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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  March 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hello. i'm nik gowing with "bbc world news." our top stories, new satellite images in the search for missing flight mh 3 70. malaysia's transport minister says they show more than 120 objects in the area of the indian ocean. >> some objects were as much as 23 meters in length. some of the objects appear to be bright, possibly indicating solid material. the search for debris resumes as the weather improves.
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australia's prime minister commits to solve the riddle of the plane's disappearance. >> obviously we're throwing everything we have at this search. there are many aircraft that will be in the area today. ten more bodies found in the small american town destroyed by a mudslide. more than 100 people are still missing. also in this program, hollywood actress gwyneth paltrow and coal play singer chris martin are to split after ten years with they say hearts full of sadness. hello everyone. within the past hour the malaysian transport minister has said that new satellite images have identified 122 potential
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objects in one area of the southern indian ocean. he said some of the objects in the search for the missing malaysian airliner was as large as 23 meters. the satellite data is from three days ago. aircraft are returning to base after the air and sea operation resumed today. weather conditions improved in the area. that area is 2,000 kilometers off western australia. it's now been narrowed down, but still covers tens of thousands of square nautical miles. this is the latest map showing the areas being searched. it was released early on wednesday by the australian maritime safety authority. a total of seven military and five civilian aircraft are involved divided into an eastern and western sector with six aircraft each, among them four p 3 orion planes. the malaysian transport minister
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told today's news conference new satellite images have been analyzed and show a number of objects floating in the southern indian ocean. >> am liesed the images and in one area of the ocean measuring 104 square kilometers were able to identify 122 potential objects. some objects were a meter in length. others were as much as 23 meters in length. some of the objects appear to be bright, possibly indicating solid material. the objects were located approximately 2,557 kilometers from perth. >> the minister stressed those objects cannot definitively be linked to the missing airliner. we'll only know once they've been recovered and analyzed. that could take a long time. let's go live to the pierce air
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force base in australia and our correspondent phil mercer. >> reporter: today has been the biggest day so far in terms of the air search of that vast area of the southern indian ocean to the southwest of perth here in western australia, a dozen aircraft from six different countries scouring that huge tract of open ocean. those planes are starting to make their way back to here, the pierce air base north of perth. we may get more information about whether they have, in fact, seen any of the debris picked up by that french satellite. so it's a very, very big day here in western australia as the international effort grows and my colleague jon donnell son reports on a vital part of the air and sea investigation involving the united states. >> reporter: this is free mantle port just outside perth.
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it's here that some of the recovery operation is likely to be based. we have the "success" set up from here. that's at the search scene as well as several chinese ships. perth, already one of the most remote cities in the world, and the search area is some 2500 kilometers away. a towed ping locater will be used to try to find the plane's missing black box flight recorder. what happens is a ship tows this through the water and it's able to pick up any pings or signals sent out by the black box. there are a few problems with that. one, the black box flight recorder is only able to send
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these pings out for about 30 days. that's the amount of battery life. we're already on day 18. secondly, the black box may have been damaged so it may not be able to send out anything at all. thirdly, you can only use the ping locater when you have a pretty good idea exactly where the plane crashed. at the moment, we just don't know that. i think basically this recovery operation could make months if not years. >> reporter: the western australian state government says it's preparing for the arrival of possibly hundreds of relatives of those passengers and crew on board the missing malaysia airlines flights. they will presumably come to this part of australia to see for themselves this growing surveillance operation and perhaps to gain some sort of closure and to be close to where the jets came down in the soith
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earn part of the i understandian oechlths daniel tan's brother was on board mh370, and he's been speaking to bbc's alastair leithead about his frustration and refusal to give up hope. >> it has been the worst two weeks of my life. i've gone through a lot in my life. it couldn't be worse than that. >> presumably you have one day a sense of hope, other days loss. it is like a roller coaster. up and down, up and down. we don't know who to believe. even the government when they say something, what they said is not backed up by proof. it's just based on data, satellite data and then they
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conclude that the aircraft crashed there. they say that no one survived as a result. i think that is terrible thing to say without any proof. >> what now? what are you going to do? what is your family going to do now? is it simply a matter of waiting? >> as long as they don't find the aircraft, it's going to be a waiting game for us. we have to wait until they find the body of the aircraft. before that, we will continue waiting, we will continue to wait. >> until you see wreckage? >> until we see the wreckage of mh370. otherwise we will not give up hope.
