all affiliated to white supremacists and using facebook to spread their ideology one band mixed the muslim call to prayer with gunshots. facebook claims to find nearly 90 percent of the hate speech before it's reported but out is 0 discovered pages containing racist content that have existed for years
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. white supremacists always used extreme music about the hardcore punk or in this case black metal as a recruitment opportunity for them social media has completely changed the way in which people come into contact with far right use and far right materials in this case far right music. facebook's algorithm tailors your search results to your interests if you land on pages that contain anti semitic imagery nazi symbols or black face then facebook will direct you to more pages with similar content. following the black lives matter protests in the united states some of the biggest
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brands in the world have begun boycotting the site urging it to crack down hard on hate speech in response to our investigation facebook told al-jazeera unfortunately tolerance doesn't mean 0 incidents and added we have removed 3 pages for breaking our rules and reviewing the remaining 2 against our policies. facebook wants to be seen as a tech company promoting free expression but there are growing calls for it to place its content in a similar way to media organizations so i'm in bozeman al-jazeera. of. half past the hour on al-jazeera these are the headlines turkey's president has signed a decree to turn the famous back into a mosque earlier the top administrative court ruled the building's conversion to
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a museum in the 1930 s. was lawful more from sin and cos earlier outside the ice of here in istanbul. on his. speech. of the headlines the world health organization's regional director for europe is visiting an area along the turkish border with syria. the delivery of essential medicine and supplies to civilians in northwest syria. health officials to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. millions of internally displaced syrians are bracing for a crucial un security council vote on cross border deliveries. finished
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questioning al jazeera journalists they want to document the arrests of migrants. being investigated for defamation. by government ministers who refused to be interviewed. the netherlands is taking russia to the european court of human rights for its alleged role in shooting down a malaysian airline and the kremlin denies involvement in the killing of all $298.00 passengers and crew in a militant strike of eastern ukraine 6 years ago and health workers in sri lanka are warning of a major crisis because of a sudden increase in corona virus infections a rehabilitation facility is reported a cluster of around 3 $140.00 cases brought to that with the headlines on al-jazeera techno is next.
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a secret mass grave in arlington discovered at an institution run by catholic news . a nation shocked to its core. people in power investigates a scandal that destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state. our lives mother and babies come. on a. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science no not scientists tonight techno
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investigates the ivory trail they've tried to seize it. burn it but nothing has stopped the terrible trade in the legal ivory. now. a new tools straight from the lab that could find a crime that's brought elephants to the brink of extinction getting a seizure is a great victory but the elements are already dead. from rita davis and is an environmental biologist i am holding a tray of an elephant who should show us the high tech plan to stop the killing. then céline stranded along the california freeway yes freeway doctor should do some more is a mechanical engineer chill show us what's been done to find out why this is happening at this thanks dave distressed and i'm still taurus i'm an entomologist that's our
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