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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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play an important role protecting human. ringback face. al-jazeera. hello i'm kevin l. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. fear for the lives of more than a 1000000 displaced people after russia objects to the number of aid routes into syria. more deaths reported in mali protests now the president is promising big changes to the government. counterfeit cash in libya we'll have the latest on the attempts by a warlord holy for half thought to fund his attacks. and
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a story of hope all group in indonesia is helping working the children recover from months at sea. i'm joined again with your sports we'll hear from manchester city's manager head of the decision on their appeal against a 2 year ban from european football plus now there keeps you venters in front in the race the tally in the title that's coming up in sport. where you can this news all with a u.n. security council decision that could immediately affects more than a 1000000 syrians living in rebel held territory members have agreed on a compromise that will allow only one border with turkey to remain open for a deliveries aid groups say they're deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid the deal was made after russia backed by china pushed to shut down a 2nd crossing across the entire country more than 7000000 people rely on
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humanitarian aid the conflict has led to vast numbers of people living in camps after being forced from their homes. 500000. will wake up tomorrow morning. and realize that we have let them die are going about. are those people who gave the instructions instructions to cut out the april 500000 children. to look into the mirror more. demand for assistance has been rising steadily a record of more than 700 trucks crossed the syrian border in may carrying u.n. aid to the most since the war began and the spread of coronavirus could many things even worse several 100 cases have been detected but aid groups warn this could be much higher since testing is extremely limited. it's not the 1st time the number of aid routes into syria has been cut in 2014 the un security council originally
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authorized aid to flow through 4 border crossings 2 from turkey one from iraq and one from jordan in january this year opposition from russia and china forced the routes through iraq and jordan to be dropped the 2 turkish crossings were allowed to continue for another 6 months now once again at the insistence of russia and china that it's been reduced to a single point above. mark says deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria cross border operation he joins us from guardian tep near the border with syria thank you for your time mark just tell us what is the impact of this going to be. well i think there are 2 things to say the 1st is that earlier this year we were fearing the worst we thought that that it might be no extension of the security council resolution at all and so the 1st thing to say is that it's actually very good news that the security council has recognized
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that there are millions of people in northwest syria who cannot be adequately reached in any other way and the security council has authorized the continuation of the cross border operation for another 12 months so that that's actually very good news we're very pleased and we were as i said very worried earlier in the year that that would not be extended on the other hand we're also concerned because the original security council resolution in 2014 had all arrived for border crossing points earlier this year that was reduced to 2 crossing points and now it's been reduced to only one crossing point now this is happening at a time when the humanitarian crisis in the country has actually got worse we had almost a 1000000 people displaced earlier this year we've got
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a coronavirus in syria we have the 1st few cases of coronavirus in the area just a few days ago so we are very concerned that the amount of access for humanitarian is being reduced at the very time when we actually need more access ok so you say you're happy have got one crossing still working but not happy that the 3 previous they have now closed i mean what will this mean logistically though for getting relief supplies from bubble hala to the areas that were previously served by. well we will still be able to reach all of the people with humanitarian needs in northwest syria it's just going to be a lot more complicated we're going to have to adapt but you know that's what humanitarians do around the world we work in war zones we work in crisis situations we often have to adapt our working mechanisms and we're going to have to do that again now but we will continue to need the support of the security council and of
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all parties to the conflict particularly the the syrian government and the other main armed groups in the country to facilitate access because we still have a huge crisis and now without a crossing point across the border from iraq into northeast syria and without the crossing point into the northern part of the turkish operations area it's going to be a lot more difficult to meet those needs and we're going to have to quickly look at how we can reorganize our work i'm sure will there very busy time for you we just had the 1st case of culls had 19 confirmed. is that a concern for you about the spread of coronavirus and how that might compound the situation. well that's a massive worry because there are so many displaced people now living in overcrowded camps there are about $1000.00 camps in northwest syria most of them in
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the area and once the buyers start spreading in those overcrowded camps camps it can be very difficult to control transmission at the moment it's just 4 cases 3 doctors and a nurse and we are working with the health of the aura teas and the different to humanitarian organizations to enhance the debate and systems the contact tracing a lot of preparedness work has been done to contain an outbreak once it comes to northwest syria but it's a very big risk it could spread very quickly and these are the crowded camps and just finally russia says they can come through damascus or should increasingly becoming through damascus which is why you know it's been advocating for just the one. actually this may never come for just the one cross border. way to get aid into big given the situation on the ground how feasible is it that aid can come