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sorry. >> reporter: the australian government is leading this operation. it's one of the biggest maritime surveillance missions ever seen. in the australian parliament there was a moment of silence for the australian victims of this missing plane along with all the others. the ripples of this tragedy do spread far and wide, more than a dozen nationalities on board. just to recap that news coming from that french satellite, it says that it's picked up more than 120 potential pieces of debris within the search area. we understand that some of those pieces could be up to 23 meters in length. so it could be a broke through. it might be another false lead. one thing to consider, also, is the weather. it's been fairly favorable in parts of the southern indian ocean today. we understand in the next 24 to
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36 hours, the weather will again be extremely hazardous and dangerous which could once again force the search to be abandoned. we'll have to wait and see what sort of information is now returning with the planes arriving back here at the pierce air base north of perth. >> the bbc's phil mercer, thanks for the update in perth in western australia. you can keep up to date always, 24-7. visit our website. you'll find the latest news and details on the search for flight 370 along with analysis from our correspondents from perth, kuala lumpur and beijing. our website rescuers have located ten more bodies in the american state of washington after the weekend's devastating landslide. that brings the death total in the small town of oso to 24. more than 100 people unaccounted
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for. david willis is there. >> reporter: little by little officials are getting a sense of what lies beneath the thick layer of mud that enveloped this picturesque corner of the american northwest on saturday. it's not a pretty picture. such was the speed and ferocity of the mudslide that it appears many in oso were unable to escape and ended up being buried alive. >> we did recover two additional fatalities today. that brings our fatality rate to 16. we have located another eight fatalities, however, we have not recovered those at this time. >> reporter: almost as troubling as the rising death toll, the revelation that a government scientist warned of a catastrophe of precisely this kind as long ago as 1999, yet still people were allowed to build homes here.
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officials insist that the mudslide was completely unforeseen and suggested a small earthquake in the area a few days earlier could have been to blame. as the death toll rises here, officials are warning that the rescue and recovery operation could be a long one. they've vowed to find all the victims but concede that could take weeks if not months. david willis, bbc news in washington state. president obama is in belgium to meet the leaders of the european union and nato to discuss the ukraine crisis. mr. obama is at this moment starting his visit with a tour of the world war i flounders field, an american cemetery. he's with king felipe and belgium prime minister helio del rupe poe. later he'll be meeting the eu to discuss ukraine, russia and the crimea crisis.
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let's go to our correspondent matthew price who joins us outside the european union headquarters in brussels. this is quite significant now because the way in which this meeting and visit is happening is very different than what it would have been, say, three or four weeks ago had russia not annexed crimea. >> reporter: one of the items still at the top of their agenda is the continued negotiations for a transatlantic trade deal, an e.u.-u.s. trade deal to form the world's largest trading block. yet obviously ukraine dominating certainly the media coverage of these talks and probably also what goes on behind the scenes. certainly president obama's visit to nato headquarters this afternoon to talk to the nato secretary general will be closely watched because the u.s. has talked about the need to demonstrate tangibly to eastern
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european countries that nato is behind them, that the western alliance has got their back if you like in the face of what appears to them to be increasing russian presence on the borders, on their borders. >> matthew, thank you very much indeed. we'll be covering that in detail when the president goes to nato headquarters and the european union. one of the highest profile marriages in the entertainment world is entertaining. gwyneth paltrow and chris martin singer with the band cold play are separating after ten years. gwyneth paltrow announced on their website saying they decided to co-parent with parents full of sad nsz. our entertainment correspondent collin patterson has detailed. >> reporter: they confirmed their separation on the online blog goop. this is where she would normally post vegetarian recipes or
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exercise tips. here it was being used to announce the end of one of the most high profile marriages in the entertainment world. title conscious uncoupling decided they decided to split following a year of trying to save their re lags ship. it added they had come to the conclusion that they loved each other very much but would remain separate. they first met in october 2002, three weeks after the death of her father, director bruce paltrow. they married the following year in california and have two children, apple who is 9 and moses age 7. throughout their relationship they made a point of never walking down red carpets together or posing for joint photographs in an attempt to avoid being a public couple. the timing of the split is particularly tricky for chris martin. he's just started a series of live appearances and interviews to promote cold play's new album
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"ghost stories" which is out in may. collin patterson, bbc news. >> stay with us here on "bbc world news." still to come, amazing pictures from houston, texas. how this construction worker trapped in blames, there he is on the far right, survived when the building collapsed. check it out.
