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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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play an important role protecting it would. ringback be bracing. for the terrible cost of all of us will we turn our backs on or sure humanity. the horrors of trouble it's there hang heavily over muted commemorations 25 years after the genocide. i'm come out santa maria this is the world news from al jazeera iran's president says the sanctions hit economy can't afford to shut down again despite another worsening corona virus outbreak. at least 5 people are killed after dozens of taken
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hostage at a church in south africa. and corrupt and unprecedented a high profile u.s. public and blasts donald trump's decision to cancel the prison sentence and to his former advances. we begin with a memorial to the victims of an atrocity that happened 25 years ago but is still traumatic for those who lived through it it is the anniversary of the srebrenica genocide where more than 8000 muslim boys and men were murdered by bosnian serb troops as part of a ceremony commemorating the killings some of the victims were finally laid to rest the bodies of more than a 1000 people are still missing this report from sun you've got to go. they came to grief. but in a pandemic far few away able to gather together to remember the dead. several
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meets. once just a regular municipality in eastern bosnia now a town scarred by the very worst of what humanity is capable of and still intra normality scorched by the horror of what came to pass here 25 years ago on saturday the bodies of recently identified remains of 9 victims were laid to rest in the memorial cemetery. dignitaries gabaa to hear words from international leaders now and then remembering the lives lost of what was termed ethnic cleansing and acknowledging how the international community allowed this genocide to happen a quarter century ago the united nations and international community favor the people of. this former secretary general kofi annan said this failure on toller history for ever confronting that past is
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a vital step towards rebuilding trust more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces fathers and sons forcibly taken from their families. one of those how the women and girls subjected to torture and rape. while the bosnian serb leader is responsible for the massacre spending the rest of their lives in prison many still deny what took place. the government of the bosnian enclave. has repeatedly questioned the number of bosnian muslims killed in stripping and continues to indoctrinate schoolchildren with his rejections of the 995 genocide do we have survived. experience genocide we are the only country in the region which does not have the law which prevents.
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so we are becoming. really. country in which the extremists can flourish with their statements in the speech the massacre that happened in srebrenica was ruled to be the only want to have taken place on european soil since world war 2 the recognition of that vitally important for the survivors and their families and for the international community for whom the phrase never again has been outed too often and to little effect. earlier support. he's a former guantanamo bay detainees now with the u.k. based campaign group but he spent a lot of time in bosnia delivering humanitarian aid and he says the kind of hatred that led to srebrenica still persists today. we remember 70 today but 70 so was it happen in a vacuum and it was a culmination of multiple approaches atrocities that were taking place that led to
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the deaths of tens of thousands ethnic cleansing mass rape and rape as a weapon of war that was used to impregnate muslim women it's so that the so soldiers that you will give birth to the next generation of of of serps the mandate of the united nations was as peacekeepers now the problem is being a peacekeeper is when one side is much more militarily advanced and has much more firepower and is carrying out atrocities in that sense in that place you don't keep the peace the you stop the aggressor and that's what they didn't do because their mandate didn't allow them to do so i spoke to many soldiers from various united nations forces who told me that they were deeply upset and troubled that they couldn't they were there was sitting there aren't their tanks helicopters and aircraft and armed to the teeth but what's the point of being in that situation when you're not allowed to do do anything about it and though i have been myself
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a captive the united states american have suffered torture at their hands i will say that united states intervention did actually bring about an end but the end happened after the european forces let it happen and nothing could be more vivid than what the dutch forces did in trouble needs allowing. internally did displaced people to come into sharp relief only then to abandon forces. and then of course the rest as we know is history. on to other news and iran's latest as the country can't afford to go back into lockdown even though there is now a shop rise in new corona virus infections the number of cases in iran has now topped a quarter of a 1000000 people that delicious care tatty the castle caught we cannot hold tell it cannot make activities any longer that there is no country in the world capable of doing so the only way to break through this tough time is to observe the social distancing recommendations a lockdown is the easiest measure that can be taken against the virus that the economic repercussions of the lock down and resulting resentment among the public
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we have to ban gathering and this includes weightings funerals and conferences any similar groupings are not necessary we also have to urge all people to adjust their way of life during this period of time as the number of infected cases has risen over the past weeks. as our correspondent in teheran with more. the economy just can't gild it going into this pandemic inflation is around 41 percent the country has seen an increase in unemployment the currency has lost value against the us dollar but also the economy is under u.s. sanctions so what president rouhani is essentially saying is that the economy cannot deal with it but also he acknowledged that the government does fear that there will be opposition from the public and it was only in november last year that we saw widespread protests against the government fuel price increase but the government trying that made face masks mandatory in enclosed spaces they've been running campaigns on state t.v. telling people that the crown of ours is no joke but they do face a challenge according to the health ministry adherence to social distancing and