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through damascus well we would like to see baby coming from all directions we would certainly like to see cross-line access from the government controlled areas as well as cross border access and we will work with the or foreign t.v. to try to make this happen but there's still a war going on in the country there's a ceasefire in the northwest at the moment but there's still shelling on some asterix it's still a very tense situation and ultimately it's up to the parties to agree on this cross line access as the united nations we will certainly try to facilitate did we would like to see more cross-line access as well as cross border access thank cuts there deep deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for the syria cross border operation . thank you. and molly prominent a mom has called on protesters to stay home and remain calm that follows
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a series of violent protests against the government in which a number of people have been killed president abraham has promised to form a national years in government and dissolve the constitutional court in a bid to quell the protests shelob ellis reports. in bamako a solemn feel well for protista think i'll see say this is year old was killed on friday his family says he was shot in front of molly's national assembly. his mother was sick already when we broke the news to her she had a seizure the neighbors came out and we comforted her with words from islam. thousands of people gathered for friday's protests the 3rd since. they pushed their way into the grounds of parliament and the national television station then tires and barricaded roads in the capital police responded with tear gas. gunfire was heard 60 people were arrested. the protesters returned on saturday but
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in smaller numbers. their anger is directed at president abraham. demonstrations began in june after mali's constitutional court overturned election results and evolved to include frustrations over the economy alleged corruption and insecurity from groups. repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime of ip case which today is a cancer for mali on saturday evening case he responded in a televised address. to continue to do privilege i will continue to favor dialogue with all the active forces of the nation for the establishment of a consensual government tame composed of republican and patriotic groups and not the break is an demolishes of the country molly deserves basic than that is going to cause he promised to dissolve the pools at the heart of the disputed election results hold re-elections in contested areas and form
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a national unity government next week they're an important 1st step. and i think the idea is that the president is going to join with the opposition and have hopefully real dialogue. and and hopefully this will take place under the eyes of eco wasse the regional group that i think can actually help make sure that this moves forward smoothly. no opposition had earlier rejected kate his offer to reform the constitutional route and demanded the dissolution of parliament following friday's embraced 3 of their leaders were arrested and they had cooled his rented it's unclear where the president has his concessions will satisfy them and stop the scenes repeating. dallas. let's bring in our interest here is following the story for us from the nigerian capital of op ed how do these promises measure up to what
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protest is demanding well basically the opposition is divided a section of it once. out of office another want a transitional government or sort to organize fresh elections to sort of calm the situation down until when such a time when elections i owed however with the recent statement from the influential in my dico probably we may see. something close to a settlement i know that the course team is already in bamako and has been going through the motions contacting both sides trying to strike a deal between the opposition and the government of cater for now it's difficult to say whether or not the speech or the comments from dickel and the concessions made by the government of president. enough to satisfy all sections of
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the opposition we expect to see more and more people trying to discuss this in the coming days or weeks for now it's difficult to say whether or not they will cede their demands of having brown because getting out of office. the constitutional court has been a target of frustration as it overturned election results but as a sort of hinted at earlier in that report the frustrations have evolved so talk to us about how those frustrations have evolved. well basically it all started during the presidential elections and a lot of members of the opposition and other political parties feel that the constitutional court overreached itself because some of these election results were not supposed to be or sort of counseled and the victory therefore some section of the opposition view the victory of
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a brand new book at quetta as raped and similarly when the elections for parliament were held and then the. constitutional court sort of overturn the results of some of these parliamentary elections and i think that was the last for the opposition to do its ground in amending the sacking of the constitutional court and in fact other section of the opposition demand that the that the government of president ibrahim will become kater leaves office simply because of 3 factors be said of the meddling by the constitutional court or the overturning of the results by the constitutional court is one issue and then you have crisis economic crisis and the violence in the north and central of mali you know that clashes between the dog and the full any ethnic groups in central mali and then the age long violence by extremist groups in the armed groups in the north of mali that has not been that
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that the government has not been able to settle and then the economic concerns that are growing day by day unemployment high prices high commodity prices and all that's the reason why things are getting out of control frustrations are building and a less quick solution is found to this a lot of people fear that it could spiral out of control. thank you that i met interests there across developments in mali from. going to more head on the news all including a higher than expected turnout in hong kong's poll to choose candidates for september's main election. labeled extremists this rap group from the usa that calling for equality and demanding an apology. and in sports why le bron james is too close take part in the n.b.a.'s latest social justice campaign.