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munich. they remain on course for the treble. from a winning team to a losing one. manchester united beaten again at the hands of rival manchester city. this guy is cruising. rafael nadal eases into the quarterfinals of the miami open. more on that in 30 minutes. let's now pick up on the missing plane and the press briefing from malaysia's transport minister. live now to bbc's paul adams. the detail coming in about the 122 pieces of debris. what did we learn from the minister? >> reporter: nik, certainly this is the largest single find of his kind and i think despite the evidence caution that the acting minister displayed, he believes this is a significant development. he calls it the most credible lead so far. 122 objects, between a meter and
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23 meters in size and including what he described as some bright objects. he would not say whether there was any evidence so far of a connection to mh370. but this material has been spotted in by and large the same area, some 2,557 kilometers southwest of the australian port of perth which is, of course, the focus of the -- a lot of the rescue activity or the search activity. he clearly thinks this is a significant find. this data, this information was passed to the malaysians by a french satellite company and then handed on yesterday to the australians. so presumably some of those aircraft that flew out from perth will be looking for those objects. >> he was asked to comment about whether this whole incident and the way it had been handled by
6:20 am
him, the cabinet, the prime minister and relations with the other regional nations, whether the whole thing had become rather bruising for malaysia in terms of its image and reputati reputation. >> reporter: it's an important question. malaysians are acutely conscious that their image is front and center and somehow they don't seem to be coming out of it very well. he did say, the acting minister, that history in his view would judge malaysia well. he said that no other country could have been able to gather 26 countries together to assist them in this search and rescue in quite this way. he said in a part of the world where countries fight over scraps of rock in the ocean, here was this huge multinational operation with people from all sorts of countries all acting with the same goal. he said they thought this was an
6:21 am
impressive thing. he was perhaps a little too keen to emphasize this aspect. he also said in the course of his remarks as a father and as a brother he recognized there would be people hoping against hope that this whole affair would have a happy outcome. he as a malaysian minister didn't feel capable of making that offer. >> paul adams there in kuala lumpur. meanwhile the u.s. navy as we've been reporting is sending a device to help locate the missing airliner when its location is tracked down. let me show you a photo of what's called a toed pichker locater. it's towed and tries to indicate a pinger, used for locating emergency relocation pingers on downed navy aircraft at a maximum depth of 6,000 meters. the area being searched at the moment is said to be around
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10,000 to 12,000 feet deep, so it can operate there. this towed pinger locater is due to arrive in perth on wednesday, but it won't be able to reach the search zone until april 5th because it has to be loaded onto a ship. it will take several days to get to the sectors currently being searched in the southern indian oce ocean. let's move on now with the business. aaron is joining us with more on the chinese president's tour of france. >> important times for french chinese trade because the chinese president xi jinping continues a state visit. french officials are key to see big commercial accords to cut into france's huge deficit with china. one stumbling block has been over come. a bitter dispute with the president's visit timed to
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coincide with the anniversary of diplomatic relations between french and china. more later from paris. it's been described as the future of gaming. facebook will buy oculus for around $2 billion. the startup's flagship product is a gog -like immersive headset for video gaming. we'll take a look at the technology which mark zuckerberg said could change the way we work, play and communicate. and king digital has been valued at over $7 billion after raising $500 million on the new york stock exchange. "candy crush" was the most downloaded free app. the most popular offering of king which has a portfolio of more than 180 games. some investors are asking if
6:24 am
upstarts like king are worth the huge evaluations they've been giving or whether this is just another tech bubble. quick look at the markets before i go. of course, european markets well under way. it's looking like a good start for the day for europe. the dax and germany also up. asian markets also having a good end to the day. the nikkea closing up 54 points. that's a roundup of the business from me. back to you. other news at this hour, north korea has test fired what appears to be two medium range ballistic missiles, fired from the east coast towards japan and landed in the saechlt missiles were launch just hours after president obama met japanese and south korean leaders to discuss the threat from north korea's weapons program. a 10-year-old turkish boy is in critical condition after being hit in the head by a teargas canister thrown by
6:25 am
police. in turkey another boy died as a result of being hit by a teargas canister during an anti-government zoo. a zoo has killed a 16-year-old male lie on, line necessary and zoo cubs. they say the move was necessary to renew the breeding stock. it said the resident lions would not have been strong enough to stand up to the new arrival. finally on this program, amazing pictures to show with you from houston, texas. it is of a construction worker. you can see him there halfway down the ride side of your screen, trapped when the apartment complex he was working on caught fire. it happened on tuesday. this was videos by people in a building opposite. watch closely, he lowers himself away from the flames.