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some of those regulations started off 80 percent at the start of the pandemic now is down to 10 percent but here at the sport centers that have close contact sports are not now closed pools of close and reception holds the host wedding ceremonies and mourning ceremonies of have been told not to host those and that's seen as a key factor in the spread of the virus now president rouhani did go on to say that iran has dealt with the virus better than some european countries something that he said in the past saying that despite all the sanctions iran is still doing well but he encouraged the public to observe social distancing to abide by the rules and to face this challenge together. at least 5 people have been killed during a siege at a church in south africa a large group had been taken hostage near johannesburg more than 14 suspects were arrested police say the attack was over the leadership of the church 3 factions are fighting for control following the death of its leader in 26 family the miller has more now from sweater. ovo 40 people have been
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a wristed since they seem to have been a shooting and then a hostage situation at the soul church just behind us just south of johannesburg it seems that there was a factional battle or these 3 factions all of those church when their members with at least 3000000 members across southern africa so back till really was about the leadership of the church since the end of the previous leader passed away in about 2016 at the time of his death it seems that he had left behind in a state of at least $26000000.00 so i wonder standing at this point is much of the tensions around leadership of the church is related to income of the church membership of the church and it's resulted in a hostage situation that so at least $200.00 people who look on the premises kicked in the church while these factions battled it out at least 5 people were killed and
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in fact all of them were killed in a vehicle just outside the church and it seems that they were burnt to death it's not quite certain given what the police have said so far but their bodies were found in those but. we also know there is one other person who's been killed and all of the people the race that they're also members of the police the national defense was as well as the metropolitan police which really is quite bizarre given as we extend all the violent scene at this church during the course of the day. in the middle of political instability in democratic republic of congo justice minister celestin turn to has offered his resignation is a political ally of the former president joseph kabila didn't give any reason for his decision but it does follow a fight with president felix. over proposed laws that would give politicians more control over criminal prosecutions. in mali the opposition is calling on supporters
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to stay out on the streets after 3 protest leaders were detained. him is among those arrested in the capital bamako on friday police 5 gunshots and tear gas to disperse thousands who docu pide parliament and the state television the protesters want president. to resign for failing to tackle mali security and economic problems. singapore's governing party has comfortably held on to power despite its worst election results in nearly a decade prime minister lee hsien loong people's action party 61 percent of the vote but managed to win $83.00 of the 93 seats in parliament the opposition won 10 seats which is its best ever performance election happened just weeks after the country emerged from 2 months of lock down the people's action party's been in power since singapore's independence in 1065. on the outcome of the election the popular vote is 61.2 percent we want $83.00 seats out of $23.00 we have
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a clear mandate but the percentage of the popular vote is not as high as a hoped for. and we lost one jersey. nevertheless the result prefix broad based support for the p.d.p. singaporeans understand what is at stake and why we must come together to uphold our national interest in the news ahead despite many americans concerns of a theme park reopening with florida's disney world maybe still be the most magical place on earth and preparing to take on beijing pro-democracy activists in hong kong gear up for an electoral act. we've got more that intense heat across the middle east time of the next couple
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days not too much clout showing up on the satellite picture base in pieces the clout there into i'm on my celebrity drizzly right into the fosse out of the country as he should do at this time of the year it's really about the the temperature is $47.00 celsius therefore baghdad be getting up to $49.00 in q a pleasant sunshine around the eastern side of the mesa $29.00 celsius the by rate at also for jerusalem in doha getting up to around $42.00 over the next couple of days the way in civvies but it is looking rather humid from time to time so sticky feel to the weather as we go on through the next kind of day sunglasses steaming up when you go out those that sort of thing in the hay plenty of heat meanwhile across northern parts of africa play a showers too into central areas just around south sudan central african republic all the way across into cameroon still some lively showers there even into northern areas of nigeria and i shout stretching across much of why. staffer captain faso saying some very heavy rain from time to time heavy showers there were to senegal
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and also into the gambia as we go on through the next to die also joshi the shadows they are set to continue across a similar area with the possibility of some localized flooding as. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result in purging quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy to say countries i think not only seem to grady but he's great to me this debating team over the whole continues inside story on al-jazeera.