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to libya now where images on social media appear to show was a lot of dollars a mobilizing toward the city of sirte libya's u.n. recognized government shared the images saying they show armed vehicles and 2 russian made defense systems moving toward the strategic city forces backing the tripoli based government have been massed on the outskirts of sirte the coastal city is a gateway to major oil facilities in the region. until the head joins us now live from tripoli if i move what's the latest. will kim these are footage. on social media showing. after his forces deploying geared towards this city are the strategic course of the city of seurat the deployment to include forces and also weapons including get to russian made a defense batteries we know that the russian mercenaries are in the far for in the
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forefront of fighting go along side have to his forces especially in the city of sit along with other ministries from the ginger with the sudanese most news and other african medicine and there have been recruited by have to us forces during their military campaign that he launched over a year ago and now the government or military sources say that to the head of the military operation whom their government but a good general. says that half of his forces must open the. ports as you know came down to the deployment decent military deployment around the city of sort of follows the statement by the spokesman of have to his forces in the smiley last night announcing that the continuation of the closure or
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the blockade of the tournaments he puts certain conditions as they predict was it to allow the oil to be exported including the the opening excuse me opening and he and an account in a 3rd of the country to receive it if you news of the oil and also to guarantee to have international grunty that the oil revenues will be distributed to all libyans equally but meanwhile the the government of national accord especially. the military operation says that it is opening the oil and installations the oil ports in the christian it is a prerequisite to any negotiations it was half the forces he says that the head of the operation room that the oil revenues their livelihood of all libyans and they cannot. get into any negotiations or have to his forces without allowing
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exports the oil exports to go normally meanwhile the national oil corporation here in tripoli says that it has lost $6500000000.00 because of have to this force blockade of the crescent and it said that the resumption of oil exporting nation or exporting get might take long time and effort and money because of the damage happened to the oil installations because of the blockade thank you there's my hood of the head there live for us in tripoli. billions of dollars worth of currency printed in russia are being circulated in libya the un recognized government aaa says the rival dinars to the central bank's currency account office some libyans are refusing to accept the new details because the currency is funding more highly faffed as military campaign like trying to reports from the former rebel stronghold of misrata more than
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a $1000000000.00 worth of new libyan banknotes phoned into shipping containers a couple of months ago were yet another sign of russia's influence in libya the cash that's found on the mediterranean island of malta was only from the printing routes and moscow to leave the house through forces in the eastern libya. the u.s. government welcome the seizure saying the alternative dinar notes were counterfeit libyan currency printed by a russian state owned company and ordered by an illegitimate parallel entity. it's 4 years since the parallel central bank in eastern libya controlled by hunter began printing billions of its dior's in russia they look and feel almost exactly like the official currency from libya's internationally recognized central bank in tripoli they've been circulated in most cities across western libya except misrata known as libya's economic. have 2 years accused of using the banknotes to fund his failed military campaign to capture tripoli. we saw the head of the east and
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central banks said the priority is to fund the war in tripoli these counterfeit notes were used to pay fight his and of course inflation and the value of the libyan do not to decrease business owners and residents say while their sons are fighting on the front lines they can play their part in the fight against have to by boycotting the bank notes. these notes are counterfeit that recognize central bank in tripoli has refused them so business people in misrata refuse to accept it . have to use this money to destroy al capital refusing to deal with it is how we as businessman a participant in the fight against them russian support is being seen as further escalating the libyan crisis creating parallel institutions to the central bank and national oil corporation russian mercenaries from the kremlin backed wagner group have been seen in el shura libya's largest oil field leaders in tripoli say the house of representatives in the east has taken out loans of $21000000000.00 to fund
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have to bid to take control of libya economic experts say there are over $8000000000.00 worth of these russian notes in circulation the impact on the economy is likely to be felt for years to come now a trainer al jazeera misrata. humans who these have reportedly agreed to allow the un to access the stranded oil tanker which could be on the verge of triggering a natural disaster the tanker has been stranded off the coast of hope for more than 5 years it's carrying more than a 1000000 barrels of crude oil the reuters news agency reports the herbie's of approve the deployment of a technical team to the site. polls are just closing in hong kong where pro-democracy parties is selecting their candidates for the upcoming elections voter turnout for the primary has been higher than expected the legislative council election in september will be the 1st since beijing imposed its new national security law earlier this month well earlier the vehicle pollin spoke to geoffrey
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andrews the 1st ever minority democratic candidate to be running for legislative council in hong kong. i want to ask you you've chosen a very curious time to make your debut particularly with the democratic camp in the back on the back foot and also the fact that the national security law has been imposed why now well i always ask myself when when then when is the best time 5 years ago i don't think minorities had much of a say in society i think the social unrest a lot of minorities came out like ourselves we did this fantastic water distribution outside chungking mentions which in hong kong we now call the we connect moment so i thought to myself it's time now to be part of this political structure because we're not having a voice in this direction you know you're always seeing national security law national anthem law hong kong's education system but then you don't already see if the minorities be part of it forget that the money was ex-pats or vulnerable groups so i told myself it's time to force the issue about hong kong as an international