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then a ladder from the firefighting truck is brought close to allow him to leap on to the ladder. keep watching. a few seconds later, the building -- look in the top left-hand corner starts to collapse. he got out just in time. i'll have the headlines for you shortly here on "bbc world news." they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if you don't get out there how will you tell people the fish you caught was twice as large as it actually was, hmmm? close to allow him to leap on to go and smell the roses! [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man.
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visits france and meets french president francois hollande, but the visit is all about signing on the bottom. gaming app sensation candy crush is hot on the new york stock exchange.
6:32 am
is it worth the very high valuation? hello and a very warm welcome to bbc "world business report." i'm mayor maryam mosh sherry. first, as france rolls out the red carpet for president xi jinping we're expected to see more big deals signed after sit ran signed with its partner don fanning yesterday. they have strong diplomatic ties, france being the first western power to establish full diplomatic relations a paving the way for beijing's global acceptance. glenn mcguire, chief economist at asia pacific anz gave his
6:33 am
take. >> perhaps in line with some of the symbolism you will see a number of large contracts signed. this is also reflecting the medium term growth strategies china has in place. it's already built itself out as a large manufacturer of cheap goods. what it needs is to move up the production possibility frontier and need to import a lot of advanced technology and capital goods that economies like france produce. i think there's going to be some very large contracts signed on this trip, both as a result of similar bowlism and also out of economic necessity. >> mobile phone access could hold the key to greater gender equality in emerging markets according to a new report from gmsa. they represent mobile phone providers around the world.
6:34 am
their research shows women are 21% less likely to own a phone than men in low and middle income economies. with me is vicky slate. good to talk to you. why are we seeing less women than men in lower and middle income economies? >> women represents two-thirds of the up tapped market for mobile growth. there's certain reasons for this. there's a perception that women don't need to own a mobile phone. there's also the cost element and also a slight fear of the technology. what we need to do is reduce the gender gap because it gives these women more opportunities, greater access to health and also to independence and security. that's one thing that gmsa is working on with its members. >> also your research has found that women at the same time are not perhaps using technology as much as men do are also not getting into education in the same way as men are including engineering or technical studies? >> yes.
6:35 am
so we also have a program that we work on called connected women which is looking at the digital skills gap that is there right now and also looking at how together with the industry we can attract and retain female talent. if we consider by the year 2025 women will hold 60% of the wealth, we need to actually be designing these products as well. we need to be encouraging people to study, young girls to study these stem subjects and to become engineers and to come in this exciting industry that's affecting our lives across health, transport, social. >> i suppose some people might argue the more women or girls you get into studying technology and wanting to make these products, the more will end up using them in the future. >> yes, of course. if we go back to low and middle income countries, asia cell developed a product called alma. they realized they had a low penetration of female
6:36 am
subscribers. what they wanted to do is look at the barriers to that. it was harassment from men, it was caustic and it was the technology. so they developed alma which in arabic means diamond, and they had an innovative product which has a buy buy service which if they are being harassed, they can get a block on that number and get 50% discount after three minutes. their subscribers doubled since 2011, up to 40%. it shows how it can affect their independence. >> vicky sleight, thank you very much. let's move on and talk about the candy crush saga. it is coming to wall street. the game's developer, king, has been valued at over $7 billion after it raised $500 million lifting on the new york stock exchange. it sold 22.2 million shares
6:37 am
priced at $22.50 per share, the midpoint of the range the firm initially set. all the attention has people asking is the market in a bubble? michelle fleury from new york. >> reporter: wall street regained its swagger, the stock market is strong and the market for new stocks is on fire. when "candy crush" developer king entertainment starts selling shares to the public, lit make history becoming one of britain's most valuable companies. this ipo fund manager says investors are once again sweet ontario nishl public offerings. >> we're at 70% more in the number of ipos done this year than last year. last year was a record. so we're seeing levels that we haven't seen since the internet bubble in 2000. >> reporter: back then insatiable demand for tech stocks drove the nasdaq to its
6:38 am
all-time high in march 2000, crashing to earth t. recent rash of sales is looking a lot like that internet bubble according to this professor of behavioral finance. >> in late '99, early 2000 we had 80% of ipos that were loss-making. today we have close to 75% of the most recent ipos. you can see it's not just a hot market. it's an ultra hot market if you compare it to pretty much the greatest bubble of all time. >> reporter: the trouble with bubbles, at least the financial kind, is they're hard to spot until they burst. at this point no one can tell if the enthusiasm for new share offerings is a signal for market strength or a danger sign. what is certain is that lining up behind the maker of candy crush and many other companies are hoping to make their stock market debut soon. michelle fleury, bbc news, new york.