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take it to the top stories this hour on al-jazeera survivors families dignitaries they have gathered in east in bosnia and herzegovina to remember the srebrenica genocide has been 25 years now since bosnian serb troops murdered and i count the men police on. iran's president hassan rouhani says the country can't afford to go back into lockdown despite the shop price in new corona virus infections the number of cases in iran has now passed a quarter of a 1000000 and at least 5 people have been killed in a scene at a church in south africa dozens of people taken hostage and he said the attack was even leadership of the. opponents from outside and within don't transfer republican party are expressing their outrage after he commuted basically wipes the prison
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sentence handed to a long time friend and former advisor schools roger stone who was convicted of lying to congress during the russian investigation a republican senator and one time presidential candidate mitt romney tweeted this unprecedented historic corruption an american president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very present its support from alan fischer. he has been a friend a confidant and for a very long time his biggest political supporter. through his freedom of action political consultant was due to begin a prison sentence on cheezy with the president's granting of clemency that has gone away in my case the. u.s. attorney filed a motion with the court which is. if the mother investigation had proof beyond a crown strikes report that the russians hacked the d.n.c. and gave the information to wiki leaks that's
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a lie the statement the white house said roger. as a victim of the russia hopes that the left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the trump presidency there was never any collusion between the campaign or the trump administration with russia it continued mr stone will be put at serious medical risk in prison he's appealed his conviction and is seeking a new trial concludes roger stone is no a free man. was caught up in robert miller's investigation into alleged collusion between russia and the trump campaign in january last year he was charged with one count of obstruction 5 of making false statements and one of threatening a witness the charges included lying to congress during the russian investigation about his back channel links to wiki leaks during the 2016 election campaign prosecutors said he lied several times to protect donald trump after a trial in washington d.c. he was found guilty initially prosecutors recommended
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a 7 to 9 year sentence that was criticized by the president. he was sentenced to 40 months in jail fined $20000.00 and told to complete 250 hours of community service several times the president insisted this was a miscarriage of justice and he was considering a pardon for his old friend including this on friday and i think right your son was very unfairly treated as were many before had in the meantime komi and all these guys are walking around in voting by the obama record them by my camp they want to believe that what numerous republicans have over the last few days given a political cover to commute the sentence but others want him against it saying it could play badly in the months leading up to the next election adam schiff who led the impeachment process against donald trump said in a statement commuting the sentence of roger stone a crony who lied in obstructed investigation to protect himself is among the most
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offensive to the rule of law and principles of justice just this week stone tried to stop a sentence going ahead but at a hearing on justice department said it was a reasonable step something the president has no. al-jazeera washington. we spoke to richard goodstein a democratic policy political consultant and former advisor to bill clinton and he thinks the decision is the act of a president who believes he's actually on the way out under the constitution the president does have this already it unchecked frankly the check now will be devoted . pure and simple and i actually think that the commutation of the stone sentence to me demonstrates that down from those he's going to lose something he wouldn't be able to do obviously not as president and i think he realizes some level or certainly his advisors to this is this is so offensive to so many people
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that to do something like this only makes sense if you know you're going down so you might as well use every possible 'd power you have before the last day but that's what i think we're seeing here you're the trump camp your attitude has to be i can't really try anything however illegal it might be because it actually gets the president over the finish line in a positive way he's going to let me off the hook so that's i would say the scary proposition or the take away from the stone commutation is that if you're in the trump corner the message is do whatever it is that you think is going to help the president because we're going to watch your back the hope is that the voters see it differently u.s. citizens living in china are being warned about an increased risk of being detained and barred from leaving the country the state department says people could face prolonged interrogations and extended detention for state security reasons it added american citizens could also be deported for sending private messages that are