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city is a truly a diversity with diverse voices so that's what i'm doing but i must say you're coming from a point to disadvantage the area your combat competing against or that your other candidates are far more established than you there are 9 candidates all together in your area can you tell us why this is important why you decided to run in that area particularly because you really are at a disadvantage is a huge disadvantage i mean i'm running up against heavyweights like claudio. and sonny but you know collin west is so dynamic it's poorest district in hong kong a 5th consecutive nights of anti-government protests has been held in serbia with demonstrators again calling on the president to resign saturday's rally was peaceful in contrast to the previous night when police fired tear gas rallies were sparked by anger of the government's handling of the pandemic but have grown into other dons. thousands of people have blocked traffic in bulgaria as capital so fear
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and protest against corruption for a 3rd day demonstrators called on the prime minister and the chief prosecutor to resign angle was sparked on the day after the offices of the president were raided in spite of 2 separate investigations president truman radebe has also been a vocal critic of the prime minister's cabinet. a protest in eastern russia against the arrest of a governor accused of murder has entered a 2nd day demonstrators a calling for serco for a girl to be released from custody criminal investigators have linked him to crimes committed 15 years ago before he entered politics he denies any involvement for gore won the race for governor by a landslide and 20 beating president vladimir putin's candidate. people in poland voting in a presidential run also could shake up the political parties and affect relations with neighbors the office is largely ceremonial but the president can veto parliamentary legislation sunday go go reports this is
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a stark choice for voters in poland one which will shape its identity in europe and the rest of the world. this is the incumbent crowd pleaser. poland's president since 2015 an independent who has the support of the ruling law and justice party is seen as the stall wall of the government's message of nationalism and conservatism has backing of only traditional families and opposition to gay marriage adoption has put about all this with poles and others in the e.u. fear he's taking the backwards but his populist agenda has won over many voters i think. he is a good candidate because he's a tried and true man for 5 years what we know what he has done and who years and i think will be the same as in the previous term or this. under total movie that andrea do what he says he tries to carry out even if not everything can be realized
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at a given time he says he'll do it and he does it i trust him as a politician and that's the president i want my underwear do to win the opposition believe they have everything to hope for and ruffle trust the mayor of warsaw is regarded by many as liberal tolerant out. good looking and being more closely aligned with the rest of the european union and independent of the judiciary. it's just ask you when this is a change it's happening he will be he will not he's not a part of the current government he's not part of the current ruling party so the situation itself having just a parliament ruled by the these party by the rule of law and justice party and the president from the other side of the political spectrum will bring a sense of dialogue into this country again that lack of consensus and unity among poles was so polarized about how they want poland to be seen has been demonstrated
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by this election if you look at the votes of those who are in the retirement age they overwhelmingly vote for under a do that and these but if you look at the youngest voters very mostly vote for more liberal politicians so it seems that in the next years law and justice would have or would needs to change for politics because otherwise we would lose support this is being seen as one of the most important elections since the fall of communism in 1989 the result of which is likely to see poland loosen all tighten its ties with its neighbors so now you go. time now for weather we have jenny with more the floods in china this is just really an ongoing event isn't it ken we've been talking this for a long time but there's more rain of course in the 4 cards you can see on the satellite a huge swathe of cloud impacts the korean peninsula and of course also impacting japan but have a look at this because you can also see where the ground should be and of course where the river is the flooding is so widespread so very deep this food water
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34000000 people have been affected by this flood so far this year in fact this is some of the worst flooding china has seen in many years as more it is a go through monday although not as heavy across china as we have seen lately but it's fairly short lived instead we've got very heavy rain across the korean peninsula that will work its way across towards japan particularly as we go on into chooses some pretty heavy downpours and the 15175 millimeters of rain and it's choosing again that will see the rains really developing again across the central areas so as you can see we could again have a flooding perhaps a little bit further to the north it really has been about the south but these this from beginning to push to the north which is what it does typically this time of year now you can actually follow this line of rain right there around across towards india and again similar scenario of course now is the northeast of india this is a salmon down into west bengal this is where the heaviest rains have been for the last couple of days it's also where the very heavy rain will be as we continue through monday but not just there across into nepal bhutan as well but also
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bangladesh really seeing a lot of rain but it's also across through much of myanmar as well you can just see just blanketed the entire region with rain and then set in through monday very heavy rain again across the west and as we go through choose day the rains particularly heavy in the northeast again but really very widespread across the central areas and kids these rains a needed every year but there's always that downside of the flooding thank you jenny. so come on al jazeera. if we can't have remittances being transferred to this country it's becoming increasingly challenging the coronavirus pandemics is a drop in money sent home to africa we look at how it's impacting people in kenya. could this long awaited image encourage donald trump supporters to follow help guide dogs. and in sports back to the track fans are allowed in indy car race for the 1st time this season.