6:39 am
let's look at other business news. intel has bought basis science, the startup behind the fitness track erbie the same name. the value hasn't been released, but it's a sign that it's heating up. lithuania's energy ministry urged for the speedup of natural gas to europe. they say lithuania is being forced to pay a political cries for being dependent on russia. the crisis on ukraine has left a call to ease current restrictions on gas exports. the board rooms of top uk companies have undergone a culture change with a growing number of women in decision making roles. that's according to a new report out today. lord davies, britain's former trade minister, says which account for 27% of board members in the ftse 100 firms, that's up from 12.5% in 2011.
6:40 am
he wants women to being pie a quarter of all board positions by 2015. another look at the markets. a pretty good day for european markets. all of those in positive territory at the start of this wednesday. similar end to the day for the nikkei and asia. that's it for me and the team. bye-bye. ido more with less with buless energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance,
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hello. i'm jim watson and this is "sport today." coming up, could it be a treble, securing the bunders league title in record time. manchester united with another defeat against rival manchester
6:44 am
city. rafael nadal cruises into the quarterfinals of the miami open. hello and welcome along to the program. they are looking unstoppable. bay yearn munich have claimed their 24th title with a record seven games to spare winning 3-1 on tuesday. it's also their 52nd consecutive league game without defeat and 19th consecutive win. here is paul frostig. >> reporter: this has been a record breaking season. an 18-match winning streak looked like it would soon become 19 when tony cruz scored in the sixth minute. a head in by mario gunzer. adrian ramos won and scored a penalty. gut sa turned provider for substitute in the 79th minute as
6:45 am
bay yearn put the game beyond doubt. >> translator: we had many new players that came in, a new coach and last summer we won the treble and said we wanted to seamlessly go further. we knew it was going to be hard, we had to believe in our game. >> reporter: ceiling the title with seven games left to spare, bay yearn munich are the earliest bun ders league champions. paul fros tick, bbc news. let's get more on this record breaking season. john bennett. let's start with pep. what is his recipe for success? >> he was very quick to praise the previous coach. remember bay yearn mun neek won a treble last season. he has improved the teen. when you talk to former players or players that play at bay yearn munich right now, he creates the right environment for players to thrive in.
6:46 am
it's all about possession football with him. he's a football purist, plays it the right way. also he's made tactical master strokes. phillip lamb is converted into a midfielder, fantastic stat on tuesday night. made 134 passes, completed all of them. turned from defender into a world class de midfielder. he could have gone anywhere, manchest manchester city. it's worked out beautiful. no team has ever won the champions league title in two successive favorites. >> the form they're in, you wouldn't bet against it. you spoke about manchester united there. a successful ingredient. for manchester unitend and david
6:47 am
moyes, they lost against rival manchester city. where is it going wrong? >> 3-nil defeats. seems like they're paying the price for not improving affidavit last year's success. two players cost $135 million, yet to score for united. it's not just the defeats, it's the manner of defeats. you see david moyes looking so disappointed. only four shots on goal against man city on tuesday night. 18 points behind the leaders, chelsea. they won the title last season by 11 points. an 11-point gap at the top. a fall from grace. we'll hear from david moyes in a moment. first here is the very happy manchester city boss, manuel pellegrini. >> fortunately we score that goal in the 50 seconds, and we have after that more chances to
6:48 am
continue. we didn't score. we continue working, the whole team in defending and attacking. finally we finish with this result, it's not easy to score three goals here against united. >> the players tried everything they could to give their all, just couldn't quite get there. we've got to try and make that better. >> you get a bit of momentum and come up against someone like city. it's difficult, isn't it? >> we feel as if we want to be competing against all the top teams. recently we've not done as well as we'd like to do. that's obvious. so that's a disappointing thing. we'll get there and no doubt we'll achieve that. >> he looks hugely disappointed. a quick word on arsenal who slipped up. >> 2-2. arsenal title hopes are over, six points behind chelsea, three points behind manchester city. looking over their shoulders
6:49 am
wore looking at forth place. injuries have taken their toll, ramsey and will cot out for a long time. that's taken its toll on arsenal. >> john bennett, thank you very much indeed. fascinating finale in england as the premier league reaches its conclusions. let's turn our attentions to tennis and the miami open. nadal winning. the spaniards who we can see at the top of your screen, he took the victory 6-2, 6-2, very comfortable at this match. the italian couldn't handle the power of nadal's ground strokes. he now faces the canadian in the quarterfinals. also at the miami open, three-time winner novak djokovic won 6-3, 7-5 against spain.