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critical of the chinese government tensions between the take countries have been rising again after the u.s. criticize the security know it posed on hong kong. speaking of which voters in hong kong are costing their ballots to narrow the field of democratic candidates who will run in an upcoming election campaigning has begun people will have the weekend to vote but that new security door really is overshadowing the main election which is due in september from hong kong to view them with more on the challenges facing election organizers. organizers say the face an uphill battle in trying to get these primary elections up and running one of the major obstacles the faces that many of the venue's that were meant to be ballot centers pulled out in the very last minute many of them are shops and offices and they say that their landlords put pressure on them saying they don't want their property used for political means organizers say they've had to become creative to circumvent any last minute issues that may crop up for instance 3 district councils in this area hard this bus to use
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as a polling station we. fight so that everybody can come and pick a low every member dream in the past and they can dream for the future now a number of pro-democracy candidates and pro-democracy fringe groups are not taking part in these primary elections they say these elections could undermine the actual elections which will be held and september they fear that this could even lead to their disqualification but advocates of these primaries like legislative councillors who are trying to win back their seats have been campaigning they say this is a very important process because this is the 1st widespread democratic action since the national security law came into effect that could be some sense of some feelings of western nations among some calmness because whatever you do they seem to be able to get you on this new security role and with this prime rate in place
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we can tell. the home home government and for that matter a debating regime in the home. that we do our best to stick to it was take it out those who are taking part in these primary elections are hoping this process will help consolidate support for the democratic camp so that they will be able to win a majority of the 70 seats up for grabs in september's legislative council elections but even if they do manage to attain that with this new national security law there is no guarantee that they will be able to push their mandate through effectively within government. the philippines congress has refused to renew the operating license of the country's biggest broadcaster in what rights groups are calling a dark day for press freedom. as the story from manila. to deny a base even franchise of legation is here by adopted it is seen as
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a crushing blow to press freedom 70 out of 84 lawmakers voted against the renewal of the broadcast license of the country's biggest media network e.b.'s c.b.s. . it looks highly political highly highly political but that being said i respect their decisions and i respect what they have done on the i will accept that it's painful. the ruling of sparked a public outrage and criticism of congress where most members are allied with the president through 3 go to terror to join. the decision comes as the government is already grappling with its response to the coronavirus pandemic which has led to millions of filipinos losing their jobs maybe a c.b.s. closure threatens the livelihoods of another $11000.00. we're moving the
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channel from there also means depriving many people of information in remote areas where it's often the only one available the government spokesperson denies the president was involved in influencing congress. but president of the go to tear down has repeatedly threatened a.b. a c b n in the past saying that the network did not air his political campaigns during the 2016 presidential elections and instead to brenne most of the ads of his political opponent choice and next year if you're expecting. him sort of. euro. rights groups say do tear down as often treated journalists with contempt and the closure of the network is the grave assault on media freedom on the the current administration it isn't the 1st time that the media network was forced off the air in 1007 to do it was also shot down
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by then president for didn't markers when he declared martial law and maybe as c.b.s. only reopened in 1986 after the dictatorship was thought polled by a people power revolution this is a b.s. review. they say the network is being punished because of the tear it is grievances and the position will further damage on the already troubled nation jim duggan i'm just here in manila. as many as 10000 people have protested in eastern russia against the arrest of a regional governor is accused of ordering several murders i. was the alleged crimes are said to have happened 15 years ago before the surgery for go into politics he was elected governor by a landslide in 2018 beating the candidate supported by president.