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an image can change the way we see the womb if we're not saying there's we would be talking about it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created moment for a photo opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story but this thread and the tracking points were pretty i don't see how it can forge narratives or rewrite from the listening post gives you the full picture. in the conclusion of the 2 part series people in power and vesta gates allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic of babies the courts realize that babies that are the could be sold to america a scouting quite they use and reveals shocking new evidence of how and where religious orders disposed of those who died thank you torn in the system like this one church and state are committed to keep the truth from coming else islands
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mother and baby scandal on al-jazeera. there are a reminder of our top stories this hour a group save. the flow of aid into syria u.n. security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with turkey open. there's been calls for calm from a prominent mom in mali following violent anti-government protests rallies president has promised to form a national unity government and dissolve a constitutional court a response to protesters who want him to resign. as you may recognize government
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says images on social media show war highly for hostile forces mobilizing the city of sirte as government forces have been massed on the outskirts of the city which is the gateway to major oil facilities in the region. many african families who depend on money sent home by relatives working abroad are struggling to pay for food and rent coronavirus lockdowns have macaws at mass unemployment and stopped billions of dollars in remittances reports from nairobi. last month refugee from somalia has been living in the kenyan capital for the past 17 the. more access to employment the father of 9 children has always depended on money sent by friends and relatives to feed his family and pay other expenses he says he hasn't received any money for the past 3 months we are. refugees on a lot of different meaning we have some relatives. who are already in the u.s.
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canada. u.k. so they used it to send out something a month in a 3 month situation is similar for many other families whose breadwinners walk in other parts of africa. julia a mother of 2 is visiting a money transfer. office for the 1st time in 3 months who got their shot at my husband is a trader in south sudan and was forced to close his business he hasn't been able to send us any money since march we've been forced to live off our meager savings before the outbreak of the koran of violence bunkroom holes like this were before of customers waiting to collect funds sent by their lead to a broom and now they're few and far between lockdown measures adopted in many countries have led to job losses for migrants and consequently a reduction in remittances. funds sent home by migrants from sub-saharan africa
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group tenfold from 4800000000 in 2000 to 48000000000 in 2018. but the world bank predicts a 23 percent fall this year in international remittances to africa because of the covered 19 pandemic that will have implications for the economies of major spin countries most of the middle income countries depend on remittances so if we can't have remittances being transferred to these countries it's becoming increasingly challenging and this will certainly impact the development in countries such as somalia where there are no reliable banking services airport closures and flight cancellations of medicines to remittances have been more difficult. workers at these money transfer company which operates in that list for to control in africa calling on the global financial institutions and governments to intervene an issue the continued flow of remittances. i rubicund. hollywood
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star. and his daughter in law. have both tested positive for covered 19 the 77 year old actor is being treated in hospital chung has acted in more than $200.00 films over 5 decades has sung shake and his granddaughter also tested positive in the reported another a record number of daily infection sunday with more than 20000 new cases it's the 3rd worst affected nation after the u.s. and brazil. emergency crews in northern russia using explosives to put out nearly 300 fires unusually warm weather is help fires break out across siberia crews are using the explosives to knock down burning trees so they can reach them more easily but also seeding clouds a process that helps trigger rainfall most of the region is deemed too remote to bring them to control more than 3300 square kilometers of land is burning unchecked
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. the united kingdom is planning a multi-million dollar boost to improve its border security following breaks that the government has announced a $900000000.00 funding package that it says will create new border control posts and increase the border for stuff by $500.00 u.k. leaves the e.u. customs union at the end of the year barca has the details from london. this is all about refocusing the attention back on bricks in the u.k. government's plans for what will happen after the u.k. leaves the single market and the customs union of course an awful lot of focus and attention has been elsewhere as the country has dealt with the economic turmoil surrounding kovac 19 also the u.k. is weeks away from trying to finalize a trade deal with the e.u. that's meant to be in place by july but the british government's made it pretty clear that it's willing to plow ahead with its brakes it plans with or without