6:50 am
djokovic unplayable at this tournament making shots like this. the 26-year-old is looking to clinch his second miami title. let's look at andy murray in action here, lying in wait. he'll play novak djokovic. he completed a rather comfortable victory, 6-4, 6-1 it finished. murray still looking good in the absence of landell. the montreal canadiens scored a 2-0 win against the sabres on tuesday. sabres defenseman tyler myers left the game six minutes i understand the third period when he crashed into a post. rather nasty. that injury to his ribs. the former sabre put in off the goaltender matt hackett to break a scoreless tie. it was danielle briere who picked the cup out of the crowd
6:51 am
and beat hackett with a wrist shot making it a 2-0 win as they scored their third straight win. that just about brings you up to date on this edition of "sport today." for myself, john watson and the rest of the team, thanks for joining us. we'll see you soon. bye-bye. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. until you're sure you do. bartender: thanks, captain obvious.
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the queen's baton arrived in st. lucia, and athletes carried it through the capital where hundreds of children waited to catch a glimpse. at this school, the rockets athletics club has been developing young athletes for over a decade. >> i like to run against people. i'm very competitive so i think it's very fun. i keep going back because i find it gives me freedom because when i run i feel happy. >> reporter: the club also
6:56 am
offers counseling with the children's education because sport can be the gateway to securing scholarships at universities in the u.s. which makes a huge difference for the careers of those who make it. >> i hope to get a track scholarship for me to go to school to study architecture, and i want to open business in my own country and build a house for my mom. >> reporter: you believe being an athlete can give you all these things? >> yes, i believe so. >> reporter:. >> in the past, the academics suffered. we are trying to change that, that they must balance academics and sport in life. education is very expensive. we are assisting them to recognize that with your ability you might be able to acquire a scholarship to get to higher levels of education. if they're strong academically, they don't necessarily have to depend only on track and field, but it could also acquire a profession which would assist
6:57 am
them in their later lives. >> reporter: this started as an after schools club. because of the success it's been spread throughout st. lucia. compared to other caribbean countries, track and field hasn't been a forte in st. lucia. with the commonwealth youth games coming, there's the hope that some of these youngsters are the big stars of the future. the commonwealth youth games in 2017 will be the biggest sporting event that the island has hosted in a long time with up to 1,014 coming to compete. it's an exciting time for these clubs. these athletes are keen to showcase their talent. >> i would like to represent my country. when you do the one and the two and you go overseas to do it, you can be known to be the fastest. >> reporter: why do you want to be the fastest?
6:58 am
>> to become the world's fastest men. >> reporter: saint lugsians are hosting that hosting the home games, a generation of athletes who can win the country's first commonwealth goals and silver medals. >> with the commonwealth youth games coming here, i i think it's going to expose a lot of youngsters who have never left the shores of st. lucia to the beauty of track and field. i believe after the games in 2017 we would probably see athletes really vying for it. now they understand what it is to feel the energy. >> reporter: for the rockets club working towards the commonwealth youth games is not just about winning medals. like many youth athletes across the caribbean, excelling in sport has even bigger rewards. for these young people,
6:59 am
improving their lives through education is what really counts.
7:00 am
hello. i'm nik gowing with "bbc world news." our top stories, new satellite images in the search for missing flight mh 3 70. malaysia's transport minister says they show more than 120 objects in the area of the indian ocean. >> some objects were a meeter in length, others as much as 23 meters in length. some of the objects appear to be bright, possibly indicating solid material.


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