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scares me demonstrators chanted antiproton slogans as they demanded his permits. the protests are expected to go on through the weekend against the serbian government's handling of the corona virus pandemic. some in the crowds 3 final words police on friday night who responded with tear gas demonstrators defied a ban on gatherings of more than 10 people to call on president aleksander footage to resign rallies began on tuesday after attempts to reimpose knocked on the streets and on friday serbia saw its highest death toll. corona virus infections rising in florida as well but that isn't stopping one of its most famous attractions from reopening disney well it's been closed for nearly 4 months now strict new health measures will be put in place for the reopening will from rob reynolds. walt disney world in orlando reopens on saturday with enhanced hygiene
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temperature checks and mandatory mask wearing to prevent the spread of culvert 19 florida's governor says disney world is safer than a party at home people are going to be it's a safe environment disney i have no doubt it's going to be a safe environment but a quarter of park workers have signed an online petition against reopening saying it endangers their health doctors say safety depends on public cooperation and self-discipline but the bottom line is you can rely on disney to keep things clean and then you as a guest are going to have to make sure that you practice good hygiene and wear a mask several disney parks in asia have successfully reopened but unlike visitors there are some people in the u.s. stubbornly resist mask wearing there's no question the global lockdown hit disney hard disneyland in california it remains closed indefinitely disney cruise ships are docked most movie theaters are closed in the premier of disney's big summer
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film move on is postponed till august also hurting the company's bottom line the pandemic has severely curtailed professional sport leaving disney's sports center television network e.s.p.n. starved for content the major league soccer season restarted earlier this week at the disney world sports complex but no spectators pro basketball will follow on july 30th all teams and officials will stay at disney hotels on site and will not venture outside. some n.b.a. players are skeptical you just me or you know 22 james well where's. the rules. when we have. everybody for the urge to restore sports in reopen fun parks is part of a deep desire to return to a precocious world that may be lost forever it's not going to come again and
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there's not going to be enormous in the past our lives going forward are going to be different for ever all we do know is that we cannot we cannot we cannot return to the lifestyle we had balancing health risks and economic rewards in a world were all has changed rob reynolds al-jazeera. half past the hour these are the top stories survivors families and dignitaries have gathered in east in bosnia and herzegovina to remember the shrub and it's a genocide it's been 25 years since bosnian serb troops noted more than $8000.00 muslim men and boys topic don't mess of it is interesting it's a for us. the commemoration was held there were dignitaries who couldn't be here although they were announced as the current corona virus pandemic they send
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a video message in advance the likes of ron my comparable bill clinton and 20. justin trudeau and so on initially the disease was planned to be a large scale big event but due to depend demick that had to be scaled down we. much smaller crowd this year up to 5000 people approximately and we saw the burial of 9 victims of this rubble into genocide who 25 years later finally found the eternal peace. that the headlines and iran's president says the country can't afford to go back into lockdown that's even though there is a sharp rise in new corona virus infections the number of cases in iran is now past a quarter of a 1000000 at least 5 people have been killed in a siege at a church in south africa a large group had been taken hostage near johannesburg and more than 40 suspects were arrested police say the attack was over the leadership of the church. the
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democratic republic of congo's justice minister said a scene turned has offered his resignation following a fight with president felix over proposed laws that would give politicians more control over criminal prosecutions mollies opposition is calling on supporters to stay out on the streets after 3 protest leaders were detained among them. who was arrested in bamako on friday police 5 gunshots and tear gas to disperse thousands of it occupied parliament and state television and u.s. citizens living in china are being warned about an increased risk of being detained and banned from leaving the country tensions between the 2 countries have been on the rise again after the u.s. criticize the security law imposed on hong kong those are your headlines adrian's along next with inside story.
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a cathedral 1st that a mosque and later a museum now istanbul's landmark hagia sophia is being reconverted back into a mosque but is this an act of religious significance or political narrow minded yes this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finighan one of the world's most famous landmarks the haggis affair museum in istanbul has been tun back into a last case president of top of the one says the site will be open to muslim worship in less than 2 weeks after a top court rule.


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