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a trade deal in place so these announcements are important to be able to show the e.u. that it's serious about moving ahead with the country's breaks it plans which is why the country has earmarked $900000000.00 to help bolster the country's borders hundreds of new border guards will be hired new facilities will be established a little bit further inland 4 major ports like dover to avoid trucks from being snarled at the border a new i.t. system will be in place as well all of this will be phased in over a period of 6 months at the start of next year but there are concerns that because if they say phasing in approach it will lead to exploitation by the likes of smugglers it could also potentially lead to trade disputes all of which will need to be resolved before this new scheme is fully in place conversely the e.u. n. tends to introduce its side of the arrangement by changing border arrangements that
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from the 1st of january next year. the former u.s. special counsel robert muller has defended his investigation which they did to the conviction of former trump advisor role just stone for u.s. president spared stone a jail sentence saying he was the victim of a witch hunt but miller wrote in the washington post newspaper that stone was a convicted felon stone was found guilty of witness tampering and lying to congress and obstructing a congressional investigation. the united states has recorded a nother daily high of new covert 19 infections more than 666-6500 cases were confirmed on saturday and president donald trump has won a mask in public for the 1st time since the outbreak began pedicle him reports from maryland. this is the end of that many health experts have been hoping and waiting for the u.s. president some need a message to his supporters that it's ok to wear a mask for many not doing so is a kind of political statement but before leaving for visit to this military
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hospital he sent a different message with his words when your hospital especially at that particular setting where you're going to do a lot of older people that in some cases just got off the operating table i think it's a great degree where i got to have a pretty good bet but i do believe that by the time. far from the universal endorsement that might make his supporters change their habits in many of the states hardest hit masks are not mandatory and the numbers of people being tested for and dying from the coronavirus are climbing quickly in florida another day of record cases but despite the figures disney world reopened there with restrictions on smaller crowds masks are mandated inside the park but not in this state and the republican governor is not promising any changes soon we really believe that you know those in that 65 enough age group are at the increased risk and we're
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continuing to advise them to talk to let me close contact outside the home and to avoid crowds armies with as much as possible in another hard hit state louisiana the democratic governor has closed bars and mandated mess so it's become clear to me especially ash after the numbers that we saw yesterday that our current restrictions are not enough the people that we've been making to the people of louisiana to do better abiding by those restrictions and doing better by complying with our mitigation measures just have not produced the results that we had hoped for and the results that we need pretty much across the board the experts all agree the easiest. the cheapest way to make sure the virus doesn't spread out of control to make sure hospitals like the one behind me don't become overwhelmed is to wear a mask but once again the u.s. president has studied a message to his followers with his words that they don't necessarily need to
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follow the advice of the experts pedicle hain al jazeera maryland. governments across latin america are struggling to contain the virus bolivia a new wave of infections is threatening to overwhelm the fragile health care system several politicians including interim president janine on is have tested positive. pandora is also struggling the government has imposed severe confinement measures in one province to prevent an explosive rise in infections out on america etc saying human reports. panamanians are paying a high price for having relaxed strict confinement measures that in $2.00 or 3 weeks ago seem to have corona virus infections under relative control now the infection rate in the small central american country of just over $4000000.00 people has become the highest per capita in all of latin america hospitals are on the verge of collapse. 1000 cases per day means that in the next few weeks we will
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have about 30 to 40 intensive admissions per day on a sustained basis there is no hostel that can sustain such a number of patients. there are around 44000 infections and more than 860 deaths in panama a huge number for such a small country by comparison neighboring costa rica with a similar population has fewer than 7000 cases and less than 30 deaths. panama whose famous canal joins the atlantic and pacific oceans prides itself as a country opened to the world. that residents can now barely leave their homes in panama province which includes the capital. under new lockdown rules men and women can go out on alternate days for just 2 hours a curfew is in place from 7 pm to 5 am and all day and night on sundays yet the curve of infections continues on its vertical rise. that i get but i know.
4:44 pm
i've been queuing for 2 hours waiting to retest is but the queue is too long and the sun is really strong that's why i'm like this with my coat over my head the sun is intense and i'm really not feeling well. the president has replaced the health minister but doctors say that's not enough. they're reaching the government to impose a nationwide lockdown immediately before the infection spread to every corner of the country including remote indigenous communities where health services are even less equipped to save lives you see in human al-jazeera. for the 1st time in 800 years the traditional mongolian sporting event has taken place without a live audience the naga sporting festival normally attracts tens of thousands of people this year just a handful have been allowed in due to the pandemic but many more watching it on t.v. on goal the year has largely evaded the outbreak reporting $227.00 infections and
4:45 pm
no relevant deaths puerto ricans are demanding the removal of all symbols commemorating colonialism protesters wearing indigenous clothes demanded a statue of christopher columbus be taken down along with memorials to other colonise they want to rename cities squares and streets in the u.s. territory. after decades of rap music has turned the spotlight on police brutality many of the genre stars are household names today and several have had problems with or far things now an aspiring group of rappers from the u.s. state of miami have been labeled extremists after one of their members was arrested and charged with inciting a riot the group say they're just fighting for justice and then to gallacher reports. when the ghetto boys released a song crooked officer in 1993 it wasn't the 1st rap song to address inequalities or police brutality. the houston rock group followed in the footsteps of dozens
4:46 pm
of artists long considered the voice of african-american communities. and police departments to have made their own videos in a bid to improve community relations. now a group of rappers in miami are in the spotlight after one of their members was accused of vandalizing police cars marco lopez was arrested and charged with smashing police car windows the case and accusations that lopez wants to actively recruit people to violently protest led to this tweet from senator marco rubio the group says because of the tweets they received threats from people on social media and they want an apology we are going to let your or anybody who's going to say merson charter likes not me it isn't a negative like i do that because you know we know where we stand. where peaceful you know we stand for change you know. and we will always have following the death of george floyd miami like cities across the nation so protests and looting but hip
4:47 pm
hop scholars say rappers are often accused of being agitators and that's wrong and in certain instances you get exactly what you're describing now with these you know if. these kinds of labels coming from powerful institutions but look who's right about the reality george floyd was himself a rapper known as big floyd in his hometown of houston when he died in police custody the music community rallied around a case they've long for for many have led peaceful protests that remain angry over continued injustice may have. i woke up wanting to see the world power down yesterday but tired of seeing black in that those protests and calls for police reform continue across the country so than slaves say they'll keep on making music trying to. reach the southern slaves aren't listed by any
4:48 pm
organization as an extremist group nor are they monitored by the f.b.i. the group's calls for senator rubio to retract his statement have so far fallen on deaf ears senator rubio has refused to apologize despite the case not being heard yet the group says they'll continue using their platform to call for equality and justice and it gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. a community in indonesia is coming together to support a group of or hinder refugees people in our province towed their boat to safety last month now they're looking after them trying to connect unaccompanied children with their families into reports from jakarta. after experiencing prolonged horror and fear these were younger boys and girls might now be able to enjoy their childhood his children are taking part in a true my healing exercise safe in the indonesian province of they were at sea for months out of playing violence and poverty. and although indonesian authorities did
4:49 pm
not give them permission to disembark local people helped them ashore. we thought we would talk from hunger and thirst but the indonesian people help us and i am so grateful oh and tears are also helping the adults deal with their trauma of life in rocky state and in refugee camps in bangladesh hundreds of thousands of mainly muslim or hindu or have fled since the military crackdown began 3 years ago unable to work in bangladesh this group left to make the dangerous journey to southeast asia. we are better off with food and everything but the pain in my heart is that my family doesn't know anything if i am alive or not community groups are providing food and water as the un's refugee agency registers people on other stuff that we have not needed to spend money from the government because n.g.o.s and the public have been helping so much among the group of 25 unaccompanied children and teenagers aged between 5 and 70 local n.g.o.s in the tray are working with the
4:50 pm
young people to reconnect them with their families the indonesian government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs of the remaining a refugee. some told out to 0 they never intended to reach into the asia. so to me and my only hope was to meet my. husband malaysia now i'm not lying on the decision of the indonesian government i hope they will do their best for us. despite the warm welcome these were hanging i don't know what will happen to them next or whether they'll be allowed to stay jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. still ahead on al-jazeera and support the working mistakes from the space paula who still manage to hit it out of the park. they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come ha. ha ha ha. ha ha
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what i want to suggest to gates new zealand's deadly vocal. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result. significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for diplomacy gives us a treat i think not all the disintegrating but it's great to me this the really deep with all continues inside story on al-jazeera. the
4:52 pm
old. car. time of sport has joe came thanking much city boss pep guardiola is confident his club will have their 2 year ban from the european competition overturned in february european football's governing body wafer roll the english premier league club had committed serious breaches of financial fair play rules but city who are 2nd in the table appealed to the court of arbitration for sports they aren't you to issue their ruling on monday since that appeal was launched for have relaxed their break even rules because of the current virus pandemic is the vision so resort important of course it is but we have done we have done is we in the game we know our qualification on the beach does anyone conduct
4:53 pm
a lot of these yes then now we're going to into monday the decision which. will be dick are you confident ott. event is for extended the city at leeds to 8 points after a hard for when atlanta took a one mil lead through do the pats are in the 60 minutes but his teammate martin to room gave up a penalty through handball in 2nd half and christian are now those slotted home the equaliser from the sports atalanta pulled back out in front 3 louis muriel later on . but another handball in the 90th minute renowned on the spot again and he converted the penalty to salvage a 22 draw. now one of 7 brazil's biggest football dobby's has been called off before kick off after 14 members of a team tested positive for corona virus reports a shepherd when so is the affected club and is returning home the santa catarina
4:54 pm
state championship only restarted 4 days ago and shepherd cohen so would you to play on sunday shotguns is the same team that lost most of their players in a plane crash in colombia in 2016 formula one teams have been threatened with imprisonment and up to $17000.00 fines if they don't follow strict code in $1000.00 restrictions at next week's hungering grand prix that's up to 2 drivers were investigated for returning to monaco following the season opener in austria last week but there was plenty of action in the formula 3 support race in austria earlier claim a lover like was lucky to keep his back wheels on the ground after being forced off the track the safety car was also needed when severe flourish crashed out midway through the race. 16 year old teo pushchair managed to avoid the accidents and in doing so became the youngest winner of an f 3 race. well 41 is racing in front of empty stands indy car fans were welcomed back for the 1st time this season the
4:55 pm
thousands of fans had their temperatures checked before they were allowed to enter the road america's circuit in wisconsin the wary of mosques was encouraged but not mandatory. i was super happy i didn't know what happened i think. it's a 1st hand it's in our. tracks. you're being such are sharp enough to take me off in. search of our coming back. scott dixon showed he is the driver to beat this season off to make it 3 wins from 3 the 5 time indy car champion force his way through the field off to starting back in 9th and he was full of praise for those who turned out to watch his 49th refectory. and all the census or. 3 back to track with fans and there's tons of them here today so it's really quarter to do that with today so should we restart it and be a players have begun practicing inside their bubble at disney world in florida head
4:56 pm
of the league's restarts at the end of the month but coronavirus is just one of the issues the league has been trying to tackle in recent weeks also allow players to display social justice messages on the backs of their jerseys like black lives matter and i can't breathe but l.a. lakers star le bron james says he won't be taking part in the campaign. you know it's just something that really seriously resonate with my mission with marco i would love to have. a say so on what went on back about your head a couple days in march but i was a part of process which is ok ok with that so what i would say you know. you know also for you guys you know everything i do has a purpose has a meaning so i don't need to have something on the back of our jersey for people to understand mission or know what i'm about west indies or closing in on the target
4:57 pm
of 200 to win the 1st cricket test against england in southampton i'm signed started the day 294 for 8 and put on another 29 runs before shutting gabriel secured a 5 wicket hole in response in and took 3 quick quick hits the west indies need to for that 110 runs to win with one and a half sessions remaining just in thomas leeds gulfs what a charity open in ohio going into the final day before while no one holds a to start played over norway's vic to hopeful and after shooting a round of 66 to sit 16 on to paul for the 20 mins. well it has been an impressive mistake from a chicago white sox rookie robot was playing in an into squad training game when his powerful swing caused him to fall over but the cuban outfielder who has yet to face a regular season pitch connected so well he still managed to hit a home run all right that is so useful for now it is back to came thanks that. well that is the newsarama don't go away more news in just
4:58 pm
a minute. on countering the cost of war games in the south china sea washington sends an aircraft carrier as beijing flexes its military and economic muscle by jiri or gets ready for export gas as big oil prepares for a post covert world plus global remittances plus counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researchers say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country under spread of coronavirus
4:59 pm
appears far wider than anyone thought. in the aftermath of the 2011 earth quake and tsunami a remarkable portrayed of a remote japanese village. that is later how has the community of me arco been able to move on and rebuild their lives. rewinds japan aftermath of the catastrophe. on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matter everybody has power when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teams on the ground this is the
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main visitors lobby and i'm the only person here to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means. fear for the lives of more than a 1000000 displaced people after russia objects to the number of aid routes into syria. alone convert al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more deaths reported in mali protests now the president is promising big changes to the government. president donald trump finally puts on a mosque as the u.s. registers another record high number of covert 19 infections. counterfeit cash in libya.


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